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by Engor

Chapter 21

A long time ago Xarax had gone to sleep.

Now something had woken him up.

That something was the presence of an intruder.

Somebody had got past the Impassable Defence. Soon that Somebody was going to die, a victim of the Numberless Traps. This had never happened before... and now Xarax could feel that the intruder was not alone, either.

Xarax was hungry. Xarax had not eaten since long, long ago. Xarax didn't eat just anything: he could not. But he could fast, and he could wait for a very long time.

And Xarax was loyal. His heart never forgot. Never.

Xarax had had a friend, and that friend had gone away. Perhaps he was dead. Xarax had been left to his despair.

Xarax had not eaten since that terrible day. Only his friend could give him the food he needed. But Xarax still remained. One day he would die of starvation and then the waiting would end at last, and he would be powerless to prevent it. But at least he would not have betrayed his friend by taking his own life in order to end his torment.

Xarax would die as he had lived: true to one only.

Xarax was a Haptir from Kretzlal.

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