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Into the Lion's Den

A story by e

© 2002 SunShine DayDreamers UnLimited

DISCLAIMER: This story contains descriptions of sexual encounters between minors that are homosexual in nature. If offended by such things or if you are not of legal age in the country where you live, then read no further. The characters and events depicted in this story are completely fictional and any resemblance to any real persons, places, or events is purely coincidental. This story may not be reproduced in whole or in part without the expressed written consent of the author. Comments or questions regarding this story may be addressed to e and sent via email to

Chapter 2

As I headed back down the stairs to where I had last seen Joey, I couldn't help but feel a little guilty about how I had defeated Ron. Punching a guy in the balls wasn't exactly something to be proud of and I'd not only done it once, but twice in one day. Oh well, I'd done what I had to and I'd walked away when I could have done worse. At least Recob wasn't likely to be bothering me for a while. Hell, he wasn't likely to be walking for a while. I chuckled to myself as the image of big bad Ron Recob hobbling down the hall, hunched over with his knees together and his hands holding his crotch popped into my head. I guess I didn't feel that bad after all.

"If it isn't Mike Paul." The voice was cold, flat, and without emotion.

I turned to face it. Instinctively I clenched my fists.

"Joe Kirshner." I responded in the same tone. There was dead silence as we stood there, staring at each other. I was certain that Joe wanted revenge for his friend. "You want some too?"

"Uh, no thanks. I was just looking for Ron."

"Upstairs, 203. You might have to carry him out."

Kirshner furrowed his brow and looked curiously at me. Obviously wondering what I meant. But he said nothing. He just turned away and walked up the stairs.

I exhaled forcefully. Another narrow escape. Kirshner could have taken my head off if he'd wanted to. He was an ape man, but not nearly as stupid as his best friend. Maybe that's what saved me. If I could take out Recob, Kirshner had to have doubts about his ability to take me.

Joey was nowhere in sight. I figured he'd either left school or gone to class which was a decision I was about to make for myself. It wasn't too difficult to decide that class just wasn't an option. Recob had seen Chris leaving and I really needed to talk to him. It was at least a two mile walk to his place.

My head was filled with images of our lovemaking as I walked to my lover's house. It had been beautiful, passionate, spontaneous. I'd never imagined anything so wonderful. I looked at the sky, the trees, the fields as I made my way down the street. The words to a poem began to form in my head. A poem to commemorate our union, our love. By the time I reached his door, I had it memorized. I loved writing poetry and I couldn't wait to share it with Chris.

I grabbed him and pulled him into me the instant the door opened. I pressed my lips to his, felt them part, and allowed him to suck my tongue into his mouth. Pure Heaven. Our embrace lasted for no more than a few fleeting seconds, but it had re-vitalized me, filled me with his essence, given me what I needed to sustain life.

"Damn, Mikey, my Mom's in the other room. If she catches us like this we're both dead." Chris' eyes were wide and his face was red as he pulled away, but there was a fresh smile on his lips as well.

I was full of laughs and giggles as he stepped out of the doorway and into the living room. I delighted in his embarrassment.

"I wrote a poem about us. Wanna hear it?" I was too excited to wait. I needed to hear his approval.

"You wrote a poem? About us? I didn't know you wrote poetry."

"Well, you haven't heard the poem yet. You might not like it."

"It's not some dirty old limerick, is it?" He was smiling. I could tell that's what he wanted.

I giggled some more. "No, but I'm sure I could come up with one of those if you want."

"Yeah, I'll bet you could, you pervert." It was Chris' turn to laugh. "Let's go to my room, I'm pretty sure I don't want my mom to hear it."

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure of that too."

"Mom! Mike is here! We'll be in my room!" Chris didn't wait for an answer before starting down the hall. I followed and he closed the door behind us as we entered. Again I pulled him towards me and touched my lips to his. This time, though he pulled away.

"Not 'til after I hear this poem." He was wearing an evil grin.

"Oh, alright." I sighed, pretending to be disappointed.

"What's it called?"

"I never really thought about a title, just the lines. You can name it if you like."


"Um-ummm." I cleared my throat and began to recite.

"Tall, golden waves of grass
A smile, a wink, a touch at last.
Crisp, running, mountain, torrent streams
The food, the fuel, of sunshine daydreams.
Clear blue skies without a cloud
Where boys can play and love's allowed.
In peaceful circumstance such as this
Where truelove awaits a lip's first kiss
Two boys meet with love and passion
And embrace forever, a union, everlastin'."

"Wow! I love it. Can you say it again?" His face was glowing. I couldn't have missed the excitement in his eyes.

"Uh, sure." I was pleased that he liked it. "Get me a pen and paper and I'll write it down for you."

Chris handed them to me and I began writing, reciting the poem as I wrote.

"That's beautiful. I really like that line about... where is it? Yeah, sunshine daydreams. I think that's what we should call it."

I scribbled the words above the poem. "Done. Now, about that kiss..."

Oh, his lips were sweet tidbits of ecstasy. Most definitely my favorite part of having a boyfriend was kissing him, tasting him, savoring the flavor, the aroma and the essence of boyhood. Not just his lips either, but all over, every last inch of his beautiful young body. And kiss him I did, from his lips to his toes, peeling away his clothing as I went. Nibbling his nose, his ears, his neck, his nipples. Licking, lapping, and tasting his chest, his abdomen.

Slowly, tantalizingly, working my way down his body. I looked up at Chris, his eyes closed, lips parted slightly, head tilted back and to the right. My boy was lost in the world of love. I worked my way over his hips and down his thighs, coming ever so close, but carefully avoiding that most wondrous of prizes standing tall and proud between his legs. He sighed as I moved by without touching it.

He stepped out of his pants and briefs and I removed his socks as my tongue followed the departing garments down his leg and over his ankle, his feet and on to his toes.

"Damn Mikey, that tickles." He was fighting hard to keep from laughing.

I sucked them one by one swirling my tongue around each as I moved from smallest to largest. I shifted to his other foot and moving in reverse slowly and gently I worked my way up his leg to his waist.

I moved behind him and lightly kissed and nibbled his buttocks and then slowly, I inserted my tongue into the crack, tasting him in places I'd never imagined tasting anyone before. He shivered at the touch of my tongue.

"Holy shit!" I had definitely surprised him.

"You better not!" I laughed a little and tried to avoid imagining that picture. Eww!

He had a musky, salty flavor, stronger than the rest of his body, not bad like I had thought it would be. He tensed and moaned softly as my tongue darted lightly over his hole. I crawled around in front of him and gently moved him onto the bed. He laid back with his knees hanging over the edge and his feet on the floor.

I moved between his legs which were spread wide to allow me access to his delicious boyhood. I licked under his sack and took it between my lips, pulling gently, stretching it over his balls. Letting go I watched as it retracted and tightened slightly. One at a time I sucked his balls into my mouth and massaged them with my tongue.

I heard him gasp. "Ohhhh." He moaned.

His breathing had quickened and I knew he was close. I could taste the sweat oozing from his body. His skin was slick with it and I glided my hands up from his waist to his nipples and circled them with my fingers. I let his balls slip from my mouth and ran my tongue between them and towards the base of his penis.

"Ah, ah, ah, ahhhhhh!" He gasped and I felt the first jets of his essence leave his body. It was warm as it landed across the back of my hand. I felt the pulsing of his penis as it erupted three more times before it was spent.

"Oh God! That was wicked." He was panting, gasping for breath and could barely utter the words.

"Oh yes, Chris, It was and you are."

"God Mikey. That had to be the best orgasm of my life. And you never even touched my dick!" I smiled and bit into my lower lip, gently. I turned my head just a bit so that I was looking at my lover out of the corner of my eye.

"Oh no?" I ran my tongue around my lips. "Well then I guess I better rectify that situation." I licked my way up his now wilted shaft, tasting the results of my efforts as I went. It was bittersweet and salty. I lapped up every drop as I worked my way up his body. When he was clean, I moved back to his lips and inserted my tongue. We had come full circle as my I ended right where I had begun.

"Chris!" It was his mother shouting from down the hall.

"Oh shit!" He said under his breath before shouting out, "Just a minute, Mom." We both jumped up and he grabbed his pants, quickly pulling them on.

"Is Mike staying for dinner?"

Chris looked at me. I shook my head "no" and handed him his shirt.

"Chris!" Her voice was getting closer and we realized she was headed this way.

"No, Mrs. Curtis. I'd best be getting home. My mom will get worried if I'm much later." I stepped towards the door, opened it and stepped into the hall, pulling the door closed behind me. I intercepted her just before she reached the doorway.

"Well, look here, why don't you call her and tell her you're eating with us? Chris can drive you home after dinner."

How could I refuse?

"Ok, Mrs. Curtis. Show me the phone and I'll call." At least if she was taking me to the phone, Chris would have time to get dressed before she saw him. I struggled to hold back some giggles as I imagined the looks on both their faces if she had walked in on us.

Chris and I helped fix dinner. Afterward, as he drove me home, I told him all about the fight with Recob. Chris was impressed. I'd not only survived my encounters with the ogre, I'd taken him down twice. But despite our joy over today's victory, we were both quite worried about what tomorrow would bring.

"Aaarrrggghhh!" It felt as though someone had just driven a railroad spike into my chest. I fell back into my bed as I winced from the pain. I gritted my teeth as I took a couple of breaths. It hurt just to breath. I swallowed. Oh yeah, Recob had punched me in the ribs yesterday. Boy, could that SOB pack a wallop. It had hurt yesterday, but nothing like this. Damn, I have got to get to school today. I can't let Chris face this alone. I fought through the pain, but was barely able to roll out of bed, landing on my knees. With my left arm pinned to my side to lessen the pain, I used my right to push myself upward into a standing position.

I stepped towards my dresser and looked into the mirror. Oh God! I'll bet I've broken something. My ribcage was purple and black starting just below my left nipple and continuing to my left side. The bruise was at least eight inches long and five or six inches wide. It hurt like hell. Fuck! This wasn't like this last night. There had been some pain yesterday, but it hadn't seemed any worse than what I would usually get at football practice. But this was definitely worse.

I could tell my parents and probably get out of going to school. But I couldn't. Chris couldn't be left alone. I couldn't allow him to face the whole school by himself. No way! Joey had exposed us to everybody. There was bound to be trouble. And there was always Recob, Kirshner, Larkin, and Boselli. Fuck! I had to be there.

I wrapped a towel around my waist and headed to the bathroom to go about my morning routine. It wasn't easy and by the time I had dressed, I was struggling hard to hold back some tears.

Fortunately, both my mom and my dad were busy going about getting themselves ready for work and my brothers and sister were too self-absorbed to notice the pain I was in as I ate breakfast and left for the bus stop.

I never made it. Chris pulled into the driveway before I had reached the street. I smiled as I got into the car.

"What're you doing here?"

"What? I can't give my boyfriend a ride to school?" He leaned over and kissed me quickly.

"Of course you can, you little sex-kitten." I was chuckling as I said it.

"Kitten! I'm no pussy." We both laughed at his pun even though it was really bad.

"Well, the way you were purring yesterday... Ow!" Chris punched me in the arm. Not too hard, but it caused some pain in my ribs as I moved away. I winced.

"What's wrong, Mikey?"

"Nothing really, my ribs hurt where Recob punched me yesterday. That's all."

"Nothing too serious, I hope."

"Naa, it's just a little bruise." I was lying of course. It hurt like hell, but I didn't want Chris to worry. "I got it because it matches my eyes." I still had black eyes from getting hit by Recob on the football field.

"You goof." Chris had giggled a little as he said it.

"Um, I think 'poof' is the word you're looking for." I was trying to laugh, but it really hurt.

Chris nearly lost control of the car he was laughing so hard. Good thing we were still in the driveway.

The walk from the parking lot to our lockers and then to class was really weird. Conversations stopped as we approached. There were whispers. I could hear the words "fags, queers, and homos" being bantered about. There was pointing, staring, and even a few dirty looks, but no one really said anything directly to us.

Some of them had been my friends. I was angry. I wanted to yell at them. I wanted to hit them. I wanted to destroy them. God! Why do people have to be like this. I guess I couldn't blame them. It's not like any of them had ever known a fag before. As far as I knew there were only the three of us in the whole school. Suddenly, I felt so alone.

I walked Chris to his class before heading to mine. We agreed to meet at Chris' locker before lunch.

It was a meeting that wouldn't happen. As I entered the classroom, "Michael, would you come here a second?"

"Um, sure, Mr. Prather. What's up?" I stepped over to his desk.

"Mr. Grayson asked me to have you report directly to his office this morning." Mr. Grayson is the assistant principal and in charge of school discipline.

"Oh." My eyes went straight to the floor. Of course. I shouldn't have expected that I could get into a fight like that and not suffer any consequences. As I turned and walked out of the room, I ignored the giggles and smart remarks from my classmates.

Fuck! Maybe I could get out of it. Recob had started the fight. I was just defending myself. Dammit! I have a right to self defense, don't I? Of course I do. Mr. Grayson would see that. He was a smart guy. And besides, I'd known him practically my whole life. He'd been my teacher in both the second and sixth grades. He was the guidance counselor when I went to Jr. High. He' always been tough, but fair. That's what everyone liked about him. He was fair. And he liked me.

As I entered the office, the secretary looked up and said, "Have a seat right there, young man. I'll let Mr. Grayson know you're here."

I sat in one of the chairs against the wall. The pain in my side was becoming unbearable. I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth. I was determined not to let it show. I tried to will the pain away.

After a few minutes, "Mr. Paul." I looked up to see a tall man dressed in a gray suit and tie, mid-thirties, and starting to go bald.

"Oh, good morning, Mr. Grayson." My eyes were on the floor. I figured there were two things I needed to be, humble and polite. Even if it killed me, I would force myself to be both.

"Please, step inside." He held the door to his office open and motioned me in.

I hate it when authority figures know they've got you by the balls and become excessively polite. It's almost as if they want you to think they're going to let you go, then as soon as you relax, they squeeze, hard.

He nodded towards a chair and walked around his desk and took a seat. I sat where he had indicated.

"Michael, Michael, Michael, how long have we known each other?"

Fuck! Why don't you just sentence me to die a horrible death and get it over with? Why is it that authorities always want to give a guy a lecture on top of the death penalty?

"I suppose it's been at least thirty-five, maybe forty years by now." I smiled a bit, hoping he would laugh just a little.

He didn't. Instead he took a deep breath and pressed his lips together in a bit of a frown. He just looked at me for a moment.

Shit! It's worse than I thought. Is there somewhere around here where I can just crawl into a crack and hide? Say something, dammit! His silence was making me nervous.

"Uhhmmm, Uhmmm." He adjusted his tie as he cleared his throat. "I expect it's not been quite that long. But it has been long enough that I've come to expect better of you."

I folded my hands in my lap and looked down at the floor, "Yessir, I have too."

"I suppose I ought to hear your side of this first."

First! Yeah, give me a chance to confess then hang me. Why the fuck couldn't you just tell me what it is you know, then I could at least fill in the gaps. But shit, this way I might say something he doesn't already know. I didn't even know where to begin lying. Fuck! I think it had been Mr. Grayson who first told me that the truth will set you free, so ok, now prove it.

"Um, Recob started using me for a punching bag. I tried to get away, but he followed. So I hit him." There, that was simple enough, and it was true.

"And just why would he use you for a punching bag?"

Damn! I don't want to tell you. I can't tell you. Fuck! You probably already know, everyone else does.

"He thinks I'm a fag." Mr. Grayson's eyes felt like they were about to burn a hole right through the back of my head.

"And why would he think that?"

Fuck! I'm not ratting out Joey. I'm not!

"It's a rumor that's been going around."

"That's a pretty vicious rumor. You must've offended someone pretty bad for them to start spreading that. Any idea who started it?"

Can't you just be fucking satisfied with a simple answer? I stared at the floor a second and took a breath.

"Never mind. We're not here to deal with rumors. We're here to get at the truth."

The fucking truth is exactly what I do not want you to get at. Can't you get that through your thick bald-headed skull? I had to adjust the way I was sitting in the chair. This was becoming too much. I still had a headache from the concussion and my ribs were killing me.

"Ok, I guess you're not in a talkative mood. So I'll tell you what happened. You just stop me when I'm wrong."

Oh thank God!

"The so-called rumor is true." He paused, looking right at me.

I nodded.

"Recob started harassing you."

Another nod.

"You tried to get away and ended up trapped. You hit him. Later, you two met again in Ms. Davis' room. There was a second fight."

One more nod.

"That is what happened, correct?"

"Yes sir."

"Then why is it that four witnesses say different?"

"What?" What the fuck were people saying? Who was saying different? SHIT!

"I have four witnesses who say they heard you coming on to Mr. Recob."

My jaw nearly broke as it hit the floor. Total shock. No way. No fucking way. The tears just started rolling. I was too stunned to even try to hold them back.

"Who?" That was the ten million dollar question. Who the hell...

"You can probably figure it out, three of them anyway. Joe Kirshner, Jeff Larkin, and George Boselli. "I don't believe them, of course, but why would Joey Millar being lying with them?"

Joey! The fucking little weasel. He'd turned on me again. Probably under duress, though. That little fucker would do anything to save his own hide.

"You probably noticed his black eyes?"

Mr. Grayson nodded.


"So you think Ron threatened him." It was more of a statement than a question. "There are two others who are taking your side."

I swallowed hard. That meant I had at least a couple of friends left.

"I can't just discount those four, though. I may know they are lying, but I have to proceed as though they are telling the truth."

What the fuck does that mean? Am I still being executed at dawn?

"Ron's being suspended. And so are you. Five days. You'll return to school next Tuesday."

Oh shit! What the fuck was I going to tell my parents? Oh God. I have to keep them from finding out that I'm gay. I'll be fucking disowned. The truth would set me free alright. I was about as free as a dead mouse in a fucking rat trap.

"Do your parents know that you're gay?"

I shook my head 'no.'

"I don't have to tell them. But you'd better think about it. Everyone in school seems to know. The rumor is bound to get back to them and however difficult it's going to be, it'll be easier if it comes from you."

He paused for a moment. I just sat there, numb, looking at the floor.

"And son," Mr. Grayson's voice had become very gentle, "If there are any more threats, or any more violence, don't take matters into your own hands, come to me."

Yeah, come to you. The authority figure. That's what I fucking did after Recob beat the shit out of Joey. I went to the coach. That's how this whole fucking mess started in the first fucking place!

"Do you have a way to get home?"

I shook my head 'no.'

"Then why don't you get your books and meet me in front of the building. I'll drive you."

Anything to get me away from school, eh?

"Um, Mr. Grayson?"

He looked at me.

"Do you think I could see the nurse first?" I was struggling to get out of the chair.

"Is something wrong?" He had gotten a rather concerned look on his face.

"I think I might have some broken ribs."

The school nurse agreed and instead of taking me home, Mr. Grayson ended up driving me to the hospital. Sure enough two of them were broken. But that was nothing. Mr. Grayson found out that Recob had been admitted and kept overnight. Severely bruised testicles. One was apparently quite swollen and there was some concern it might have to be removed.

I felt bad about Recob. I hadn't really wanted him to lose his balls, though the thought had crossed my mind while we were fighting. Shit! I didn't really want to hurt him. Well, ok, I did want to, but I hadn't meant to. God dammit. Why did it have to be like this? I just hope he's ok. They didn't say it would have to be removed, they just didn't know yet. Fuck!

And what about my own fucking self? I was still having headaches from the concussion and getting dizzy once in a while. My nose hurt too, and the bruising around my eyes was still there. On top of that, now I had broken ribs. I should've been returning to football practice next week. Not anymore. At least another four weeks, maybe six before the doctor would let me practice. The season was only ten weeks long.

And Chris. Fuck. Who was going to watch out for Chris? Recob might be laid up, but the rest of the goon squad would still be around. This suspension was going to kill me. I'd die from worry. But why should I be so worried? It's not like Chris is some helpless puppy. He's strong. He's smart. Oh shit. Who am I kidding? He's no match for those baboons. Strong and smart, yes. But he's no brawler, no street fighter. Chris was, well, gentle. He was kind, compassionate, caring. He was the sweetest person I knew. Was? Was? Shit! Is. God dammit, IS! I'm thinking like he's dead already. What the fuck is the matter with me? I've never been this twisted up before.

I lay in my bed crying. Wishing sleep would come. But it wouldn't. Far too much on my mind. I needed to be at school, but I couldn't be. Even If I wasn't suspended, my injuries wouldn't allow it. I wasn't going to get to see Chris either. My dad had grounded me for the rest of my life.

He wasn't exactly pleased that he had to leave work to pick me up at the hospital. Although, I think that just maybe, I had detected just a little bit of satisfaction, a little bit of pride that his son had stood up to a bully. It was hard to tell those things with my dad. He rarely expressed much emotion, especially that kind. I couldn't remember the last time he told me he was proud of me or that he loved me.

I guess there wasn't that much to be proud of. I really wasn't that good at much of anything. Football, baseball, maybe. But that was about it. I was a decent student, mostly As and Bs. But not straight As like my brother, David. I am a lineman and linebacker on the football team, not the most glamorous positions. David, he is a quarterback. I played in the outfield on the baseball team. David is a pitcher. Our dad attended all of David's games, took off work to go watch. He hadn't watched one of my games in three years. My dad was proud of David and my other little brother, John. I'd heard him bragging about them to his customers. But I'd never heard him bragging about me.

I wished I could be at his shop today. He'd probably bitch and complain a lot about what trouble I was, but I bet he'd do a little bragging, too. I'd give anything to hear that.

Fuck! I'd never hear that now. He was bound to hear that I'm gay. That would be the end of it. I was about to become the biggest disappointment and embarrassment of his life. I couldn't stop the tears.

I awoke to the sound of the phone ringing. I got up to answer, fighting the pain as I made my way into the kitchen.


"Hello, Mikey, is that you?"

"For better or for worse. Hi Chris."

"Well I've heard it's been better."

"Not when I'm with you."

"Want me to come over?"

I looked at the clock. It was just after 3. "Sure, we've got 'til 4:30. That's when my mom gets home.

"Oh. I get it. You want me to CUM over." I heard a wicked laugh.

"Just get your cute little ass over here." Suddenly my mood was a whole lot better.

"You gonna kiss it again?"

"Just might do a lot more than that, if you're lucky."

I was standing in the front doorway when his car pulled up. We embraced on the front doorstep and I swear to God I thought he was going to swallow my tongue. I pulled him inside and hurriedly began to pull off his shirt. He undid mine at the same time. Then suddenly,

"What's this?" He was looking at the wrap the hospital had put around my chest.

"Oh, just a couple broken ribs. Nothing serious." I said it as dispassionately as possible.

"Nothing serious! This morning you told me it was a bruise." Chris was just a bit upset.

"Well, that's all I thought it was this morning. Turns out it's both. Now, I want to kiss my little pussy." I pressed my lips to his, but we were both laughing to hard to kiss very well. Chris was trying to fight me off, too. I knew he wanted to say something. He couldn't just let me call him a pussy, but when he opened his mouth I jammed my tongue inside as far as it would go. I wasn't about to let him say a damn thing.

It was over way too soon, but we'd made love right there on the living room floor. I looked at Chris as he lay next to me and I smiled. We were both panting, trying to catch our breath. I loved looking at him. I could do it all day. I was lost in his deep brown eyes.

"So how'd things go at school today?" I really needed to know.

"Not too bad really. Nobody said much of anything. At least not to my face. Joey, neither. We heard some guys talking at lunch. People are scared of you."

"Scared of me?" That was the last thing I expected.

"You put Recob in the fucking hospital. Think about it."

"And they think I'm going to beat the shit out of them?" I still couldn't believe what I was hearing.

"Well, only if they say something." He paused for a second, "You know, if you weren't a homo, you'd be a hero." He smiled at me.

I smiled back. "Yeah, I'm probably the only guy in school everyone would like to see Recob destroy."

"Maybe some, but not everyone. We do have some friends."

"Really, who?" I remembered that Mr. Grayson had said a couple witnesses had been on my side. But he hadn't named them.

"Well, Jeff Lewis for one."

"I've seen him around, but I don't know him. How do you know he's a friend?"

"He's in most of my classes. We talked. He stuck by me most of the day. Just in case one of those Neanderthals wanted to start something. He told me that Kirshner and Larkin beat the crap out of his older brother, Matt, last year. Matt's gay too. Jeff's cool with it."

"Damn!" Matt Lewis was the captain of the basketball team last year. He is in college now, but I had no idea there were others like us at school.

"I probably shouldn't tell you this, seeing as how you like pussies so much," Chris now had a particularly evil smile across his face, "but Andrea Johnson told me that she thinks you're a real hunk. Too bad you're a fairy, huh?"

"Andrea Johnson!" Shit! Andrea Johnson was about the hottest girl in my class, not to mention the most popular. I'd had a crush on her back in Jr. High, but had been too chicken to do anything about it. "Damn, man. You got some competition now." I wanted to see if I could make him jealous.

Chris looked hurt as the smile disappeared from his lips.

"You'd leave me for her? I knew I shouldn't have said anything."

"Only if she kisses better than you do." I moved closer to his face and gave him a quick peck on his nose. "But then again, I'm not sure I'd want a girlfriend who doesn't have this little handle in front." I reached out and took hold of his dick, giving it a squeeze and giggling as I did.

Chris punched me in the arm. "Who you calling a 'girlfriend' and what are you calling 'little'?" He was trying to sound tough.

I rolled off of him, roaring in laughter. It hurt like hell , but I couldn't stop. The look on Chris' face was absolutely priceless.

"Mine's as big as yours, maybe not as fat, but at least as long."

I was still holding my chest, in pain from the laughter as we heard a car in the driveway.

"Oh shit. It's got to be my mom." We quickly scrambled to our feet, grabbed our clothes, and scurried up the stairs to my room.

My mom wasn't too happy about Chris being there when she got home. My dad had called her at work and told her what had happened. She calmed down a bit when I lied to her about Chris bringing me some of my homework assignments. In fact, Chris decided he would do just that. It would give him an excuse to visit everyday during my suspension.

Nothing much happened the rest of the week. Chris, of course, came by everyday with my 'homework' and told me who was friendly and who was not and as much about what was being said as he could. It bothered me that he was still hanging out with Joey, but I guess there is safety in numbers. I did warn him about how Joey had turned on us again, though. The taunting and teasing was starting to increase. The other kid's fear of me didn't seem to have as much impact as they realized I wasn't around. Larkin, Kirshner, and Boselli were the chief instigators. But there wasn't anything physical. I also got word that the swelling in Recob's testicle had subsided and he wasn't going to lose it after all. I was relieved. At least I hadn't caused any permanent damage. But at the same time, I was frightened. It meant Recob would recover and be back at school much sooner than I really wanted to see him.

I was recovering pretty well, myself. I could move without nearly as much pain in my ribs. The swelling around my nose was gone and the bruising around my eyes was turning green and yellow. It would soon be gone as well.

Friday evening came and as I sat down to dinner with my family, I couldn't help but notice that things seemed to be getting back to normal. My mother said grace and we began passing the food around when suddenly my 11 year old brother David looked up at me from across the table.

"Mike, are you really a fag?"

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