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Love Conquers All

by Flaming Matt

Chapter 7

October 2015

"Seriously Tobias?" Ben states with a shake of his head, after following his friend into his other friends bedroom and seeing his brother in his batman briefs and nothing else.

"What?" Tobias quickly asks with an innocent grin, as he looks at his brother and sees the look on his face.

"Did you even try to stop him?" Carter then asks in an amused tone, as he walks over to his boyfriend and steps in between his legs.

"Of course." Wesley responds with a genuine smile, although he could tell straight away that his boyfriend didn't believe him at all.

"He took my socks and shorts off." Tobias then states with a mischievous smile, before feeling himself being hugged from behind and quickly relaxes into his brothers arms.

"I need to talk to you about this later, but you aren't in trouble or anything, so don't worry." Ben then whispers into his brothers ear and while he knew he would probably worry a little bit, he really needed to give him a little talk, especially since he knew that Sarah was going to talk to him about it and he wanted to try and give him a heads up first.

"Hey! You weren't supposed to tell him that you idiot." Wesley then protests, after realising what his friend had said and felt a little betrayed, but in a fun way and was just happy that he could distract himself from everything else for a little bit longer.

"You're just mad because I wouldn't let you play with my willy yet." Tobias then retorts with a big grin, which quickly drops and he can't help but blush after hearing his brother coughing and feeling him letting him go.

"Well cheers for that Tobias." Ben states with a shake of the head, before giving both his friends a curious look. "He has a girlfriend now." He then states, before giving his brother a quick swat on the bum and can't help but chuckle at the cute little yelp that he makes.

"We know and we know what that means Ben." Wesley responds with a friendly smile and while both he and his boyfriend would miss being with their friend like that, they knew it was over now and had accepted it, well almost anyway.

"Yeah and I was only messing around Ben, I have Lily now and she can play with my willy." Tobias then states in a serious tone, but as soon as he sees his brothers face, he can't stop himself from giggling.

"Oh you little prick, I thought you were being serious." Ben then states and not for the first time, starts to shake his head and couldn't believe the stuff his brother came out with sometimes.

"Anyway, time to strip Ben and I will get the cock ring." Carter then states in a casual tone, after deciding to remind his friend of their bet and quickly grins at the look on not just his face, but his boyfriends and other friends as well. "We made a bet, he lost." He then decides to add and could see the amusement on his boyfriends face and he couldn't help but take a few moments to enjoy it.

"Wait, you actually bet against Tobias being at least only in his briefs?" Wesley then asks in amusement as he looks at his friend, after quickly working out what the bet must have been, especially as he remembers what his friend had said when he walked into the room.

"Well er... I didn't know what the bet was." Ben then answers in an embarrassed tone, before sighing and slowly begins to strip.

"You didn't know what you were betting for?" Wesley then quickly asks in an amazed tone, before grinning a little at his other friends face and could see that he was enjoying his brothers embarrassment.

"It's just a bit of fun and I don't mind and besides..." Ben begins to answer, before being a little surprised by his other friend interrupting him, just as he slides his briefs off.

"Put this on before you get hard and by the way, you aren't allowed to cum, you just have to stay hard until you go home." Carter states in a serious tone, although he can't quite stop himself from grinning, especially when both his boyfriend and other friend start to laugh.

"You stupid Ben." Tobias then states, before giggling at the look on his brothers face and while it was an embarrassing thing for his brother to do, it was his own fault and just a bit of fun.

"And you have a boner Tobias." Ben then quickly retorts and despite being a little self conscious about being naked and already half way to having a boner himself, he couldn't help but find his brothers expression amusing and could tell that he was embarrassed.

"So anyway Ben, you were telling me about Sarah catching you and Matt skinny dipping." Carter then decides to say and again, he can't help but grin at his friends expression and even though he knew it was a little mean, he appreciated his friend playing along and helping him to put a smile on his boyfriends face.

"No way!" Wesley quickly states in a shocked tone and while earlier he wasn't happy about anyone visiting him, he was really glad that his boyfriend had ignored him, because this was just great and just what he needed to give himself a break from everything else, even though he knew that it wouldn't last all day.

"You skinny dipped when my mum was home?" Tobias then quickly asks in a surprised tone and while he had been naked in the pool quite a lot, neither of his brothers ever did it when they parents were home as well and couldn't help but grin at them getting caught doing it.

"She wasn't home when we decided to skinny dip, but she came home early and once my dad came home as well, they made us get out and stand in front of them while they told us off for er... well skinny dipping in the middle of the day." Ben then explains in an embarrassed tone, after deciding to just be honest and not hold anything back.

"They never told me off like that." Tobias then quickly states in a slightly annoyed tone, not that he wanted to be told off like that, but he thought it was unfair on his brothers and he didn't even see what was wrong with skinny dipping anyway.

"Not yet anyway." Ben quickly responds with a half smile, which widens after seeing his brothers expression. "We'll talk later Tobias, I promise." He then decides to say in a reassuring tone and even though it would be amusing to let his brother worry, he knew that their friend needed them both and he didn't want to distract his brother too much.

"Okay." Tobias responds in a slightly subdued tone, before giving his brother a smile, just to let him know that he was fine.

"I can't believe they made you stand in front of them naked like that, that's a little harsh." Wesley then says in a sympathetic tone, after waiting to let the brothers talk for a few moments.

"Yeah, I mean maybe your dad, because he's a guy and stuff, but I didn't think Sarah would do something like that." Carter then decides to say, after giving his boyfriend a loving smile and getting one back.

"We were fooling around a little before Sarah came outside." Ben then states in a quiet tone and while he wanted to cheer his friend up, especially after Carter had told him that Wesley was really struggling, he wasn't sure if he was being a little too honest and could see all three looking at him in shock.

"No way! Did you have hard willies?" Tobias then quickly asks in a shocked tone, after quickly realising what his brother just said.

"Oh shit!" Wesley then says as well and while it didn't even compare to his own issues right now, he was again letting his friend distract him and even with how upset and angry he was feeling inside, he was still finding his friends story amusing.

"Well Matt was pretty much soft, but I was like half hard and it took like a minute for it to go right down after we got out of the water." Ben answers honestly and despite standing in front of them all naked and with a boner right now, he was only now starting to blush.

"I would've stayed in the water until they went away." Carter then states in a serious tone, there was just no way that he would have gotten out of the water like his friends did, no matter what his parents said to him.

"Honestly, I think I would have refused if I was on my own as well Carter, but Matt was with me and well I er... well I don't know, we got out and then got told off and yeah, that's it." Ben then states in an embarrassed tone, before blushing a little more as he remembers how embarrassed he felt at the time.

"Can we all get naked?" Tobias then asks with a hopeful expression and although he found the fact his brother was the only one naked, he liked being naked as well and he really liked seeing his two friends naked and he thought this was the best excuse to get to see their willies again.

"Seriously?" Wesley quickly asks in a surprised tone, not that he wasn't keen on the idea, but he was still surprised that his friend wanted to get naked right now.

"Yeah, I mean I just told you about what happened to Matt and I earlier Tobias and now you want everyone to get naked?" Ben then asks in a confused and slightly curious tone, he knew his brother liked to get naked, but he had actually hoped that his story would have given him the hint that he needed to stop doing it as often as he has been doing.

"It's fun though and I like looking at your willies." Tobias quickly responds with a grin, which quickly drops as he realises what he had just said and can already feel his cheeks burning in embarrassment.

"You're seriously the gayest straight person in the entire universe Tobias." Wesley states with an amused shake of the head, before shifting a little on his bed so that he is sitting crossed legged.

"I just like them." Tobias then states in a quiet and embarrassed tone, before feeling himself being held from behind and from the poking feeling his is getting, he quickly guesses that it was his brother, which is confirmed as he sees his friend walk past him to sit on the bed next to his other friend.

"He's just messing around with you Tobias, but you do say the gayest things sometimes." Ben then says in a caring tone, while gently using his fingers to trace little circles around his brothers stomach.

"So how long do you have to stay like that for then Ben?" Wesley then decides to ask in a curious tone, after deciding to see just how far his friend and boyfriend had gone with the bet.

"Until your parents come home." Ben responds in a slightly embarrassed tone and knew that while his friend wouldn't make fun of him for being naked, he knew that he thought he was an idiot for accepting a blind bet and despite having a good reason, he still felt a bit stupid.

"I hope they never come home." Wesley quickly mumbles in a quiet tone, before tensing up and looking up at his friends, he wasn't supposed to say that out loud and could see the shock on their faces and he wasn't sure what to do now.

"Well not until they at least get their act together and act like actual parents are meant to act." Carter then quickly states in a serious tone, which catches everybody by surprise. "I know, but the way they talk to you about things, it just makes me angry and well er... well I just think they're being stupid right now." He then adds in a quiet tone, before looking nervously at his boyfriend and hoping that he hadn't just crossed a line.

"I just want Jim to be here." Wesley then states in a sad tone, after staring at his boyfriend for a few moments and despite having mixed feelings about what he had just said, he knew that his boyfriend was only trying to support him and he couldn't ever be mad at him for that.

"I miss my mum all the time Wesley." Ben then says in a soft and understanding tone, before releasing his brother and walking over to his friends desk chair and sitting down.

"It will get easier though." Carter then quickly states with a reassuring smile, which starts to drop when he sees his boyfriend giving him an annoyed look and knew that he needed to back off a little bit now and let their friends do the talking.

"It never really gets easier Carter, I mean it does, but it doesn't and er... well..." Ben then begins to state in a sincere tone, before trailing off as he gets his words muddled up and to his slight relief, his brother quickly starts talking.

"Wesley, it's really super hard to start with, but while you will always miss him and er... stuff, it does get a little easier, but just because you er... well er... Mitch once told me that you find a place in your heart for the people you lose and even though you will always miss them and get like sad and stuff when you know you will never see them again, over time you start to remember all the good times you had together and eventually you replace the er... well, you replace the sadness feeling you get, with happier feelings and er... well he said lots more and yeah..." Tobias then says from the heart, before trailing off at the end and while he knew that his older brother would have said it better, he could see that his friend understood and that he helped a little.

"I still struggle to talk about my mum, but he's right Wesley, eventually you find a way to cope and not let the sadness take over, but it takes time." Ben then says with a sincere smile, before shifting a little so that his brother could sit on his lap, although because of the cock ring and boner, it takes a few moments to get comfortable.

"But he was murdered and they don't even know who did it." Wesley then states in a sad and lost tone and while he appreciated his friends words, he wasn't thinking rationally and he just didn't know how to deal with any of it.

"My whole family was murdered." Tobias then says in a quiet tone, before sniffling a few times and looking down at his feet.

"Wesley, we're here for you, but even though we've been through the same thing, everyone is different, so just talk to us and if that means shouting, screaming or even just crying, then do it and we will be here with and for you, just start talking and don't stop." Ben then quickly states in a serious and firm tone, while at the same time rubbing his brothers stomach soothingly.

"Please Wesley, for me, please." Carter then whispers into his boyfriends ear, after cuddling up to his side and even though his boyfriend tensed at first at the contact, he quickly relaxed and knew that he appreciated being held.

"Okay, but... Okay." Wesley then says in a slightly defeated tone, before letting his boyfriend shift a little and despite everything, he couldn't help but be thankful that he had his boyfriend in his life.

"Love you." Carter then whispers into his boyfriends ear, before tightening his hold on him when he begins to talk and could only hope that this actually worked.

"He actually told people that I was his boyfriend?" Peter asks in a shocked tone and even though his friend had just told him, he had to hear him say it again, just to let it sink in.

"He did more than that Peter, you told me that he actually forced you to pretend you were boyfriends to other people a couple of times." Jarred responds in a sympathetic tone or at least what he hoped was a sympathetic tone, before he was a little distracted by not only Barry being a pain in the arse, but also some of the things Ryan had told him and he couldn't help but be a little nervous now.

"But how?" Peter quickly asks in a confused tone, it was one thing for the other boy to be obsessed with him and stuff, but he couldn't see how he could get him to pretend to be his boyfriend.

"Seriously Peter? You still have the bump on your head from him attacking you and you wonder how he could have forced you? Look at your wrist." Jarred quickly responds in a more focused tone, after remembering to use the other boys broken wrist to his advantage and could only just manage to hold back a smirk as the other boy looks at his wrist with a shocked expression.

"He broke my wrist?" Peter asks in a shocked tone and couldn't help but find himself being more and more afraid of this Alex kid.

"When you tried to tell me about what Alex was doing to you, you told me that he made you lie about how you broke it to everyone." Jarred answers with a sympathetic expression. "I'm sorry I didn't believe you." He then adds in his best guilty tone and quickly looks down to the floor, just to add to his performance and again has to work hard to stop himself smirking when he feels his knee being gently rubbed.

"You promise that when I go home and to the police, he won't be able to get me again?" Peter then asks in a scared and pleading tone, he just couldn't believe how he could have been friends with someone like Alex and he was scared that if he got away with this sort of thing before, than he could do it to him again.

"I won't be able to be with you that much Peter, but trust me, your parents and the police will keep you safe, once you tell them what he's been doing to you." Jarred answers with a reassuring smile, before gently moving the other boys hand off his knee, which he was starting to enjoy a lot more than he wanted to and he wasn't going to let those sort of sick thoughts ruin the plan.

"Oh." Peter states in a disappointed tone. "Why won't you be with me though?" He then asks in a curious tone, after deciding that his friend saying he won't be around much, didn't make much sense since he was with him now.

"Because they will want to talk to me and I'm probably going to get into trouble as well." Jarred answers in an honest tone and while he wasn't actually being totally honest, he wasn't completely lying either and he knew that he would get in trouble, but he was hoping the other boy would get him out of it.

"Huh? Why would you get in trouble?" Peter then asks in a confused tone and didn't really understand how his friend could be in trouble, especially since he saved him and was looking after him.

"Because I had to hurt Alex to help you Peter, you were at his house and I had to hit him over the head and I hit him really hard." Jarred answers honestly and even though it was probably the most honest that he's been to the other boy, he couldn't help but be a little nervous that he might jog his memory completely and have to do something to make sure he never got the chance to tell people what he did.

"But you were just protecting me and stopping him from hurting me, why would you get into trouble for that?" Peter then quickly asks in a confused tone and again, he could see why his friend would get in trouble, he was only helping him and he shouldn't be in trouble for that.

"I still hurt him Peter and then instead of taking you to hospital, I brought you here and that was stupid, so stupid, but I got scared that I would get in trouble for hurting him and it's been days now and even though I just wanted to help you, I think I messed up really bad and I'm going to get in loads of trouble." Jarred again answers honestly, well as honestly as he could and despite knowing all along that he would get in trouble, now that it was getting nearer and nearer, he was starting to have second thoughts about the whole plan, which sounded a lot better when the older boy had suggested it, than it does right now.

"But you were scared and you've looked after me, I'll tell them that you've been a good friend and they will understand." Peter then states with a reassuring smile, because he thought it was the least he could do for his friend and it was the truth and his parents always told him to tell the truth.

"Maybe and it will help, but I'm still getting in trouble and well I don't mind, as long as you're okay and Alex can't go near you anymore, then it will be worth it." Jarred then says with a small smile, because even though he was actually being honest about it being worth it, he didn't mean it in the way that the other boy would think he meant it and again couldn't quite believe how much easier this was than he thought it would be, even if they prospect of getting into trouble was less and less appealing as time went by.

"When can I go home though Jarred?" Peter then decides to ask and while he appreciated all his friend had done for him, he was remembering a lot more now and while he still couldn't really remember much about his friends and Alex in particular, he remembered his parents and he really wanted to be with them again.

"You can go now I think, I mean you have most of your memory back and Alex is still stuck at home, so he can't hurt you now, but I still think that you should wait until tomorrow or even another day, just to be safe, but it's up to you Peter." Jarred answers in a slightly hesitant tone, he hadn't expected the other boy to ask that and knew that his answer was stupid and he just had to hope that he had done a good enough job of getting him to trust him, otherwise the whole plan could go wrong if he wanted to go home now.

"I miss my mum and dad though." Peter then says in a slightly sad tone, before looking at his friends face and seeing the worry in his eyes. "But I can wait another day, I mean if you think I should." He then offers, after thinking about all his friend had done for him and even though he missed his parents so much, he didn't think one more day would hurt.

"I think you should wait until at least tomorrow evening Peter, I mean it's still up to you, but we can have some fun tonight, because it might be our last chance for a little while, you know, because of the stuff that will happen." Jarred responds with a bit more confidence, after having a chance to think of a way out of the other boy going home now, not that he would let him go home, it was too soon for that and he needed to talk with Ryan and Barry again first, just to make sure they don't mess with the plan and ruin everything.

"I guess so, we can play some cards and you can tell me some more stuff about our friends, I still don't remember anything about them, well some stuff, but it doesn't make much sense." Peter then says in a slightly disappointed tone, but again, his friend had done so much for him and he wanted to do something nice for him in return.

"Sounds good, but I need to go and take a pee, so get the cards ready." Jarred quickly responds with a smile, before getting to his feet and moving towards the door.

"Okay." Peter responds with a small grin, before watching his friend walking out of the shed and quickly looks to see where they put the cards.

"Yeah, about time you dick." Jarred states in a slightly annoyed tone, after making sure that he was far enough away from the shed, to be safe from being overheard.

"So what do you want?" Ryan asks in an irritated tone and while he liked his friend, he also found his ego annoying and often felt like putting him in his place, but while they were friends, he was content to let him think he was in charge, well for now anyway.

"I told Peter that he will be going home soon, but I doubt it will be until after the weekend and I need you to have another word with Barry, just to make sure he got the message loud and clear to keep his mouth shut." Jarred responds with a roll of the eyes and while he liked his friend, he knew that they wouldn't be best friends and that Ryan didn't really like him that much and the feeling was mutual in that regard, as far as he was concerned.

"Fine, but seriously Jarred, what the hell is the point in all of this, we should have just kicked the fuck out of both of them and left them like that, all this kidnapping shit is going to bite you in the arse and you know it." Ryan states in response and while he didn't like his friend that much, he still thought he was risking a lot, for no apparent reason and he just didn't get it.

"Look Ryan, I have a plan and the less you know the better, but don't worry, you were never a part of it, so just make sure you get Barry thinking with a clear head and it will be fine." Jarred responds in an annoyed tone, he was getting fed up with his friend and just wished he would do as he is told and not pretend like he gives a crap.

"You're a prick, but I guess having a bit of fun with the pansy is worth it, I can't believe you got him to walk all that way to the main road in just his underwear and he's shit scared of both of us." Ryan then says in an amused tone and while he doubted they would be friends forever, he had to give him credit for turning the other boy into a little play thing that they can both enjoying dominating for a while.

"Just don't go too far Ryan, I mean have fun and humiliate him and all, but not enough for anyone to find out or for him to go and tell someone." Jarred states in a serious tone, before looking around and deciding that he might as well actually take a piss while he was out here and no one was around.

"Yeah, because making him walk from the woods to the main road in his underwear, isn't risky at all Jarred." Ryan quickly retorts in a sarcastic tone, before hanging up and looking into his bathroom with a smirk and couldn't believe how fun it was humiliating the boy like this.

"Fucking prick." Jarred mutters to himself in a pissed off tone, before putting his phone away and walking over to the nearest bush to take a piss.

"They made you stand in front of them naked, just to tell you off for skinny dipping?" Alex asks in a disbelieving tone, after hearing his friends story and despite not really being in the mood for jokes or anything like that, he couldn't help but find himself curious about what had happened.

"Yeah, but it wasn't that bad, I mean Ben was a little hard, but not enough to really notice and I think almost everyone's seen me naked before anyway, but it was still embarrassing." Matt answers with a shy smile, just thinking about it was making him blush and the fact that his mum and fiancé's dad were being serious, just made it even more embarrassing, although he couldn't help but wince a little bit, after his head started to hurt again, but it only lasts a few moments this time and he could tell that his friend hadn't noticed and decided to just ignore it for now.

"Shit though, I think I would have died of embarrassment." Alex then states honestly, he wasn't really shy about his body, not even around his parents, but being told off while naked after being caught skinny dipping, was definitely not something he would want to experience.

"Well I'm never risking being caught again, so I guess it worked, I just hope when they talk to Tobias, it works on him as well." Matt then states with a small grin and even though he didn't see much wrong with his brother being comfortable naked, he had been doing it more and more lately and he knew their mum was definitely not that impressed with it.

"I know he's your brother and all, but shit he is weird sometimes, but in good way, you know?" Alex then decides to say in a slightly hesitant tone, his friend had come to support and reassure him, so the last thing he wanted to do was make him angry by making fun of his brother.

"Weird, insane, crazy, the list is endless Alex, but he's my brother and I wouldn't change anything about him." Matt then says in response, before looking around his friends room again and couldn't help but wonder if his friends dad cleaned it everyday or something, because it was way too clean for a boys room in his opinion.

"Peter's a little like that, I mean the things he says and does is so random sometimes and he is always hurting..." Alex then begins to say, before sniffling a couple of time and despite trying his best, he can't help but start crying again, he just missed him so much and was so scared that he might be dead somewhere.

"It's okay, just let it all out Alex." Matt states in a comforting tone, after moving over and pulling his friend into his chest. "Mitch will find him Alex and he will be okay, you will see." He then decides to say, before just holding his crying friend, just like his boyfriend had done for him so many times that he'd lost count.

A Few Hours Later

"You're not stupid." Tobias says in a firm tone, before letting go of his friend and standing up between his legs.

"Well, let's not give him too much credit." Ben then decides to say, before yelping and jumping a little in surprise, after feeling his boner being flicked and quickly looks at his friend with a frown.

"You shouldn't make fun of idiots, you know they never understand and it's not fair on them." Carter states in a serious tone, while only just managing to keep a straight face and avoid looking at his boyfriend directly.

"Tobias, if you strip Carter naked, I promise to try really hard to remember the advice you gave me." Wesley then states with a small smile, before looking over to his boyfriend and grinning, he was feeling so many things after spending most of the day going through every emotion, but right now, he just wanted to have some fun and his boyfriend had just made himself an easy target.

"Wait what?" Carter then says in a surprised tone, before feeling himself being push forward by his friend and then half tackled to the ground by his other friend. "Hey! Stop it, he was only..." He then begins to tell his friend, but quickly trails off into a fit of giggles, after feeling himself being tickled and despite his best efforts, his friend quickly had complete control over him.

"You're so mean." Ben then states in an amused tone, before getting up and moving a little out of the way of his brother and friend struggling on the floor.

"And you're leaking all over my floor Ben." Wesley quickly retorts with a big grin, after noticing that like his boyfriend, his friend seemed to leak quite a lot, although as he thought about it, he had been hard for a few hours now and even with the cock ring, he was impressed that he had managed to stay hard the entire time.

"Oh fucking hell, I thought being able to cum would be awesome, why didn't anyone tell me about pre cum." Ben then mutters in a slightly embarrassed tone, not that he could help it, but the fact he could see a few wet spots on his friends bedroom floor, was a little mortifying.

"Don't worry about it, the way Carter leaks, I'm surprised the floor isn't stained permanently." Wesley quickly states with a grin, which widens when he hears his boyfriend attempt to say something, but as he looks over to him, he can see that despite his boyfriends best efforts, their friend had already stripped his top off and had his shorts around his ankles.

"You okay though, I mean I know you aren't, but you know you can always come and talk to me, I know what it's like and I want to help." Ben then asks in a friendly and sincere tone, after taking a few moments to clean himself up a bit and stop himself leaking any more on the floor.

"I'm good, well for now, I just hope I don't push Carter away, because without him Ben, I just don't think I could cope." Wesley responds in a sad tone, after watching his friend walk over and sitting next to him.

"There's nothing you can say that will push him away Wesley, trust me, the things Matt used to say to me, well they weren't nice and it was so hard to deal with, but I knew he was hurting and scared and Carter will know that as well." Ben then says in a reassuring tone, before grinning a little as he sees his brother slowly pulling down their friends underwear and couldn't help but find their little struggle amusing.

"How do you cope though Ben?" Wesley then decides to ask in a curious tone, after remembering what his friend had said about his mum's murder and how they still don't know who did it.

"Huh?" Ben then quickly asks in a surprised and confused tone, after his friends question catches him completely off guard.

"You said you don't know who killed your mum and they have no idea who killed my brother, so how do you deal with that?" Wesley asks in a clearer way and despite knowing how hard this would be for his friend to talk about, he needed to know how to cope, because the thought of never knowing why his brother was killed or who did it, was eating him up inside already.

"Oh..." Ben responds in an awkward tone, before trailing off for a few moments. "Well er... it's not something I think about much, I mean I do but er... well I guess because I was too young to really understand, that helped, but I just try not to think about that Wesley, it won't do any good anyway and I would just be sad all the time, so you just have to find a way to er... well you know." He then adds in an unsure and awkward tone, which he can see doesn't exactly reassure his friend.

"I don't know how though Ben." Wesley then admits in an almost pleading tone, after thinking about his friends response and deciding to just be honest.

"You could give Mitch a call, he was older than me when it happened and he can help you." Ben then suggests in a sympathetic tone. "I mean, if you can wait a few days, it's just he is really stressed out and tired, but he will always help you Wesley, so you should talk to him, he would want to help." He then decides to add, before reaching over and putting an arm over his friends shoulder to comfort him.

"Thanks." Wesley responds with an appreciative smile, before deciding to look over to his boyfriend and friend. "I said strip him Tobias, not grind against him and kiss him." He then quickly states in an amused tone, after seeing what they were now doing and despite everything, he was glad of the distraction.

"You have a girlfriend now Tobias, so get off him." Ben then tells his brother in a firm tone and while he was serious, he couldn't help but shake his head and smile as his brother slowly does as he is told.

"Sorry." Tobias responds in an embarrassed tone, he had no idea what came over him and knew that he shouldn't have done it.

"And pull your briefs back up." Ben then states with a grin and although he was still being serious, he wanted to let his brother know that he wasn't in trouble.

"I think everyone should get dressed now." Wesley then decides to suggest, even if it was his idea for his friend to strip his boyfriend, he just wasn't in the mood for this kind of thing. "You too Ben, I mean you have a sexy body and stuff, but it's all getting a little weird." He then says in a soft tone, after turning to his friend and despite not wanting to ruin his boyfriends dare, he really just wanted them to get dressed again.

"You okay?" Carter quickly asks in a concerned tone, while he continues to pull his clothes back on and despite being a little embarrassed about being stripped so easily and then kissing his friend, he was more concerned about his boyfriend.

"Me sorry I kissed him." Tobias then quickly apologises, after assuming that he had upset his friend and that was the last thing he ever wanted to do.

"I'm not mad or anything and well er... sorry for this Ben, but you know I think it's hot when you and Carter kiss like that Tobias, but I just want to sit and talk or something, but with er... well, with clothes." Wesley then says with a smile, before getting up from his bed and walking over to his boyfriend.

"Does this unscrew or clip off or something?" Ben then asks in a slightly confused tone, after trying to get a good look at the cock ring and wondering how to get it off.

"Which one did you use?" Wesley asks his boyfriend, after walking behind him and wrapping his arms around his waist.

"Just a normal one, so he either just has to cum or use some cold water." Carter responds in a relaxed and slightly amused tone, just feeling himself being held in his boyfriends arms felt amazing and despite everything that his boyfriend had said to him in anger, it was moments like this, that helped him remember that he loved him and would never hurt him.

"Oh, I like seeing cum come out." Tobias calls out excitedly, before quickly blushing as everyone turns to him and looks at him in bemusement and he knew he just did it again.

"Gayest straight person ever." Wesley states with an amused shake of the head and again, he was just thankful that his boyfriend had ignored him and invited their friends over, because despite still feeling angry and upset, he couldn't deny that having them here was helping.

"Those batman briefs are so sexy as well." Carter then says in a quiet tone and like his friend, quickly blushes as he wasn't meant to say that out loud and could feel his boyfriend trying not to laugh at him.

"Jeez, get dressed Tobias and I mean it, if you aren't fully dressed by the time I get back, I'm dragging you home in your briefs." Ben then decides to state in a half serious tone and although he would never actually follow through with his threat, he can't help but find his brothers expression amusing and knew that he must think that he is being serious.

"Where are you going Ben?" Carter then decides to quickly ask in a curious tone, while watching his other friend quickly trying to find his clothes and couldn't help but stare at his bum.

"It's sexy as hell." Wesley whispers into his boyfriends ear, after realising that he was checking out their friends bum and despite knowing it was a little weird since they were a couple, he knew that they both found their friend attractive and definitely loved him in a special way.

"To the toilet to get the ring off." Ben responds with a smile, which widens when he sees his friends expression. "I'm using cold water, seriously you guys have a one track mind." He then states in an amused tone, before giving his brother a final serious look and walking out of his friends room.

"Your clothes are on my bed Tobias." Wesley decides to tells his friend, after seeing him looking everywhere else for his clothes and despite enjoying the view, he was serious about everyone getting dressed and just acting like normal kids for a while.

"Oh, okay." Tobias quickly responds, before looking over to the bed and blushing, he must have looked everywhere else except the bed and felt a little stupid.

"Thanks for ignoring me about not wanting them to come here today." Wesley then whispers into his boyfriends ear, after deciding to tell him what he was thinking earlier and even though he couldn't see his face, he knew his boyfriend was smiling and held him a little tighter, before just watching their friend getting dressed.

"Am I too old for cartoon underwear?" Tobias decides to ask, just as he pulls his top over his head and despite not wearing them outside of his house normally, he was starting to wonder if he was too old for them, especially after being teased a little bit about them by everyone, even if they were just messing around, it still made him a little self conscious.

"I don't know, I mean adults wear them, so I don't think there is an age limit." Carter answers after a few moments, it was a random question and he could tell that his boyfriend was struggling not to laugh at their friends question. "But I guess some people will probably make fun of you Tobias, like if you wore them at school and people saw them, but it's up to you and if you like them, then wear them." He then decides to add in a reassuring tone, after seeing his friends expression and realising that his first attempt to reassure him hadn't had much effect.

"Oh, well some people think I dress funny, but I don't care about them, so I guess it's the same right?" Tobias then asks in a more upbeat tone and despite the fact he would never wear them to school, especially when he has gym class, he still thought they looked cool and he knew his friends thought he looked nice in them and despite having a girlfriend now, he still liked the fact his friends still checked him out.

"The only people who think you dress funny, are the people who are jealous of you Tobias, you look good and they know that no matter how hard they try, they don't." Wesley then decides to say in a serious tone and even though he didn't quite word it like he intended to, he could see that his friend understood him and quickly returns his smile.

"How's Lily anyway?" Carter then decides to ask in a curious tone and despite spending time with them as a couple, he wanted to know how his friend felt about her and if he actually did like having a girlfriend.

"She's out with Ashleigh and Jordan." Tobias quickly answers with a smile, before sitting around and looking around his friends room.

"Er... well, that's good I guess." Carter then says in a slightly bemused tone, he was expecting a little more than that from his friend and wasn't quite sure what to say next.

"Do you like having a girlfriend Tobias?" Wesley then asks with a small grin, after realising that their friend obviously didn't quite understand what his boyfriend was actually asking him.

"Her booby nipples poke me when we kiss, I like that." Tobias answers with a happy smile, after looking back at his friends and seeing how comfortable they looked together and thinking about how happy Lily made him when they sat like that together.

"What the hell did you ask him?" Ben asks in a shocked tone, after walking back into the room and hearing what his brother had just said and couldn't help but look at his friends accusingly.

"If he likes having a girlfriend." Wesley answers in an amused tone and despite the fact his friend was clearly not happy with what he had heard when he walked in, he knew that he wasn't actually angry and was happy to just be honest.

"Seriously? You really think..." Ben then begins to state in an unimpressed tone, before looking over to his brother and seeing his expression. "You're such an idiot Tobias, we talked about this kind of thing already, like a hundred times." He then states with a shake of the head, after thinking about how his brother often gives the most random and embarrassing answers to the most innocent questions.

"I try not to say stupid things." Tobias then responds in a meek tone and not for the first time, he finds himself both upset and embarrassed about the things he often says and again thinks about the way he used to be and sniffles a couple of times, before feeling himself being embraced.

"We all do it Tobias, but you just need to try and think before you speak a bit more." Ben states in a comforting tone, while rubbing his brothers back after embracing him, the last thing he wanted to do was upset him and now he had to do some damage control and hopefully calm him down.

"And at least the things you say are funny Tobias and we're your friends, so we're allowed to say stupid things to each other." Wesley then says with a friendly smile, before slowly edging his boyfriend towards his bed.

"Hey, what are..." Carter then begins to protest, after feeling himself being lifted up, but as he feels his boyfriend sitting down on the bed with him in his arms, he couldn't help but trail off and sigh in content, he just loved being held by his boyfriend and didn't care what anyone else thought about it.

"So Tobias, why don't you tell us more about Lily and this time try and give us less embarrassing answers." Wesley then decides to suggest to his friend and while he wanted to talk about his own issues again, he wanted something to distract him for a little bit longer and knew that his friend talking about his girlfriend would do that.

"It will be nice to know a bit more about her." Ben then says with a sincere smile, after letting his brother go and taking a seat on his friends desk chair.

"Okay." Tobias responds with a smile and despite still feeling upset with himself and the way he has changed since he lived in England, he was more than happy to talk about how amazing his girlfriend was and quickly starts telling them about her.

Two Days Later

November 2015

"Seriously?" Matt couldn't help but ask in a surprised and slightly annoyed tone, as he looks at his fiancé in disbelief and despite talking about this for the past hour, he wasn't ready to let it go just yet.

"They're our age Matt and Mitch said that he can't just go and question them for kidnapping, not without evidence anyway." Ben answers in a slightly tired tone, there was so much going on and while he wanted their friend to be found, he had just wanted to spend time with his fiancé and just be together, but so far, all he seemed to want to do is talk about the investigation.

"I know it sounds stupid, but we know Jarred hates them both and we saw Barry talking to him and that other idiot yesterday." Matt then says in a frustrated tone and despite being able to tell that his fiancé wasn't that keen on talking about it, he just needed to do something and he just knew that he and Alex were right about this.

"Mitch knows what he's doing Matt." Ben responds with a sigh. "Can we do or talk about something else now though?" He then asks in a serious tone, while giving his fiancé a loving smile, which drops slightly when he sees the look on his face.

"Like what? Our other friends brother being murdered or maybe how our parents have been acting strange ever since we got home?" Matt quickly responds in an unimpressed tone, before looking up at his fiancé in surprise after he gets to his feet.

"I just wanted to spend some time with you Matt, just you and me without all the other crap going on, is that too much to ask?" Ben states in an angry tone, before turning away from his fiancé and heading towards the door.

"Ben, just wait..." Matt then quickly begins to say in a surprised tone, before trailing off after seeing his fiancé walking out of the door, leaving him all alone in their living room wondering what just happened, but as he starts to get up, he feels a little dizzy and has to sit back down to stop himself from falling over and quickly holds his head as it starts to hurt again.

"Still no contact with Simon Kelly?" Hopkins asks as he looks across his table to the young man sitting opposite him and couldn't help but notice how tired he looked and started to wonder if he had made a mistake in letting him lead this case, he was still technically in training and this was a tough case for anyone and knew that he needed to keep a close eye on him.

"We made contact with the hotel again, but so far he hasn't got in touch with us." Mitch responds in a strained tone and despite being proud that he had been given this investigation to lead, he was starting to realise just how tough this job was and despite the training, nothing had really prepared him for it.

"I see." Hopkins then says in a thoughtful tone. "I noticed that you've been looking into a Jarred Miller and Barry King, but they're only twelve years old Mitch, what's your angle on them?" He then asks in a curious tone and while he was worried about the young man, he needed to stay professional and he needed to know why he was looking into two minors.

"It's just a hunch Sir, but unless I find anything substantial, then I can't see it going any further than I have gone already, arresting or even just questioning kids about potentially kidnapping is not going to go down well with anyone, even more so if it ends up as a dead end.

"So you're actually looking at them as being suspects?" Hopkins then asks in a surprised and slightly concerned tone, what the young man had said about it not going down well was an understatement and even though he was happy that he knew that, it still made him question his decision to give such a big role, to such a young and inexperienced officer.

"Seriously, well not really Sir, but there are a few things that do make sense and I want to explore every possibility, no matter how ridiculous they might appear to be." Mitch responds honestly and despite realising that his boss was questioning his handling of the case, he wasn't going to let that affect him or cause him to change his approach.

"This is your case Mitch, but maybe you can run a few of those things past me and I can see if I can offer any advice or ideas." Hopkins then states in a careful tone, after thinking about his choice of words carefully, the last thing he wanted to do was take the case off the young man or make him feel like he had no faith in him, but this was an important case and he was hoping that he could steer him in the right direction and avoid making any decisions that he may regret.

"Okay Sir, well first thing that is bothering me about the case, is the fingerprints, for them not to be on the system, indicates that whoever did take Peter, is either someone who has never been caught or finger printed before, which given the nature of the crime, would be unlikely, but if they don't have history, then it's a pretty big and random first criminal offence, so it just seems unlikely that we're dealing with adults, but I was thinking more sixteen years and above, than two twelve year old boys and I still think that it's likely to be someone around my age Sir." Mitch then responds in a measured tone and while he was now certain that his boss was questioning his investigation, he was determined to stick to his guns and not lose his composure.

"Okay, well I can see young adults being a good place to look, but two twelve year old boys, you're going to need a lot more than finger prints not being on record Mitch." Hopkins responds in a calm tone, although he was starting to relax a little and while it seemed the young man was going to continue to look into the kids, he was pleased to see that it wasn't out of desperation or some crazy move, but something he was just exploring as far as he could, without going too far and he could respect that.

"I know Sir, but there is the partial footprints that were found and forensics actually said that it's quite possible that the reason they were so small, was because they were a kids trainers or a teenagers trainers, but again, while that sounds good, it's not enough on it's own, although I did check with the Gilmar's and forensics and none of the trainers Peter or Alex own match the style of trainer from the footprints, but they do help support that the footprints found didn't belong to an adult." Mitch then states in a slightly more confident tone, after picking up the fact that his boss seemed to be relaxing a little bit and he took that as a good sign.

"Okay, I will give you that with both the fingerprints and the footprints, that we can almost rule out a fully grown adult, although there are people with small feet Mitch, not everyone can be a size thirteen." Hopkins responds with a small smile, before getting serious again. "But again Mitch, that's not a lot to go on, especially if you want anyone to take two kids being behind this seriously, do you have anything else?" He then asks in a serious tone, although he was happy to see the young man relax a little bit and was actually impressed with how he had dealt with this talk so far.

"Well this is where it goes more on gut feeling Sir and to be honest, while it makes sense, I still think that unless Simon's statement supports this in any way, then it's a no go and we will put our full focus into the other leads we have." Mitch says in a calm tone and decides to wait and see if his boss was going to say anything, before explaining what Matt had told him about Jarred and Barry and their idea of what could have happened.

"Go ahead then Mitch." Hopkins then says, as he thinks about the young man's words and again feels himself relaxing after realising that he was taking this serious and just covering every angle of the investigation and he had to give him credit, because he wouldn't have pursued this avenue himself and while it may not lead anywhere, it didn't hurt to look into it.

"Well we know that Simon delivered to the house, the company confirmed it, however, we didn't find any evidence of the takeaway in the house, which could be explained a number of ways, but Simon is a good person Sir and his bosses only have good words to say about his conduct, so the chances of him lying about delivering to the house are near enough zero." Mitch starts to explain, before pausing for a few moments, just to let his boss process everything so far. "So until we can ask Simon himself, the best theory that we have, is that someone paid for the delivery, before he got to the door..." He then starts to explain again, but is surprised to be interrupted.

"You just said that he was reliable and his bosses rate him highly, but you think he sold the takeaway to someone else?" Hopkins can't help but ask in a confused tone and while he didn't like interrupting people, he was too confused by the young man's conflicting statements and needed him to clear it up for him.

"Sorry Sir, I should have worded that better." Mitch quickly responds in a slightly nervous tone, before taking a few moments to compose himself again. "Sir, what I meant was that Simon was intercepted by someone he would have not only just known, but also associated with the house and Alex in particular, well if we're correct about it being a teenager or younger." He then states in a more composed tone, although he decides to let his boss process that, while taking a few more moments to get his mind focused.

"Which would support the idea that this was a personal attack, if Simon knew the person well enough to believe that he was going inside the house, then it does add weight to it being someone younger, but how would the person have known about the takeaway and what time it was even being delivered?" Hopkins then states in response, before giving the young man an impressed look, while making some notes for himself to look over again later.

"I believe it was purely coincidental Sir, no one could have predicted the boys would order a takeaway, but this does make me question the theory, because while it supports the idea, it's one hell of a coincidence, especially since the chances of that person knowing the delivery driver enough to intercept them, would have been even more unlikely." Mitch responds in a positive tone and while he wanted this to lead them to finding Peter, he wanted his boss to know that he was being objective and looking at it professionally and not just looking into it out of desperation.

"Fair point and while I still don't think you have enough to officially question the two boys, I definitely feel like you should focus your efforts on someone between the age of sixteen and twenty one Mitch." Hopkins then decides to say, although he made sure to word it carefully and give the young man an idea of how he could still pursue his idea.

"I agree Sir, but I just can't quite shake off the feeling that I'm right about this, there hasn't been any ransom demands or contact at all and while I know there could be other reasons for abductions, it just doesn't make any sense for them to target a house randomly, that just happens to have two boys alone inside and then for them to only take one of those boys and not both." Mitch then decides to say and while he understood his bosses hint about not officially questioning Barry and Jarred, he still wanted to make the most of this meeting now and pick his bosses brains and see if he could add anything to his investigation.

"All good points Mitch, but until Simon Kelly can be questioned, you can't rule out anything." Hopkins responds in a measured tone, before thinking about something that has been piquing his curiosity. "Why these two boys in particular though Mitch, you mention that it could be a personal motive, but for two twelve year old boys to actually set out and follow through with attacking and kidnapping another boy, well it sounds ridiculous Mitch and while I will support your investigation, I feel like you need to tread very carefully with this." He then says in a calm tone, while looking to the young man expectantly.

"I know Sir." Mitch responds in a calm tone, before thinking about how to answer his bosses actual question. "Sir, they are just kids at the end of the day and while I trust my little brother and Matt, a lot of why I suspect those two boys, is because of them and what they've told me about them, but again, while I trust that they wouldn't lie, it's not something that I would use to pursue a suspect officially." He then states in a confident and professional tone, although inside he was feeling a little nervous and couldn't help but be a little worried about his bosses reaction to what he had just revealed.

"Carry on." Hopkins quickly states in a thoughtful tone and while he wasn't exactly impressed to hear that the young man had just said, he was going to let him finish, before he decides how to respond to it properly.

"Jarred is from what I know, the school bully, which I know doesn't automatically make him a criminal or kidnapper Sir, but he does hold a grudge against both Peter, who he has bullied and intimidated for years and towards Alex, he was his best friend until earlier this year, when Alex stood up for Peter and chose him over remaining friends with Jarred, so he would have motive and knowledge of Alex's routine at home." Mitch then states in a calm tone, before pausing for a few moments, just to let his boss process what he had just said. "As for Barry, well this in my opinion is where this theory losses a lot of credibility, because he is one of Ben's oldest friends Sir and a good boy from what I have seen, but ever since Matt was attacked by his dad, Barry has become er... well I guess I would say distant from the group and over the months, he has basically just become someone they know, rather than a close friend." He then says in a slightly hesitant tone, because even he wasn't convinced that Barry could do such a thing, he knew the boy and he just didn't think that he had it in him.

"Okay, well that's, well a lot to take in and while I can see where you're coming from in regards to this Jarred Miller boy, even you don't appear to be convinced about Barry King being capable, let alone actually involved Mitch and I have to say, I think that while I encourage my team to explore every avenue, I think you're wasting your time on this line of enquiry." Hopkins then states in response, after taking a few moments to really think about the young man's theory and explanation for this part of the investigation.

"I understand Sir, but I feel like until I can speak with Simon, it's worth keeping an open mind on this, although I won't have any of the team neglecting other possibilities to accommodate it Sir." Mitch then states in a confident and firm tone, before taking a deep breath. "Sir, what I will say is this, the only reason I have not dismissed Barry out right, is because if Simon did indeed deliver that takeaway to another person, instead of delivering it directly to the house, than Barry would be someone Simon knew and trusted Sir and also, after talking with my little brother and Matt, they confirmed that they have actually seen Barry and Jarred meeting up and talking recently, which they both said was strange, because Jarred has bullied Barry in the past and they both said that Barry hated him, so for them to be talking now and with everything else, it's a bit of a coincidence Sir and worth at least not dismissing it outright." He then states in the same confident tone, after noticing that his boss had changed his expression slightly and could see that he was at the very least, not dismissing his theory completely.

"Fair enough Mitch, but I would like you to do as you said a few minutes ago and put more resources into other avenues, rather than actively pursuing Jarred and Barry as suspects, well at least until Simon Kelly can confirm or deny that he didn't deliver the takeaway directly to the house." Hopkins suggests in response, while keeping his eyes firmly on the young man to gauge his reaction.

"Understood Sir and agreed, But I do have a request about Simon Kelly." Mitch then states in response, before shifting a little in his seat.

"You can ask Mitch, but you know how I run things here." Hopkins responds in a firm tone, although he was curious about what the young man was going to ask.

"He won't be home for another ten days Sir and so far we haven't been able to get in contact with him and he hasn't responded to our messages, so I would like permission to send someone out there and to his hotel, to speak to him face to face, Sir." Mitch then asks in a serious and professional tone, although inside he was feeling a little nervous and despite knowing his boss had an open door policy to his team coming to him, this was a little different and he wasn't sure how he would react.

"Given the time frame and the importance of this case, you have my permission Mitch, but can I ask why you aren't going yourself?" Hopkins asks in response, as he gives his permission to send someone to go and speak to Simon in person, before mentally slapping himself, as he remembers what is happening in a few days time and despite his professionalism and dedication to the job, there were some things more important and he couldn't believe he just asked the young man why he wasn't going himself.

"Oh, well er... I er... if you feel like I should..." Mitch then begins to respond in an awkward tone, before being interrupted and can't help but feel relieved.

"It's okay Mitch, I know Jim's funeral is less than three days away, it just slipped my mind for a few moments and I'm sorry for bringing it up." Hopkins states in an apologetic tone, after seeing the young man struggle to compose himself and again felt a little angry at himself for being so insensitive.

"It's okay Sir, it's just hard to believe that he's really gone and well, it's just hard." Mitch responds in a sad tone, after taking a few moments to compose himself again.

"I know, but we can talk about that in a minute, I miss him too Mitch, but let's get back to your investigation and you can talk me through some of your other lines of enquiry." Hopkins then states in a professional tone, although he was still feeling angry at himself for bring their mutual friends funeral up and he could tell that he had upset the young man and wanted to try and get his mind off that again.

"Okay Sir." Mitch then answers in a subdued tone, before looking up at his boss and remembering where he was and quickly composes himself and begins to go through the other leads that they have.

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