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More Fish in the River

by Feangol

This story was written as an experiment and as "therapy" at a time when I was at a cusp in my life, and I'd realised that closets are pretty lonely and started inviting other people inside. Some of those people drew my attention to the handle on my side of the door, and I've taken a few peeks outside.

Special thanks to It's Only Me from Across the Sea for hosting this story, and to him and my friend Flopot for encouraging me to do it!

This story contains explicit descriptions of sexual acts between the characters in it. Although the characters are teenagers who may be below the age of consent in the country or state where this is read, nothing written here should be taken as approval of, or encouragement for, sexual liaisons between people where such liaisons are either illegal, or objectionable for moral reasons. Although this story does not include safe sex practices, it is everyone's own responsibility to themselves and to each other to engage only in PROTECTED SEX. It is a story. Any resemblance to real persons is purely coincidental. Nothing represented here is based on any fact known to the author.

The story is copyright 2001 by "Feangol". If you copy the story, please leave the credits, and the web address of present, and also the email address of I'd love to receive feedback.

Chapter 9

By the time he had got to the school gates Luke had slowed to wait for me. I'd known he would, but a panic had set in as I rode after him, and it was with relief I caught up with him. We cycled along to his house and I realised as we approached it that I had cycled down his road on a number of occasions and never knew he lived there. Of course I hadn't known him then, but it was a strange feeling - almost as though I resented not knowing it.

We took the bikes round the side of his house and put them both in the shed they kept them in. His garden was much smaller than ours, but immaculate. We saw his mum through from the kitchen and she smiled at us and waved. Going into the kitchen Luke hugged his mum.

"Hi mum - this is Sam"

"Ah so you're Sam. Nice to meet you," she said warmly, and smiled. Her eyes crinkled up in the corners like Sam's did.


"You boys have a good day?" she asked, looking at me still.

"Great thanks" I said shyly, trying desperately not to look at Luke.

"It was ace" added Luke, beaming a huge smile and looking at me.

I felt a slow blush spreading up from my neck, and found it hard to look at either of them.

"We're just going to go watch some tv in my room" he said, opening the fridge and fishing out a couple of cokes.

"Ok darling. Would you like to stay for some dinner, Sam?" she asked.

"Um .." I said looking at Luke for reassurance "Yeah sure. Yes please that would be great" I said. "I better phone my mum and check" I added, fishing in my bag for my mobile.

"Its ok Sam use ours: its cheaper" she offered, indicating the phone on the wall near the fridge.

I went over and stood near Luke as I called my mum. As I waited for her to answer I was intensely aware of him, and when my mum answered I had to remember why I was calling at first. She readily agreed to me staying for dinner, but had to tell me to "be good" before she rang off, as if she thought I otherwise might draw on the walls and trash the furniture or something.

I followed Luke upstairs, and watched his smooth legs as we walked up. Normally I ran upstairs but I assumed like me he was a bit tired after our energetic day. I paused in his doorway - his room was huge!

"Wow cool room!" I said, amazed by the size and the quality of the decoration and furniture. It looked like one of those TV series had visited, the ones that do room makeovers. I felt like I was meant to go in and cry and say "wow that's amazing" like they did on TV. I loved the shows where you could tell they hated it but had to stand there politely commenting that they loved what the designer had done with it, although it would never have occurred to them to paint the cat purple or whatever. No such problem with Luke's room. (He didn't own a cat.)

"Thanks. My mum designed it."

"Wow! Cool Mum."

"Yep she is. This is what she does. You should see the living room!"

"Its so big too. Your house must be bigger inside than it looked from outdoors" I said.

"Well my mum let me have the biggest room when we moved." he said, and the way he said it reminded me his dad was dead.

"Nice," I said with a deliberate tone of envy, throwing myself onto his bed. The cool feeling of his sheets on my slightly sun-fried skin felt wonderful, and I put my head back, locked my fingers behind my head and sighed. I felt the bed sink down on one side as Luke climbed on beside me. I forced myself to keep my eyes closed and felt the warmth of his firm body as he lay down beside me. He began stroking my hair and face, and it was somehow the nicest feeling I had experienced all day, which was saying something.

"I love your nose," he said unexpectedly.

"What?" I asked

"Its cute."

"How can a nose be cute?" I asked and opened my eyes and looked at his. It was small but had a little upward turn before the end. "Oh, yeah I see" I said in all seriousness, causing him to laugh.

"Hey I just thought I don't have your phone number or anything" he said eventually.

"Wow yeah. Or me - have yours I mean." I sat up and got my phone out of my bag so I could type his number straight in. We swapped details and got carried away doing email addresses and so forth. I started panicking and made him email me right there and then from his computer, so I had all his details somewhere safe. He was amused at my paranoia.

"Relax, you know where I live now! You can come round anytime," he said, rubbing my shoulders.

"Yeah I know. I'm just worried you're going to change your mind or something."

"About what? Sam, since that first time I saw you I just wanted to get to know you. After I got to know you I wanted to get to know you more, and now today has happened I want to be with you ... all the time. You make me feel so ...," he paused.

"So what?" I asked and he blushed a little.

"I don't know I just like you being with me, looking at me like you do and, I don't know it just sounds stupid when I say it now."

"I don't think you're stupid," I said calmly. "I like.. I love being with you too. I don't want today to end"

"Well don't go then," he pleaded, taking hold of me and cuddling me to him. "Stay tonight. Mum won't mind."

"Its school tomorrow. I don't think I'll be allowed."

"Damn yeah. Well we could ask anyway?" he asked, and I realised he needed to know I at least wanted to, even if we weren't allowed.

"Sure I'll ask. But I know my mum. She's going to say I haven't got clothes and I have to get up and stuff."

"So what?" he said. "Listen if you want we can go round and get some clothes from your house before dinner, then we can go to school together tomorrow. We can get my mum to talk to her. Its cool I'll go tell her"

"Wow! Genius!" I said, hugging him hard, and then spontaneously kissing him shyly, a bit nervous now we were not in our secret love nest.

When I eventually let him go he jumped up and went to find his mum. I could hear him talking to her, and got up to look at his sound system. It was very nice. I didn't know anything about such things actually, but it looked as if it had lots of important displays, dials and buttons. His musical tastes were pretty compatible with mine, but then all teenagers conform to listen to the same rebels I suppose. Feeling nosy I looked through his books, noticing with surprise several grouped together that included what appeared to be gay themed novels because of the pink triangle on them. He must have worked a good deal out with his mum to keep her out of his room, I thought to myself.

"Ok lets phone your mum," he said, bouncing back into the room.

"Cool!" I yelled, hoping my mum was as easy to convince. As it turned out, she was, although she did want to talk to Luke's mum.

We left Luke's mum on the phone to mine still and raced the mile or so round to my house and in a lightening raid grabbed my school clothes and books, said "hi" and "bye" to my parents and raced back to Luke's house. In hindsight we could have saved ourselves a trip and stayed overnight at mine, but that wasn't really the point.

Back at Luke's we still had time before dinner, and sat down in his small sofa area (which was basically a bunch of cushions, some loose and some held in place somehow) and watched his small TV. It was very comfortable and I nestled up against him with his arm around me and I've never enjoyed watching Sunday afternoon television so much in my life.

I fell asleep at some point I realised when Luke's voice woke me.

"Hmm?" I asked

"Mum just said dinners ready."

"Mmmm ok," I said. It was great awakening cuddled up with Luke. I wondered what the sleeping arrangements were going to be tonight. I had a horrible feeling that this sofa area would act as a guest bed, which wasn't what I was hoping for.

We went downstairs and joined Luke's mum in the living room, which included the dining area. Luke had been right about the room - enough original and quite daring design to make you want to spend time absorbing how it had all been so cleverly done, but it was functional and refined too.

"I love your house," I said to his mum. "You're very good!"

"Thank you!" she smiled. "It keeps food on the table if nothing else - speaking of which..." She unveiled some wonderful chicken concoction, and it didn't take Luke and I very long to start putting away some serious quantities of it.

"Luke's told me a lot about you, Sam," she said.

I was a little taken aback. It sunk in that of course Luke had been talking to his mum - in the same way I'd been talking to mine. I gave him a shy smile and he blushed, obviously feeling a bit embarrassed by the revelation.

"He said you're picking things up very quickly - you're his star pupil!" she teased.

"Mum, he's my ONLY pupil" Luke laughed, then embarrassed me thoroughly by quickly adding "But he'd definitely be my star pupil even if I had others." I wish he wouldn't say that, I thought.

"Apparently your um, what was it you said darling? Strong and supple that was it," she said, looking at Luke obviously trying to tease him. My ears were burning and I wanted to slide under the table, and looking at Luke coughing on a bit of chicken that seemed to have gone the wrong way, he felt the same.

"Mum!" Luke complained when he'd finished coughing.

"Hehe sorry darling. Well you did talk an awful lot about him. All of it nice," she added, smiling at me. "Ow" she exclaimed and I realised Luke had actually kicked his mum under the table. I couldn't help giggling - obviously these two were not just mother and son, but good friends too. His mum acted like she was a lot younger, and it didn't feel fake - but rather that she was just acting herself unlike most grown-ups. That evening I found a friend in Luke's mum, and her honest but highly insightful conversation set me thinking about my life and myself, in ways I had never done previously.

I somehow freed my arm enough to see my watch - "03:00am". I wasn't quite sure what had woken me up, but slowly my brain processed fragments of reality and eventually had enough pieces to make sense of things. I was naked in bed with Luke. That single, inescapable fact was immediately and very pleasantly obvious. I realised I was sprawled on my side partially laying on him, my right arm and leg thrown over him, his left arm cuddled over me, my face on his shoulder. I didn't want to move, even though I wasn't entirely sure I could feel my left arm, which was trapped between us. Part of me was terrified that he would disappear and I would find myself alone in my own bed. I tightened my limbs around him, determined that nothing would steal him from my grasp.

I remembered the vague shape of the evening: tired, we had retired to bed after the meal. We had talked and cuddled and eventually made slow and very tender love. This was the first chance I had got to watch Luke sleep. I observed his smooth features in the cold light percolating through the blinds, and couldn't imagine how he could be more beautiful. He stirred slightly in his sleep and I froze, praying that I hadn't awoken him. I watched him intently, trying to absorb his very essence into my heart, and perhaps I succeeded for I fell soon fell into a peaceful sleep.

I wondered why I was on the ocean in a small boat. I was aware of movement, and as I drifted towards consciousness realised that I was, in fact, in bed with Luke still. He had hold of my cock and was ever so slowly masturbating me, spreading a feeling of intense well-being throughout my supremely relaxed body. My arms felt like lead as I stirred, writhing slightly in the wake of the pleasure his motion instigated. Of a sudden he stopped, and he began kissing me.

"Hi baby," he said softly, breaking the kiss.

"Wow!" was all I could say. I was overwhelmed to wake up with him, in his room , with such passion.

He laughed gently, stroking my face. "You're a real sleepy head!" he said.

"Not anymore" I said, my lust for him setting my heart beating rapidly, and I began exploring his smooth back with my hands.

There was a knock at the door, and my body locked into position, and I forgot to breathe.

"Its ok babe" he said as his mum knocked again.

"Luke! Boys! - Breakfast in 20 minutes!"

"Ok mum," he called back. His voice tickled me through our chests. "I s'pose we better go grab a shower."

After a moment he tilted his head and stroked my nose with his finger. "You bad boy I know what your thinking!" he said.

I giggled. He was right.

We got up and after Luke had made me yelp by slapping my bare buttocks, I went over to my bag grabbed my towel and followed him to the door. He wrapped his towel round him and went across the landing to the bathroom. I followed, a little self-conscious at being so undressed in a strange house. His bathroom was great - he didn't have a bath, just a large corner shower which made the modest room much less cramped, and like the other rooms I'd seen his mum had put a lot of thought into it. As I stood there checking it out, Luke had obviously been doing the same to me.

"You look great in that," he said. I looked over at the wall, which was covered in mirror tiles. My green towel looked pretty good against my skin, especially where it clung to my arse I thought, turning. I pondered my reflection, pleased by the way my green eyes contrasted with my tanned face. My naturally mousy blond hair had been given natural highlights from all the sun, and the overall result was pretty good, I conceded to myself.

Luke had turned the shower on while I was standing there being vain and stood naked alongside me and put his arm around my shoulders. I looked very young beside him I thought. A year's gap between us wouldn't matter soon, but for now it was pretty obvious. He was beautiful, his blond hair against his finely featured face with the same sexy golden tan he had over his entire body. I ran my eyes over his classically shaped chest and tight, lightly defined stomach. He still looked like a boy, but there was a greater strength and solidity about him.

"Do you wish I was taller?" I asked.

"Don't be daft. You're great." He gave my cheek a peck and hugged me with the arm over my shoulders. "But I wish you were more starkers!" he said and suddenly whipped off my towel, making me laugh.

We cuddled and I looked at us in the mirror. We fit together like the craftwork of an expert joiner. There was no extra fat on either of us. Maybe I was a little softer in places but I was sure I'd got the best of the bargain in my beautiful Luke.

"Come on lets shower each other again," he said playfully.

I left my towel there, alongside his on the ground, though the bathroom had several spare pegs as well as a towel rack. He dragged me in by my hand, and soon we were soaping each others bodies.

We weren't aware of the passage of time until his mum opened the door, exclaiming at seeing two giggling, horny boys in a steamy shower.

"Oh my god," she managed. I scrambled to hide my erection, then realised as Luke pulled me back that our embrace was hiding us as best we could manage anyway in the steam of the shower.

"Five minutes," she said in a shaken voice before quickly leaving and closing the door.

"Oh my god, oh god oh crap.." I intoned, and as Luke turned off the shower with and comforted me I found myself shaking and crying.

"Its ok. Its ok .. shhhhh Sam its ok."

"Its not ok," I wailed. "Your mum's found out oh god Luke what are we going to tell her?"

"Its fine come on," he said taking charge. He pulled me out of the shower and started wrapping my towel around me. I numbly took over and let him drag me back to the bedroom. I dressed at his urging but my docility wavered as he tried to lead me back out of his room.

"I can't." I said, digging my heels in.

"Its ok we can't undo it now but it will be fine you'll see," he said. "My mums cool - trust me."

It was blackmail I felt, when told me to trust him, but I couldn't refuse. At some deep, subconscious level I did trust him, utterly. Possibly his patience on the river had taught me that I could. I was shaking, but I let him drag me down to the kitchen where his mum was sat, waiting for us. I felt like I was a soldier at a court martial.

"Sit down Sam, stop looking so worried," she said in a kind voice. Without conscious will, I complied. I was numb all over, shaking and only just aware that Luke's arm was around me still.

"I'm so sorry I burst in on you," she sighed. "I did call out several times but was worried I could hear the water still going and I thought maybe one of you was in there and had an accident or something."

"I'm sorry," I wailed, my tears and emotions getting the better of me. "I'm so sorry please don't hate me it wasn't Luke's fault it was mine it was me I made him..." I cried, desperate for her not to draw the obvious conclusion, grasping for an alternative explanation to stave off the nightmare I felt was about to engulf us.

She had come round the table and was hugging me to her, rocking me like a little child. She surprised me when she laughed at my proclamation of Luke's innocence. "Now I just have a little trouble believing that part," she said rubbing my upper arm as my hysteria faded. I didn't understand, but my brain was working hard to make sense. I looked at her questioningly.

"I was a little shocked," she confessed.

"I'm sorry," I mumbled through slightly puffy lips. I looked up at Luke's red face, but he wasn't saying anything. In fact he seemed fairly calm. I couldn't fail to admire his strength, he was so brave and strong, even when we were in so much trouble.

"Nothing to be sorry for, sweetheart," said Luke's mum and she hugged me then let me go so we could look at each other. Luke brought over some tissues and I dried my eyes then blew my nose as he held me and stroked my hair.

"But ..." I started to protest, partially because I didn't want her to see Luke showing me this degree of affection, and partly because I couldn't absorb what she was telling me.

"Shhh. Sam, I was shocked because I didn't realise Luke and you were ... well 'an item' ," she said calmly. "Luke told me he was gay shortly after his father... passed away. We've promised each other we'd not keep secrets when he died. It was a very sad time for us as you can imagine, and we did a lot of serious talking."

"I love him, mum," Luke said breaking his silence.

"I know sweetheart - I can see you do."

"You do?" I said turning to him, and it was as if the storm cloud raining over my head started to break apart and let through the sun.

Luke looked at me shyly, his face still flushed. "Of course I do, stupid" he said so softly I almost had to read his lips.

After I stopped crying a second, no a third time, and finished apologising for - well I'd lost track of how many times I'd said I was sorry - Luke's mum began to bustle around the kitchen. She'd made a cooked breakfast but had turned off the heat when she'd come back down from the bathroom. I picked at what had been reheated in the microwave, and started feeling human again.

"So you mean you don't care?" I said, trying to get my head around where things stood.

"Of course I care!" she exclaimed, and my heart fell again. "Don't look so glum! I care that Luke doesn't get hurt. I care that he doesn't get a broken heart. I care that he might have a very difficult life ahead of him." She was intense, but not angry I realised as she smiled. "I care that he loves you and that makes me care about you too, Sam." She held my eyes, her smile warming my soul and scaring that pesky storm cloud away. "So you see, I care about a lot of things" she laughed.

I smiled back at her and then Luke reminded me we had school.

"Come on Sam, we better get our stuff and leave or we'll be late."

"Oh god not school," I said in a flat voice. "I feel tired out already."

"It will be fine," he said.

"It will with you there," I smiled trying to show I had recovered my composure. Luke looked a little worried though. "What?" I asked

"We're just going to have to be careful." He said quietly. "About us I mean."

I hadn't really thought about how it would be at school. I realised straight away that I wouldn't see as much of him during the day and it made me sad.

"You'll be fine," Luke's mum said to both of us. "We need to have more of a talk though about all this tonight. Don't look so worried, you're not in trouble Sam! Just so we can think through what this means - Luke and I have already talked about it a lot and there's things as a mother I want you to understand and think about. Right, look at the time," she said shoo-ing us out of the kitchen. "Get your stuff and go - you're running late!"

On our way out of the back door Luke hugged his mum.

"Thanks, Mrs Bailey" I said, spontaneously hugging her too.

"Call me Jean, darling. You are my son's boyfriend after all!" she laughed.

I was a little bit shocked - I'd never thought about how to describe Luke, and indeed my upbringing hadn't prepared me for the fact that I, a boy, could have a 'boyfriend.' With a warm glow from that announcement I cycled off to school beside Luke. My beautiful boy. My friend.

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