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Love Conquers All

by Flaming Matt

Chapter 19

November 2015

"Wesley, I know you're here." Mitch calls out in a calm tone, as he tries his best to find the boy and while he still thought coming to get him was a mistake, he was here now and he had to try his best. "Seriously Wesley, I saw you come this way and..." He then starts to say, before grunting in surprise as he finds himself being tackled to the ground from the side and instinctively rolls over on top of his attacker and couldn't help but stare down at him in shock.

"I heard that you've been looking for me mate." Conner states in an amused tone, before taking advantage of his former best friends shock and pushing him off and then quickly getting to his feet, before kicking him swiftly in the ribs. "All you had to do was give me a call mate." He then states with a grin, before kicking him twice more in the ribs and then pushing him over with his foot.

"You're under..." Mitch begins to say, but is quickly cut off by his former best friend straddling his chest and punching him in the side of the head.

"I remember you being tougher Mitch." Conner then teases, before spitting in his face and then slapping him a couple of times. "This is almost disappointing." He then states with a sneer, before making sure he had him pinned properly beneath him, he may be in control right now, but he knew his former best friend and he could turn the tables in an instant.

"You're a moron Conner, the church is full..." Mitch then begins to say in a slightly unsure tone, as he tries to struggle free, but to his growing concern, he could barely even move, let alone get free.

"Yeah and we're outside Mitch and thanks to the big and heavy doors, not one single person inside will be able to hear you die." Conner quickly states in a confident tone, as he interrupts his former best friend. "You think I would risk getting caught for nothing Mitch? Come on, you're not that stupid, you got lucky before from what I've heard, but there is no little kid here to save you this time and besides, I have something for you." He then states in an almost gleeful tone, as he reaches inside his jacket and pulls out a knife.

"Conner..." Mitch says in a scared tone, as he watches his former best friend pulling out the knife and despite himself, he couldn't help but shake a little bit.

"David was good, but he was an idiot and couldn't even kill an eleven year old kid." Conner then decides to say, as he struggles slightly to keep control of the situation, as his former best friend struggles to break free again, but he was focused and in too strong of a position for him to even come close to getting out from under him. "I was your best friend." He then whispers into his ear, before sitting up again and slowly raises the knife above his head.

"Wesley... Wesley, help me." Mitch then quickly calls out in a pleading tone, as he hears some footsteps and to his relief, he sees the boy coming to a stop a few metres away from them.

"You!" Conner then almost hisses in anger, as he looks at the boy and quickly recognises him as the boy he had almost made into his little bitch.

"Wesley, help." Mitch then pleads again, as he renews his efforts to escape from underneath his former best friend, but as he struggles, he notices the boy just standing there and he couldn't help but be both confused and scared by his reaction to what was happening.

"Oh... oh, this is just too precious Mitch." Conner quickly states in an amused tone, as he realises that for whatever reason, the boy seemed to have no interest to help and he couldn't help but grin down at his former best friend. "Looks like your little mini-me doesn't want to play Mitch." He then says in a taunting tone, before slowly raising the knife again.

"Wesley." Mitch says again, as he stops struggling and just stares at the boy sadly and while he didn't want to die, the surprise attack, then seeing the knife and then seeing Wesley refusing to help him, it just took all the fight he had inside him away and he couldn't believe this was really going to happen.

"I hate you." Wesley then says, as he looks at the older boy almost coldly and despite knowing that he would regret this, he was feeling too many different emotions to think clearly, although he does take a couple of steps towards them both.

"Ha! He hates you? What the fuck happened Mitch, you touch him up or something?" Conner quickly asks in an amused tone, as he looks between the boy and then down at his former best friend and despite knowing he should end this and get out of here, he just couldn't resist making the last few moments of his former best friends life, as painful and horrible as possible.

"Fuck off you fucking paedophile." Mitch quickly responds angrily, as he tries again to break loose, but suddenly flinches and almost screams, when he sees the knife come down, but after a few moments, he realises that the knife had come down to the side of his head and he could see his former best friend grinning down at him.

"I got to know Mitch, I have to know what you did to him, did you touch him up?" Conner then quickly asks in a gleeful tone, as he sits up again and looks over to the boy, who he had noticed was standing a little closer now, but didn't appear to make any effort to stop him from almost killing his former best friend and he knew there was no way he could have known that he wasn't going to kill him just then.

"You're the fucking paedophile Conner, not me." Mitch responds coldly, although he couldn't quite hide the fear in his voice and could tell that his former best friend didn't miss it.

"So what did you do to him?" Conner then decides to ask in a playful tone and again, while he knew he should just get this over with, he just couldn't resist and he wanted to know what had happened between them.

"He killed my brother." Wesley responds coldly, as he glares at them both and while his head was clearing a little bit, especially since it really started to sink in who the other guy was, he was still too emotional to snap out of his anger and confusion completely.

"Wait what?" Conner quickly asks in response, as he looks between them both again in shock, he wasn't really sure what the reason for them seemingly falling out would be, but this was the last thing he would have guessed it would be and it definitely didn't make any sense, even to him, he knew his former best friend and he was no murderer.

"You killed him Mitch, it's your fault and I hate you." Wesley then says, as he takes another step closer to them both and while he was still angry and upset, his head was now clear enough to realise what was really happening and despite how much he hated the older boy right now, he didn't deserve to die and definitely not like this and was quickly trying to come up with some sort of plan to help him.

"Wesley, I didn't..." Mitch then begins to respond, but quickly trails off as he feels the knife pressing against his chest and can only look up at his former best friend in fear.

"It was your fault, he called you Mitch, don't deny it, Jim called you and..." Wesley then begins to say in a worried tone, as he sees what is happening and takes another couple of steps forward, but as the other boy turns back to him, he stops moving and talking.

"Jim... Jim... oh fuck, you mean Jim Fisher, ha! Fucking Jim Fisher, his face and screams were priceless." Conner states in an amused and proud tone, as he thinks about it all over again and couldn't believe how good he felt at the time and the fun he had had with the guy.

"You..." Mitch then begins to say, but as he feels the tip of the knife pressing into is chest again, he quickly stops talking and tries to stay as still as possible.

"Did I give you permission to talk?" Conner quickly asks with a grin, before gently slapping his former best friend a couple of times with his free hand.

"You... it... you did it?" Wesley then asks in a quiet, but seething tone, as he takes another step closer to them both and although he was thinking about saving Mitch a few moments ago, he only had one thing on his mind now and he wanted the knife.

"Fucking hell... now look what you did Mitch, you went and got your little mini-me killed." Conner states with an almost comical shake of the head, before lifting the knife up and then just as he is about to bring it back down, he feels himself being rugby tackled and then punched and kneed repeatedly.

"Fuck, fucking fuck." Mitch says in a genuinely scared tone, as he slowly gets up and holds his hand over his heart and thinks about how close he just came to dying again. "Wesley, come on, leave him." He then says after a few moments, as he realises that the boy was really laying into his former best friend and while he didn't care if he hurt him, he didn't want him to go too far and do something stupid.

"Fine!" Wesley responds in an incensed tone, as he does as he is told, although he was only playing along so that he could see where the knife landed, because he heard it fall somewhere and he wanted to make Conner pay for what he did to his brother.

"Well at least you didn't kill him." Mitch then says in a slightly cautious tone, as he approaches his former best friend, while keeping an eye on the boy, who had given up too easily for his liking and he couldn't help but wonder if he was up to something. "Wesley, keep an eye on him, I need to try and get a signal, don't let..." He then begins to say, before trailing off as the sound of his former best friend screaming in pain cuts him off.

"You prick... you... you fucking broke... you fucking Faggot... you..." Conner only just about manages to call out, as the pain from his ankle shoots through his entire body and he couldn't help but start to cry as the pain starts to overwhelm him.

"Him get away..." Mitch then finishes saying and while he didn't condone violence and he was certainly worried about the boys behaviour, he couldn't help but smirk at his former best friend, who only moments ago, was about to kill him.

"What?" Wesley quickly snaps, as he sees the older boys expression. "He killed Jim, he's lucky that's all I did." He then states defiantly, before spitting at the now whimpering older boy on the ground.

"Just stay back from him Wesley." Mitch then says in a firm tone, before looking down to his phone and seeing that he finally had a signal.

"Fine!" Wesley states, before looking around after the older boy had turned his back on them and quickly smirks when he sees where the knife ended up.

"I still don't understand." Peter says in a confused tone, the words on his phone said police, but he may be young and had forgotten a lot of stuff, but he knew his friend wasn't the police and so far, he didn't really give him a straight answer.

"Sorry, but it's simple Peter, I'm a prick, I thought I explained that to you already." Jarred states in response and while he knew he was playing with fire a little bit, he was hopefully setting up the next part of the plan perfectly, although even as the conversation progressed, even he was doubting whether this was necessary and whether he should just get on with it.

"Well yeah, but er... why did you put your number under police, why not just put your name?" Peter then asks in an even more confused tone and while he trusted his friend, there was something about the way he was acting, that was reminding him of something, but as hard as he tried, he just couldn't quite make sense of it.

"Sorry, I... I... I'm in hospital Peter." Jarred then says in a fake meek tone, as he decides to quit playing around and just move things along, because he really didn't see the point in it and even though it was part of the plan, it wasn't like he had to follow it completely and he hadn't even heard from Conner for a while now anyway.

"What?" Peter then quickly asks in response, as his confusing thoughts from a few moments ago disappear and are replaced by genuine concern for his friend.

"I'm okay Peter, well I'm not, because I'm in hospital, but I will be out soon, Alex may be tough and on the boxing team, but he's not tough enough to kill me." Jarred states almost casually and a little proudly, as he tries his best to not overdo it or say something stupid and ruin the whole thing.

"I er... wait... he... Alex tried to kill you?" Peter quickly asks in a concerned tone, as he stands up and walks up to the door and opens it just enough, so that he could peek outside.

"I fucked up Peter, I thought his parents would be there and... shit Peter, he was all calm at first and then just went crazy and attacked me." Jarred states in response, before slapping his hand against his forehead, as he realises that he had jumped way ahead of himself and messed up by saying parents, instead of just his dad and could only hope his friend would be too confused and worried, to get suspicious.

"But how... I er... I don't understand, how did you er... shit... how did you get away?" Peter asks in an overwhelmed tone, as a hundred questions run through his mind and he just didn't know what to do or think, if his friend had been attacked, then was he safe and that thought scared him, because he was out here all alone and without his friend, then Alex could do whatever he wanted to do to him and he could feel himself shivering a little bit.

"The police turned up Peter, I don't really remember them, I think Alex knocked me out before they came, but a neighbour or someone walking past must have called them, because I don't understand how they could have known to come into the house, but if they didn't... fuck Peter, I'm so sorry, I thought I was being clever, but Alex is dangerous and fuck Peter, you need to come to the hospital and come see me, you remember where that is right?" Jarred responds in a mixture of emotions, as he does his best to sound as normal and as convincing as he could, just to stop the other boy from getting suspicious.

"Yeah, I er... yeah, I remember..." Peter quickly starts to respond in a confused tone, as he tries to process everything, but has to pause for a few moments, as he tries to remember where the hospital was. "But er... where am I Jarred? I mean er... I don't know where I am." He then asks in a slightly panicked tone, as it suddenly dawns on him, that he had no idea where he was and how to get anywhere, well he knew he was in some sort of wooded area, because he had ventured out of the shed a couple of times for a few moments, but he still had no idea where he actually was.

"Oh fuck..." Jarred then states in response, as he does his best to act like he didn't think of this. "Shit Peter, I er... check in the bag I gave you a couple of days ago, I'm sure I put a map with a route marked out in there, but shit, just check Peter and I will call you back in a little while, I think someone is coming and I er... yeah, just keep the phone next to you and read the map and memorize it." He then states in a firm tone, as he mentally curses his luck, as he hears a couple of nurses talking outside his room and knew they would be coming in any second now.

"Oh, okay, but er... okay, but don't be long Jarred, I don't like this, I just... I just don't want to be on my own any more." Peter responds in a surprised and worried tone, before hearing the phone going dead and realising that his friend had hung up and despite his best efforts to not be afraid, he quickly walked over to the door and made sure the catch was on, before walking over to the bag his friend was talking about and quickly looked for the map.

"Is it okay if we go outside Mr Walker?" Tobias asks in a nervous and quiet tone, after listening to his friend whispering into his ear and knew that he needed to get out of the church and get some fresh air.

"I don't know Tobias, can't you wait until we're finished?" Colin asks in response, as he looks at the two boys huddled together sympathetically.

"Please, he just wants to get some fresh air, please Sir?" Tobias then quickly asks in a pleading tone, while giving his friend a reassuring squeeze and knew that he was close to breaking down completely and he was really hoping they could leave before that happened.

"Okay Tobias, but please don't go far and check with your uncle and Carter's parents on your way out, just to make sure they're okay with it as well." Colin then responds after thinking it over for a few moments and while he felt a responsibility for the boys, especially after what his youngest son had done, this was his eldest sons funeral and he didn't have the energy to convince the boys to stay.

"Thank you Mr Walker and I will make sure it's okay to leave with everyone." Tobias quickly responds with a slightly forced smile. "And we will be really quiet, I promise." He then adds, after feeling a little awkward as his friends dad gives him a funny look and not being sure what to say next.

"Just... just... okay go now and just don't go far." Colin then says as he tries to think of something else to say and knew that he should be reassuring them both, especially his youngest sons boyfriend, but he was just so tired and couldn't think of anything else to say.

"I promise." Tobias then says with a small smile, before slowly getting up with his friend and walking down the aisle and towards the exit, while trying his best to ignore the people staring at him, although as he passes his uncle and girlfriend, he gives them both a reassuring nod and smile, before doing the same as they pass his friends parents, who almost stand up, but he manages to give them a look and was glad when they stayed in the seats.

"Thanks Tobias." Carter then says in a quiet tone, as they walk towards the door and while he was struggling to hold himself together, he appreciated what his friend had just done and he wanted him to know that.

"You're my best friend Carter and I love you." Tobias quickly responds in a quiet but sincere, just as they reach the door and stop in front of it.

"I love you too." Carter then says, before quickly embracing his friend and crying, he had wanted to wait until they got outside, but his friends words meant a lot to him and despite knowing people might be staring, he just couldn't help himself.

"Come on, let's go outside." Tobias then says, as he looks over his friends shoulders and sees a few people staring at them and thought it was best to leave now, not just for his friend, but also out of respect for Jim, because as sad as it was, this was his day and people should be concentrating on him and not them.

"In a minute." Carter just about manages to say in response, before holding his friend tighter and crying as quietly as he could into his chest.

"Wesley..." Mitch calls out in a shocked and nervous tone, after finishing his call and turning back around. "Wesley, just... just back away and put the knife down." He then says in a calmer tone than he was feeling inside, as he sees the boy holding the knife that was held against his own chest five minutes earlier, now against his former best friends chest.

"Get this faggot off me Mitch." Conner quickly calls out in an angry and venomous tone, while keeping his eyes firmly locked on the knife pressing against his chest and while the pain from his ankle was doing a good job of distracting him a little bit, he was definitely scared and he was close to crying again.

"Wesley, don't do this, don't ruin your entire future for that piece of scum." Mitch then decides to say, as he takes a step closer to them both, but as soon as he sees the boy glare at him, he steps back and starts to try and think of some way out of this, because he didn't even want to think about having to arrest Wesley for murder and he knew it would ruin his entire life and his own as well.

"He killed Jim." Wesley responds in a cold tone, before pressing a little harder on the knife and enjoying the whimpering sound that Conner had tried to hide. "He was going to kill you Mitch." He then adds, before looking back at the older boy beneath him and spitting in his face.

"He's scum and I want him dead too Wesley, but we can't... you can't do this Wesley, if you kill him, then you will go to prison, you will ruin your life, so just get off him and come over to me, please Wesley, just come over to me." Mitch then quickly says in a pleading tone, as he slowly edges towards the boy and this time, he doesn't get glared at and while he was going to go as slow as he could, he wasn't going to back away again.

"But he killed Jim, he has to pay Mitch, I can't... I can't let... Mitch, he has to die." Wesley then says as he gives the older boy a desperate look and while he understood what he had just said, he couldn't let the person who murdered his brother live, he just couldn't let that happen.

"What about Carter, think about him Wesley, if you kill Conner and go to prison, what do you think it will do to him?" Mitch then decides to say in as confident a tone as he could manage, after thinking about Carter and hoping that it was the best way to get the boy to calm down enough and not make the biggest mistake of his life.

"Carter?" Wesley responds in a confused and surprised tone, as he suddenly thinks about his boyfriend and while he doesn't pull the knife away, he does ease up the pressure a little bit.

"Yeah, if you kill me, your little faggot boyfriend will cry and probably kill him..." Conner then begins to say in a relieved tone, before feeling a sharp pain across his face and then the pressure of the knife on his chest again.

"Shut the fuck up Conner, just shut the fuck up." Mitch quickly states in an alarmed and scared tone, as he tries to get control of the situation again and while he really didn't care about his former best friends safety, he did care about Wesley's future and he couldn't live with himself if he failed him now. "Wesley, please, just think about it, you're not an idiot and just think of Carter, you already hurt him today, don't do this to him as well." He then says in a soft and caring tone, as he edges a little closer to them, but this time stops after a couple of steps, when the boy glares at him.

"Carter already hates me and this piece of shit killed my brother." Wesley almost shouts out in response, before lifting the knife up and looking down at the person who murdered his brother.

"Oh my god!" Tobias then calls out, as he and his friend stop dead in their tracks

"Jarred?" Peter quickly says, as he answers his phone and while he was confident that he could now find the hospital himself, he had waited for his friend to call and felt relieved, when the phone finally rang.

"Yeah, sorry Peter, but some nurses came in and did some checks." Jarred explains in a slightly annoyed tone, after thinking that the nurses were just trying to embarrass him and they weren't even good looking nurses, so he really wasn't happy and he was glad that they had finally left.

"Oh, well er... I found the map and I know where I am now." Peter then decides to say, after not really knowing what to say to his friend, he definitely sounded annoyed, but there was something in the back of his mind, telling him that he needed to be careful when he was annoyed and not do anything to provoke him, which just confused him and he didn't really understand what that meant.

"Oh, well good Peter, you should get everything in the bags and er... put the clothes and stuff in the back pack and the comics and games I got you, well the good ones and bring that with you to the hospital." Jarred suggests in response, as he tries to forget about the nurses and concentrate on the plan and while it wasn't really important for the other boy to bring anything, he thought it might look better if he did, especially since he knew that once the other boy came to the hospital, it wouldn't be long before the police came.

"Okay, but er... I know where I am and stuff, but why can't I just go home Jarred? I just want to see my parents." Peter then asks, before frowning a little bit after he hears his friend seemingly sighing and again, there was something in the back of his mind, but even with some slight alarm bells ringing, his friend had been nothing but good to him and he was even in hospital, because he tried to protect him from Alex and he didn't have to do it, so he decided to ignore his thoughts.

"Because I need to tell you some things and if you go to your parents, then we won't get to talk and then I will get in trouble and everyone will hate me Peter, I've done some stupid things, but if I don't tell you this stuff, then you won't be able to help me and I er... please Peter, I know I'm a prick and a dick, but please don't turn against me, you're the only one who can make them understand." Jarred answers with a slight frown, as he again messes up his words and couldn't help but be angry at himself, he had rehearsed what to say so many times and he knew he could blow the whole plan and could only hope the other boy was as stupid as he thought he was.

"Okay, I will come now." Peter then says in a slightly subdued tone, as he looks around to the bags that he had already packed up and wondered why he only had to bring the back pack and not anything else, not that he could carry it all, but he did wonder what would happen to everything else, although he was more concerned about why his friend seemed to always convince him to not want to go home or at least speak with his parents, surely they would be happy that he was okay and even grateful to his friend for looking after him, especially when the truth about Alex came out, so he was still confused by it all.

"Just... look Peter, you know you can do whatever you want, I can't and won't stop you, but please just come straight here and don't talk to anyone, it's really important and please, I just need to speak to you one more time." Jarred then quickly says in as desperate and pleading tone as he could manage, although it wasn't all fake and he was getting really nervous about the whole plan now, because he knew he had underestimated just how much trouble he could get in and that really made him nervous.

"I promise, but er... well okay, I will come now, but I don't really know how long it will take, but I'm going to leave now." Peter responds as he thinks about his friends words and the sound of his voice and again, while he wanted to go home, he just felt like he owed his friend so much, the least he could do was go and see what he had to say and he knew now, that it was only a matter of hours before he was reunited with his parents and he couldn't help but smile at the thought.

"Just hurry please, I really need to tell you..." Jarred then begins to say, before quickly hanging up and putting his phone down, as a nurse walks into the room and gives him a disapproving look and knew that she had seen him using it and could only watch as she walked over and checked his charts.

"Jarred?" Peter asks as he hears the phone going silent, but when he gets no response, he looks down at it and sees that the call was ended and thought about calling his friend back, but in the end, he just decided to get going and not waste any more time, than he already had to get back to his parents, so the quicker he visited his friend, the quicker he could see them.

"Wesley, just stop, don't throw your life away." Mitch then pleads with the boy, as he struggles to think of a way to get to him before he does something he will regret for the rest of his life and despite his brother and Carter turning up, he could see that Wesley didn't even seem to notice them and he was really starting to panic.

"Fuck off Mitch, he killed Jim, he needs to die, he killed Jim." Wesley retorts in a strained tone, as he continues to stare coldly at the person who killed his brother and even though his arms were aching a little from holding the knife above his head for so long, he was frozen in place and just couldn't think straight.

"What's happening Mitch?" Tobias then asks in a scared tone, as he tries to move towards his big brother, but is quickly stopped as he feels his friend pulling him back and holding on to him tightly.

"Tobias, go inside and take Carter with you." Mitch quickly tells his brother, who he was hoping would do as he was told, but his focus quickly turns to Wesley and Conner, after hearing his former best friend grunt in pain, but despite fearing the worst, he couldn't help but sigh in relief, when he sees that Wesley had just knocked him out and that the knife, while still in the boys hand, was at least down at his side now.

"Carter?" Wesley then calls out, as he turns to his boyfriend, but where he was hoping to see him smiling or coming to comfort him, he could only look on in shame, as he sees him holding on to their friend and looking really upset. "I'm sorry." He then says in a quiet tone, as he struggles to decide if he should go to his boyfriend or kill Conner, who while currently knocked out, would wake up soon and he just didn't know what to do.

"Get off him Wesley." Carter then just about manages to say in a forced tone, after looking over to Mitch and seeing him giving him a pleading look and while he just wanted to get as far away from his boyfriend as possible, he could see what was happening and knew that he had to at least do something. "Now!" He then states in a firmer tone, after seeing his boyfriend just looking at him in shock and again, despite never wanting to speak to him again, he couldn't let him do what he was obviously about to do.

"I er... Carter, I didn't...." Wesley then begins to say in an apologetic and sad tone, before trailing off as he sees the cold look in his boyfriends eyes and despite wanting to get revenge for his brother, he does as he was told and slowly starts to get off the older boy.

"Good boy Wesley, good boy." Mitch then says, as he again slowly edges towards the boy and his former best friend. "Now let go Wesley, let go of the knife and let me take it." He then says in a soothing and calming tone, as he reaches out and takes the knife from the boy, who to his relief, actually lets it go.

"I er... I... he killed Jim, he killed my brother." Wesley then says as he begins to cry and while he was talking to the older boy, he was looking at his boyfriend and hoping that he would comfort him.

"I want to go back inside Tobias." Carter states in a composed tone, as he looks at his boyfriend and despite a part of him wanting to go to him, he just couldn't and it actually dawned on him, that he really didn't want to see him again and quickly pulled on his friends arm and turned back towards the church.

"Carter, please." Wesley quickly calls out, as he sees his boyfriend turning away and he couldn't help but fall to his knees. "Please." He then says, barely above a whisper, as he watches his boyfriend walking away from him.

"I'll talk to him, I promise Wesley." Tobias says in a sympathetic tone, before feeling himself being pulled back towards the church and can only give his friend a sad look.

"But I didn't mean it." Wesley then says in a quiet and devastated tone, before feeling a hand on his shoulder and looking up sadly.

"It will be okay Wesley, he's just a little bit angry right now, but he will forgive you, I promise." Mitch states in a warm and caring tone, before looking back at his former best friend, after hearing him groaning a little bit. "Just stay here Wesley and please, please don't go anywhere." He then says in the same tone as before, as he stands back up and walks over to his former best friend.

"I love him, I don't want him to hate me." Wesley then mumbles to himself quietly as he breaks down and cries into his hands.

"You should have let the faggot kill me Mitch, because I'll kill him for this." Conner states in a strained tone, as he sees his former best friend standing beside him, before wincing and almost crying out as he feels his ankle being stepped on.

"The police are on their way Conner, so I suggest you shut your mouth, otherwise you might just regret it." Mitch then states in a cold and sickened tone, as he puts a little more weight on his former best friends ankle, until he sees him almost passing out. "Don't say another word." He then says in a firm tone, before kneeling down and rolling his former best friend on to his stomach and then pulling his arms behind his back, while making sure that he was facing the right way and could see Wesley, who to both his relief and concern, was laying in the fetal position and crying, but he knew he couldn't go to him, not until his colleagues arrived and had to settle for just keeping an eye on him.

"But you love each other." Tobias says in a confused tone, as he finally manages to get his friend to stop, just as they had reached the door and knew that he needed to do something, because he thought it was stupid and he didn't like his friends fighting.

"Stop it Tobias, just stop it, I... I... just stop it." Carter retorts weakly as he tries to process everything and figure out what was going to happen now, because he knew his boyfriend was hurting and he knew what he had been going through, but what he said in front of everyone to him, that hurt, it hurt more than he thought anything could hurt and it scared him a little bit.

"But... but I don't understand, he said a bad thing, but Matt has said worse to everyone when he was er... well weird and he even hit Ben a couple of times and tried to strangle me and er... he just called you..." Tobias then begins to say, as he tries to make sense of everything himself, before finding himself being pushed back and he can't help but look at his friend in surprise.

"I don't care what other people have done, so just stop Tobias, just stop it." Carter responds in a sad tone, before wiping his eyes and turning back towards the door and while he didn't want to go back inside, he could go anywhere else, not without seeing his boyfriend and he just couldn't bare seeing him again.

"But his brother died, he's..." Tobias then begins to say, before trailing off as he sees his friend turning and glaring at him. "I love you both, I don't want you to not like each other." He then says in a meek tone, but can only look at his friend sadly, as his expression stays the same and he was really scared that his friends would break up.

"Get used to it." Carter then states in a serious tone, after a few moments of silence and while he knew he was being harsh on his friend, he wasn't in the mood and decided to turn back to the door and walk back into the room, with his friend following him, but instead of going to the front he finds a seat at the back and slumps down and even though he wanted to be alone and was a little annoyed at his friend, he was grateful to feel himself being pulled into his chest and held tightly.

"Are you okay?" Ben asks in a slightly bemused tone, as he runs his hands up and down his fiancé's back and bum.

"This feels really nice." Matt states in response, as he just holds on to his fiancé's body and enjoys the feeling of him being inside him still.

"It really feels nice?" Ben then asks in a curious and slightly unconvinced tone, they had just had sex and now his fiancé was just sitting on his lap and to his own surprise, he was still hard and he still found it difficult to believe that it felt nice, he would have thought it would feel weird and uncomfortable.

"It does now." Matt responds in a contented and happy tone, as he just enjoys the feeling of his fiancé rubbing his back and he really couldn't be happier than he was right now.

"I er... well er... Matt, I don't get it, I mean does it hurt or er... well does it really feel good and er... it doesn't hurt?" Ben then asks in a slightly nervous and confused tone, as he tries to get his head around the whole thing and work up the courage to take the next step, which although his fiancé and their two friends seemed to all enjoy, was still a little too scary for him to give his fiancé his virginity.

"What's going on Ben and don't lie, I know something is going on and we never lie to each other." Matt then decides to ask in a curious tone, instead of answering his fiancé's question, after realising that something was going on and that he needed to take control of the conversation to get him to tell him what it was.

"I think I might be ready." Ben responds in a quiet tone, as he thinks about what his feelings were telling him and while he wasn't completely sure, he was definitely close to it. "You know er... I think I might be ready to have sex." He then adds with a shy smile, after seeing the slightly confused look on his fiancé's face and realising that he wasn't being clear enough.

"Oh shit, really?" Matt then quickly asks in an excited tone, as he realises what his fiancé had just sad and couldn't help but move around a little bit. "It feels really good." He then says with a shy smile, after letting out a soft moan as he moves around on his fiancé's still hard penis, which had actually started to go a little soft before he had started to gently rock his hips.

"But it hurt, I mean you know er... when I er... took your er... you know, virginity, it hurt you and er... well I know you..." Ben then begins to say in a slightly overwhelmed and nervous tone, before feeling his fiancé's lips against his own and despite wanting to try and explain how he was feeling, he quickly returned the kiss and couldn't help but moan as he enjoys the feeling of being inside him, especially since he was gently rocking his hips, which just felt amazing and he was now fully hard again.

"It hurt the first few times, but it feels good too and it feels really good now." Matt then says in a soft and caring tone, as he gently starts to move himself up and down on his fiancé and smiles blissfully at him. "Really good." He then says, as he sees the same look on his fiancé's face and while he knew he wasn't quite ready, he was happy that he had at least brought it up and knew it wouldn't be too much longer, before he got to experience what it was like from the other perspective.

"Mmmm... it feels really good..." Ben then says, as he leans forward and nibbles his fiancé's neck and enjoys the sound of his moaning in response.

"We can... oh shit... shit..." Matt then begins to say, before trailing off into a series of moans, as he feels his fiancé beginning to match his own movement and feels his penis rubbing against his prostate. "We... talk about it... tonight... wow... mmmm..." He then just about manages to say, as they get into the same rhythm and feels his prostate really getting rubbed against now and moans out passionately.

"So good..." Ben responds in a blissful tone, as he stands up and gently pushes himself forward until his practically sits his fiancé down on the other side of the jacuzzi and begins to speed up a little and take control of what they were doing.

"You'll... you... will... you'll love... love it." Matt then says in a passionate tone, as he surrenders to his fiancé and lets him take full control and just enjoys how good he was at this and quickly starts to moan and whimper in pleasure.

One Hour Later

"Are you two okay?" Alex asks in a slightly suspicious tone, as he watches his two friends walking up the stairs behind him and couldn't help but think they look a bit weird.

"Yeah, why?" Ben quickly asks in response, as he looks at his friend curiously and wonders what he was talking about.

"You look all red and you're walking weird, I mean Matt walks weird anyway, but you're both er... well you're both walking weird." Alex responds with a half smile, as he sees both his friends turn even redder and stop at the top of the stairs and despite not quite being sure if he was right, he couldn't help but think that there was a naughty reason for it.

"I don't walk weird." Matt then states in a slightly defensive tone, although it was more to do with what his friend might have been hinting at, rather than being offended by the comment about how he walked, even if he was still a little self conscious about it.

"Yeah, what gives Alex?" Ben then asks in a suspicious tone, as he gives his fiancé a sympathetic smile and squeezes his hand in support.

"Let's go to my room, then you can tell me about it." Alex then decides to say with a mischievous grin, before turning towards his room and walking towards it, knowing his friends would follow and while he wanted to ask them then and there, his dad was downstairs and he didn't want him to overhear them talking about something like this.

"I like your limp." Ben then says quietly, as they follow their friend into his room and while he knew his fiancé wasn't really hurt or upset by their friends comment, he wanted to reassure him anyway.

"So are you going to tell me or is it private?" Alex then asks in a hopeful tone, after shutting and locking his bedroom door behind them and sitting down on the edge of his bed, while his two friends looked at him suspiciously.

"Okay, you've lost us Alex, what the hell are you on about?" Ben asks in response, after giving his fiancé a confused look and seeing him returning it and while he actually had an inkling about what their friend was talking about, he was caught between wanting to be wrong and being a little proud, even if it was private and personal.

"I er... shit, never mind, but er... how er... shit, well how long can you stay for?" Alex quickly asks in a slightly nervous tone, as he realises that neither of his friends had got the hint and deciding to forget about it and hopefully see if they're going to stay for a while, he was tired of being on his own and wanted them to stay as long as possible.

"We have to be home before it gets dark, so we have all afternoon if that's okay." Ben responds with a friendly smile, as he watches his friend closely, he could tell that he was probably bored being on his own and despite still having a good idea of what he was hinting at a few minutes ago, he wanted him to know that they were in no rush to leave, especially since they had only just arrived.

"So er... well, are you both okay?" Alex then asks in a slightly awkward tone, as he tries to think of something to say and can't help but mentally slap himself for asking such a lame question.

"Yeah, well apart from being poisoned and my fiancé going bat shit crazy for a few days, I'm actually feeling pretty good." Matt answers with a grin, after deciding to try and break the tension a little bit and quickly begins to giggle at the look on his fiancé's face.

"What the hell?" Ben then states in a half hearted annoyed tone, but despite his best efforts, he couldn't help but smile at the sound of his fiancé gigging and he never got tired of seeing him happy.

"Am I wrong?" Matt then asks with a little smirk, after managing to get his giggling under control, although the look on their friends face was just priceless and he knew that he had no idea how to react to them both.

"Fine, but only because you managed to use 'bat shit crazy' in a sentence and well I love you." Ben then says in an amused tone, as he looks at his fiancé and again, enjoys the fact that he was happy.

"I'm just glad that it was someone else being bat shit crazy this time, although I think I did it better." Matt then says with a big grin, before pulling his fiancé's face to his own and giving him a quick and loving kiss.

"You two are so weird." Alex then decides to say in a slightly baffled tone, as he tries to work out what his two friends were doing, because he couldn't work it out.

"Sometimes, but how are you Alex, you doing okay?" Ben responds as he turns to his friend and gives him a sympathetic look, his two friend may have only barely been dating, but he knew what losing his fiancé felt like now and he knew that his friend not even knowing if his boyfriend was alive, must be just as tough and he wanted to be there for him and knew his fiancé felt the same way.

"Not really, I mean I guess I'm okay, but thanks to kicking the shit out of Jarred, I've probably fucked my whole future up." Alex answers in a slightly bitter tone, as he looks down at his feet and despite finding his two friends exchange a few moments ago amusing, he just felt like everything was going against him.

"Didn't they question Jarred though?" Ben quickly asks in a surprised tone, as he thinks about what his friend had just said and although they didn't know everything, he and his fiancé thought once the police talked to Jarred, they would know what a prick he was and that he had something to do with Peter being missing.

"Yeah, but it wasn't a real talk, like all official or anything and he's still pressing charges against me and those two police officers saw it, so I'm screwed and my whole future is fucked up now." Alex responds in a self pitying tone, as he holds his head in his hands, although the feeling of his friends sitting either side of him and putting an arm around him, does make him feel a little better.

"What were they even doing there though? I mean come on, even they have to admit that it was weird and suspicious." Matt then asks in a curious tone, as he thinks about the fact that the police just happened to get an anonymous call, right when Alex was beating Jarred up and thought the police would think that as well.

"If they do, then they aren't doing anything about it or aren't telling me about it." Alex responds in a frustrated tone, as he struggles to stay positive, he was only twelve and thanks to his former best friend, he could lose everything and he could feel his eyes watering up a little bit.

"But they talked to him though, even if it wasn't official, they still talked to him, so er... well I know it looks bad, but don't give up Alex and you have all of us and you have your dad, he believes you, doesn't he." Matt then says in a positive tone, as he does his best to try and reassure his friend, who he could see was on the verge of crying and despite his reputation and how he used to act, they had learned since he joined their group of friends, that he was just like them, well not completely, he was more like Jordan, than anyone else, but he was a good person and they all genuinely liked him.

"Yeah, I don't think he did to start with, but he does now, but he's still disappointed in me, but he believes me and er... well er... well I love him." Alex answers honestly and with a slightly forced smile, he knew that if his dad didn't believe him, then he wouldn't be able to cope, but knowing he had his dad, made all the difference and it gave him some hope, that he still had a future, even if it would be a lot harder with a criminal record.

"Mitch will do his best to help, well when he can, he's just well er..." Ben then begins to say in a reassuring tone, before trailing off as he thinks about his friends boyfriend being missing and he wasn't sure if bringing that up, was the smartest thing to do or not.

"If you want to cry, it's okay Alex, we're your friends and we know it's embarrassing sometimes, but we also know that sometimes you just need to do it and we've both done it, so you can trust us, we promise." Matt then decides to suggest, as he gives his fiancé a warm smile and knew why he had trailed off and was hoping that if they got their friend to let go of his emotions, he would feel better and while it wasn't guaranteed to work, he knew from his own experience and his fiancé's, that it worked more than it failed.

"Maybe later, but honestly guys, I just want to have some fun or at least take my mind of everything and I was hoping you had something fun or interesting to tell me, I haven't been out much." Alex responds honestly and while he actually felt like he wanted to cry and he trusted his friends not to laugh at him, he just wanted to try and have a good time for a change, especially since he might not get many more chances, depending on how things worked out for him.

"Sure, I mean we haven't exactly been out much either, but we have Tobias and he never fails to deliver." Ben then says with a small grin, after giving his fiancé a long look and knew that it was okay with him to bring their brother up and as long as they didn't give away anything really personal, he was sure their brother wouldn't mind.

"Shit, no way, what did he do this time?" Alex then quickly asks with a small smirk, as he quickly realises that he is going to hear something that was at least embarrassing and probably hilarious, because even though he hadn't spent that much time with Tobias, he knew exactly what he was like and what he was capable of.

"He had a sleepover." Matt states with a slightly hesitant tone, as he wonders if they should really tell their friend, but as he glances at his fiancé, he decides that as long as they didn't tell him everything, then it would be okay and he was confident their brother would understand.

"Oh er... well... okay." Alex responds in a slightly disappointed tone, although as he remembers his friends letting slip that they fooled around a little on sleepovers, he suddenly thought about his other friend. "So who was it with, Jordan or Wesley and Carter?" He then asks in a more enthusiastic tone, as he wonders if he was going to hear something sexual.

"Ah well, he has a girlfriend now Alex and the..." Ben then begins to say with a smile, which widens as he is interrupted by his friend and could see his fiancé trying hard not to giggle and knew he was thinking about what their brother had done.

"NO FUCKING WAY!" Alex quickly shouts out, before suddenly blushing as he realises just how loudly he had called out and knew that there was no way his dad didn't hear that.

"Alex, keep the noise down and mind your language." Gordon quickly calls up in a slightly annoyed tone, although he wasn't really that angry, his son was going through a lot right now and he didn't want to come down too hard on him for little things and he knew how important it was for him to be with his friends.

"Sorry Dad." Alex quickly responds in a quieter tone, before blushing even more as he looks down at his feet and despite knowing his friends wouldn't judge him, it was still embarrassing.

"Just don't make me have to tell you again." Gordon then calls out and although he wanted to go easy on him, he couldn't let him off the hook and wanted him to know that he expected him to behave himself.

"My mum and his dad caught us skinny dipping and made us get out and told us off and gave us a lecture Alex, while we were still naked and we had to keep our hands at our sides." Matt then decides to say, as he sees his friends face drop and thought that this would at least get him to relax again and not feel embarrassed and upset.

"I wasn't completely soft either Alex and they didn't let us cover up until they were both finished lecturing us, seriously, it was so humiliating and embarrassing." Ben then adds with a slightly amused tone, after quickly picking up on what his fiancé was trying to do and while he wished that he had picked something a little less embarrassing, well something a lot less embarrassing, he didn't mind that much and if it helped their friend, then it was definitely worth it.

"Oh shit, for real?" Alex then quickly asks in a shocked tone, as he looks to each of his friends and quickly sees them blushing slightly. "Oh fuck and shit Ben, you had a semi?" He then asks in an amazed tone, as he really thinks about what his friends had just told him and despite being embarrassed by his parents over the years, he couldn't think of anything that could match that and probably for the first time in his life, he was glad that he didn't have a pool, otherwise he definitely would have more than likely skinny dipped and been caught doing it.

"Well sort of, I mean it wasn't like it was sticking out much, but it definitely wasn't soft and honestly Alex, it was really embarrassing." Ben answers honestly and with a small smile, he could actually see the funny side to it now and it was funny, but at the time, it was definitely still one of the most embarrassing moments of his life, even if there were quite a few that were worse.

"Oh wow... seriously wow." Alex then says in the same amazed tone as before, as he tries to think of something to say, but can't quite think of anything that wouldn't sound lame.

"Oh and by the way, Tobias did have a sleepover and it was with Lily and they shared a bed together." Matt then decides to say with a mischievous grin, before suddenly panicking slightly as his friend looks at him in surprise and was sure that if his fiancé hadn't quickly clamped his hand over their friends mouth, then he would have shouted out again and there was no way he wanted to risk upsetting his friends dad, who he could tell after seeing him downstairs, had enough to deal with and didn't want to add to that.

"Tobias somehow ended up naked too." Ben then says in a quiet tone, while still keeping his hand over his friends mouth for a few more moments, before getting a nod from his fiancé and slowly moving his hand away.

"He had a fucking sleepover with a girl, on their own and slept in the same bed as her, while he was naked?" Alex then asks in a stunned tone, as he only just about manages to keep his voice low. "Like completely fucking naked?" He then adds in a disbelieving tone, as he tries to wrap his head around what his friends had just told him and while he have guessed that it would be good earlier, he definitely wasn't expecting them to tell him something like this and while it was classic Tobias, it was still a shock and if had to admit, that he was quite impressed by his friend and had to give him credit.

"Yep and we're seriously considering neutering him or something, because he pretty much did the opposite of everything we told him to do." Ben then states with a big grin, which widens when he sees his fiancé shaking his head at him and trying to hide the fact he found it funny as well.

"Holy crap! But seriously, how does that even happen, didn't her parents... I don't know, but come on, there was no way they wouldn't have checked in on them." Alex then says in a disbelieving tone, as he thinks about how his other friend could have got away with it, because it sounded crazy.

"Well other stuff happened, but Tobias will get upset if we tell you everything and he's already going to kick our butts for telling you this much, but it's just so funny and he's just awesome." Ben responds with a grin and while they could have probably have cheered their friend up with something less embarrassing and about their brother, he was just happy to see his friend smiling now and at least for a little while, keep his mind of everything else.

"Oh crap, other stuff, you mean they..." Alex then begins to ask in a stunned tone, before quickly getting cut off by his other friend.

"No, no, they didn't have sex or as Tobias keeps calling it 'The Sex' but we should leave it at that Alex, it's not fair on him and well, we wouldn't like it if it was one of us being talked about like this." Matt quickly states in a firm tone, as he decides that they really needed to move on to something else now and not keep going on about his brothers sex life, even if it was kind of funny.

"Oh, okay." Alex says in response and can't help but grin a little at his other friends antics.

"He got attacked by a duck and fell in the lake twice, while he was on a picnic date with Lily as well." Ben then states with a big grin, as he decides to keep his friend distracted from everything. "What? It's true and even Tobias thinks it's funny." He then states in a defensive tone, as he sees his fiancé giving him a hard look and while he was a little surprised, he also got the point that maybe he needed to lay off their brother a little bit and not keep using him to cheer their friend up.

"Oh wow, now that text makes sense." Alex then says in an amused tone, as he remembers the text he had gotten from his other friend and while it didn't make much sense at the time, it definitely did now and he couldn't help but chuckle a little bit at the image of his friend being attacked by a duck.

"Text?" Ben quickly asks in a curious tone, as he looks to his friend and wonders what he was talking about and could tell his fiancé was just as curious as well.

"Oh right, yeah Jordan texted me the other day and told me to ask Tobias about his duck friends the next time I saw him and well I didn't really get it, but now I do and it's just... well it's just Tobias and it's hilarious." Alex explains with a grin, as he keeps picturing it in his head over and over again. "And oh shit, he was on a date with Lily, fuck, that has to be even worse." He then adds in a slightly more serious tone, as he thinks about how embarrassing that would have been, especially in front of someone you really liked.

"Yeah, but this is Tobias we're talking about Alex, he's fucking adorable and Lily really likes him and I think it just made her like him even more." Matt then states with a warm smile, as he thinks about his brother and just how adorable he was and the things he got up to, even if some of them were a little concerning, especially when it came to Lily, but she seemed nice and mature and he trusted that she wouldn't let things go too far, well he was hoping she would prove him right anyway.

"You guys are great." Alex then says with a shy smile, this was just what he needed and he was just glad that with everything else that was happening, his friends had taken the time to come and see him and any doubts that he had about whether they really saw him as a friend, quickly vanished. "Do you want some drinks and food?" He then decides to ask with a genuine smile, as he thinks about how long his friends would be here and he was hoping with food, they wouldn't find some excuse to leave early, not that he thought they would, but he couldn't help but be a little paranoid about it.

"Sure, but can I come down and help?" Matt quickly asks in response, before blushing a little as both his fiancé and friend look at him in surprise. "Okay fine, I kind of want to talk to your dad about something Alex, but it's nothing bad or serious, but it's kind of private as well and it won't take long." He then decides to explain, he knew they would want to know why he had asked to help, especially his fiancé, who he could see was starting to look worried.

"Yeah sure, I think he could do with a distraction as well." Alex responds with a shrug of the shoulders and while he was curious, he didn't want to ask what his friend wanted to talk to his dad about, because it was obviously private and he didn't want to annoy him.

"You okay?" Ben then asks in a worried tone, as he gives his fiancé a questioning look and wondered if he had been hiding something from him.

"Nothing for you to worry about, I promise, I just want to ask him some stuff and maybe get him to check something." Matt responds with a reassuring smile, before frowning a little bit. "Seriously Ben, it's nothing to worry about, so relax." He then adds in a slightly firmer tone, as he rubs his ear and while he wasn't sure if his fiancé would remember his little signals, he was hoping he would and that he would stop worrying.

"Okay, but... fine." Ben then says with a slightly suspicious tone, before smiling and getting to his feet. "But only because I'm hotter than you." He then quickly adds with a grin and steps back as his fiancé gets up and tries to punch him.

"You're such a dumb ass." Matt then states in an amused tone, before smiling as he sees their friend smiling happily at them both.

"You're both hot." Alex then says with a little smirk, before walking over to his bedroom door and opening it. "Oh come on, you two are hot as fuck and girls are always checking you out and a few boys as well." He then says with a bigger smirk, before walking out of his room and heading downstairs, knowing they would follow him down.

"He's kind of hot too." Ben then whispers into his fiancé's ear, while giving his bum a playful squeeze.

"True, but I only get hard for you." Matt then responds in what he hoped was a sexy tone, he was definitely getting better at it, but like his fiancé, they hadn't quite perfected it yet.

"I love you Matthew Walker." Ben then whispers in a loving tone, as he starts to follow his fiancé out of their friends room.

"I love you too Benjamin Walker." Matt quickly responds with a contented smile, as he reaches behind himself to hold his fiancé's hand and leads him down the stairs, just as their friend disappears from view.

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