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The Book of Aric

by Doc Sawzall

Chapter 13

The Legend of Old Spot Lives On

After Ezekiel, Ernest and my brother and sister left, the farm seemed very quiet. It was as if everyone was on pins and needles; you could almost feel the tension in the air. Ethan was sitting with me on the couch in the main living room and Sam of course was at our feet. Earl and Marge would keep looking over at me and as I would notice, they would turn away. I was conflicted, the reality of my parents' death still hadn't hit me, and yet here I was at the farm, feeling warm, safe and comfortable. I needed to cry and I needed to smile, I needed to be hugged and I needed to be loved. I knew I had most of what I needed but I needed to feel alive again. Not just 'down there' but in my soul. I could finally understand some of what Ethan must have felt when he finally came home. I was sore, lame, and every movement seemed to hurt; still, I needed to be whole again.

I was discussing with Ethan the possibility of heading over to the cabin the next night. It would be the last night of school vacation. Sam, upon hearing this conversation and feeling the sour mood in the room, jumped up and proclaimed his agreement; after all we could all go out in the morning and write our names on the ground with our pee boners, drawing out the word boners. Earl and Marge just looked at him as he realized what he had just said. I looked at Ethan who was convulsing and then to Sam and as I started laughing. The boy turned the deepest shade of red.

Once again, the simplicity of youth triumphed. It was obvious that Sam was feeling deeply the events of the past week. He was worried for me and while he couldn't say it, also for Old Spot. Men have an almost mystical attachment to their penises. If you aren't a guy it is difficult to fathom the attachment a man has for his penis. It is the center of his world, wars have been fought, careers ruined, empires fallen all because of the 'little man' down below. Sam had seen the damage to Old Spot and was just able to understand and comprehend how devastating it could be. In his concern for me when he heard of the plans to go to the cabin, he associated our marking our ground in the mornings, with a return to normalcy. It was a simple solution to a dilemma he had no other answers for.

It hurt to laugh, but I couldn't help it. Sam was confused and embarrassed. He looked hurt and I pulled him to me and despite the pain hugged him dearly. I whispered into his ear that he had made a funny joke and I loved it.

It broke the ice and we slowly felt as if we could return to normal, our conversations weren't forced and out interactions once again became genuine. We stayed up for a bit longer and discussed my return to school on Tuesday, as I had to meet with Ernest and Ezekiel, along with my brother and sister Monday morning. It would be the last bit of unpleasant business, or so I thought. We made our goodnights and headed towards the apartment with Sam in tow. We all brushed our teeth, peed for the night and made sure our hands were washed. Grabbing the munchkin we marched him to his bed, and gave him a good sound thorough tickling before we kissed him goodnight.

When we got to our bed Ethan helped me undress and tended to those remaining bandages that needed changing. He rubbed my back for a few moments before laying me down on the bed. He rubbed my chest lightly and proceeded to tenderly kiss me. Taking out the baby oil, he moistened Old Spot. We knew there would be no sex tonight and that was fine. I just needed to be in his arms.

All day Saturday Sam was chomping at the bit. He was eager and raring to go. It was difficult to keep him focused on his chores. He needed to realize work came first and play later. To him it seemed as if we were torturing him. He was impatient at lunch and I told him he needed to locate the items we needed to bring and start packing. Well, that got his motor going. He dragged Eddy and Bobby out to the barn, he had located the rug he wanted for the floor and they needed to clean it before bringing it over. He had also located the old couch and some stovepipe. I could see the rug making it over in the rowboat, but the couch I thought would have to wait till winter. Sam, however, had a plan. I stepped back and let the boys go for it. Ethan stepped out to help as I made the sandwiches, packed the snacks and drinks, and located the breakfast stuff.

I was feeling good about the coming night; it would be like other nights we had stayed out at the cabin, a return to less painful days. I needed to take a leak and while in the bathroom noticed that I was showing some stubble. I would have Ethan help me with that before we left later this afternoon.

The boys managed to get what they wanted out to the cabin as well as laying in a load of split firewood for the woodstove. How the couch made it out, I'll never know; but I'm glad that it did. We had an hour to kill, so I snuck off with Ethan after suggesting to Sam that the cabin needed to be completely cleaned before we went out for the night. This gave us the time we needed to take care of my stubble. Ethan lathered me up and tenderly took the safety razor to me. I told him if he sneezed to damned sure he dropped the razor. I could feel familiar sensations as he gently shaved my balls, rinsing them in warm soapy water and then playing with the skin to ensure all was smooth. The rest of me was shaved as well -- the base of my penis and my pubic mound, my happy trail and the triangular patch that resided below my belly button. He had me bend over and while pubes were sparse around my anus, he shaved there as well. When he was done I stood in the shower as he washed me. I was as smooth as a baby and Ethan toweled me off as if I were an infant in his hands. He brought me back to the bed and sat me down while he administered baby oil to Old Spot. By the time he was done, I managed to become somewhat erect. We couldn't get me fully hard but I took comfort that it would happen soon. I offered to assist him as a reward for his efforts, but he told me he was waiting for me to be able to join in fully. I kissed him passionately and told him again how much I loved him. Ethan got a very serious look on his face and paused for a moment.

"I thought I was going to lose you," he told me, tears streaming down his face. "When the call came to the house Mom was the one to answer the phone. She told me you had been hurt badly in a car accident and I needed to get Dad from the barn. I never moved so fast in my life. By the time we had gotten back to the house, Mom had more of what happened. Her cousin was one of the police officers to show up and knew you had been living up here, otherwise we wouldn't have found out till much later. At first, we were told you were on your way to Worcester Memorial. As we were getting ready to leave, a second call came in and we were told you were going to Boston Children's.

"Mom relayed the information to Dad and then to me and to let us know your parents had been killed in the accident. They were taking you to Boston because of the severity of your injuries. It meant that you were badly hurt, really hurt. I started to lose it when Dad came over and told me that we'd go. Just then Sam came walking into the kitchen and heard what was going on. He freaked out and jumped into my arms. He was inconsolable. Helping him snapped me out of my shock and fear.

"Squirt, I was never as scared as I was on the ride to Boston and then walking into that hospital. I paced the floor all night until they came out and told us you were going to make it. I asked for details and they were reluctant till Mom's cousin stepped forward and explained the situation between you and our family. You can only imagine how horrified we were when we learned the extent of what happened in that your spleen had to be removed; the cuts and abrasions and the laceration to your scalp and…penis.

"I thought the worst then, that you wouldn't want me if you couldn't handle what had happened. I could see you walking away and just disappearing." As he finished, Ethan was sobbing. "I couldn't bear to lose you, Aric. I couldn't bear the thought you wouldn't want me because of what happened to you. I love you and always will."

By this time, we were both sobbing and holding on to each other tightly. I winced, as my ribs were still tender. Then I heard Sam come back into the house and I knew I had to get dressed and that our life would go on.

I couldn't believe how good the cabin looked with the rug and couch. Earl had figured where the woodstove should go and spent the afternoon with Sam and the boys hooking it up in its new location. After they finished with that they hooked up the cook stove once more. Although I had planned on sandwiches for supper, Ethan and the boys - had brought out some old cast iron pans and a cooler full of pork chops and sides. So, I dropped my plans.

Marge came out to the cabin and together we made supper for the guys. It was the least I could do, although I wasn't really much help. Sam was underfoot wanting to know why things were done the way Marge cooked. Her experience as a mother certainly paid off as her patience with Sam was extraordinary. Sam wasn't content to watch as things were explained; he had to be hands-on and when the unexpected happened, he wouldn't panic but would watch how Marge handled herself. The meal was as good as I remember and the pie and ice cream for dessert was killer. We all sat around and talked for a bit. Sam wanted to go out before dark and explore the island for a bit and managed to drag Bobby and Eddy with him leaving Ethan and me with Marge and Earl. I was helping to finish the cleaning when I gathered Earl and Marge in a hug and told them how much I appreciated what they had done for my family and me. None of the events surrounding my parents' death would have taken place if it weren't for them. They had organized the difficult issues in planning the funeral and asked their two eldest sons to look after our financial and legal affairs. I told them I couldn't believe the love and caring shown to my brother and sister when they came up for lunch the other day. Marge cupped my cheeks in her hands as Earl placed an arm on my back and simply told me that's what families do, they care for each other.

We heard the boys making their way back, dried our eyes, and finished our chores, hoping our little inspector general would approve. I asked Sam to go down to the pond with a pail and bring it back full of water. It gave me a moment to ask Eddy and Bobby to bring Earl and Marge back to the island with them. I whispered that I also wanted one of them to grab my baby oil, which I had forgotten. There were faint signs that Old Spot was stirring and if he was going to bark or get sick and throw up, I needed to be prepared. I was worried about that first erection and if it hurt and would the healing hold. I knew there was only one way to find out.

When Sam returned, I asked him to help prime the hand pump in the kitchen, the frost was long gone out of the ground and it was safe to get it working. While we did that, Bobby and Eddy brought Marge and Earl back. It took a few buckets to prime the pump and after a short while we had water. Sam was delighted; he was definitely a hands-on character and loved seeing the results of his efforts. When the boys came back Sam announced he was making breakfast in the morning, it may have only been milk, cereal and rolls but he was in charge.

We played board games for a bit, had a small outdoor fire and called it an early night after Sam once again had managed to fall asleep on our laps. Eddy and Bobby said they were going to stay up for a bit and go down by the fire. The night was warm and they wanted to 'talk'. I made sure to include Bobby when I told Eddy how much I appreciated them standing by my side during the difficult past few days; they were embarrassed that I had brought it up as they weren't looking for attention.

We went to the bedroom with the spare oil lantern and Ethan tended to the few remaining wounds. He took his time in oiling Old Spot and I asked if I could oil him, after all he hadn't had a release for as long as me. I knew it had to be killing him, but he refused. He wanted us to be able to enjoy each other at the same time. I kissed him goodnight and we fell asleep spooning with me safe in his arms.

I had weird dreams that night of erections and all the stuff assorted with them. The one that stuck with me was that my penis was like an Italian sausage that had been somehow been split and then sewn up. The bizarre part was that as I was jerking off in my dream, it was cooking and as I was nearing my release the stitches popped, my sausage exploded. And it ended up looking like a sausage would look like, had it been split and cooked on the grill all covered in gooey cheese.

I had a few more bizarre dreams about hardons and lumpy testicles and at some point, drifted off into a deep sleep. Just before dawn I realized as I was turning over onto my side that our familiar lump had snuggled in between us. I paid it no mind as I lay my arm across his chest and felt Ethan's arm next to mine. We slept like that for a couple of hours longer when I felt Ethan lightly rubbing my arm. I opened my eyes to see him gazing at me with a contented smile on his face. He whispered good morning and I returned the greeting. Sam heard us and woke up. Brushing the sleep from his eyes he looked down and pointed to the lump in the blanket and announced he had a pee boner. Jumping up from the bed he grabbed the blankets and as he did he pointed to Ethan and stopped in mid-sentence as he pointed to me. With the most innocent smile a twelve-year-old can muster he announced to the morning that Uncle Arik had a definite pee boner and once again he dragged the word boner out…I looked down and Old Spot was looking for attention.

As young men, we get erections all the time: daydreaming, sleeping, working, at school and whenever the little fella decides he needs to stretch. It is such a daily occurrence that sometimes you'll have one and pay it no mind other than that it feels good. Such is the case when I am sleeping. It seems that I will have one throughout the night, I will wake up holding myself or cupping my balls, I will fall asleep after masturbating holding him. It is ordinary to have one before waking up. It announces that it needs to pee and holds it back till you get to the bathroom. If it doesn't subside it can make aiming difficult but generally it does as you release the stream. It is so normal that many mornings you think about it only if you do not have a piss hardon.

As I looked down, Sam and Ethan gazed upon my boner. Sam's first reaction was he wanted to see the scar and the little dots where the stitching was. Without hesitation and before I could untangle my arms to stop him he petted Old Spot and felt along the scar. My reaction was instantaneous as he brought his fingers up and down the length of the scar and felt my left testicle with his other hand.

I was unable to control myself. I knew what was about to happen. Panicked, I clutched Ethan's arm and as I looked at him the first blast ended up somewhere near mid ribcage. I felt as I did in the dream; my penis was bursting at the seams. The second volley landed just below the first. Sam jerked his hand back in surprise, which caused the third and fourth eruptions to land on Ethan's arm. The last two, as Sam's surprise continued, went nearly straight up, only to land near my belly button. My testicles relaxed as the last of my stored-up product dribbled out of my rapidly deflating penis.

Sam let go of Old Spot and leaned back on his haunches, his pee boner sticking straight up. He placed his hands on his hips and asked what just happened. In the span of fifteen seconds I was mortified, hugely embarrassed, delighted, and relieved that I did not split open or otherwise blow up or come apart at the seam.

I was at a loss as to what to say, Ethan was speechless but grinning. Sam had just seen something he never should have seen. I didn't want to be the one who would be his first, sort of speaking. I did not want to be the one to give him the talk or to explain how his body and life would be changing from a sweet innocent kid. He had been around the farm long enough to know the rudimentary basics. Still, I felt it wasn't may place to fill in the blanks, and there's the rub so to speak. Looking at me and then to Ethan he asked Ethan if he could do that as well. Before either of us could answer his first questions his curiosity got the best of him and as Ethan nodded that he also was like me, Sam grabbed hold of Ethan's penis. Now with Sam, it was a practical lesson. He was going to apply the lesson he had learned with me to Ethan. I think Ethan lasted four or five strokes before he also spewed all over his belly. Sam watched in fascination as each shot came firing out, giving each one a little 'whoa' in appreciation for what he had just seen.

Sam was all about the learning, he needed to know what had just happened, why it happened, what it was that came out, what it did, how it felt, how many times we could do it, what it was called, whether he could do it, and did we do it often. Over the next ten minutes we tried to explain what he had just seen. Sam had no filter and we knew better than to bullshit him. We were straight up with him and factually explained everything we could. We also explained that some things, like this, are private affairs and no one else's business. There was a reason bedroom doors were closed. You shared this with someone you cared for. It was healthy and normal. There was nothing wrong with giving pleasure to someone you loved. When you did this with someone, you respected them and did not discuss this personal business with others.

Sam asked us to show him how we did it, to touch him like he touched us. He flopped down between us, and sensing our reluctance, grabbed my hand and placed it on his penis. He spread his legs and had Ethan cup his balls. He purred like a cat as he got into us feeling him up and stroking him. His skin was smooth and he reacted to the slightest touch. I would run a finger softly along his penis and it would twitch from the sensation. I showed him how I held myself when I masturbated and had him do the same; I had Ethan show him as well. We let him rub himself and as he neared his peak we explained what was happening and what was going to happen, the feelings he would experience and to just let them take over. We watched as he brought himself to his pinnacle of pleasure and his body reacting. He hesitated near the end, as he was so captured by sensory overload. I helped bring him over the edge with a few additional strokes as Ethan massaged his groin. His face scrunched up as he spread his legs farther apart. His head thrashed from side to side as he emitted tiny little moans. When the end came, he lifted his hips into the down stroke and his penis began convulsing and twitching indicating his dry, buckling climax. He was spent when it was over. His chest heaved, sucking in as much air as it could and then forcibly expelling it. His body went from rigid to limp as he took in the wonder of it all.

I don't feel that we crossed a line. We found ourselves in an innocent situation and there had been inadvertent consequences. Rather than lie or deceive, we told the truth. He was going to be thirteen in June and he would be learning from others in his first experiences with no guarantee that he would be learning what he should be. He'd get the 'talk' from his parents as well but as time progressed he'd need the hand of another and would seek it out. We were careful not to project our lifestyle and if Sam were still curious, then we would deal with it. If he should choose another direction, we'd be fine with that. We simply wanted his first experience to be as pleasurable and guilt free as possible, simply to awaken him to the wonders of his body. We also had to remember that Sam was an independent soul who, given the tools, would be able to take care of himself and make his own decisions. He had been given the beginnings of the foundation needed.

I asked Sam to get a damp washcloth and bring it back to us. As we were cleaning ourselves up from the mess we had made earlier, the little munchkin must have read my mind or sensed my earlier fears. He looked down and pointed to Old Spot and said a couple of my stitches must have failed, that I had burst open. I looked down quickly and as I did I heard him go …Ha…Ha…made you look. That led to a major tickle fight and when Sam was pleading he had to pee, we woke the other two sleeping beauties. So, we all went out and wrote our names in the dirt.

We spent the remainder of the morning exploring around the island as usual, looking for anything and everything as we ambled around. This morning we were on the far side and noticed that there was a tree big enough to put a rope swing on and when the water was warmer we'd explore more to see if the water was deep enough. We ate lunch at the cabin and Sam took charge of the cleanup. Everything had to be 'just so.' Sam directed Eddy and Bobby in loading the rowboat as we finished making the beds and packing.

After we got back to the farm there were some afternoon chores to be done and we headed our separate ways for an hour or so. I had spotted Earl down by the milking parlor and went off to meet him. I wanted to thank him for the relocating the woodstove so we could have both of the stoves going if we wanted. While we were chatting and about to head our separate ways I could see he was still concerned for me and he told me so. He knew and understood what the past two and a half years had been like and was hoping I was coping with everything around the car accident. I explained that I was doing well and it was because of them that I had been able to hold it together. He thanked me and as we parted I mentioned that Old Spot had gotten sick this morning. He left with a huge grin on his face.

Ethan and I had retired for the evening once Sam had gone home and supper was over. We had stayed up a bit longer but as it was a school night I needed to turn in early. While I wouldn't be going to class, I needed to get back on schedule. I would have to add a trip to the Good Doctor's to give him the sample he needed after we visited with Ernest and Ezekiel. I had grabbed Ethan into a hug and was thanking him again for being with me. Another reason for retiring early was that I wanted to make up for this morning. I hadn't intended for Sam to be involved but wanted to share my first post op experience solely with Ethan. I was glad to see everything worked as it should with no loss of sensation, but I was surprised how quick my ejaculation was. I figured it was the time between my last one that fired up the pressure cooker, and despite its quickness the intensity was there…it felt great. Another reason I wasn't concerned was Ethan had lasted but a stroke or two longer than me. I chalked it up to enforced abstinence. I wanted to be sure we were on the same page regarding Sam. We weren't looking to add another into our relationship but he was making it difficult. If we were to continue to let him crawl into our bed on the nights we were at the cabin, we would need rules. As much as I love the little munchkin I did not want him to share our intimate moments. If he wanted to fool around in the mornings, I could handle that and would not initiate any such activity. It would have to be his decision and only if we were both fine with it. To my surprise, Ethan agreed with me and we avoided what could have been an unpleasant situation. I suppose I was more or less okay with it, as we had never hidden our bodies and functions from one another. The time that Sam spent in the assisting in the changing of my bandages and cleaning my wounds I was more or less an open book to him as Ethan was to him from the times he assisted with his therapy. I also knew Sam wasn't trying to act out a fantasy or desire as everything he did was out of an innate curiosity and sincere desire to help.

With that discussion over, I whispered into Ethan's ear that I wanted him to inspect me for any signs of 'damage.' I wanted him to take me from soft to hard and back again. He looked at me and said it wouldn't be possible, I was already hard.

I was puzzled. This morning I had grown hard without realizing it and now this afternoon the same thing happened. I was gonna need to put Old Spot on a regular exercise program. I dropped my pants and unbuckled Ethan's and told him I would return the favor if he inspected me up close. He sat me on the bed and spread my legs. I could feel everything just fine. He took his time 'inspecting' me before he got down to business. Unlike this morning, I managed to last longer, enjoyably so. From what I could gather, the laceration left only a minor disfiguring scar and had no impact on my erection; it looked and felt the same. In returning the favor I managed to bring Ethan off in record time. It had been a long day, we were tired, and once again I fell asleep in his arms.

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