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The Puppy Boy

A story by e

Chapter 1 - One Scared Puppy

DISCLAIMER: This story contains descriptions of sexual encounters between minors that are homosexual in nature. If offended by such things or if you are not of legal age in the country where you live, then read no further. The characters and events depicted in this story are completely fictional and any resemblance to any real persons, places, or events is purely coincidental. This story may not be reproduced in whole or in part without the expressed written consent of the author.

I was looking out the school bus window, trying to pretend I was back on the farm, trying to pretend this wasn't happening, trying to make the tears go away. It was useless.

The girls kept touching me, poking me. They pulled my hair. One even banged my head into the window. It was an accident of course, but that didn't make it hurt any less. My mistress rebuked her, but my tears still fell.

I'd never seen a girl in my life, not until yesterday. That was when my mistress came to the farm to get me. My mother brought her. That's what she wanted me to call her anyways, mother. I really don't know what that means. She never seemed any different than any of the other matrons, except she didn't work at the farm, she only visited. I liked her. She brought me presents and that was good. Well, most of the time anyways. Sometimes the presents weren't very good. I'd get upset because I didn't want what she brought. It always seemed to upset her so I tried not to show it. After all, I wanted her to keep coming. If she stopped, I'd be just like all the other puppies with no one to bring me presents. I was the only one who had a mother.

My mistress noticed my tears. She wiped them away with a cloth. "It'll be ok," she said, "Don't be afraid."

I smiled sheepishly and nodded. I wasn't reassured. She had promised to take care of me. But as more girls got on the bus, the problem only got worse.

They've never seen a puppy before." She looked at me and smiled. "Not up close anyways. They're just curious. They won't hurt you."

Let's see his dick." It was a blonde girl about the same age as my mistress.

Yeah, let's see his dick." That was the girl behind me. I couldn't see her.

C'mon Shell, show us." echoed yet another girl.

I slouched down into the seat trying to make myself disappear.

Just leave him alone. Can't you see you're scaring him?" Mistress Shelly was coming to my defense.

That's enough, girls!" The bus driver turned and said with a forceful voice. This was obviously one matron you didn't want to mess with. The girls sat down.

I wanted to thank her, but puppies didn't speak unless they were spoken to and I wasn't about to get out of line here.

Just as things started to get better, we turned into the drive and the bus came to a stop in front of the school. There were several other busses unloading in front of us.

Get him off first." were the orders of the driver.

My mistress took my hand and led me off the bus and into the courtyard. That's when it happened. "Look! It's a puppy!" One of them shouted and suddenly there were girls coming at me from all directions.

One bumped me from the left, another from the right. Someone shoved me from behind. I closed my eyes. When I opened them my mistress was gone. She'd disappeared into the sea of girls. Suddenly I felt sick. I was pushed to the ground. There were hands pawing me, groping me. Someone was tugging at my shorts. I felt them coming down. Then there was a whistle. It was loud and the tugging stopped. I struggled to my feet, pulling my shorts up at the same time. I looked around.

There was a large matron headed my way. She looked angry. My mistress was nowhere in sight. It was too late to stop it when I felt the warm liquid running down my leg. I'd peed my pants. I just stood there, shaking from fear, confused, alone. The angry matron was charging me. I wanted to run, but I couldn't move. Once again I shut my eyes trying to make it all disappear.

Back away from him girls!" She gently took me by the arm. "Are you ok? No. Of course you're not ok."

I opened my eyes and looked at her. I felt a sense of relief. She wasn't mad at me. She was mad at the girls. "What happened to your mistress?"

I'm right here Ms. Johnstone." It was my mistress. "I got pushed away from him." She turned to me, "Are you alright?"

Before I could answer, "Oh no. How could you?" She stared at my wet shorts.

I was ashamed. I'd embarrassed my mistress and would undoubtedly be dealt with harshly. I thought back to yesterday's bonding ceremony. My balls were still hurt and swollen. I shuddered. I knew she wouldn't hesitate to punish me.

It's not his fault, Shelly." It was the matron coming to my defense. "It's ours, yours for not protecting him and mine for allowing you to bring him before he was ready."

But... but Ms. Johnstone, he's peed all over himself. It's..."

It's not his fault." The matron was firm. You only punish them for things they can control. You placed him in a situation that scared him to death. This is the result." She stopped my mistress by stepping between us. "Now let's take him to my office and get him cleaned up." She turned to me, "Come along little puppy."

I followed behind the two of them through the courtyard and into the building. We walked across the lobby and through an outer office, then through a doorway into a smaller, more private room with a large desk. There were several chairs in front of the desk and one large chair behind it.

Now, step out of those wet clothes and come in here." She motioned through another door. I could see it was a bathroom. I did as she said and stepped naked, into the bathroom holding my wet shorts and thong. This was the typical warm weather uniform of puppies on the farm and, I assumed, of puppies in the community as well. The matron handed me a wash rag.

Turning to my mistress she said, "Let's step out here and have a quick chat."

I was still trembling and thinking back to yesterday's bonding ceremony. I hoped the matron could convince my mistress not to punish me. I knew from the ceremony that she wouldn't hesitate. It hurt so much, but I was so proud that I had a mistress who could be so firm. I knew she would keep me in line.

For the ceremony, the head matron from the puppy farm had brought me to the pillar in the courtyard to introduce me to my mistress. The matron called mother was there and standing beside her was a very pretty young girl. I'd never seen a girl before. Girls under eighteen weren't allowed on the farm. It was forbidden. I felt like I knew her though. Mother had told me all about her over the years. She was just a month younger than me, and yesterday was my fourteenth birthday. I was finally old enough to leave the farm. Shelly was my sister, half sister actually. My mother was her egg-mother. Her birth mother was named Jacqueline who had died several years earlier. Jacqueline had been my mother's spouse.

After the introduction, I grasped my testicles in my right hand and cupped them, holding them out to my mistress. She reached out with her right hand and I took it with my left and guided it to my testicles. She grasped them as I removed my right hand. She was a bit rough and I winced. She guided them to the pillar and I had to stand on my tip toes in order to be tall enough for them lay on its surface. I trembled and sucked in a deep breath as I held my penis out of the way. I clenched my teeth and every muscle in my body tightened. I shut my eyes as tight as I could. I couldn't bear to watch. I heard the cane rake against the pillar as she took it into her hand.

It hit me like a bolt of lightening. The pain ripped through my body. My balls felt as though they would explode. I gasped one last breath and sank to my knees. The next thing I knew I was on the ground, curled into a ball with my hands between my legs. I struggled to take in a breath it was futile. I felt a nauseating sickness creeping into my gut. My body convulsed as it tried to empty my stomach onto the ground beside me. It was a dry heave and it was followed by several more. Then I felt I had to pee, and then poop. Thankfully nothing came out.

I don't know how long I lay there. It felt like an eternity. My balls were on fire. This was nearly as bad as the sterilization process. Then I felt my mistress petting me. She stroked my arms and legs. She was saying something, but I couldn't understand. At some point she placed an ice pack on my balls. Later she helped me to my feet and practically carried me into the building. I couldn't walk.

The head matron examined my balls. She said they would be badly bruised and swollen, and probably turn black. But there would be no permanent damage. I heard her tell my mistress that she had hit them much too hard. "A puppy's balls just aren't built for that," she said.

The ceremony was meant to bond the two of us. The striking of my testicles was to demonstrate that my new mistress had no fear of punishing me and wouldn't hesitate should I deserve it. The second part was to nurse me back to health. In this way she would demonstrate that she cared about me and would protect me and would provide for my needs.

Despite the pain I was proud. My mistress had done extremely well. I would certainly think twice before disobeying her or acting up. I also knew she would take good care of me.

But that was yesterday, today I wasn't so sure. She had brought me to this awful place where I had humiliated myself and embarrassed her. Now I might be punished for real. All I wanted was to be a good puppy, to please my mistress. I was sick to my stomach again.

All cleaned up and ready to go?" I looked up to see the matron in the doorway.

Yes ma'am."

Alright, then, put this on." She handed me a schoolgirls skirt like the one my mistress was wearing. "I know it's not what a puppy would normally wear, but we can't have you walking about in those urine-soaked things, can we?"

No ma'am." I quickly put the skirt on, but I was still naked underneath.

He's walking very gingerly and his testicles are nasty looking and swollen. Is that from the ceremony?"

Yes Ms Johnstone, the matron there said I hit him a bit too hard. At first, she thought I may have done some lasting damage. Then she said he'd be ok"

Let's get him to the nurse. I want him examined just to be sure."

I followed them to the nurse's office where I was once again examined. The nurse confirmed the head matron's diagnosis. No permanent damage, but they would be painful and swollen for quite some time.

The rest of the day didn't get any better. Everywhere I went I was hounded by girls lifting my skirt to peek underneath, poking, pulling, prodding, squeezing, twisting, and darn near everything else imaginable. They laughed and giggled and teased. Shelly couldn't control their curiosity and I became convinced that I might be better off if I just went around naked. That way they could all get their fill and maybe they'd get tired of me and leave me alone. But it wasn't going to happen.

The only exception was last period biology class. I filed in with the rest of the class and took a seat on the floor next to my mistress' desk just as I had been instructed in all the other classes.

Well, ladies, as you may have noticed, today we have a special treat." I closed my eyes as the teacher looked my way. "And what's your name, little puppy?"

Umm, Carlos ma'am." I was caught by surprise. This was the first time a teacher had addressed me directly.

Well then, umm Carlos," The girls all giggled at they way she made fun of my answer. I turned red. "Why don't you come up here and stand at the front of the room where we can all see you?"

I stood and walked to the front of the room, stopping beside the teacher. She seemed nice enough. She was young, maybe thirty, maybe even younger; and quite pretty. I swallowed hard as I got closer. I'd seen her before. She had been part of my training at the farm. My sex training, that is. More than once. I prayed that she didn't recognize me.

The farm allowed women from the community to come in a couple days a week and pay to have oral sex performed on them. The matrons would stand and watch, giving us instructions on how to pleasure them. No intercourse was allowed. Puppies had to remain virginal for their mistresses. It seemed odd and none of us understood why. We were trained in every other sexual act we could think of. We even had anal intercourse with each other. But putting our penis inside a woman was strictly forbidden no matter if it was the vagina, anus, or mouth.

She leaned over and whispered into my ear. "Not a word. Do you understand?"

I nodded.

Now then, take that silly skirt off. Puppies should be seen, not covered."

I did as she commanded. The girls gasped or giggled. Mostly their eyes got pretty wide. I smiled slyly. This was the way I was used to being treated. I was proud to display my body for the class. Oddly, I was also slightly embarrassed and had to concentrate to keep from getting hard. A puppy was supposed to be in control of his penis. Getting an erection could be considered an insult to the women present.

He's a fine physical specimen, isn't he? He's well proportioned, toned, slightly muscular and in control of himself. Note the blond hair and the bright green eyes. Very nice."

I was finding it difficult to hold back my smile. I didn't want to appear too proud, but I couldn't help it.

Just look at that smile. Don't you ever show your teeth?" She placed her thumb and index finger on the sides of my mouth and squeezed them together causing my lips to part and my teeth to become visible. "There, that's better. So pearly white."

We aren't due to have our lesson in male anatomy for a couple months." The teacher continued. "But I see no reason why we shouldn't take advantage of our rather fortunate situation."

Turn around, Carlos, and show them your backside."

I did as instructed. There were more oohs and ahhs and giggles.

Such perfect buttocks. And note the shape of his back. See how broad he is in the shoulders, but how narrow in the waist." I shivered as I felt her fingers graze over my back. "If only women could be so perfect." She turned back to the girls, "But don't fret girls, puppies are bred to be perfect physical specimens, there wouldn't be much profit in it otherwise."

Alright, you may turn around now." She stepped to her desk and opened a drawer. She withdrew a ruler. She looked down at my crotch as she moved next to me again. "He's obviously not fully developed down here yet. But he's off to a good start."

I blushed again. Why is it that women always know just what to say to embarrass me? And she would further my embarrassment with that ruler. I just knew it.

You should note the color of his scrotum. That's the little sack hanging just below his penis. It contains his testicles. It would normally be the same color as the rest of his skin, or maybe a bit darker. But the purplish color is definitely bruising. It's hard to tell since this is our first look at him, but I'm guessing his testicles are a bit swollen. Would you like to tell the class what you did to deserve such a fate?"

It was the bonding ceremony, ma'am, when my mistress swatted me with the cane."

Oh, and here I thought you'd committed some unspeakable act. Puppies are prone to such things, you know." The girls giggled. "Went a little overboard, did you Shelly?"

Now it was Shelly's turn to blush a bit as the class turned its attention her way.

Yes ma'am."

First lesson girls, if you are fortunate enough to someday own your own puppy, don't swat him too hard. Damage to the testicles could render him worthless."

Now then, let's get to work." She lifted my penis and placed the ruler next to it. "Just about three inches not including this little flap of skin sticking out at the end. That part doesn't count." She shook her head slowly from side to side. "Girls, this little bit is called the foreskin. In ancient times, it was frequently removed shortly after birth. Today it remains intact unless his mistress decides she doesn't want it." She grinned evilly, "Removing it can be quite painful at his age." Looking at me she said, "Would you like to have the end of your little dickey cut off?"

I swallowed hard, "Um, no ma'am." My voice broke a bit and the words sort of squeaked out causing the girls and the teacher to laugh.

He's such a little cutie." She turned back to me. "Now show the girls how a puppy likes to play with himself. Get yourself hard."

I took my dick into my hand and began stroking. I smiled slightly. My balls hurt and I wasn't sure I'd be able to jack off, but thought it might be fun to try, especially since I had such a large audience, and especially since none of them had ever seen such a thing before.

Now these little things tend to get hard all by themselves," she pointed at my dick, "but sometimes they require a bit of assistance."

Notice how it's lengthening and getting thicker and more firm. Let go of it Carlos and show the girls how it's changed."

I did as instructed. It was about half hard and sticking out a bit. There were some whispers among the girls. Their eyes were glued to my crotch and I felt proud. This is what puppies are all about. Like one of the matrons from the farm had told us once, 'You are purely sexual beings, nothing more and nothing less.'

I resumed stroking and within seconds I was fully erect. I stopped again and moved my hand so the girls could see.

Very nice." She turned to the class, "I'm guessing it's half again as big, maybe more." She placed the ruler along side. "Four and three quarter inches, she proclaimed. "They average about six to six and a half, but can get considerably bigger. Of course some stay a bit smaller as well."

My smile had widened slightly as she read off the measurement. I'd grown a quarter inch in the last month. The matrons measured me just before I'd been sterilized. I'd begun puberty a bit later than most of the boys and had been somewhat jealous of how some of the younger boys were considerably bigger.

She moved away from me and spoke to the class, "Some of you will prefer larger ones and some smaller. I've found that size isn't nearly as important as how well he learns to use it and how long he can make it last." She turned back towards me, "Are you good at using it?"

I hung my head and closed my eyes, my smile disappeared.

She didn't wait for my answer. Then I realized she was teasing me. "Oh, I'm sorry. I nearly forgot. They don't allow you to use it on the farm, do they? Puppies are kept virginal for their mistresses. Though I'll bet you've stuck it into a few of the other puppies, haven't you?"

There were some giggles from the girls and more whispers. Some of them looked a bit confused.

Turn around, little puppy, now bend over and spread your legs."

Again I did as I was told. I felt her finger run down the crack of my butt to my anus.

This is where little puppies get their practice on the farms, isn't it Carlos?"

Yes ma'am." I muttered my answer. It was the way she said it, I guess, it made me feel ashamed to admit it. But I loved sex with the other boys. I'd do anything and everything, giving and receiving, at the drop of a hat when I could get away with it. The rule was you had to obtain permission from your matron to have sex, but there was much more surreptitious sex than was permitted. No one cared; if you didn't get caught.

She continued naming all my body parts to the girls and explained how they worked. Then she allowed them to come take a closer look, but they weren't permitted to touch. I never finished jacking off.

When the bell rang the girls gave me an appreciative cheer and a round of applause. I put the skirt back on and followed my mistress to the bus for the ride home. I was so relieved when the ordeal was finally over.


Once home, it was my job to fix dinner. Cooking was one of my favorite household chores. It was one of the last things they taught us at the farm because they needed to wait until we were older so we wouldn't get hurt. Culinary class started when we were twelve.

Mother's note had said to fix the chicken breast in the fridge. I could fix it any way I chose provided I could find the ingredients and I was to fix potatoes and fresh green beans along with it. She would be home by five. Shelly went to visit her friend Linda who lived across the street while I fixed dinner.

There were four breasts in the package so I figured that was enough for two meals. I removed two and put the remaining two back into the fridge. I found some basil, lemon juice, olive oil, and pecans. There was buttermilk in the fridge as well. I decided on a buttermilk marinade, a pecan crust, and lemon-basil vinaigrette. I used some hot sauce, chopped tomatoes, onions, and garlic with the green beans and decided on garlic and rosemary mashed potatoes. I hope they would like it.

I wasn't certain of where they normally sat around the dining room table, so I placed one setting at either end. I found a bottle of Chablis to compliment the meal. I added a garden salad and ranch dressing.

For myself, I found a box of puppy biscuits. We ate them a lot on the farm and I'd been given a box as a going away present from the matrons. They were nutritious and delicious, it said so right on the box. Therefore it just had to be true, right? They really aren't bad. These were onion and garlic flavored dry biscuits. I poured a glass of buttermilk to dip them in and had just enough time to finish my dinner before mother got home.

I had just cleaned up my mess when I heard the front door open. I stepped out to greet both mother and Shelly as they entered. Mother gave me a hug.

Well, how was your first day of school?" The expression on her face told me she already knew.

I hung my head and sighed.

I heard you got off to a rough start. Ms Johnstone called and spoke with me about it. But Shelly says you were wonderful in biology class. The girls adored you." She smiled.

I still said nothing. But I did smile back at her. I guess maybe I wasn't a total embarrassment.

It smells wonderful in here and I'm starved. Is dinner ready?"

It'll take about ten minutes to finish."

Good, I'll go change and then we can eat."

I quickly popped the chicken back into the oven and finished the beans and potatoes too. By the time mother was dressed and entered the dining room I was plating the meal.

I pulled out her chair and then seated Shelly.

Carlos" mother said curiously, "where's yours?"

Mine?" I was taken aback.

There were four breasts in there. That should have been enough for everyone. Certainly you didn't think you would have to starve?"

I... umm... well..." I didn't know what to say. I felt tears welling in my eyes. I'd disappointed them again.

Oh Carlos, don't cry. There's plenty here. Get a plate and have some of mine." She seemed genuinely surprised that I didn't fix anything for myself.

Oh no... please... mother. I... I ate already." I thought I was going to have an anxiety attack. I couldn't possibly eat from her plate. That just wasn't right.

You did what?" Now she sounded angry.

It... it... it was just... just some biscuits and buttermilk. That's... That's what they teach us... that we should eat in the kitchen before we serve our mistress so we... so we can wait the table." I was trembling, hoping she would understand and not punish me. I'd already been such a horrible disappointment that I wasn't certain that I could take any more today. I wished I could go back to the farm. The tears were just pouring down my face.

She got up and took me into her arms. "Oh my poor dear boy." She stood in front of me placing her hands on my shoulders. "Look at me. From now on you'll eat dinner at the table with us. You're part of this family and you'll eat what the rest of us are eating." She hugged me again. "There's a time for you to be a puppy. And there's a time for you to be a son and a brother. Do you understand?"

I didn't, but I nodded indicating that I did.

After dinner mother retired to her bedroom to read and Shelly went to do her homework while I cleaned the kitchen. Afterwards, I joined Shelly in the family room. She was watching the holovision.

We didn't have anything like it on the puppy farm. It was a three dimensional image of light projected onto a flat table top that depicted characters acting out a story. It was amazing.

I entered the room and took a seat on the floor at my mistress' feet. While we watched the show she leaned forward and begin playing with my hair and petting me. It felt nice. Every now and again she would tease me by tickling behind my ears or on the back of my neck. I'd giggle a little and move my head to the side or shrug my shoulders to try and get her to stop.

When the show was over, the tickling began in earnest. I tried crawling away.

Just where do you think you're going?" Her voice was stern, but playful.

I froze and stammered something unintelligible.

I thought so." She pounced on me, knocking me over and onto my back. Suddenly she was tickling my sides, my tummy, my chest, and under my arms. I was giggling, laughing, twisting, covering myself, and trying to grab her hands. I couldn't stop her. It went on for a couple minutes before she stopped.

Had enough?"

I giggled and gasped for breath. Then I looked up at her as she straddled me. I smiled wickedly and poked my tongue out at her.

So that's the way you want it." The tickling resumed immediately. So did the laughing and twisting and squirming on the floor. It lasted several minutes this time and my sides were starting to hurt. "Want me to stop?" But she continued and I couldn't respond. "I'll stop if you beg." She paused a second. "Ready to beg?" she teased.

I knew better, but somehow couldn't resist and out popped my tongue again. I squealed as the tickling resumed. I kicked and pounded the floor, trying my best to get away. I couldn't breath. My sides were splitting. I felt like I would explode, but I wouldn't yield.

Beg! C'mon beg me and I'll stop." Shelly was relentless. "Alright then, now you'll have to kiss my feet as well. Yes, you'll lick them until they're clean or I'll tickle you to death." The torture continued.

Finally I broke. "Ok! OK," I screamed. "I give. I give."

But Shelly just continued. "You'll kiss my feet?"

It hurt. I had tears in my eyes. "I'll kiss anything. Anywhere you want. Please!" I couldn't stop laughing.

She finally stopped. I just lay there gasping for breath, sweating. I couldn't move. She put a foot next to my face. "Lick it!" she demanded.

I turned to face it and moved my face towards it. I stuck my tongue out and flicked it over her foot with a licking motion, but didn't touch it. I looked up at her and in a final act of defiance; I shove my tongue out even further.

This time I was offered no quarter. There was no mercy. If mother hadn't interrupted when she did, I would certainly have died.

Enough already," mother was standing in the doorway. I had no idea how long she'd been there. "Shelly!" This time her voice was more forceful.

Shelly stopped. "But mom, the little twerp stuck his tongue out at me."

I saw. And now you've had you revenge. He probably deserves more, but it's past my bedtime and I need some peace and quite." She turned and walked away. "Goodnight," She said as she walked down the hall to her room.

Shelly gave me a really dirty look and I acted like I was going to stick my tongue out again, but thought better of it.

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