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The Puppy Boy

A story by e

Chapter 4 - And They Called It Puppy Love

Over the past few weeks I had grown more comfortable with my new family. I felt more like I belonged and less like I might be thrown away at the first opportunity.

Of course not everything always came up roses. Despite how much I tried, I just couldn't stay out of trouble. I broke one of mom's most cherished vases while playing ball in the house. I threw a tantrum when Shelly wouldn't take me to the mall and accused her of ignoring me. And I ruined a load of delicate laundry because... well... I don't even know why. It just happened, ok?

It seems I was always getting banished to the room to sit on my cushion and 'think about what I'd done.' I hated that worse than getting spanked and Shelly was really good at spanking misbehaving young puppies. I had more than one bruise on my butt to prove it too.

But it wasn't all bad either. I was invited back to school three more times and got to lead the cheering section at the championship field hockey match. Shelly's school won and they all said it was because they had a naked little puppy jumping up and down on the sidelines to distract the opposition.

Shelly kept her word to her friends too. I had to give them each a private show, if you know what I mean. If you don't, well then it meant spending several hours alone with each of them, allowing the girl to do pretty much anything she wanted to do to me; provided it didn't hurt of course. I hope I'm not bragging when I say I left each of them exhausted and quite satisfied. Shelly was really proud of me. I was just glad the girls didn't hurt me. Actually, I enjoyed it. They were all really nice and one of them didn't even want to have sex. She just wanted to talk, about nothing really. It's amazing how long someone can talk about nothing and still be fun to talk to. Shelly has good taste in friends.

The best part was going to the mall to get my picture taken with Shelly and my mom. It wasn't the picture taking exactly, but the picture hanging that I liked. The hallway outside the bedrooms is covered with family pictures. There were even a couple of this extremely cute and cuddly little puppy playing with his equally cute sister as toddlers and a couple more being held by his mommy. But there weren't any of him after that. Now there's a whole section of this same adorable and super sexy puppy in all kinds of poses with both mother and sister. The three I like best are the one with the three of us sitting together holding each other and smiling, the one with Shelly holding me across her lap pretending to spank me on my bare bottom and me pretending to cry out in pain, and of course the one where Shelly is tickling me half to death. I really was in pain for that one because it wasn't just a pose.


In addition to everything else, my mother began to loan me to the priestesses at the Temple of the Goddess every Wednesday. They had a dinner for the congregation and dear old mom thought I could be quite useful. In fact it was quite fun. Priestess Melinda was in charge. She was quite young, just out of the seminary and had a terrific sense of humor.

I impressed her so much with my hard work and superior culinary skills, she barely allowed me to chop onions, that on the third Wednesday, I was sent to help the Goddess Mother clean her office. Yes, I got kicked out of the kitchen. But apparently I hadn't done anything wrong. She had bragged about me enough that the Goddess Mother decided that I would be of more use to her.

Ok, I'm lying again. Priestess Melinda was ancient, cantankerous, and has one foot in the grave. She has absolutely no sense of humor and hates cute little puppies. She didn't need any help. She didn't want any help and when she had complained long enough and loud enough, the Goddess Mother took pity on me and had me go clean her office.

The first story was what I tried to tell my mistress when I got home. Unfortunately, it turned out to be one of those nights when Shelly was intent on proving how adept she is at spanking naughty little puppies. Ouch!

During the week of winter solstice, I was at the Temple every day, cooking, cleaning, or doing whatever needed to be done. I didn't have time to enjoy it; I didn't have time not to. The one thing I can say is that there isn't a priestess in the Temple who believes a puppy might have a few limitations on how much work he can perform in a given day. By the time the Solstice Day celebrations were over, I was ready to drop.


We arrived home from the Temple and I asked permission to go upstairs to bed. It was early but I had been working from before dawn to after dusk every day for the last week. Before I could get to the stairwell, there was a knock at the door.

"Be a dear Carlos and get that will you?"

"Yes mother," I sighed.

I opened the door. It was Shelly's friend Linda. "Good evening Ms. Linda, won't you come in?" I motioned her inside. "I'll get Shelly."

I went to the family room. I'd been so tired I hadn't notice there was someone with her. "Pardon, mistress, Ms Linda is here."

I followed Shelly back to the door. My mouth dropped open when I saw who was standing next to Linda.

"Look at what I got. My mom gave him to me for Solstice Day!" Linda was beaming.

Shelly squealed. "A puppy. You've got a puppy!"

The two girls hugged while Linda's new puppy and I stared at each other. We were both in shock.

"His name's Daniel. Isn't he hot?"

"He's gorgeous." Shelly was looking straight between his legs at the biggest dick I'd ever seen.

For a moment my excitement turned to jealousy. I missed him so much. I thought I'd never see him again. I'd prayed that somehow, if it could only be possible... But when I saw Shelly's reaction, all the old doubts came back. I was going to be discarded. My mistress was going to want sex with him a lot more than she would with me.

"Daniel?" My mistress turned and looked at me. "Is this the same Daniel, is this YOUR Daniel?"

I smiled and nodded I was afraid to speak. Jealousy aside, yes, this was MY Daniel. And I was HIS Carlos. At least I hoped it was still true.

I looked into his eyes and melted. We both smiled.

"Well, don't just stand there. Go hug him." Shelly shoved me in his direction.

I didn't have to be shoved twice. I grabbed him and pulled him towards me. Our lips met in the most passionate kiss I'd had since, well, since the last time I'd kissed him. We were both oblivious to the two girls just staring at us in awe.

"You think maybe they know each other?"

"If they don't it's one heck of an introduction."

We broke our kiss and faced the two girls with our arms around each other, each a bit red in the face.

"Sorry mistress, I guess we got a little carried away." I said sheepishly.

Daniel and I followed the girls upstairs to Shelly's room, but I purposefully lagged behind so I could whisper to Daniel.

"She brought you here naked?" It was usual for a puppy to be wearing something when not at home.

Daniel shrugged. "Haven't been dressed since I met her."

I made a quite obvious glance at his crotch. "No bruising?"

"Not even much pain. Nothing like what you got."

I smiled a little. I was still quite proud of the way Shelly had conducted the ceremony. MY mistress wasn't afraid. "You saw?"

He winced. "We all did."

The girls were already in the room and waiting for us as we stepped through the doorway.

"That was some kiss." Linda turned towards Shelly and winked, "Looks like your little puppy isn't the only one who likes boys."

Daniel and I looked at each other and smiled. It was obvious he was thinking the same thing I was.

"It might please you to watch us together." Daniel suggested eagerly.

"Yeah, you'd be able to see what you're missing." I chimed in hopefully.

"Why would we want to see that?" Linda looked disgusted.

"Yeah, that would be gross." added Shelly with a coy smile.

"The matrons on the farm enjoyed watching sometimes." Daniel added meekly, "They thought it was exciting."

"But aren't you supposed to be pleasing us?"

"Of course" I piped up, "That's why we'd be doing it, for your pleasure."

"Our pleasure?" Linda questioned, "Sounds to me like you'd just be pleasing each other."

"Well, of course we'd enjoy it too," I looked at Daniel for help, "But it would be for you."

"Yeah," said Daniel, "We'd do whatever you want us to."

"The matron said they'd be begging. I just didn't think it would be so quick." Linda looked at Shelly with a smile on her face.

"Yeah, it's pretty pathetic, isn't it?" Shelly was grinning as well.

"What are you talking about?" I asked.

"I know you're not that stupid." She said, "So don't play dumb. Just admit you want this for you and not us."

I swallowed hard and looked at Daniel. He just returned my own blank look. This wasn't going like we thought.

"Yeah, what's the matter with admitting you want something just for yourself?" Linda looked at Daniel sternly.

We both knew what the matter was, puppies aren't supposed to think of their own desires. We are here for the sole pleasure of our mistresses.

"But it's not just for us." Daniel was pleading as he emphasized the word 'just.'

"So it is for you after all." Shelly was laughing. "At least you can finally admit it."

"No... mistress, please." I didn't know what else to say. Then I felt it, a slight tear in my eye. Now I just had to keep from laughing. I blinked and it went rolling down my cheek. I tried to look as sad as possible. "It hurts when we can't please you."

"It hurts?" Linda asked with a smile, "Where? Down there?" She glanced at my crotch.

I nodded, still struggling to keep a serious expression on my face.

Shelly laughed. "Next he'll be telling us that they'll swell up and turn blue."

Both girls giggled.

I hung my head and sighed. "We just wanted to make you happy." I mumbled.

"And what makes you think that this isn't making us happy?" Linda was still giggling.

"Yeah," agreed Shelly, "maybe watching the two of you suffer is what makes us happy."

"Then I guess we've done our job." I muttered sadly.

"Do you suppose it's true?" Linda asked, "Do you think their little nuggets really will swell up and turn blue?"

"I've heard it's really painful if you continually get them aroused and deny them any release." Shelly was smiling again. "I heard their nuggets get so big they'll have to walk bow-legged to keep from squashing themselves."

Daniel looked mortified. I felt nauseous.

"Just look at them. Pathetic, aren't they." Linda giggled.

"Perhaps we should let them have some relief" Shelly looked at Linda and smiled.

"Well boys? How about it? Would you like some relief?" Linda had a sly smile on her face and I knew something was up so I wasn't going to just blindly walk into this trap. Nope. I was going to jump right in with both eyes wide open.

"Yes." We chimed in unison.

"Well then, do a good job on us and maybe, just maybe..."

I didn't let her finish, I wrapped my arms around Shelly and planted my lips on hers. I glanced at Daniel to see that he was following my lead and in just a few moments the four of us were on Shelly's bed and the two girls were squirming with pleasure.

I kept looking over at Daniel and he kept looking at me. With us, everything was a competition. It never really mattered who won, but we just had to compete. Sex was no different and I wasn't about to let him give Linda more orgasms than I gave Shelly and I was determined to wear Shelly out before he could do the same to Linda. At the same time, I had always been extremely tender and gentle with Shelly, so this was going to be a challenge.

The girls held out for a time, but eventually, both girls were begging us to stop. I'd lost count of Shelly's orgasms.

"Twenty nine." Daniel proclaimed proudly.

"Thirty." I smiled back at him.

We both giggled.

"What? You two are keeping score?" Linda sounded a little upset.

Our giggles turned to laughter and we both rolled off the bed onto the floor.

"Get 'em." Was Shelly's response and the two girls were instantly on top of their two puppies tickling as hard as they could.

Of course this was a competition too. We not only had to outlast each other, we also had to outlast the girls. We didn't stand a chance. The girls had incredible stamina and soon their two puppies were crying and squealing, and suffering greatly from an overload of pleasure. I was the first to give and Daniel didn't try to last any longer than he had to. When the girls finally let up we were both sweating, crying, panting puddles of jello on the floor.

"Well boys, get to it."

"Yeah," Shelly chimed in, "we want to see what this puppy love stuff is all about."

"Give us minute." I begged.

"Yeah," was all Daniel could muster.

"You got five seconds," Linda warned, "or you get until next weekend."

That was at least another ten days. No way could I wait that long. I rolled towards Daniel and he met me halfway. The instant our lips met we were both completely recharged. My dick had never gotten harder, faster and Daniel was almost as fast. Our tongues were fast and furious. I reached down and gave him a couple of really good strokes.

He quickly worked his way down my body; kissing, biting, and sucking everything in his path. When he got to my dick he hungrily suck it in. Then he moved to my ass, still sucking and licking. He quickly managed to get his fingers inside and returned his mouth to what needed it most. He was like a starving animal and I fed him, oh did I feed him. Once he'd slurped up everything I'd offered, he raised my legs over his shoulders and entered me.

Somehow, he'd managed to lube himself, probably with spit. It was still a little dry, but not bad. The pleasure far outweighed the pain. Again he was like an animal, viciously pounding my ass. I felt like a stuffed monkey, full of cock. He leaned forward and our lips met; our tongues danced; and he continued to pound away. I had always admired his staying power. It seemed like he could do this all day. Finally I felt him explode inside me and for the first time, I realized the girls were watching this.

I glanced over at them. They were just standing there, eyes wide, mouths hanging open. They looked like they were in shock.

Daniel collapsed onto me and we continued kissing for several minutes before he finally rolled over. After a couple minutes I looked at the girls and smiled. They were both fingering themselves.

"That was incredible." Linda was shaking her head in disbelief.

"I never dreamed it could be like that." Shelly closed her eyes and shuddered. "Awesome."



"C'mon, get up. Time to fix breakfast." It was Linda. She had just kicked me in the butt as I lay sleeping on my cushion, still wrapped up in Daniel's arms.

"Oww!" She kicked me again.

"Oh stop it, that couldn't have hurt."

Ok, she hadn't really kicked me. Can't a puppy exaggerate a little? It was more of a tap. It didn't really hurt, the 'Ow' was more of an effort to get her to leave me alone than an expression of pain.

"Now get up."

"I thought I had the day off." I was whining now.

"You what?" Shelly must have been somewhere behind her, I hadn't turned to look. In fact I still had my eyes shut. "I've never told you any such thing."

"Well you were s'pose to."

I could feel Daniel chuckling to himself as we held each other. That was making it very difficult for me to keep from laughing.

"Ow!" I yelped again as I felt a pillow hit my head. Daniel grunted too. He must have felt that one.

"And get showered first. You two reek."

Slowly I pushed myself off the cushion and onto my feet. Daniel did the same. I looked at the girl's who feigned expressions of consternation. But I knew that look. It wouldn't be feigned for long.

"Don't those things ever go down? Linda was looking at our crotches and Shelly giggled.

Daniel and I rolled our eyes and headed to the shower where we got to give each other nice body rubs and a quick kiss. When finished, we headed for the kitchen.

I began crumbling some sausage into a frying pan while Daniel prepared some biscuit dough. I made coffee while the sausage cooked. We talked while we worked.

"Wow, I never thought I'd see you again."

"Me neither." Daniel smiled at me.

"You've grown some," I noticed that he seemed a bit taller and more muscular.

He glanced at my dick, "So have you." We both broke into a fit of giggles.

"I knew I recognized Dr. Wills from somewhere. I just couldn't figure it out. She was the mistress who started visiting before I left."

"Yeah, she seems really nice. I didn't know I was for her daughter, though."

"Yeah, I didn't even know Linda was getting a puppy. She never said."

"She didn't know either. I was a surprise." He had a big smile on his face.

I leaned over and kissed him quickly on the lips. "You sure are." We giggled some more. "I think you'll like her. They treat me really nice. It gets confusing sometimes though."

"What do you mean?" Daniel already put a pan of biscuits in the oven and was sprinkling some flour over the sausage. He gave it a stir and started to let it brown a bit. I was cutting some pineapple and strawberries.

"Well, mom says I can't just be a puppy. I have to be a son and a brother, too. That's like getting special privileges. But I can't always figure out when I'm s'posed to be what. That gets me into trouble a lot."

"Is your mistress as harsh as she was at the ceremony?" He looked a bit worried.

"She spanks really hard, but only when I deserve it. Mostly she makes me go sit on my cushion. I'd rather get spanked. It's over a lot quicker."

Daniel poured some milk over the sausage and flour mixture to make a nice gravy and I put the fruit into a bowl and sprinkled it with sugar. I gave it a stir, and then reached for the eggs.

"Linda didn't hit hard at all. It hurt, still does a little, but I had to fake falling to the ground. I wanted everybody to think she hit hard."

I know it's hard to imagine a puppy being disappointed that his balls weren't hit harder, but it's kind of a pride thing. A puppy has to show that he has the courage to stand there and take a good hit. He also wants to know that his mistress isn't afraid either.

"That's probably my fault."

"What do you mean?"

"Everyone thought Shelly hit me way too hard. They even thought I night have permanent damage. Shelly thinks what she did was cruel and swears she's never going to do it again."

"And I won't ever do it again either." It was Linda followed by Shelly. "You can't find anything to talk about except how mean we are?"

"I was... I mean... I... umm, I was trying to say how nice you are." Why did they have to pick THAT moment to walk in?

"Oh yeah, telling him how I practically destroyed your balls is certainly going to make him think I'm nice."

"But I told him you weren't going to do it anymore." I was pleading with her.

The two girls just started laughing. Daniel was giggling too.

I sighed as I realized I'd been had again. "I take it back. You're all a bunch of meanies." Pretending to be in a huff, I served the girls their breakfast of biscuits and gravy with eggs and fruit on the side and sat next to Daniel to have my own.


The two girls spent a puppyless afternoon shopping at the mall. Dr. Wills wanted Daniel to begin a thorough housecleaning project and I managed to convince the girls that I could help him and stay out of trouble. Besides, Dr. Wills asked Shelly if she might borrow me for the afternoon as there would be some heavy lifting and she thought two puppies would be better than one.

She started us in her office and we had to move a desk and a couple of bookcases out so we could shampoo the carpet. Next were the living room and then the dining room. All the furniture went to the garage. We had some snacks and sat at the kitchen table while we waited for the carpets to dry so we could bring the furniture back inside.

"You certainly are some hard working puppies." The Dr. was smiling, "I guess I can be proud of my work."

The two of us looked at her. We were both a little puzzled.

She chuckled at our expressions. "I was the doctor who performed your conceptions. That means I took the sperm from your sires and matched it to the eggs from your mothers, then put those eggs back into their wombs."

"You knew my mother?" Daniel asked. "What was she like?"

"I never really got to know her. I met her only twice. First when I removed her eggs, then when I placed you inside her. But she was like most women who decide to bear puppies. She was poor and needed the money. She was in such need that she opted to sell you even when she could have kept you for free like Carlos' mother did."

"Because I'm breeding stock?"

"Prime breeding stock, Daniel, and yes."

"Is that why you bought me, because you helped make me?"

"I've helped make hundreds of puppies over the years, but that was part of the reason. The other part is that you are a rather special puppy, both of you are"

"Really?" We both said it at once. "How?"

"We tossed in some extra special flavorings to make you taste better." She smiled.

The two of us looked first at each other then back at her. We were confused.

"I'm teasing, boys. We made you prime breeding stock so that the two of you would be able to make better puppies for the future."

We all had a good laugh and got back to work.

That night was spent having sex with the girls. They wanted us to perform with them, the way we had performed with each other the night before. Unfortunately, they didn't enjoy it as much as we did and we were stuck trying to placate two very disappointed mistresses who refused to allow Daniel and I to make love to each other. They also worked us extra hard on Sunday.


"Please mistress. We'll behave. I promise." I hated begging. It was very unpuppy-like. But I really wanted to spend some time with Daniel.

"For the last time, no! End of discussion. Ask again and you won't see him tomorrow either."

It was Monday morning and I was busy getting Shelly her breakfast so she could go to school. Mom had already left for work.

"Besides, you have work to do. Nothing got done over the weekend."

"But that's because I was helping Daniel."

"Precisely, you got to see him all weekend long."

"But we were working. I wanna visit."

"I said the discussion's over. Now you won't see him tomorrow either." Shelly shoved her empty breakfast dishes at me and then guided me by the shoulders to the sink. "And you better get stuff done. I don't want you sulking all day."

With that, she picked up her school books and headed out the door.

I was miserable as I went about my daily routine of dusting and vacuuming and cleaning the bathrooms. I even did some laundry. It wasn't my fault she hadn't like the sex. But I thought I'd made it up to her. I'd given her several nice, gentle orgasms last night. She'd even denied me one of my own and I didn't complain, at least not out loud.

Every time I completed a task I would run to the front window and look across the street just hoping to catch a glimpse of my Daniel. I needed to see him. Finally, just after I finished a lunch of puppy biscuits and buttermilk, I always eat that when I'm feeling sorry for myself, I looked out and saw him.

He smiled as I came into view. I waved. He waved back. We just stood there smiling, waving, and staring at each other for maybe thirty minutes. Then he just shrugged his shoulders and disappeared.

Except for the laundry I had already finished my chores for the day. I changed the machines and folded the load I took from the dryer. Then I went back to the window. I just stared for a few minutes, but no Daniel.

Normally I would go upstairs after lunch, jack off, and take a nap before going to the basement for a quick workout on the exercise bike and weight machine. A puppy's just gotta stay in shape. But today I didn't feel much like jacking so I just took a nap.

Tuesday was more of the same. I saw Daniel at the window twice. He looked as awful as I felt. We were both missing each other.

That evening Shelly informed me that Daniel had misbehaved and I wouldn't be seeing him on Wednesday. I pouted and threw a small tantrum. My efforts were rewarded with yet another day added to the time I wasn't allowed to see him. To make matters worse, both girls seemed to be enjoying our misery. But that was probably just my imagination.

Wednesday, while standing at the window staring at Daniel, I reached down and started playing with myself. Daniel suddenly smiled and imitated me. Within seconds we were both jacking off. It didn't take either of us very long. I wasn't close enough to actually see him shoot, but I could tell when he did. It was more than enough to send me skyrocketing into ecstasy.

Normally a puppy wouldn't be allowed to jack off without his mistress' permission. But Shelly and I had an arrangement. She hadn't exactly given me permission, but she told me that what she didn't know wouldn't be punished.

Somehow I seemed to make it through the rest of the day without getting Friday added to the list. I was extra careful not to say anything Thursday morning that might set Shelly off and even tried to act cheerful.

As soon as Shelly's bus pulled away, I was at the window. Daniel was already there. We did it three times that day.


"Now, get upstairs. I don't wanna have to look at you!"

The spanking was the worst yet. I was crying, no bawling like a little baby. But it was more because I was upset with myself for being so stupid than because Shelly had spanked me. I certainly deserved it and a whole lot more. I broke the rules. I let her down. I embarrassed her. I disappointed her.

I crawled up the stairs. It was too painful to stand up straight and walk. I went straight to my cushion, curled up with my teddy bear, pulled my blanket over me, and stuck my thumb in my mouth. Yeah, when I hurt inside, I sometimes find myself sucking my thumb. This time I was fully conscious of it. If I was gonna bawl like a baby, I figured I may as well act like one. I sobbed and cried for a long time, but eventually I guess I fell asleep.

Apparently one of the neighbors had seen us standing in the windows jacking off and had been quite offended. Our mistresses were very angry and I only hoped that Linda had not been as harsh with my poor Daniel as Shelly had been with me.

"Are you ok? Honey? Carlos?"

I groaned as I was awakened by my mother's voice. "Mommy?"

I felt her sit next to me on the cushion and the blanket was pulled from over my head. I quickly yanked my thumb from my mouth, but she probably saw. Tears were welling in my eyes again. She used a thumb to wipe them away. She looked at me and sighed, obviously trying to think of what to say to make it all better. But there wasn't anything to say that could do that.

"I'm not a very good puppy, mommy."

"You're a fine puppy, Carlos. Not perfect, but it's those imperfections that make you interesting and so much fun to have around."

"They make me a lot of trouble. I don't know why you keep me?"

"You're not going back to thinking we're going to give you away, are you?"

"No mommy, I know you won't send me away. But you probably should. I'm an embarrassment."

"No, but you are an adventure." She giggled a little. I smiled. "In the old days they had a saying 'boys will be boys'. It meant that they were going to screw up from time to time and that they weren't very easy to handle, but you were going to have to learn to expect it and to live with it."

"But you shouldn't have to. I should be better."

"No, you are good enough just the way you are. But your behavior should be better. That's part of what that saying means. You learn to live with the boy, and you may have to accept that he'll misbehave. But you don't have to accept the behavior, so you have to constantly teach him to behave better."

"I don't understand."

"You don't have to. But your sister needs to." She leaned over and kissed my forehead. "I've got to teach her to be upset with the behavior and not the boy."

She stood and picked up a plate from the bed. I brought you some dinner. "I know you like to eat these when you're upset, though for the life of me I don't understand why." She handed it to me. It was puppy biscuits and buttermilk.

I tried to stifle a smile and a giggle, but was not successful. "Thanks mommy."

She left the door open as she walked out of the room. I set the plate on the floor. I wasn't very hungry, not even for puppy biscuits.


The next thing I knew there was a light tapping on my shoulder. I must have fallen asleep after pulling the blanket back over my head.


No answer. The tapping continued.

"Stop it. Leave me alone. Go away." I was in no mood for her stupid little make-up games she liked to play every time she got upset at me. I was still too upset with myself to want to be cheered up.

"Well, if you insist." That wasn't Shelly.

I yanked the blanket away and rolled onto my back. "Daniel!"

He pounced on me, planting his lips on mine. It was the most painful kiss I ever had as both his weight and mine were putting pressure on my very sore buttocks. But it might just have been the best kiss ever.

When we broke it, I gasped in pain and pushed Daniel away. He looked a bit confused.

"Hurts." I rolled over and show him my ass.

"Eww. That's nasty." He scrunched up his face.

"Tell me about it." I moaned. "Are you ok?"

"Mistress Linda's mom was home. She stopped her from spanking me too much. She told her to find better ways to deal with me." Daniel lay next to me and lightly stroked my very tender backside.

"So what happened?" I shivered a little. "That feels nice."

"I got ten strokes with the hairbrush and I'm on loan to the neighbor. I think her name is Ms. Burch. I have to do a thorough housecleaning for her this weekend to make up for offending her."

"Oh. Maybe I could help. I offended her too."

"That might be what they're deciding downstairs. My mistress and matron are down there right now talking to your mother and mistress." I noted that he was using their formal titles instead of names so I realized it was a serious discussion.

"So they just let you come up here? I didn't think I'd get to see you for a while."

"Me neither. But they did warn me that we'd better behave ourselves 'til they come up."

We both giggled. I lay on my stomach with my head turned towards Daniel. He lay on his side, facing me. He was still lightly caressing my buttocks. Nothing more needed to be said. We just gazed into each others' eyes.

"Alright Daniel. It's time to go. Kiss your boyfriend goodbye and get a move on."

We both looked up to see our mistresses had entered the room. Without hesitation we did exactly as mistress Linda instructed. It was a lingering kiss but not too long. I watched sadly as Daniel exited the room.

"We've got to talk." Shelly was the one left standing in the room.

I closed my eyes and bit, my lower lip. "Shelly, I..."

"Shut up and listen." It wasn't an angry voice, but it was stern. She moved to the edge of the bed closest to my cushion and sat facing me.

"I haven't been a very good mistress."

I opened my mouth to speak but was cut off before I could say even a word.

"I said listen."

I stopped and let her continue although I didn't want to hear what she was saying. This was my fault. I disobeyed. I knew it was wrong when I did it, but I did it anyways. I deserved what I got.

"I'm jealous of you, Carlos."

I looked at her rather puzzled. How could a girl ever be jealous of a puppy?

"I've never been really popular with the other girls at school. I have friends. I've always had plenty of those. So it's not like I'm unpopular. It's just that... well... I always wanted to be able to hang with the more popular girls at school. I wanted to be accepted and have everybody like me."

"But everybody does like you." She looked really sad and I didn't want to see her this way.

"Just listen. After Linda's party I started being more popular. I started getting what I always wanted. Everybody wanted to be my friend.

"Well that's good isn't it?" I was confused and didn't understand.

"I thought so at first. But then I started to realize it wasn't me." She had tears running down her face.

I moved to the bed and put my arms around her. I still didn't know what she was talking about, but I wanted to make her feel better.

"I was popular because of you." She looked straight into my eyes and there was now a bit of resentment in her voice. "You were so impressive everyone wanted to be around you. But to do that, they all had to become my friend."

I didn't know what to say. This seemed like a good thing. I was glad to be able to help. So why was she so upset?

"It was great for a while. I got invited to parties. I could show you off at school. It felt really good. But then I realized it wasn't me they liked. I was the same as I was before. The only difference was that I had you. I wanted them to like me, for me, not because of you."

I was crying with her now and gave her a kiss on the cheek. I put my arm around her and held her tight.

She pushed away and stood up. "I don't deserve you, Carlos. You shouldn't be hugging me. You should be angry."

"But I love you Shelly. Why would I be angry?" I thought I was beginning to understand, but I guess not.

"Because I got jealous. The girls at school liked you better than they liked me."

I blankly stared at her.

"I saw how much you and Daniel meant to each other. I knew I could use it to torment you. I even convinced Linda it would be fun to keep the two of you apart and watch you whine and complain. We could giggle and laugh and make fun of you. It wouldn't matter if we hurt your feelings, you were just puppies after all."

Her words hurt, but seeing her upset like this hurt even more. I stood up and wrapped my arms around her again. "It's ok, Shelly."

"No, it's not ok. That should never be ok. Mom told me about that thing she said to you. You know 'boys will be boys.'"

I nodded.

"Well, if there were a saying about 'girls will be girls' it wouldn't be about misbehaving and learning to behave better. It would be about hurting other people's feelings, saying and doing things just to be mean and spiteful. We do that a lot."

"Then I guess that boys have to learn to deal with girls the same way girls have to learn to deal with boys. We have to learn to accept it will happen and to live with it and try to teach you how to be nice."

Shelly just looked at me.

I continued, "If you can teach a little puppy how to behave, maybe a little puppy can teach you how to be nice."

Shelly smiled and a little giggle escaped. "I guess this was my first lesson."

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