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More Fish in the River

by Feangol

This story was written as an experiment and as "therapy" at a time when I was at a cusp in my life, and I'd realised that closets are pretty lonely and started inviting other people inside. Some of those people drew my attention to the handle on my side of the door, and I've taken a few peeks outside.

Special thanks to It's Only Me from Across the Sea for hosting this story, and to him and my friend Flopot for encouraging me to do it!

This story contains explicit descriptions of sexual acts between the characters in it. Although the characters are teenagers who may be below the age of consent in the country or state where this is read, nothing written here should be taken as approval of, or encouragement for, sexual liaisons between people where such liaisons are either illegal, or objectionable for moral reasons. Although this story does not include safe sex practices, it is everyone's own responsibility to themselves and to each other to engage only in PROTECTED SEX. It is a story. Any resemblance to real persons is purely coincidental. Nothing represented here is based on any fact known to the author.

The story is copyright 2001 by "Feangol". If you copy the story, please leave the credits, and the web address of present, and also the email address of I'd love to receive feedback.

Chapter 8

When I awoke Sunday morning I was excited about the kayaking session, especially now that Luke maybe didn't hate me so much.

"Shit!" I yelled as the realisation hit me as I stood in the shower that I didn't know what TIME I was supposed to meet Luke. My fathers concerned voice at the bathroom door asked if I was ok became a knocking until I answered. I suppose he was worried I'd hurt myself in there or something, which in a way I felt like I had, as I realised I only vaguely knew where Luke lived, and didn't have his phone number... and what's more, didn't know anyone who would know it since he wasn't in my year.

I trudged downstairs despondently wearing just my towel - not seeing any point in working out what clothes to wear now my day was screwed up - and picked at my eggs and toast. I looked at the clock - 10am. I must have been excited to be up that early on a Sunday I thought, and sighed.

"You could always take a book to read and go and wait down by the river" my mum suggested, dad had obviously told her.

"Yeah I suppose" I said. That wasn't such a bad idea. Oh but Luke might not turn up because we hadn't agreed a time. I sighed again.

Just then the door rang. My dad answered it and I could hear him talking. He came back down the corridor and as his large form came into the kitchen, Luke followed him in!

"Luke!" I cried, like a little kid at Christmas, and stood up and almost ran over too him. I stopped in front of him feeling a little awkward but smiling up at him.

Of course, he knew where I lived! I was more than a little flattered that he'd put himself out to come over here, with me being a year younger and everything.

"Hey bud," he said grinning that same old grin at me. "How's the leg now?" he asked.

I'd almost forgotten about that. "Oh its fine, only hurt for a couple of days" I said, feeling like a hypochondriac now it was just a memory.

"Good. Well sorry to show up and catch you all undressed bud," he smiled looking down at my towel causing me to blush a little. "I just thought I'd stop by and see if you were still up for doing some paddling"

"Of course I am!" I replied.

"Cool. So when you want to do it?"

"Whenever you want," I said, unused to taking the lead.

"Well, it's a nice day and the forecasts good all day - we could go anytime"

"Why don't you take some sarnies and make a day of it boys?" my mum interrupted.

"COOL idea mum!" I yelled enthusiastically. "You want to?" I asked Luke.

"Sure" he laughed. "We could put the food in the back of my boat in a few plastic bags. I know a great place for a picnic too."

"Ok well you go get yourself sorted out Sam" she said, "and meanwhile I'll make up a packed lunch for both of you. Give me 20 minutes or so."

"Great thanks mum" I said. "C'mon Luke!" I added, grabbing his arm and steering him towards my room.

We got into my room and I realised I was wearing the towel. My current excitement over our great plan for the day overrode my modesty, and feeling mischievous I flung the towel in the general direction of the radiator as I kicked the door shut. I was aware of Luke staring at me and then becoming very engrossed in my collection of CD's. I rummaged in my drawers for some pants and shorts and Luke noticed me starting to put them on.

"You might as well go for your swim shorts now Sam - bring the other stuff to change into after" he suggested.

"Good plan" I commented.

Having Luke there made me feel good in a way I couldn't put my finger on. I found my bag and packed my pants and other shorts and a t-shirt. Only then I remembered to put on my swim shorts and cover my nakedness, and I found a sports vest out of another drawer.

"There" I said, and flopped down next to Luke on the bed.

"Cool CDs" he remarked.

"Thanks. Put something on if you want" I offered. He did so and I lay back alongside him. As I lay there I looked at his back, and the back of his neck. I could see the line of his spine down to his shorts, and when he leaned forward to look at the CDs or mess with the CD player controls, his t-shirt rode up and exposed the small of his back, and top of his shorts. I could see his underpants peeking just over the top. With a guilty pang I realised I was starting to get hard and sat up next to him, at which point I noticed Luke's shorts were tented out far more than mine.

"Boys, its ready" my mum called up. I was inexplicably irritated - that was never 20 minutes, but then thought about the day ahead and put those feelings to one side. I stuffed my trainers on my feet, grabbed my bag and Luke's hand and started dragging him to the door.

"C'mon dude lets party" I said in a phoney accent.

"What about your CD ?"

"Oh yeah" I said and reluctantly let go of his hand to turn off the machine. As I turned back I saw he was adjusting himself in his shorts and I grinned at him, realising he'd been stalling for time.

I followed him down to the kitchen and gave my mum a big hug for the lunches.

"Thanks Mrs Cooper" Luke said as I bustled him to the door to the garage.

"See you mum thanks!"

"Have a nice time boys!"

I grabbed my bike and we went out the front, where Luke's was chained to one of the posts of our porch. It was very sunny out, and the sky was a deep blue with barely a hint of cloud. Perfect! We set off across the park to the school, and I noticed that Luke was a little quiet still. I was starting all the conversations, and he was being friendly enough, but not exactly chatty. Whatever had been bothering him before was still there. Maybe I would be able to get him to talk about it, and help him deal with it. He was always the one helping me and the thought of being able to return the favour was pleasing. The park was full of couples, and I thought about Judy. Last night I had finally succumbed to thinking about Luke as I fantasised. I had had a little cry about it, but I had finally realised - after the reaction I'd had to my experiences yesterday, that there was no question I found Luke more interesting. I just hoped I could avoid making a fool of myself with Luke, and pissing him off again.

When we reached the boathouse we took our bikes round the back. Luke had a spare key from Mr Watson and unlocked it and we put our bikes in the changing rooms, and locked the back door behind us and went through the "staff only" door (with a shiver of excitement I have to admit) to the front of the boathouse. Luke turned the lights on and walked through to the front and opened up the doors on one side, then came back and helped me lift two boats down. We put on our buoyancy aids, Luke put on a spraydeck and picked up a spare saying it was for me to use later on if I wanted to try some support strokes out. We put a couple of paddles in the boats along with our lunch and carried them out the front. After tying the key onto a ring in the pocket of his buoyancy aid, Luke slammed the doors and we were off!

Paddling upstream was a different experience for me from pottering around outside the boathouse, and after about 20 minutes I was starting to feel a bit tired.

"So where are we going" I asked, breaking a long silence broken only by my grunts and splashes.

"Not much further. There's a really nice spot I found up here a while ago when I had to get out for a piss once. We can get to it from kayaks, but its really secluded."

"Sounds great!" I said, hoping there weren't as many nettles as the riverside had sported so far.

After perhaps another ten minutes of paddling, Luke announced we were here. It didn't look much different to the rest of the river, but I trusted him implicitly and didn't doubt that we were indeed where we were supposed to be.

"Ok this is going to be a bit tricky, but just take it slowly and we'll be fine." He assured me.

He used his paddle to knock a few nettles back from the bank, which was about 3 feet above our heads, then threw it onto the bank. In a confident movement he stood up and hopped out onto the bank. I was quite sure that I would not manage to make it quite that easily. Like when he had rolled back up from the capsize, I was not entirely sure how he had done it even though I'd just watched him. He reached down and grabbed the end of his boat and dragged it up the bank and out of the way. The muscles in his bare arms stood out as he pulled it up, making him look older.

"Ok your turn" he grinned at me. "I'll lean over and grab your buoyancy aid, and then I can help you up the bank. The only thing is, try not to kick your boat away as you climb up."

"Ok," I said, starting to feel a little apprehensive. "Just don't let go." I had trouble getting out at the neat, cemented bank at school and that was only a few inches, not a few feet.

"I wont let go, I promise." Said Luke, with a very serious and intense look on his face. I knew he wouldn't let me down.

Luke reached down and grabbed a handful of my buoyancy aid at the shoulder. I put my hands as high up as I could onto the bank and pulled myself up. I immediately felt the boat start drifting out and tried to pull it back with my foot, but it was all going wrong. I took a step onto the bank and lurched back towards the river, and true to his word, Luke kept hold of my buoyancy aid as I pulled both of us back off into the water.

We both scrambled back up onto the bank laughing as hard as we could, helping each other up the slippery slope. My boat hadn't gone far and was nestled in some rushes and we pulled it out when we'd recovered from our hysterics.

"Ok right pull the boats back here" said Luke, and I followed him further back from the river's edge, and sure enough there was a grassy area behind the façade of nettles and bushes. Behind us were meadows and fields.

"Cool spot" I said

"Told you" smiled Luke. "There's no paths or anything along here: its great. I've come here few times on my own" he confessed.

"I thought you weren't supposed to paddle on your own." I said

"What Watson doesn't know won't hurt him" he said airily. "Besides, I got you now" he smiled.

Luke took off his buoyancy aid and lay it down on the ground, and shrugged out of his spraydeck and lay it over his boat. In this sun they would not take long to dry. I removed my buoyancy aid and put it on one of the boats.

"Stick it down here next to mine," said Luke. "We can use them as cushions" he said.

I did what I was told.

"So you up for some sunbathing before we eat?"

"Cool" I said, and again followed his lead and removed my sports vest. Watching him gradually stripping off in front of me had got my dick hard as a rock again, but I noticed as I looked at Luke standing with his hands on his hips watching me that the outline of his hard dick was clearly visible in his wet shorts. I looked up and smiled shyly.

"Looks like that thing is trying to get out" he laughed. "Perhaps you should give it some air?"

My eyes widened, realising what he was suggesting. Then the sheer naughtiness of it made me feel even more horny, and I found myself giggling.

"Only if you will" I said.

"Of course" he answered, pulling his shorts down and exposing his hard cock.

When I could tear my eyes away, I looked around, and realising there was no way we could be seen, even from the river, slipped my own shorts off and for the first time I could remember I was naked out of doors. It was very exciting, even more so because I had this beautiful blond boy here with me- just as naked and just as excited.

"C'mon lets lie down here" Luke said, and stretched out on his back using his buoyancy aid as a pillow.

I meekly lay down beside him, feeling the soft blades of the long grass gently poking me.

"It's a bit tickly" I said.

"No its not" he answered. There was a pause. "Now THIS is tickly" he yelled sitting up and going for my ribs. I was totally caught by surprise and writhed helplessly, trying to throw him off as I wriggled, but he had the weight of his chest over mine and I was too distracted by the tickling to muster a defence. After some minutes it occurred to me that the tickling had stopped. I realised he had my wrists pinned by his hands, with his strong upper body lying on me, and we were staring into each others eyes smiling and panting. I looked over his shoulder up at the sky, clear blue with a single black silhouette of a bird looping around. I sighed, feeling the happiest I had in a long time. I looked back at Luke. He hadn't moved, but had a dreamy look on his face. I grinned at him.

"I love it here" I said.

"Me too," he said softly, removing his left hand from my wrist, and stroking the side of my head, running his hand around my jaw. I half closed my eyes, the feeling reminded me of being safe as a small child, when my parents would stroke my hair to make me sleep. I felt a pressure on my lips and opened my eyes in surprise. Luke was kissing me. A gentle pressing of dry lips and he lifted his head back, a pressure on my chest compensating for the movement. I looked into his eyes wonderingly. My free right hand, almost of its own volition, started to move towards his face. He didn't move. I tentatively moved it closer, almost like one of those old black and white films when they tried to make model monsters move. I reached his face, and the world failed to end. I touched his soft cheek, and ran my fingers back up into his beautiful fair hair, a corona of fine stray strands picked out by the sun making him look like an angel with a halo. As my fingers combed his hair, his head lowered, as if the slight weight of my hand were pushing it down. We kissed again. This time he was trapping my upper lip with his, like a bite but without teeth. I opened my mouth a little and he began running his tongue around my lips and I moaned softly with the pleasure of it. When he replied with a soft buzzing "Hmmmm" like a drowsy bee I shook my left hand free of his and wrapped it under his arm and round his back. This caused him to break our kiss and give a quiet "ohhhhh" as I stroked his back. I was just in awe of this whole experience. As he showed me affection, I wanted to show him how great it felt, and thus a cycle of giving and receiving of love was born. I briefly realised that boys weren't supposed to show this sort of affection at all, but I silently told that little voice to go fuck itself.

We resumed kissing and Luke's playing tongue started slipping along the front of my teeth. I opened my mouth wider and started darting my own tongue out. Our tongues met and I arched my back at the sensuous exchange that followed, somehow moaning deep in my throat as his tongue and mine danced together, as his hand caressed my cheek, as my left hand squeezed him too me and my right stroked the length of his firm, muscled back. My hand traced the shoulder blades and found his spine, my fingertips tracing their way down his warm golden skin to the top of his smooth buttocks. It slid across as far as I could reach over his nearest cheek, and I grasped it tightly and pulled him into me. He shifted his position and carefully moved his lower body over mine, and I felt the incredible heat of his hard cock against my belly. We both started squirming as our cocks came into contact with each other's body, and after a few minutes of this I threw my head back breaking our kiss, and loudly cried his name. My over-stimulated mind caused my over-sexed teenage balls to shoot their load between our writhing bodies.

It was just so much better than any solo effort I was overwhelmed with the intensity. I was aware of Luke kissing my throat and my chest. I was too stunned to speak at first but Luke softly whispered by my ear.

"Wow you really like this huh?" and he kissed my cheek below my ear.

"Your amazing. Just amazing" I managed, feeling totally wiped out.

"Hehe thanks bud" he said, stroking my hair, looking into my eyes.

"Sorry I er came too soon." I was embarrassed to even say the word, although my sperm was currently slick between our bodies.

"You didn't" he said. "Its so cool you loved it that much. I wasn't sure..."

"Neither was I" I said, thinking about my disastrous date yesterday and I laughed.

"What?" he said, amused.

"I was just thinking about what a waste of time my date with Judy was yesterday" I said, choosing my words with a little care in case he got the wrong idea. That's when it hit me that this was where it all went wrong last Tuesday - I mentioned the date to him... I began to see where I'd really got it wrong before...

"What... what happened?" he said.

"Er well it was a total disaster. Could you stop doing that a sec" I asked, his hair-stroking was making it incredibly hard to concentrate.

"Sorry" he laughed, but obviously not very.

"Um anyway she ... was.... Wasn't ... what... I wanted" I managed to get out, between kisses. He really wasn't making it very easy to tell the story. But right then, I didn't entirely care. The pieces had all started falling into place.

He started squirming his cock against me and I realised he hadn't yet come. He was so kind, patiently staying there talking to me while I recovered and savoured my orgasm. His sensitivity and understanding was a world away from Judy. I stroked his arse, enjoying the smooth feel of it, quite hot now from the sun.

"You better watch out you don't burn, darling" I said, experimentally.

He looked down at me as he realised what I'd said, and after a heartbeat a single tear rolled down his cheek.

"Sorry, Luke I just..."

"No its ok Sam" he smiled, shushing my lips with the thumb of the hand that was now cupping my cheek. "I liked it. A lot."

"Oh ok . I thought ..."


"I thought you might think it was a bit soppy, its just what my mum calls me and it sounded.. .right somehow."

"Yeah it did. You're so cool. I was sure I was freaking you out these past two weeks."

I laughed. "You're kidding? I was worried I was freaking YOU out."

"I guess we're just a pair of freaks then" he said nonsensically, and kissed me again. During that kiss he rolled away, but held me tight so I realised what he wanted just in time. We ended up reversed, with me on top. It was a relief to not have his weight on me, and it felt incredibly sexy lying on him. I caught myself getting a little too comfortable with my head on his chest and starting to drift off to sleep as he stroked me. I pushed myself up.


"What, sweetheart?"

My heart melted, and I understood how I had touched him when I had called him "darling" earlier. I smiled a big soppy smile at him.

"What?" he reminded me, laughing. It felt good being able to feel his laugh in his chest as it was made.

"Oh, well you didn't you know..."

"Its ok babe no hurry" he said. I could get to like this silly name game. It made me feel so special. And to think I'd been secretly pleased whenever he'd called me "bud".

"Yeah well... can I um .. can I touch it?"

"You are, silly boy" he said hugging me, and I certainly could feel it ... every last millimetre.

I realised I was going to have to take some initiative here, or he'd keep shrugging it off while staying rock hard all day. I rolled off him so I could see what I was dealing with. I was feeling a bit dozy what with the sun and the release of a few minutes earlier. I lay my head on his chest, and he cupped an arm around me. With my uppermost hand I traced swirls on his sperm daubed flanks down to his cock. Getting more daring I started tracing little swirls up his shaft. He sighed, lifting my head up and down. His foreskin had become pushed back when we'd been humping each other earlier, and I lightly tickled the wet end, eliciting a moan from my lover. Not knowing what else to do I grasped his big dick and realised how much larger it was than mine.

"How long is it?" I wondered aloud. "Its bigger than mine"

"About 5 and a half I think" Luke sighed.

"Its big around as well as long" I stated.

"Hehe thanks" said Luke, and I was pleased to have inadvertently complimented him.

I slowly pumped my hand up and down his penis, and as I got into a rhythm I began kissing his chest and belly. He pulled my shoulders up and I lay along side him, still pumping. He was writhing a little, but found enough control to seek my lips with his mouth. Once I realised what he wanted I began kissing him, using my tongue and my lips to tell him how I felt as I tried to keep a steady rhythm going on his cock. After only a few minutes I felt his body stiffen a he arched his back as he shot a stream of cum over his shoulder, another onto his chest, a further onto his belly followed by two or three more that left my hand slick with his cum. He groaned and collapsed back. After laying sitting watching him for some minutes, not letting go of his softening dick while I stroked his head, I grabbed my sports vest and wiped us both up, tenderly wiping Luke's chest, belly and cock.. I'll screwed the vest up and threw it back by one of the boats, planning to rinse it out in the river later.

"C'mere" Luke muttered

I scooted alongside him and lay on my back, my side touching his.

"Its ok roll over on your side a bit" he said, and as I did so he pulled my arm across him. Bringing my leg up across him was my idea. I had my head on his shoulder with his arm under my neck and laying down my back. It felt fantastic. Safe. I sighed. I guess I'm gay then, I thought to myself and smiled. It was a relief to have worked it all out at last. For once in my life it didn't even occur to me to feel guilty.

I dozed for an indeterminate time and I awoke to my hair being stroked.

"Hey" said Luke in greeting, in a soft almost falsetto voice.

A moments disorientation and I realised I still lay with my head on Luke's chest. I took a breath and as I detected the smell of his warm body, smelling slightly of sex and inhaled until my chest filled, savouring the moment. I pushed myself up, blinking a little in the sunlight and smiled sleepily at my friend.

"Hi" I said. Such a short word, but it spoke of questions and answers, feelings and deductions.

"You were out for about 15 minutes" Luke told me.

"Feels forever" I said, shyly putting my hand on his chest between his nipples and stroking him slightly.

"You'll be hungry then" he smiled.

"Hmmm yeah ok" I said, feeling so complete that food didn't seem necessary. I sat up as Luke got up and delved in his boat for the bag of food. I gazed breathlessly at the beauty of his slim body as he moved, still very boyish in form but with an athletic definition. His skin was perfect, and like me other than above his dick he had no hair anywhere on his body, although where I had darker hair on my arms he had nothing other than an almost invisibly fine down I had noticed earlier. As he stood so did I, and admired his tight buttocks dimpling as he turned and took the few paces back to me.

"What?" he asked smiling, noticing the silly expression on my face.

It hit me that I didn't have to hide what I was thinking any longer. "Just lookin' " I answered with fake casualness and innocent expression, but was very obvious as I ran my gaze down his chest and lingered on his tightly defined belly. As I watched his penis became hard, almost magically growing from just under two to his full five and half inches. I looked up and grinned, realizing that I had been erect for some minutes. Luke took the last few paces between us, and with the bag of food still hooked in his fingers put his arms around me and drew me to him. We kissed passionately for some minutes, and I gloried in the feel of his smooth firm buttocks in my hands.

We broke the kiss at some unspoken signal, but neither of us let go of the other.

"You hungry? For food?" he smiled.

"Not really" I answered. "Just you" I said tenderly, the obvious cliché answer still fresh and amusing to us both.

He stroked my hair and I was lost in his eyes again. I'd seen boys with their girlfriends before at parties and always thought this sort of behaviour was odd and fake. Now I could hardly move, like an insect trapped in amber, I was caught up in this ancient feeling.

"Want to go paddling?" he asked, slightly sarcastically.

"Nope" I said simply, daring him to ask what I wanted.

"Didn't think so," he giggled, his sweet breath tickling my face.

"You're so amazing" I said, lovingly with a hint of wonder in my voice.

"So are you. I've never felt like this about anyone."

"You're so beautiful" I said shyly, unsure of whether I was allowed to say this.

"You can talk. You have the most amazing eyes. Whenever you look at me I feel like I just want to hold you" Luke almost whispered.

We stood, caught up in each other until his watch beeped, re-asserting the flow of time.

"One O'Clock" he said, looking at it over my shoulder. "Food?"

"OK" I said, my stomach starting to remind me I'd been very active so far that morning.

We sat down cross-legged opposite each other, and while we ate we talked. The conversation was of nothing in particular, but forged an easy bond between us, fitting us together as easily as we had when cuddling up earlier. After we ate, Luke lay back with his head on a buoyancy aid, and I crawled along side him. I lay on my back with his arm underneath my shoulders, squinting up at the sky.

We talked for a while, and then settled into a comfortable silence.

"How long have you known your gay?" he asked after some time.

I started to say "I'm not" then realised before the words were out of my mouth this wasn't true. I'd realised earlier but somehow I was still assimilating that idea.

"Definitely since about an hour ago," I half-teased. "But I suppose I've been thinking I might have been for a while now." I paused, thinking. "I suppose yesterday Judy was the final proof to me I'm not interested in that sort of thing." Another piece fell into place. "I suppose since I met you I realised that I'd always liked boys, but I just hadn't met the right one." I rolled on my side and snuggled my face into his firm flesh, wrapping my arm around his rib cage.

"That's so nice" he said gently. I wasn't sure if he meant the snuggling, or what I'd just said.

"What about you?" I asked.

"Oh I've always known"

"What? You must know when you worked it out or something?" I asked.

"Nah," he said, "I've been thinking about boys since I can remember."

"Wow that must have been nice for you, not worrying about it and stuff."

"Sort of" he said, sounding a little unsure.

"Its been doing my head in" I said, with not a little self-depreciation.

"I'm glad you seemed to have worked things out now" he said, his free hand stroking my hair.

"Me too" I laughed. I pushed against his hand like a cat and he ran his hand down the back of my neck and back up against the direction of my hair, smoothing it back on the down stroke.

"Have you ... I mean ... am I the first person?" I asked, not quite brave enough to ask the whole question, but he knew what I meant.

"Sure" he chuckled. "Not that I haven't been looking" he said.

"Well you can stop now," I said, hoping, needing that he would, that this was as important to him as it was to me.

"Thank god" he said, squeezing me tight, pulling me on top of him.

The contact of his body against every intimate part of me was amazing. My head seemed to lower under the force of gravity, and I surprised myself by initiating a kiss. His passionate response stimulated me further and I started humping my damp cock against his warmth.

"Sam? Can I try something I think you'll like?" he asked, sounding a little tense.

"Sure" I said rashly, followed by a small pang as I wondered what he might want to do.

"Ok lie on your back" he said, rolling me as he did so.

I lay there as he knelt between my legs, and he leant over me and began kissing my cheek, and worked down my neck. The gentlest of kisses he planted softly on my body made it feel like fiery ice running from my loins up my belly, the slight tickling sensation almost too much to bear and yet my body was at full alert waiting to welcome the next touch. He got to my upper thigh, around where my pale skin was ghostly evidence of summer swimming trunks. I was in an altered state of being by that point, caught up in a wonderful maelstrom of sense and emotion. When I felt his butterfly touches on my testicles I moaned quite loudly, and as he worked up my hard cock I couldn't believe the feeling and was sure I felt a churning from my balls as they made preparations for what must surely follow. When I was quite sure that I would ejaculate if he were to continue he stopped for a moment and I felt his hands run up and down my sides. I opened my eyes and looked at him, unable to speak I gave a whimper as his hands worked over me.

"Ok?" he asked with a big grin on his face.

"Uhuhmm" I gulped, then tried a bit harder. "Amazing" was about the best I could manage.

He chuckled. "Ok if that's amazing what's this?" he asked playfully and bent back over me and I felt a pleasant warm wet feeling on my balls working up, and as I glanced down to see what this wonderful sensation was I saw him licking up my shaft and then, to my amazement and almost terminal sensory overload he took my penis in his mouth.

"Ohhhhh!" I moaned again, in surprise and overwhelming pleasure.

He began working his mouth up and down my cock, running his tongue around the end from time to time. After only a few minutes of this I arched my back and was unable to control my body's shudders as my cock pumped my juices into Luke's mouth.

I was aware of him stroking my head in that now-familiar way. I hadn't blacked out as such, but I was stunned and overloaded by the amazing orgasm, the electric after-shocks of which were still humming and buzzing around my nervous system. I felt him kiss my cheek and opened my eyes.

"Wow" I said, smiling goofily.

He kissed my lips as answer and we continued to look into each other's eyes. After many minutes I wanted to make him feel as good, and made him lay on his back and tried to copy what he had done. After kissing down his body, I had become partially hard at the smell of him. But when I got down to his penis I hesitated. This was new and frightening.

"You don't have to, love" he said.

But I did, and being called "love" was probably the only excuse I needed as I realised I wanted nothing more than to be able to make this wonderful, beautiful boy feel as good as he possibly could. I took his cock in my mouth, sucking from it his moist precum that had leaked out as he had been pleasuring me. It was a little slimy, but tasted pleasant enough. The wonderful smell of boy sex aroused me and easily pushing his foreskin back with my mouth I started working my tongue over his head. He arched beneath me and started bobbing up and down on his penis as he had done for me. His grunts and squeaks were turning me on again and I found my cock with one hand and masturbated as I sucked him. Suddenly I felt his penis pump once and a split second later my mouth began to fill as he shot his semen into my mouth. I broke off, having forgotten about that part of proceedings and got a load on my face as I pulled away. I watched as my lover arched and pumped his last load and lay back down, motionless apart from his heaving chest. I realised I swallowed the semen that he'd shot in my mouth and reached up to my cheek and as I continued masturbating scooped the deposit off my face and sucked my finger, tasting his cum properly. The whole experience pushed me to the edge and I came dryly, my young balls aching as they were unable this time to supply the fluids my orgasm demanded. I knelt there panting, then realising I wanted to share this feeling with my lover I lay down on my side next to Luke, throwing my limbs over him and pulling him to me.

"Oh my god" he said weakly after several minutes.

I laughed, and kissed his chest and looked down at him.

"We're going to get burned if we're not careful" I reminded him, worried about falling asleep again.

"Yeah. Give me a minute and we can put our shorts on and cool of in the river"

"Sounds good, but why spoil it by wearing shorts?" I teased, longing for the feeling of cool water over every part of my hot body.

"Ok your on!" he said, struggling up.

We walked crouched double and squatted down behind the vegetation, and peered up and down the river to see if any pleasure boats or fishermen were in evidence. Seeing no one around we whooped and screamed as we jumped in and proceeded to splash around and swim, occasionally coming together to wrestle, which invariably ended up in hugging and feeling, then falling over as we slipped on the muddy bottom.

Eventually we climbed out exhausted, and after catching our breath realised that the afternoon was passing and we'd had as much sun as was good for us. Reluctantly we dressed put our shorts back on and Luke his top, although I didn't bother with mine as it was damp after rinsing it and just put it in my kayak.

We got in our boats, Luke getting in first and helping stabilise my kayak as I climbed in, copping a good feel of my leg in the process. I realised he'd never really been able to keep his hands off me when we'd been kayaking, and now that I'd finally worked out what it meant I really enjoyed every electric touch.

After we'd paddled back to school and put our kit away we went locked up the front of the hut and went back through to the changing rooms.

"Shower?" Luke asked, smiling broadly.

"Hmmmm" I feigned indecision, but was so happy I couldn't refrain from giggling.

I picked up my gel and Luke took my hand then led me to one of the showers, which he activated with his other hand. He pulled me under, and seemingly devoid of will I stood there as he tipped some shower gel out of the bottle still in my hand and started washing me all over. I felt very young as he worked over my front and turned me round and did my back. He pulled me too him and kissed my alongside my cheek, and I leant back into him, sighing contentedly as he continued to soap up my front. He took another scoop of gel and telling me to close my eyes did my hair and face, pulling me back under the stronger part of the jet to rinse me off.

"Your so beautiful" he murmured.

I washed him, lingering round his genitals and remembering my fantasy in the shower which now seemed long ago, enjoying the contours of his marvellous body. I felt so lucky and excited, as if I'd just had the best birthday ever.

"What?" I asked as he giggled under my touch.

"Oh nothing. Well.. I was just thinking how I wanted so much to offer to wash your back on Tuesday when I borrowed your gel."

"Oh right! Maybe you should've," I said.

"Would you have said yes?"

"Probably not" I said after thinking. "I um.. I don't think I was ready to admit how I felt"

"I was so nervous. I'm glad I didn't then." He paused. "You don't regret this do you?"

"Of course not!" I said forcefully, putting my arms under his and pulling him towards me. "It just took me a while to work it out. But I know its what I want now"

We kissed under the warm water spraying over us, and when the timing mechanism turned off the shower we went back to dry and change, dripping water all the way back through.

"Don't slip!" Luke joked, grabbing me and we giggled as this led to another long kiss.

"I don't think I could now - you're here to catch me" I said dreamily, looking up into his eyes. Besides, I wasn't sure whether my feet were actually touching the ground.

We dressed, and it was liberating to be able to ignore the usual changing room protocol of "not looking" as we watched each other intently in a backwards strip-tease. I held our bikes while Luke unlocked the rear door to let us out and then re-locked it behind us, and it was only then it hit us that we might have to part company.

"Do we have to go home?" I asked.

"I know, I don't want to either" Luke sighed. We began to push our bikes back to the school gates, dragging our feet and walking so close that our sides continually brushed each other. "So you could come back to my house or something?" he asked, his voice a little husky.

"Sure!" I said with relief. "I'd love to!"

"Great." he said. "C'mon then!" and suddenly he jumped on his bike and started pedalling off.

"Hey wait up!" I laughed, and struggled to catch up.

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