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Love Conquers All

by Flaming Matt

Chapter 5

October 2015

"Okay, so, shit..." Mitch states in a frustrated tone, he had just about got himself together, but his dad had just dropped another bombshell on his head and can feel himself losing it again, just as he feels his girlfriends arms around his chest and quickly starts to relax a little bit.

"I know, I just don't get it at all, why would someone call us to lie about Maggie, while pretending to be someone we barely know, well that Sarah and I know anyway and then the warning on top of that." Mike then states in a tired tone, it just didn't make sense and he could tell that his eldest son thought the same thing.

"Could it be someone messing around, like a friend of David's or maybe one of his cell mates or something, I mean he was in there long enough to have made some friends right." Erica then decides to suggest and while she had remained out of the conversation for the most part, she felt like it was worth looking into and that this could just be someone having a cheap and sick bit of fun at their expense.

"I could speak to Greg and ask him if David had friends and if any where recently released." Mitch says as he thinks about his girlfriends suggestion and despite not being very likely, he did appreciate it and quickly straightened out a bit, before giving her a quick but loving kiss on the lips.

"It's a good idea Erica, but I'm worried about the warning, it said that someone we knew would pay the price and while we thought it was Maggie because of the phone call, it, well I think they must have meant..." Mike then says in worried tone, before trailing off as he thinks about Jim and despite not knowing him that well, he knew he was a good person and a good friend to his eldest son and he couldn't help but struggle to say his name.

"I don't think it was anything to do with it Dad." Mitch then says in a quiet tone, his initial reaction and thoughts had him thinking it was linked, but even with everything going through his head right now, he just didn't see how it could be.

"I don't want to question you or keep talking about what happened Mitch, but it's a hell of a coincidence and it's worth looking looking into." Mike then states and while they weren't ready to go to the police, he had talked to Sarah and they both agreed that they couldn't keep it a secret and even if they tried to play by the rules they were being set, they were likely to end up trapped and with no way out and neither wanted to risk that.

"I know and I'm not ruling it out Dad, but he had that date in the works for at least a week, it may have been a blind date, but he likes to give it at least a week, so if the other guy gets cold feet, then they would have plenty of time change their minds." Mitch responds in a sad and pained tone, as he does his best to explain what he had meant before.

"I think that for now, we shouldn't do anything." Erica then suggests in a hesitant tone. "If you aren't ready to go to the police yet Mike, then the last thing you need to do is give whoever is doing this, an excuse to do anything else, so play along and wait until you're ready." She then adds in a serious tone, after seeing the doubt in their eyes.

"I agree." Mitch then says in a strained tone, he really just wished this was all over, but he knew that it wasn't going to be that easy and if they could put this on hold, then it would take some of the strain off him and give him a chance to breathe and get his head together.

"We need to focus on the Erickson's and the Fisher's right now, they need their friends to help them and we can't deal with everything at once, so I will talk to Sarah again and we will deal with that stuff Mitch and well no one needs to deal with everything, so Mitch, I want you to focus on your case and more importantly, I want you to grieve for your friend, don't try to bottle it up and Erica, you need to make sure he doesn't do that." Mike then states in a firm and serious tone, as he tries to take control of the situation and hopefully take some of the stress off his eldest son as much as possible.

"I will keep him on track Mike, I promise." Erica quickly responds in a sincere tone, while at the same time giving her boyfriend a comforting squeeze, just to let him know that she was there for him.

"Dad, just keep me up to date, well not everything, but anything important and we can talk about it in a couple of weeks, by the sound of things, whoever it is, is in no rush and I also think we should stay clear of Maggie, I think that phone call was the message and it was meant to keep us away from her and I think for now, we need to play along." Mitch then decides to say, as he takes strength from his girlfriend and lets his police training take over for a while.

"Good thinking Son and you as well Erica, but I need to head back home, I told Sarah that I wouldn't be gone too long and we wanted to see how the boys are doing, we haven't been able to really speak to them properly and they're hiding something, but for once, we think it's something good." Mike then says with a small smile, and while neither he or Sarah could guess what it was, there was something different about their sons and they wanted to talk to them about it.

"It's good news Dad." Mitch responds with a smile and while he wasn't going to tell them what it was, he thought that just knowing it was good news, would give them something nice to think about and take their minds off everything else. "And no Dad, I'm not going to tell you what it is, just talk to them together and keep it casual." He then states with a small smirk, after seeing his dads expression and knew what he was going to ask.

"Okay, okay, I get it, but at least it's good news and well, I better be heading home and again thank you so much, this will reassure Sarah and stop her from worrying as much as she has been." Mike then states with a shake of the head, he knew he would never get his eldest son to tell him what the news was, but at least it was good news and he knew that whatever it was, it would lift both Sarah's and his own spirits.

"We will walk out with you Dad, we still need to head down the station and it's important." Mitch then says, after getting to his feet and helping his girlfriend up as well.

"Okay, lead the way then Son." Mike responds with a smile, before following his eldest son and Erica out of the flat.

"Boys?" Sarah calls out in a cheerful tone, as she walks out to the patio with a glass of OJ for each of them, she had only been home for a little while and just wanted to be around them for a while. "Matt, Ben where are you?" She then calls out again in a slightly concerned tone, she had seen that both boys were in the pool a few minutes before she made them a drink, so they couldn't have gone far.

"Oh er... hey Mum." Matt then responds in a slightly flustered tone, after pulling himself up a little bit on the side of the pool and couldn't help but blush at the sight of his mum approaching the pool.

"Are you okay? And where is..." Sarah then begins to ask, before being interrupted by the sight of the other boys head popping up above the side of the pool.

"Hey Sarah." Ben then calls out with a big smile, while pressing himself as closely to the side of the pool as possible, as he looks past his fiancé's mum and spots their clothes and more importantly, their underwear under the table.

"Afternoon boys, I brought you both a drink, so why don't you climb out and come sit with me for a while." Sarah then says with a warm smile, before looking at both boys curiously after noticing them blush slightly.

"Oh er... well can we get out er... we will come in the house in a few minutes Mum." Matt quickly suggests in a nervous and embarrassed tone, as he gives his fiancé a quick and nervous glance.

"Yeah Sarah, we will be inside in a minute, so you might as well go now, we won't be long." Ben then states with the most genuine smile that he can manage, this was just the worst thing ever and he was hoping she would just go away.

"I see." Sarah then states in a suspicious tone, before turning back towards the house, but just as both boys think they've got away with it, she stops and the table and sits down, before looking over to them both and smiling.

"But er... I thought you were going to wait inside Mum?" Matt then asks in a nervous tone, after realising that his mum had no intention of going back to the house and he couldn't believe this was happening.

"It's such a nice day and I enjoy watching you boys have fun in the pool, so if you don't want to get out, you can just carry on with what you were doing before I interrupted you." Sarah answers in a warm tone, although inside she was trying her best to not laugh out loud, she had just worked out that they were skinny dipping and while she would normally give them a break and go inside, she wanted to teach them a little lesson and they had been warned enough times now about doing this during the day, so it was their own fault as far as she was concerned.

"Oh er... okay." Matt then says in a sightly crestfallen tone, before giving his fiancé a worried look.

"We need some towels Sarah, can you get us some please and then we will get out." Ben then asks with a sweet smile, after coming up with a plan to get them out of this mess, they may not be shy about their bodies, but that didn't mean he wanted either of their parents seeing them naked and despite being nervous, he was still half hard and he couldn't get it to go fully soft.

"Nice try Ben, but you either carry on playing for a little while before getting out or you get out now and stand in front of me and explain why you're skinny dipping in the middle of the day, after being told repeatedly that you shouldn't be doing it, especially when you're not alone in the house." Sarah then states in an attempt to be serious, but she couldn't quite hide all the amusement in her tone and was struggling not to grin at both boys expressions.

"But er... we aren't skinny dipping Mum." Matt then quickly responds, after panicking slightly and could instantly see that she wasn't buying it at all.

"Then come out and stand in front of me, the ice is melting in your drinks and warm OJ is not very nice." Sarah then suggests with a slightly smug expression and while it was a little mean, she needed to teach them a lesson and they, well more her other son, needed to be a bit more respectful of others when it came to their nudity and she was going to do that now.

"Crap." Ben then says, before giving his fiancé a look. "She's seen us before and I want to get out before..." He then starts to say, before his face drops as he hears another voice and he just couldn't believe their luck and started to wish that they had just got out earlier or even better, never skinny dipped in the first place.

"Oh you're outside." Mike states in a slightly relieved tone, he was wondering where everyone was and was relieved to see them out here.

"Everything okay Mike?" Sarah then quickly asks, after turning away from the boys and giving him a worried look.

"Nothing that can't wait until later." Mike responds with a little shake of the head, just to let her know that they needed to talk, but that it could wait. "So what's going on then?" He then decides to ask with a smile, before noticing the two boys blushing slightly and as he walks towards the table, he can't help but wonder why they weren't just playing or sitting at the table with Sarah.

"Well the boys are skinny dipping and I'm waiting for them to get out and come stand in front of me with their hands at theirs sides, so they can explain why Mike." Sarah quickly answers with a little smirk, after seeing her son was going to say something and knew that he was likely going to try and get out of it somehow, which she wasn't going to let happen, even if she wanted to talk to Mike about how his conversation with Mitch went.

"I see." Mike then says, before looking over to the boys again. "Get out now boys and hands by your sides, if you want to be naked, then you can be naked and no arguments." He then states in a firm tone, with a look to go with it and while he thought it was a little harsh, the skinny dipping was becoming a bit of a problem and they would have to talk about it as a family soon, but he could see why Sarah was making a bit of a stand now and was happy to back her up.

"Damn it, sorry Matt, I should have listened to you." Ben then says in an apologetic tone, before reluctantly pulling himself up and then helping his fiancé out of the pool.

"This is so embarrassing." Matt then says in a quiet tone, before holding his fiancé's hand and walking over to their parents, while wishing the ground would open up and swallow them whole.

"So, what have we told you boys about skinny dipping?" Sarah then asks in as serious a tone as she can manage, they both looked so adorable and knew that at the very least, they wouldn't be doing it again any time soon.

"Not to do it with someone else in the house." Matt answers in a mortified tone, while giving his fiancé's hand a squeeze.

"Especially during the day." Ben then adds quietly, although he felt more guilty than embarrassed, his fiancé didn't want to go skinny dipping, but he had persuaded him and now they were both being told off and lectured.

"We don't mind you having fun boys and to be honest, we don't want you to feel like you have to be ashamed of your bodies, but all we ask is that you respect those around you, because neither of us wants to see you like this." Mike then states in a serious tone and while he knew he probably struggled more than Sarah with the boys nudity, he wasn't going to do the same thing his parents had done to him and make them think there was something wrong with being nude.

"Mike is right boys, if you want to be naked and swim naked, then it's okay, this isn't about that, this is about you being more respectful and you should have known we would be home and we expect you to set a better example for your brother." Sarah then states and while she didn't want either of the boys to get upset, she wanted to avoid having to have this talk again and thought that bringing up their brother would help them think of what they were doing in a different way.

"Sorry Mum." Matt then apologises in an embarrassed tone and was struggling to not look down at the ground, they had seen him naked a lot, but being told off while he was naked, was completely different and he definitely never wanted to experience it again.

"Tobias doesn't do it because of..." Ben then decides to try and protest, but is quickly interrupted by his dad.

"Don't argue Ben and while you have a point, we still expect you to set a better example and you know if he came home and saw you both skinny dipping, then he would be in their joining you before you even realised he was even there." Mike states in a firm tone and gives his youngest son an unimpressed look and even though he knew they were being hard on the boys, they had wanted to talk to them about this kind of thing for a while and now they had the chance, they were going to make the most of it.

"And just to let you know, we are planning on having a word with your brother about being naked as well, so this isn't just us having a go at you both, we've been waiting for a chance to talk to you all and this is it, so I want you both to think about what we've said and I want you to be more thoughtful and respectful of other people when they're in this house." Sarah then states in a serious tone and smiles at the look on both boys faces and while she felt bad for embarrassing them, they had brought it on themselves and she knew that they understood that.

"We promise Mum." Matt then says in a sincere tone, as he looks at his mum and somehow feels himself blushing even more and wishes they could just get dressed now.

"Ben?" Mike then states with an expectant look, he knew the boys answered and talked for each other a lot and everyone thought it was sweet, but this wasn't the time for that and he wanted both boys to promise.

"Sorry and I promise as well." Ben then states in an embarrassed but sincere tone, but when he feels his hand being squeezed he gives his fiancé a worried look. "Can we get dressed now please." He then quickly asks, while giving his dad a quick nod of the head towards his fiancé and relaxes a little when he sees that his dad understood the signal.

"Okay boys, you can get dressed, but we still want to have a chat, so you can go and shower in a little while, before changing into clean clothes." Mike quickly says in a firm tone and despite the curious glance Sarah gives him, he had seen his youngest sons signal and knew that Matt was beginning to get upset and he knew that he could freak out if they didn't do something to calm him down.

"You don't have to put your tops on though, it's hot and you're probably too wet to get them on anyway." Sarah then suggests with a warm smile, after seeing both boys quickly move over to their clothes and noticed that their tops were tight fitting ones and knew they would struggle to get them on.

"Okay." Ben responds with a smile and although he didn't think they would have a problem getting them on, he wasn't going to argue and was just happy to cover himself up and he could tell his fiancé felt the same way, although to his relief, he could see that he had calmed down and was actually smiling and relaxed a little bit more.

"What are those?" Mike then asks in a curious and slightly confused tone, after noticing both boys slipping on another ring above the ones he had given them for their twelfth birthday earlier in the year.

"Boys?" Sarah then states in a serious tone, after seeing them both blush and give each other a nervous look at the question.

"I asked Matt to marry me and he said yes." Ben answers bluntly after a few moments, they had wanted to tell everyone as soon as they had been picked up, but after being told what had happened to their friends, it just didn't seem like the right time and then when they all heard about Jim, they definitely didn't want to tell everyone and think that they were being rude and inconsiderate.

"You are engaged?" Mike then quickly asks in a surprised tone and while he had his suspicions that his youngest son had something special planned for the two boys anniversary and the fact both boys have talked about getting married a few times before, it was still a shock.

"When?" Sarah then asks in a stunned tone and while she had a lot more questions than that, it was the first thing that came to her.

"Yeah we are and I asked him Friday night." Ben responds in a shy tone, although he can't help but smile after glancing at his fiancé and seeing him smiling shyly and knew that despite agreeing to wait until everything had settled down and their friend was found, they were both happy to be able to tell their parents.

"We wanted to tell you as soon as you picked us up Mum, but well you er... told us... well you know and we didn't think it was fair or er... well we didn't want to tell people until Mitch found Peter and well er... after Jim's funeral." Matt then adds in a slightly nervous tone, after both his mum and fiancé's dad looked at each other and then just stared at them in shock.

"You're not mad are you?" Ben then asks nervously, he wasn't sure what everyone's reaction would be, especially after what has happened in the past few days, but he wasn't sure what they would do if their parents were angry at them and didn't want them to be engaged.

"Mad? Why would we be mad?" Sarah quickly asks in response, she knew that both she and Mike were being quiet, but they were just surprised and not quite sure what to say, but they definitely weren't mad or angry.

"Because we're only twelve and er... because we didn't tell you." Matt then states and while he didn't think they would be mad, their silence had started to worry him and he knew his fiancé was feeling the same way.

"Come here boys." Mike then says in a soft and warm tone, before kneeling down and pulling his youngest son into his arms, while he glances across to see Sarah doing the same with Matt. "Yes, you may only be twelve, but with everything you've been through and the way you've supported and helped each other, I couldn't be any more happy and proud of you both." He then states in a sincere tone, before gently rubbing his youngest sons back affectionately.

"You could have told us when we picked you up boys, I know you didn't think it was the right thing to do, but you can both tell us anything and I want you both to promise us that you will never keep anything important from us, we're a family and we're always going to be there for you both." Sarah then decides to say from the heart, she was still a little shocked that her twelve year old son was engaged, but she was happy for him and she couldn't ask for a better person for him to love, than Ben and anyone who knew them, would know that they belonged together.

"We just didn't want to make anyone think that we didn't care about our friends." Ben then states in a slightly muffled tone, his dad was still holding him tightly and despite being a little embarrassed, he was also enjoying the affection and didn't want him to let go just yet.

"We promise to not hide things again as well." Matt then says with a small smile, after leaning back a little to look into his mums eyes. "You're er... you know, you don't mind that I'm engaged?" He then asks in a nervous tone, which slightly frustrated him, he knew his mum was okay with it and so was his fiancé's dad, but he needed to hear her say it and only then could he relax and just enjoy being cuddled.

"It's a little surprising and I know that you've both talked about getting married and you're only twelve, but I'm happy for you both Sweetheart and I'm sure Mitch and Tobias will be just as happy and so will your friends." Sarah responds with a loving smile, before noticing the odd and slightly guilty look spread across her sons face. "What's wrong?" She then asks in a worried tone and while she didn't get the sense that he was upset, it was clear something was wrong.

"Well er... Mitch and Tobias already know, well Mitch helped me plan some of it and well Tobias noticed the rings and well we didn't want to lie to him about it." Ben answers with a small smile, after managing to get his dad to stop squeezing him half to death, although he made sure he didn't actually let him go as he twisted in his arms and was just content to be held by him for a little longer and could see that his fiancé was enjoying being in his mums arms just as much.

"You've been wearing them all this time?" Mike then asks in a surprised and slightly embarrassed tone, they hadn't seen the boys every minute of the day since they picked them up from his old house, but they've been with them enough to have noticed the rings before or at least he thought one of them would have noticed the boys wearing the rings.

"Not all the time, like when we knew we would be sitting at the table to eat with you, we thought you would notice them and well we still didn't think we should tell people yet, but well you know now." Matt answers honestly, after giving his fiancé a shy look and seeing him nod his head in response. "We haven't told the others though, so you can't say anything, because er... well..." He then decides to say, but as he talks, he can't help but think of Jim and what his friend must be feeling and quickly trails off and looks towards his fiancé.

"Wesley knows about us as well though, but he's got other things on his mind and we didn't want him to think we're trying to, well you know like celebrate or something and not caring that his brother got er... well you know." Ben then states in a nervous tone, after his fiancé had trailed off and he knew that they both struggled to put into words how they felt about their friend and what he was going through.

"Have you been to see him yet?" Sarah then decides to ask, she wanted to reassure the boys that their friend would still be happy for them, but she wasn't so sure that he would be right now, she had spoken to both of his parents and while they were devastated and struggling, they were both very worried about their youngest son and they had told her that he wasn't taking it well at all and even Carter wasn't able to get through to him, even though the small boy had refused to leave his side.

"No, Carter told us to give him another day or two, he said he isn't doing very well and he barely tolerated him being with him, let alone anyone else." Ben responds in a sad tone and while he was hoping they could visit him soon, the way their friend made it sound, they weren't sure if they would be welcomed.

"We're going to go to see him tomorrow afternoon, well if it's okay with you and we might take Tobias with us." Matt then says with a sad smile, he wasn't sure if they should take their brother, but other than his fiancé, he was the only one who could relate to losing someone they loved like that, well he could a little bit, but his dad was completely different and he really didn't feel much about him being dead, even if he did miss the person his dad used to be, the person he became, had destroyed any sense of loss after he died.

"If Tobias wants to go, then you should take him Sweetheart, I know we all try to protect him, but we need to start letting him have more freedom and let him make his own choices." Sarah then says in a warm tone, while tightening her grip on him a little bit and despite what they were talking about, she was enjoying being able to hold him like this, especially with Ben here as well, which would normally mean the two boys holding each other and she couldn't help but smile because she could tell that both boys were content with how they were and didn't seem to be in any hurry to move.

"I agree with your mum Matt, he needs to start making more decisions for himself and not wait for one of us to tell him what to do." Mike then states with a warm smile, they had done their best to help the boy, but now that he was better and becoming more independent, they needed to start encouraging him to be more assertive and self assured.

"Okay and er... well he's doing better now and Lily told us that she is going to try and get him to be more confident, because she said that he keeps waiting for her to tell him what to do or what they should do." Matt then says with a smile and despite still being worried about their friends, he was over the moon with his brother finding such a nice girlfriend and even though they haven't spoken much, the fact she wanted his brother to be more assertive and not just enjoy bossing him around, instantly made him not only like her more, but trust her with his brother as well.

"Yeah, she likes that he isn't bossy or stuff like that, but she knows what he's been through and she wants him to get better and well I... well we really like her, she's like Erica and we love Erica." Ben then decides to add with a big smile, which widens when he sees the look on his fiancé's face and knows that he felt that same way about their brothers girlfriend.

"Well I can't wait to meet this girl and if she is anything like Erica, then Tobias is a very lucky boy." Sarah then says in a sincere tone and despite being shown a couple of pictures, she had yet to meet her sons girlfriend and after hearing the two boys talking about her, she was hoping that she wouldn't have to wait too much longer.

"It's up to him really, I think he wanted to ask you if we could have like a party here this weekend, but with everything that's happened, well we said he should wait a couple of weeks, although we could talk to him if you want to meet her sooner." Ben then says with a smile, he didn't see anything wrong with their brother just inviting his girlfriend around and maybe even Jordan and Ashleigh, just so that Lily didn't feel uncomfortable being around everyone on her own.

"That's something we can talk about later though boys." Mike then decides to say with a smile, before looking over to Sarah and giving her a nod.

"Boys, we want you to talk to us and while that includes you two secretly getting engaged, we also want to talk to you about Peter and about Jim." Sarah then starts to say in a slightly tense tone and could see Ben's face drop and feel her son shudder a little bit, before giving Mike a quick signal for him to go ahead.

"We know that it's been tough, but we want you to be honest with us and we want to do it before Tobias gets home okay." Mike then states and while it was obvious that neither boy wanted to talk about it, he knew that they had to and they needed to do it sooner rather than later.

"What are we meant to say?" Ben then asks in response, he wasn't trying to be awkward, but while he knew that talking would probably help, especially his fiancé, he really had no idea what to say or even where to begin.

"Why don't we head inside and you two can sit together and we will sit opposite you both and then we will talk about Jim and you can tell us or ask us anything about that." Sarah decides to suggest in a reassuring tone, although inside she was actually reluctant to have this talk, but she knew they needed to get the boys talking and expressing how they were feeling, especially with how her son has been since he heard the news.

"But why?" Matt then asks, although as everyone gets up, he let's his fiancé take his hand and starts to walk towards the house.

"Because it helps and even though it's hard, we need to make sure you're okay and this will help, I promise Sweetheart." Sarah responds as they walk into the house and then into the living room.

"Ben, why don't you begin and then you can join in when you feel comfortable Matt." Mike then decides to suggest in a soft tone, after they all sit down and look at each other for a few moments.

"Okay." Ben responds in a less than enthusiastic tone, before giving his fiancé a loving smile for a few moments, before he then begins to talk.

"Please talk to me." Carter says in a sad and worried tone, his boyfriend had barely even acknowledged his existence since his parents had tried to comfort him and he had shouted at everyone and stormed to his room. "They weren't trying to upset you, they're just worried about you." He then decides to say, after realising that he had to try a different approach to get his boyfriend talking.

"It's not fair." Wesley then half mumbles in a quiet tone, he just couldn't even start to process his brother not only being dead, but that he was murdered and he just didn't know what to do or think.

"I know, but the police will find whoever did it and he..." Carter then begins to say in a reassuring tone, before stopping as his boyfriend glares at him and despite knowing no matter what, his boyfriend would never hurt him, he couldn't help but flinch a little at the look on his face.

"I DON'T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT THE FUCKING POLICE!" Wesley quickly shouts out in anger, before getting up off his bed and pacing back and forth across his room.

"Sorry, I didn't..." Carter then begins to say, but is quickly cut off by his boyfriend staring daggers at him.

"Just shut up you... you..." Wesley starts to say, but pauses for a few moments as he stares at his boyfriend. "What are you even doing here? I don't want you here." He then states in a cold tone, before turning towards his bedroom window and staring out of it.

"I'm here because I love you." Carter responds in a sincere and loving tone, he wasn't stupid and he knew his boyfriend would try to push him away and he also knew that he had to let him try and not to get too close to him, unless he came to him.

"I thought I loved you as well." Wesley then responds in an emotionless tone, while still staring out of the window and while he wasn't sure what was going through his head right now, he just couldn't help himself.

"I er... well..." Carter then begins to respond, before trailing off for a few moments, while he tries his best to not let anything his boyfriend says get to him. "I think your dad wants to give you a talk, you know like a professional talk, but I told him no and well I could tell he wasn't happy about it, but I made him promise to leave you alone." He then states in a calm tone, after managing to pull himself together after his boyfriends hurtful words and instead focus on helping his boyfriend.

"It's not fair, I just got him to like me and it's not fair." Wesley then says in a quiet tone and while Carter wanted to go and comfort his boyfriend physically, he knew that he had to be patient and wait for him to come to him, even if it hurt to see him like this.

"He was a good big brother and he loved you so much." Carter then decides to say and while he again wanted to walk up behind his boyfriend and wrap his arms around him, he knew he couldn't and again just stayed on the bed, hoping that something he said, would get through to him or at the very least, get him to calm down a little bit.

"You need to go home Carter, I don't want you here." Wesley then states in a cold tone, before turning and looking at his boyfriend with a look of annoyance.

"Yeah, because if this was the other way around, you would leave me alone, it's just not going to happen Wesley." Carter quickly retorts in a serious tone and while his boyfriends words were hurting him, he was going to stay strong, he remembered what Ben had told him about how Matt would push him away and say things that hurt him in the hospital and when he had his freak outs, but he had stayed strong through that and he was going to do the same thing.

"He's really gone isn't he." Wesley then says in a said tone, but instead of looking at his boyfriend, he just turns back to the window and starts to cry silently.

"I'm not going anywhere and I love you so much Wesley." Carter then says from the heart, before plucking up the courage to walk over and wrap his arms around his boyfriend and while he knew this could backfire, he was tired of holding back and wanted to comfort him, but just as he relaxes and starts to tighten his grip, he feels his boyfriend twisting around and picking him up and despite knowing he was safe, he couldn't help but be a little concerned when he feels himself being carried to the bed and laid down.

"Please?" Wesley then asks in an almost desperate tone, while slowly undoing his jeans and Carter quickly understands what his boyfriend wants.

"Tell me you love me." Carter then decides to say in response, as he starts to pull his own clothes off and despite knowing his boyfriend was emotional, he needed to hear him say it after all the hurtful things he had been saying to him.

"I love you Beautiful." Wesley eventually responds in a sad tone, after taking his clothes off and getting the lube from his bedside cabinet. "You know I do." He then adds with a sad smile and while he knew that he was hurting his boyfriend before, he just couldn't help it and he was glad that he had refused to leave, he needed his boyfriend and he hoped he would never leave him.

"I love you too." Carter quickly responds with a loving smile, before making himself comfortable on his boyfriends bed and then watches as he climbs between his legs and slowly lifts them on to his shoulders and while he didn't particularly like this position, he wanted his boyfriend to do what he needed to do and prepared himself as best he could.

"Don't let me hurt you." Wesley then says barely above a whisper, before lubing his boyfriend up and slowly leaning into him.

"Promise." Carter quickly responds, before grunting a little and despite preparing himself as best he could, his boyfriend was already speeding up and he knew that while he would enjoy it, it was still going to be a bit rough and when he feels his boyfriends hands pinning his own above his head, he knows there isn't much he could do to stop him anyway. "Slow down." He then manages to say in a strained tone, he had tried his best to just let his boyfriend do what he needed to do, but it had been almost ten minutes now and he was starting to ache and wanted him to slow down so that he could start enjoying it again as well.

"Shut up!" Wesley quickly states in a cold tone, before going even faster and harder and ignores the pained expression on his boyfriends face, as he thinks about his brother and the person who murdered him and how he wanted to kill him and hurt him.

"You're hurting me." Carter then says after almost five more minutes and this time he decides that he needed to let his boyfriend know that he was going too far and tries to move, but quickly realises that he was pinned completely and could only look up at his boyfriend pleadingly.

"Oh no..." Wesley then quickly says in a shocked and devastated tone, after seeing that his boyfriend had tears in his eyes and quickly stops moving. "I... I er... sorry." He then says in a horrified tone and slowly slips out of his boyfriend and then backs away from him shaking.

"Oww." Carter then half mumbles in a pained tone, before twisting on to his side and pulling his knees to his chest, it wasn't that painful and he knew it wasn't his boyfriends fault, but it still hurt and with the way his boyfriend had been talking to him, it was just a bit too much to take in one go.

"It should have been me." Wesley then says in a disgusted and self pitying tone, before slump to the floor with his back against the wall, he knew he had a right to be angry and upset, but he had vowed to never ever hurt his boyfriend and seeing him curl up on his bed and in pain made his heart break and he knew that he was a monster.

"Help me please." Carter calls out in a half pleading tone and even though he was in a little bit of shock, he had heard what his boyfriend had said and knew that he needed to get him in his arms, but he was feeling too sore to move much and knew that his boyfriend would respond to him needing help.

"I didn't mean..." Wesley then begins to say, after nervously getting up and edging over to his boyfriend, before feeling himself being pulled on to his bed. "What are you..." He then begins to ask, before being silenced by his boyfriends lips, after feeling himself being wrapped up in his boyfriends arms and legs.

"You ever do that again and I will kick your arse." Carter states in a firm and serious tone, after eventually breaking their kiss after a few minutes and despite the fact he was genuinely upset with his boyfriend for being so rough, he also knew that he could hardly complain, he had been rough with his boyfriend before and if anything, he had probably been rougher.

"But I er... what?" Wesley then asks in a confused tone, he had hurt his boyfriend and he knew it, so he really didn't understand what was happening and could feel himself trembling slightly.

"You're a prick, but I've been rougher with you and you know it and you didn't really hurt me..." Carter begins to answer in a reassuring tone, but is quickly interrupted by his boyfriend.

"Don't lie, I hurt..." Wesley quickly starts to state, before being silenced again by his boyfriends lips, although this time he tries to break free, but to his frustration, he can barely move, let alone get enough leverage to get free of his boyfriends limbs and eventually gives in and returns the kiss.

"Your words hurt Wesley, not what you did, and I know you're upset and hurting, but I'm just trying to help you and please don't take it out on me." Carter then says in a soft and warm tone, after breaking their kiss when he feels his boyfriend relaxing and while he would take anything his boyfriend threw at him, he was finding it harder than he expected and it gave him even more respect towards Ben, who must have gone through hell with Matt and he had witnessed his friend lashing out verbally and physically and nothing his boyfriend had done so far had even come close to comparing to those.

"Why did..." Wesley then begins to say, before trailing off for a few moments. "Why him Carter, he never hurt anyone and I we just started to be real brothers and it's not fair." He then says in a sad and devastated tone, he knew he would still hurt if they have never become close, but because they had over the past few months, he was just struggling to cope and just wanted his brother back.

"I know and it's not fair, but we have friends and..." Carter then begins to say, before being cut off by his boyfriend and he can't help but see that he had the same cold look that he did earlier and it did frighten him a little bit this time.

"I don't want their pity and them telling..." Wesley then states in a venomous tone, before stopping in shock as he feels himself being slapped and it wasn't a playful one either, he had felt his boyfriend loosen his grip, but he never expected him to slap him and he wasn't sure how to react.

"Sorry, but you're being a moron Wesley." Carter then quickly states in a serious tone, although he was just as surprised as his boyfriend seemed to be that he slapped him, he wasn't planning to do it and it just happened. "Ben's mum was killed when he was little and then there is Tobias, so you can fuck off with the pity crap Wesley, because you have two friends who know exactly what you're going through and then there is Mitch, although I don't think you should talk to him about it, well not yet, he has a lot to do and well he needs to find Peter." He then states in a more focused and serious tone, after getting over the shock of slapping his boyfriend, even though he was a little worried, because it wasn't gentle and he could see his cheek going bright red.

"You must think I'm pathetic." Wesley then says in a self pitying tone, before catching his boyfriends hand by the wrist and giving him a hard look. "Okay, okay, no more slapping, I get it." He then states with a shake of he head and while he was still devastated and could feel himself on the verge of crying again, he couldn't help but find his boyfriends expression amusing and knew that he was surprised that he had caught his hand so quickly.

"Fuck, how the hell do you move that quick?" Carter quickly asks in an amazed tone and despite what was going on, his boyfriend never stopped impressing him like this and he was genuinely in awe of him.

"When you know you're about to get walloped by a sexy god, then you kind of have to move quickly." Wesley answers with a slightly forced smile and while it was nice to not think about everything else, it didn't make him feel much better, although seeing his boyfriend smiling shyly went a long way to help.

"You're such a moron sometimes, but I still love you." Carter then responds and although he knew that his boyfriend was still upset and vulnerable, he was at least happy to get him talking and relaxing a little bit. "Seriously Wesley, if you hurt me and I mean really hurt me, then I would be at home now and you know it, but I also meant what I said earlier, if you ever do that again, I won't let you off so easily and that's not a threat." He then adds in a serious tone and gives his boyfriend a quick peck on the lips, before slowly getting up, but as he tries to sit up, he lets out a groan.

"Oh fuck er... lay back down, I need to check you for bleeding." Wesley quickly instructs his boyfriend, while gently pushing him down on to his back and despite hating himself for what he did, he had heard what his boyfriend had said earlier and if anything, his boyfriend had been a bit too rough on more than one occasion and it was usually his boyfriend checking him to make sure he was okay.

"I swear if you've made me bleed, you're going to be giving me a hell of a blow job to make up for it." Carter then teases in a slightly nervous tone, although he knew despite the fact he was sore, even if his boyfriend had cut him, it wouldn't be so bad and it would actually make them even and his boyfriend had made him give him a blow job to make up for it, so he was going to get payback for that at least.

"It's not bleeding, but it is red and well er... shit Carter, I really didn't mean to hurt you, I just got... well er... I'm really sorry." Wesley then says in a guilty and ashamed tone, he knew his boyfriend wasn't angry, but that didn't make him feel any better about hurting him, even if his boyfriend had probably done worse to him since they started having sex.

"I know you didn't and it's okay, so get sucking and make it good Moron." Carter quickly responds with a cheeky grin, before giggling at the look on his boyfriends face and for the first time since he had first arrived at his boyfriends house after being texted by him, he could see him genuinely smiling and even though he knew that it wouldn't last long, he was determined to try and do his best to support and reassure him.

"Sixty nine?" Wesley then decides to ask in a hopeful tone and couldn't help but be a little nervous, he knew he had been rough with his boyfriend before, but he hadn't actually orgasmed and he really needed to feel good right now.

"Er... well your dick's just been er... well okay, but you need to go on top and no rough stuff or I will go home and I mean it." Carter then responds in a cautious tone, after giving it a little thought and while he wasn't exactly keen on suck on his boyfriends dick after it had been up his bum, he knew he was clean and decided that it wasn't anything they hadn't done before and he wanted to try and keep his boyfriend feeling happy for as long as possible.

"I promise, I just want to feel good Carter and I want you to feel good as well." Wesley responds with a shy smile, before giving his boyfriend a quick but loving kiss. "I'm glad you're here and even if I tell you to leave, I don't mean it, I never want you to leave." He then says from the heart with a smile, before being a little surprised and startled to find himself being pulled into his boyfriends body and then rolled over.

"Fuck it, I'm going on top and just get sucking." Carter quickly states in a lustful tone, before just as quickly moving around and taking his boyfriend into his mouth.

"Fucking hell!" Wesley then moans out, before the tensing a little as he feels his boyfriend giving him a little nibble and quickly got the message and gently pulled his boyfriends groin towards his face so that he could return the favour.

Eight Hours Later

"He thought we were boyfriends?" Peter asks in a surprised and slightly curious tone, he didn't really understand what that actually meant, but he was sure boys were meant to have girlfriends and not boyfriends.

"You know what being gay is right?" Jarred quickly asks in a surprised tone of his own, after realising that the other boys amnesia might mean that he doesn't even know what being gay actually is and was a little worried that the plan might be ruined.

"Well er... its like kissing a girl, but well you kiss a boy instead and er... other stuff." Peter answers as best he can, he had started to remember quite a lot of things and while none of them seemed to help him remember what happened to him, he was still happy that his memory was coming back and he trusted his friend to help him.

"Good enough, but well to answer your first question, Alex is gay and he wanted you to be his boyfriend even though you're straight and he er... well he used to get you alone and..." Jarred then begins to say, before pretending to be uncomfortable and trailing off for a few moments. "I don't know exactly what he did to you Peter, only what you told me and you never really went into details, but you did say something about how he tricked you into playing strip wrestling and he er... well shit Peter, are you sure you want me to tell you?" He then starts to explain, before pretending to be reluctant to say anything else and only just manages to repress the urge to laugh at how gullible the other boy was.

"Just what you know, I mean er... well if he well did stuff to me, I want to know and if he forced me to do them, then well I want to remember and he shouldn't er... I just want to know Jarred, please." Peter responds in a slightly nervous tone, he didn't like the idea that this other boy had not only seen him naked, but actually tricked him into it and done it by force and he was really starting to get a little scared that he would find him and hurt him even more.

"Well I can only tell you what you told me, so even though I believe you now, I might get a few of the things wrong, but well basically he is gay and well he started to hang out with you more and more and while that wasn't that much of a surprise, because well he always liked you and he was the reason you and me were friends." Jarred then starts to say, before pausing for a few moments as he realises that he was messing up and couldn't quite remember what he had practised saying. "Anyway, you told me that he started of small, like just rough housing, you know like being touchy feely and wrestling you around, which isn't that bad, I mean even you and me had a couple of little play fights, but well you told me that he started to accidentally grope you and that..." He then starts to explain again, but is surprised to be interrupted and slightly annoyed because he had just remembered what he had rehearsed for this conversation.

"Grope me?" Peter quickly asks in a confused tone, he knew that he probably knew what it meant before, but he didn't know now and was a little confused by what his friend was talking about.

"Oh, well it's like if you're messing around with someone, you know like rough housing and stuff and you grab each others bum or balls, that kind of thing Peter." Jarred answers in a slightly amused tone, although he manages to stop himself from smiling and could see that the other boy was too distracted with his answer to notice anything else.

"And he did that to me because he wanted to get me naked and er... be gay for him?" Peter then asks in a curious and slightly hesitant tone, he had never thought about anything to do with girls, let alone think about stuff with boys and he wasn't sure how he was meant to feel about that sort of thing, well other than boys are meant to like girls, not other boys.

"Yeah, he is obsessed with you Peter and you told me that he tied you up once and er... well he made you er... well you know he kept touching your dick until it got hard and then he kept going until you begged him to stop and even then he didn't listen and only let you go when he made you promise to be his boyfriend." Jarred answers in a shy and nervous tone and although it was fake, even he was surprised by how genuine he sounded and could see that while the other boy was obviously confused about what he had just said, he definitely believed him and he knew that he was going to make Alex sorry for betraying him like he did.

"Why..." Peter then begins to ask, before trailing off as he thinks about what his friend had just told him and he couldn't help but draw his knees to his chest and wrap his arms around his legs.

"You okay?" Jarred decides to ask, after the other boy doesn't say anything else, but he can't help but wonder what is going on inside his own head, when he realises that he was genuinely concerned about the way the other boy had reacted to what he had said and quickly tried to block it out of his mind and stick to the plan.

"What else did he do to me?" Peter asks after a few minutes of silence and while he didn't understand it completely or remember anything important, he knew what the other boy did to him was wrong and he felt violated and he could feel himself trembling.

"You told me that he took pictures of you naked, but in a way that looked like you were enjoying it and so no one could tell that you were actually tied up, well the first lot anyway, after he got enough photo's he told you that if you didn't do what he wanted, then he would show everyone what you looked like naked and he would put them on the internet." Jarred answers in the same shy tone as earlier, although he was trying his best not to give away the fact that he was making everything up.

"But you didn't believe me." Peter then states in a sad tone, not that he could really blame him, his friend had explained earlier that they weren't that close and that he was best friends with Alex, so if the roles were reversed, he would probably think he was lying as well.

"Can you blame me, I mean he was my best friend and when I talked to him about it, he said that you were probably gay and trying to get some attention and well to be honest... well never mind, it doesn't really matter." Jarred states in a dismissive tone, before turning around to get something out of one of the bags, although he was doing it to hide his smirk more than actually wanting anything.

"You believed him." Peter quickly states in a slightly betrayed tone, before again realising that he couldn't really blame his friend and the fact that he was admitting to it and not trying to pretend that he was perfect and stuff, just helped him believe him even more about the things he was being told.

"Well to be honest and I know I'm going to sound like a prick again, because well I am a prick Peter, but are you gay? I mean it doesn't make what he did right and it doesn't change my mind about helping you, but you can tell me." Jarred responds in a casual tone, after deciding that he wanted to see if he could go ahead with his strip poker idea and see what his reaction would be and hopefully get him to have some sort of flashback of him doing something similar with Alex, although he was hoping that because of his amnesia and the stuff that he's been telling him, that he won't quite remember it clearly enough to realise that he was messing with his head.

"No!" Peter quickly responds in a surprised tone. "Well I don't know, I'm only ten... well twelve, how am I meant to know what I like?" He then asks in a confused tone, after thinking about it for a few moments and while he couldn't understand why, he got the sense that he's had similar conversations before, but as hard as he tried, he just couldn't remember any details, he just had the sense that he knew the answer to his friends question, he just didn't know if it was a yes or a no.

"Oh wow, well I guess people are different and well do you like looking at boys?" Jarred asks in response and despite knowing the other boy was gay, he was interested to see how this conversation played out and whether or not he should risk the strip poker idea or save it for another day, because the last thing he wanted to do was jog his memory and ruin the entire plan, especially since no one had any idea where Peter was and he figured he had at least a week to work on him, before he would let him go.

"I don't know, I don't remember anything, remember." Peter quickly points out in a slightly frustrated tone, before relaxing a little bit and lowering his knees back down after his friend passed him a sandwich.

"Well I'm not gay, but I do get hard ons all the time and so does every boy, so unless you..." Jarred then begins to say, before being interrupted and despite getting a little annoyed that the other boy kept doing it to him, he was determined to be patient and not let his temper ruin the plan.

"Hard ons?" Peter quickly states in a confused tone and again, while he knew that he should know what that meant, he just couldn't remember and his frustration was just growing and growing.

"It's when your dick goes hard Peter, around our age and for most of our lives, they will go hard all the time and there isn't much we can do about it." Jarred answers in a patient tone, before thinking about whether the other boy was being stupid on purpose, because he was sure he should know what a hard on was or at least been able to work it out from what they were talking about.

"Oh right, but er... if they go hard all the time, how would I know if it was because I was gay?" Peter then asks in a curious tone and while his previous questions had frustrated him, he was actually interested in his friend explaining this to him, because his dick had gone hard a few times since he woke up and he didn't have a clue why.

"Well we could test it out I guess, I mean if you want to, I mean it's weird Peter and well it's really weird, but it could help you remember something and I want to help you get better." Jarred answers with an awkward smile and for once it was actually genuine, he was still following the plan, but he couldn't stop himself from looking forward to playing and he really didn't like those thoughts at all.

"How?" Peter then asks in a curious tone and while he wasn't sure what kind of test would answer his other question, his friend had so far only told him the truth and tried to help him, so he trusted him completely.

"Well I was just going to play some cards with you, but we could play strip poker and if you like seeing me slowly strip and like seeing me naked, then you're probably gay Peter." Jarred quickly explains with a reassuring smile and while he wanted to play the game, the plan would still work if the other boy said no and it might even make it easier to turn him against Alex.

"But er... can't we just hang out and er... you know not get naked?" Peter then asks in a slightly uncomfortable tone, sure his friend had watched him change this morning, but after being told about what Alex was, well did do to him, he wasn't keen on getting naked again.

"Then you're not gay Peter." Jarred then states with a smug smile and straight away could tell that the other boy was confused. "Peter, I just offered to play strip poker with you, if you were gay, then you would have jumped at the chance, even if you don't remember much, I think your gay side would have kicked in if you were gay." He then says with a wider smile and not for the first time, he couldn't believe how easy this was.

"I guess so." Peter then responds in a slightly unconvinced tone. "Alex would have made me play though, wouldn't he?" He then asks in a slightly hesitant tone, there was something in the back of his mind about Alex, but with everything his friend was saying, he just couldn't imagine being friends with him and he found himself never wanting to see him again.

"He tried to kiss me and grope me as well." Jarred then states in a sad tone, before looking down at the ground and could barely hide his smile after feeling the other boys hand on his knee and knew that he was buying into everything he was saying, although the confusing thoughts he was feeling earlier had also returned and he had to concentrate hard to ignore them.

"He did?" Peter quickly asks in a concerned and surprised tone, his friend hadn't lied to him yet and if this Alex kid touched him as well, then he really did know how he was feeling right now.

"It's how I eventually knew that you were telling the truth Peter, but I didn't do anything, I just pushed him away and punched him, but that was it and by the time I thought about you..." Jarred then begins to answer, before trailing off with a slightly over the top sigh. "Look Peter, that's enough for today okay, let's just have some fun and hopefully you will remember more yourself tomorrow and even if you don't, we can talk tomorrow night some more." He then states in a kind and caring tone, although he was only stopping so that the other boy would think about what he had said all night and hopefully making it change anything he remembered doing with Alex into something negative.

"Okay, I guess we can eat and drink something, I'm hungry and well we can play cards as well, but not strip poker, I don't like games like that Jarred." Peter then states in response and despite wanting to know more, well everything really, he could sense that his friend was struggling to talk about what happened and after all he had done for him, he didn't want to upset him by making him talk about it all at once.

"Sounds good to me, but I promise to tell you everything eventually Peter, it's just hard to do it all in one go." Jarred then says in a soft and gentle tone, before giving the other boy a friendly smile.

"I know." Peter responds with a friendly smile of his own and despite knowing his friend was a prick, well he had said it enough himself, he was hoping that they would be closer friends after all of this was over.

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