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Love Conquers All

by Flaming Matt

Chapter 9

November 2015

"As if you're asleep." Ben states in an annoyed tone, after managing to open the door despite his hands being full and couldn't help but sigh in frustration after seeing why his fiancé hadn't answered the door after he had tried knocking and calling out to him. "It's a good thing I love you." He then mutters to himself, after walking past his fiancé and over to the kitchen table to put everything down.

"Hey, wake up Dumb Ass." Ben then decides to say after looking over and seeing that his fiancé still hadn't moved and quickly sighs in annoyance. "Fine, but you better be awake when I get back, or I'm going to strip you and throw you in the pool." He then half threatens in a more light hearted tone, after remembering that he had come in to try and apologise for walking out on him earlier and almost walks over to shake him awake, but his bladder quickly reminds him that he needed the toilet and quickly turns towards the bathroom and closes the door behind himself.

"Okay Dumb Ass, time to get..." Ben begins to say in a slightly amused tone, after walking back in the room and seeing that his fiancé still hasn't woken up, but trails off for a few moments after edging a little close to him. "Have you been sick?" He then asks in a slightly concerned tone and while he felt a little stupid talking to him while he was obviously still asleep, he was hoping that the sound of his voice would wake him up.

"Matt?" Ben then says in an increasingly worried and nervous tone, after kneeling beside his sleeping boyfriend. "Oh shit." He then says, after pulling his boyfriend around a little bit and seeing the sick on his top and around his mouth. "Matt? Matt wake up." He then states in a now scared tone, after seeing that his eyes were actually open, but he could tell straight away that he wasn't awake and begins to try and shake him awake in panic.

"Please wake up, please." Ben then says in a distraught and pleading tone as he fails to wake his fiancé up, before nervously reaching out and pressing his fingers against his neck, but he has to try several times because his hands are shaking so much. "You promised Matt, you promised you would never leave me." He then says as tears roll down his face, but as much as he tried, he couldn't find a pulse and couldn't help but freeze and just stare at his fiancé in shock.

"You were actually being serious earlier?" Wesley couldn't help but ask in a surprised tone, after once again feeling his hands being swatted away from his boyfriends waist.

"I love you and I'm not going anywhere Wesley, but you pushed me to the floor remember and it hurt and you know what happened the last time we had sex and until you get your head together, I'm not letting you do that again." Carter responds in a firm and serious tone, after taking a few moments to decide whether to be totally honest or sugar coat his answer a little bit.

"Sorry for hurting you, I hate myself for hurting you." Wesley then says in a sincere and sad tone, after staring into his boyfriends beautiful violet eyes and seeing just how serious he was.

"When you're feeling better, you can make it up to me and you better make me feel really good, because I'm really horny." Carter states with a sexy smile, before gently stroking his boyfriends cheek. "Seriously, you have no idea how much I want to have sex Wesley, but until you're better, we'll have to do something else." He then decides to add, before pushing his boyfriend on to his back and straddling his stomach.

"But you just said..." Wesley then begins to respond in a confused tone, before being silenced by his boyfriends lips pressing against his own and despite getting mixed messages, he quickly starts to return the kiss passionately.

"I said we can't have sex, that doesn't mean we can't have a little fun, but I mean it Wesley, no sex okay." Carter states in a firm tone, after sitting back up on his boyfriends stomach and despite really wanting to have sex, he just didn't think his boyfriend was ready and the fact his boyfriends parents were downstairs, definitely put him off as well and he would never be able to look them in the eye again if they overheard them.

"Fucking hell, okay, but only because I love you Beautiful." Wesley responds in a slightly frustrated tone, before pulling his boyfriend back down and kissing him again, while slowly working his hands inside his shorts and briefs, although he resists the urge to roll on top of him and take control, after deciding that he needed to let his boyfriend be the one in control instead.

"What if someone walks over here?" Tobias asks in a nervous tone, after watching his girlfriend hanging his jeans, socks and top over a couple of bushes and couldn't help but feel a little self conscious after he had looked down to realise that with his briefs being so wet, they were clinging very tightly to him and not leaving much to the imagination.

"Huh?" Lily asks in a distracted tone, after turning around and staring at her boyfriend and being surprised by how tight and revealing his underwear actually were while wet.

"What if someone walks over and sees me?" Tobias responds as he repeats his question, although to his embarrassment, he could feel himself reacting after realising that his girlfriend was not only looking at him, but was smiling and looking directly at his briefs.

"Oh er... well..." Lily begins to answers, but after seeing his penis actually moving in his wet briefs, she couldn't help but trail off in awe for a few seconds. "Er... well we will just tell them to go away, but why don't we sit down and er... eat and talk." She then suggests, after trying her best to reassure him, but the sight of him actually getting a little hard in front of her was too distracting and she knew she had to get him to at least sit down to cover up a little bit.

"Okay, but er... can I er... okay." Tobias responds in an unsure tone, which was made worse by the fact his girlfriend had just laid down the blanket he was meant to cover himself with and sat down on it and despite wanting to cover up, he was a little too embarrassed to ask her to move, just in case she asked why or figured out that he needed to cover up because of his little problem.

"What happened to your back?" Lily quickly asks in a curious tone, after seeing her boyfriend turning around slightly to sit down and noticing a few bruises and little grazes on his back.

"Oh er... well er... promise not to laugh?" Tobias asks in response, after blushing a little bit at the question and also the fact that his willy was now completely hard and quickly draws his knees to his chest, just to make sure that his girlfriend wouldn't be able to see it.

"I just saw you getting attacked by a duck and fall into the lake Tobias, twice, so it can't be any worse than that." Lily decides to point out, while doing her best to not just stare at his body and even though he had his knees to his chest, she could see enough to know that she liked what she saw and couldn't help but be a little embarrassed about seeing him as good as naked, even if she did have a picture of him actually naked, it was completely different to actually see it for real.

"Oh well er... I guess it's not really embarrassing, I just kind of slipped on the stairs and slid down them a bit and my mum came to see if I was all right." Tobias then explains, after realising that it wasn't quite as embarrassing as falling in the lake because he was being attacked by a duck, although he was leaving the really embarrassing part out of his explanation.

"Well, I guess that's embarrassing, I mean to fall down the stairs and for someone to see you do it, but it's definitely not that embarrassing." Lily states in a slightly disappointed tone, although at the same time, she was feeling a lot more relaxed as she concentrated on her boyfriends face and not his body, which just look amazing while wet.

"Well er... I kind of didn't think anyone else was home, well er... I knew Ben and Matt were, but they were in their house, but I forgot Mum was home and I was going to go swimming." Tobias then says in a quiet tone, before blushing as he realised that he had no reason to tell her that and he couldn't help but slap himself mentally for being so stupid.

"Oh my god! You were going to go skinny dipping, weren't you?" Lily then quickly asks in an amused tone, before blushing slightly as she again glanced at his body and despite only really seeing his side, she couldn't stop herself thinking about the photo she had and found herself wanting to see him naked for real now.

"Yeah and er... well Matt and Ben got caught skinny dipping yesterday and Mum and Uncle Mike made them get out of the pool and told them off and I think they're going to try and talk to me about being naked so much." Tobias answers honestly and while he felt embarrassed about telling her this, she was his girlfriend and he really trusted her and knew that he didn't need to lie to her about anything.

"You go naked at home, like all the time?" Lily then asks, as she ignores her curiosity about his brothers getting caught skinny dipping and instead focuses on the fact that her boyfriend seemed to like being naked and despite suddenly remembering what Wesley had told her when they had their big talk a while ago, she couldn't help but still be surprised he would do it around his mum and uncle.

"Not all the time, I don't walk around in front of people, well maybe my brothers and er... well yeah, but I just like being naked, it feels nice and stuff." Tobias again answers honestly, although this time her can feel his cheeks burning as he blushes and despite trusting his girlfriend and wanting to be honest with her, he was still finding it embarrassing and knew that his brothers would be glaring at him if they were here right now.

"You could er... maybe er... well get naked now if you wanted to." Lily then asks in a hesitant tone, before staring at him in shock, as she realises what she had just said and although she knew she was curious about seeing him naked in the flesh, they were just thoughts and she really didn't mean to suggest that he actually get naked in front of her, especially since they were still at the park.

"What?" Tobias quickly asks in a shocked tone and while he actually suggested it earlier, he had thankfully come to his senses and now was just completely confused, especially since his girlfriend had also told him not to get naked after he had offered to earlier as well.

"Nobody will be able to see you and there wasn't even that many people around anyway." Lily then says in a soft tone, before coughing a couple of times and again, she couldn't help but wonder what she was doing, she knew what he had been through and knew better than to try and put him in a situation that could end up humiliating him, but for some reason, she couldn't quite stop herself.

"I don't want to." Tobias then says in a nervous tone, after taking a few minutes to think things over and half hoping that his girlfriend was just joking around and would actually tell him that it was a joke.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry Tobias, I shouldn't have asked you to do that, I'm so sorry." Lily then says in a sincere tone, before quickly moving across and embracing him in a comforting cuddle, after seeing that he was starting to get upset and couldn't believe what she had just done and felt a little ashamed of herself.

"I... I just don't want to, not where someone might see me." Tobias then says after shifting a little, so that they could cuddle properly and while he had heard what his girlfriend had said, he couldn't help but worry that he had messed up by not doing what she had told him to do.

"It's okay Tobias, I was being stupid and it's wrong to tell someone to get naked, especially when you're somewhere outside." Lily responds in a warm and caring tone, just so that he knew that she was being sincere, although she was getting distracted again by the feeling of his body against her own and couldn't stop herself from gently rubbing his back and sides.

"So I'm really not the only one who says stupid things then." Tobias then decides to say in a more upbeat tone, although it was more to do with trying to distract himself, after realising that his girlfriends rubbing had just caused his willy to go hard again and despite knowing that he loved her, he couldn't help but be a little annoyed, since he had only managed to get it to go soft a few minutes earlier.

"Yeah, everyone does it, even me Tobias." Lily responds in a contented tone, although she couldn't help but grin a little bit after hearing her boyfriend let out a little moan, before quickly blushing as she realises that he was enjoying the way she was rubbing his back and sides and couldn't help but feel naughty, especially since she wasn't actually stopping and slowly pushes him on to his back, despite him resisting a little at first.

"I er..., what if someone..." Tobias begins to say in a slightly panicked tone, after losing his brief attempt to stay upright and ending up flat on his back, with his girlfriend half laying across his chest, while looking into his eyes and thankfully not laying directly over him, which would just leave him mortified if she realised that his willy was hard or even worse, felt it.

"Sshh, no one will come and we're just cuddling and kissing." Lily states in a sweet and reassuring tone, before deciding to be even braver and leans down and begins to kiss him softly, before relaxing a bit more and gently stroking her fingers through his hair, while she feels him doing the same to her own.

"Ben?" Erica calls out in a surprised tone, after seeing him standing in front of the pool house door and looking lost. "Ben, are you okay?" She then asks in a slightly concerned tone, after walking closer and seeing that he didn't even seem aware of her even being there. "Sweety?" She then says, as she kneels down in front of him and reaches out to hold his hands.

"He's gone." Ben then states in an emotionless tone and Erica couldn't help but look at him in a mixture of confusion and concern.

"Whose gone Ben?" Erica then asks in a very worried tone, as she takes a quick look around and couldn't see anything to be concerned about. "Talk to me Ben, whose gone?" She then asks again, while using a softer tone, after getting no response from him the first time and her concern was growing more and more as she studies his face.

"Matt's gone." Ben responds in the same emotionless tone, before looking down at his brothers girlfriend in surprise. "Matt's gone Erica." He then repeats, as he looks at her in confusion as if he had just noticed she was actually there.

"Where did he go?" Erica then asks in an even more confused tone, because none of this made sense and the way he was acting, alarm bells were starting to ring in her head.

"Heaven, he was good, so he went to heaven." Ben answers with a smile, before trembling slightly as he starts to realise what had happened and what that meant, but just as his bottom lip starts to tremble, he feels himself being embraced in a tight hug.

"Ben, I need you to listen to me, where's Matt, where is he Ben?" Erica then asks in a panicked tone, before looking up at the pool house and realising where he must be, but she could feel him trembling and couldn't let him go just yet, despite wanting to find Matt and see what had happened.

"Heaven, he's a good boy." Ben answers in a meek tone, before finally realising what's happening and quickly breaks down and begins to cry his heart out.

"It's okay, it's going to be okay Ben, I promise." Erica then states in a soothing tone, while gently standing up with him still in her arms and feeling his legs wrapping around her waist. "Everything is going to be okay." She then says, as she slowly moves towards the pool house door and just about manages to open it.

"NO! YOU CAN'T... WE CAN'T GO IN... HE'S... HE'S... WE CAN'T GO IN!" Ben then suddenly shouts out, after realising that he was being carried inside and he just couldn't bare to see his fiancé like that again, he just couldn't and starts to cry even harder.

"Oh god." Erica then says in a devastated and shocked tone, as she looks over to the sofa and sees Matt just laying there with his eyes wide open.

"He's in heaven, he's safe, he's safe now, my mum will look after him, she will, she will look after him." Ben then begins to repeat over and over again, as he closes his eyes after realising that he was being carried towards his fiancé.

"Ben, I need to put you down okay, I need you to be brave for me okay, can you be brave for me Ben?" Erica then says in a soft and soothing tone, as she gently kneels down, being careful to make sure that he wouldn't be looking at Matt when he let go and despite struggling to hold back her own tears, she had to hold herself together and check the boys body, just to make sure.

"My Mum will look after him Erica, she will make sure he is okay and not alone." Ben then says in a distraught and lost tone, as he feels himself being let go and despite wanting to look at his fiancé, he just couldn't do it and just stared in the opposite direction and to what used to be their bedroom and begins to quietly cry again.

"Just don't look Ben, just keep looking the other way." Erica then says, before turning towards Matt and reaching out and straight away she could feel how cold he was. "Ben, how long has he been like this?" She then asks in a strained tone, but instantly realises that he won't be able to help her, after hearing him crying even louder now. "Ben it will be okay, I promise, just hold on for a few more minutes." She then says as tears roll down her face, before wiping her eyes and looking at the poor lifeless boy in front of her, before pulling herself together again and letting her experience take over, as she starts to check him over and couldn't help but look at him sadly, as she wipes the vomit from the side of his mouth and gently closing his eyes, before holding her hand over his chest for a few moments, as she tries to think of how everyone will react to the news and knew that it could break the entire family, who she could tell we already under a lot of stress after recent events and could feel even more tears rolling down her face.

"Well er... it's fun I guess." Peter responds in an unsure tone, after sitting in front of his now naked friend, while he still had his underwear and socks on and not quite knowing how to feel about the game at all.

"So you don't want to kiss me and be my boyfriend?" Jarred then asks, as he tries to hide the fact that he was actually enjoying himself and a little turned on by what they were doing.

"No! Why would I want to do that?" Peter quickly responds in a surprised tone, after being caught off guard by his friends question and he couldn't help but be a little worried that he had made a mistake in agreeing to play.

"That's my point Peter, just because it's fun, it doesn't mean that you're gay or want to be boyfriends with another boy." Jarred answers with a smile, after only just managing to stop himself smirking and while he was confused by his own feelings right now, he was going to follow through with the plan until the end and just knew the look on his former best friends face would be worth getting in a little bit of trouble for.

"Oh, oh... I think I get it." Peter then says in an excited tone, before suddenly frowning as he realises what his friend had just helped him figure out. "Alex thought that I liked him, because we had fun playing some stupid games together and when I didn't want to be his boyfriend, he got angry and then started to try and force me to like him like that." He then states in a mixture of relief and anger, as he starts to piece together some of his memories and remember the times his so called friend had tied him up or stripped him naked against his will.

"You remember?" Jarred then asks in a slightly cautious tone and although he is sure that the plan had worked, he was prepared to act quickly, just in case the other boy actually remembered the truth and ruined everything.

"People should know Jarred, they should know what he did to me." Peter states in response, as he looks at his friend with a little fire in his eyes. "And you, he tried to hurt you too." He then adds, before getting to his feet and looking at the door.

"And he will, I promise Peter, but remember what we agreed, we just have to wait a couple of more days." Jarred quickly states in a forced calm tone, after getting to his own feet and instantly realising that he was still naked and he wasn't exactly soft either, which he was struggling not to blush over.

"I know, but, but I really, it's not fair Jarred, he shouldn't be allowed to get away with it." Peter responds in a frustrated tone and while he trusted his friend, now that he remembered some of the stuff Alex had done to him and made him do, he wanted to make sure he didn't get away with it.

"And he won't, just trust me Peter and don't forget, I'm going to go and see him later and I'm going to give him a little hint that you're coming back, just to scare him a little bit, because he deserves it, right." Jarred then states with a big grin, before leaning down to grab his clothes, so that he could start getting dressed again.

"You're the best." Peter responds with an appreciative smile, before quickly embracing his friend, who had only just pulled his underwear and shorts back on.

"Er... well, you're my friend I guess and well Alex deserves it, you just don't do what he did, especially to your friends and he is going to find that out the hard way." Jarred states in response, with a little smirk, that he doesn't bother hiding as the other boy couldn't see his face, but as he starts to enjoy the embrace a little too much, he gently pushes the other boy away and reaches down for his top.

"Can't you stay a little longer?" Peter then asks, after seeing the time on his friends watch and realising that it was almost time for him to go.

"I will be back early tomorrow, but my parents are getting a little suspicious Peter and they might ground me or something if I'm not home soon and keep disappearing for most of the day." Jarred quickly responds in as reluctantly as he can make himself sound, while sitting back down and pulling on his socks.

"Okay, but er... thanks for everything Jarred and well thanks." Peter then says with an appreciative smile, before looking around and seeing the bag his friend had brought round earlier.

"No problem and there's a box at the bottom, but you have to promise not to open it, it's just for emergencies Peter and I mean it, don't open it, unless you have no other choice." Jarred then states in a serious tone and while he knew that this was a risk, he also knew that when he visits his former best friend later, he could get beat up and if that happened, he wanted to use it to his advantage and for that to happen, he needed the other boy to have a way of getting home on his own, but it was still risky to let him have it.

"I promise, but what is it?" Peter asks in response and while he was really tempted to just open it after his friend left, he trusted him too much to do that and was half hoping his friend would just tell him what's in the box, because it was obviously important.

"Just trust me Peter, don't open it unless you need to and you will know if you need to, but I have to go, so just try and have some fun, there's loads of stuff you like in the bag and I'll be back tomorrow, I promise." Jarred answers with a sympathetic smile, before pulling his trainers on and standing up. "Seriously, it's nothing exciting Peter, just hang on for a couple of days and you will be home." He then decides to add, after seeing that the other boy was still not a hundred percent convinced.

"I trust you." Peter quickly responds with a grin, which falters a little, when he sees his friend walking over to the door and walking out of it, but after a few moments he sits down next to the bag and couldn't help but smile as he sees that his friend really did get him the stuff he asked for and quickly pulls out one of the comics and begins to read it, after making himself comfortable on his sleeping bag.

"What can I do for you Mitch?" Hopkins asks in a curious tone, after watching the young man walking into his office and sitting down opposite him.

"I just wanted to give you an update Sir." Mitch responds in a slightly subdued tone and while he was here about the investigation, he was also hear to talk about Jim and the funeral and he was hoping his boss could help him out with something that he has been struggling with.

"I see, go ahead Mitch." Hopkins responds with a curious look and while it was obvious by the young man's demeanour, that he hadn't made a breakthrough, he was curious to hear what progress he had made.

"Well it's not anything major Sir, I just wanted to let you know that officer Monroe is at the airport and she should be flying out within the next hour and we have some news that may lead somewhere Sir." Mitch then states in a professional tone, while deciding to hold off giving any more information and just letting his boss take in what he just said.

"Officer Monroe is a good choice Mitch, so good job, but what do you mean by a news?" Hopkins then asks in response, after giving the young man a long look and while he couldn't be completely sure, he knew something else was up, but for now, he actually wanted to know what this new lead was.

"Well it's a new lead Sir, but it's not from a reliable source and apart from some basic information, we really only have a name and I have the team working on finding out as much about him as possible Sir." Mitch responds with a forced smile and felt himself relax a little bit, although the funeral was still playing on his mind.

"I'm going to need some names Mitch, don't get me wrong, I'm impressed that you've found this new lead, but if you want my input, then you're going to have to actually give me some names." Hopkins then states in a curious tone, before again noticing the look on the young man's face and starts to wonder if he was actually okay.

"The source is Maggie Gilmar, that's why I said that it's not a reliable source Sir." Mitch then says in a slightly nervous tone, after deciding to see what his boss made of his source before telling him the name that he had been given by her.

"Unreliable might be an understatement, although saying that, sometimes people like her can prove to be very useful in certain situations, especially if they want something." Hopkins states in response and while he would hardly call this a solid lead, he did admire the young man for exploring areas that he wouldn't have thought about himself. "She does want something, doesn't she?" He then asks in a curious tone, after being a little surprised that the young man hadn't said anything in response.

"Oh right, well there are some things, but that's why we just have a name Sir, she wanted to try and negotiate an early release, but I made it clear that it wasn't on the table." Mitch quickly responds, after realising that he had zoned out a little bit and knew that he had to be a little careful, his boss may be one of the best bosses he could have hoped for, but there were things that he didn't tolerate and not paying attention was one of those.

"Understandable Mitch, but I wouldn't rule out anything in terms of demands she may make." Hopkins then decides to say and while he doubted they would ever make a deal to release Mrs Gilmar, it definitely wasn't worth ruling out completely.

"Sir" Mitch then asks in a questioning tone and while he knew that deals were made in certain circumstances, there was no way he could ever be a part of something that lead to Maggie being released early, not after what she did.

"Ah I see." Hopkins responds in a slightly disappointed tone, although he could also sympathise with the young man, but in their line of work, they had to remain professional at all times. "Mitch, I know that it is going to be hard to remain unbiased in this situation for you, but there is a missing twelve year old boy, who is a friend of your own family, so whatever personally feelings or opinions you have regarding Mrs Gilmar, you have to put them to one side and do what is best for your investigation, well within the law of course." He then adds in a serious tone and again, while he sympathised with him, he knew that he had to make sure that he understood his duties and what was expected of him.

"My family won't be happy." Mitch then says in a quiet tone, before blushing and looking at his boss nervously, after realising what he had just said and knew that his boss could take his words as a sign of weakness.

"You're in a very tough position Mitch and while normally I would have to question an officers suitability for their role if they had said what you just said, I feel like I have to take a certain amount of blame for this myself, but I need to know if you can do your job Mitch, this won't be held against you, but you will need to be completely honest with me right now, for that to be the case." Hopkins then states in a professional and firm tone, while giving the young man a measure look and while he really did sympathize with him, they were officers of the law and they had to put the law above themselves and not let their personal feelings compromise that.

"I can do the job Sir, but I won't pretend that I'm okay with making deals with people like Maggie, but I will do my job to the best of my ability Sir." Mitch quickly states in a firm and confident tone, without hesitating, which actually catches himself as much as his boss by surprise and up until he just said those words, he was actually doubting himself a little bit.

"It's okay not to be all right with something like this Mitch, but as long as what you're doing is within the law, then what you think personally, should not be a factor in your decision making, especially when a child's safety and life is on the line." Hopkins then states in the same professional tone as before, although inside he was actually very impressed by the young man and it reassure him about giving him such an important case, so early on in his career, even if he was keeping a close eye on how he was performing, just to make sure he didn't make any mistakes.

"So you think that I should talk to her again and consider making a deal with her, Sir?" Mitch then decides to ask and while he really didn't want to be put in such a position, it was his job and if it meant finding Peter, then he was prepared to do whatever it took, even if he risked his families wrath afterwards.

"I think you should consider it Mitch, but I would wait for Monroe to report back to you and also wait to see what your team digs up on, well you haven't actually told me the name Mrs Gilmar gave you yet Mitch." Hopkins points out with a slightly smile, after answering the young man's question honestly.

"Oh right, it's Nick Butcher, Sir and I'm going to be checking on how the team is doing after this meeting Sir." Mitch quickly responds in a confident tone, after feeling a little relieved that his boss seemed to be impressed with him, even if it was obvious that he was still checking up on his work and despite initially being a little worried that it was because he didn't have faith in him, he soon realised that his boss was just doing his job and wasn't questioning his ability.

"Nick Butcher?" Hopkins quickly asks in a curious tone, before noticing the look on the young man's face. "Sorry Mitch, I don''t know who he is, but the name is ringing a bell somewhere in my head, but I will have to look into it and get back to you okay." He then decides to say and while it definitely rang a bell, he just couldn't place the name and would have to speak to an old friend, before he could say any more to the young man.

"Okay." Mitch responds in a professional tone, although he was really curious about his bosses reaction to the name, he knew better than to question him about it and was prepared to wait for him to come back to him with any information later.

"Good work though Mitch, but is there anything else you want to talk about, because I know you didn't just come here about the investigation." Hopkins then asks in a friendly tone, after deciding that this was a good moment to change the subject and find out what else was on the young man's mind.

"Well, actually there is Sir." Mitch responds in a slightly surprised tone, before taking a few moments to compose himself and then opening up about the funeral and the speech he had been asked to give, while trying his best to keep his emotions in check.

"Sorry." Tobias apologises in a mortified tone, after quickly sitting up and drawing his knees to his chest in embarrassment.

"Oh er... well, it's er... don't worry." Lily responds in a distracted and surprised tone and although she wanted to be more reassuring, she just couldn't quite compose herself enough after what had just happened.

"I didn't mean to." Tobias then says in a quiet and embarrassed tone, before glancing up nervously at his girlfriend and couldn't help but be a little confused by her expression.

"You didn't do anything wrong Tobias and it's er... well you're a boy and er... well it happens, it's er... natural and stuff." Lily states in a more reassuring tone, after being able to think a little more clearly now that the shock and surprise had worn off a little bit more.

"Sorry it's so small." Tobias then says in an even quieter tone, before looking down over his knees and at the ground.

"What?" Lily quickly asks in a confused tone and despite having an idea of what he was talking about, she was too surprised by what he had said to think clearly.

"Everyone else's is big and er... well Carter's is the same..." Tobias then begins to explain, before suddenly feeling his girlfriends hand pressing against him mouth and he couldn't help but be even more confused and wondered if he had somehow upset her even more.

"Okay, well er... stop er... well don't say anything else okay?" Lily quickly states in a slightly bashful tone, after quickly realising what he had almost just told her, although it didn't exactly take a genius to figure it out anyway and knew that she had to stop him, before he went too far.

"Did I..." Tobias then begins to say, after feeling his girlfriends hand moving away from his face, but quickly feeling it close around his mouth again.

"Tobias, I know what you were just about to say and your friends and brothers will not be happy if they knew you were telling me that kind of thing, so you need to stop talking okay." Lily the states in a firm tone, before slowly moving her hand away from his mouth again and giving him a reassuring smile.

"Okay." Tobias then says in an embarrassed and guilty tone, as he realises that he was being inappropriate again and knew his brothers and friends would tell him off if they found out what he had basically just told his girlfriend.

"Right, well er... well you aren't small Tobias, well er... maybe er... well compared to like someone older, like you know older people, but well er... you aren't small and even if you were, you don't need to apologise and well I think you're perfect anyway, so don't be embarrassed okay." Lily then decides to say in a sincere and reassuring tone and although she knew she could have done a better job of explaining it, she could see him relaxing and knew that he understood her point, although she definitely felt embarrassed about the subject and wasn't completely sure what to think about having to talk about it like this.

"You not mad at me for er... you know?" Tobias then asks in a nervous tone, after taking a few minutes to let his girlfriends words sink in and realising that he didn't need to be shy about his body and felt like an idiot for letting it bother him, especially since they were boyfriend and girlfriend now and even though he didn't know when it would happen, he knew they would see each other naked and excited eventually at some point.

"It was surprising, but I'm not mad Tobias, it's actually kind of nice to know I er... well I don't know the right word, but I'm definitely not mad, I promise." Lily responds honestly and despite being quite mature and her boyfriend opening her eyes to a lot of new feelings, she really didn't know much about sexual stuff and those kinds of feelings, but she did know that seeing him like that, definitely made her feel good and she was already finding herself wanting to see it again.

"We still have some sandwiches left and some drink." Tobias then decides to say in a bashful tone, after realising that his girlfriend really did like him and couldn't help but blush, after understanding what she was trying to tell him and what it meant.

"Only if you sit properly Tobias and it doesn't matter if you're er... well you know, excited, I won't stare at it or laugh, I promise." Lily responds with a shy smile and while she really wasn't just trying to get a look at him, she did want him to relax and if that meant she got see him excited, then she wasn't going to make a big deal out of it.

"You can look if you want, I don't mind." Tobias states in response, before nervously lowering his knees and stretching his legs out in front of himself.

"Let's just eat and talk Tobias, hows Wesley doing?" Lily decides to ask, as she tries to change the subject and couldn't help but smile at the adorable expression on her boyfriends face, while also taking a few quick peeks at his underwear and couldn't help but grin a little bit, after seeing that he was still excited, before suddenly realising that he was actually answering her question and quickly looked back up to his face with a smile, which drops a little as he tells her about how Wesley was actually doing.

"What did they want?" Carter asks in a curious tone, after watching his boyfriend walking back into the bedroom and looking a little disappointed.

"They want us to get changed into something smart, so that they can take us out for dinner." Wesley answers in a less than enthusiastic tone and while he was happy that his parents wanted to do something nice like that, he just felt a little weird and wasn't sure if he could handle being in a restaurant right now.

"I will be right there with you Wesley and you have to go outside eventually, you can't stay in the house for the rest of our lives." Carter then states in a sympathetic tone, before getting up from his boyfriends bed and walking in front of him and taking both his hands into his own.

"How do you do that?" Wesley quickly asks in curious tone, while purposely avoiding actually responding to what his boyfriend had actually just said to him.

"The same way you do it to me, but don't try to get out of it Wesley, you know I'm right." Carter responds with a wry smile, before slowly walking backwards, while gently pulling his boyfriend along by his hands. "You should wear something blue, you look good in blue." He then suggests, after stopping in front of his boyfriends wardrobe and reluctantly letting go of his hands to open it.

"You're not going to let me get out of this are you?" Wesley then states in a slightly tense tone and while he knew his boyfriend was right, he still couldn't stop feeling like it would be a mistake.

"If you really don't want to go, I would back you up Wesley, but if you're asking me if I think you should go along with it, then the answer is yes." Carter responds with a small grin, before turning back to the wardrobe and looking for his boyfriends blue jacket and pants.

"Will it make up for me hurting you?" Wesley then decides to ask in an ashamed tone, as he watches his boyfriend looking through his wardrobe.

"Don't be a moron Wesley, I've already forgiven you and just for the record, you agreeing to go out to dinner, wouldn't cut it as an apology for anything." Carter responds in a serious tone, with a look to match it, after turning back towards his boyfriend with the jacket and pants in his arms and while he knew he was a little harsh, he didn't think the softer approach would work with his boyfriend right now.

"Do I at least get to choose what shirt I wear?" Wesley then asks in a slightly surprised tone, after deciding that his boyfriend wasn't going to treat him like a kid and while he was being a little harsh, he knew he was giving him a bit of tough love and appreciated it.

"Only if you choose the white one I brought you last week, it will be perfect with the jacket." Carter responds with a smirk, before handing the jacket and pants to his boyfriend and turning back to the wardrobe to find the shirt.

"Fine, but I'm picking what you have to wear." Wesley then states in a slightly childish tone, before placing his jacket and pants carefully down on his bed.

"Yeah right, if I let you choose, then I will be either going in my speedos or naked." Carter quickly retorts with a grin, before turning around and giving his boyfriend an expectant look.

"Oh come on, I haven't even told them that I'm going yet, I'm not getting dressed now." Wesley quickly responds to his boyfriends expression, he didn't need him to say anything to know what that look meant and despite wanting to do as he is told, he also knew putting his suit on now, would be pointless.

"Just get naked Wesley, I'm going to head downstairs and tell your parents we will be ready to go in a little while." Carter states with a grin, before handing over the white shirt to his boyfriend and walking towards the door.

"Seriously?" Wesley quickly asks in response and while he had no problem getting naked, especially if his boyfriend asked him to, he knew they wouldn't be going out for at last half an hour, if not longer and getting naked now, didn't make much sense, especially since his boyfriend had made it crystal clear, that they wouldn't be doing any serious messing around today.

"Just get naked Moron." Carter responds with an expectant expression, before turning back towards the door and walking out of it.

"So sexy." Wesley then says quietly to himself, as he thinks about his boyfriend and despite everything, he really did love him and he was glad that he was there for him, before remembering what he had been told and starts to strip off his clothes.

"What are you guys doing?" Jordan asks in a surprised and shocked tone, after walking through the bushes with his girlfriend and seeing his friend sitting with his girlfriend in just his little briefs.

"Oh my god Lily!" Ashleigh then states in a shocked tone, as she looks at her friend and then at Tobias and seeing what he was wearing or more precisely, what he wasn't wearing.

"What are you doing here?" Lily quickly asks in a shocked tone, after seeing their friends standing right in front of them and while she and her boyfriend weren't doing anything wrong, she couldn't help but blush a little bit and knew what it must look like.

"What are we doing here? What the hell are you doing here Lily?" Ashleigh quickly retorts in a slightly blunt tone and while she had no right to judge her friend, she was definitely shocked to find her like this, even if it was only Tobias that was practically naked.

"We're on a date and we're just talking." Lily responds in a defensive tone, before giving her boyfriend a worried glance and being a little surprised to see that while he was blushing and had drawn his knees up to his chest again, he didn't appear to be getting upset, which was at least something to be positive about.

"Tobias, we told you about this kind of thing, where are your clothes?" Jordan then decides to ask, after giving the girls a few moments to talk, before letting his own curiosity and concern for his friend get the better of him.

"They got wet and they're just drying on the bushes." Tobias quickly answers in a shy tone and although he was embarrassed, he was actually proud of himself for not getting upset and after glancing at his girlfriend, he could see that she was proud of him too and it helped him relax even more.

"How the hell di they get wet?" Jordan then asks in a puzzled tone, after looking around and seeing his friends jeans, socks and top spread over a couple of bushes and he could tell that they were soaked, which puzzled him even more.

"I got attacked by a duck, twice." Tobias answers in a quiet tone and while he wasn't at risk of getting upset, it didn't make it any less humiliating to admit to being attacked by a duck.

"You what?" Ashleigh quickly asks in a bemused tone, just beating her boyfriend to the same question and she could see that he was struggling to keep himself from laughing, just as much as she was herself.

"Don't laugh at him, it's funny and stuff, but don't laugh at him like that." Lily then quickly states in a protective tone, before shifting over a little bit and putting an arm over the back of his shoulders.

"Oh come on, he got attacked by a duck twice and you don't want us to laugh?" Ashleigh quickly responds in an amused tone, before trying to compose herself a little bit, because she was starting to picture what had happened in her head and it was just so hilarious.

"Okay, okay, but how does getting attacked by ducks, explain why his clothes are soaked?" Jordan then asks in a bemused tone, after managing to pull himself together and despite it being hilarious, his friend had been through a lot and he didn't want to make him feel humiliated, even if it was a little justified in his mind right now.

"We were next to the lake and I slipped in and well er... it's a little bit funny I guess." Tobias answers with a small grin and while he was still feeling embarrassed, especially since he could feel his willy starting to go hard again, he was determined to not get upset and let it ruin his day.

"Are you wearing cartoon underwear?" Ashleigh then asks in an amused tone, before being a little surprised to feel herself getting a little nudge in the ribs by her boyfriend.

"Do you want my jumper Tobias? I have a t-shirt underneath and I was going to take it off anyway." Jordan then offers, after giving his girlfriend a little nudge and a quick look, just to let her know that he didn't want her making fun of his friend.

"It's okay, I have a nice body and it's a nice day." Tobias responds with a confident smile, before blushing a little bit when he feels his girlfriend giving him a gentle kiss on the cheek and while it was nice, it definitely gave him a problem and knew he wouldn't be able to get up for a while.

"I see." Jordan then states in a slightly suspicious tone, before really looking at how his friend was sitting and couldn't help but grin a little. "Ashleigh, do you want to get some ice cream with Lily, my treat and you can get anything you want." He then suggests with a half pleading look, after turning to his girlfriend and while he could tell that she was almost going to say something, he could see her glancing at Tobias with a wry smile.

"Sure, come on Lily, we haven't talked for a while and I want to hear all about these evil killer ducks." Ashleigh then says to her friend with a little wink, before turning back to her boyfriend. "You owe me for this and I want to see yours when we get back to your room, especially if you're stopping me from seeing his." She then whispers in his ear, after giving him a cuddle and smiles as she lets him go.

"Fine, but if my parents are home, no touching." Jordan then quickly responds, after pulling her closer again for a few moments and couldn't help but grin a little bit and while he was still a little shy about her seeing him naked, he was starting to get used to it and she seemed to like what she saw, which helped a lot.

"Deal." Ashleigh then says, before turning to her friend. "Let's go Lily, I'm sure the boys will be fine without us for a few minutes, there aren't any ducks nearby." She then states with a big grin, before stepping out of reach of her boyfriends playful attempt to give her a well deserved nudge in the ribs.

"We will be back soon Tobias." Lily says in a warm tone, after getting to her feet and looking down at her boyfriend, who she could see what still blushing a little bit.

"Okay and can I have banana ice cream please, I like banana ice cream." Tobias asks in response, before smiling shyly at his girlfriend after going to pull some money out from his jeans, but realising too late that he wasn't even wearing them.

"It's my shout Tobias, but you're buying next time." Jordan then quickly states in a casual tone, after seeing his friend had reached for some money and knew what he wanted to do.

"See you in a little while." Lily then says with a smile, before letting her friend take her hand and leading her towards the ice cream shop.

"You can put your knees down now Tobias." Jordan tells his friend in a slightly amused tone, after waiting a few moments, just to make sure their girlfriends were far enough away to not hear them any more.

"What?" Tobias quickly asks in a surprised tone, after looking up at his friend and trying to read his expression.

"I know you're hard Tobias, it's obvious and it's not like I haven't seen you hard before." Jordan responds with a grin, before pulling his jumper off and sitting down next to his friend.

"Don't laugh." Tobias then says, before slowly lowering his knees and stretching is legs out in front of himself, while trying not cover himself with his hands at the same time.

"I'm not going to laugh at you having a hard on Tobias, but there is no way you're getting away with falling in the lake because a duck attacked you, twice." Jordan states in response, while giving his friend a big cheesy grin and despite giving his friends hard on a couple of glances, he really wasn't going to give him a hard time about it and it wasn't like he didn't get them either.

"It's not my fault, what are you supposed to do when a duck attacks you?" Tobias then states in a frustrated tone, although as he looks at his friend again, he couldn't help but grin a little bit and despite it still being embarrassing, he was starting to see the funny side of it a lot more now.

"Well you got me there mate, but it's still funny as hell." Jordan responds with smile, before holding out his jumper for his friend to take. "Seriously Tobias, I know the only reason you said no earlier is because you didn't want Ashleigh and me to know you had a hard on." He then states in an amused tone, before smiling as his friend takes the jumper and starts to slip it over his head.

"How come you two came here though?" Tobias then decides to ask in a curious tone, not that this was a super secret spot or anything, but the park was big and for them to come to the same spot as he and his girlfriend were at, was both a little surprising and unlikely.

"Honestly? I don't know, we were just walking and Ashleigh said she wanted to walk along the lake and we just came this way." Jordan answers honestly, well not completely honestly, because he knew why they had actually come this way, but there was no way he was going to tell his friend that they came here to make out and have a little bit of fun together.

"We were having a picnic date." Tobias then says, after being satisfied by his friends answer and relaxing a little more after knowing that his friends hadn't intentionally interrupted their date.

"Oh wow, that's kind of romantic mate, did she like it?" Jordan quickly asks in an impressed tone, while also fighting the urge to make fun of his friend, because while he tried a lot harder these days to be a better person, he was still a bit of a jerk sometimes and his friends were never afraid to remind him of it either.

"Yeah, I got my mum to make all her favourite things, you know like sandwiches and cakes and drink." Tobias answers with a big grin and despite for some reason feeling a little defensive over the question, he was glad that he hadn't let it show and was proud of himself for not being embarrassed about being on a date with his girlfriend.

"That's pretty cool of you Tobias." Jordan then says in a sincere tone, before pausing for a few seconds to think of the best way to ask his next question.

"I just want to be a good boyfriend." Tobias states in a slightly bashful tone and despite not wanting to be embarrassed about it, he knew it was a little soppy and stuff and was expecting his friend to make some kind of joke about it.

"Well from what Ashleigh tells me, you're doing just fine Tobias and trust me, Ashleigh wouldn't say it unless it was true." Jordan decides to say in response, after deciding to hold of his question for a few more moments, just so that he didn't make a complete mess of it.

"I really, really like her Jordan and she makes my tummy feel all funny." Tobias then says with a big warm smile, as he thinks about the way his girlfriend makes him feel and while his two friends had made him feel amazing and loved, the way his girlfriend made him feel was just incredible and he was sure that it was what love was meant to feel like.

"Ashleigh does the same to me Tobias, I mean I used to feel a little funny when I was with Carter, but with Ashleigh, it's just like wow! You know what I mean?" Jordan then asks in response, after giving his friend a knowing smile and while it was a little too early for either of them to really be in love, he definitely thought it wouldn't be long before it happened.

"Yeah, I liked what I did with er... yeah, well er... I know what you mean." Tobias responds almost a little too honestly and he couldn't help but blush a little, especially when he sees the grin on his friends face.

"You're just the best Tobias, please don't ever change." Jordan then says in an amused tone and while he felt a little twinge of jealousy over his friend doing something with his ex boyfriend, he wasn't angry and he knew what it had done for his friend, so he wasn't going to make it into something that it wasn't.

"Matt and Ben tell me that all the time, but it's still embarrassing when I do or say something stupid." Tobias responds with a shy smile, before turning and looking up at the clouds for a few moments.

"Like getting attacked by ducks and getting a hard on in front of your girlfriend?" Jordan then asks in a teasing tone, while grinning as his friend looks at him and blushes.

"Jerk alert!" Tobias then quickly retorts and smiles widely, after seeing the look on his friends face.

"I swear to god, I will get Carter back for teaching you to say that." Jordan then states with a shake of the head, before deciding that his friend deserved a little bit of embarrassment now. "So did Lily like your hard on, you know, when she saw it?" He then asks with a grin, which widens when he sees his friend look at him in shock.

"She er... never er... how..." Tobias then tries to answer in a panicked tone, before thankfully being interrupted, because he had no idea how to react, let alone answer that question.

"Oh fuck, look, I was just messing around Tobias, it's okay and you don't have to answer that." Jordan quickly states in a guilty tone, after realising that he had crossed a line and needed to do some quick damage control.

"It's okay." Tobias then says in a slightly down tone, although it was more to do with how he reacted to his friends question, rather than the question itself.

"Tobias, it's not okay, I should have known..." Jordan then begins to apologise, before being interrupted himself this time.

"I'm not a baby Jordan and er... well Lily did see it and she said she liked it and er... well I think she wants to see it for real soon, but it's really scary, it's not like it is when it's another boy." Tobias states in a serious, but nervous tone, after deciding to stop acting like a child when it came to things like this and hopefully stop his brothers and friends from treating him differently than they do with each other.

"Oh wow, well er... shit Tobias, so she actually saw you with a hard on?" Jordan quickly asks in an amazed tone and even though he practically guessed she had seen it, it was another thing to have it confirmed.

"Yeah and I got a little scared and worried, but she said that she liked me and that I was just perfect in her opinion and well er... it's still scary though, I just thought it would be like getting naked with you guys, but it's not." Tobias answers honestly, before turning a little so that he could sit facing his friend and be more comfortable.

"Shit, well yeah, I know what you mean, but Ashleigh has seen and touched me naked Tobias and it's really scary the first few times and I was really nervous, but it's totally worth it and I know you've done stuff with... well you know what I mean, but it's so much better with a girl and you're going to love it." Jordan then decides to say and while he could talk about this stuff with the others, they were gay and he was enjoying the fact that his friend would know exactly how he was feeling, even if he hadn't actually done much with a girl yet, he would still understand more than the others would.

"Mitch told me that if I have the sex with her before we're sixteen, he is going to cut my balls off and feed them to the birds." Tobias then says with a playful smile and while he knew his brother wasn't being literal, he was still a little worried that his brother was serious about him not being allowed to have the sex until then and was hoping his friend would say something reassuring.

"Ha, don't listen to him Tobias and if he ever tells you something like that again, just ask him how old he was when he lost his virginity, that should shut him up." Jordan responds with a grin and while he knew he would have to probably have a talk with his friend about not trying to rush having sex, he couldn't resist having a little fun at the older boys expense and knew this would at least embarrass the hell out of him.

"How old was he?" Tobias then quickly asks in a curious tone and while he didn't really want to know about his older brothers sex stuff, he did want to know if he was being a hypocrite for telling him that he had to wait until he was sixteen.

"I have no idea Tobias, but come on, he is hot, fit and he is pretty big er... well you know, down there, so there was no way he was a virgin until he was sixteen." Jordan answers in a slightly shy tone and while he was just being honest, it was definitely weird talking about another guy having sex, especially someone older like Mitch.

"Did you just call my brother hot?" Tobias then asks with a big grin and although he was definitely looking forward to turning the tables on his older brother the next chance he got, he wasn't going to let his friend get away with a comment like that, especially after he had made fun of him for being attacked by the ducks.

"Shit, oh what the hell, look we're straight Tobias, but we've both done gay stuff, well you more than me..." Jordan begins to responds in a slightly bashful tone, before pausing for a few moments after seeing his friends expression. "Like you can deny it Tobias, but anyway, we've both done gay stuff and I'm not afraid to admit that some guys are hot and good looking and Mitch is definitely good looking, so he would have had no problem getting girlfriends when he was younger." He then finishes with a smile, after managing to control himself and not laugh at the look on his friends face and knew that he was still a little embarrassed about him knowing that he had fooled around with Wesley and Carter.

"Can we talk about something else please?" Tobias then decides to ask, after looking around and thinking about their girlfriends coming back, because there was no way he wanted to be talking about this kind of thing by them, even if his girlfriend already knew that he had done stuff with his two friends.

"Sure." Jordan responds with an understanding smile, before thinking about something to talk about and decides to find out how Matt is doing, since it had been a while since they last talked properly.

"Oh fuck." Erica states in a stunned tone, after holding her hand over the boys chest and while it was barely noticeable, she was sure she wasn't imagining it. "Ben get me a mirror, quick." She then calls out, without taking her eyes of Matt, while cursing herself a little bit for leaving her bag in the house. "Ben? Where are you?" She then calls out in a louder tone, after not getting a response the first time and turning around and seeing that he had disappeared. "Ben?" She then calls out again, but just as she is about to get up, she sees him reappearing and couldn't help but be both confused and worried.

"I'm going for a swim, want to come with me?" Ben asks with a smile, as he looks around the room and then at his brothers girlfriend.

"Why are you..." Erica then begins to say, before remembering Matt. "Ben, I need you to get me a mirror quick." She then states in a firm tone and while she could tell that he was in some kind of shock, she needed him to snap out of it, so that she could concentrate on Matt.

"Don't be silly Erica, you don't need a mirror to go swimming, I will meet you out there." Ben responds in a playful tone, before walking towards the door smiling.

"Ben, stop, get me a mirror, I need to check on Matt, I think he is still..." Erica then begins to say, before being cut off and she couldn't help but look at him in surprise.

"Matt's in heaven Erica, he's gone now, let's go swimming, I like swimming, don't you?" Ben asks, after barely glancing at his fiancé's dead body, before smiling even wider as he turns back towards the door.

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