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The Move

by Doug Smith

Chapter 42

Lieutenant Henderson and Nicky sat in the police cruiser for about ten minutes before pulling out of the park. I don't know if Lt. Henderson was talking on his radio or if he was talking with Nicky. Probably both. I think he realized Nicky was a good kid and honestly wanted to help. He understands what it's like to be gay. He's not that old, but he must have had some tough times too. Being a cop and being gay can't be easy.

I was getting sore. My father had my medications with him and I hadn't taken anything for a while. I was also getting tired. I had promised Nicky we'd follow him home though. I wasn't going to let him down no matter how much I hurt. Josh knew I was getting tired too. He leaned across the console and gave me a kiss.

"I love you," he said. "I'll make sure to kiss every sore spot to make them feel better as soon as I can. I want to kiss and lick one thing in particular and I don't care if it's sore or not."

"You can kiss, lick and suck anything you want. Just promise me I can do the same. I definitely want to kiss and lick the same thing I'm thinking you do."

"You do?" he smiled. "The same thing? I didn't think you could suck yourself before you got hurt. I seriously doubt you can now. You'd better let me handle that."

"Asshole," I laughed. "You know what I meant, but believe me you can handle it all you want. Not now though. Now we need to follow Nicky home. We'd better call my father too."

"Okay, but for the record, I want to kiss and lick more than that. I'm really horny."

"Geez Josh. Will you stop? I haven't cum in a week."

"Neither have I," he smiled. "I plan to make up for that soon."

I smiled. At least he took my mind off my other aches and pains. I was glad my father couldn't see the bulge in my pants when I called him though. They were a little damp too. Josh and I filled him in on what was happening. We said we were going to follow Lt. Henderson to Nicky's house and that we'd be home right afterward.

"I hope Nicky's dad is really sorry," I said. "I don't want to see Nicky get hurt. He's been through a lot."

"I believe your dad. It'll be okay."

Lt. Henderson pulled out just as we hung up from talking with my father. It took us about fifteen minutes to get to Nicky's house. Not that there was any need, but at least he didn't use his lights and siren. Nicky might have liked it but I don't think his father would be impressed if a cop car came cruising into his driveway with the siren blaring.

I didn't really say much as we followed Lt. Henderson through town. I guess I was lost in thought thinking about Nicky and Danny. I hoped we could do something but didn't have a clue what we could really do. Maybe we could make it a group effort. Between Josh, me, my Dad, Nicky's dad, Lt. Henderson, Chris, Ryan, Mr. Sawyer, and maybe others, perhaps we could come up with something.

"You love him don't you?" asked Josh breaking the silence.

"What? I love who?"

"Nicky… and Danny."

"I guess. I like them and I certainly care about them. Just remember, I may love them but I'm in-love with you. There's a difference."

"I know. I'm in-love with you too. I just think it's really cool how you're always ready to stand up for your friends, for the people you care about. That's one of the things I love about you. To think you're the same guy who fainted that day in the cafeteria."

"I'm not the same guy. That's because of you. That guy was a jerk. You've shown me so much. I'm not the only one who has changed though. You've changed too. And I love you more every day because of it."

Josh smiled and squeezed my hand. I wish I could have leaned across the console to give him a kiss… or rub my face in his crotch. Both were nice thoughts. Unfortunately neither was possible for a couple reasons. One, I couldn't move that easily and two, we were at Nicky's house. Three if you count that my father was standing with Mr. and Mrs. Wade in the driveway.

"Your Dad is here," said Josh.

"I see that. I guess I'm not surprised. Nicky's dad kind of unloaded on him. He probably wanted to make sure too. Especially with Nicky being brought home in a police car."

Officer Henderson got out of his car and opened the back door for Nicky. I thought it was funny he couldn't get out by himself, but then again, police cars don't have inside handles on the back doors for a reason. He looked pretty scared facing his father. I know we told him his dad was sorry but it's not surprising he didn't seem entirely convinced. Being brought home in a cop car probably didn't help any either. Everyone, especially Nicky, breathed a sigh of relief when Mr. and Mrs. Wade wrapped Nicky in a hug.

"You've had a big day son," Mr. Wade said. "We've got a lot to talk about, but right now I just want to tell you I'm sorry and that we love you. We'll work everything else out."

"I love you too Dad. I'm sorry I ran off without telling you."

"We'll talk about that. We'll talk about what you did too. I've heard part of the story, but I expect the full story - nothing less - and you should expect nothing less from us."

"I'm sorry Dad. It won't happen again."

"Officer… Lieutenant, thank you for bringing him home. Kevin told me a little of what happened. I want to thank you for everything. Nicky really is a good boy. "

"Why don't we have a short talk. Mr. Johnson, you can join us if it's okay with Mr. Wade. Josh, how about you and Nicky get the bike out of the trunk."

Nicky's parents, my dad and Lieutenant Henderson went towards the front door for a private discussion. It was difficult to tell what they were talking about since they were talking softly. At times they looked serious but at other times someone would smile. It looked friendly enough.

"Nicky, are you feeling better?"

"Yes, thanks to you and Josh. I'm not high any more either. I admit that was different, but I don't think it's for me. I don't know why I did it. It just happened. I can't believe anyone believes that second-hand smoke story. Lt. Henderson said that was your idea. It's not true. You know that, right?"

"We know. You should have seen Lt. Henderson smirk when I suggested it. He knew it wasn't true. I'm sure he's making sure your parents know it too. You were pretty out of it when we talked on the phone. Did you really watch Tyler's balls swinging back and forth?"

"I've heard the stupidest things fascinate you when you're stoned. It's true. They had to hang down six inches and they swayed back and forth as he was fucking Jimmy. I couldn't take my eyes off them. It was like I was in a daze. It was kind of hot. I've never seen anyone do it in real life. Plus they're older. They're more developed," he said with a smile. "They fucked all morning and didn't care I was watching. Tyler was still fucking Jimmy when the cops showed up. His balls swaying back and forth... back and forth. "

"You're a perv," laughed Josh. "Your head is swaying back and forth now. You sure you're not still high?"

"Maybe a little," he laughed. "And I'm not a perv. You would have watched too. Trust me. They're not bad guys you know. They do what they want and don't care what people think. I didn't really talk to Jimmy or Tyler, but Nathan was a good guy. He was going to join in with Jimmy and Tyler but he just sat and talked to me. He wanted to have sex but didn't try anything. He has it pretty tough at home too."

"You may be right Nicky. He kinda gave me a look when he was being driven away that made me think he is an okay guy. He could have said you had been smoking too. He didn't. Neither did Jimmy nor Tyler. Yeah, Lt. Henderson told them they'd be in more trouble for giving you weed but I think he genuinely wanted to keep you from getting into trouble."

"I hope he doesn't get into too much trouble either. I know they shouldn't do drugs, but who were they hurting? They were just having fun. At least their kind of fun. Nathan talked to me about Danny. He said not to give up. I haven't. I won't give up until I hear Danny say he doesn't want me."

"You shouldn't give up."

I filled him in on Josh and me meeting Danny's grandfather. He almost cried when I told him other than when meeting with their minister Danny was alone in his room with no phone and no Internet most of the time. His eyes lit up when I told him his grandfather was going to sneak him a phone.

"Don't get your hopes up too much. That doesn't mean he can meet you, but it does mean you might be able to keep in touch."

"That's a start. Not knowing what's been happening to him has made this worse. I'll wait until he's eighteen if that's what it takes. As long as I can talk to him and know he wants me too then I can wait. Is that stupid?"

"No, it's not stupid. People will tell you that you're young, your feelings will change, you need to move on… all kinds of things. You do what you want. You know how you feel. You know how Danny makes you feel. Don't let anyone tell you being fourteen invalidates those feelings. Hopefully you won't have to wait. Let's hope we can figure something out."

"Thanks Dan. Thanks Josh. I feel better. It looks like my parents are done talking with Lt. Henderson. It's time to face the music. I know you need to go too. You look tired."

My father walked over and said we should get home. He reminded me Scott was waiting and added the obligatory I need to rest. Nicky's Dad and Lt. Henderson came over too. Lt. Henderson said he had to leave.

"Thanks again Lieutenant. I appreciate your help. I know you didn't have to do what you did."

"You're welcome Dan, but honestly, once I understood the situation, it was the right thing to do. Those other three have a bad reputation. They've been in trouble before. I naturally assumed Nicky was like them. If you hadn't shown up he would be down at the station now."

"Those guys aren't bad guys," Nicky said. "I know they do things that cause trouble, they skip school, do drugs, and who knows what else, but they were nice to me when I needed it. Maybe nice isn't the right word but they made me feel not as alone. I don't know what would have happened if they hadn't been there. I might have done something really stupid."

I think everyone's jaw dropped at Nicky's last statement. I know mine did. Maybe he didn't mean what I immediately thought, but I had done something really stupid once too, and those memories came flooding back. Josh saw and reached over to squeeze my hand.

"It's okay Dan. Nicky is here."

I reached out and pulled Nicky into a hug the best I could. I was getting tired and hurting more, but I needed to hold him.

"Nicky, don't you ever consider that. It's not the answer. I know. I've been there. I tried and failed. I saw the pain it caused for everyone. Promise me, okay?"

"Dan, I promise. I don't know what I would have done. I felt alone. The thought did cross my mind, but not seriously. Thinking about it and doing it are two different things. I don't think I would have been able to. I would have remembered Danny… and you. Please don't worry."

"Dan?" asked Lt. Henderson.

"Sorry, it was a long time ago. I'm okay. I'm in counseling. Just the thought of losing Nicky brought back memories. I'll tell you about it sometime."

"Okay, as long as you're okay. I really have to get going. Let me know if I can be of any help. I'm not saying that as just a police officer. And Nicky, remember what I said."

Nicky just nodded and said thank you as Lt. Henderson got into his car. He slowly backed down the driveway and onto the street waving one last time before he drove off.

"I think it's time we head home guys. There's an eight year-old there who was bouncing off the walls when I left. Your mother and Josh's parents probably need some relief. I think the Wades need some time as a family too."

"Okay Dad. It has been a busy morning. It's catching up with me. Being home sounds good."

"It sure does," Nicky added.

"Dan? Josh?" Mr. Wade said. "Before you go I want to thank you for finding Nicky and for being his friends. I behaved badly. I said some cruel things. The way I talked to your father and the things I said are unforgivable. I'm sorry. You both have a lot of character. Here you were just getting out of the hospital and obviously still in pain. You had every reason to say you couldn't help, but you didn't. You helped bring my son back. I won't forget that. I promise."

Josh smiled. "Thank you sir. Nicky is our friend and we both care about him. Of course we'd help. Dan wouldn't let a little thing like being in the hospital stop him. That's just Dan. Don't flatter him too much though. He'll get a big head."

Everyone laughed at that and we all said our good-byes one more time. Of course I had a comeback to Josh's big head comment but I thought that would be best said in private. I gave Nicky one more hug which he returned with exuberance.

"I love you Dan. Thank you."

"I love you too Nicky. Now will you go change your clothes and take a shower? You reek. I'm surprised you aren't still high just from being in those clothes," I laughed.

Josh pulled me towards the car. I think he knew I'd stay there forever not wanting to leave.

"Let's go home," he said. "You don't smell so good either. Perhaps you need a shower too. And I'll help."

He said the last part so only I could hear, of course. I think Dan Jr. heard though. He perked right up.

It only took us about ten minutes to get home. I felt better and better the closer we got. I know we hadn't lived there that long but it really did feel like home. I looked out the window as we passed the now familiar houses. It was late fall but some people still had leaves in their yards. Foliage season was over and most of the leaves had fallen. There were a few still hanging on however and some people seemed to be waiting for the last ones to fall. My father had hired someone to clean up our yard. That was good because I don't think I'd be doing any work.

Mike was in his front yard throwing a football around with his brother when we pulled into our driveway. He came over as soon as he saw me get out of the car. My father, who had pulled in right in front of us, told us not to be too long as he headed into the house.

"Dan, how are you feeling? I didn't know you were coming home today."

"I'm good Mike. Thanks. They released me this morning. Maybe Josh and I can take you and your brother on in a game of touch later this afternoon. We'll still kick your ass," I laughed.

"Maybe Josh and Scott. I don't think you're going to be kicking anyone's ass for a while. Say, have you heard about Clayton's house?"

"What about it?"

"It caught fire early this morning. I ran into some of his ex-friends when I went to the store and they told me. When I drove by it was still smoldering. The only thing standing was the chimney. The police and fire department were still there putting it out."

"We heard about a fire but didn't know it was his house. His father was just at the hospital making a stink. He wanted Josh charged for assaulting Phil. Maybe he wasn't there. He seemed pissed off but I assumed that was because of everything else. Maybe he was just telling Phil."

"No idea. I think the cops were worried someone might have been inside."

"He would have been the only one there. Phil's step-brother and mother moved out. Phil beating Kyle was the last straw. Do they know how it happened?"

"I haven't heard. There was police tape around the entire property and investigators were there when I drove by. There's not much left. I'd think it would be tough to figure the exact cause. My father said they know what they're doing. They'll figure it out. It's just weird."

"What's weird?"

"Just all the stuff that's happened the last couple weeks. First Phil beat his brother. Then he attacked you. Now he's in the hospital and probably going to jail. Then this. I didn't know about his mother and brother. That's just one more thing."

"What are you saying?"

"Nothing. It's just a lot of excitement for a small town. I'm glad his brother and mother weren't there."

"That's his step-brother. Kyle gets pissed if you call him his brother. Thanks for letting us know. I'll give Kyle a call later. Right now I'd better get inside. My Dad said Scott is bouncing off the walls."

Mike laughed. "I can imagine. Not that I know many eight year-olds but he does stand out. He's a funny kid."

"That's one word for it," Josh and I said in unison, causing us all to laugh.

"See you later Dan. I'm glad you're home. No other neighbor kisses their boyfriend so I can see. I miss that," he smiled.

"Jealous?" I asked.

"Not at all. I just remember that night I saw you. You surprised me. That's all."

"Well, just so you don't feel deprived," I said turning to Josh and giving him a kiss. One that lasted a little longer than perhaps it should have under the circumstances. "Now you have some jack-off fantasies."

"Fuck you," he laughed. "I don't need or want to think of you and Josh when I jerk off. I've got plenty of fantasies of my own."

I laughed. "We don't want to hear about your perverted straight boy fantasies."

We all laughed but I did notice Mike's brother was taking it all in. Maybe he didn't know about Josh and me but he definitely had a surprised look on his face. I couldn't quite read what he was thinking when we made eye contact.

"We'd better get inside Dan," said Josh.

I heard Mike's brother say "they're fags?" as we walked away. It felt good when Mike told him the word is gay and yes they are. All he said was "oh."

Scott was on the couch when we walked in. He looked up but then went back to the book he was looking at without saying anything.

"Hey buddy," I said sitting down. "Did you miss me?"

"Who are you?" he asked.

I laughed. "Oh, are we playing a game? I know I've been gone for a week and I might look a little different, but surely you remember your brother who reads you stories and teaches you karate."

"I know Josh," he said.

"Scott, are you mad at me?"

"What took you so long? You said you were going out to breakfast. That was this morning. Didn't you want to see me?"

"Scott," I said putting my arm around him. "Of course I wanted to see you. I love you. I'm sorry if you're upset. Josh and I were just going for a quick breakfast but then something came up with Nicky. You remember him, right? Nicky and Danny? They're taking karate too?"

"I remember them. What came up that was so important? I missed you."

"I missed you too but Nicky needed help. It was important. Remember last year when I was in the hospital and you were there with tears in your eyes when I woke up? Do you remember what had happened?"

He just nodded.

"Well, Nicky was pretty upset about something too and I had to make sure he was okay. I didn't want anything to happen to him. Will you forgive me?"

"I missed you."

"I missed you too buddy. Can I have a hug? Be careful though. I still hurt."

"You kind of stink too," he said giving me a hug.

"I love you too Scott," I laughed, hugging him back. "Maybe I should take a shower and change."

"Then will you play a game with me?"

"I'm all yours Scott."

Both my parents and the Michaels walked in as Scott and I hugged. I think they were giving us time together because they knew Scott was upset. Of course my mother wanted to give me a hug too. She just understood why I was late better than Scott had. She also handed me my pills and a glass of water. I didn't plan on needing the painkillers for long, but I didn't argue and swallowed what she handed me.

"We're going to have a late lunch/mid-afternoon snack in a while. I'm making some macaroni and cheese. I thought that would be easy for you to eat."

My Mom made the best macaroni and cheese. I couldn't take the stuff that comes out of a box but hers was from scratch. She usually used all kinds of vegetables and maybe chicken or sausage and she'd stir-fry it all together too. Of course Scott preferred it plain and I thought I'd stick with that too. It would be good to eat a meal at home. Breakfast had been good but that was because I was with Josh. Eating a meal at home with everyone around the table sounded really good.

Josh helped me up the stairs to get cleaned up. My mother wanted to be a mother and check my bandages but we convinced her that Josh and I could handle it. Actually my father convinced her we could likely handle it which made me feel good. I put my good arm around Josh's shoulder and he helped me up the stairs. I wasn't sure how well I'd do since I didn't do stairs in the hospital. We made it though and having Josh's arm around me holding me up was an added bonus. I smiled thinking he was going to have to help me up and down stairs a lot. Of course he helped me a lot more once we got upstairs, but I think he enjoyed that as much as I did.

I decided not to take a shower because I didn't want to deal with getting my bandages wet and having to redo them. Josh said he didn't mind and he'd do it, but I wasn't sure I wanted him to see all my wounds. I wasn't sure I wanted to see them either. He sat me on my bed and helped me out of my clothes anyway. I felt like a child but didn't mind since it was him helping me. A child doesn't get turned on like I did when he slid off my pants.

I thought I should be grateful to Phil for sparing my crotch when he was kicking me because there was nothing wrong in that department. My briefs had a noticeable protrusion causing Josh to smile. My guess is Phil probably hadn't really spared my crotch. He probably simply hadn't gotten that far before Josh jumped him. That thought caused me to smile.

"What?" Josh asked.

"I was just thinking how you jumped Phil before he was able to kick my nuts."

"Well, I had a selfish motive. I like your nuts."

I laughed. "Yours aren't so bad either," I said, reaching out and rubbing his crotch. "You make a good nurse too."

"Not now Dan. We need to get you cleaned up and down to lunch. Your parents, and mine, will know what we're doing if we take too long."

"What happened to the fun Josh," I smiled. "Okay, but tonight it's just you and me. I don't care who is across the hall."

"My parents will be across the hall!"

"You know? That's a nice thought. I'm happy for you Josh."

"I'm happy too but it's still a little strange. It's a lot to get used to. Now let's get you cleaned up. Let me help you to the bathroom. You should adjust yourself so you won't be quite as obvious."

I laughed. "I'm not sure that's possible but I'll try."

Josh helped me across the hall to the bathroom. It was right next to 'his' room. His room that he's only slept in once that is. Josh put the cover on the toilet down and had me sit down while he filled the sink with warm water. Then he took a washcloth and gave me a sponge bath. I probably could have done most of it myself but I wasn't going to complain. I don't think it would have done any good anyway. He was enjoying it as much as me.

"I was just thinking. This is much better than if my mother had helped me," I laughed.

"Keep thinking of your mother helping you because we need to pull off your briefs. Thinking of her should keep things in check. Now lift up a little and let me slide them off."

I was still hard when he pulled my briefs off. Dan Jr. was at full attention. Of course it didn't help when Josh took the warm washcloth and started washing my crotch and legs.

"I can do that," I said.

"I know," he smiled. "I can too. Plus I want to. I intend to take very good care of you."

"How about taking care of something else?" I asked.

"Later," he said. "We need to get downstairs."

"You're cruel," I said but he did kiss the tip of my cock.

"Don't worry. I'll make it worth your while. I promise. Now let's get you dressed."

"I do need to take a piss," I said. "I'm not sure I'll be able to though. Pissing while you're hard is, well, hard."

"Can you do that yourself? I forgot a towel."

"I was hoping you'd hold it for me," I laughed.

"You're still a perv," he said. "I'll be right back."

I was able to pee although not without great difficulty. It really is hard with a hardon. It does feel good once you start though. My leg got tired standing there however. I smiled when I saw Josh watching me.

"And I'm a perv?" I asked, laughing.

"Let's go," he said.

He wrapped the towel around me and helped me back to my room. I got dressed with Josh's help so we could go downstairs, even though I really didn't want to. Before he opened the door I put my arms around him and pulled him against me. Well, my arm at least. I still couldn't move my right arm that far.

"I love you Josh," I said, giving him a kiss. "Thank you."

"For what?"

"For everything, for you," I said leaning in and giving him the most passionate kiss I could. I felt him melt into my arms holding me.

"I love you too Dan. Thank you for not getting killed."

"No, thank you for not letting me get killed."

I kissed him again but no sooner than I did Scott knocked, also known as banged, on my door.

"Dan, I'm hungry and Mom says we can't eat until you come downstairs. Everyone is waiting."

I smiled and shook my head. Josh turned all kinds of red.

"Let's go," I said. "You're cute when you're embarrassed. Just remember, tonight I get to see your bare ass."

That made him laugh. We opened the door and found Scott waiting in the hall looking indignant.

"Let's go buddy. I think Josh needs your help to get me down the steps. How about you hold this side?"

Nobody said anything when we walked into the kitchen. My mother had the table set and everything ready to go. She actually stir-fried everyone's lunch individually letting people say what they wanted for vegetables and meats. It was good. It was good to be home. It was also good to have Josh beside me.

I was able to eat but he was there to help if I needed anything. He wasn't being overbearing. He was just being a loving boyfriend. More than a boyfriend actually. He was there if I needed something but didn't try to mother me. He just knew the right things to do. I think he was also sending a message that he'd be responsible for helping me. My mother didn't say a word but I know she knew too. She had a smile on her face each time Josh did anything.

Scott wanted to play video games as soon as we finished lunch. He said he'd been waiting all week to play. Josh had to help me down the stairs since the TV with the game console was in the family room. Scott helped too but he was more anxious to play games.

I ended up sitting on the couch and playing the best I could. I couldn't really do Wii Sports or anything because then I'd have to stand. I played what Scott called the baby games. He played too but did want to play tennis and baseball after a while. I watched as he and Josh played. Okay, I admit I watched Josh's ass more than what was happening on the TV but Scott didn't know that. I think Josh did though because he smiled and shook his head every time he looked over.

My parents and the Michaels came down to join us after a while. We had a good afternoon. While my parents and the Michaels had caught up while I was in the hospital they filled me in on what was happening in Illinois. I admit I missed some things, but as I watched Josh play Nintendo, I realized this was my home now.

Overall it was a good afternoon. We just sat around the family room and relaxed. The parents had some wine, but Josh, Scott and I stuck to soda. At one point my parents convinced Josh to get out his guitar. His parents had never heard him play. I'd only heard him play a couple times. He was actually really good. It was hard to believe he never had any formal lessons. He said he learned from watching videos online.

My father hadn't heard about what happened to Phil's house. We were both a little surprised Lt. Henderson hadn't said anything, but he probably had his reasons. After all, we had been more focused on Nicky. My father said they'd probably figure out what happened in a few days. I actually felt kinda bad for Phil. My father was nowhere like his.

Chris stopped by late in the afternoon. My parents and the Michaels stayed upstairs drinking more wine while he was there. He apologized for not making it to the hospital more. I'm not sure he or Ryan made it at all but I wasn't going to argue. I thought it was strange Ryan wasn't with him. I thought it was even more strange when he said he didn't know where Ryan was. I asked him what was going on, but he didn't want to talk about it. If something was, in fact, going on. He said he just wanted to stop by to see how I was. It was pretty obvious something was wrong however, when he said he didn't have to go everywhere with Ryan joined at the hip. That comment definitely got Josh's attention too.

"Scott, can you go upstairs for a few minutes?"


"Josh and I want to talk with Chris in private. Do me a favor, please? We'll play more video games tonight. I promise."

"It's okay Scott. I'm leaving," said Chris.

"Stay," Josh said, giving him a firm look.

"Scott, please?"

"Alright," he said, stretching it out as he walked to the stairs.

'Eight year-olds' I thought as he walked away. "Okay Chris, what's up?"

"Nothing. Can't I just stop by to see you?"

"Of course you can, but something is wrong. We can tell. Come on, we're your friends. Where's Ryan?"

"Chris?" asked Josh.

"I don't know where he is. And I don't care."

"Come on Chris. We all know that's not true. What's going on?"

"That's just it. I don't know. He's always busy. I call to ask if he wants to hang out and he says he can't. That's why we didn't make it to the hospital. Every time I suggested it he made up some excuse. I tried calling to see if he wanted to come here this afternoon and he didn't even answer. I don't know what's going on. Tim said he saw him at the mall with Cory Ordway and asked what was that all about. Then he said maybe it wasn't him when I didn't have a clue what he was talking about. I think he's cheating on me. I don't think he loves me any more," he said with tears in his eyes.

"Chris, come on, Ryan wouldn't do that. There has to be some explanation."

"Yeah," said Josh. "I've known you guys forever. I know how much you love each other. Think about it, Chris. Don't jump to conclusions."

"How would you feel? How would you feel if someone told you they saw Dan with another guy? If Dan was avoiding you? How would you feel Dan? What would you think if it was Josh with another guy?"

"We understand, Chris. We'd probably feel the same way. Emotions are like that. They're overpowering. It doesn't matter if they're good emotions or bad emotions. Think though, Chris. Think of all the things you guys have said to each other. You know Ryan loves you."

"I know he did. I'm not sure about now. Why would he be with Cory Ordway?"

"Chris," said Josh. "Cory is straight. He's always hitting on some girl. If half the stuff I've heard is true then there is no way he and Ryan would be any more than friends. Have you ever seen any indication he's the slightest bit interested in guys?"

"No, but that doesn't mean anything. I thought Dan was straight."

"Dan didn't hit on every girl in school though."

"That doesn't mean a thing. He could be gay or at least bi and just hiding it. That would be even worse. It would be worse if he's bi. I'm convinced bi guys just want other guys for the sex. He probably just wants to fuck Ryan because he can't find a girl to take him in the ass."

"Chris!! Keep it down. My parents are upstairs. The only person Ryan wants in his ass is you. Talk to him. Ask him. At least then you'll know. Right now you're guessing. You're thinking the worst. Trust him, Chris. Deep down you know he wouldn't do that, right?"

"I don't know. I guess so. All I've been picturing is him and Cory together ever since Tim said something. I guess that is kind of stupid. Ryan and Cory? Not that any guy wouldn't be interested in Ryan, but you're right, Cory is nothing but straight."

"So there's another explanation. How's he been at school?"

"What do you mean?"

"Has he been any different at school? Does he still practically sit in your lap at the lunch table?"

"He doesn't sit in my lap. But no, he hasn't been any different. It's outside of school where things have been different."

"Then relax. Wait until you know something for sure. Wait until I get better. Then if you find out he's cheating on you I'll help you kill him."

That got him to smile. "Thanks guys. I needed to talk to someone. I didn't want to bother you, but I've been going crazy. I love him."

"He loves you too, Chris."

Chris left a few minutes later. He seemed better. He promised to call and not worry about bothering us if he needed anything. I wondered what was going on though. Josh couldn't think of a logical explanation either. Josh did laugh when I asked who the fuck Cory Ordway was.

PS: I would like to thank everyone who contacted me following the post of the last chapter. I really appreciated hearing from everyone. I am working on responding. Thank You

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