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The Move

Chapter 28

By Doug Smith

Scott was really wound up when we got home. You would have thought he was going on vacation to Disney World or something. I don't know if it was that Tommy was coming over or that he thought he'd get to hang out with older kids. He does always get a lot of attention from my friends. He has that type of personality, cute and a little, or a lot, off the wall. That pretty much guarantees someone pays attention to him. Becky always gave him hugs and goes out of her way to make him laugh when she is here although she hasn't been around as much since Josh and I got together and she got together with Mike. I'm sure she'll still play at least one game of Wii Tennis with him tonight.

I was happy the tickets I ordered for Josh's 'date' came in the mail. My mother grabbed them because she knew it was a surprise. Hopefully he'll like it. There will be a lot of shows at the Civic Center between now and Christmas but I don't want to wait. I want to do something special with him sooner rather than later. I know he doesn't want me to spend a lot of money but too bad,I want to. Especially in this case. I mean, I can understand where he's coming from but that shouldn't mean I can't spend anything. Hopefully he will like what I have planned.

He was trying not to let me see that inviting Jim Logan upset him. It was actually kind of cute seeing him a little jealous and trying not to let it show. It's not like he has anything to worry about though. Jim is definitely good looking and being a wrestler is kind of hot but Josh certainly doesn't have anything to worry about. There's no way I would do anything to hurt him. Hopefully he knows that and he just needs to be reminded.

I probably should have talked with him before asking Jim but it all happened so quick. What was I supposed to do when he heard us talking about the party? Say to have a good weekend, I'll see you Monday? I couldn't do that. He's new in school. I think he just moved in a couple weeks after me. I don't really know much about him though. I guess I've had other things on my mind and haven't paid much attention. I didn't know who he hung out with or anything like that. Today was the first time we had talked.

It wasn't like he is a bad guy. He seemed friendly enough in study. Okay, it was pretty obvious that if he wasn't hitting on me then he's a really friendly guy and most guys aren't that friendly. I could tell Ryan thought it was funny from the looks he gave me. Obviously Jim didn't catch on that Josh and I are boyfriends when he was talking with us. I don't know how he knew I liked guys but I guess I'm more obvious than I think. Either that or he was just testing.

The one thing I know is that he doesn't hang around with Phil Clayton. That, combined with him being seemingly a good guy, made him okay by me. I probably shouldn't use whether he hangs around with Phil as a litmus test but I don't know any of Phil's friends who I think much of. I know that's not fair. I don't really know a lot of Phil's friends so I guess I just think they're guilty by association. Anyway, I've never seen Jim near Phil not that I'd expect to if he is gay.

"Are you okay," I asked when we went upstairs to get ready.

"Yeah, why wouldn't I be? It's going to be fun tonight."

I smiled. "You know you don't have anything to worry about. I'm sorry I didn't ask you before inviting Jim. He was just standing there when we were talking about the party. I would have felt like a jerk if I didn't say something. After all, he's new in school and doesn't know many people."

"Am I that obvious?"

"You're cute when you're jealous but you can relax. You're my boyfriend and I love you."

"I know. I'm just sorry I mentioned about people coming over tonight in front of him. I didn't like the way he was looking at you or the suggestive tone in his voice. It was obvious what he wants. I bet he really enjoyed wrestling with you."

I smiled and put my arms around him. "You want to wrestle? I'll let you grab any place you want. It'll be okay. He doesn't know we're together and we are together, you and me. Right? You know you don't have anything to worry about. I'll be a jerk and tell him he can't stay when he shows up if you want," I said.

Josh frowned. "You can't do that and I wouldn't want you to. I'm sorry. I guess I'm still a little insecure. Chris and Ryan both said I need to relax and believe this is going to last. They told me what I told you, that if I think you're going to get tired of me then I may do things to make it happen. Don't worry. I'll be okay but if he tries anything I'm going to come over and give you a kiss right in front of him. He'll know about us then," smiled Josh.

I hugged him tight. "I'm not going to get tired of you," I said rubbing his back. His head was on my shoulder. "You're stuck with me. I'm not going anywhere and I'm not letting you go anywhere. That reminds me though, I did want to talk about tonight."

"Talk about what?" asked Josh with a worried look.

I smiled. "Relax, I just want to know the ground rules. Are you okay with things if I do this in front of people," I smiled giving him a kiss. "We don't have to if you don't want. I mean it's not like I'm going to attack you but this isn't school, I'd prefer not to have a completely hands off approach like we have to have there."

"I was wondering about that too. I'm okay with it if you are. Everyone who is coming pretty much knows anyway. A lot of them are gay too. I'm a little worried about Chris's brother but if he knows about Chris and is fine with it then it should be okay. He might wonder what his karate teacher wears under his karate uniform though."

I smiled. "Usually a jock but once in a while I didn't wear anything. Aaron used to give me shit about that. He could always tell right away just by looking. Go figure. So you're okay with it if I put my arm around you or something in front of our friends."

"Yeah, besides then Jim will figure things out," he smiled.

"Would you stop worrying about Jim? I do know how to make you forget about him though. We have some time before people get here. Want to fool around?"

He smiled. "We should make sure things are ready downstairs. Just our luck for someone to show up early and we'd be in the middle of something."

"We have a few minutes. At least give me a kiss. I need to feel your lips."

He laughed. "Do you know how that sounds? Chris would definitely give you shit for being like that."

"Like what?" I asked. "For wanting to hold and kiss my boyfriend? My boyfriend who I love so much I can't think straight. My boyfriend who is cute when he's jealous even though he has nothing to worry about."

"I don't think either of us can think straight," he laughed.

"Good point," I smiled giving him another kiss.

We stayed Like that for a good three or four minutes without saying a word, just hugging and kissing in the middle of my, no our, room. It felt really really good. I kind of wish people weren't coming over and we could just make out all night. My cock definitely enjoyed feeling him pressed against me. So didn't his. He laughed when I put my hand on his crotch."

"Dan, we don't have time. Someone could be here any minute."

"Your mouth says no but your cock says suck me. I can hear it," I smiled sitting on the bed with him standing in front of me.

"You're bad," he said as I rubbed my face against him.

"Let me take care of this," I smiled. "You don't want anyone to notice."

"Alright, but we need to be quick. We need to get downstairs."

No sooner than I started to unzip his pants someone knocked on my door.

"Yeah," I said smiling at Josh.

"You guys de ...cent?" asked Chris opening the door seeing me sitting in front of Josh. Ryan was right behind him. I had moved my hands but it was obvious what we were doing or about to do. Josh's fly was unzipped and he was definitely hard. Of course I was too. Chris just shook his head. I smiled when Josh stepped away and zipped his pants.

"Yup have good timing. Thirty seconds later and I might not have been able to answer. Of course Josh is quick, thirty seconds after that he would have been done," I laughed.

"Asshole," said Josh.

"Yeah, but I'm your asshole. You're stuck with me."

He laughed. "Maybe I'll find someone better. Jim is obviously looking."

"Sorry to interrupt," said Chris. "You want us to go downstairs? I just want to know where to put Tommy's stuff."

"No, it's okay. Josh and I were just talking."

"Right, we believe that. Ryan and I 'talk' like that once in a while too," he laughed. "In fact Ryan and I sometimes have some really deep conversations."

I smiled. "I don't know Chris. You told me Ryan is really hung. Just how deep a conversation do you have?"

"You told him that!!!!"

"Relax Ryan. It's not like I couldn't tell. It was obvious the first time I saw you. Well, maybe not when I saw you walk in that first day but certainly when I walked by you sitting in class. At least you acknowledged me unlike this asshole," I said smiling looking at Chris. "I remember thinking about what Phil had said. I thought if you two were together then Chris is one lucky guy."

"I don't like to make a big deal about it."

I smiled. "Why don't you and Chris shut the door and we can all have a good conversation," I smiled looking at Josh.


I laughed. "I didn't mean it like that but maybe they want proof you're getting some."

"We don't need proof," said Ryan. "The look on his face when we rode to school yesterday said it all. He wouldn't say anything. He said it was private but his eyes got all misty and I thought he was going to cry he missed you so much. You would have thought someone took away his puppy."

I laughed. "He didn't tell you about the leash he makes me wear did he?"

That shut them up but then we all laughed when I said I was joking.

"You're all assholes, I didn't get misty eyed" said Josh. "Are you going to be like this all night?"

"Relax," I smiled. "It's Chris and Ryan. It's not like they don't know what we do or we don't know what they do. And did right here yesterday," I said patting the bed. "I'll be good in front of everyone else. I'm just in a good mood. I have you as a boyfriend and these two guys as friends. What could be better? Guess you'll have to wait on this though," I smiled patting his crotch and standing up.

Chris shook his head and smiled. "Josh... I can't tell you how happy I am for you and how I pity anyone who tries to fuck with you. Dan jokes a lot but it's obvious how he feels. I can see it by the way he looks at you."

"One of these days Josh is going to really believe it too. He's getting there but still doesn't understand the word 'unconditional'. ...Of course that goes for you guys too. Anyone fucking with you guys will be sorry too," I smiled putting one arm on Chris's shoulder and the other on Ryan pulling them both into a friendly hug.

"You guys are the best," I said.

I smiled when Josh did the same thing and the four of us stood in a group hug for a few seconds. I guess he was getting into the group hug thing because of Scott and my parents.

"Alright," said Chris. "This is pretty gay even for us."

"At least I didn't kiss you."

Chris smiled. "Where should I put Tommy's bag?"

Josh told him to put it in his room.

"Where is he?"

"Downstairs with the juvenile delinquent. They're either playing Nintendo or Scott is showing him the moves you taught him yesterday. Just what he needs. Are you guys ready? It's almost 7:00."

"I still have to change," said Josh.

"I tried to help but you wouldn't let me," I said taking off my shirt and loosening my jeans. I didn't care that Chris and Ryan were there. Josh did go across the hall since his cloths were there. Chris made some comment that he should just move his stuff in with mine since we're rooming together anyway. Josh turned red and told him to fuck off, with a smile of course.

Mike and Becky were the next to arrive, together of course. She seemed happy and I was happy for her because of it. She had been there for me since I started school despite knowing I didn't look at her the same way she tried to look at me, at least initially. She smiled when she saw me looking and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

"You look happy Dan."

"You too," I smiled. "I'm really glad."

"I am and I'm happy for you too."

Mike and Becky helped us set up some snacks in the family room. They had a good laugh at what I had bought versus what Josh made me buy. My mother had also made some chicken wings and some of those little hot dogs wrapped in a crust for people to munch on too.

Everyone else showed up over the next half hour. In all there were about fifteen people including Randy, Cara, Randy's latest girlfriend, Tanya and her boyfriend Pete, Tim, Abby, Jim Logan, Kyle, Travis as well as Tim's cousin. A couple of girls I knew through Becky also showed up with their boyfriends. I was a little surprised to see Randy since he didn't really seem to like me. He seemed friendly enough. Maybe he decided I really did care about Josh. Either that or he just wanted to see things for himself. Tim said he had to bring his cousin or stay home. It was obvious he and Tim didn't really get along. He did have kind of an attitude but didn't seem that bad.

I was surprised Travis and Kyle actually came. Kyle said he told his mother he was going to Travis's house and then they both came here. They said they weren't going to stay long but wanted to come because they could. I was glad they did. I liked them. Maybe I just liked them because they seemed like good guys who were into each other. They didn't have attitudes. They were just good guys and hanging out with them would be fun even if they are younger. Too bad it would be so difficult. It would always be like tonight. I was glad they came but I was also worried what would happen if Phil found out even though the odds were pretty low. Unfortunately the more it happened the greater that risk would be.

I introduced them to the people they didn't know. Chris was still a little cold although he was better after I talked with him. He was having a really hard time accepting that Phil's brother could be a decent guy. I kind of understood that since although he was better at ignoring Phil he and Ryan did have a longer history with him than I did.

It didn't seem to bother Kyle at least on the surface but I knew it did. It had to since he got it to some degree from most everyone. He generally just smiled and told people he wasn't really related to Phil every chance he got. Maybe it was because they were younger but they ended up playing Nintendo with Scott and Tommy most of the night.

"Are you doing okay?" I asked at one point.

"Yeah, fine. Thanks for inviting us. I know how people feel. They judge me because of him," said Kyle.

"I don't and Josh doesn't. We're glad you came. Everyone else just needs to get to know you. I hope we can hang out more but I know it'll be difficult."

"Do you really mean that? It doesn't bother you that we're two years younger than you and only freshmen?"

"Of course not. Next time maybe you guys can do something with just Chris and Ryan and Josh and me. You'll see they're good guys."

"What about your shadow," he said nodding towards Jim who had gone to get something to drink. "He seems to like you."

I smiled. "He just moved here two or three weeks ago. He doesn't know many people. I just met him. We had to wrestle in gym class."

"I bet he enjoyed that," laughed Kyle. "He's kind of obvious."

"He's a good guy. He just doesn't know about me and Josh. I don't want to hurt him. You guys know anyone we can introduce him to?"

"Not really. The only other guy we know for sure is gay is some guy who graduated last year and we only know about him because he's a slut. He's definitely not into relationships."

I laughed. "And you know this how?"

"Hey, we've never done anything with him but we did chat online and figured out who he is. He pretty much told us. If half the stuff he says he does is true he's really fucked up. He wanted the three of us to get together and just use him all night. He says he normally likes older guys but would make an exception for the two of us. He said that's what turns him on. He bragged about hooking up with people online and going to parties at the college just to see how many times he can get fucked. The real scary thing was that he said he never uses condoms. He says he likes to be used and feel someone unload in him."

"That's gross. That's not exactly who I had in mind."

Kyle smiled. "Here comes your friend. He definitely likes you."

Everyone seemed to divide into various groups rotating between shooting pool, playing cards or playing Nintendo although the younger kids seemed to have the monopoly on that. Every once in a while someone else would go over to play as well. Randy started a mini-pool tournament. I guess he has a table at home as well and knows how to play. He was usually playing a game against someone.

Chris, Ryan and Tim's cousin along with Mike and Tanya's boyfriend played cards while Josh entertained Abby, Tanya and Becky with his guitar. I tended to float between each of the groups and played host. Jim Logan stuck pretty close to me even though I made sure I introduced him to everyone.

It was pretty obvious. It seemed every time I turned around he was there. He did talk to people but if I walked away he would find me within a few minutes. I think most everyone noticed too. Chris and Ryan kept looking at me and smiling. Josh kept watching too. At least he was more relaxed than he had been. I think he actually thought it was funny. He'd smile when we made eye contact and kind of shake his head.

I knew I had to talk to Jim when he sat next to me on the couch. There was plenty of room but he sat right next to me with his leg against mine. I was about to say something when Josh came over.

"Dan, I think your mother has more food upstairs. You want some help to get it?"

I smiled. "Yeah, we probably should. It looks like people have demolished the first round."

"There's plenty of that crap you bought," he smirked.

"You can be replaced you know."

He smiled. "I see that. Why don't we get your guitar too. The girls want to hear us both play. You left it in my room after we practiced last night, right?" he said looking at Jim.

"You live here?" asked Jim with a confused look. "Are you related?"

"No, we're just boyfriends," said Josh looking at Jim and then at how close he was sitting. "I thought you knew that."

"Shit," said Jim sliding over on the couch. "I'm such an idiot. I figured Dan was gay after gym class the way he looked at me in the locker room. I thought..."

Josh laughed. "It's okay Jim. I've told him he isn't as discrete as he thinks he is."

"I just thought you liked me and if I showed you I'm gay too then you'd ask me out or something. It never occurred to me that you guys are together. I thought you're just friends. I'm sorry. Does everyone know and think I'm an idiot?"

"Don't worry about it. Chris and Ryan know. They're together too and they're good friends. They're good guys though. They aren't going to give you a hard time ...too much," I smiled.

"I feel like such an idiot. How long have you guys been together?"

"That's complicated. Technically a couple of weeks but to me it seems like a lifetime."

"Thanks a lot," laughed Josh. "That doesn't sound so good. At least with that tone. You make it sound like you're tired of me."

"It's a long story," I said. "We'll tell you about it sometime. I was just about to tell you about us when Josh came over."

"It was either that or go put on that t-shirt you gave Aaron."

I laughed. "You don't have the balls."

"What t-shirt?" asked Jim.

"Come on Josh. Go put it on. I dare you."

"I would but I'm not sure your parents would appreciate it."

"Yeah, right. I believe you," I smiled. "Let's go get some more food. Give us a hand Jim?"

I gave Josh my hand like I wanted him to help me up. Instead I pulled him down and he slid off my lap half on me and half on the couch.

"You still have an awfully boney butt. It's a good thing I love that," I smiled putting my arm around him and giving him a kiss. It was just a quick kiss. Nobody really saw. Pulling him down also could have been interpreted as playful wrestling by someone across the room rather than what it was. What Josh did only had one interpretation however.

"Well if we're really going to announce it to everyone we should do it right," he said turning and straddling my legs. Then he wrapped his arms around me and gave me a passionate kiss.

"I love you Dan."

"Oh man Josh, I love you too."

People might not have noticed the quick kiss I had given Josh but they definitely noticed what Josh did. Tim's cousin, Tonya, her boyfriend and Becky's friends were just staring at us. Tonya probably had already suspected but didn't know for sure. From the look on Matt's face he obviously had no clue. The kids I knew through Becky seemed kind of surprised too. Nobody seemed overly turned off however. That was good.

"I think we've officially come out," I smiled.

"Yup," he said giving me another kiss. "Now at least people will know you're taken."

I thought Tim's cousin's eyes were going to pop out of his head when he saw Josh straddling my lap kissing me.

"Tim has gay friends???? Does he know about you guys?"

"Of course I know about them. They're good guys. What do I care? Besides, Dan would kick my ass if I said anything derogatory towards either of them or anyone else."

"I thought you were a fuckin homophobe. I assumed all your friends are."

"Why the fuck did you think that? What have I ever done?"

"You told me to stop looking at you when we used to change at the lake. You said it was gay."

"Joey, you're an idiot. I was twelve!!!! I'd probably just learned the word. Is that why you're such a dick around me? You think I care whether someone is gay?"

I laughed. "Joey, Tim is a friend of ours. He's straight as they come but I guess some people have to be. Not everyone can get it right. I take it you got the right playbook?"

"Well, ..." he said looking at Tim.

"You guys need to talk," I said. "There may be someone else here you want to talk to as well. Just keep your hands off my boyfriend."

"And mine," said Chris.

"Don't look at me," said Mike.

"Me neither," said Randy.

"Well, since Matt is here with Tanya and most everyone else seems to be paired up then that doesn't leave too many choices unless you like younger boys and if you touch my brother I'll kick your ass."

"He can do it too, trust me," said Tim.

Jim was smiling looking at Tim's cousin. I noticed Joey sat down to talk with him after everyone went back to doing what they had been doing and Josh and I went upstairs.

"It's too bad your cousin doesn't live around here," I said to Tim when we came back downstairs. "It looks like he might have a new friend."

"He only lives twenty minutes from here," said Tim looking at Joey and Jim talking on the couch. "I never have much to do with him because he's always been distant and kind of an asshole. Now I know why."

"You must really feel outnumbered now," I laughed.

"I always thought it was the other way around. That straight people outnumber gay people. Maybe you just attract them but it seems like everyone I meet around here is gay."

I laughed. "It's not my fault you've got it backwards. You can always come over to the dark side. There are always open positions on the team. Especially for someone who looks like you."

"No thanks, I'm good. The only cock I like is the one between my legs ...and if I'm lucky it'll get a little exercise on the way home," he added in a whisper.

"I'm thinking Josh's will too. The only difference is he won't be alone when it's getting exercised," I smiled. I did stop short of telling him Josh was bigger than he is. Tim is a good guy and pretty open minded but he might not appreciate knowing Josh and I checked him out in the locker room after gym class.

"I don't even want to think about that. I mean I know what you guys do and I'm fine with it. I just don't want to think about it."

"Believe me, I won't be thinking about you and Abby later either," I smiled. "I'll have other things on my mind."

"Alright, enough. That's gross," he laughed.

Tim is a good guy. I knew he really wouldn't mind me giving him shit. Otherwise I wouldn't have said anything. He just smiled and shook his head. I guess I got the last word in.

"Want to play a game of pool?"

"Sure," he said. "Just don't make any jokes about sticks, balls and solids."

Around eleven Kyle and Travis said they had to leave. They were cute. They really hadn't done much except play Nintendo with Scott and Tommy only taking breaks to eat. I guess they had talked to people a little even though they always seemed glued to the TV. They said they had a good time though. I liked them too and it wasn't just because they are cute. Alright, that's part of it but not the point. They were cute in a fun way or fun in a cute way. I hoped I'd get to know them better but didn't know how that would work. They didn't seem excited about leaving since Kyle had to go home. I was glad when Chris came over to say goodbye. Kyle was too.

I couldn't help what I did when he left. Basically I reached out and gave him a hug.

"You're a good guy Kyle. If you ever need help with Phil then let me know."

"Thanks Dan. I'll be okay," he said as he hugged me back.

"What do you think he'd do if he saw a picture of this?" I asked still holding him.

"He'd fuck'n kill me but too bad. It feels nice."

"Yeah, it does but don't let it feel too nice. Our boyfriends will get jealous. You take care of yourself."

"Thanks, I'll see you in school. ...Restroom, after lunch," he smiled.

After they left everyone else just sat around talking. Josh and I played a couple more songs on our guitars and everyone just mellowed out and relaxed. It had been a successful night. Everyone seemed to have had a good time. Everyone was sitting close to their respective boyfriend or girlfriend. Josh and I were sitting on the floor with Josh between my legs.

It felt good to be able to be like that in front of our friends. I was glad when he had kissed me earlier. It's not like anyone was really surprised but some of them only suspected. They didn't know for sure. It felt good sitting there with him in my arms talking to everyone. Good thing he was there too because I was hard as a rock. Maybe that was because he was sitting there but it felt good.

I pulled him tighter. "I'm hard," I whispered in his ear kissing his neck.

He nodded and smiled. He didn't have anyone sitting in front of him to block peoples view. Good thing it was dark.

Chris and Ryan sat together but not as close as we were. Chris was still self-conscious what his brother would think. Tommy and Scott had stopped playing Nintendo and were watching TV but they did look over every once in a while.

Things died down between midnight and one in the morning. First Becky's friends left and then Tanya and Matt. I knew Becky's friends from a couple parties I had gone to but we really weren't friends. The only reason they came was because Becky had asked if they could. They seemed like they had a good time although Jon seemed more distant than he normally did.

Randy, his girlfriend, Tim, his cousin, Abby and Jim were the next to leave. It definitely looked like Tim and his cousin were getting along better than when they had arrived. Jim seemed happy too. He thanked me for letting him come. He knew it was only because he had heard us talking and as he put it 'I was too nice a guy to say no'. He also apologized for being such an idiot again.

I smiled. "No problem guy. Maybe you can still help me with that wrestling if I join the team."

"At least then your boyfriend won't get jealous when I grab your balls," he laughed looking at Josh.

"Don't bet on it," said Josh. "I always wondered about you wrestlers."

"That's not the only reason I like it," he smiled. "I am pretty good at it too you know."

"That's probably because it's easy to pin your opponent after squeezing his balls."

"That move doesn't always work," he smiled. "I'll catch you later. Thanks again."

Mike and Becky were the last to leave but they only had to walk across the street and down the street respectively. I'm sure Mike was doing both and would have liked to have a sleepover with Becky but she wasn't like that. I'm sure her parents wouldn't like it either. They both told us to have a 'good' time on our sleep out.

Scott and Tommy wanted to join us but we convinced them they needed to sleep upstairs. Convinced may not be the right word, more like told, but at least they agreed. Scott slept in his room and Tommy used Josh's bed in the guest room. Chris laughed. "At least someone will use it."

After getting them settled Chris and I went back downstairs. Josh and Ryan had set up our sleeping bags on the floor between the couch and TV. They had to move the couch back a little to give us room. That gave us a small gap between Chris and Ryan's sleeping bags and ours.

Even though it was late we didn't go to sleep right away. After brushing our teeth and getting ready for bed we sat around and talked. We had all stripped down to our underwear and sat on the floor talking. Everyone gave each other a hard time about our choice in underwear. Josh and I both had on boxer briefs while Chris and Ryan had boxers. Even though boxers don't reveal that much more than regular shorts it was still cool seeing them sit around like that.

I think I surprised Josh when I sat between his legs and leaned back against him. "What's the matter?" I asked. "Don't you want to hold your boyfriend?"

"Yeah, but..."

"You sound like Scott now shut up and put your arms around me. I held you earlier. It's my turn. I've been waiting for this all night."

"It shows," laughed Chris nodding towards the obvious bulge in my boxer briefs.

"Hey, stop perving on me. I'm taken."

"You should stop advertising. Besides, that's nothing compared to my buddy Ryan here."

Ryan started to blush.

"Hey Ryan. Don't be embarrassed. Chris told me you're hung. It's not like I didn't know anyway. That was something I noticed the first day I was here."

"I guess. I never thought about it until Chris made such a big deal about it."

"Yeah, right," said Chris. He put his hands around Ryan's crotch and tightened the cloth around his cock. He was soft and the bulge was as big as mine was and I was hard. "He can also control himself better than some people." laughed Chris.

I could feel Josh's cock pushing into my back. "I think you're exciting my boyfriend here," I laughed as I reached behind me and squeezed his cock.

"It's amazing how much Josh has changed the last few weeks. If you had told me a month ago that he'd straddle a guy's lap and kiss him like that in front of a room full of people I'd have said you're on some serious drugs. Look at him. I've never seen him this happy," said Ryan.

"You're not mad that I did that are you? I didn't really think. I saw Jim sitting next to you and at first I was only going to say something to him but when you pulled me down I said what the fuck. I'm proud that I'm your boyfriend. I want people to know. Are you okay with it?"

"Josh, I told you I'd kiss you in the middle of the cafeteria. I don't care who knows but some of that is because if anyone tries anything I can most likely kick their ass. I worry about you though. I'm sure word will get around."

"Things will be okay," said Josh rubbing my stomach and giving my neck a kiss. My cock was hard and tenting my briefs. It felt strange sitting across from friends like that but it felt good too.

"This is fun," I said. "Sitting around like this, I've never done it before. Aaron and I didn't know any other gay guys. I'm sure there were some but they kept it a secret. We all know about each other and we're friends."

"I think it's time for bed," said Josh rubbing my crotch. "You have to get up early to teach karate."

I checked the door at the top of the stairs to make sure it was shut. I didn't expect anyone to bother us but didn't want anyone walking down either. I knew my parents wouldn't sneak up on us but who knows what Scott and Tommy would do.

Josh and I crawled into our sleeping bag while Chris and Ryan got into theirs. It was obvious nobody was going to sleep for a while. The lights were out and we started out by talking but it didn't take long before nobody said anything else and our attention was devoted to our respective boyfriends.

It really was pretty hot. I'd never had sex with someone else in the room. Well, I guess that's not quite right. I mean someone else was there too but you know what I mean. I'd never had sex when two of my friends were having sex six feet away.

The next few minutes were spent passionately making out, kissing, rubbing, grinding and moaning. We heard similar noises from the other sleeping bag. I really didn't know what they were doing. Since the lights were out I could only see shadows plus they were in their sleeping bag just like us. We heard them moaning and whispering to each other as Josh and I made out. I'm sure they heard us too.

After a while we heard Chris say "show them." When Ryan didn't answer he said "show them" again.

I was curious. "Show us what?"

"Ryan has a special talent I think you'd like but he's being shy."

I laughed. "Ryan ...we're all naked making out with our boyfriends. What's there to be shy about?"

"Alright, turn on the light."

When I did Ryan sat up with his legs crossed. Chris was right. He was definitely hung. It had to be over 9 inches. I was shocked when he lowered his head and took the head of his cock into his mouth.

"Wow, I've heard of people being able to do that. I've even seen it online but never thought I'd get to see it. Chris, you might as well go home. What's he need you for?"

"I provide other services."

I laughed. "That's cool Ryan. Why didn't you want to show us?"

"I don't know. It's kind of embarrassing sometimes."

"Trust me. You've got nothing to be embarrassed about."

"That's for sure," said Chris.

I was curious. "Ryan, stand up."


"I want to check something out."


"Trust me. Just stand up."

He slowly stood up with his cock pointing pretty much straight out.

"Holy shit Ryan. You don't have trouble walking with that thing weighing you down? It has to change your center of gravity."

He laughed. "You're just jealous."

"Don't take this the wrong way but I have to check something out." I moved in front of him so that the tip of his cock was in my pubes with our cocks side by side. He started to jump but I told him to relax and stand still. I might have been the smallest of the four of us but I wasn't small. I was over six inches. Ryan was at least half again as big and thicker. Maybe more. It stood almost straight out with only a slight upward curve.

"That's as close as you get pervert," he laughed pushing me away.

I laughed. "Sorry, I had to measure. You have to be at least nine and a half, maybe more."

Chris smiled. "And it's all mine so keep your hands off."

"Oh, don't be jealous. Josh has plenty for me and he's all I want."

I put one arm on Josh's shoulder and the other on Chris's. "Hey Ryan, why don't we dump these guys and you and I can have some real fun."

"I have a better idea," said Josh as he pulled my arm. "Why don't you take care of your boyfriend duties."

"My boyfriend duties?"

"Yup, a good boyfriend would take care of this for me so I can get some sleep."

I smiled. "Sorry Ryan, duty calls."

It wasn't long before I was lying with Josh in, or at least on, our sleeping bag. Chris and Ryan were in a similar position on theirs. Josh and I had our arms around each other and were kissing passionately.

"I love you," I smiled.

He returned my smile and I could tell he was happy by the look on his face. "I love you too."

"I'm not going to be able to sleep like this," he whispered.

"Me neither. I can think of ways to take care of it."

"What about Chris and Ryan?"

I smiled. "Let them take care of their own problems."

"That's not what I meant."

"I know, I'm okay with it if you are."

"Will you wimps just go for it. We need to take care of things too and don't want to be the only ones."

Josh smiled and kissed his way down my abs. When he got to my crotch he kissed all around my cock, running his tongue in my pubic hair. He had definitely gotten more confidence the longer we'd been together.

I reached for his thigh and pulled him into a sixty-nine. It didn't take long before we were both had each other cocks in our mouths. It felt good to feel his mouth over my cock while I was sucking his.

I could see Chris and Ryan in the same position a few feet away. Ryan was on his back with Chris was straddling him. I definitely saw Chris's problem. Each time he lowered his head he didn't get close to taking all of Ryan's cock. I would have given him a hard time if my mouth hadn't been full even though I doubted I could do much better. It didn't seem like Ryan minded from the sounds of things.

The four of us ended up cumming at about the same time. It was fun. Once we heard one of us make that tell-tale moan that they were cumming the rest of us followed suit. It was a good thing the door was closed since we weren't all that quiet. I sucked Josh's cock until he started to soften enjoying the last few drops as they flowed out of him. I gave him one final lick before he turned around and put his lips on mine.

Chris and Ryan were in the same position. "I guess it's official," Chris laughed. "You really are gay Dan."

I smiled. "It's all Josh's fault. He corrupted me. You guys thought I was straight until he threw himself at me."

"Asshole. Next time I'll bite it off."

"Ouch. Didn't you ever learn to take care of your toys?"

"And it's definitely one toy I plan to take care of for a long time."

"Mmmm, that sounds nice."

"You two are fuck'n gay, you know that?."

We woke up Saturday morning in the same position. Josh's naked body was against mine and his head was nuzzled against my shoulder. My left arm was wrapped around him but my right arm was along my side. I gently kissed the top of his head and used my free arm to extricate myself from beneath him. I tried but wasn't successful in not waking him up.

"I need to take a piss," I whispered.

"Me too," he smiled. "I'll hold yours if you hold mine."

I smiled. "I'm turning you into a perve."

"Nah, I've always been like this. I just never thought I'd find anyone to I wanted to perve with."

"Ahh, isn't that cute" we heard Chris say. "How about we all get up and we can piss together because if you guys don't get going Ryan is going to get wet."

"Don't be gross," jumped Ryan.

We all laughed and ran to the bathroom. The four of us stood around the toilet to relieve our bladders. Josh was on my left and Chris was on my right. Ryan filled in the right flank of our quartet. The downstairs bathroom was kind of small and we were cramped together. Chris's naked body was pressing against me. We were like kids trying to hit each others' streams.

We all laughed and ran back to get dressed. There were footsteps running around upstairs and we knew Scott and Tommy would be down soon. Sure enough we heard the door open and two sets of feet come running down the stairs.

"Come on Dan. We're going to be late."

I laughed. "Guys, we have plenty of time. Go on up and we'll be up in a minute for breakfast."

After they left I turned to Chris and Ryan. "I had fun last night guys. Thanks for coming."

"We had fun too Dan. It's nice seeing you and Josh together. We were getting tired of him drooling every time he complained about you."

"I did not."

They laughed. "Josh, you're so full of it. You had it so bad."

I smiled. "Well, he's got me now. I hope I live up to expectations."

"You're getting there," he laughed. "I have a vivid imagination."

I smiled. "We'll see what you say after we go out tonight."

"When are you going to tell me what we're doing?"

"Tonight, but we better take a nap when I get back from karate. You're going to need it." I smiled.

It was a good thing karate lessons were just for a bunch of kids. Otherwise, I probably would have gotten my ass handed to me. I was really dragging. Jack asked if I was okay but I just smiled and said I had a late night.

"You remember what those were like don't you old man?"

"My late nights at your age probably weren't the same as yours but I can remember a few. I'm not that old. You'll be old one day. Remember, some things get better with age."

I smiled. "Some things are pretty good now too."

"I wouldn't know about the things you're talking about. Not really what floats my boat but who am I to say anything? That reminds me. I have something for you."

Jack pulled a card out of his gym bag. It was an invitation to his wedding.

"Wow, that's cool. I didn't expect this."

"Jill and I talked about it. We don't have big families or know that many people in the area. We'd like you to come. You can bring anyone you want. It's cool."

"You sure?"

"Of course. Jill and I know you're gay. You can bring your boyfriend. If anyone has a problem with it then fuck 'em, it's our wedding."

"I just wouldn't want to cause any problems."

Jack smiled. "That's one reason why we want you there. You're a good kid. You've helped me out a lot in class and Jill and I both like you. We'd be honored if you'd come."

"Thanks Jack. I'd like to come and don't worry I'll leave my high heals at home."

He laughed. "Somehow I can't picture you in high heals. It might liven things up however."

"Yeah, any high heals in my house belong to my mother. I don't think I could wear those things if I was a girl. They look really uncomfortable."

We talked for a while longer. We made an appointment for a training session on Wednesday. He said I didn't really need much help but he enjoyed working out with me, especially when he got paid for it.

When I got home I told Josh about the wedding. He wasn't too enthusiastic about going but said he would. He didn't know Jack that well and felt self-conscious going with a guy. He was worried we'd create a scene.

My father pulled me aside before I went upstairs to take a nap. He wanted to know where we were going later. When I told him he smiled but said my dinner plans weren't good enough. He then called an upscale restaurant near his work to make reservations. At first they said they were booked but when he mentioned his firm's name they miraculously had an open table.

"Thanks Dad but I really can't afford that place. I think they charge twenty-five dollars just to walk through the door."

"Just use your credit card. I want to make sure your 'date' goes well."

"I love you Dad. Thank you."

"I love you too Dan. Always remember that."

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