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Doc Tompkins

by Doc Sawzall


In the fullness of time, the veterans race became an annual event and grew in size. Effr and Rabbit shared a bond few fathers shared. Rabbit graduated first in his class in med school, specializing in traumatic children's injuries. Bax majored in history and taught at the high school in Hutchinson.

Rabbit and Bax married, buying Uncle Arik's parents old house in the center of town, adopting a set of four-year-old identical triplets whose parents perished in a car crash. Bax was a renowned author of several historical biographies.

Bax won a Pulitzer for his biography on Abraham Lincoln and the end of the Civil War. He had no other desire but to live in Hutchinson with his husband and family.

Esker Perkins, was at the finish line that day of the first race, reconnecting with Effr. Levi Foley was taken in by Elm Perkins, soon to be Chief of Police, much to the delight of his wife. The twins she was carrying weren't the last natural children for them. He never did get the snip and fathered two more.

Esker moved in with Effr, they're finally living together up at the farm. They were soon joined by eight-year-old Ewan, who lost a leg to a boat propeller. That accident was the result of an afternoon of drinking. His father drowned trying to save him and his mother could not cope and surrendered parental rights. She died of an overdose of crystal meth a month later. Needless to say, he thrived living on the farm.

They keep coming close to tying the knot, and have promised to do so but all of this is subject for another couple of chapters once Effr decides to sit down and talk with me.

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