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A Boys Cameo

by Dominick St James

Preface and Intro

This story about adolescent boys will not be everybody's cup-of-tea. It is a niche within a niche. You may find it highly erotic and hot, or not so much, but if you find humour and satire here – so well and good. My writing style is always the same in this genre – I seek to entertain, to arouse and yes, to titillate you. I offer no counselling, no support, no education, no philosophy and no message, other than what you want to read into it. My crusade is merely to bring enjoyment. My view on sex is that it is to be enjoyed in whatever style suits, with whomever, as a partner, be like minded with you, and is not to be lamented about nor wept over, other than with tears of ecstasy.

Herein, we meet the precocious fourteen year old Kitt from the well to do background of an upper class family, a notch below the aristocracy. The prose is narrated in first person by him and a lot can be garnered from frequent dialogue, over which I have taken special care.

By no means dumb, Kitt is well spoken, expressive and articulate, within an ambit of what might be expected of such a boy. Based in the lush west country of England, around Devon and Somerset, the story opens with Kitt's exposition about the private high calibre school he attends, called Kyneston. He tells us how he meets his first boyfriend there, and about it's homosexual school life, for Kitt is a raging gay young pansy, but who in his own words prefers to be called a young poof and is averse to the 'gay' 'scene' in general, certainly the grown up one.

Yet though he lives in a private world of privilege and has some affectation he is neither toffee nosed, spaced out, or faggy. He is the good looking, cool and cute adolescent you can see in the street, the park or at any youngster's venue. A chief feature of his character, some might say flaw, is a patina of naivety that comes from being raised in the well healed family of old money, and where he enjoys a very liberal upbringing. His parents dote on him indulgently and embrace his liking for other boys who, as Kitt puts it, are 'that way'.

Kitt is open and friendly and is thought by many others to be a very sexy boy. He began in puberty to express his sexual interest in other boys and has since then never been discouraged to enjoy mutual sexual pleasure with them. Never short of a boyfriend because of his gorgeous looks and nature, though running into romance problems from time to time, Kitt has boys dying for him at the click of a finger and soon meets the young love of his life, Madison. The plot then soon takes us to the Caribbean island of Barbados where the family own an old world villa and a myriad of fresh adventures and goings on, ensue.

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