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The Book of Aric

by Doc Sawzall

Chapter 11

Delayed Honors

It was Mid-March when the letter requesting Ethan's presence at the National Guard Armory in Worcester came. There was to be an official mustering out ceremony. It was to take place on the last Saturday of the month. It was to be a big to-do. We all had to get haircuts and fitted for new suits if the old ones didn't fit. At first, I didn't understand why everyone was invited. Crap, even my folks were going. My sister would be coming home and we would meet my brother at his college in Worcester. All told, there would be nearly forty of us.

We pulled up outside the armory and the first thing I noticed was all of the cars. Some were limousines and others were vans with people unloading equipment out of them. Walking past everyone and into the armory, Ethan let out an audible gasp.

"Tompkins, you are the laziest, sorriest excuse for a former Army private I ever met," bellowed Gunnery Sergeant St Clair as he extended his hand in greeting.

"Gunny" Ethan yelled back, "It's good to see you, what the heck is going on here" he asked as they saluted each other out of respect and shook hands warmly.

"You're finally getting what you deserve today you worthless malingerer. It's about time someone other than me finally noticed," Gunny said smiling from ear to ear.

As we stood in the entranceway all sorts of folks came walking in. I saw the Governor and some other politicians I had seen on the news including one of our Senators in Washington. We were led into the auditorium and as we made our way towards our seats on the stage introductions were made to the assembled dignitaries. Sam had muscled his way towards me and when he got to me he grasped my hand tightly. He was bouncing around from foot to foot just as puzzled as I was. After a few moments, the lights dimmed a couple of times to get everyone's attention. We all took our seats and Sam sat in my lap. I looked over at Ethan's parents they just nodded and smiled and I returned my gaze towards Ethan standing near center stage.

Our Governor got up and made a small speech about bravery and sacrifice, the noble cause serving one's country was, and how the battlefield was a proving ground for men of distinction. As he finished he got a smattering of applause and sat down. Next up was a General Fallon, he recounted the events of his helicopter crash and how the bravery of a young private saved his life, creating a debt that never could be repaid. He told of how his family prayed each night for that young soldier as he recovered from his devastating injuries.

Gunnery Sergeant St Clair spoke of the young soldier who, nearly single-handedly one night went behind enemy lines and thwarted an attack on their badly outnumbered base. The Senator got up and spoke of the noble men from our state who had served their country throughout its history. The lights dimmed one more time as the President walked out on stage. He spoke of events of the day and apologized for being late as a late spring mid-Atlantic snowstorm had delayed his flight. He spoke of the honor it was to be here, in the presence of a recipient of the Medal of Honor who was in the hall and requested that he step forward. Earl came forward and shook the President's hand and then stood beside Ethan.

I was worried now. Ethan had been standing for some time and while he didn't need his crutches any more, he would when tired or standing for too long, need his cane. The President opened a small box on the podium and took a medal out of it. As he did he stopped and called for Mrs. Tompkins to join him. Marge walked up to the President and shook his hands warmly. Together they walked over to Ethan and her husband. She removed Earl's Medal of Honor from her pocket, and at the direction of the President placed it over Earl's neck.

Walking over to Ethan the President simply said, "For risking your life in a conspicuous manner and with no thought to your personal safety and in a simple act of gallantry in placing the welfare of others first, a grateful nation commends you. Private Ethan Allen Tompkins you are awarded this Medal of Honor."

I was stunned and shocked beyond belief. It was Sam who first noticed Ethan's leg giving out. He grabbed Ethan's cane from my hand and leapt towards him bellowing "Uncle Ethan, Uncle Ethan…I've got your cane!" The president and all eyes turned to see where the commotion was coming from and as Sam came barreling across the stage, the President finally noticed what was happening. He stretched out his arms to Sam, who flew past him to Ethan's side, steadying him and preventing him from falling.

The picture ran in all of the papers the next day and the film made the national news. The picture was of a little boy racing to his uncle's side in a time of need completely ignoring the most powerful man in the world. The President was nothing but quick witted and once the commotion had subsided went on "It's a rare thing to be a recipient of this honor, rarer still when two members of the same family share this distinguished honor and I believe based on what we have seen here today, we just may have seen the next member of this family who just may earn this honor as well." It cracked up the audience and broke the tension in the room. The applause was deafening and for the most part the rest of the afternoon was a blur.

When all of the commotion and interviews were over we all went to Auggie Gustafson's diner. He had closed the diner for the day and we all had a celebratory meal. Sam wouldn't leave Ethan's or for that matter, my side. He insisted that we sit together. It was while we were eating that Marge's role came to play out. She had been aware of everything from the beginning. Gunny knew that neither Earl nor Ethan would have gone along with this, so he spoke with Marge. The two of them planned the entire event and unbeknownst to anyone, the President had called asking that she bring Earl's medal.

The ride home belonged to Sam; he kept going on and on about just how wonderful the day had been and how proud he was. He had Ethan's Medal of Honor in the one hand and Earl's in the other. He kept us all entertained until we got home. Then he announced to his parents without asking first, that he was spending the night and we would be going to the cabin.

Ethan had been quiet. I knew he was bothered by the attention but not upset. He'd just shake his head and wonder what all the fuss was about. He had simply done his job, nothing more and nothing less. He figured it was what anyone would have done if they had been in his shoes. I pulled Ethan aside when Sam was distracted and gave him a hug. It was the first time we had had a moment together alone. He was happy for the moment and I looked at him and said, "Allen, your middle name is Allen? Ethan Allen? Ethan Allen Tompkins? That's rich," and I started laughing. It didn't take long for Sam to find us. He was slightly exasperated that we had managed to dodge him.

It wasn't much longer until Sam got really antsy. Nearly everyone had left and he wanted to go to the cabin. Eddy, knowing what was going on, had gone down earlier to light the woodstove. He and Bobby had other plans for the evening and we would see them in the morning. As it was mid-March, the ice was out in the pond we would need the boat to get over.

Sam had to row, as he was going to bring us. The trip took a bit longer than expected and we assisted where needed. We brought our gear up to the cabin and made sure everything was taken care of. As always, we had brought snacks, drinks and sandwiches along with cereal, milk and muffins. Sam took charge and saw to it that everything was put away, wood for the stove brought in, the floor swept, and then he made sure the "Pooplight" worked.

It had been an exciting day, to say the least. Sam wasn't going to be dissuaded. He wanted to hear firsthand what his uncle had done in the jungle and what had happened in the plane crash. He knew the basics and now he wanted the details. Ethan, to his credit, did a remarkable job explaining to Sam what he had done in a PG-rated version. We spent the rest of the night talking about the upcoming April school vacation and plans for the subsequent summer vacation. Sam talked about improvements we could do to the cabin. He wanted to put a separate chimney for the woodstove so the kitchen cook stove could be used in the winter. Then he wanted one of the old braided rugs for the floor and to bring in the old couch from the barn storeroom. He also wanted us to build benches around the outdoor fireplace.

Sam was excited, as he knew he would be spending his vacation time staying and working up at the farm. We stayed up talking until the boy's motor ran out of fuel. As was our custom, we had tossed blankets and pillows on the floor near the woodstove and as he started to fade away he once again stretched out across our laps. We let him lie there for a while as we talked about the day. Ethan's concern was keeping his privacy. He had no desire or aspiration to be in the limelight. Worse yet, he suspected that although he may have earned the Medal of Honor, he was being used as a photo-op prop, what with a fresh political primary campaign looming. While we were at the auditorium there had been many requests for interviews and he turned them all down flat. He participated in the obligatory ones and photo shoots and then went back to be with his family.

Ethan wanted me to know that none of this changed anything about us. We would continue as if nothing happened. As we sat there sitting side by side we placed our hands together, turned our heads and kissed lightly.

"You know my middle name, I think it's only fair that I know yours" he pouted.

I started giggling. "You are going to have to force it out of me; all I am giving you is name, rank, length of penis, and social security number!"

"I have my ways," Ethan threatened.

"Oh, a tough guy I see," I retorted

"You'll see how tough in a few minutes."

I loved it, Ethan had handled the day's excitement and was unscathed by it. He was being playful and expressing a need to be with me on an intimate level. I was getting a boner as Sam would call it. That made me realize we had the little munchkin across our laps.

"Our bed or the bunkroom?" Ethan asked, knowing what my answer would be.

"Let's put him in the bunkroom, leave the oil lantern on, and we both know sometime after we fall asleep the little rascal is gonna crawl in with us."

Ethan was chuckling to himself softly, trying not to move so much, "I think it is best if you pick him up tonight, my leg is pretty beat." Leaning over, he gave Sam a light kiss on the forehead.

I picked up the still-sleeping Sam as Ethan went ahead and pulled the covers back. Carefully we undressed him, got his PJ's on, and tucked him in. I gave him a peck on the cheek and told him to have happy dreams in the Land of Nod.

We made our way to the bedroom. My arm was around Ethan as I walked with him allowing him to place some of his weight on me. He had made great progress and in another month or so he would be nearly good as new.

Undressed, we crawled under the covers. Ethan was feeling a bit frisky so I opened my legs to give him access to Old Spot. Within seconds Old Spot was begging for some attention and Ethan obliged. Leaning over, he started to lick me and then slowly placed his mouth on me. I arched my back and moaned softly. It wouldn't take long tonight as it had been a couple of days with all of the hubbub and commotion at the house. I was soon at the edge when Ethan slowed then stopped. I begged him to continue and he refused.

"What's your middle name Squirt?" He asked.

"You…rotten…dirty son of a gun that's not fair," I moaned.

"We can go to sleep now if you choose not to tell me." He slowly started moving his hand away.

"I can't believe you are doing this but if you insist its Johan, Swedish for John."

"Mmmm, I like that…Aric Johan Peterson. It's a nice name, almost as nice as Ethan Allen Tompkins," he whispered into my ear.

As he brought his lips to mine I kissed him deeply, my penis throbbing. My scent lingered on his lips and in his mouth. As I let him go, he moved down to continue his earlier efforts on me. I lasted just a short while as I submitted to his eager mouth. As my orgasm subsided, I felt my balls relax and drape themselves over his fingers.

When I had recovered sufficiently I repaid the favor. I was lost in the smell of his groin as I suckled. Ethan's hands were on the sides of my head helping to set his pace. Like I had been earlier, he was eager for release and it came quickly. I coerced every bit of his seed as his member softened. When I was sure I had it all, I moved back up on the bed and kissed him. Both satisfied and enjoying the afterglow, we bade our good nights to each other, "I love you Aric Johan Peterson" and I replied "I love you as much if not more Ethan Allen Tompkins."

As was becoming customary, sometime in the wee hours of the morning a lump appeared in the middle of our bed. Once again Sam had climbed in between us. Ethan and I both woke at the same time that morning and gazed fondly at the little miscreant and chief mischief maker. We held hands on his chest and watched it rise and fall with each breath. Occasionally he would stir as the sandman faded from his nightly rounds, a smile crossing over his angelic face. And again, as if someone flipped the light switch, he was awake, literally full of piss and vinegar, raring to go. We attacked him, tickling him into a frenzy as he pleaded for us to stop. Finally, at the threat of him pissing himself we stopped. It took but a second for him to recover and with a sly grin at us he jumped up and dashed off the bed, completely bare-assed, taking the blankets with him.

"Ha…Ha…we got pee-boners," he chortled drawing out the boner part of his comment as he pointed to us and to himself. "Come on, let's go write our names!" As he struggled with his PJ top, we had no choice but to follow as we in turn pulled our tee shirts on and struggled with our sneakers. We followed Sam out the door as he tried to put his sneakers on while walking. This broke us up. We each finished marking our territory in the cold March morning air and then headed back into the cabin to finish getting dressed and get breakfast out. We made the most of this Sunday morning on the island before heading back up to the farmhouse. Gathering wood for the outdoor fire, exploring the various nooks and crannies, and we enjoyed our discoveries. There was a mother duck nesting, fresh signs of deer track. You could see the buds on the trees were thickening and the new grasses starting to sprout. When we were done with our explorations, we headed back to the cabin to pack, clean up and bring everything down to the rowboat. Later that afternoon Ethan and I would take Sam home.

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