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The Move

Chapter 10

By Doug Smith

"Dad, this is Dan. You should have seen him. These two guys were hassling Danny and me and Dan made them stop. He put one of the guys on his as ... butt, then they took off. Dan hung around until you or Danny's mom got here."

I stood up. "I'm Dan Johnson sir. It was nothing really. Just a couple of bullies picking on some younger kids. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time. I didn't realize Nicky was hurt until we sat down. It doesn't look too bad although he may have a bruise."

"I'm Nicholas Wade. I want to thank you. This is a small town. I thought they'd be safe going to the movies alone."

I looked at them knowing they hadn't gone to the movies. "I'm sure things like that don't happen often."

"I guess you can't be too careful anywhere these days. What did you say your name is again?"

"Dan sir, Dan Johnson."

"Are you related to Kevin Johnson?"

"My father's name is Kevin but we just moved here. I doubt you'd know him."

"I think I do. You moved from Chicago, right?"

"Yeah, how did you know?"

"I work with your dad. He talks a lot about you. He's very proud of you."

"There really isn't that much to say."

"Tell him that. If what he says is true I'm surprised those two guys walked away. He told me how you competed in karate tournaments before you moved here. You didn't hurt them too bad did you?"

"No, just enough to get their attention," I smiled. "I've kind of given up karate. At least until today. It does come in handy once in a while."

"Your father mentioned that. I think he'd like you to go back to it."

"He's mentioned that once or twice," I smiled.

"If you're as good as he says then you should. Maybe you can teach. I can think of one boy that could use some lessons," he said looking at Nicky.

"I'd be glad to give him a couple pointers sometime if you'd like. He's a good kid. Actually I am going to be helping out with a beginner's course at Fitness World Saturday mornings. Maybe he could come. You too Danny."

"Really??" Nicky said excitedly. "Can I Dad?"

Mr. Wade smiled. "Slow down son. Let me talk to your mother. You know how she feels about any type of fighting. We'd also need to get you a gym membership."

"Don't think about it as fighting Mr. Wade. He'd just be learning how to protect himself and that will give him more confidence. As far as a gym membership he could go as my guest tomorrow. If he likes it then you could look into a membership. I just signed up this week. It's only $20 a month. They're having a special."

"Alright Nicky, you can go if you want. What time should he be there?"

"The class starts at 9:00. How about you Danny? Do you want to come too?"

"Can I?"

"It's okay with me if your parents say it's okay."

"Danny .. is your mother or father coming to get you?" Mr. Wade asked.

"My mother is supposed to pick me up. She should be here soon."

"I'll stay with him if you have to get going," I said. "He'll be okay."

"Are you sure? I hate to leave him alone after what happened but we really do need to leave. I left my wife entertaining some dinner guests."

"It's okay. You get back to your guests. He'll be fine."

"I wouldn't leave him if it wasn't you. I feel like I know you even though I've only known your father for a short while."

"Thank you sir and it was nice to meet you."

I sat down with Danny as Nicky and his father walked away. Hopefully he'd talk more now that Nicky had left. Nicky was a good kid but he definitely dominated the conversation.

"Hey," I said. "You okay?"

"Yea," he nodded. "Maybe I should call my mother to see where she is."

"Alright, do you have a phone or do you want to use mine?"

"I've got one. My parents gave it to me."

He called his mother and while I only heard one side of the conversation it was obvious she hadn't left yet.

"Mom, when are you going to get here? ..... No, Nicky and his dad just left. They had to get home. .... It's okay Mom, there is someone else here who will stay so I'm not alone. When are you leaving? .... That means you won't get here for half an hour," he said looking at me.

"Let me talk to her," I said reaching for the phone.

"Mrs. Martin? This is Dan Johnson. I'm a friend of Danny's. I can bring him home if you want. ..... Yes, I'm older than him. ... I'm sixteen but I'm a good driver. You don't have to worry. .... No, I just met Nicky and him tonight. Nicky's dad works with my father. ..... No, I don't mind at all. I'm just on my way home. It's no problem. ...... Alright, we'll see you in about fifteen minutes. Danny can give me directions."

I smiled when I hung up. "Let's go," I said. "She's worried about you riding around with a teenage driver," I laughed.

"You sure you don't mind taking me home? I can wait for her."

"We're not going to call her back. Where do you live?"

"On Anderson Road"

"That sounds familiar but you'll have to show me how to get there," I said as we walked to my jeep.

He didn't say anything other than to tell me which way to go as we drove out of the parking lot.

"You okay?" I asked.

"Is it wrong?" he asked.

"Is what wrong?"

"You know, being gay."

"You're probably asking the wrong person but I don't think so. I won't insult you by saying you're young and you might not fully understand yourself yet. I'm sure you've given it a lot of thought. Just remember you are young. I am too. Things change. I'm not saying that will but you're feelings for Nicky might."

"My parents say gay people are sick. I hear that in church all the time."

"Danny. You're not sick. People who think that don't understand. You didn't choose to be who you are. I'm sure you wish you didn't have the feelings you do but you do. You'll tear yourself up inside if you fight it. I'm sure you could live a straight life. You could get married and even have kids but would you be happy? You'd be living a life that isn't you. Just remember, being gay doesn't define you. It's just part of you. There is much more to you than that."

"But the minister says gay people are sinners and will go to hell."

"I'm not very religious Danny. Maybe that's why. I'm not convinced there is a God who is the Almighty but if there is he created me the way I am. Why would he create a sinner?"

"Our minister says the devil is in gay people. He says God hates gay people."

I laughed. "I'm sorry Danny. I just don't buy it. If there is a God I prefer to think of him as a loving God. He wants people to be good and to be good to each other. I don't believe there is some book that tells us what God wants. If there is and that is what it says then I don't want any part of it. Just look around at all the problems in the world largely caused by the intolerance of people in the name of God. They're really just people who can't think for themselves."

"I hope so," he said. "I don't want to go to hell."

"Me neither but if we do we'll be there together. You, me, Nicky and lots of others. We can have a big party," I laughed. "If all gay people go to hell it must be one heck of an orgy."

"You will go to hell if you keep talking like that," he laughed. "Take a right here. My house is the third on the right. ... And thanks, you make me feel better. Maybe we can talk some more sometime."

"Any time," I said. "You just be proud of who you are and be the best person you can. ... Okay?"

He just smiled and nodded as I pulled into his driveway. The neighborhood looked familiar. I looked around as I got out of the jeep and then it hit me. Josh's house was across the street.

"I think I know the kid who lives in that house," I said.


"Yeah, he's in my class. I don't really know him. I just remember the house when someone gave us both a ride home my first day of school."

"Josh is okay. He and I used to be friends. I guess he thinks I'm too young to hang around with now that he's in high school. I feel kind of sorry for him. His father is really mean. He's drunk most of the time. My parents say he never got over his wife dying."

"That's too bad," I said looking over at his house. I couldn't help think that he was inside and wondered what he was doing. 'Probably listening to music or on the computer,' I thought. I wish I could be friends with him. Everyone said he was a good kid or at least okay. Ms. Washington keeps asking if I've talked to him but so far I've been avoiding it ... and him.

"You don't have to walk me in Dan."

"It's okay. I want your mother to see I got you here in one piece," I laughed following him to the door.

"I'm home," he called out when we got inside. His mother came out of the kitchen followed by a young girl who was obviously Danny's sister. "Hi Mom, this is Dan."

"Hello Dan. Thank you for bringing Danny home. I was right in the middle of baking cookies and I completely lost track of time. I was worried when you said you were older. I was wondering why Danny was hanging out with older boys but you seemed like a nice young man on the phone."

"Thank you Mrs. Martin. Like I told you my dad works with Nicky's father. I was at the mall getting a birthday present for my brother when I ran into them."

"You're cute," said Danny's sister giving me a big smile.

"Jenny, knock it off," said Danny.

I laughed. "It's okay Danny. You have a smart sister. You're cute too young lady. I have a brother about your age. He thinks girls are yucky though so you'll probably have to wait a few years."

"She wants to grow up too fast," said Mrs. Martin.

I smiled. "So does Scott. I tell him he should enjoy being young."

"Thank you again for bringing Danny home. I need to get back to my cookies. Would you care for one?"

"I really should be going Mrs. Martin. My parents will be wondering where I am. I went to the mall over three hours ago just to buy a present. I just wanted to introduce myself."

"Take one for the road then. They're still warm."

"Thank you."

"Mom, Dan is teaching a karate course tomorrow. He said I can go if it's okay with you."

When she looked at me with a questioning look I smiled.

"Actually, I'm just helping with a beginner's course over at Fitness World in the morning. I said I'd take him as my guest if it is okay with you. If he likes it he'll probably be hounding you for a membership. That's $20 a month but tomorrow wouldn't cost anything. It's just a beginner's class. He won't be fighting or anything. He'll just be learning some basic moves."

"Can I Mom?? Please??"

"I don't know Danny. That's asking a lot of Dan."

"He said it was okay."

"It's really no problem Mrs. Martin. He won't get hurt. I promise you that. I'm taking my little brother too. He's only eight."

"I'm sorry but I don't really know you. It was nice of you to bring Danny home but he said he just met you tonight."

"Mom, Dan is my friend. He wouldn't do anything. Nicky will be there too. Please??"

She looked at me for a minute. "Alright, I guess it's okay. Are you sure it's not too much trouble?"

"It's fine Mrs. Martin. It's on my way. I live on Chestnut and have to go right by here on my way. I'll pick him up and drop him off afterwards."

"Great .... Thanks Mom!!!"

"The class starts at nine. He just needs to wear gym shorts and a t-shirt. It's right over on Sadler Street so I'll pick him up at eight thirty. That will give us plenty of time."

"Thanks Dan."

"You're welcome Danny. I'll see you tomorrow."

I left but Danny followed me to the jeep. "Thanks," he said.

"Don't mention it" I gave him my email address in case he ever wanted to talk. I smiled as I sat in the driver's seat. "I'd give you a hug good-bye but your mother might see," I said softly. "Besides, Nicky would get jealous. Take care of yourself. I'll see you tomorrow."

He waved as I backed out of the driveway. I waved back and then looked at Josh's house. All of a sudden I didn't see him as that kid who looked like Aaron. My mind was picturing him laying on his bed reading. I don't know why I thought that. All I know is it made me smile as I remembered the day he stood by the desk when I had sat in his seat. I felt my cock twinge remembering how I looked directly at his crotch when I looked up.

Hi, it's me Josh again. It's been almost three weeks since I've spoken up. In fact Dan's first day of school was a month ago this coming Monday. I've been hoping that I could say things are getting better but they aren't. He's probably only said two words to me in all that time. Everyone else thinks he's a great guy. I see him talking and joking with other people. When I'm around he's completely different. That is if he stays around. Usually he gets up and leaves. It's not that he's mean or anything. He doesn't hassle me. He basically ignores me.

One of the only times he can't just get up and leave is during classes but even then he doesn't say anything. I can tell he still watches me which I find kind of creepy. Sometimes I catch him but he just turns away. Perhaps he should pay more attention in class. He doesn't seem to pay much attention and teachers have called him on it.

Not that I thought anything would become of it but any thoughts of him being gay are out the window. He's been going out with Becky since he started school. She's nice and all and definitely good looking but it was disappointing when I found out. She started to sit at our table during lunch. I don't know why he didn't go sit with her friends. I guess he likes talking with Chris and Ryan too.

You probably think I'm totally fucked up for thinking about him even though he doesn't want anything to do with me. I really don't. Like I said before, I just found his story and want to throw in my two cents. I'll admit I still jerk off thinking about him. It's those eyes. I can't get them out of my head. Yeah, they're deep blue and penetrating but there's something else, something more. Maybe it's just when he looks at me but there is something there. I know it. I can't quite put my finger on it but something is bothering him.

Dan's House

I said good night to my parents and went upstairs to go to bed. It was only 11:00 but I didn't feel like sitting around watching TV. Back home I would have been doing something even if it was just hanging out with friends. Thinking back I probably wasn't very good company but none of my friends gave up on me. They tried to help. Here I was just getting to know people. At least tomorrow night I'm going to the movies with Becky. I know she'd like a different type of relationship but she is turning out to be a good friend just the same.

I turned on my computer to check my email. I had quite a few but most of them were spam. I ignored those. I was quite content with the size of my cock thank you very much. Aaron never seemed to complain.

The first email I opened was from Jason. He is a good friend. He is also a great guy for being straight. I'm just joking. Straight guys can be sensitive and caring too. Jason certainly is. He is as straight as they come though. All the girls wanted a piece of him but he isn't the type to take advantage of them. Besides, he is way too into Andrea and if he ever cheated on her she'd cut his balls off. There is no reason to cheat either. Andrea is so hot she'd give a gay guy a hardon. I know although I was thinking of Jason and her together at the time. Alright, I admit that's kind of sick but I'm still a teenager and even though my hormones have been asleep the last year they did wake up at times.

It was good hearing from him. He told me how he missed me and wished I hadn't moved. It wasn't the same going to 'The Rock' without me. The Rock is a teen club where we all hung out. It's a cool place. Nobody even said anything when Aaron and I sat together with our arms around each other just like Jason and Andrea. Sure, we got some comments from some kids but our true friends were totally okay with it. I was going to email him back but wasn't sure what to say. It was really different here and I missed everyone back home. I had talked to him a few days ago but hadn't told him everything that was going on I know I could tell him and we could talk about it but it isn't the same when he is 1500 miles away.

I wasn't sure who the second email was from. The subject just said 'Thanks Again'. I smiled when I saw it was from Danny. He wanted to thank me again for helping him and Nicky and for not treating them like little kids. He also thanked me for talking with him. He said he could never talk to his parents or brother like he did with me. They'd kill him if they ever found out about him. Danny was a cute kid. I hoped he meant they'd just really be upset with him and not actually hurt him. I've heard of some parents doing that.

I decided to email him back:

"Danny, it was no problem. I really did mean it when I said we could talk more if you want. I'll see you tomorrow when I pick you up."

"Maybe you and Nicky can come over and hang out sometime. We can play video games or something. I know you're younger but that doesn't mean we can't be friends. It's up to you."

See you tomorrow.

-- Dan

My next email was to Jason:

"Hey buddy. I've been meaning to email you but I've been putting it off. I'm really sorry."

"How are things back home? You miss me? I know we talk on-line but I really miss you guys. It's okay here. I'm meeting a bunch of people but there are only a couple I'd call friends. The school is a lot smaller than ours and you know me, I had to meet the school asshole the first day. He's the quarterback of the football team. Enough said?"

"I really wish you were here to talk to. Something has come up that I don't know how to handle. I could really use your opinion. I can't explain it in an email, at least not right now. Maybe I'll try calling you sometime tomorrow. I'm tired and am going to bed. I haven't been sleeping very well."

"Don't worry, I'll be okay. I'll write more later. Say hello to everyone for me"

-- Dan

After I sent both emails I powered down my laptop and got ready for bed. I was really tired. I hadn't slept well all week but I think I was asleep before my head hit the pillow. The next thing I knew the sun was shining through the window. I pulled myself out of bed and headed for the bathroom.

It was only seven thirty. I had slept pretty well considering. At least I idn't remember tossing and turning all night. Maybe things were improving. I grabbed a quick shower and put on some athletic pants and a t-shirt before going downstairs for breakfast. Scott was already dressed in gym shorts and a t-shirt.

"Don't you look like a junior jock," I laughed. "I guess you're ready to go."

"Yup," he said.

"He's been ready for forty-five minutes," my mother said.

"I'm just going to have a quick bowl of cereal and we'll be off."

Scott waited impatiently as I ate each spoonful. "Okay, munch. Let's go. We need to pick up Danny on the way." I told my father how Nicky and Danny are coming to the class. He wanted to know how I met Nicky but I didn't have time to tell him.

We got to Danny's just before 8:30. He was already to go. Mrs. Martin seemed to relax when she saw Scott was with me. I guess some parents are really protective. When we were leaving Danny's house I saw Josh across the street raking leaves. Fortunately Scott didn't notice since he was too busy talking to Danny and demonstrating karate moves that I had already taught him. It might have been difficult in a seat belt but somehow he thought he could do it.

It disturbed me when I saw what had to be Josh's father stand on their front step and yell at Josh. While it was kind of disgusting he was standing there in his boxers with his rather large hairy gut hanging out and drinking a beer at eight thirty in the morning it was really disturbing that he just yelled at Josh. It was tough to make out what he said not because he wasn't loud enough but because his speech was pretty slurred. I know Josh saw my jeep. I'm not sure whether he recognized it or not.

"That guy is really mean," said Danny. "He's always yelling at Josh. He yells at the other kids in the neighborhood if we make too much noise too."

Scott turned his head but by this time we were far enough away where he couldn't see Josh very well.

"Danny?? Do you know if he ever hits Josh?"

"I don't think so. He yells a lot. One time I saw him grab Josh by the shirt and pull him into the house. I feel bad for him but he doesn't talk to me any more."

I couldn't help think about Josh as we drove to the gym. Scott had gone back to talking so Danny didn't say anything else. When we got to the gym Mr. Wade was waiting with Nicky. It turned out to be guests the gym charged ten dollars each. They said they'd let Scott in but that I'd have to pay for the older boys. Danny got a sad look on his face but I told him not to worry. When Mr. Wade heard the person at the desk he insisted on paying even though I said I'd cover it. Either way it got the smile back on Danny's face.

I told Mr. Wade we would be done around ten thirty and that I could drop Nicky off if he wanted. He thanked me but said he'd be here to pick him up. He'd probably sign up for a membership if Nicky enjoys himself.

Everyone was already dressed in gym clothes so nobody had to change in the locker room. Fortunately there was a separate locker room for kids. While I didn't mind changing in front of old men I didn't think kids like Scott or Danny and Nicky for that matter should do that.

We found Jack in the classroom a few minutes before nine. "I brought a couple of friends in addition to my brother," I said. "I hope that's okay. They came as my guests today but will probably get memberships if they like the class."

"No problem. With your help a couple more kids won't even be noticed."

The class was really fun. Jack was right. All the kids were enthusiastic and soaked things up. I only had to remind Scott a couple of times that I wasn't his personal teacher. By the end of the session he was talking to another kid about his age.

"Dan, this is Tommy."

"Hi Tommy. Did you have fun?"

"Yeah!! You're a good teacher. Jack is fun too."

We walked out together. Scott was talking to Tommy while Danny and Nicky were telling me they had fun too. They weren't quite as exuberant as Scott but probably nobody is.

It surprised me when I saw Chris waiting outside the door. "Hi bud, what are you doing here?"

"I'm just waiting for my brother. You ready Tom? Aren't you a little old for a kid's karate class Dan?"

I laughed.

"Chris, he's one of the teachers," said Tommy.

"What? You are? You didn't tell me you know karate."

"I guess it never came up. Besides, I'm just helping out. Jack is the real instructor. He said he'd trade me some training sessions if I helped."

"That explains a lot. Are you any good? You know Tim is into karate. He's been doing it for a while. Maybe he could give you some pointers."

I didn't want to tell him I had been taking lessons for ten years. I would have preferred he not know at all. "I can keep up with beginners," I laughed. "I know you said you had a brother about Scott's age. How come I've never seen him?."

"He's ten actually. He's just kind of small for his age. He's usually either at a friend's house or sleeping."

"Chris!!! I'm not small."

I laughed. "Well Tommy, Chris may be bigger than you but you're going to be the one who gets all the girls in high school."

"Ewww, girls are yucky," he said causing me to smile.

"Scott says the same thing. That attitude will change one of these days won't it Chris?"

He smiled but didn't answer. He changed the subject by asking what I was doing Saturday night..

"I'm going to the movies with Becky. Hopefully she won't want to see some chick flick."

"You two seem to be hitting it off."

"What can I say. She knows beauty when she sees it. Actually we're just friends," I smiled. I also looked at Scott to make sure he wasn't going to say something but he was too busy talking to Tommy. Danny and Nicky just looked at me a little confused.

Nicky's father was waiting by the front desk and sure enough Nicky wanted to get a membership. He thanked me and I said good-bye. Danny, Scott and I walked to my jeep along with Chris and Tommy.

"I'll see you Monday," I said.

"Yeah, have fun tonight," he smiled. I couldn't really read his eyes.

On the way home it looked like Danny had something he wanted to ask.

"Is something wrong Danny? You had fun didn't you?"

"Yeah, it isn't that."

"What's wrong?"

"You're going out with a girl tonight?"

I laughed. "Yup, can't I do that?" I asked.

"Of course but I thought you're ...." He stopped and looked at Scott.

"It's okay. Scott knows. Becky and I are just friends."

"Oh," he said without asking anything else.

When I dropped him off he told his mother he had a good time and wanted to go again. I told her he could go as my guest but that would cost ten dollars a week. It would be cheaper to buy a membership for twenty dollars a month. That way he could use the gym any time he wanted. I also offered to help him out at the gym to make sure he knew how to use the equipment. She thanked me and said she'd talk with his father. She tried to give me ten dollars to cover the guest pass for today but I told her Mr. Wade took care of it.

I said good-bye and walked back to the jeep. As I pulled out the Martin's driveway I looked over at Josh's house. I noticed the rake leaning against the house but Josh must have been inside. That was probably good since Scott wasn't distracted talking to Danny. I couldn't help thinking about how his father had been yelling at him when we drove by earlier.

We got home around eleven thirty. After a quick snack I sat down to watch TV. My father still wanted to know how I had met Nicky Wade. I gave him a condensed version of what happened at the mall since he would probably hear something from Mr. Wade anyway. I skipped the part about seeing Nicky and Danny in the bookstore.

"I'm proud of you son."

"Thanks Dad but I couldn't just walk away. Who knows what those guys would have done."

"I know but a lot of kids would have. A lot of adults would have too. That's why I'm proud of you."

There wasn't really much on TV. One hundred and thirty eight channels and none of them have anything worth watching: infomercials, cop show reruns, replays of old sporting events, movies that I'd seen before, auto racing, how to remodel a bathroom and other useless programs. I was about to turn it off and go upstairs to browse the internet when the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it," I said.

Scott yelled he would get it and ran towards the door. By the time I got there Scott was standing with the door open not saying anything.

"Who is it Scott?" I asked opening the door wider. "Jason?? What the f.. What are you doing here?"

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