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The Book of Aric

by Doc Sawzall

Chapter 2

Reaching to grab the wrench from where I had placed it on the walkway, I noticed him looking at me where I wanted him to. My left nut was hanging out of my underpants and I could see a slight smile cross his face. As he was kneeling down in front of me I was encouraged by his glance at me. I opened up just a bit further so both of my balls were now exposed. He kept looking towards my crotch as he fiddled with the front tire of my bike. It was obvious that he was interested in what he was seeing, looking at me sitting on the step as I was, with both of my balls showing.

The thought crosses my mind, actually races across in blazing speed that he's interested…Jesus fricking Christ on a bicycle…he's frigging looking at me!! My body trembles slightly as some of the anticipation bleeds off. I shift my position slightly so that my underpants barely cover the head of my penis. Now most of my shaft and sparse pubes are on display.

He kept trying to adjust the tire while casting sly looks at my crotch. This went on for a minute or so and I noticed Ethan was trying not to be obvious. It was time for the final moment, he hadn't reacted negatively and was definitely showing interest and I noticed he had tightness in his shorts. Encouraged I lifted one leg to rest on the step above the other and this caused my penis to nearly break free of my underpants. I was now almost fully exposed. I leaned back on my elbows as he spent a final minute faking the repair to my tire. My frigging heart was pounding and my fists were clenched by my sides. He set the bike upright and set it off to the side on its kickstand.

Turning back to me before we could check out his handiwork, he knelt in front of me and moved my legs further apart. He did it in such a manner, as he re-tied my sneaker laces, that he had a complete and close-up view of my stuff. He first tied the sneaker on the leg on the unexposed side of my crotch. When he finished with that one he proceeded with the other one. Moving my other leg further apart my penis became completely uncovered and was now dangling out from under my shorts and resting against my thigh. I was putty in his hands and I was ready for the final step. My penis fully thickened and became semi erect, as he finished with that sneaker. The die was cast and I had made my intentions clear. There was no turning back, I was fully across the Rubicon and I know that Ethan had noticed my semi erect state. Looking back up at me he placed a hand midway between my knee and crotch. A thousand bolts of lightning hit me; I was frozen and couldn't move or breathe. His touch was electric, it was paralyzing as if it were a fast-acting poison. I had turned into a marble statue, he was the sculptor and I was the unfinished monument to his artistic inspiration. Making sure to maintain eye contact with me he said "I know you saw me last night during the thunderstorm".

Oh fuck…oh fuck…oh fuck…Shocked and stunned and not knowing how to respond I hung my head, this was it I thought to myself, he's gonna reject me and I have made a complete fool out of myself. Somehow I managed to fuck this up, I just knew it…I just fucking knew it. My eyes were moist and glistening. I felt as if I were a complete and total fool, judging by how hot my cheeks felt, I was sure I was beet red with embarrassment. I could not look Ethan in the face for fear of being completely spurned. My mind was racing trying to figure a way out of this predicament. More importantly, how could he have known? I was sure I made no noise or disturbance of any kind. As I thought of all of this, something else came to mind, he didn't sound upset or bothered and there was something to the tone of his voice I had missed.

"I was planning to discuss with you this morning what you saw last night but I see you may have solved this problem".

"How" I croaked softly "How did you know I was watching you"? I mumbled abjectly, my penis deflating completely.

"As I was turning out the light I remembered I needed to put the mirror back to its correct position. When the lightning bolt hit, it illuminated you as you started to leave my room. I could see from your face and profile just how excited you were by the bulge in your underpants. It was a pretty good indication that you had been watching me for a while".

"I promise not to say anything, I'll never tell anyone" I implored. As I said those words and as I turned my gaze up towards his eyes I noticed that very distinct bulge in his shorts. If I was going to make this happen I needed to ask him the question. Was he tossing me a lifeline? Was there still a chance? Funny thing is I never gave any thought in all of my planning, as to what the next steps should be once I got to this point. I knew I had to ask if he wanted me the way I wanted him and before I could ask, he answered my question with a question.

"Is anyone home, I don't see any cars"?

"No, it is just me, Dad is golfing, Mom is shopping and my brother and sister are gone for the weekend" I replied weakly.

"Good, let's go into the house then, I see we have an issue to resolve here" he answered calmly with a very serene smile and a wink.

I looked up at Ethan obviously relieved and very excited and Old Spot found renewed strength. I found I could breathe again, my heart while racing didn't seem as if it was going to burst from my chest and go running down the driveway. Before I could ask him to follow me he slid the hand on my thigh up to my crotch and tucked my growing erection and balls back into my underpants. As he slid his fingers along the length of me his gentle touch made me shudder. A soft moan escaped from my lips. As I stood up, and there for the entire world to see, was a rock-solid boner jutting out in front of me trying to wrest its way free from its confines. Ethan stood up to follow me and before I turned to go into the house, I threw any remaining caution to the wind and I placed my hand on his crotch, giving him a gentle squeeze and was rewarded, as it turned out, with a look that lasted a lifetime.

While I was walking up to and through the house towards my bedroom I was stunned and obviously very relieved, a huge weight had been lifted from me. I had done it…I had launched successfully from Cape Canaveral and I was now entering orbit, free from the gravity of my fears and doubts. I was about to have sex with another like me. All of the dread and nervous anticipation was gone. I was soaring, floating and rising above myself. Chains of the mightiest tempered steel could not hold me down or back. I stood with Magellan and Columbus along with Lewis and Clark as I embarked on this journey of discovery.

I was undressing as I entered my bedroom. I kicked off my sneakers and socks and removed my tee shirt. I was standing in my underwear as I turned to face Ethan. He had removed his shirt and I was mesmerized at the sight of him. He kicked off his shoes, socks and shorts and was now standing beside me in his underpants. Never in a million years could Da Vinci, Rembrandt or Michelangelo sculpt or paint this vision, this masterpiece of flesh in front of me.

Somehow, we made it to the bed and we lay beside each other. I reached down to feel him as he did the same to me. He leaned in and kissed me softly on the lips as our erections fully displayed themselves through the fabric of our underwear straining to break free. As we kissed again our hands roamed freely over each other. Breaking from our kiss I lifted my butt and tugged my jockey shorts down to my knees. Leaning over I pulled his down as he in turn lifted his butt. Tossing his to the floor with the rest of our clothes I leaned over to take him in my hand and mentally compared notes. While Ethan was four years older than me he was the size of a medium banana fully erect, about six inches in length, while I was about three quarters of his size. If it didn't bother him who was I to care. I was about to lose my virginity. I started to stroke him and fondle his sac.

"Easy tiger' he said gently ''let's slow down a bit and let me get a closer look as to what I was looking at, lean back and lets open those legs for me please''.

I did as I was told as Ethan leaned over my crotch and slowly continued removing my underpants down from my knees and spread my legs apart. He gently started fondling me, rubbing my balls and running his fingers up and down the length of me, each soft touch would cause it to jump slightly. He explored, stroked and teased me till I was ready to burst. I had to tell him to slow down or it would be over too quickly. I wanted to savor these moments. I needed this to last and I wanted to remember each delicate sensation. I asked him to lean back and give me a turn. I leaned over and took him in my mouth. He moaned softly nearly breathlessly. There was a sharp intake of air as he realized the breadth of my intentions and he lay back and let me bring him to the edge and then ask me to stop. He returned the favor and we spent the better part of an hour learning each other, there was no talking unless you count our physical reactions to the stimulus we received at the hand of each other. We carefully explored every microscopic facet of our nether regions as we licked, sucked tickled and teased each other closer and closer to our pinnacle. I took Ethan one last time that morning into my mouth, I wouldn't be satiated till he climaxed while I was nursing on his cock. I started bobbing up and down on him and gently massaging his sac, lightly running my fingers over his balls as if they were a feather on the whispering wind. His breathing was staggered, he was moaning for me not to stop, to stay the course. As he got closer and closer to the inevitable his testicles cleaved closer to his body. His hips started to buck in rhythm with the motion created by my mouth and hand. With my other hand, I traced the outlines of the space below and between his legs, stopping ever so lightly at that smooth patch of skin at the top of his anus.

Everything I wanted is here and now, all of my desires I hold in my hands. I marvel at his skin and how it changes from the way it slides over his engorged shaft and how it changes in color and texture as it becomes that which covers his testicles. I love the dusky tan color of his shaft and note the darker brown of his circumcision scar, how it creates a band around the thickness of him. I see how the skin changes from there, displaying a whole new color and smoothness. I am in adoration of the purple mushroom helmet that sits atop his end. How incredibly unique it is in its formation. To the symmetrical edges that define its shape all the way around to the opening, where soon the entire fiber of his being will rush out to greet the insides of my eager mouth. I am in disbelief as I look, suckle and admiringly gaze upon him, how smoothly his skin and form change in creating this magnificent specimen of manhood. I appreciate and notice lovingly how as his flesh changes as each new part ends and the other begins, the lines of separation clearly identifying each new part and how all form the whole.

Ethan's hips start to shift and his tummy becomes flatter as his legs splay fully apart. One arm is behind his head and the other caressing my hair. We move in unison, as I go down he thrusts up. Slowly at first and more urgently as we near the inevitable. My grip becomes tighter and I take him deeper into my mouth. My free hand continues to massage the space below. I probe lightly towards his anus and draw my finger lightly across the wrinkled skin slowly working my way upwards in a circular motion until his nuts are once again in my hand. I hear the words that the impending moment is not far off, he is close now. It is not so much spoken but panted out in a series of exhalations. We speed up and I match him stroke for thrust maintaining our rhythm.

"Squirt…I'm gonna cum…O fuck…O fuck…O dear god in fucking heaven…it's real soon…close…. close…so frigging close. If you don't take you mouth off…it's gonna be to fucking too late" he gasps.

I straighten my neck out and force my mouth further down and move my thumb to the backside of his shaft while placing my fingers on his urethra so I can feel his seed pulse out. Arching his back I match his hips as he lifts up. As I complete the down stroke the first release hits the roof of my mouth followed quickly by two more pulsating blasts. Like someone letting the air out of a balloon he collapses and my mouth is full of his warm goodness. I am surprised at how warm it is and the semi bitter taste. It seems to be both runny and thick as I move it around my mouth. I feel the weight of his spent balls as they relax over my fingers. He mews as I continue to suckle him. Finally, he urges me to stop, it's too sensitive. My mouth reluctantly lets him go and I swallow his essences. I lay my head on his stomach and feel his breathing return to normal. I watch as his penis slowly deflates and oozes the last of his seed, a small puddle of cum pools on his belly. I pick it up with a finger and bring it to my mouth and lick my finger clean. Looking back towards Ethan, I note how it is like that commercial for that coffee that's ''good to the last drop''.

His face is such a sweet picture of contentment. I turned and lay beside him, my erection pressing into his thigh. We lay like that for a few minutes when Ethan reached down to stroke me. I roll over on my back and open my legs wide in an offering to him. I know what's gonna happen and I am excited, everything I have been dreaming of has happened today. Today I brought another to completion and loved everything about it. What I am is confirmed and I am happy. Now another is going to manipulate me into the release I so desperately seek and need. Anticipation coursed throughout my body, I know what's about to happen and with all of the excitement and passion it won't take long. Ethan did to me what I did to him. Being in his mouth was such a conflicting series of incredible feelings. It was like my penis was subjected to fire and ice as my shaft went in and out of his mouth. I felt the inevitable surge start to build. Like a pressure cooker, my whistle was about to sound…my bells were being rung and I was taken to a far-off place where my innermost desires would be satiated. Time had no meaning and I was floating in the throes of ecstasy. From somewhere within my body was consumed in the surges of impending release. I was gasping for air I couldn't keep inside of me. My toes curled as I grabbed the mattress at my sides in a desperate need to cling in some manner to the world I was about to leave. Wave after wave of pure pleasure came forward in unabated abundance emitting from my groin. Squeezing my eyes tightly shut in one last effort to elude total surrender. I throw my head back and announced to the universes I was traveling through, in a low guttural growl, that the executioner was summoned, my time had arrived…''I'm frigging cumming…dear sweet mother of Mary'' as wave after wave of pure unadulterated gratifying release coursed throughout my entire being. I had come to the realization that I had pumped the very fabric of my being, my soul if you will, clear and completely out of me leaving behind a shallow empty husk. As my hands relaxed from their death grip on the mattress I had shared with Ethan, and as my chest slowed it's heaving, I felt my world ever so slowly return to me. Turning towards Ethan I said; "If it weren't for the muscles and bones in my feet, I think my toenails would have ended up in your mouth".

I couldn't help but chuckle as Ethan shook his head ruefully. The moment passed and was replaced by mutual looks of longing. I placed my hand to the side of his face and expressed my deepest thanks. I was hopelessly in love and it wasn't unrequited. Cupping his hand against the side of my face Ethan returned my thanks. Those gentle touches turned into some full-fledged hugs. As I nuzzled his neck I heard him exclaim "What have you done to me Squirt"?

We didn't let a day go by over the next couple of weeks. We satiated each other in the lower fields, all of the barns, his bedroom late at night, on the workbench in the workshop, down at the pond and on the banks of the river bordering the lower acreage. One afternoon after a spirited bout of mind blowing bj's we discussed us, we were each other's first when this began and we came to the realization that we were comfortable with each other. While we couldn't date in the conventional sense per say, we could be boyfriends. We would have to be careful and discrete but we both felt we could manage it.

I asked Ethan if he would consider taking the next step, He wanted to know what I meant and I responded "I'd like to give myself to you. I think I am ready and there is no one I want to be with more. It's like that song, 'I Only Have Eyes For You''. I rolled over and draped my arm across his chest and rested my head against his shoulder.

Breaking from our embrace sometime later I climbed over and straddled him. Bringing my face very close to his I told him I had thought at first that I was in it for the feeling of release. Tending to my selfish needs without complication but now I eagerly wait for the next day and next time with him. What I wanted then isn't possible now, it's so much more. That I wanted to give us a try and in committing to him, I wanted to take the next step.

A minute or two had passed and while running his fingers along my sides he softly whispered "Are you sure, this is a pretty big step"?

"Mmmm" I moaned. I looked deeply into Ethan's eyes and told him "Yes".

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