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The Book of Aric

by Doc Sawzall

Chapter 15

Peering In To The Future
Late May/Early June

I could hear the school bus bringing Sam to the end of the driveway. The sight of him trying to hold his school books and weekend bag, while running down the driveway was hilarious. He'd drop one thing pick it up and two others would fall. Finally, a very discombobulated Sam ended up on the porch. He promptly dropped everything, jumped into my arms and nearly choked the life out of me, and then flew off of me to Ethan and Eddy who underwent the same treatment. He high-fived Grandpa Earl hugged and kissed Grandma Marge, greeting her over the pile of his stuff. Only then did he take it to his room in our apartment.

Sam, as usual was a chatterbox from the moment he had arrived on the farm. He was talking from the time he got off the bus till the time he got back from his room. He and Grandpa Earl headed off towards the milking parlor. We had some time before supper and went for a walk up to the old hickory. Ethan gathered me in his arms as we sat down and we looked over the farm.

Knowing that the two of us were purchasing the farm equally made us feel good… that out of all that had happened something so positive would come out of it. What sold us was the thought we would direct the proceeds towards supporting Marge and Earl and funding the college education for the brother's children. The family would be ecstatic and we expected they would be completely in agreement We hoped they would be floored when we further informed them that the farm would be placed in a land trust protecting and preserving it for future generations. We had also decided to create a trust that we would fund initially to pay for necessary farm expenses such as taxes, future legal costs and the basic bills. All income from the farm above necessary expenses such as utilities, groceries and other household bills would be directed to this trust. Our goal as we had been planning was to make the farm in whatever manner it was worked to be self-sustaining.

While Ethan and I had come into what we considered blood money, we were uncomfortable in spending it as many others would. It could never return what was lost and had been taken from us. As such, we needed to see that it was put to good use. We had lost much, suffered together, and come out stronger. I, like Ethan, needed nothing but a life for us together on the farm. I wasn't interested in anything else. I wasn't by far an introvert; I just knew what made me happy. The farm was our universe, our sum-total; it is what made us complete.

It was sitting up here that our plans first took shape; it is where we thought through our ideas and set our plans into motion. We both wanted the same things, we had our minor disagreements over silly stuff and we knew it. While we were partners, we were also individuals that appealed to each other because of our differences. Finding Ethan was like having my first piece of strawberry rhubarb pie. Once I tasted it I was hooked. No other pie was as good and for my birthday each year after, he would bring me a piece from a pie he baked. Cooking wasn't his strong suit and the sight of him wearing one of his mother's aprons covered in pie fixin's and flour was incredibly erotic. He'd be marching around the kitchen completely bewildered, recipe directions seemingly of no use. One eye would be focused on what he was doing, the other on the timer and as he went along everything had to be cleaned as it got used or dirtied. His only strong suit was breakfast and he had that down pat.

Ethan was comfortable in many situations--calm, cool and collected; but in the kitchen, he was helpless and totally out of his element. I learned how to cook and liked it; I was comfortable in the kitchen and useless when it came to bookkeeping. I could fix things, repair the outbuildings, and understood the day to day operations of farm management. I had to have Ethan balance my checkbook and pay the bills. We learned of and appreciated each other's weaknesses. As we both compensated for each other, it made us stronger. I was words and action and Ethan was thoughts and deeds. Sitting up here today allowed us to have our small talk and bask in the beauty of the farm. It was here I could see my future growing, sharing it with the one I loved, and knowing that I was loved back. When we sat up here, it was as good as our intimate, physical moments. The connection we shared was equally pleasurable. We planned our life together from this vantage point and holding his hand, I was enamored of our future together.

Our quiet interlude was interrupted by the sound of the dinner bell and we headed back down. As we neared the farmhouse an eager Sam spotted us as he was coming up from the milking parlor. He bolted over to join us as Earl had reached the porch. Per his custom, he got between us and was chattering about all of the stuff we had to do this weekend. He announced that he would be ready to head to the cabin right after supper and had a list of the board games we needed to bring and were Bobby and Eddy coming along with what we needed for snacks, sandwiches and breakfast stuff. Oh, and don't forget, Grandma Marge and Grandpa Earl should come out for supper tomorrow night and we needed to remember the rope for the swing cause it was warm enough to go swimming and he giggled when he remembered that he wasn't gonna wear a swimsuit and we needed benches for the outside fire place. He had rattled off so much stuff as we finished walking down I was losing track trying to remember his list. He would run or skip a pace or two ahead of us and then come roaring back and wrap his arms around our waists and hold us tightly to him. Somewhere along the line he had tossed his shoes and was barefoot, his shirt was untucked and lord only knows what treasures from the workshop were stuffed in his pockets. He had his Red Sox cap on and we knew by looking at Sam that he was totally in his element. Sam's energy infused all of us and you could see and feel his connection to the farm. We hadn't announced to anyone but Ernest and Ezekiel what our plans were for the farm. We were going to have a picnic Sunday afternoon and let the rest of the family know. Axel and Trind would finally be here and staying at the farm for the summer. Axel was going to work at the bank and Marge was going to enjoy having a 'daughter' to spend time with. There was much going on this weekend and I loved every minute of it.

Supper was a lively affair. I rolled out the sketches for the addition to the cabin and when Sam learned it was his summer project with Grandpa Earl he was ready to quit school right there and then. We had debated getting rid of the outhouse and putting in a toilet but with us using it year-round it didn't make sense, Sam was relieved as he did not want to lose the 'Pooplight'. The other idea we batted around was whether to bring electricity out to the island. The expense wasn't the issue, but keeping the cabin rustic was far more important, so we elected not to. Sam thought we should have more than four beds in the bunkroom for when his brother and younger cousins would be coming out for overnights. It was a good idea and we decided to modify our plans a bit. As we were finishing up our discussion on the cabin Bobby stopped in. He was staying for the weekend as well. Sam immediately attached himself to Bobby and a helpless Eddy looked on in merriment as Sam filled Bobby in on the weekend's activities. We sat around for a bit longer noticing a very impatient Sam who was raring to head out. I suggested that if he took all of the stuff we had packed along with the coolers, we'd be leaving sooner than expected. As Marge noted later, the mini tornado had everything out onto the porch in no time flat. Sam conscripted Bobby to help and with the use of the wheelbarrow they had the rowboat loaded and ready for the trip out.

We built a fire in the outdoor fire place and sat around discussing plans for the upcoming summer. Sam was excitedly discussing the additions to the cabin and I was trying to temper his enthusiasm by reminding him of all of the work it takes. He was having none of it and was sure everything would go just fine. I reminded him I was able to bring everything I needed out when the pond was frozen over, having to row everything over was going to take some time. Bobby mentioned his father had an old rowboat with an outboard motor. He was sure it just needed a tune up, he would ask, but was positive it would be fine to use it. I offered to pay for the tune up. With any luck, we would have the boat and motor in a couple of weeks.

We stayed outside till the mosquitoes and no see-ums came out, so then we retired to the porch. It was warm out and we decided to let the wood stove be. Tomorrow would be a treat, I had brought what we needed for pancakes with bacon and eggs, the cook stove would be sufficient for warming the cabin tomorrow morning. Sam was excited to hear about the rope swing and was very pleased to see the picnic area we had set out. He wanted to go swimming first thing in the morning till we explained afternoon would be better. I had mentioned we needed to measure out for the footings the additions needed and we would have to dig the holes for them. All of his buttons had been pushed as he expounded on everything that was going on. I mentioned it would be an early night if we were going to get everything done tomorrow. We played a couple of board games and then threw some blankets and pillows in front to the couch and told some scary stories. Sam started as usual sitting between us and by the time the last story was told was sleeping soundly. Gently, without waking him, we put him to bed after taking just his shoes and jeans off. He was getting too big for us to get him into his PJ's without waking him so we left him in his tee shirt and jockey shorts and quietly covered him up.

Eddy and Bobby were still up and had gone out to the porch. A quarter-moon was rising over the far end of the pond. Night on the farm wasn't as quiet as you might think, as the nocturnal creatures were on the prowl. We sat up with the guys for a bit and asked how they and we were doing. Both looked nervous and I could see they might have a question for us. So, I asked what was bothering them. They had decided a while ago that they were going to commit to each other like we had. And, they were thinking of taking the next step in their intimate relationship; could we give them some pointers. Bobby was unsure while Eddy was all for it and had told Bobby about his night together with me. The best we could do was to ask if they were comfortable with how their relationship was progressing. They told us they were, but were leery of doing something that might ultimately damage it. We suggested that they start slowly. While Eddy felt comfortable, then he should take the passive role first. When Bobby felt ready, then let him get acclimated by starting slowly with foreplay and using fingers to loosen him up. They should remember to ensure they were 'clean' back there; it would make it that much better.

We left them on the porch and went to our bedroom. We took turns undressing each other and when all of our clothes were off, we got into bed. With Sam in the cabin we would be restricted to our activities and how much noise we could make. The light from the oil lantern cast a warm, yellow glow about the cabin and bathed us in it. I slowly rubbed my hands over Ethan's body. Sitting up, I drank in the perfection his flesh took in the soft light from the lantern and luxuriated in his aroma. Leaning over, I smelt and kissed him till I got to the space between his legs. I needed to drink from him; I needed to bring him to the climax I so desperately wanted. I matched his different smells with the myriad of tastes to the various textures of his skin, I cupped my hands on his hips as I inhaled his groin, and my lips parting as he entered my mouth. I licked, suckled, massaged, stroked, and brought him to his state of bliss. As I took his offering, I felt content; I had brought my partner a small slice of heaven. At the end of the day, his countenance displayed his pleasure in the giving of himself to me.

If anything else, Ethan was gentle and methodical. He played my body like a musical instrument getting the proper tone and movement out of me. I'd rise and fall in time to his music, the beat of his heart was the timing of our symphony. I could hear and feel the orchestra setting the tempo as the chorus sang its part. I was a stringed instrument at the hands of a master; I was an instrument whose chords were gently played. I was the drum, the flute and oboe. I was at the mercy of the conductor as he brought me to the crescendo over and over again. A choir of angels sang hallelujah, the trumpets heralded the impending movement's climax and I gave the song of my soul to him as the bagpipers called me home from afar.

Once more, our munchkin had found his way into our bed during the night and had come to rest between us. He was splayed out between us, and as much as he could, he was draped over us. His arms were askew and by the looks of his tousled hair he had been restless throughout the night. Laying there all contorted reminded me that when he was 'off' he was out like a light and this morning was no exception.

With one arm, he had clutched Ethan's arm over his midsection as both were on their sides and his other hand had found mine down near his bellybutton and held it close. It was so comfortable under those covers, I had such a good night's sleep, and here I was this morning on the island, one of my favorite spots on the farm.

The early morning sun cut through the mist rising off the pond and I could hear the birds and ducks noisily greeting the day. The squirrels and chipmunks were scampering about performing gymnastics as they leapt from branch to surface or as they scampered up and over the trees. Out the window you could see the fresh leaves on the trees. A spider had set up shop in the upper corner of the window, traversing the finely woven web towards its next meal, struggling to break the bond that held it to the web.

It was going to be a warm day; the forecast was for hot and sunny through Sunday afternoon with late afternoon thunderstorms. All was quiet otherwise, looking out in to the main room I could see the evidence of our games and stories last night, the oil lantern now competing with a rising sun. There was a gentle breeze wafting across the pond, rippling the leaves in the trees lining the edge. The dawn smelled fresh and full of promise. Everything was in bloom and the pollen drifted lazily across the island universe as the multitude of blooming plants began the renewal of their life cycles.

In many ways, the world was a microcosm here in the safety of the cabin. We were warm, dry and safe in a universe of our own creation. Here there were no wars or hatred but a shared bond of brothers where acceptance was the norm. There was the love of family overcoming the loss of family, a reason for being and getting up each morning, so full of promise with the gathering of the day's offerings. It was moments such as these that time slowed, the lazy fat house fly circling the table, looking like a plane in the far-off distance coming in for a landing. Yesterday, the day had ended with the sounds of the peepers and the first call of the bullfrogs and had woken this morning with the sounds of the crickets and their fellow travelers. This day was starting off in the innocence of a world reborn in the dawning of the eternal sunrise. The day smelled of green and of new life. It would be fraught full of adventure and the doings of our own creation.

Our sunshine warrior was restless as he found a more comfortable position on his back, drawing both of our arms closer towards his chest. He radiated innocence tempered with an overwhelming need to learn and understand his world, a world that through no fault of his own, was changing. These changes would be both welcome and not so welcome. He would no longer be that youthful innocent, but a young adult, and his awareness of things around him would take on newer, far more dangerous meanings. I believe he had adopted us to be his guides as he went through these changes, he trusted us to protect and shield him as he made his way to understanding this new place where he found himself, in the headlong rush of his impending adulthood. Until he decided for himself whether something or someone was good or bad, right or wrong he was going to make his own choices as to what he would do, when he would do it, and whom he would do it with.

We were his safety valve in the pressure cooker he unwittingly lived within. He knew what we had been through, our trials and tribulations and he had comforted us in his own sweet innocent way. While he did not know it, it was his down payment for comfort for when he stumbled, or crashed and burned. We would be there; we would help him pick up the shattered pieces of whatever misfortune he found himself in. We would always be there to help make him whole again.

He was a little radiator full of life, you could feel the energy as it replenished itself rising up off of him; soaring towards my nostrils and his scent was a freshly washed basket of clothes that had been hung out to dry on a spring morning such as this. It was a clear, clean, crisp smell, at once fresh yet striving towards his future yet to come.

I saw Ethan looking over Sam's shoulder contentedly; he had been watching me as I was lost in my world of thoughts. He knew when he saw the far-off look in my eyes that I was traveling and he knew I'd be back when my mind had taken me wherever I was going. He'd ask me later where I had been and I'd tell him I had been lost, deep in his love, blessed that I had him in my life. He'd smile, give his head a little shake, and give me a look so full of love it would melt the hardest steel. His was a head full of numbers and practicality where I was word, thought, deed and emotions. What I felt you could see plain as day except for the times my mind was soaring, lost in my thoughts. With Ethan, you'd have to mine for his thoughts unless you knew where to look. His subtle gestures spoke volumes, you just had to listen to the beating of his heart, feel the blood course through his veins, and it was his simple honesty…there for the entire world to see if you knew where to look and what to look for. He would give when asked, give completely if necessary; he loved without hesitation or reservation and I was thankful that when he looked for what he needed, he saw me.

We clasped hands with the little bed bug and watched as his go button was pressed, his smile infectious as he saw us. Like a bolt of lightning illuminating the darkness, the night disappeared from his body. He lay there holding our hands against him as he tried to stretch sleepy muscles awake. The mattress telegraphing the movements of his feet and shoulder blades as they began readying themselves for the adventures of the brand-new day.

Sam looked down the light blanket and snorted his all too familiar chuckle "looks like we all got pee boners…ha…ha…ha." He sat up and tossed the blanket aside, turned and got on his knees and his tee shirt not hiding what made Sam unique. He looked at me and noticed my pubes were back and leaned over to feel the newly grown hair and reexamine my scars. He took a moment to reassure himself my left testicle was healed; turning to Ethan he grasped his penis and gave it a closer look. He asked to examine us as he had done before; he was a curious soul with a need for understanding through his sense of sight, touch and smell. Sam was tactile, in order to understand how things worked he needed to learn how. If something was heavy, he'd have to pick it up, if it were hot, how close could he get to it, if it felt good, how was it done? Ethan removed the hand that he had been cupping is balls with so Sam could have unfettered access to him for his voyage of discovery. Lying so he was completely flat on his back, he parted his legs to let Sam explore. Ethan placed his hand in mine as I watched intently. I brought it to my lips to kiss it and the smell of his musk drifted up my nostrils. I held his hand to my face as Sam slowly moved the skin of Ethan's shaft back and forth. He brought Ethan to a shuddering climax. As Sam brought him closer, Ethan would instruct Sam to speed up or slow down, to keep pace and to warn him of the impending ejaculation. Watching as I was, allowed me to see and experience this from a distance yet still feel connected, I was anticipating the moment and enjoyed sharing it with Sam. As the event was to unfold, Ethan gripped my hand a bit tighter as I watched his body tense, his toes curled as he went rigid. I heard a soft…don't stop…don't stop and then he volleyed four distinct ropes of cum onto his chest and mid-section. Sam to his credit kept the pace Ethan needed and when he had finished Ethan gently caressed the hand that had been stroking him. He let go of my hand and running those fingers through Sam's hair he expressed his thanks to Sam. The room filled with the smell of Ethan's essence setting my brain fully aflame. Ethan grabbed the tee shirt he had been wearing yesterday to clean himself with as Sam turned to see what made me tick. As with Ethan, I lay on the flat of my back moving my legs apart and drawing the soles of my feet together. Sam cupped and massaged my sac, gently rolling and squeezing each testicle, he'd lightly trace the tiny ridges of skin as they closed tighter to my body. When he was satisfied with his explorations he drew a finger from the top of my anus over the exposed surface of my bits and pieces till he reached the opening at the end of my penis. Unlike his moment with Ethan he encircled my shaft with his thumbs and fingers and slowly stroked me without moving my skin. With Ethan it was a tugging and pulling, with me it was the use of friction of his soft hand on my hard, hot, throbbing penis. The sensation set me on fire, it was so different from anything else. I buckled and lifted my hips. I reached out for Ethan's hand and brought it to my face. Some of his seed that he had cleaned up remained on his fingers and the smell of his secretions, his unique perfume helped to send me off. I had never been stroked like this and I was in uncharted territory, my body reacting wildly to the new, yet familiar sensations. He would lightly rub my testicles and press at the root of my penis underneath them; he would let his fingers roam in that space as he traced the furthest outlines of me. My eyes were clouding over as I looked at Ethan smiling upon me and then it hit. As I moaned I was over the edge, Sam raised my penis to near vertical and I splayed three distinct arcing discharges to the heavens only to have them fall from orbit as they splattered on my belly. My body suffered tremors and aftershocks as if it had been hit by an earthquake as I felt Ethan and Sam's hands cleaning me off. I was out of breath and unable to move, temporarily paralyzed.

The little munchkin was pleased, very pleased, with himself. He had added to his knowledge base and managed to give pleasure, uncomplicated pleasure to us. It was a sign of his affection and trust in us, a measure of his feelings. He was all boy, every bit of him. He didn't do mushy as he showed his love and affection in our private moments through his tender touches. There was a need to give to him as he had just given to us, to make his body writhe as it received and gave pleasure to himself through the administration to others. We had him lie on his back and as he did he spread his legs. We stroked and rubbed, massaged and tickled as we caressed him. His body was an open book and as we turned each page, new delights awaited us all. We read to him of pleasure and good feelings, exciting chases and stunning vistas, of unexplored worlds and hidden treasures. We saw new unexplored lands and journeyed into unexplored places. We discovered new sensations as we traveled deep into space as he orbited his solar system. He smelled of freshly mown lawn and was a flower full of nectar opening its petals in the early morning sun. He was an ocean liner on a transatlantic voyage of discovery, seeking the joys hidden within as he crossed the threshold betwixt the old and new worlds. We were exploring ancient civilizations on our way to new undiscovered places. As we read him, his body telegraphed the apex and culmination of our efforts and the changes growing unceasingly within. His soft downy skin became rigid and the coloration of his member darkened as his newly descended testicles cleaved from whence they came. He arched his head back, the tendons standing out in his neck and clawed his fingers deeply into the mattress in a desperate but failing attempt not to surrender, but keep his boyhood as the first intense wave rolled over him, producing a distinct throbbing that traveled the length of his urethra and depositing clear droplets of his seminal fluid, followed by a second and third wave, leaving a spent man-child in its wake.

Sam's train had left the station that morning and it was slow coming back, returning him to the present, a changed soul. It was clearly obvious that Sam was trying to process what had just happened to him. We held him close in our arms as we pressed our bodies together. His moment was magical; there was a mystery in the wonder of what had transpired. His face was a roadmap as he processed his feelings; a dreamy sweet peaceful veil overlaid the flesh and bones of that face. We rubbed and caressed his body, ran our fingers through his hair and stroked his sides. As the intensity of his experience subsided his breathing resumed its regular pace, occasionally punctuated by soft exhalations as the tremors within subsided, the fleshy sac that hewed so tightly to his body relaxed and fully distended as his member lay wilted on its side. Sam's first steps into young adulthood were guided with love and tenderness, his journey of discovery commencing secure in the knowledge that we would always be at his side if he needed us.

We lay for a few more minutes, lolling in the warmth of the bed. We knew when Sam's train had returned to the station when he announced he had to 'pee wicked bad' and it was time to write our last this time, not our first names as usual, in the dirt as we reclaimed the island for one more weekend. He jumped up, tossing the covers fully on the floor, tossed clean tee shirts to us and went to wake Eddy and Bobby as we put them on. The sight of his barely covered ass scampering around the corner as he went to get the boys confirmed Sam was in his element and safely returned.

The two sleepyheads were slow to get up, too slow as Sam pranced from foot to foot needing to pee. Seizing the moment, Sam grabbed the covers exposing two naked boys lying side by side. Looking out of the bunkroom door towards us and then back into the bunk room Sam giggled "booneers, they got pee boners'. Eddy now fully awakened and laughing told me to grab Sam, as we were going to have him for breakfast. Sam giggled and put the screen door between him and the outside so he could bolt if he had to escape the clutches of his new tormentors. All the while he was chirping in a sing song voice it was time to write our last names in the dirt of this new morning. The reluctant twosome joined us as we all stood there in just our tee shirts and once more staked our claim to our island kingdom.

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