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Love Conquers All

by Flaming Matt

Chapter 2

October 2015

"Michelle?" Sarah calls out in a curious tone, after she and Mike had persuaded Mitch to stay with Jordan, while they went to find out what was happening with their friends.

"Sarah? What are you doing here?" Michelle quickly responds in a surprised tone, after seeing her friends walking towards her.

"I will tell you later, but what are you doing here? And where is Erica going?" Sarah asks after brushing off her friends question and trying to find out why she and Erica were in the hospital and who was on the trolley.

"It's Alex, we were on our way out and Erica said that Gordon had asked her to go past the house, you know just to check to see if everything..." Michelle starts to explain, but as she thinks about how the boy had looked when the paramedics had arrived, she couldn't stop herself from gagging a little bit and only just managed to stop herself being sick again.

"Is he okay?" Mike then quickly asks in a nervous tone, after seeing Sarah comforting their friend and knew that he had to try and take control of the conversation and find out what actually happened.

"It was horrible Mike, I thought he was dead, he looked dead." Michelle just about manages to say, before feeling herself being embraced as she starts to cry.

"I don't understand." Mike then states and despite hearing what she had said, he still didn't understand what happened and if Alex was okay or not. "Oh god." He then states as he sees Erica walking towards them and he couldn't help but notice the look on her face and could see that she had been crying.

"Is he okay?" Greg asks in a concerned tone, after walking back to the room and seeing his friend looking inside with a worried expression.

"Huh?" Mitch responds in a confused tone, he had spaced out completely and was just hoping his girlfriend was okay and wasn't expecting anyone to talk to him.

"Jordan, is he okay?" Greg asks again, before glancing inside the room and despite being worried by his friends behaviour, he couldn't help but be a little confused as the boy seemed to be sleeping and his niece didn't appear to be upset.

"Oh right, yeah, he's just sleeping, he was pretty banged up and I'm surprised he was awake for as long as he was." Mitch responds in a distracted tone, he just couldn't keep his mind of his girlfriend and wished his dad had let him go and see her and find out what happened.

"As long as he is okay." Greg then states, before looking back into the room and despite what she had done earlier, he couldn't be more proud of her for the way she was looking after her friend, although to his slight amusement and embarrassment, he could see that the boy was tenting the sheets and wasn't quite sure what to do.

"Ashleigh has been great and I know that Jordan appreciates..." Mitch then begins to say after thinking about Jordan a little bit more and realised that he needed to focus on him, well at least until the boys parents could get here, but quickly trails off as he notices that the boy had a hard on and although it wasn't that big, it was definitely noticeable and could only hope that Ashleigh didn't notice it.

"I think this is a good time to get Ashleigh home." Greg then states after hearing his friend trailing off and knew that he had noticed the boys little problem as well.

"Hopefully she won't notice it." Mitch then states in a slightly amused tone, after realising that his friend had also noticed the boys little problem and could see that he felt the same way about it as he did.

"Too late for that Mitch, but I should be getting her home now." Greg then responds with a shake of the head, he really didn't want her to notice the tenting, but he could see that she was looking at it and could see her blushing a little, which he didn't see her do that often.

"Ah shit, well at least he is asleep and well, it's not like she hasn't see him, well there's nothing she hasn't seen off him now I guess." Mitch then states with a small grin, before opening the door and letting his friend into the room, before following him in himself.

"Does Gordon know?" Mike decides to ask after following their two friends to the boys room and despite their own issues, he couldn't help but look at the boy sadly and could see that he was badly hurt.

"He's in surgery and they will tell him when he gets out." Erica responds in a calm tone and although she was struggling to deal with everything, she let her training take over and knew that her friends needed her to be strong.

"Is he going to be okay?" Michelle then asks, the boy had looked dead as the paramedics took him away in the ambulance, but she could see that he was breathing now and was hoping that he was going to be all right.

"He's stable, but they need to do some tests and some scans." Erica answers quickly, she had wanted to help, but she was off duty and had already had a couple of drinks, so could only watch as her colleagues check the boy over.

"I just can't believe it." Sarah then states to no one in particular, although she does give Mike a worried glance and knew that he understood what she was thinking.

"We need to phone Peter's parents as well." Michelle then states in an emotional tone and could see that her friends were just as worried as she was about the other boy.

"Did they check the back garden and the neighbours?" Mike quickly asks in a worried tone, the news about Alex was hard to deal with by itself, but the fact Peter was missing and there was no sign of him anywhere, had them all fearing the worst.

"They wouldn't tell us much, but they didn't find him anywhere." Michelle responds in a sad tone, before walking over and cuddling her friend. "Sarah it's okay." She then whispers in her ear and knew that this must be especially hard for her and she wanted to do her best to comfort her.

"But if someone took him, why didn't they take Alex, why only take one of them?" Mike then asks in a confused tone, it just didn't make any sense and he just couldn't process it at all.

"None of it makes sense Mike, but the police will do their jobs and they will find him." Erica decides to say, after looking at her friend and despite being just as confused by the whole thing herself, she knew she had to try and stay positive and be strong for everyone.

"I know they will." Mike then responds in a less than convincing tone, he just couldn't help but remember the note that he and Sarah had received earlier and wondered if the two boys where the ones who would pay the price for them talking to Mitch about Maggie's warning.

"I will be back in a minute, they are waving me over." Erica then states in a slightly more confident tone than she was actually feeling, but despite still being worried, she was happy that she was at least going to get a little more information about the boys condition.

"Okay, but while you're talking to them, we will go and call Peter's parents Erica." Michelle then states in a warm tone, after letting her other friend go and despite not looking forward to phoning the boys parents, she knew she had to do it and was hoping it wouldn't be as bad as she feared it would be.

"I'll be right here, there is no way that I'm leaving him alone." Erica then states, she may not have spent much time around the boy, but she knew his dad and she had watched him grow up, so she couldn't leave him alone.

"We won't be long Erica." Mike then states and even though he was going to head back to his eldest son, he didn't want to worry her any more than she was already, well not right now and he knew that his eldest son was fine, so there wasn't any reason to bring up the fact he was in the hospital right now.

"Okay." Erica quickly responds, before giving them a weak smile and heading towards her colleagues.

"That wasn't me!" Matt protests in a slightly mortified tone, he had farted a couple of times now, but as his fiancé pulled out of him, it made a weird sound and he could tell that he thought he had done it again.

"Sure Matt, sure it wasn't." Ben quickly responds in a teasing tone and although he knew what the sound actually was, he couldn't resist having a little fun. "But we aren't done yet." He then states in a playful tone, before leaning down and kissing his fiancé for a few moments, before just gazing into his beautiful green eyes.

"You're such a dumb..." Matt then begins to retort, before suddenly gasping a little as he feels his fiancé gently sliding back into him and although he knew they weren't finished, he wasn't expecting him to just do it and couldn't help but tense up a little bit.

"You okay?" Ben then quickly asks in a concerned tone, he could feel his fiancé tense up and despite it actually feeling amazing, he was more worried about him and was hoping that he hadn't ruined the whole thing.

"Yeah, but shit, don't do that again Ben." Matt manages to respond after a few moments, it was a little too close to what his dad had done to him and he couldn't stop himself from shaking a little.

"Oh fuck." Ben then states, before leaning down and wrapping his fiancé up in his arms. "I'm so sorry." He then whispers in a sincere tone, before suddenly finding himself being rolled on to his back.

"It's okay and well er... okay it's not, just don't do that again Ben." Matt then states with a loving smile and despite almost losing it, he was tired of letting his dad win and he wasn't going to let it ruin their first time. "Seriously Ben, this is amazing and it feels so good, just try not to surprise me like that." He then adds after noticing the look on his fiancé's face and knew that he was feeling guilty.

"You're amazing, you know that." Ben then responds as he looks up at his fiancé in awe, he just never stopped being amazing by his bravery and quickly pulls him down into a loving kiss. "Oh wow!" He then calls out, as he feels his boyfriend grinding his hips and he just couldn't believe how good that felt.

"Feels... fuck... feels good... fuck, it feels good for me too." Matt then manages to say in between grunts and moans, it was still a little uncomfortable, but this new position and the way he was grinding on top of his fiancé, just felt so nice and his prostate was being constantly rubbed and he really like how that felt.

"Oh fuck, I think, fuck Matt, I think I'm... FUCK... FUCK AARGH! FUCK MATT! FUCK!" Ben then almost screams out as he starts to cum and he just couldn't believe how different it felt inside his fiancé, compared to anything else that they've tried. "FUCK... MATT... fuck, don't stop Matt... please don't stop." He then somehow manages to say in a pleading tone, it just felt too amazing and despite already cumming he was too turned on to stop and knew that he could keep going.

"Oh wow, you're so fucking sexy Ben." Matt quickly states before grunting a little, as he feels his fiancé wrapping his arms around him, before being rolled on to his back and despite being a little surprised, he quickly starts to moan and groan as bis fiancé starts to move in and out of him faster and faster.

The Next Day

"What's going on?" Wesley calls out in a groggy tone, after being woken up by a warm and wet feeling around his groin. "Carter?" He then asks in a confused tone, after turning his head to not only see his boyfriend was awake, but that he was gagged and as he starts to get up, he quickly realises that he is tied to the bed and can't help but worry a little bit.

"Mmmm.... mmmm" Carter then tries to respond, but can only moan as he tries to answer his boyfriend, before whimpering a little bit after feeling himself being sucked and although he could see the worry in his boyfriends eyes, he knew that their friend was playing with them and they were both at his mercy.

"Oh fuck, what the hell is..." Wesley then begins to protest as he feels something beginning to vibrate inside him and after seeing the little bump under the sheets bobbing up and down around his boyfriends groin, he can't help but smirk a little bit. "Fucking hell Tobias, you're so dead when you let us go." He then states, before letting out a long series of moans as he feels the bullets inside him vibrate even more and knew their friend had just turned them up to full power.

"MMMM... mmmm.... MMMM!" Carter then moans out and even with the gag it comes out loudly, after feeling what he quickly works out as their bullets, being turned on and put on full power.

"I told you I would get you back." Tobias then states with a grin, after giving both his friends a few more sucks before pushing the sheet off them all. "I'm filming this." He then states, before giggling at the looks on both his friends faces.

"Oh you fucking..." Wesley then begins to say, before quickly being cut off by his friends lips pressing against his own and despite wanting to resist, he just couldn't help but return it.

"Mmmm!" Carter then moans out, after seeing how easily his boyfriend was subdued by their friend, before twitching a little as the bullets seem to move a little and press right up against his prostate.

"Fuck... Seriously Tobias, my parents are home." Wesley finally manages to say after his friend stops kissing him and despite the sound of his boyfriend moaning and clearly enjoying himself, he couldn't help but worry about his parent hearing them.

"I know, but I'm not letting you go until you both cum." Tobias responds with a grin, he hadn't planned to do any of this, but after waking up early and using the toilet, he couldn't resist having a bit of fun, although he didn't think his friends would sleep through it and half suspected that they would actually wake up and end up tying him up, so he was pleased that he had managed to tie them up before that happened.

"Fuck." Wesley states in a slightly defeated tone, after testing out the restraints and realising that he had no chance of getting out of the cuffs on his own. "Oh you prick." He then states in a surprised tone, after feeling something being poured over his boner and realises that not only was it lube, it was the tingly lube and the sound of his boyfriend moaning out again, let him know that their friend was doing it to both of them.

"Oh by the way, whoever cums first is going to get a surprise." Tobias then decides to state and while he wasn't quite sure what he was going to do, his friend didn't need to know that and slowly begins to stroke them both.

"Oh fuck me." Wesley quickly calls out and despite having great control, the bullets were really bouncing against his prostate and his friends earlier blow job had brought him a lot loser to cumming than he had realised at the time.

"MMMM! MMMM! MMMM!" Carter then moans out loudly and even with the gag, Tobias couldn't help but be a little surprised at how much noise his friend was making and despite only gagging him because he had actually woken up while he was tying him up, he was glad he did it now and couldn't help but smile after thinking of a great idea.

"Oh fuck... please... Tobias, don't stop." Wesley then calls out in a quiet, but pleading tone after feeling his friend moving away from him and he couldn't help but feel frustrated.

"This is so fun, but you came first Carter, so I'm going to suck you until Wesley cums." Tobias then states as he ignores his other friends pleading and quickly leans down between his friends legs and takes him into his mouth.

"MMMM... MMMM... mmmm!" Carter then moans out in protest, he may still be a little lost in his orgasm, but he knew how sensitive he got after cumming and knew his friend knew that as well, but as he feels himself being sucked, he can only moan and whimper in protest.

"Oh fuck, that's not fair Tobias." Wesley then quickly states and even though he was actually impressed with their friend, he suddenly realised that he had no intention of helping him cum and knew his boyfriend would be over sensitive and wasn't sure what to do. "Tobias, go easy on him, please." He then decides to say, after trying to trust his hips a little and try and cum that way, but despite the feeling of the bullets, he knew he couldn't cum this way and he was worried about his boyfriend and just hopes their friend calms down a little bit.

"Me hurting him?" Tobias then quickly asks in a scared tone, after hearing his friends words and sitting back up, this was just meant to be a bit of fun and the last thing he wanted to do was hurt anyone.

"Take the gag off him." Wesley responds in a calm tone and while he could see that his boyfriend was breathing heavily, he was sure he was okay, but he wanted to make sure and hopefully it would reassure their friend as well, because he could see that he was getting a little upset as well.

"Okay." Tobias responds in a nervous tone, before he just as nervously removed the tape from his friends mouth and then pulls out his briefs and can't help but give his other friend a guilty look.

"Oh fuck, are they your briefs you wore yesterday?" Wesley quickly asks in a shocked tone, not that he was angry or anything, but he didn't see that coming at all and it was enough to distract him from his concern over his boyfriend.

"They weren't dirty." Tobias responds in a shy tone, he had worn them for half the day, but they were clean and he wanted his friend to know that he would never put dirty underwear in their mouths.

"They tasted like you." Carter then states in a tired and relieved tone, his friend was driving him crazy by sucking him like he was, but he had enjoyed it and the fact that his boyfriend had jumped in to make sure he was all right, helped him relax even more and just enjoy what their friend had done to him.

"You okay?" Wesley quickly asks with a small smile, he could tell that he was okay, but he needed to hear him say it before he could fully relax.

"Yeah." Carter responds in the same tired tone as before. "Take the cuffs off please Tobias." He then tells their friend with a warm smile, after panting a little bit, he was just so tired and needed to get up and move around a little bit.

"Okay, but my briefs aren't dirty." Tobias responds in a slightly embarrassed tone, he had checked to make sure before putting them in his friends move and wanted his friends to know that he could clean himself properly after using the toilet.

"I never said they were dirty you idiot, they just taste like you and it's nice." Carter quickly responds in a slightly amused tone, after realising that their friend was getting a little upset.

"Oh, okay." Tobias then states, just before releasing his friend, but just as he is about to take off his other friends cuffs, he feels his arm being held.

"Carter?" Wesley then quickly asks in a slightly nervous tone, he knew their friend was just about to let him go before his boyfriend had stopped him and wasn't sure if he should be worried or not.

"He hasn't cum yet and you said that you wouldn't let us go until we cum." Carter then states as he looks at their friend and ignores his boyfriend and despite feeling a little guilty, especially after his boyfriend had looked out for him earlier, he couldn't resist and wanted to see what their friend would do to him.

"Oh cool." Tobias then quickly states in an enthusiastic tone, before quickly moving between his friends legs and starts to slowly stroke him.

"What the fuck Carter?" Wesley then states in a surprised tone and although he wanted to try and sound angry, he knew his boyfriend wouldn't fall for it and could only look at him with a half pleading look.

"I need to use the toilet, don't let him cum until I get back Tobias, but don't stop playing with him either." Carter then states and although he knew that he was being mean, he could tell that his boyfriend was turned on and slowly got to his feet to stretch out a little bit.

"Oh you're so fucking..." Wesley quickly begins to state, but to his surprise he feels something being pushed into his mouth and then taped up by his boyfriend and realises a few seconds later, that he now had their friends briefs in his mouth.

"You two are so funny." Tobias then states in an amused tone, after seeing his friend stuffing his briefs into his other friends mouth and really did love them both.

"I won't be long and have fun Wesley." Carter then states with a big grin, before slipping on some shorts and walking out of the room.

"This is all my fault." Gordon states in a distraught tone, he hadn't been able to sleep at all and could only sit and look at his unconscious son sadly.

"Don't do this to yourself Gordon." Sarah responds in a soft and caring tone, she knew what he was going through and even though she knew that he probably won't listen right now, it was important to keep telling him not to blame himself.

"How is it not my fault Sarah? I left two twelve year old boys home alone all night, knowing that there would be no adult with them and look what..." Gordon then quickly starts to respond, before finding himself being interrupted.

"Gordon stop it, stop it right now!" Sarah states in a firm and serious tone, before pausing for a few seconds to let her words sink in. "I know what you're thinking Gordon, I've been there and I know how it feels, but look at your son Gordon, he needs you to be strong and he needs to you believe in him, so stop blaming yourself, there will be plenty of time for that later, but right now, your son needs you." She then states in the same tone and despite not quite knowing where that came from, she could tell that her words had worked and felt herself relax a little bit.

"I know." Gordon responds and while he would have felt insulted if anyone else had just said that to him, he knew that if anyone knew what he was going through, then it would be her. "But what about Peter, he's missing and god knows what's happened to him Sarah." He then adds in a sad tone, he was going to be strong for his son, but he just felt awful for the other boy and could only imagine what his parents were going through.

"Mitch has gone into work and they will find him Gordon, it's what they do, but there's nothing you can do about that, so just stay with Alex and be there for him when he wakes up." Sarah responds with a warm smile, before reaching over and taking a hold of the man's hand.

"He's going to be devastated when I tell him about Peter." Gordon then states and while he wants to pull himself together and think more positively, he just can't quite get there yet and he was dreading telling his son about the other boy.

"Is he well enough to be told about him this soon Gordon?" Sarah then decides to ask, she knew that he was stable and was going to be okay, but she didn't know what his injuries were and how long his recovery would take.

"He will need to stay in here for a few more days, but his jaw and cheekbone are only fractured, so it's not as bad as it would be if they were broken and well he doesn't need to be in here for those to heal." Gordon answers in a professional tone, before realising that this wasn't just a patient and was actually his son and he couldn't help but look down at him with a sad expression.

"So you will wait until he is home before telling him?" Sarah then asks in a sympathetic tone, while trying to not make it too obvious that he hadn't actually answered her question before.

"It would be for the best, but I can't lie to him if he asks where Peter is, even if it would be for his own good." Gordon responds before reaching over and gently stroking his sons face, after seeing him stirring a little bit and although he knew he wasn't going to wake up, he found himself wanting to see his eyes and was hoping he would be okay, he knew how dangerous and complicated head injuries could be and he just had to hope that he would be okay.

"Can I get you a coffee or a tea?" Sarah then offers, she didn't want to leave him alone, but she wanted to check in with Mike and to see how Jordan was doing, after he had volunteered to check on the boy, while she stayed here with Gordon.

"A coffee will be great Sarah and if it's okay, can you ask a nurse to get Alex a drink, just in case he wakes up and remind her that he will need a straw." Gordon responds with a forced smile, he didn't feel like drinking, but he knew he needed something and while his son was unlikely to wake up for a few more hours, he wanted to have a drink ready, just in case he did wake up earlier than expected.

"Okay, I won't be too long." Sarah responds, before giving his shoulder a reassuring squeeze and then walking out of the room.

"Oh wow!" Matt states in a dreamy and content tone, he had had he best night of his entire life and this morning was turning into the best morning of his life as well.

"At least you didn't fart this time." Ben then states with a small grin, before feigning injury when he feels his fiancé playfully punching him on his arm.

"You're such a moron." Matt quickly retorts in a slightly embarrassed tone. "But can you er... you know like take it out now please." He then asks in a shy tone, he liked having his fiancé inside him, but he could feel that his fiancé wasn't completely hard now and it did feel a little weird.

"Okay, but I want to cuddle with you for a little longer before we have a shower." Ben responds in a contented tone, he was just feeling amazing and couldn't believe that they had had sex three times now and even though he was comfortable, he was just as happy to let his fiancé turn around and see his beautiful sparkling green eyes.

"You're really good by the way, it felt so good, even though it hurt a lot sometimes." Matt then decides to state in a warm tone, after twisting around to face his fiancé and couldn't help but lose himself a little in his eyes.

"It's really hard though, I mean I thought you just had to go in and out and that it would be easy, but it's not, but I really liked it too." Ben responds with a shy smile, before leaning forward and kissing his fiancé. "I really liked it when you sat on me and did that grinding thing, that felt so good and I couldn't believe how quick it made me cum." He then decides to say, he loved it all and although he didn't like the fact his fiancé was in a bit of pain, he knew that was normal and he wanted to focus on the stuff that felt good and could see his fiancé blushing a little and thought that he looked really sexy.

"Yeah, that was awesome and felt so good for me too, I mean the plugs and our fingers felt good and I just thought it would be like that, but with our er... well penises." Matt begins to responds before blushing slightly, after realising how silly it felt to talk about it like this. "But well it was amazing and I'm glad that your were my first real time and well er... second and third time as well." He then states with a shy grin and can't help but lean forward and kiss his fiancé when he begins to giggle a little.

"I wish I was ready to let you do me." Ben then states and despite wanting to keep things light hearted and happy, he couldn't help but feel a little guilty for not quite being ready to let his fiancé take his virginity and the fact that his fiancé's words had reminded him of what David had done to him and how he still let him take his, didn't help either.

"Ha! Let me do you, you're so romantic Dumb Ass." Matt then quickly retorts with a grin, but quickly notices the look on his fiancé's face. "Ben, I will wait for as long as it takes, I mean I want to er... well do you, but only when you're ready and until then, I get to enjoy you doing me." He then adds with a little smirk and relaxes after seeing that he had reassured his fiancé and quickly gives him a peck on the lips.

"I love you." Ben then says with a warm smile. "But are you okay? I mean Carter and Wesley both said that they hurt a little after and well er... are you okay?" He then asks in a caring tone, he was hoping he would be okay, but he wanted to make sure that he wasn't uncomfortable and in pain.

"It feels a bit weird and I think I might need to er... well have a poo, but it's not that bad, I guess I'm just used to er... well I'm used to having aches and pains, so I don't really mind, you know." Matt decides to answer honestly, he could have lied or just said it hurt a little, but he wanted his fiancé to know how he was feeling and that he was all right.

"I guess so, but when you get up, you have to let me help you, they both said that walking felt weird and it might be worse for you, so let me help you okay." Ben then states in a firm tone, he knew he was being over protective, but he wasn't going to take any chances and knew with his fiancé's hip and foot, that he would need help and he wasn't going to take no for an answer.

"Anyone else and I wouldn't let them." Matt then responds after a few moments in a thoughtful tone, he really would be annoyed if it was one of the others, but he loved his fiancé and he knew that he would be the same if roles were reversed. "And I love you too by the way." He then quickly adds in a loving tone, after realising that he hadn't said it back and even though they didn't need to say it every time the other said it to them, they still did it anyway and couldn't help but smile at his fiancé's expression.

"We're having a shower in five minutes okay." Ben then states, before pulling his fiancé's head a little closer and starts to kiss him.

Four Hours Later

"Sir?" Mitch responds in a confused tone after his boss had called him into his office.

"Relax Mitch, I just want you to run me through what you have so far and to also see how you're doing." Hopkins states in a relaxed tone, he still wasn't sure if he should let the young man lead this operation, but so far he seemed to be handling it well and the other team members hadn't raised any concerns over his work so far and wanted to give him a fair chance.

"Oh, okay." Mitch responds in a slightly relieved tone. "I mean yes Sir, whatever you..." He then begins to say in a slightly embarrassed tone, after realising how unprofessional he just sounded and he didn't want his boss to think that he wasn't taking this seriously.

"Relax Mitch, this isn't an interrogation, I just want an update on your progress." Hopkins states with a friendly smile, after deciding to interrupt the young man and even though he still had his doubts, he couldn't blame him for being on edge and he wanted him to relax and not panic.

"Honestly, there isn't much Sir, forensics have told us that Peter's blood was found on the same rolling pin that was used to attack Alex and the trail of blood towards the back door indicates that he was carried away by at least two people, but they can't give us much more than that just yet Sir." Mitch responds in a calm and confident tone and despite feeling frustrated that they didn't have much to go on, it was at least something.

"That's good work Mitch and I actually have a little more information for you here." Hopkins then states in an impressed tone, before sliding the file over to the young man and while he could have told him himself, he wanted him to have the file and see what he made of it.

"It's strange that it looks as if it took two people to carry Peter though Sir." Mitch muses out loud, after looking at the file. "I mean Peter is a small boy and it shouldn't take two people to carry him, even if he was unconscious." He then adds in a curious tone, before looking up to his boss a little nervously.

"It's a good point and something that caught my eye as well, but if I were to guess, it was probably just easier for them." Hopkins responds in an impressed tone, he had thought the same thing, but after talking with some of the other members of the team, they just came to the conclusion that it was for convenience.

"No Sir, it's strange because if there was two people, maybe three, then why would they only take Peter? Why not take both boys, instead of leaving one unconscious, especially since he might actually be able to identify them?" Mitch then quickly states in a slightly nervous tone, he didn't want to sound rude, but the more he thought about it, the more none of it made sense.

"That's a good question Mitch, a very good question actually." Hopkins responds in a impressed tone and had to admit that the young man had a very good point. "And nothing was stolen right? I mean apart from taking the boy, nothing else is missing?" He then decides to ask and while he normally didn't get this involved these days, he was definitely interested in this case and the young man's fresh outlook was proving to be very useful.

"Not that they are aware of, but once Gordon Gilmar is satisfied that his son is stable and awake, then he will be escorted around the house to check if anything is missing Sir." Mitch responds confidently, he had wanted to escort the man himself, but that wasn't part of his job and he was needed here and accepted that.

"I was told that they had trouble with the weapon and the prints, do you have any more information from forensics yet Mitch?" Hopkins then asks in a curious tone, normally he would expect no problems with finger prints and was hoping that the young man had an update for him.

"They only had partial finger prints and couldn't get a match from the database Sir, but I don't know Sir, it just doesn't match up or make sense." Mitch responds in a slightly frustrated tone, he really wanted to solve this case, especially since he knew Peter and he didn't want anything to happen to him, but the more they found out, the less sense it made.

"Mitch you can speak freely here, so just talk me through what you're thinking and don't worry about whether it sounds stupid, just be honest." Hopkins states in a firm tone and couldn't help but be intrigued about the young man's theory, it was obvious that he had something on his mind and again his freshness was one of the reasons that caught his eye in the first place for a place on his team, so he wanted to encourage him as much as he could to express himself.

"Well, it''s just that someone, well let's assume it was three people Sir, broke into the house, but why that house? Why attack two boys and only take one of them? While apparently not taking anything else, I mean three random people don't just walk past a house and not only break in, but kidnap a child, especially with no previous history, it just isn't plausible and doesn't make sense." Mitch then starts to explain, as he shares his thoughts with his boss and despite still not really giving them any answers, he thought that it was something they needed to focus on.

"So you suspect that it is personal and preplanned?" Hopkins decides to ask in a thoughtful tone and despite there being a couple of flaws in that theory, it definitely had potential and he wanted to see what else the young man had to say about it.

"Well that would make more sense, but if it was personal, then surely they would have taken Alex, it was his house and if it was personal and against the Gilmar's, than why take Peter, because they would know that he wasn't part of the family and if Peter was the target, then how did they know that he would be at that house?" Mitch then states and despite again not solving the case, he could tell by his bosses expression, that he was definitely on to something.

"Honestly, I don't know Mitch, but it's interesting and I think you should focus on this angle, I think you have something and hopefully we can find some more clues to help us find the boy and solve this as quickly as possible." Hopkins then responds in an impressed tone, he was starting to have a few thoughts of his own and while he wasn't sure if they would lead anywhere, he was definitely going to follow them up.

"Sir, I was thinking that maybe if it was a grudge and something personal, that it could be against the boys and not against the family, I mean I know that doesn't make much sense, but there's just something in the back of my mind that is telling me, that the answer is with the boys themselves and not the house or the Gilmar family." Mitch then decides to state in a slightly nervous tone, he was taking a big chance and knew that he could be making a fool of himself, but he had been put in charge of this case and with it involving two of his brothers friends, he wanted to look at every possibility.

"I can't see how two twelve year old boys could be involved with something that would have them making the kind of enemies that would break in and kidnap one of them Mitch." Hopkins responds after thinking over the young man's theory for a few minutes and while he didn't want to dismiss it or make him feel like he wasn't taking him seriously, he was being honest and he just couldn't see it being the case.

"Sir, the fingerprints didn't come up on the database and if this isn't just a couple of random people, suddenly deciding to become burglars and kidnappers, so if they aren't criminals and er... well er... never mind Sir." Mitch then begins to say, but quickly trails off as he thinks over what he was about to say and couldn't help but find it ridiculous and he didn't want to embarrass himself in front of his boss.

"Mitch, what did I tell you earlier? You can be open and honest in here, so whatever you were going to say, just say it." Hopkins then decides to tell the young man, who he could tell was not too keen on finishing what he was saying, but he wanted to encourage him to be confident and not hold back information, just because it might be ridiculous and wrong.

"What if it was someone the boys knew? I mean the boys would have had to have opened the door and I know them both Sir, they wouldn't open the door unless they knew who it was and the fact that they aren't on the database and the trouble they had getting the prints, could it be possible that we aren't looking for adults?" Mitch finally states in a cautious tone, after thinking about how to express his theory, without sounding like an idiot and foolish.

"That's a big, big theory Mitch and has many complications and implications." Hopkins responds in an intrigued tone and it was definitely something he had not considered himself. "Mitch I want you to call a meeting with the team and tell them what you've just told me and while I want you to explore this, you should keep at least two people working on the other leads, while keeping me informed okay." Hopkins then instructs the young man in a professional and serious tone and while it was a little far fetched and potentially complicated, he wasn't going to dismiss it and he wanted to let the young man know that he had his backing.

"Okay Sir and thank you Sir." Mitch quickly responds in a proud tone, he knew that he had a long way to go and that the case wasn't going to be solved overnight, but he felt like he had proved himself and impressed his boss and he couldn't wait to get the team together and get their input and ideas on his theory.

"Well done Mitch and I will speak to you before you leave off for an update on how things are going." Hopkins then states before giving the young man a nod of approval.

"Thank you again Sir and I will have a full report ready for you." Mitch quickly responds, before getting up and leaving the room with a smile on his face.

"Erica?" Mike states in a surprised tone, after turning to see her approaching him and was sure that she had gone home a few hours ago to get some sleep.

"How's he doing?" Erica asks as she stands next to her boyfriends dad and looks into the room.

"He's fine and he can go home once they give him a final check over in a few hours." Mike answers as he looks into the room and can't help but smile at Jordan's expression as he talks on his phone.

"He shouldn't be using that in here." Erica then states in a tired tone and while it wasn't that big of a deal, she was just tired and still thinking about Alex and what had happened to Peter, to think clearly.

"Erica, you should be asleep, what are you doing back here?" Mike then decides to ask in a concerned tone, he could see that she was exhausted and couldn't see any reason for her to come back to the hospital.

"I asked to be told when Alex woke up, I just needed to see that he was okay." Erica responds, she had tried to sleep, but all she could see was the image of the poor boy going limp in her arms and she needed to see him awake, just to put her mind at rest.

"How's he doing now?" Mike then decides to ask and while he was still worried about her, he was genuinely interested in how his sons friend was doing now.

"He's confused and scared, but he will be okay, the scans came back all clear and they will just keep him in for a few days for observation." Erica responds with a small smile, she was far from happy and okay with everything that had happened, but at least Alex was going to be okay and after speaking with her boyfriend, she was hopeful that he would find Peter soon.

"Does he know about Peter yet?" Mike then asks in a slightly hesitant tone, he knew she was tired and didn't want to upset her, but while they were talking about it, he wanted to know and help in anyway he could.

"Not yet, he's still too out of it to really know where he is and what happened, but Gordon will tell him if he asks about Peter, but until that happens, he doesn't want anyone to tell him what happened." Erica answers in a sad tone, before yawning and rubbing her eyes.

"Fair enough, but seriously Erica, I'm going to take you home and I'm not taking no for an answer, you're exhausted and you need to sleep." Mike then states in a firm and serious tone, before giving her a sympathetic look, he knew what was bothering her and he knew how finding someone like that felt and quickly pulls her into a hug.

"What about Jordan?" Erica asks after giving her boyfriends dad an appreciative smile, after he lets her go and despite everything, she didn't want him to leave the boy alone just because of her.

"He's on the phone to Ashleigh right now and his mum is just talking with the doctors, so he won't be alone Erica, so there's no excuse, I'm taking you home and you're going to get some sleep." Mike responds with a warm smile and despite not wanting to go until Jordan's mum came back, he knew he would be fine and that they will likely pass her on their way out.

"Okay Mike." Erica quickly responds with a small smile and despite wanting to protest, she knew that he was right and wasn't going to argue.

"Hey Jordan, I'm taking Erica home and then I'm going to go home, your mum should be back soon, okay?" Mike then says with a small grin, after opening the door to the boys room and startling him a little bit.

"Oh er... yeah, sure Mr Walker and er... thanks for keeping me company." Jordan responds in a slightly startled tone, he was enjoying talking to Ashleigh over the phone and the sound of the man's voice had come out of nowhere.

"Any time and I will tell the boys that you're okay and will be home in a few hours time." Mike then states with a warm smile, before he starts to shut the door.

"Mr Walker, can you tell them not to come round, it's just I want to have a bath and just take it easy, but they can come round tomorrow, you know if they want to." Jordan then quickly calls out, it wasn't that he didn't want to see them, but he really just wanted to relax and talk to Ashleigh over the phone once he got home and he hoped his friends wouldn't mind.

"No problem Jordan, but they will definitely want to talk to you, so keep your phone near you okay." Mike responds with an amused expression, before walking out of the room." Right, are you ready Erica?" He then asks, as he gives her a friendly smile

"Lead the way Mike." Erica responds with a grin and follows him as he walks towards the reception area.

"I miss our jacuzzi." Matt states as he watches as his fiancé dry him and despite enjoying the shower they just had, he really did prefer the jacuzzi.

"Me too, but the shower was fun and it felt great." Ben responds with a smile, which widens when he hears his fiancé yelp a little as he gave his penis and balls a good rub with the towel.

"Oh you prick." Matt quickly states with a shake of the head. "And you would say that, but we aren't having sex again any time soon, I'm getting sore." He then adds with a serious look, before grinning when he sees the look on his fiancé's face and couldn't help but find it adorable.

"You're okay though right? I mean I know it's normal to be sore, but it's not too bad is it?" Ben then quickly asks in a concerned tone, after initially being a little disappointed in what his fiancé had said and couldn't help but worry about him.

"It's sore, but it's not so bad, but I was being serious about not having sex again for a while, it is great and you're awesome, but we can't do it all the time and my hip hurts a little too." Matt answers honestly and while he was tempted to lie and pretend he was fine, he wanted to be honest and knew that his fiancé would know if he was lying anyway.

"It's okay, I will just let you suck me off until you're feeling better again." Ben then states with a cheesy grin, before picking his fiancé up and carrying him to the bed and laying him down.

"You so fucking romantic, you know that Creep." Matt retorts with a small smile and despite his fiancé's obvious attempts to bait him, he was just too happy and contented with his life right now and quickly pulls his head down into a loving kiss.

"I love you so much, but you haven't cum for a while and I'm hungry." Ben then states in his best seductive voice, before slowly kissing his way down his fiancé's body, until he finds his target and quickly takes him into his mouth.

"Oh god!" Matt quickly moans out in pleasure, just as he feels his balls being gently massaged. "I love you so much Ben, so much." He then calls out in a blissful tone, before just enjoying the feelings that his fiancé was giving him.

"Am I all clean?" Tobias asks as he checks himself over again and can't help but feel a little paranoid.

"You're so adorable Tobias." Wesley states in an amused tone, as he watches his friend checking himself over, for what had to be at least the tenth time in the past half an hour.

"You're fine Tobias and you just need to relax, your mum will be here in like five minutes." Carter then states in response to their friend, after giving his boyfriend a quick elbow to the ribs, just to let him know that he needed to be serious.

"Come here a for a second Tobias." Wesley then tells their friend, while ignoring the curious look that his boyfriend is giving him.

"Okay." Tobias responds in a curious and slightly nervous tone, before walking over to his friend and waiting for him to do whatever he was going to do.

"There, I like your hair like that, it looks nice." Wesley then states with a sincere smile, after sorting their friends hair out and while he was going to let him go out with it all over the place, his boyfriends warning to be serious, had forced him to behave and he knew that their friend was so worried about his clothes, he hadn't even noticed the state of his hair.

"You're so gay." Carter quickly whispers into his boyfriends ear and gives him a cheeky grin, after seeing him turning around with a less than impressed expression.

"Prick!" Wesley then states in a mock annoyed tone, before turning back to their friend and sees him looking in the mirror.

"I like it like this too." Tobias states in a happy tone, before turning back to his friends with a grin. "I'm going to see Lily later, Mum said that I can see her before dinner and I'm going to dress really smart for her." He then says with an excited grin, he wasn't sure if she would ask him to be her boyfriend just yet, but he wanted to look his best, just in case she was going to asks him and even if she didn't, he wanted to impress her anyway.

"She hasn't seen you dressed up properly yet has she?" Carter decides to ask, after taking a few moments to enjoy just how happy their friend looked and despite still being a little jealous that he is getting a girlfriend, he was genuinely happy for him.

"Not really, I've dressed up nicely before, but er... me not er... well I haven't really well, you know..." Tobias then begins to answer, but he can't help but trail off and blush after getting a little tongue tied.

"Seriously Tobias? You're getting all embarrassed around us?" Wesley quickly asks with a grin, which widens when he feels his boyfriend giving his hand a squeeze and knew that he had said the right thing, especially when he notices their friend starting to smile.

"I know, but it's still embarrassing and you both blush and stuff when you mess up your words and get things wrong." Tobias then points out after relaxing again and despite hating messing up his words, he knew his friends were right and he was getting better at not letting it bother him so much.

"Fair point Tobias, but why don't you come and sit down, you look fine and you just need to relax." Wesley then states in a warm tone, before moving away from his boyfriend so that their friend could sit between them.

"Yeah, come and sit down." Carter then says, after giving his boyfriend a small smile and knew what he was doing and despite still being happy for their friend, he was going to miss being close to him like they have been and knew his boyfriend felt the same way.

"I love you both." Tobias then says in a slightly sad tone, after sitting down and letting his friends rest their heads on his shoulders, he had no doubt in his mind that he was straight and was excited about being Lily's girlfriend, but he was genuinely going to miss being with them like this and knew that this was probably the last time they could do this together.

"We love you too and we're going to miss this, but we're still happy for you Tobias and Lily is so nice and beautiful." Carter responds from the heart and gently takes their friends hand into both of his and gently rubs it with his fingers.

"She is so lucky." Wesley then says, but quickly blushes after realising that he had actually said that out loud and quickly gives his boyfriend a guilty look.

"Relax, you know I feel the same way Wesley." Carter states with a loving smile, after deciding to just be honest and let his boyfriend know that he wasn't angry or upset by what he had just said.

"You have naked pictures of me, so you can look at them sometimes." Tobias then suggests with a happy smile, before feeling himself being pulled on to his back and cuddled.

"You're fucking adorable, you know that." Wesley then states in a bemused tone, he just loved the things he came out with sometimes and how innocent he was when it came to things like this.

"Seriously though Tobias, we're going to miss you, but no regrets right." Carter then says in a sincere tone, after thinking about all they've done together and he really didn't have any regrets.

"It was good and I liked it, really liked it." Tobias responds with a smile, before hearing his friends doorbell ringing and can't help but stand up and check himself over again.

"So adorable" Wesley then states in an amused tone, before walking over to his bedroom door and opening it so that they could head downstairs

"Did you have a good time Honey?" Sarah asks with a smile as soon as she sees her son coming down the stairs and couldn't help but notice how handsome he looked.

"It was so fun Mum, they always look after me." Tobias responds with a grin, before quickly cuddling his mum tightly. "I'm going to see Lily later remember?" He then asks with an expectant look, after letting his mum go and standing back a few steps.

"Of course Honey, I remember, you did call me twice already about it this morning." Sarah responds with an amused expression and could see the other two boys grinning and thought that it was sweet how excited her son obviously was to see this girl.

"Oh yeah, sorry Mum." Tobias then quickly responds with a shy smile, he couldn't believe he forgot about calling her about it already and felt a bit stupid.

"It's okay Honey and I'm happy that you're happy, now why don't you go and get your bag, while I talk to your friends for a few minutes." Sarah then suggests in response and smiles when she sees the slightly suspicious look on his face.

"I've been good, I promise." Tobias decides to respond in a slightly nervous tone, he had been good, but he had also done something stupid the day before and was hoping that his mum didn't know about that, otherwise he he would be both mortified and in big big trouble.

"I know you have Honey, but go and get your bag and don't rush back." Sarah then states with a loving smile and quickly gives him a kiss on the forehead, before watching him heading back upstairs.

"Is everything okay Sarah?" Wesley decides to ask in a slightly worried tone, after waiting for their friend to disappear up the stairs.

"Are you parents home Wesley?" Sarah then asks and while she would prefer them to be here, it was almost midday and she knew they would likely be at work.

"No, but Mum should be home on like two hours time." Wesley answers in the same tone as before and couldn't help but give his boyfriend a concerned glance.

"Well okay, we will wait for Tobias to come back down before I tell you everything." Sarah then decides to say in as calm a tone as she could manage, after realising she would have to tell the boys together.

"Did something happen?" Carter then quickly asks in a slightly scared tone, after they had followed her into his boyfriends front room.

"We will wait for Tobias to come back down boys, but I need to know if he is okay, he's been a little off all week and I've been worried about him." Sarah then asks in response and while she knew she was worrying both boys about the other thing, she wanted to know how her son was doing and knew that the two boys would be honest with her.

"Oh er... okay." Carter responds in a surprised tone, he wasn't expecting her to brush of his question like that and was starting to think that something serious had happened.

"He's okay Sarah, I mean he got upset a couple of times, but we talked to him about it and it's nothing to worry about and you know we would tell you if we thought you needed to know." Wesley then states in serious tone and although he was worried about what she was going to tell them in a few moments time, he was happy to reassure her about her son and despite the naked photo and getting upset about his speech, he was okay and he wasn't worried about him.

"His speech is getting a lot better as well, but it still bothers him Sarah, but not as much as it was before and I think he will get past it soon." Carter then quickly adds with a warm smile, after deciding to put his worries aside for a few minutes and reassure their friends mum that her son was okay and that she didn't need to worry about him.

"You boys have been really amazing and he loves you both so much." Sarah then states with a warm and caring smile, she was surprised by how her son had bonded with the two of them, she had expected him to be inseparable from his brothers, especially Matt, so it really was a surprise to her.

"We love him too and he's so fun to be around Sarah." Carter responds with a slightly shy smile, they really did love their friend and he again couldn't help but both both sad and a little jealous of the fact he practical had a girlfriend now.

"I love everyone." Tobias then states with a loving smile, before giggling a little bit as his friends and mum jump a little bit and knew that he had startled them.

"And everyone loves you Honey, now come and sit down next to your friends, I have something to tell you all and it's important." Sarah instructs her son, after recovering from his quick return and was hoping he would have taken a bit longer, but now that he was here, she knew that she had to tell them what had happened to their friends.

"Are Matt and Ben okay?" Wesley quickly asks in a worried tone, after he and his boyfriend had moved apart enough for their friend to sit between them and couldn't help but assume it was something to do with them.

"They're both fine and I will be picking them up after I take Tobias for something to eat." Sarah responds with a warm smile and took a few moments to be grateful that her family was okay, before thinking about the other boys. "Listen boys, please don't interrupt me and just let me get to the end before asking any questions okay." She then states in a sad, but serious tone and while it was bad news, it could be a lot worse and the only reason she was telling them about this right now, was because both Jordan and Alex were going to be okay, although she was still hesitant about Peter, but they would find out eventually and she had already talked to Mike, Erica and Michelle about what to say.

"Okay." Carter and Wesley both responds at the same time, while leaning a little closer to their friend and taking one of his hands each into their own and knew that they weren't going to like what they were going to hear.

"Okay Mum, I promise." Tobias then states as he tries to be strong, he could tell that it was bad news and they way his friends had cuddled up to him and taken his hands into their own, let him know that they thought the same thing and he wanted to try and not get upset.

"Okay boys, but remember not to interrupt until I'm finished." Sarah then states, before taking a deep breath and starts to tell the boys what had happened.

"I wish we could be alone all day." Matt says as he lays in his fiancé's arms and despite knowing that it was a little bit selfish, he really just wanted them to be alone and not have to go home just yet.

"Me too, but I want to tell them about us being engaged as well and I can't wait to see their faces." Ben then responds as he gently runs his fingers around his fiancé's stomach and really couldn't be happier if he tried and couldn't help but smile at the fact that they were really going to get married one day.

"Wait, they don't know about it?" Matt can't help but ask, after taking in his fiancé's words and was a little surprised, he had just assumed that they were all in on it and knew what was going to happen.

"Mitch and Tobias knew that I was going to ask you to marry me, but even though we've talked to the others that we wanted to get married one day, I didn't want them to know that I was going to propose last night, I just wanted it to be a surprise for everyone." Ben answers honestly and quickly gives his fiancé's neck a loving kiss.

"Can I tell my mum please?" Matt then asks in a loving tone, after thinking about what his fiancé had just said and although Mitch and their brother knew, he was happy that no one else did and he definitely wanted to be the one to tell his mum about it and knew that she would be happy for them both.

"Of course, it's one of the reasons I didn't tell her, she's your mum and I knew you would want to tell her yourself." Ben responds with a smile, before giving his fiancé's neck a series of loving kisses.

"Ha! So you just assumed I would say yes then." Matt then states in a teasing tone, before slowly turning around so that they were face to face and couldn't help but find his fiancé's expression amusing.

"Oh come on Matt, how can could you ever say no to this?" Ben then quickly asks in surprise, before pulling the sheet off them both and running his hand down the side of his body, while also giving his fiancé a sexy look.

"You're such a creep." Matt quickly responds, before he just as quickly pulls his fiancé's head to his own and kisses him passionately for a few minutes. "We need to get dressed and tidy up downstairs, my mum is picking us up in like an hour with Tobias." He then states in a slightly reluctant tone, he really did want to just stay where they were, but he didn't want his mum to come in and see them like this, especially since he was hard again.

"We can tidy up a little, but Mitch told me that he would do it later today and if we tried to do it, he would take us to the middle of town and strip us naked and leave us there, while he drove off and he wasn't kidding Matt, he even stripped me to my briefs, just to prove how easy it would be." Ben then says with a blush, at the time he just thought his brother was joking, but he couldn't have been more wrong and he was embarrassed with just how easily his brother had stripped him and he had really tried to put up a struggle as well.

"Seriously, he stripped you just like that?" Matt then quickly asks in a surprised tone and although he found it amusing, it also worried him, because if Mitch could strip his fiancé that easily, then he knew that he wouldn't be able to stop him stripping him either, he hardly ever won when they had played stripped wrestling together, so knew he would be no match for Mitch if he could strip his fiancé so easily.

"It was embarrassing Matt, I mean I really tried to stop him, but he is so big and strong, it only took him like a minute and he was going easy on me." Ben answers shyly and even though he knew his brother was tough and he would probably never be stronger than him, it was still an embarrassing experience.

"Mitch is like the strongest person we know, so it's not that embarrassing Ben." Matt then states in a reassuring tone, after realising that his fiancé was actually embarrassed at how easily he lost to his brother and not actually being stripped and wanted to let him know that he was being too hard on himself.

"I know and it's stupid Matt, but he's my brother and I hate losing to him, even if he is older and bigger than me, I still want to beat him." Ben then says with a small smile and despite still feeling embarrassed about the whole thing, he was glad that he had brought it up and he knew his fiancé would cheer him up and reassure him.

"It's not stupid, but I want to clean the room, there's no way I want Mitch to figure out what we've been doing and you know he will if he cleaned the room Ben." Matt then states in a serious tone, before smiling at his fiancé's expression and could tell that he wanted to protest, but knew that he was right and quickly gives him a quick peck on the lips.

"On one condition." Ben then states after taking a few moments to think about what his fiancé had just said and while he knew that he was right, he wasn't going to let him do any of the cleaning up.

"Oh for fuck sake Ben, I'm fine and I can do a bit of cleaning up." Matt then quickly responds in a less than impressed tone, after quickly working out what his fiancé was going to say, he had seen that look on his face enough times to recognise it and he wasn't happy about it.

"Matt you need to rest and not just because you're sore, but do you really want to give away what we did, because you can't walk properly?" Ben quickly asks in response to his fiancé's reaction and knew that he couldn't say anything to counter that.

"You're such a moron Ben, I've been walking funny ever since I came out of hospital, so shut up and get off the bed, because I'm going to go get some fresh sheets, while you strip it." Matt answers with a firm and serious expression and while he may have had a point, his fiancé clearly forgot about his limp and he could see that he didn't have any comeback to that and can't help but grin a little in triumph.

"I can't believe you're actually arguing against getting out of doing some cleaning up, you're so fucking weird." Ben then states with a smirk, he knew his fiancé was right and he couldn't think of anything to counter it with, so decided to have a bit of fun instead and could tell that it had worked straight away.

"I'm sexy and have a big dick, so I'm allowed to be weird." Matt then quickly retorts, after limping over to the door and opening it and gives his fiancé a big grin.

"My dick is bigger." Ben then retorts back and sticks his tongue out, before giving his fiancé a loving smile.

"Love you." Matt then states with a shy smile and despite their little bit of banter, he really did love his fiancé and it was moments like this, that showed just how perfect they were for one another.

"Love you too, but you need to go in Mitch's old room to get another duvet set, he put a spare in there just in case." Ben states after walking over and pulling his fiancé into his body. "By the way, you look so sexy naked, I love your bum." He then whispers into his ear in a seductive tone and although he knew that they both struggled to pull that off, the feeling of his fiancé shuddering against his body, let him know that he had just turned him on and could feel his boner pressing against his hip.

"Fuck." Matt states in response, before pushing his fiancé away a little bit. "We have time." He then states, before backing his fiancé backwards, until they both fall on to it and quickly begins to kiss him passionately.

"Holy shit Matt." Ben then calls out in a breathless tone, after feeling his fiancé turning around on top of him and when he sees his boner appear above his face, he knew what he wanted and quickly takes him into his mouth, as he feels his Fiancé doing the same thing to him.

A Few Hours Later

"Just leave him somewhere and call the police or something." Ryan suggests in an almost desperate tone and he just couldn't believe he had got himself involved with something like this and just wanted to go home and pretend it never happened, because he never agreed to kidnapping anyone and couldn't believe this was happening.

"Yeah Jarred, no one will know it was us and I don't want to get in trouble, so let's just dump him somewhere safe and where someone will find him and go home or something." Barry then states and while he was scared of the two other boys, he was more scared of getting caught up in some big police investigation and just wanted to go home and pretend it never happened.

"Just go home then, but if you two tell anyone, then you will be sorry and that's a promise." Jarred responds in a cold tone, he wanted them to know that he was being serious and while inside he was actually a little afraid himself, he had gone too far to go back now and he wanted to finish what he had started and if he had to do it without them, than so be it as far as he was concerned.

"Seriously Jarred, threats? You know I'm not afraid of you and don't pretend like I am." Ryan quickly states in response and while he had no intention of grassing on his friend, he wasn't going to let him talk to him like that either.

"Fine, but don't tell anyone, I have a plan and everything is going to work out fine, even if I have to do it alone." Jarred then states in a slightly frustrated tone and knew that it would be harder to do on his own, but it wasn't that big of a deal and it might even work out for the best and it would mean that he wouldn't have to explain how he actually got this idea in the first place, he knew they would probably freak out or something and he couldn't be bothered to deal with that.

"If people find out, you er... well you promised no one would know I helped." Barry then states in a nervous tone, before spitting in his palm and holding out his hand for his friend to shake and while it was childish and he actually felt like embarrassed and a little pathetic doing, he couldn't take it back and was just hoping they wouldn't mock him or worse, hurt him.

"Seriously?" Jarred can't help but ask in a bemused tone, they were twelve now, not some little kids, although he didn't really expect much more from the other boy, he never liked him and didn't really care what happened to him now.

"Just do it Jarred or we will have a problem and he may be pathetic, but do you really want to find out if you can actually take me." Ryan then quickly states as he spits in the palm of his hand and holds it out as well, it may be childish and pathetic, but it was still binding in his eyes and he wouldn't leave until his friend did the same.

"Fine, but after you go, then you're out and you can't talk about it ever again, not even with me, I don't want anyone else finding out." Jarred responds after a few moments in a serious tone, before spitting in the palm of his hand and shaking both of their hands, before wiping it clean on his jeans.

"See you later and if you want to come round tomorrow, I have some new videos and they're awesome." Ryan then offers, before turning around and walking away with the other boy by his side, sure he may not want any part in this now, but they were still friends and he wasn't going to stop being his friend, just because of this, well for now anyway.

"I might, but it will be in the afternoon." Jarred responds after a few moments and smiles as he sees them hold up their hands in acknowledgement before disappearing out of site. "This is going to be fun." He then states to himself, as he turns back to the little hut and opens the door, before smirking at the sight in front of him as he shuts the door behind himself.

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