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Love Conquers All

by Flaming Matt

Chapter 22

November 2015

Wesley, do you want to come round mine and go for a swim?" Mitch asks in a caring tone, as he walks back into the boys room after speaking to his parents and seeing how they were doing and if they would be okay with him taking him back to his house.

I'm grounded." Wesley responds in a dejected and frustrated tone, as he holds a picture of himself and his boyfriend cuddling with each other and he couldn't help but wonder if he would ever get to cuddle him again.

Don't worry about that Wesley, I wouldn't have asked you, if your parents wouldn't let you go." Mitch responds as he sits down next to the boy and looks at the picture he was holding and couldn't help but think how cute they looked together.

But they said that I was going to be grounded for a month and maybe longer unless I grow up and show some respect." Wesley then says in a stunned tone, as he looks at the older boy and wonders what he had said to his parents, to even consider letting him out of the house, let alone to go swimming.

They aren't bad people Wesley and while you still might end up being grounded, they're starting to realise how hard this has been for you and how punishing you, might not be the right way to handle this, but it's up to them and I guess you need to do some thinking of your own Wesley, because how you act and conduct yourself over the next few days and weeks, is going to have an influence on whether they feel like you need to be punished or not." Mitch then says with a caring smile, as he puts an arm around the boys shoulders and pulls him against his side.

Oh..." Wesley then says in response, as he shifts a little to get more comfortable in the older boys arms. "I don't want to see anyone else though, they will just try to help me and I just don't want to talk about it any more." He then says in a tired and sad tone, while enjoying the comforting feeling of the older boy stroking his side.

Matt and Ben are at Alex's and Tobias is at Lily's and they shouldn't be home until around five at the earliest, so we will have most of the afternoon to ourselves." Mitch quickly responds in a soft tone, as he does his best to comfort the boy and keep him calmed down.

What about Sarah and your dad?" Wesley then asks in a slightly more enthusiastic tone, as he thinks about how swimming could help and he knew the older boy would give him space, but also keep him feeling comfortable and safe, which he really needed right now.

They should be home, but they won't bother you Wesley and I will have a word with them, just to make sure they understand that we need space." Mitch responds in a caring tone, before sitting up and bit and pulling the boy into him a little bit more.

Thanks Mitch, swimming does sound pretty good I guess." Wesley then says in an appreciative tone, before frowning a little bit. "Mitch, I really am sorry about what I..." He then begins to say in a guilty but sincere tone, before feeling the older boy moving and gently pushing him away and he can only look up at him nervously, as he wonders if he had made a mistake by bringing what happened at the church up again.

Wesley..." Mitch states in a slightly frustrated tone, before pausing for a few moments and sighing. "I meant what I said about that earlier, but for now, I don't want you to bring it up again, but we will talk about it eventually, but only when I've had time to really think about it and then we can talk about it properly, okay." He then tells the boy in a firm tone, while also giving him a soft smile, just to let him know that he wasn't angry with him and that they were still good, even if they had a lot to talk about soon, but now really wasn't the time and he wanted him to know that.

I'm still sorry." Wesley then says in a meek tone, as he looks down to his feet, before then feeling his head being lifted up from the chin.

I know you are, but it doesn't... we will talk about this Wesley, I promise, but not now, so get up and get some speedos and a towel, while I go and tell you parents that we're going and I will see you in a few minutes." Mitch responds as he tries his best to avoid talking about what had happened at the church, it was still something he was angry over and now really wasn't the time to get into it and he was instead, just going to focus on helping the boy and making sure that he was okay.

Okay." Wesley responds in a quiet tone, after being left in no doubt, that the older boy didn't want to talk about it and could only watch him walk out of his room, before sighing and looking down at the floor for a few moments.

Seriously?" Matt quickly asks in a slightly bemused tone, as he looks at his fiancé and tries to work out if he was being serious or not, because it came out of nowhere and he didn't want to walk straight into a joke or something stupid like that.

Scared I'm going to win?" Ben then states in response and while he knew it was childish to dodge his fiancé's actual question, he was feeling playful and he was hoping to get him in a sexy mood, because even though their parents may be home, they would still be alone in their pool house and he was hoping to pluck up the courage to finally give his virginity to his fiancé.

But crying is stupid, I mean if my eyes water, I lose, that's stupid." Matt then states, as he ignores his fiancé's attempts to bait him into agreeing to the bet, which despite being fun and tempting, was a little stupid in his mind.

No you Dumb Ass, I mean really cry, not just getting a couple of tears." Ben quickly responds to his fiancé's words and gives him a hopeful smile. "Come on, you were just saying how stupid it is that we cry so much and we've talked about it before Matt, so why not make a bit of a game out of it and come on, it's only a bit of fun." He then decides to add in a slightly desperate tone, as he tries again to get his fiancé to play along and accept the bet.

By fun, you mean another way for you to get a blow job, don't you." Matt then states with a knowing smirk and when he sees his fiancé's expression, he knew was was at least a little right, even though he could also see something else in his eyes, but he couldn't quite make out what it was, but he knew that it was something good and not something to worry about.

And you don't?" Ben quickly retorts in a playful tone, before stopping and taking his fiancé's free hand into his own with a loving smile.

"You're such a creep." Matt responds with a loving smiling, before leaning in and giving his fiancé a sweet kiss on the lips, before looking at him in surprise, after being gently pushed back. "What are you doing?" He then asks in a slightly confused tone, as he sees his fiancé smirking at him and while he was still a bit surprised at being pushed back, even if it was gently, he couldn't help but see the look on his fiancé's face and knew he was up to something.

"One way or another I'm gonna find ya
I'm gonna getcha, getcha, getcha, getcha

One way or another I'm gonna win ya
I'm gonna getcha, getcha, getcha, getcha."

"What the hell are you doing?" Matt quickly asks in a mixture of amusement and embarrassment, as he tries to interrupt his fiancé, before just staring at him as he continues to sing to him.

"One way or another I'm gonna see ya
I'm gonna meet ya, meet ya, meet ya, meet ya

One day, maybe next week, I'm gonna meet ya
I'm gonna meet ya, I'm meet ya

I will drive past your house
And if the lights are all out
I'll see who's around

One way or another I'm gonna find ya
I'm gonna getcha, getcha, getcha, getcha."

"Seriously, cut it out Ben, we're in the middle of town, people are staring." Matt then states in a slightly embarrassed tone, although if he was being honest with himself, he was actually loving this and while he wouldn't exactly say that he liked the song, he definitely loved the implications behind his fiancé singing it to him and he was definitely more than a little turned on.

"One way or another I'm gonna win ya
I'll getcha, I'll getcha

One way or another I'm gonna see ya
I'm gonna meet ya, meet ya, meet ya, meet ya

One day, maybe next week, I'm gonna meet ya
I'll meet ya, yeah

And if the lights are all out
I'll follow your bus downtown
See who's hangin' around

One way or another I'm gonna lose ya
I'm gonna give you the slip

A slip of the hip or another, I'm gonna lose ya

I'm gonna trick ya, I'll trick ya

One way or another I'm gonna lose ya

I'm gonna trick ya, trick ya, trick ya, trick ya

One way or another I'm gonna lose ya
I'm gonna give you the slip."

"Okay, okay, just shut up you creep, next one to cry, loses." Matt then decides to say in an excited tone, while at the same time feeling his cheeks burning a little bit now, after looking around and seeing a few people now standing and just watching them or to be more exact, his fiancé, who right now, was just being amazing and just perfect.

"I'll walk down the mall, stand over by the wall
Where I can see it all, find out who you call

Lead you to the supermarket

Check out some specials and rat food, get lost in the crowd

One way or another I'm gonna getcha."

"Matt?" Ben quickly asks in a concerned tone, as he stops singing after looking at his fiancé and despite how much fun they were just having, he could see something was wrong and quickly moves closer and holds him by the shoulders. "What's wrong, is it your head again?" He then asks in the same tone, as he tries to stay as calm as he could and not panic, because he knew his fiancé was still recovering and probably shouldn't even be walking around like they had been doing for the last thirty minutes and should have just went straight home.

"Yeah." Matt responds in a strained tone, as he tries to stop himself from falling over or being sick, as his head spins and he feels his stomach churning.

"If you need to be sick, then just be sick Matt, you know it will help." Ben then says in a soft tone, as he does his best to keep his fiancé steady and comfort him at the same time.

"I hate this." Matt then half mumbles, as he continues to try to stop his head from spinning and despite knowing his fiancé was right, he really didn't want to be sick, especially in the middle of town and where he knew people were already staring at them and there were probably even more now.

"How's he doing Ben?" Lisa asks in a friendly tone, after coming over from where she had been sitting and actually watching the two boys together and while she was content to just sit and enjoy Ben's little performance, she couldn't help but come over after seeing what was now happening and try and help.

"Lisa?" Ben then asks in a surprised tone, as he takes his eyes of his fiancé and looks at the lady and wonders what she was doing here.

"It's okay Ben, I was just sitting and having a coffee and saw what was happening." Lisa responds with a sweet smile, after seeing the confusion and surprise on the young boys face. "Is it just a headache or is he going to be sick as well?" She then asks in a more professional sounding tone, as she turns her attention back on to Matt, who she could see was going to be sick, whether he seemed to want to or not.

"He's going to be sick and his head is hurting, but er... he should be okay, shouldn't he Lisa?" Ben then asks in response, as he gives her a worried and slightly panicked look and wonders if he had underestimated how ill his fiancé actually was.

"He's just been over doing things I think, but I will check him over Ben." Lisa responds with a reassuring smile, as she looks at the boy and sees how worried he was starting to get. "Matt, can you turn turn to me and let me see your face and eyes please." She then says in a firm tone, as she looks at him with the same smile she had used with Ben.

"Lisa, I don't..." Matt then begins to say in a distracted tone, as he still does his best to not be sick, before feeling a finger pressing against his lips and he couldn't help but look at her in surprise and wonder where she learned that from.

"Matt, this won't take long and I know you don't want to be sick, no one likes to be sick, but it will make you feel better and you know that's true, so let me check you over quickly and then I want you to be sick, I have a sick bag in my handbag that you can use as well." Lisa states in a kind and caring tone, before removing her finger and passing her bag to Ben and giving him a quick nod to let him know that it was okay for him to get the sick bag out of it.

"Okay." Matt quickly responds, before letting himself be examined and while he was still feeling ill and he definitely needed to be sick, he did everything she asked him to do and while it was embarrassing, especially since he knew they had an audience and were in the middle of the street, he trusted her and she was one of the few nurses at the hospital, that he genuinely liked and she had on more than a few occasions actually sung with him at the karaoke restaurant where he had first heard her sing all those months ago.

"Is he going to be okay?" Ben then asks in a slightly nervous tone, as he watches her pulling away slightly from his fiancé and could see how much he was struggling.

"He will be fine Ben, but what did we all tell you both about taking it easy?" Lisa asks in response and while it was a serious question, she made sure that they both knew that she wasn't having a go at either of them.

"Not to do too much and to er... well er... we didn't mean to Lisa, we just didn't realise how long..." Ben then begins to answer in a shy tone, before noticing the look on his fiancé's face and quickly moves in front of him and held the sick bag for him, just as he began to vomit and despite it sounding and smelling gross, he wasn't bothered at all by the sick or risking getting any on him, they were each others soul mates and they would do anything for each other, even if it was a little gross sometimes.

"Feeling better?" Lisa then decides to ask in a kind but knowing tone, as she looks at the boy wiping his mouth.

"Little bit." Matt responds meekly, as he looks around nervously and despite coming a long way with his self confidence since his dad had beaten and raped him, having so many people he didn't really know staring at him, was starting to get to him and he could feel himself shaking a little bit.

"Will that shop you were at, let us use it's toilet Lisa?" Ben decides to ask in a half pleading tone, while pulling his fiancé into his side and putting an arm around him, after seeing that he was starting to shake and looking nervous and quickly worked out why, after looking around himself and seeing quite a few people staring at them.

"It shouldn't be an issue Ben, I know the owners and they're nice people." Lisa responds with a soft smile, she just never got old of how the two boys cared for each other and was happy to see that despite all they had been through, they were stronger than ever and she had even noticed the rings the boys were wearing and remembered what Erica had told her and she couldn't be happier for them, even if they were a little too young.

"Thanks Lisa." Ben then says in a grateful tone as he gives her a big smile. "It's okay Matt, they're just staring at me and wondering how someone so stunning, would be dating a complete creep like you." He then states in a playful tone, as he tries to relax his fiancé and even though he hears him sighing, he could tell that it was a good sigh and at the very least, he had made him smile.

"You're such a dumb ass." Matt then says in an amused tone and even though he was still feeling a little insecure, like always, his fiancé just knew exactly what to do to help him and he quickly gives him a peck on the cheek, even though it was a little awkward and they ended up stumbling a little bit.

"And your ass is sexy." Ben quickly retorts quietly with a grin, which widens when he hears his fiancé let out a little yelp, as he gives him bum a little nip with his fingers.

"You're lucky you're cute, otherwise I would kick your arse for that." Matt then states in a playful tone, before just enjoying being held by his fiancé as they walked with Lisa towards the shop and although it was a little awkward for him to walk like this with his cane, it was worth it and he had got sort of used to it over the past few months.

"When we get in, just let me talk to them and then take your time boys, they have toilets for customers, but I will ask them if you can use the staff one, it will give you both a bit more time and some privacy." Lisa then decides to say, after enjoying their little exchange as they come to a stop in front of the shop.

"Thanks Lisa, you're the best." Ben then quickly responds in a happy and appreciative tone, before giving his fiancé a quick peck on the lips. "Eww, vomit lips." He then quickly says in a mock disgusted tone, after forgetting that his fiancé had just been sick and deciding not to make a big deal out of it, this wasn't the first time something like this had happened to either of them and he doubted it would be the last.

"Dumb Ass." Matt retorts with a shy smile and a roll of the eyes, as they follow Lisa into the shop and watch as she talks to one of the owners, who gives them a quick look and a smile.

"When we get home, I'm going to put some salts in the jacuzzi for you, it's been ages since we last did that and I just want you to relax and rest." Ben then decides to say in a quiet tone, as he looks at his fiancé and runs his fingers against the side of his face, he was just so beautiful and even with the little bit of sick on his face, he quickly leans forward and kisses him again.

"I love you." Matt then says in response, after enjoying the brief but loving kiss his fiancé had just given him and just smiles sweetly at him.

"I love you too." Ben then says in a loving tone, before seeing Lisa walking back towards them with a warm smile on her face.

"If you follow Sandra, she will show you to the toilet, while I wait out here for you and I have my car around the corner, so I will give you a lift him and that isn't a request, okay boys." Lisa states in a firm but caring tone, as she gives both boys a warm smile and can see that while they obviously weren't keen on the lift home, it was for the best and she wasn't going to risk Matt's health for the sake of a ten minute drive.

"Okay, thanks Lisa." Matt quickly responds with a sincere smile and while he wanted to walk and he definitely didn't want to take up any more of her time, he was feeling a bit tired now and it would take them at least another thirty minutes to walk home and he didn't really fancy struggling all that way.

"We won't be long, we promise." Ben then says, as they begin to walk towards the other lady, who was still giving them both a friendly smile.

"Take your time Ben, I'm going to get another coffee, so there's no rush, just come back when you're both ready." Lisa then says with a smile and while she didn't expect them to be too long, she didn't want them to feel rushed and she would rather Ben got Matt sorted and maybe even persuade him to be sick again, because he was still looking a little ill and knew that while it wasn't a nice thing to do, it would make him feel better.

"Okay, we promise." Ben responds, just before following the other lady around the counter and to the back room, where they then follow her up some stairs, which were a little steep and he had to help his fiancé a little bit, especially since it was obvious that his cane was more of a hindrance than helpful right now.

"Thanks." Matt then says in a quiet tone, after reaching the top of the stairs and despite being a little embarrassed about struggling to get up them, they were quite steep and narrow, so it was awkward to use his cane, so he really did appreciate his fiancé's help.

"Okay boys, there is a lock on the door and you can use it if you want to, but no one is likely to come up here and you will hear them if they do, so take your time and I will have an orange juice ready for both of you, for when you come back downstairs." Sandra then says in a soft tone, as she looks at the two boys and while it was obvious that neither of them recognised her, she knew who they were and was more than happy to help them out, especially Matt, who she could see was looking very tired and a little bit pale, which wasn't surprising to her, she knew what he had been through, most of the town did and she wanted to do her bit to help him.

"Thank you Sandra, we won't be long, we promise." Ben quickly responds in a sweet tone, as he gives the lady a big friendly smile, before watching as she disappears back down the stairs, leaving them alone.

"She was nice." Matt then says, before rubbing his head with his hand and frowning a little bit.

"Maybe you should try to be sick again and then I can hold a cold flannel on your head for a little while." Ben then decides to suggest, as he guides his fiancé into the bathroom and sees that it was actually a real bathroom and not just a toilet and sink, which meant that it would be a lot more comfortable for them both and have flannels and towels.

"Maybe the flannel thing first and then I will try to be sick." Matt then suggests in response, as he sits on the toilet and watches his fiancé running the cold water and putting a clean flannel under it.

"I have your pills in my pocket, so you can take a couple of the nausea ones." Ben then suggests in a caring tone, as he looks over to his fiancé and sees him holding his head again and just felt so sorry for him and even though he was still having his own issues, he knew they were nothing compared to his fiancé's and just wished he could make them all go away.

"I already took two when we were at Alex's, I can't take any more Ben, not until tonight." Matt responds in a tired tone, before quickly holding his hand over his mouth and giving his fiancé a sad look.

"Just be sick Matt, you know it's going to happen whether you like it or not, so just get it over with." Ben states in a serious tone, as he turns the tap off and leaves the flannel in the sink, so that he could help his fiancé off the toilet and then help him kneel down in front of it, before lifting up the seat and gently rubbing his back as he leans over it and begins vomiting.

"So er... is everything okay?" Lily asks nervously, as she looks around her room and wonders what they should talk about, because it was a little bit awkward now and they had been sitting in silence for almost five minutes.

"I should go home." Carter then says in a self pitying tone, after assuming that his friends girlfriend was trying to hint that he was making everyone feel uncomfortable.

"Sit your cute little butt down Carter, no one wants you to leave." Ashleigh then quickly states with a kind smile, as she gives the smaller boy a friendly wink and while it was a bit awkward, she hadn't really spent much time with him and she wanted to make the most of it, even if it probably wasn't the best of circumstances.

"Really?" Jordan then quickly asks in a mock annoyed tone, as he decides to try and make things a little lighter, which after seeing his girlfriend smirking a little bit, he knew was the right thing to do.

"Well you and Tobias both love it, so it must be cute." Ashleigh quickly retorts in an amused tone and grins when she sees the look on all three boys faces and while she knew her boyfriend was playing along, the other two's expressions were priceless.

"And that speedo you have Carter, that's just amazing and I can't believe you actually wear it." Lily then decides to say in a shy tone, before blushing as everyone turns to her in surprise. "Well he does look good in it and none of you can deny it." She then adds in a defensive tone and despite only swimming with them a couple of times, she really did like the view and even though she loved her boyfriend and everything about him, she couldn't deny that seeing the others in speedos, was a nice treat and they all had nice bodies.

"God, now I get what Mitch always says about you Carter, all the fucking girls love you." Jordan then states in mock annoyance, before quickly rubbing his arm and instantly looks at his other friend and gives him an unimpressed half glare.

"I don't like swearing." Tobias then states with a shrug of the shoulders, after seeing his friends expression after punching him in the arm and while he knew it annoyed him, swearing annoyed him more and he wasn't afraid to let him know he didn't like it.

"Thanks for er... well just thanks." Carter then decides to say in a slightly meek tone, as he looks around the room and despite still feeling vulnerable and unsure of his feelings towards his boyfriend right now, he was grateful of his friends help and even when they had annoyed him at the start, he was glad that they didn't give up on him and he was feeling a lot better now, even if he had almost just gone home, he was still grateful.

"And thanks for the speedos Carter, because Lily isn't wrong about them and neither are the girls at school." Ashleigh then quickly says in an honest tone, because while she didn't find him attractive that way, he definitely had nothing to be ashamed about and she had heard a few girls at school talking about seeing him at the beach and swimming pool and was quite happy for him, even though he was gay and not interested in girls, she knew if he knew about the fact girls talked about him like that, it would give him a confidence boost.

"So er... well I guess... do you really think I should forgive Wesley?" Carter then decides to ask in a nervous and hesitant tone, after being a little caught of guard and feeling embarrassed by his friends girlfriends words and deciding to change the subject, but as he sees the look on all their faces he wonders if he had just ruined their day by bringing it up again.

"I think you should make him work to get back into your good books, I mean you can't just forgive him for saying what he did, even if he is going through a lot." Ashleigh quickly responds honestly, after thinking about the boys question for a few moments. "What?" She then asks her boyfriend, as he gives her a shocked look and she can't help but wonder what was wrong with him.

"We've spent most of the afternoon getting him to see sense and you go and tell him to make Wesley sweat for a while." Jordan responds in an unamused tone, as he gives his girlfriend an annoyed and frustrated look, after thinking that she might have just undid all his hard work with a few words.

"Well he should, I mean I'm not telling him to ignore him or shout at him, but he should make him work for it a little bit." Ashleigh quickly responds with a stern look and she can see that he quickly understood what the look meant and couldn't help but find his expression cute and a little sexy.

"I think you should just talk to him Carter." Lily then decides to say in a sincere tone, after rolling her eyes at her friend and turning her attention back to him.

"But I'm still mad at him, he hurt me and I don't want to get into a fight with him and I know I will just end up getting angry." Carter responds in a quiet tone and while he had listened to everything his friends had told him and he knew they were right, he was still feeling hurt and knew that if he saw and talked to his boyfriend right now, then he would either shout at him or walk away and he didn't want to do either of those two things, he had already walked away from him at the church and he could barely forgive himself for doing that, so he definitely didn't want to risk doing it twice.

"You have to talk to him eventually." Tobias then decides to say, after watching his other two friends having some sort of weird silent discussion and finding it amusing how Ashleigh seemed to be winning, because Jordan was definitely blushing and she was smirking a little bit.

"I know, but not right now..." Carter then begins to respond, before looking over to his friends girlfriend and trailing off in surprise as she begins to talk to him.

"Carter, you should at least talk to him on the phone or send him a text, he's been through a lot and even if it's just a quick hello, it will help him a lot and maybe not hate himself." Lily states in a sympathetic tone, as she gives him a sad but hopeful smile, which widens slightly when she feels her boyfriend taking her hand into his and squeezing it affectionately.

"Is it okay if I wait until tonight?" Carter then quickly asks in a hopeful and vulnerable tone, he knew that she was right, but he really just wasn't ready to speak to him right now, even if it was a text, which he was even less keen about, because it would seem forced and unnatural in his mind.

"It's up to you Carter, it's your relationship and he's your boyfriend, but please don't leave it too long, I know you're hurting, but so is he and it will help him a lot." Lily responds with a kind smile and she couldn't help but feel a little proud of herself and as she glances at her boyfriend, she can see a proud look on his face and that just made her feel special and she quickly gives him a quick peck on the lips, before smiling as he blushes and she just couldn't get enough of how cute he looked when he did that.

"I know." Carter responds with a slightly ashamed expression, as he thinks about all his boyfriend had been through and was still going through and despite his friends agreeing that he had every right to be angry at his boyfriend and to be hurt, it was obvious that he had overreacted and that they thought that as well, but even with that, he still didn't want to talk to his boyfriend just yet.

"Should we play cards?" Tobias then decides to ask in a cheerful tone, after deciding to change the subject and while it was a little random, he could tell his friend was getting uncomfortable and he wanted to try and help him take his mind of his boyfriend for a little while and that it would hopefully help him call him later as well.

"No way!" Jordan quickly states in a firm tone, after being forced out of his little staring contest with his girlfriend, which he was really enjoying, but hearing what he did and who had said it, quickly had him on edge and there was no way he was playing strip poker with them all, especially with Lily's parents downstairs.

"Well I wasn't too keen, but wow Jordan, it's only cards, it's not that bad of an idea." Ashleigh then decides to say in a surprised tone, as she gives her boyfriend a suspicious tone and wonders what was going on with him, because it really was a strange reaction.

"I don't mind playing cards." Lily then says in a soft tone, as she gives her boyfriend a supportive smile to let him know that she thought his idea was good, even if their friend didn't, which had surprised her as well.

"It's okay Jordan, he just means cards and I don't mind playing." Carter then decides to say in a slightly amused tone, as he looks at his friend and quickly worked out what he was worried about, but he knew his other friend and could tell that he did just meant cards and not strip poker, like his friend had obviously assumed.

"Oh, well er... okay, then I'm in." Jordan quickly responds in a relieved tone, before noticing the look on his girlfriends face and couldn't help but roll his eyes at her, because he could tell that she had worked out why he had objected the first time and he knew she was going to tease him about it when they got back to his in the evening, which if he was being completely honest with himself, he was actually looking forward to a little bit.

"We could play..." Tobias then begins to suggest, after finally working out what his two friends were talking about, but quickly finds himself interrupted.

"No, just no Tobias, no." Carter quickly states in a serious tone, with a look to match it, just so that his friend knew exactly what he meant, because while it might have been fun and he had to admit that he was curious about seeing what girls looked like naked, he knew Lily's parents were downstairs and if he was going to see girls naked, he wanted his boyfriend to be with him, which actually made him smile a little inside, because it was the first time he had thought about his boyfriend and himself being together since he had called him a sissy boy and while he still wasn't ready to call him, he did feel a lot better about calling him later now.

"What was he going to say?" Lily then asks in an innocent tone, as she looks around in confusion, before settling on her best friend and notices that she was actually smirking a little bit.

"Nothing, he wasn't going to say anything, let's just play cards, it should be fun with five of us, it's always better with more people." Jordan answers in a slightly uncomfortable tone and while it would be fun to play strip poker, this really wasn't the time or the place and while he was actually thinking about setting up a game some other time, he definitely wanted to forget about it for now.

"He was going to suggest strip poker Lily." Ashleigh then decides to state with a grin, as she enjoys everyone's reaction, especially her boyfriends expression and knew that it would annoy him a little and she really did like teasing him, just as much as he enjoyed teasing her and while she wasn't actually interested in playing strip poker, especially since her best friends parents were downstairs, it was still funny to say it out loud after the boys had tried to avoid saying it.

"Strip poker?" Lily quickly asks in a confused tone and while it didn't really take a genius to work out what that involved, she was a little too surprised to think straight at the moment.

"It's fun and er... what?" Tobias then asks in a confused tone, after seeing the looks on both his friends faces and couldn't help but wonder what he had done wrong now.

"We aren't playing strip poker, Lily's parents are downstairs and the girls won't want to play anyway." Jordan quickly states in a serious tone, as he gives his friend a look to go with it and again, while he was still thinking of trying to set a game up for them all another time, it would just be a disaster if they tried to play now and he could see his other friend was thinking the same thing.

"But it's fun and we..." Tobias then begins to protest, before this time finding himself being interrupted by his girlfriends best friend.

"Not today Tobias, because Jordan is right, Lily's parents are downstairs and well while it would be fun, we aren't going to play, well not today anyway." Ashleigh decides to say in a friendly tone, as she looks at the boy with a slightly amused expression, he was cute and definitely unique and could definitely see why her best friend liked him so much, but she did think he was a little weird, although a good weird, but she preferred her boyfriend, who despite having some issues, was just perfect in her eyes, especially naked, she really liked seeing him naked.

"Oh, okay." Tobias then says in a slightly disappointed tone and while he understood why, he was hoping to get to see the others naked, especially his girlfriend and Carter, who he had actually missed being around like that and while he was straight and loved his girlfriend, he still missed it all.

"We can still play cards though Tobias, I like playing cards and it will be fun." Lily then says with a loving smile, as she looks at her boyfriend and gives his hand a reassuring squeeze.

"Yeah Tobias, it will be fun and well why don't you deal, you're pretty good at that." Carter then decides to say, after seeing his friend still looking a little disappointed and while it was obvious his girlfriend had helped a lot, he couldn't help but feel a little jealous and wanted to help as well, even if he knew he was being stupid, he still missed being with his friend intimately and knew his boyfriend did as well, which then made him think about his boyfriend again and he couldn't help but feel a little bit excited about talking to him now, even if he was still mad at him, he still loved him and he was missing him more and more as the day went on.

"Okay and can we play rummy, I like rummy." Tobias quickly responds in an excited tone and while strip poker would have been more fun, he could tell his friends were excited to just play cards and knew it would be fun.

"Sure, it was your idea to play cards, so it's only fair." Carter responds with a smile, which was a genuine one and he couldn't help but think of how lucky he was to have friends like these and he knew he was lucky, because Ben and Matt weren't even here, so knowing he had so many friends and good ones at that, was a comforting realisation and all that was missing now, was his boyfriend, who he found himself wanting to speak to more and more as the day went on.

"Yeah, I like rummy too, I will just get the cards and we can start." Lily then says with a smile, before giving her boyfriend a quick peck on the lips as she goes to stand up and get the cards from her bedside cabinet.

"Someone's been sunbathing naked." Mitch says in an amused tone, as he sees the boy trying to right himself in the water, after he had pulled his speedos down and thrown him across the pool.

"You're such a dick Mitch." Wesley retorts in a slight embarrassed tone, after just about managing to pull his speedos back up, which was a lot harder while trying to stay above the water.

"And you didn't answer my question." Mitch quickly retorts himself and despite the other things going on, he was glad that he had thought about bring the boy to come swimming, because they were both a lot more relaxed now and it was nice to just forget about everything else for a while.

"Well neither of us has a pool, but Carter's and my back garden are pretty much private, so we sunbathed a few times naked." Wesley answers honestly, after swimming closer to the older boy, but also just out of reach of him this time. "What about you?" He then decides to ask in a curious tone, after deciding to throw the older boys question back at him and see if he could make him blush a little.

"Well honestly, up until we moved into this house, it's been quite a few years since I've had an all over tan Wesley, but with the pool and Tobias in particular, I have one now." Mitch answers honestly, as he gives the boy a measured look and slowly edges towards him, while he appeared to be slightly distracted by his answer.

"What's Tobias got to do with it?" Wesley can't help but ask in a curious tone, after wondering how his friend could be responsible for the older boy getting an all over tan.

"Seriously Wesley, we don't call him the budding nudist for nothing and he's quite persuasive when he wants to play around in here." Mitch answers honestly again, while continuing to edge towards the boy, who he knew had kept his distance on purpose, which just made him even more determined to get a hold of him and this time he was going to throw his speedos out of the pool, after noticing someone walking past the patio door and knew that there was a good chance of them coming outside and just couldn't resist playing a prank on the boy.

"Ah, yeah he can be annoying, that little look he gives you, we can never say no to him when he gives us that look, it's too fucking adorable." Wesley then states in response, as he smiles and thinks about all the times his friend had used that look on him and his boyfriend and the things that he had gotten them to do, not that either of them complained, they both found him attractive and he knew his boyfriend missed him in that way, just as much as he did.

"Too much information Wesley." Mitch then states in an amused tone, as he grins at the boy, who was not only in his reach, but practically right in front of him and he knew he still hadn't really noticed that he had closed the gap on them.

"Oh, sorry Mitch, but er... oh shit, don't you..." Wesley then begins to say, as he suddenly realises how close the older boy was and the big evil grin on his face, before feeling himself being dunked for what seemed like the hundredth time since they got in the pool.

"You're the one who started this, remember?" Mitch then asks in an amused tone, after letting the boy up just long enough to get his bearings, before pushing him backwards and grabbing the waistband of his speedos and pushing himself away from him in one motion.

"You fucking... oh fuck, give them back." Wesley then quickly demands in a surprised and half pleading tone, after managing to get himself righted and seeing his speedos in the older boys hand.

"Or what?" Mitch retorts teasingly, as he waves the speedos around and backs away from the boy, who had moved to get closer to him.

"If Sarah or your dad come out, you will get in trouble." Wesley answers weakly and knew his response was weak, especially as the older boy easily keeps the same distance between them and knew he wouldn't be able to take them back.

"You could be right, let's call them out and find out how much trouble I would be in." Mitch then states in a curious tone, before turning to the house and pretending to calling out.

"NO!" Wesley quickly shouts in protest, as he gives the older boy a desperate look and while he was in the water, he had no doubt the older boy would get out with his speedos and after his two friends had told him about how they got told off for skinny dipping, he didn't want to risk Sarah or Mike doing the same to him, especially since he was convinced the older boy would lie and somehow make it look like he was skinny dipping on purpose.

"Well make up your mind Wesley, do you want them to tell me off or not?" Mitch then asks teasingly, as he backs away slowly and can see the boy edging towards him, but knew that he had no idea that he was actually just getting close enough to the side to quickly lift himself out and while the boy may have been quick, he wasn't that quick and wouldn't even get close to stopping him.

"You're such a fucking prick, just give them back Mitch." Wesley responds in a frustrated tone and while it was annoying, it was also funny and just what he needed, even if it was embarrassing.

"And you have a potty mouth Wesley and what have you been told about..." Mitch then begins to say in a playful tone, before looking past the boy and trailing off, like he had seen something and when the boy falls for it and looks over his shoulder, he quickly turns around himself and lifts himself out of the pool.

"There isn't anything even..." Wesley then begins to say, before seeing where the older boy was now and looking at him with his mouth wide open for a few moments. "Don't you dare." He then states in a more nervous tone than he wanted to use, as he sees the older boy edging backwards and towards the house, while spinning his speedos on his finger in front of him.

"Come and get them." Mitch teases in response and while he had no intention of actually risking the boy being humiliated, it didn't mean he couldn't have a little bit of fun and despite the look on his face right now, he could tell that he was also enjoying himself a little and knew that his gamble to distract him, was paying off.

"Do you want any drinks or a sandwich boys?" Sarah asks, as she walks out of the patio door and couldn't help but wonder why Mitch was out of the pool and Wesley was suddenly look very nervous.

"Oh er... well er..." Mitch then tries to respond as he quickly turns around in surprise and holds Wesley's speedos behind his back.

"Are you okay Mitch?" Sarah then asks in a slightly suspicious tone, as she looks at the young man and then the still nervous look boy in the pool.

"Yeah, sorry, I just wasn't expecting anyone to scare the hell out of me Sarah." Mitch quickly responds with a cheeky smile, after managing to pull himself together and think of a believable excuse for his surprise a few moments earlier.

"Oh well, I just saw you out of the pool and thought you might have been coming inside, your dad has just popped out so I thought I would offer to make you both drink and some sandwiches." Sarah then says in a slightly surprised tone and couldn't help but feel a little guilty for assuming they were up to something, because she had unintentionally crept up on the young man and anyone would have been a little startled by that.

"We're okay Sarah, we stopped for something to eat on the way here from his house, so we're okay." Mitch responds as he steps closer to her. "Sarah, can you leave us alone please, he's still a bit emotional and I'm trying my best to help him, but I can't do that if you and Dad come out here, even if you mean well, it's better if it's just me and him." He then says in a soft and quiet tone, just to make sure Wesley couldn't hear him and while he wasn't being completely honest about why he wanted her to go, he wasn't lying either and he was hoping she would understand.

"Of course and sorry Mitch, I wasn't thinking." Sarah responds quietly and apologetically, after realising that he had already asked both her and his dad to not come out here. "Okay boys, I better be heading back inside, we're going to be watching a film, so we won't interrupt your fun again." She then says in a normal tone, while giving both boys a smile and even though she was still a little curious about Wesley's obvious nervousness, she didn't want to embarrass him, he had been through enough and she had already made a mistake in coming out here, even if it was a genuine accident on her behalf.

"Bye Sarah." Wesley then calls out in as casual a tone as he could manage, after slowly edging himself to the side of the pool and reducing the chances of her realising that he was naked.

"Goodbye Wesley and don't forget that Mike and I are driving you home later, so when you're ready, just let us know okay." Sarah responds with a kind smile to the boy, who was looking more relaxed now and even though she could tell that he wasn't okay, he was definitely looking a lot better than he had done when he had first arrived and she was happy for him.

"Okay." Wesley responds with a smile, before sighing in relief, as he watches her turning around and disappearing back into the house.

"Holy shit that was close." Mitch then states in a relieved tone, after walking back towards the pool and stopping just out of reach of the boy, who he could tell was definitely a little mad at him, even if it was mainly for show.

"Can I have my speedos back now?" Wesley quickly asks in a stern tone, as he half glares at the older boy and while he wasn't really mad and he knew he probably knew that as well, he still wanted to make him feel a little guilty.

"Get up here and you can." Mitch responds with an evil grin and while he knew he was pushing his luck now, he was actually curious about something else and while they had changed together, he wasn't one hundred percent sure if he had really seen what he thought he had seen and was hoping the boy would get out and either confirm what he suspected or show him that he was wrong.

"No way, just throw them to me, I'm not getting out naked, especially when Sarah just came out here a few moments ago." Wesley responds firmly, as he gives the older boy a look to go with it and while he wasn't shy about his body, even being naked in front of people, he wasn't in the mood for it right now and he certainly didn't want his friends parents seeing him naked either.

"Fair point, but if you want them back, then you have to promise to answer a question first, deal?" Mitch decides to ask in response, as he thinks about the situation and realising that he was taking it too far, although he wasn't quite ready to drop his suspicions just yet and could already tell by the boys expression, that he was at least curious about the question.

"Fine, deal, but I'm not answering anything private between me and Carter." Wesley responds in a mixture of curiosity and suspicion, as he stares at the older boy and while he didn't want to answer any more questions today, he was curious enough to agree to the deal, even if he did suspect that even if he didn't agree, he would get his speedos back anyway.

"Fair enough." Mitch then says with a smile, before throwing the boy his speedos and then lowering himself back into the pool and then watches in amusement, as the boy struggles to get his speedos back on and keep himself above the water at the same time.

"Shut up!" Wesley then states with a shake of the head, after realising that the older boy was basically laughing at him and even though he knew he must have looked like an idiot, it was still better than risking being caught by his friends parents, if he had got out of the pool to put them on.

"Are you ready for the question?" Mitch then asks in a playful tone, after ignoring the boys words and glancing quickly towards the house to make sure no one was there.

"Whatever Dick, just remember what I said before." Wesley answers in a childish tone, while trying his best to try not to smile and despite being basically stripped and almost being caught naked by his friends mum, he was having a good time and was hoping the question wasn't anything that would piss him off, because he didn't want to go back to feeling angry and upset again.

"Have you started getting pubes?" Mitch decides to just ask bluntly and while the look on the boys face was priceless, he was genuinely curious and decided to just wait for him to say something, instead of repeating the question.

"What?" Wesley just about manages to ask in a stunned tone, after a few moments of silence, as he looks at the older boy and wonders why he would ask him something like that, because is was definitely random and he definitely wasn't expecting to be asked it.

"I'm just curious, because I was around thirteen when I first started getting any kind of hair and when we were changing earlier, I thought I saw some hair, but I wasn't sure and well I'm curious Wesley, have you got any?" Mitch decides to respond honestly and while it was definitely a weird thing for him to ask, especially to a twelve year old boy, he was curious and he felt like they had a close enough bond for them to be able to talk about this kind of thing together, even after the incident at the church, he still felt close to him.

"I have a couple of hairs, but I wouldn't call them pubes Mitch, I mean I know it's meant to be a big deal and stuff, but I don't know, with everything that's happened in the last year or two, it doesn't really seem like it really matters." Wesley responds in a somewhat disillusioned tone, as he thinks about how excited others probably get over getting pubes and he would have been one of them two years ago, but with his friends getting molested, tortured, kidnapped and poisoned, then his own brother being murdered, it just didn't seem like anything special too him any more.

"I guess if you look at it like that and stuff, then it can seem unimportant Wesley, but it is still a big deal and you shouldn't live the rest of your life ignoring milestones, just because compared to the bigger picture of life, they don't really matter, because they do Wesley." Mitch then decides to say in a sincere tone, as he moves close to the boy and puts an arm on his shoulder. "Wesley, you've been through so much, especially this past week, but please don't give up on enjoying the little things in life, otherwise you will be miserable and I don't want that kind of life for you, you understand." He then adds in a serious tone, as he gently squeezes the boys shoulder affectionately.

"I guess so." Wesley responds in an unconvinced tone, as he looks at the older boy, who he could tell was being sincere. "Carter was so excited and proud when he saw them, it was cute and made me feel special." He then adds in a sad tone, although despite what had happened between them, the memory made him smile and he was praying that the older boy was right about his boyfriend just needing time to cool down, because he wouldn't know what to do if his boyfriend never wanted to see him again, it would just break him.

"He will forgive you Wesley, he may be mad at you and feeling hurt right now, but he loves you, trust me, I know how much he loves you and you two will be okay, I promise." Mitch then decides to say in a sincere and caring tone, while continuing to squeeze the boys shoulder, which he knew made him feel safe and loved and could see despite his sadness, a small smile on his face.

"I er... I can er... well, you can see them if you want... I mean er... if it's not too weird." Wesley then decides to say in an awkward tone, as he decides to change the subject, but instantly starts blushing, as he sees the bemused look on the older boys face.

"And there was me thinking that Tobias was the weird one." Mitch quickly responds with a grin, before giving the boys shoulder another squeeze. "Sit up on the side and pull your speedos down a bit." He then states with a smile and lets go of the boys shoulder.

"Just a quick look though, not that there's anything to really see, but well er... they are my first." Wesley then says in a slightly bashful tone, as he moves backwards in the water and slips his speedos down a little bit, before lifting himself out of the water and sitting on the side with his legs open a little bit.

"Bit hard to see, can I touch them?" Mitch asks in a curious tone, after moving closer and looking at the boys groin. "Little too weird?" He then asks in an amused tone, after hearing the boy let out a little snigger and thought about what he had just asked and how inappropriate and kind of creepy his question actually was and could see the boy agreed as well by the bemused look on his face.

"Not just a little, but you can if you want Mitch, I trust you and you can't really see any when they're wet, but you're never allowed to tell anyone about this, I don't want Ben or Tobias making stupid jokes Mitch, so you have to promise." Wesley then says in response and couldn't help but be as surprised by what he had just said, as the older boy clearly was, but he had said it now and there was no taking it back now.

"Oh yeah, because I'm going to tell everyone about the time I got a twelve year old boy to show me his pubes and let me touch them Wesley, seriously, I'm going to post it all over Facebook and Twitter and shit like that." Mitch quickly responds in a sarcastic tone, while actually running his fingers over the boys pubes and while he couldn't really feel that much, there was definitely a few hairs there and he was happy and proud for him.

"You're such a dick." Wesley then states with a grin, before feeling himself being pulled forward and then thrown up and to the middle of the pool. "Such a fucking dick." He then states in an unimpressed tone, after managing to right himself and quickly glares at the older boy, before struggling to pull his speedos back up again, which to his annoyance, wasn't getting any easier, despite having plenty of practice over the last forty odd minutes.

"I know we're messing around Wesley, but my dad and Sarah are in the house, so cut the swearing out, just in case they hear it." Mitch then states in a serious tone and while he didn't enjoy lecturing any of the boys, he was older and he knew that he had to not only set an example, but also try and keep them in line, especially when it came to swearing, because just like he was at their age, they often swore and while it wasn't that bad, he knew they needed to learn to be more careful about their language at times.

"Sorry." Wesley quickly responds with an apologetic smile. "It's weird though, because I don't even like swearing and while it is a little funny and I guess kind of cool, I don't really like it." He then states in a thoughtful tone, as he starts to think about swearing and while he enjoyed his boyfriend talking dirty and swearing when they were messing around, he really didn't like it in any other circumstance and couldn't help but wonder if that was normal or not.

"I know what you mean, it's kind of cool, well at first and around your friends, we all swear a little bit more, but I think you're right about it." Mitch responds with an impressed expression and was again reminded just how remarkable the boy really was and despite everything going on right now, he still loved him and he still believed that he will do great things when he grew up.

"Can we just swim for a little while now, I kind of just want to just... well you know, right?" Wesley then asks in a hopeful tone and while he was worried he might sound a little rude, he was really hoping the older boy would understand what he wanted and not just think that he didn't want to talk to him any more.

"I get it and I could do with a little thinking time as well, so what do you say, fifty or a hundred lengths before we have a rest?" Mitch asks in responds, after deciding to go along with the boy and gives him an understanding smile, just to let him know that he really did understand what he was trying to ask.

"A hundred sounds good, but maybe just fifty Mitch, I'm a little tired and stuff and I don't feel like pushing myself." Wesley then responds honestly and while he would normally relish the chance to really push himself, especially since he was competitive and the older boy had sort of laid down a challenge, he had had a long week and he really didn't think he had it in him right now to push himself to be able to do a hundred lengths of the pool, even if it wasn't that big compared to the schools.

"Sounds fair enough to me, let's get started." Mitch responds with a smile, before slowly swimming to the end of the pool and without having to look to see if the boy was doing the same, begins to swim properly.

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