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I'm Home Alone

by Doc Sawzall


So many times they had gotten a few stolen moments to express their feelings towards one another, each time left both of them feeling frustrated, wondering when they would be able to take that next step, the critical moment that would allow them to join themselves, in the giving and taking of their bodies, completing the union they both sought.

While known to everyone as best friends, they had been secretly dating for the best part of a year, that they were boyfriends in every sense of the word, was not in doubt. An inauspicious beginning to be sure, an awareness of a hidden desire and a realization of a burgeoning sexuality, both colliding one early pre-dawn morning.

Several times they thought they had the time to do the deed, to make the most intimate of connections. Parents were out running errands and events simply conspired against them, sudden chores to be done or their schedules simply not matching up. Once, simply once…they had a stolen afternoon, the house was empty while Zach's parents were out shopping and both found themselves naked on Zach's bed. After some serious foreplay Zach was ready for Ryan to take that final step.

They had tossed a coin some time ago when they decided that they would take that next step, Zach called tails as it landed in his favor. They could not figure any other way to be fair as to who would top and bottom for the first time. Now, having sucked up the courage to go to the superstore, to buy the necessary ingredients to ensure a clean passageway, they were set for the afternoon. They were able to avoid the checkout line and used the self-service kiosk, saving them all kinds of embarrassment. The necessary taken care of, showers taken, the evidence of the enema safely bagged, now residing in the trashcan, currently sitting curbside awaiting collection.

They had watched several on-line videos on the basics, giving them a solid foundation on how to make the first time as pleasurable as possible. They learned as they explored each other's bodies, how to give and receive pleasure from tender touches, the application of a tongue and fingers to the innermost of places.

Finally, it seemed after an interminable wait, and a few failed attempts, Ryan was between Zach's legs as he lay on his back., their bodies beginning the most intimate of touches. Zach could feel the slight pressure as Ryan pressed against him gaining partial entryway.

Ryan decisively, had physically, actually…entered him, coming to rest against the inner door . What had only been an unrequited desire was about to be addressed. The wait, the frustrations were shortly to be over. Knowing that it was Ryan whom was behind the pressure he was feeling, and would complete himself deep inside of him at this point of entry, excited…no, thrilled Zach beyond words, he wanted this, needed this. Zach let his hands rest, cupping Ryan's hips, using them to direct the pace of penetration. He felt himself beginning to yield to the pressure, opening to allow complete entrance to his passageway.

And then the fucking house phone rang.

Scaring…the bejesus out of them, both somehow knowing the moment had passed once again.

The answering machine picking up and Zach learning his parents were about five minutes away, they had found the new living room set and the delivery van should be pulling up any minute now, would he please let them in and show them the furniture to be replaced.

Nearly a month later…

Sitting at the breakfast table his parents informed Zach they would be off to his Aunt Sally's, her husband's mother passed and they were gone to the funeral and an overnight visit. His parents were trusting him to be responsible, and yes…he could ask Ryan stay over, to have his parents call later today and yes…they would call him when they arrived at Aunt Sally's. Money would be left for takeout for the two of them.

As quickly as prudent, Zach texted Ryan to meet him early in homeroom, he had news to share!! Getting there as early as he could, Zach told Ryan when they met up, that he would be home alone Friday night into late Saturday afternoon and he was approved to stay over if Ryan's parents agreed.

"My parents have to go to a funeral this weekend, they are trusting me to stay home, they will be leaving Friday morning and coming back late Saturday afternoon, I'm home alone and they said you could stay over." Zach told a stunned Ryan, "You gotta ask your parents to call mine and confirm the details."

Looking into Zach's eyes as they sat in homeroom that Thursday morning, could not believe what he was hearing, finally, after so many failed attempts were going to have the time, all the sweet frigging time they needed for the both to take the next step. He couldn't help but note the urgency, the look of shear determination in Zach's eyes as they sat there. He knew what Zach was getting at, looking around the empty homeroom, knowing it was about to fill up, he texted his parents and awaited their reply. It wasn't long in coming, grinning he told Zach after reading the response, that it was all systems go!!!

Shopping after school Thursday afternoon, Zach picked up the necessary supplies for Friday and hopefully Saturday morning, when they would swap positions, tucking them safely in the bottom of his backpack.

Zach spent the remainder of Thursday afternoon doing homework and being with his parents. The rules and expectations were reviewed and agreed to. It was the typical conversation and after supper they watched a movie on Netflix before going to bed. He spent a half-hour texting Ryan confirming the plans for tomorrow, his parents would be leaving just after lunch and the house would be empty when he got home.

They would call him shortly after he got home to confirm they had arrived safely, then, he told Ryan, all bets were off once their homework was done.

Music was playing softly in the background, while it was unavoidable and needed to be done, Ryan had helped with the necessary cleaning preparations. Although it was the same bed that he had slept in for what seemed, forever…everything seemed different this afternoon in the golden, diffused twilight of the day's afternoon.

Looking at Ryan simply took his breath away. The nervous anticipation he had been living with, now that doing the deed was reality, had slowly bled away. Ryan just finished orally and digitally ministering to what they had in a fit of giggles, called his foyer.

As before, Zach lay on his back, his legs draped over Ryan's thighs. Soon he knew, Ryan would gently pick them up and place them upon his shoulders, kissing their lengths as he moved in to make the connection, they had been previously denied.

As the distance closed between the two boys, the connection was made, the touch electric, Zach's flesh beginning to yield to the pressure Ryan was generating. The moment was upon them, Ryan was against the inner doorway once again, pausing for a second to be assured of his alignment, Zach could feel his body beginning to capitulate…irreversibly. It was going to happen, he was going to be fully penetrated, satisfying his innermost desire. This is what…what he had wanted for so frigging long, to lay beneath Ryan.

Memories of how they came to be, came flooding across Zach's mind as a sharp, searing welcoming discomfort, made itself known.

Chapter 1


Looking out his bedroom window Zach could see it was going to be a glorious late summer's day. The smell of bacon cooking woke him from a steamy dream involving his friend Ryan, just in the nick of time to prevent a heap of bedding from visiting Mr. and Mrs. Washing Machine and Drier.

Giving his pits a sniff, he knew he needed a shower before heading downstairs to breakfast. Grabbing a clean pair of boxers, knowing Ryan was due at any moment, he got a move on. Understanding he'd have to behave himself and not let Ryan know how he really felt. If Ryan wasn't inclined that way, he could clearly destroy their friendship.

Quickly showering and throwing on the boxers and a tee shirt, he made his way downstairs to the kitchen table. Greeting both of his parents he grabbed a glass of OJ and sat at the table. His father had his nose in his tablet, reading the morning sports and grunted back a greeting with a reminder that the lawn needed mowing before the weekend was over.

He confirmed with his mother Ryan was due in a few minutes and they were going to ride their bikes over to the old town reservoir later and meet up with a bunch of friends. Promising her he'd be back before late afternoon and get his chores done.

Zach was halfway through his breakfast when his father got up to leave for his golf club. As he passed Zach, he left $30 dollars on the table and asked if he and Ryan were still going to the movies, and would he be at Ryan's or would Ryan stay here after the movie was over.

Zach thanked his father and said he'd leave a message once the plans were finalized. Jokingly telling his parents to get a room as they hugged and kissed, Zach went back to eating his breakfast. His mother turned up the volume on the TV in the breakfast nook. Zach turned his attention towards the small screen, he wanted to catch the last of the weather report.

"With the Canadian high pressure expected to roll across our area later tomorrow, I expect the potential thunderstorms to signal a break in the humidity. The rest of the weekend looks to be cool, and clear, no storms or rain expected till mid-week at the latest.

"As a reminder for all you night owls or early morning birds, the Perseid Meteor shower is looking good for spectators. With a new moon, the sky will be dark and clear for the next several nights with optimal peak viewing tomorrow night. The best times to catch the meteor showers will be in the pre-dawn hours. They will peak in the early morning of the 12 th and while not as spectacular, be very visible both on the early morning hours of the 11 th and 13 th .

"Thanks Cindy, looks as if we can expect another great summer's weekend".

"In other news, it looks like the President's declining poll numbers show no signs of improving and Congress still appears to be deadlocked on a second attempt to finally pass a budget. Time is running out to get something done before members of Congress go home for the August recess."

Stanton police report they have identified and arrested the driver who failed to stop after hitting two pedestrians as they were crossing Main Street. "Arrested and booked was Kelly Robertson on his fifth DWI. The names of the pedestrians have been withheld pending notification of their relatives. Both are in serious condition and expected to survive."

"Indiana police report another 14-year-old boy missing, this makes the eighth young man to go missing since the first of the year. Authorities are concerned there may be a serial killer on the loose. This case bears remarkable similarity to disappearances in Oregon, Florida, California and Kentucky."

"In other national news, California firefighters indicate that have the Boxwood Canyon fire under control. Local and state authorities have been instituting rolling blackouts to help control the spread of the fire and are reminding folks to seek shelter, for those who stubbornly remain, are on their own as resources are severely stretched."

"In more local news, yesterday afternoon Governor Collins announced the possibility of a legal challenge to the statewide referendum repealing the recent hike to the state sales tax. Joining him is Speaker of the House John Thomas and State Senate President Bill Robertson. Expert legal analysis indicates the challenge is likely to fail at the state's Supreme Court as the referendum passed with 70 percent of the vote. More on this and other stories on the 6 and 11 newscasts tonight."

"Now…over to sports with Bill Dowd…Bill, what can we expect from the Red Sox for the rest of the season, do you think their 8-game lead can hold up as they finish this series with the dreaded Yankees?"

Zach's attention to the news was broken with Ryan coming through the kitchen door, watching him grab the remote for the TV and switching it to a country music station.

"Whaddaya say Mrs. T," as Ryan grabbed her hands and started to dance, "Let's skip this hamburger stand tonight, leave Zach to babysit the Mr. and we go to the movies, there's a great British chick flick premiering tonight!!"

Cuffing Ryan on the back of his head, "You get a choice wiseass, how many pancakes and do you want sausage or bacon, course you already had breakfast you scallywag, what's a second one for a growing boy like you. Just so you understand, there's no date tonight unless you get a job!"

Cheekily smiling Ryan held his finger to his chin and pondered, "Humm, so many decisions so early in the day…"

Chapter 2

Later that night…

It was early morning, well before the birds and other early morning noisemakers were up, in the pre-dawn hours. Ryan had readily agreed to sleep over at Zach's after the early evening showing at the movies. For some god-awful reason they had decided to get up early to watch the Perseid Meteor Shower. It was a restless sleep for Ryan, there was a lot to process from the events earlier.

Both had remembered to set their alarms, Ryan's was set fifteen-minutes later as a failsafe, so they would wake in time to bike back down to the old town reservoir, where they would set up their viewing station in the upper field.

Before going to bed, they had packed a couple of sleeping bags, a tarp and a couple of flashlights. They made sure their phones were plugged into their chargers and Zach put fresh batteries in his camera. Along with a small cooler that would be filled of sandwiches, sodas, water, and snacks.

Everything except the perishables and ice were packed on the boy's bike panniers. Front and rear lights on the bikes had been gone over and fresh batteries installed. It was a series of back roads that they could ride safely for the ten-minute trip, just after 3AM.

The only remaining items to take care of were their morning ablutions. For whatever reason, and there seemed to be one large humongous overriding reason, Ryan slept fitfully. He was stuck deep in the middle of a quandary, one he knew the answer to but couldn't verbalize and as those thoughts crept forward from the back recesses of his mind, it got more difficult to force them back.

Looking across Zach's bedroom, partially illuminated by the soft glow from the neighbors outside light he let his gaze linger on Zach's profile. At some point the sheet covering his body had pooled down near the foot of the bed. Laying there on his back left no doubt as to what made him uniquely Zach. Sometime during the night, Zach's loose-fitting sleeping shorts had opened to such an extent, that it was easy to see Zach's bits had wrestled free of their fabric confines, his penis rigidly pointing towards his chin. To Ryan he looked so contented, peaceful laying there sleeping so deeply. Not a hint or trace of worry seemed to cross his face after the earlier events of the afternoon out at the old reservoir.

Thinking back to the events earlier in the day, one thing was certain for sure, Lucas Foss was a grade A asshole. He was positive, that had they not made as much noise, coming down the path as they did, they would have caught him and Peter Miller, the new kid in town, in a very compromising position.

He had caught Lucas hurriedly zipping up as Peter hastily got up from his knees and made a dash for the water. What was obvious, was the size of the bulge in Lucas's cut-offs, simply too large to be anything other than a hard-on and traces of cum on Peter's face, as he quickly turned away from him, in abject fear of being caught out.

By the time they both got to the foot of the path, he was sure Lucas did not realize he had been spotted, he still has a shit eating grin plastered all over his face. He'd have to talk to Zach about what he saw and somehow, they would have to talk to Peter about Lucas. It was one thing if it were consensual, clearly another if it wasn't. He wouldn't mind having another discussion with Lucas, the first, a result of his unnecessarily picking on Zach, with Lucas trying to force himself on him. Lucas's ass had hit the ground so quickly, stunning the fight right out of him.

They were shortly joined by other neighborhood kids and the moment passed. A game of frisbee started while a couple of other kids started tossing a football around. Ryan noticed Peter sitting quietly off to side, intently looking over at him when he thought Ryan wasn't looking for him. He was sitting with his legs drawn up towards his chest, arms clasped around his knees and his head hanging low, a picture of misery fraught with worries.

It took but a moment to inform Zach of what he knew, he was decidedly uncomfortable when he got to the point of describing the sight of cum on Peter's face. Up to this point in time, Ryan was ambivalent about sex, sure he jacked-off like everyone, there weren't any fantasies, just the fun working towards that blessed sweet release as he stroked his turgid member. He loved feeling his balls and taint as they telegraphed the impending orgasm.

Still there was something that set him back, when he saw bits of cum on Peter's face. Zach was mortified when Ryan finished explaining what he saw and was visibly upset and knew he needed to talk to Peter, making sure he was ok. If not, they'd discuss the next steps.

Ryan watched from a distance as Zach and Peter talked, the boy didn't seem as stressed, looked as if he had relaxed a bit. He knew he also needed to clear the air, let him know he was cool, and wouldn't say anything. As he walked over, both boys were in deep conversation and he overheard the last part of what they were saying, Peter acknowledging he thought he was gay and he thought he heard Zach saying they shared that secret in common.

It was that last part of the conversation that had Ryan so restless in the early morning. That and what had happened later that day, as they all went skinny-dipping once it had warmed up. Zach possibly admitting to Peter that he was gay, had opened a door in the further recesses of his conscious thought's. What he was feeling was confusing, at once he was jealous, upset that another boy may share with Zach, the new feeling he was recognizing, or admitting to himself… that he had feelings, sexual feelings for Zach!

And for the first time he looked closely at the other boys as they swam and frolicked in the nude, paying close attention as to how their jiffies looked and the feelings those looks engendered. Peter, for his smaller stature was surprisingly hung, or at least it seemed that way. The twins, Tommy and Michael were identical, even down to the way their dicks rested over their balls. Lucas Foss despite being a grade A asshole was hung, the fucking thing had to be five inches soft and unlike he and Zach, cut to boot.

Then there was Zach, as he lay there in the early pre-dawn hours, he couldn't help but recall the lines and form that shaped his body. It was flawless, it called to him and spoke of hidden desires. Less than three feet away was the part he wanted, no…admitting to himself, he needed to hold and to see how it worked.

The whole afternoon had been a slow-motion tease for Ryan's emerging feelings. The flashes and glimpses he caught of the different boys at play added fuel to the fire that was slowly raging within. Never in a million years did he think that he'd see, what he saw of Zach's nether regions, or that he'd want Zach as quarterback, to place his hands ever so close to the forbidden space between his legs, or that he would do that and innocently more to Zach when it was his turn.

It was climbing up the ladder to the homemade raft, that Ryan first spotted the wrinkled opening, as Zach went up the ladder ahead of him. For a moment he was stunned, mesmerized at the sight before him. It wasn't on a whim or lark that he wrestled Zach back off the raft and into the water. Beating him back to the ladder and taking his sweet time going up the ladder as well, returning the show. Watching Zach, having to push back off into the water and swim for a moment, confirmed Ryan's thoughts, Zach was looking at him decidedly with interest .

Glancing at his phone, knowing Zach's alarm was going to sound in a little less than thirty minutes, he knew what he had to do. He needed to confirm Zach's interest, if there was more to their friendship.

Zach was surprised Ryan slept through his alarm, thankful that he woke first and was able to cover his embarrassing condition as he got up to go to the bathroom. Ryan grunted in response, waited till he heard the bathroom door close and set his plan into motion. Lying flat on his back, he untucked himself through one of the legs of his baggy sleeping shorts. He'd give Zach the same look he saw earlier.

When Zach walked back into the bed room he was greeted by the sight of Ryan's erection. Flummoxed, he stood there for a moment taking in the sight of the boy he desired. He had seen Ryan naked more times than he could count, never hard and up till yesterday, certainly not the sight he saw when Ryan climbed up on the raft. It caused an instant reaction, one he needed to make go away.

It was comforting to know that Peter was gay, but there wasn't an attraction, leastwise like the attraction Ryan gave him. What he wanted was a relationship that went deeper than the one they currently enjoyed; part of that desired bond was staring him directly in the face. In his masturbatory reveries, it was always Ryan who was inside him.

Girls are beautiful they'd been taught; boys or men were either good looking or handsome. Never cute, lovely, or gorgeous, but damn Zach thought to himself, Ryan simply was beautifully handsome. His eyes, in that morning's certitude of thought, drank in that which he coveted above all other boys. From the way his distended scrotum hung compared to how tightly packed it was from swimming yesterday. Marveling at the way his testicles stirred inside, unquestionably, and effortlessly manufacturing Ryan's uniqueness.

Many a night he had spanked the monkey dreaming of seeing just such a sight, Ryan's erection was simply breathtaking. The hooded shroud not fully retracted, the length a dusky tan in coloration, framed by a whiskery collection of hairs, signifying he was deep into puberty. Zach simply stood there silently drinking it all in, searing the image in his memory banks, not knowing if the chance would ever come again. He stood mutely, achingly hard for what seemed hours, towel hanging from a hand, silently bemoaning the fact he'd be waking him soon as they were going to catch the meteor shower. It was going to be a difficult decision to make, to take his eyes off the prize he so desperately wanted.

Ryan lay there full well enjoying the pleasure he was giving Zach, he hoped it reciprocated the newly arisen feelings that had been well-hidden inside him. He relished the thought, that Zach was enamored with what he saw, the feeling was mutual. Zach had had a good, solid five minutes to appreciate the sight, Ryan knew his alarm was due to go off momentarily, it was then he'd spring the second part of his plan, he'd have to act quickly, before the shock of the alarm wore off.

Zach was jolted back to reality when Ryan's alarm sounded. He stood there stunned, like a deer in the headlights, quickly regaining a modicum of composure he managed to turn his back and grabbed his boxers off his bed, hastily pulling them up hoping they would cover his embarrassing condition. He heard Ryan get out of bed and as he turned to face him, there he was, still exposed, he was standing facing him, as he placed hands on his shoulders, looking him directly in the eye when he heard the words, "I think it's time for little Ryan to meet little Zach. Should they have a play date out at the reservoir?"

Chapter 3

Momentarily at a loss for words, stunned at what Ryan was telling him, hormonal fueled emotions surged throughout his body. It was like every Christmas and birthday all rolled into one. The fourth of July moment came when felt Ryan positioned his hands on his hips to pull him close, close enough that their noses were but a fraction of an inch apart. With utter fascination, and raging desire, Zach watched as Ryan closed his eyes, tilted his head, and closed the distance that remained, eliminating the separation of their lips.

At first contact a primal urge found the two melded together, in a dance that would appear to a casual observer, that they were consuming one another. It was at that point, the knocking sound on the bedroom door startled the two as they flew apart, both looking with abject fear that the door would momentarily open.

Both frantically searched for something else to cover their mid-sections to hide the signs of obvious arousal as they anticipated being found out. Instead, they heard Zach's mother call through the door for the boys to get a move on, pancakes and bacon would be waiting for them in the kitchen.

With a goofy grin, Zach finished dressing as Ryan took his shower and went downstairs to help his mother and pack the perishables into the coolers, they would take on their bikes.

Since leaving his bedroom, Zach had not been truly present, his mind stuck on the conversation, if that is what it could be called, with Ryan. He knew his mother was talking to him and it was extraordinarily difficult to focus, the image of Ryan's erection, combined with the soul-searing kiss wreaked havoc with any semblance of rational thought or discourse.

It was the snapping of the dishtowel against his backside that jolted him back to reality and he was able to focus on the conversation with is mother. They went through the cooler; he had over packed she pointed out. They were only going for the morning and would be back shortly after dawn. No, they wouldn't need an entire loaf of bread, a couple of PB&J's and four bottles of water along with the two cans of soda would be sufficient.

If they made the sandwiches now, it would save some room and weight. A couple of apples, carrots, candy bars, and some grapes would be fine as well. Handing him some frozen bottles of water she suggested he use those to keep the items that needed to be kept cool, it would be much easier and neater than bags of ice.

As they were finishing the repacking of the cooler, Zach heard Ryan coming down the stairs and nearly started to lose focus all over again. Handing the spatula to Zach and telling him to mind the pancakes quickly snapped him back to reality. Never far from the back of his mind, was the sensation of their two bodies pressed together along with the sensations, the heat and rigidity of their mutual desire.

Ryan couldn't take his eyes off Zach's butt as he stood at the kitchen stove assisting with the cooking of breakfast. His tee shirt did little to disguise the way the fabric of his shorts clung to his backside, the delineation between the globes clearly outlined and defined in the most sensual manner. What made it worse, was that he had seared deeply into his memory, what was concealed by the shorts, pleased it wasn't not a mystery to him any longer.

His thoughts were interrupted when Zach's mother returned from the laundry room with sweet pants and shirts for the both then turning on the TV in the breakfast nook.

Good morning to our early morning viewing audience, it's a clear crisp morning and it looks as if the humidity will be breaking with the Canadian cold front moving in later today, more on the weather in just a moment. First a recap of the local and national news.

Congress has yet to produce a budget for the president to sign, it looks like the impasse will continue past the August recess. In other national news the president announced that he will host a state dinner with the German chancellor on September 25 th .

The stock market indices finished in positive territory for the fifth week in a row, the economy showing definite signs of sustained improvement as leading economists suggest that the recession may be over, pointing towards an improving job market and consumer spending.

Indiana police confirmed that fourteen-year-old Tommy Lake is missing, his wheel chair was found and police are asking any potential witnesses to come forward. A survivor of bone cancer, authorities are concerned for his health and safety.

In local sports, the Red Sox swept the three-game series with the dreaded Yankees, starting pitching allowing five runs over the three- game series. The Sox travel to the Big Apple for a Labor Day matchup. Those four games will most likely decide the pennant…Go Sox!!

Governor Collins along with Speaker of the House John Thomas and State Senate President Bill Robertson held a press conference dropping the challenge to the repeal of the recent hike.

Ryan's attention was diverted when Zach placed his plate on the table and took his own seat and began to eat. As they were eating, Ryan drinking his OJ, looked up to see Zach eating a sausage in a sexually suggestive manner with a silly grin. When Zach pushed his cheek outwards with his tongue pantomiming oral sex with the sausage, Ryan snorted his OJ out of his nose before getting himself under control.

The tarp was laid on the ground, both sleeping bags were zipped together as the boys closed the distance, words were kept to a minimum, a nod or a glance spoke volumes. It was if they were afraid to speak lest they jinx their newly discovered feelings. A simple touch started the process of disrobing as much as they dared before diving into the connected sleeping bags.

Huddling together for warmth, they attempted to watch the meteor shower. To be fair, it held their interest and both were fascinated. Soon clasped hands began to wander, to begin exploring uncharted territory as their lips sought out companionship.

Zach had an unfulfilled must-do, a prerequisite that needed to be satisfied, he knew he may never get this chance again. Shifting so he was directly over Ryan he began to tenderly kiss, lick, and taste his way down towards what he desired above all else.

Ryan was lost in the present, inconsolably engrossed in the sensualities Zach was administering. For what seemed like hours, hands ran feather light strokes along his body, down the length of his thighs and calves, upwards past his belly button, lightly brushing his scrotum as they passed, towards his nipples, back down his sides to his perineum. And then…

It was inconceivable that an earthquake hit, just as the meteor shower zapped across the back of Ryan's eyelids, he felt Zach lift his penis perpendicular, just as it was suddenly engulfed in a warm, moist environment.

Zach could feel Ryan reaching the pinnacle, his testicles cloven tightly, then gasping for air intermixed with the 'Oh Shit, Oh My Gods…I'm frigging coming'! Once Ryan's breathing returned to normal did Zach let his flaccid penis slip from his mouth.

Ryan was no less attentive towards Zach, it was his mission to bring the same joy, the orgasmic explosion to him. He had watched internet porn and knew about edging, he was going try to make Zach beg for release, to let him cum. The only twist was that Zach had swallowed his seed, somehow in his mind, he had not crossed that threshold, but now he was determined to do so. He brought Zach close twice now and slowly backed off, prolonging his delicious agony. Now Zach was writhing, thrusting hard into his hand and mouth when he felt the first splat of Zach's seed hit the roof of his mouth, quickly followed by the rest.

It was about thirty minutes before dawn when the alarm on Ryan's phone went off, softly waking the boys with a gentle melody. Ryan was slightly concerned and nervous, they had crossed a friendship line and were now treading ever so closely towards a relationship line…and he was fine, more than fine with that. The question was how did Zach feel, would he feel the same, did they cross a line they couldn't go back over?

All in all, it proved to me just so much needless worrying as Zach moved back under the sleeping bag and once again, took Ryan into his mouth.

Chapter 4

The present day…

As the distance closed between the two boys, the connection was made, the touch electric, Zach's flesh beginning to yield to the pressure Ryan was generating. The moment was upon them, Ryan was against the inner doorway once again, pausing for a second to be assured of his alignment, Zach could feel his body beginning to capitulate…irreversibly. It was going to happen, he was going to be fully penetrated, satisfying his innermost desire. This is what…what he had wanted for so frigging long, to lay beneath Ryan.

Memories came flooding across Zach's mind as a sharp, searing welcoming discomfort made itself known.

Ryan paused when he heard Zach sharply exhale as he finally breached the last barrier. Knowing to go slow, to allow the initial pain of entry to subside, he paused. It was exquisite agony to finally give Zach what he so badly wanted, they had discussed it for ages after they had come to the decision and flipped that coin.

He felt a hand clasp the back of his neck, drawing his head down as Zach lifted his up, their mouths meeting as Ryan sank deeper into him, only pausing when he could go no further.

Zach was enamored with the thought of Ryan fully inside of him, thrilled and nodding his assent as he asked, was it ok, did it still hurt. Telling him to go slow, so he could get used to him being entirely inside. Ryan started gradually, kind of barely moving, thrusting, a few times, imperceptibly backing out then pushing with his hips back in, trying to go deeper.

With his pelvis he would move slightly, shifting his weight, a few inward pressures and a couple or three bumps, Ryan kept his head down, Zach could feel soft wisps of breath against his face as Ryan maneuvered inside of him.


Now Zach realized, the slight movements became a little more urgent, Ryan would pull back just a bit further and slide back in, letting him get use to the notion that soon Ryan would be repeatedly impaling me, moving a bit faster as the length of his strokes increased. Ryan's breathing was becoming more urgent as all my barricades were down, I was fully breached. Immediately he was thrusting deeper inside, quickening his movements, my body responding to his efforts as he was reaching his own pinnacle.

I was but a moment away myself, Ryan hit a place that made me explode molten geysers and clamping down on him. Through the fog of my orgasm I heard Ryan whimpering, bottoming out forcefully deep inside as his body quaked, releasing his semen deep within me.


We stayed connected for as long as we could. I was reveling, basking in the satisfaction that I had finally been taken, losing my virginity so to speak. That my lover's essence resided ever so deeply within me, and that in the morning. I would gladly return the favor. That I would lovingly enter Ryan and as he would have me, complete myself deep within him.

Sleep came early that night, I believe I slept in the same position all night, a comfortable contented restful sleep. I had crossed the Rubicon, there wasn't any going back now, a part of Ryan still resided within me, that thought satisfied me to no end, while I would return the favor and give to Ryan the same gift of myself, I believed I would be happier when Ryan was inside of me.

The morning was anything but awkward once we had fully wakened. We did the bathroom thing, cleaned, and showered ourselves, once again the evidence of our store-bought necessaries were safely bagged and sitting curbside in the trash.

Ryan grabbed my hand after we had finished cleaning up after breakfast and led me to the bedroom. Shortly afterwards I found myself utterly fascinated with rimming him. he was on his hands and knees facing away from me on the bed. Kneeling on the floor gave me the perfect angle to spread his cheeks to gain access to the prize within.

I delighted in the way he reacted towards my attentions, and soon he asked me to mount him. Taking care to apply the lube in the same manner as he did, I inserted a finger, soon followed by another, and shortly replaced those with the tapered end of my erection.

Entering Ryan was truly a sublime pleasure, never going past his comfort level as I fully inserted myself. I used my hands to hold the front of his hips, keeping him fully speared. I began a gentle rocking motion, never parting from him as I tried to maintain my own composure, I wasn't going to last this first time.

Pulling back, I forced some separation, looking down I could see me move in and out of him, my pace quickened, my time shortened and before I knew it, I was pumping the very essence of my soul deep within Ryan.

He slid forward on the bed as I collapsed on his back as I covered his neck and that parts of his face I could reach with gentle kisses.

For a long time after that afternoon, anytime I heard the words ' home alone' would send me back to that day with embarrassing consequences. Ryan and I managed to survive the high school years as a couple, coming out, to no one's surprise, shortly before leaving for college together.

We were married shortly after our college graduation, both of us finding employment in our respective careers, me as an architect and Ryan, of all things, a high school administrator. We are in the process of adopting a set of identical four-year-old twins, two boys along with their younger sister. Much to the delight of our parents. We also put a down payment on a house close to both of our parents.

There's a connection to Tommy Lake's disappearance we don't quite understand. Flashes of Déjà vu and dreams happen to the both of us, where we see bits and flickers of strange, otherworldly events, the week Lucas Foss went missing and eventually returning a changed teenager.


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I'm Home Alone

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