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Love Conquers All

by Flaming Matt

Chapter 24

November 2015

"It's really you..." Alex says in a relieved tone, after walking into the room and actually seeing his boyfriend for himself, because while his dad would never lie about something like this, he couldn't quite let himself believe it one hundred percent, until he saw him for himself.

"Don't come any closer, the police are right outside and I will shout." Peter quickly states in a serious tone, as he stares at the other boy and tries to stop himself from shaking.

"I won't, I promise, I just wanted to see you and talk to you Peter, that's all." Alex responds in a calm tone, as he remembers everything he and his dad had talked about and while he was hoping that his dad was wrong, he could see straight away that his boyfriend was at least a little bit scared of him.

"Well I don't want to talk to you, I want you to leave me alone and never speak to me again." Peter quickly responds in a firm and serious tone, with a look to match it as he glares at the other boy as bravely as he dared to.

"But you asked for me, you told them that you wanted to see me." Alex then says in a surprised and slightly hurt tone, as he tries to remain calm and remember what his dad had told him and not to take anything his boyfriend says to heart, which was already proving to be harder than he thought it would be.

"He has a point Peter." Jarred then states in a slightly amused tone, as he gives his former best friend a long stare and could see that he was already struggling a little bit and he couldn't wait until he realised just how much Peter hated him now.

"Don't you dare..." Alex then begins to say in an angry tone, before realising what he was doing and quickly trails off for a few seconds. "Sorry, but I want to talk to my boyfriend Jarred, can you..." He then starts to ask in a more neutral and calmer tone, as he tries to not get angry and lose control, which he knew was what his former best friend would want, but before he can finish, he can't help but look at his boyfriend in surprise as he cuts him off.

"I'm not your boyfriend, we aren't even friends, so stop telling people that." Peter quickly states in an angry tone, although he could feel himself shake a little and as he sees the expression on the other boys face, he could feel that little voice in the back of his mind again, but just like when he was in the shed, he didn't understand it and just did his best to ignore it.

"What are you talking about Peter, we're boyfriends and..." Alex then begins to say in a stunned tone, as he stares at his boyfriend in confusion, before finding himself being cut off again.

"You're a fucking freak Alex, I'm not even gay and I'm going to make sure you tell everyone the truth." Peter almost shouts out, after giving his friend a quick look and seeing him nodding his head in support and while he wouldn't be brave enough to do this normally, he trusted his friend to look out for him and he knew there were police outside his room, so he felt as safe as he could feel in front of the other boy.

"Not even gay?" Alex asks in response, as he stares at his boyfriend in shock, before glancing over at his former best friend, which causes him to use all his willpower to not attack him, after seeing the smug look on his face and knew that he must have done this, just like his dad had said out in the hallway.

"Yeah and even if I was, I wouldn't go out with a... a... an arsehole and psycho like you." Peter quickly responds in a slightly panicked tone, as he tries to sound as tough and as serious as he could.

"Peter, I don't know what he's been telling you..." Alex then begins to say, before pausing to look at his former best friend and seeing him still looking smug. "What he's been telling you Peter, but don't trust him and I know you've..." He then begins to say, before scowling at his former best friend, when he cuts him off completely.

"See Peter, straight away he's attacking me, he's been in here for almost five minutes and he hasn't asked you once how you are or where you've been and if anyone hurt you Peter, it's just all about him and how much of a prick I am." Jarred states in a straight tone, as he tries his best not to just laugh out loud and gloat over his former best friend, because he could tell that he had obviously tried to prepare himself for this and guessed his dad had tried to give him a heads up, but seeing him trying so hard and slowly failing was just too good and he couldn't wait to see the moment where he realised his precious boyfriend no longer loved him and even better, didn't want to be anywhere near him ever again.

"You are a prick Jarred and I was going to..." Alex then quickly begins to say, as he panics and forgets about keeping calm and desperately tries to get his boyfriend to see the truth.

"See, straight away with the prick comments, this is what he's like Peter and even though you keep telling him you aren't gay and you don't want to be his boyfriend, he just ignores you and it's just pathetic." Jarred states in an almost triumphant tone, but just about manages to hold it in enough to not risk exposing his actual intentions, because he was too close to winning to let anything ruin it now.

"I know he's a prick Alex, but at least he's honest about it and doesn't lie about things, not like you, you're a freak and should be locked up for the stuff you did to me and him and I hope they arrest you as soon as you leave this room, because you're horrible and mean and I don't like you." Peter then states in a venomous tone, as he glares at the other boy after gaining confidence from his friend speaking up and not just sitting in silence and leaving him to face this alone.

"I... I... but I love you Peter and you... wait... what do you mean all the things I've done to you? I haven't done anything to you Peter." Alex then asks in a confused tone, after struggling to respond to his boyfriends words at first, but as he looks to him for a response, he couldn't help but glare at his former best friend when he starts talking instead.

"Ha! He isn't even going to pretend that he never did anything to me Peter, all he cares about is holding on to his delusional and stupid obsession with you being his boyfriend, he's pathetic and we should just get the police to come and arrest him now Peter, because he's just going to keep going on and then probably try and attack me again." Jarred decides to say and this time he doesn't try that hard to hide his amusement, because while his former best friend was staring daggers at him, he could tell the other boy was too distracted to really notice how he was talking, he was just hearing the words as far as he could tell from the way he was standing.

"Why would I pretend Jarred and shut up, this has nothing to do with you, so just stay the fuck out of it." Alex quickly states in an angry tone, as he takes a couple of steps towards his former best friend, before stopping dead in his tracks when his boyfriend practically shouts at him.

"Get away from him you arsehole and don't talk to him like that, he's my friend and I'm not going to let you hurt him again, you've hurt us enough and I'm not scared of you any more." Peter states in a firm tone as he steps closer to his friend and glares at the other boy and despite feeling scared, he wasn't going to show it and he wasn't going to let the other boy bully him any more.

"I haven't hurt you though, I've never hurt you Peter and whatever he's been telling you, it's all lies, we love each other, please Peter, please believe me." Alex then responds in a desperate tone, as he forgets about his plan completely and just panics and tries to think of a way to get through to his boyfriend.

"So pathetic, even now, he refuses to quit his stupid games Peter, just call the police in here, he's never going to change." Jarred then states in an almost casual tone, as he tries his best to provoke his former best friend into actually losing it completely and by the look on his face, he knew it wouldn't take much more to get him to snap, just like he had done in his house.

"I never hurt..." Alex then begins to say, as his mind spins and he struggles to hold himself together, but to his dismay, his boyfriend interrupts him and he can only look at him in defeat.

"You're a liar Alex, you just said you hurt him and now you're trying to say you didn't, you're a big fat liar!" Peter quickly states in an unimpressed tone and while he could feel something inside him telling him to stop, he was too angry and worked up to pay it any attention and just like all the other times he had felt this way, he just ignored the confusing feelings.

"I didn't lie, I did hurt him, but I didn't hurt you, I love you Peter and I never hurt you, I never, I promise." Alex then says desperately, as he tries his best to get through to his boyfriend again and get him to snap out of whatever his former best friend had done to him.

"Then how do you explain this?" Peter then asks in a venomous tone, as he holds up his wrist and shows the cast to the other boy, who to his surprise and confusion, genuinely looked confused and while it wasn't anything big or enough to calm him down, he did feel something he wasn't expecting, but before he can really dwell on it, he is distracted by his friend.

"Ha! This should be good, I bet it wasn't him Peter, I bet it was something like a tree falling on you or aliens attacked you or in some sort of heroic act by himself, he saved you from getting run over, but you still got hurt, but he saved your life, so it's okay and he's a hero." Jarred states sarcastically and doesn't have to bother hiding his amusement this time and could see his former friend turning red and he was sure he would do something stupid any moment now.

"So it's true, it was you who broke my wrist?" Peter then asks in a serious tone, after the other boy just stands there in silence and didn't seem like he was going to say anything, although seeing him like that caused him to feel something again and this time it was harder to ignore, but he knew what the truth was now and he wasn't going to let any confusing feelings get in the way of letting the other boy know that he wanted nothing to do with him ever again.

"Yeah, come on Alex, no more lies, no more stupid and ridiculous stories, just tell the truth for once in your life, just admit it." Jarred then states in a false sympathetic tone, while still smirking at his former best friend, who he could see was struggling to control himself and think of a response.

"No!" Alex suddenly calls out and instantly sees the look on his former best friends face and knew at least he had surprised him a little bit. "Peter, you're not stupid, so you will remember the truth and you will remember what he is, but just to help you, think about Carter and think about what we did to him and by we, I mean you, Jarred and me and then remember what Jarred did to you after that." He then states in a calm and focused tone, despite falling apart inside, he knew he couldn't stay in the room and if he did, then whatever his former best friend had planned, would happen and he knew that he needed to get out of the room.

"Seriously? That's the best you can come up with, you didn't even deny breaking his wrist, you're pathetic Alex and he knows that now." Jarred then states dismissively, as he tries to work out what his former best friend was up to, because his words had thrown him off and he wasn't sure what he was trying to do.

"Just think about it Peter and do it alone and if you struggle, give Carter a call, your parents are on their way, so just ask for his number, ask for all your friends numbers and talk to them." Alex then says in a strained tone, as he only just about manages to find the strength to not fall to pieces or attack his former best friend and quickly begins to turn to the door.

"You can't leave!" Jarred then quickly calls out in a confused tone, as he looks at his former best friend turning away from them and couldn't believe he was just walking away, he was supposed to lose it and prove all the lies he had told the other boy were right and then enjoy his victory, he wasn't supposed to walk away like this.

"Peter, just talk to your friends and I mean your real friends, not him." Alex then says, after looking back for a few seconds and seeing his boyfriend giving him a confused look, before sighing and leaving the room as quickly as he could.

"Alex?" Gordon quickly asks in a surprised tone, before feeling his son wrapping his arms around his body and crying his heart out. "Sshh, it's going to be okay, I promise Alex, it's going to be okay." He then says in a soothing tone, while giving the two policemen a shake of the head, after they had both looked at them and knew they were asking whether to do what they talked about and while it was tempting, he wanted to wait until Peter's parents arrived and give them at least a bit of time together, before the police started questioning the boys.

Six Hours Later

"It's not that early Wesley." Mitch responds in a slightly amused tone, as he watches the boy staring at him in surprise.

"It's only ten, how can you want to go to sleep." Wesley quickly asks in an unimpressed tone and while it was one thing for his two friends to basically ditch him so they could be alone, it was another to have the older boy tell him that he needed to get ready for bed.

"Because one of us have to work tomorrow and the other has had a very long day and will need to get up when the other does in the morning." Mitch responds in the same amused tone as before and begins to strip off his clothes.

"But come on Mitch, can't we watch a film or talk or something for a while?" Wesley then protests as he watches the older boy strip and couldn't help but be a little surprised that he goes all the way and not stop at his briefs.

"Seriously Wesley?" Mitch then asks in response, as he gives the boy a measured look, before walking over to his chest of drawers and pulling out a pair of loose shorts.

"Just for a little while, even if we just talk." Wesley then says with a hopeful smile and while he knew he was getting a little needy, he didn't care, he just didn't want to go to sleep yet and he was hoping he wouldn't have to.

"Tell you what, tell me what's really going on and we can stay up for another half an hour Wesley, but that's it and then we get some sleep." Mitch then decides to suggest in a slightly curious tone, as he pulls his shorts up and wonders if there was an actual reason the boy didn't want to go to sleep.

"I was hoping Carter would call me or text me or well just something." Wesley decides to respond honestly and while he didn't want to sound so pathetic, he really was just hoping to hear from his boyfriend, even if it was quick, it would be better than nothing.

"I know I said he will forgive you Wesley, but it hasn't even been a day yet and besides, I thought you liked Matt's idea for tomorrow." Mitch then says in response, as he reaches out and pulls the boy by his arm, so that he is standing in between his legs, after sitting down on the edge of his bed.

"I do and I think I have the perfect thing to play him, but I... I... Mitch, I just want to hear his voice, even if it's just for a second." Wesley responds in a sad tone, as he looks at the older boy and while he didn't want to be this needy, he just couldn't help it.

"Then call him." Mitch then suggests in a serious tone, after thinking over the boys words and even though he was going back on what he had said earlier, he could tell that this meant a lot to him.

"But you told me not to, you all told me not to." Wesley quickly responds in a confused tone, as he stares at the older boy again and tries to work out if he was being serious or not.

"Wesley, it's up to you, he could hang up as soon as he realises that it's you, but you won't know unless you try and I can tell that you aren't going to be able to sleep tonight, so if you want to call him, then call him and I will be right here, so it's up to you." Mitch then says in a soft and caring tone, while he gently rubs the boys sides with his hands and while he didn't know what would happen, he was praying that at the very least, Carter didn't hang up on him straight away or not even answer the call in the first place.

"Okay, I want to try." Wesley then says in a mixture of excitement and nervousness, before pulling away from the older boy and walking over to get his phone from the bedside cabinet.

"Before you call him, change out of those and change into something to sleep in Wesley, then you can sit on the bed with me and if he wants to talk, I will give you a little privacy." Mitch then decides to tell the boy, just to give him a few more moments to compose himself and to actually get him into bed, because he was pretty tired and he did need to get up early.

"Can't I just sleep naked?" Wesley quickly asks in a hopeful tone and while it might seem weird to want to sleep naked in the same bed as the older boy, they had done it before and he really didn't like wearing anything to sleep.

"Fine, but the lights are going off at eleven at the latest and we're going to sleep Wesley, so deal?" Mitch asks in response, as he gives the boy an expectant look and while he knew he could probably get him to wear something, it didn't really bother him and they had done it before and seen each other naked enough for it to not even be an issue.

"Deal." Wesley quickly responds with a grin, before stripping off and then walking over to the bed and sitting down next to the older boy, after he had moved to sit on one side of it. "I hope he answers." He then says in a slightly scared tone, before smiling at the older boy, after feeling his arm around his shoulders and quickly shifted a little, so that he was closer to him.

"I'm right here, no matter what happens Wesley." Mitch then says in a reassuring and comforting tone, as he pulls him a little closer to himself and watches as he searches through his contacts.

"No you can't sleep naked!" Carter quickly states in a firm tone, as he looks at his friend and tries not to giggle at his expression.

"I second that." Jordan then quickly states with a grin, although inside he was a little disappointed to be here in the first place, not because he didn't want to support his friend, because he did, he really did, but he was supposed to sleep round his girlfriends house and he was a little gutted that he didn't get to.

"Why?" Tobias quickly asks in a slightly sulky tone and tries to give his two friends his best puppy dog eyes.

"Oh wow, well shit Tobias, no wonder you got so much action since you've been here." Jordan then states in an impressed tone and while he had seen his friend pouting and using that look before, he had never seen him pull it off this much and he had to admit, he was damn cute and was actually thinking about just letting him sleep naked now.

"Action?" Tobias then asks in a confused tone, as he forgets about sleeping naked for a few moments and wonders what his friend was talking about.

"Now look what you did Jordan, seriously?" Carter then says with a shake of the head, followed quickly by a roll of the eyes as he sees his friend grinning at him and knew there was no point trying to make him feel guilty.

"You know, how you were getting it off with Carter and Wesley and you already told us you let Lily see and touch you naked, so that kind of thing Tobias." Jordan then says, after grinning at his other friend, before turning his attention back to him and enjoying the look on his face now as well.

"We weren't 'getting it off' Jordan, seriously, just stop." Carter then quickly states in an embarrassed tone, as he is once again reminded that all his friends seemed to know about what he and his boyfriend had done with their friend and even though he knew they did nothing wrong, it was still embarrassing for everyone to know about.

"Oh er... okay, but er... can we sleep naked?" Tobias then decides to ask again with a cheeky smile, after deciding to change tactics and while he didn't mind sleeping in his briefs, which he did almost every night, he was feeling a little naughty and he had also missed seeing his friend naked and while he had a girlfriend now, he still found himself staring at him a few times and Wesley as well.

"No!" Carter quickly responds with a shake of the head and a slightly glare at his other friend, as he again tries to stop his friend getting naked, even if there was a part of him that wanted to see him like that.

"It could be fun." Jordan then decides to say and while he wasn't really bothered either way, he could see how much his friend was against it and he couldn't resist annoying him.

"Yey!" Tobias then quickly states, before just as quickly pulling his top off.

"Seriously Tobias, we aren't..." Carter then begins to say, before trailing off as he sees his friend standing in front of him completely naked. "How do you even do it that quickly?" He then asks in a slightly frustrated tone, although he had to admit, the view was nice and he could feel himself react a little bit already.

"Probably all the practice he got from fooling around with you Carter." Jordan then quickly states in a helpful tone, while grinning at his friend, who was now giving him a very adorable looking death stare.

"Get naked too Jordan, I want to see yours." Tobias then says in a slightly inpatient tone, as he looks at his friend and waits for him to get naked, which he had seen before, but not like this and he wanted to have a good look at it this time.

"Gayest straight person ever." Carter then half mumbles in an amused tone, while standing up and taking his own clothes off, after deciding that the chances of getting his friend dressed again were practically zero and he really couldn't be bothered to try.

"Liking what you see Carter?" Jordan then teases, after watching his friend and ex boyfriend stripping and seeing that he was actually half hard and considering their other friend was already naked and their history together, he didn't have to be a genius to put the two together.

"Oh shut up and get naked Jordan and by the way, you two are sleeping together and I will take the floor." Carter retorts with a half hearted smirk, as he looks down and then to his other friend and knew that he was turned on by him and also realising that he wasn't embarrassed, they had shared something special and there was nothing wrong with that.

"But it's your bed." Jordan says in a surprised tone, as he starts to take his clothes off and while he had no problem sleeping naked with his other friend, he was still surprised he would give up his bed like that.

"What's that?" Tobias then asks, as he hears a buzzing sound and looks around his friends room to see what it is.

"My phone." Carter responds in a somewhat distracted tone, after being a little surprised to hear it, because he had thought he put it on silent and slowly walks over to his desk and looks down to see who it was and frowns.

"Who is it?" Jordan then asks in a curious tone, as he sees the look on his friends face and also thinking about what time it was.

"It's Wesley." Carter answers in a quiet tone, as his hand hovers over his phone and while he wanted to pick it up, he also wanted to ignore it and he wasn't sure what he should do.

"Then answer it." Jordan then say in a confused tone, as he looks at his friend and wonders why he hadn't already done it.

"I don't want..." Carter then starts to say in an unconvincing tone, before looking over to his other friend in surprise, after he interrupts him.

"But you promised us earlier that you would ring him and you never did, so you should talk to him now Carter." Tobias states in a firm tone, as he gives his friend an expectant look and while he was annoyed about his friend going back on his word, he did understand why and had let it drop, but now Wesley was calling him, then he thought his friend should talk to his boyfriend and wanted him to know that.

"I'm with Tobias on this one Carter, we all understood why you didn't call him yourself, but if he's calling you, then I think you should answer it, even if you only say a few words to him, it might be all he wants to hear and I think you owe him that." Jordan then decides to add in an understanding tone and while he wouldn't push his friend to answer, he could see what his other friend was trying to do and wanted to at least try and get their friend to speak to his boyfriend.

"But..." Carter then begins to say, before trailing off as his phone stops ringing and he couldn't help but look down at it in disappointment and quickly looks at both his friends sadly.

"Well call him back you dick." Jordan then quickly states, as he sees the look on his friends face and knew that he was disappointed and he took that as a sign that he really did want to talk to his boyfriend and just needed a little push to get him to ring him back.

"Yeah Carter, don't be a smelly head, call him back." Tobias then says in a slightly excited tone, as he sees his friend picking up the phone and he couldn't wait for them to love each other again.

"What's wrong?" Mitch asks in a comforting tone, as he hears the boy sniffling and letting his phone drop between his legs and while it was obvious, he wanted to try and reassure him and to do that, he needed to get him to talk about it.

"He didn't answer." Wesley answers in a quiet and upset tone, as he just stares down at himself and thinks about how much his boyfriend must really hate him.

"Wesley, it's past ten, he could be asleep and if he's anything like me, then his phone will at the very least be on silent." Mitch then says in a soft tone and while he knew that it wasn't the most reassuring of things to say, it could be true and he wasn't lying either, because his phone was always either off or on silent, unless he was on call.

"Maybe." Wesley answers in the same tone as before and this time sniffles, as he feels the older boy using his free hand to rub along his leg, while the arm around his shoulder pulls him into his chest and despite feeling upset about his boyfriend, he had to admit that it felt nice and comforting to be in his arms like this.

"We knew it was a long shot and even if he saw you calling, he might just need a bit more time to sort his head out and I know you want to think the worst Wesley, but you aren't stupid and you know he loves you." Mitch then decides to say, as he does his best to reassure and comfort the boy and not let him get upset and think that his boyfriend really did hate him.

"It's him!" Wesley then says in an excited tone, after hearing his phone ringing and quickly picking it up to see who was calling and he couldn't help but stare at it happily.

"Well answer it then you moron." Mitch then states in an amused tone, while feeling relieved and begins to let go of the boy and move away slightly to give him a bit of room, before feeling himself being stopped. "Okay, but if you need some privacy, just tell me, now answer the fucking phone you idiot." He then states with a warm smile, as he feels the boy snuggling in his arms and shifts a little himself to get more comfortable.

"Carter?" Wesley quickly asks as soon as he picks his phone and answers it, before giving the older boy a little nudge in the stomach, after hearing him mumble something sarcastically and knew it was because of how lame the first thing he said to his boyfriend was.

"Hey Wesley." Carter responds in an awkward tone, as he doesn't quite know what to say now, while also doing his best to ignore his two friends, who were trying to encourage him.

"Are you okay?" Wesley then asks, while tensing up a little bit, because he had never been this awkward around his boyfriend, well not since they actually started dating and he couldn't help but find it strange and horrible.

"I'm pretty tired, you?" Carter asks in response, as he gives his two friends a unsure look, while trying to decide if he should just hang up or say good bye, because it was obvious he and his boyfriend didn't know what to say and he didn't like feeling like this and knew it shouldn't be this hard.

"I'm not that tired, but... but Carter, I'm really sorry about what happened and..." Wesley then begins to apologise, after not being able to think of anything else to say and thinking that he needed to at least apologise again, because he didn't want his boyfriend to think he didn't care.

"I know you didn't mean to say it Wesley, but it still hurt and I don't know, I want to be with you, but I need a little while, like just to really think about it." Carter then says, as he cuts his boyfriend off and while it was nice to hear him apologise, he knew what he was going to say and he just wanted to get the call over with now and just try and forget about what happened until tomorrow.

"I did mean to say it though." Wesley then says in a quiet tone, as he shifts a little to look up at the older boy and could see him giving him a comforting smile, which gave him the confidence to be completely honest with his boyfriend, even if it did make him a bit angrier at first.

"Huh? Speak up Wesley, what did you say?" Carter then quickly asks in response, while signalling for his two friends to be quiet, because he barely heard what his boyfriend had said and what he did hear, he was sure he had to be mistaken.

"I said I did mean to call you that." Wesley then says in a louder, but meek tone, as he feels the older boys arm around him pull him a little bit tighter and took strength from that, because he wanted to be honest with his boyfriend and get everything out in the air.

"But... what? You think I'm a..." Carter then begins to say in an angry tone, while half glaring at his two friends, who had started to move towards him, causing them to stop and stay where they were.

"No... Carter er... can I explain please, just give me a few moments, please, I promise." Wesley then quickly states in a panicked tone, as he cuts his angry sounding boyfriend off and knew that he had made a mess of his apology and needed to choose his words more carefully.

"Make it good Wesley." Carter responds coldly, as he tries to calm himself down and remember that his boyfriend wasn't very good at this kind of thing and he was hoping, well praying that his boyfriend didn't really think that he was a sissy boy, otherwise there was no way he could be his boyfriend any more.

"It's hard to explain..." Wesley then begins to say, before frowning and looking up in concern at the older boy, who was still holding him tightly, as his boyfriend interrupts him.

"Then try Wesley." Carter quickly states in an unimpressed tone, as he looks at his two friends and nods at them to come sit next to him, after he could see them both giving him a worried look.

"Well er... I don't think you're a sissy boy Carter, I love you and I would never think anything like that about you, you're perfect and I love you." Wesley manages to say from the heart and while he had more to say, he felt his hand being squeezed and looked up to see the older boy giving him a look, which he quickly understood and stopped talking and let his boyfriend process what he had just said.

"But you just said that you meant what you said, how can you say that and then try and tell me that you don't think I am, it makes no sense Wesley, none!" Carter states in an increasingly inpatient and angry tone, as he tries to work out what his boyfriend was trying to say, because so far it made no sense and he didn't want to keep going round and round in circles.

"No, I said I meant to say it Carter, not that you are, but er... Carter I was angry and people were telling me off and trying to calm me down and I wanted to make you all stop, so I said some mean things and I wasn't really thinking and I knew what would make you stop talking, I knew it would hurt you and I said it, do you understand Carter, I don't think you're a sissy boy, but I did say it on purpose and I wanted you to know that, because it's important and I want you to know that I'm really sorry and I really miss you." Wesley quickly explains as clearly as he can and although being in Mitch's arms was helping, he could still feel himself shaking and knew that these next few minutes, could decide whether he boyfriend would ever forgive him and if they would break up or not.

"I'm er... so you don't think I'm a sissy boy?" Carter then decides to ask, as he takes this one step at a time and while he had heard what his boyfriend had said, it was a lot to take in at once and he could tell that his boyfriend was very emotional and he really did want to cuddle him, but until he fully understood what had happened, he was still not sure how he felt about everything right now.

"No, no Carter, I love you and you know that, I will do anything for you and you know that, I love..." Wesley quickly responds in a slightly desperate tone, before trailing off after feeling his hand being squeezed again and as he looks at the older boy, he realises that he was being a bit over the top and needed to stop talking for a few moments.

"Er... well okay, but well er... you don't think I'm a sissy, but you still said it to hurt me, that's what you meant earlier, you knew it would hurt me, so you used it to make me leave you alone." Carter then says as he processes everything his boyfriend had said and while he was angry and he really wanted to give his boyfriend a smack or even a kick in the balls, he did get it and he did understand, but it still hurt that he would do something like that and he was struggling to get past it, because if he did it once, then he could do it again one day.

"I know I did something horrible Carter, but I couldn't stop it, it was so confusing and everyone was being so loud and I just... Carter, please, please don't hate me and please don't leave me, I love you and I'm really, really sorry." Wesley then says after taking a few moments to compose himself and again, just like a few minutes earlier, he knew this conversation could be make or break for them and he just had to hope that his honesty would make a difference.

"I don't hate you..." Carter then begins to say in a soft tone, before trailing off for a few moments. "We aren't breaking up Wesley, but I don't want to see you until like er... well not tomorrow, but we can talk tomorrow, I just need time, is that okay?" He then asks in a slightly emotional tone, as he feels both his friends cuddling up to his sides and while he wanted to just be with his boyfriend now, he knew it wasn't possible and he wasn't sure how he would feel once he woke up, so he wanted to try and keep everything on his terms.

"You forgive me?" Wesley asks in a quiet and meek tone, as he ignores his boyfriends question for a few moments and instead tries to understand what his boyfriend was actually telling him.

"I love you Wesley, but you hurt me and you hurt me on purpose and you promised you would never do that..." Carter then begins to answer, before feeling both his friends tensing up a little bit. "But I guess I can forgive you, you just have to do something amazing, but nothing stupid Wesley, I want you to show me how sorry you are and if you do something stupid, then I will know that you don't really mean it." He then decides to say, after seeing both his two friends expressions and knew that he needed to give his boyfriend something to be happy about and not leave him guessing.

"I know, that's why I wanted to tell you the truth Carter, I didn't want to pretend that I didn't do it, because I did and I wanted you to know." Wesley responds in a sincere tone before hearing the older boy coughing and quickly realises that he had forgotten about the other thing his boyfriend had said. "And I will show you how special you are to me Carter and it won't be stupid, I love you and I will prove it." He then says from the heart and smiles lovingly, despite the fact they were only talking over the phone, he couldn't help it and while he had to make sure his performance was perfect, the fact his boyfriend didn't want to break up and hadn't hung up yet, just made him feel happy and gave him hope that he hadn't messed his life up.

"Okay, but er.. well I'm going to hang up now Wesley, is that okay?" Carter then decides to say, as he thinks about how they were going to finish their conversation and while they could talk all night and he actually felt himself wanting that, he knew they couldn't and he was hoping his boyfriend wouldn't take it the wrong way.

"Oh er... well yeah, whatever you want, I guess." Wesley responds in a disappointed tone, which he had tried to hide, but he knew his boyfriend would know how he was feeling and felt a little guilty for potentially making him feel bad about wanting to end the call.

"We will speak tomorrow okay." Carter then says in a sweet tone, as he struggles to follow through with ending the conversation, he had heard the disappointed in his boyfriends voice and felt awful about making him feel that way.

"Okay, bye Carter, I love you." Wesley then says in a soft and loving tone, before slowly lowering his phone and just staring at it.

"Bye Wesley... I love you too." Carter then says in a sincere tone, before hanging up and putting his phone on his lap and just staring at it.

"He said it Mitch, he said it, you heard him right? He said it, he said it, didn't he?" Wesley then repeats excitedly, after putting his phone down and looking up at the older boy with a big smile.

"He sure did Wesley, I told you that everything would be okay." Mitch responds in a proud tone, as he continues to hold the now very happy boy in his arms, while inside feeling very relieved that his gamble to let him call his boyfriend actually seems to have paid off, because it was risky and it could have gone completely wrong.

"He said he loved me Mitch, he still loves me." Wesley then says excitedly as he shifts a little and cuddles up properly to the older boy and rests his head against his chest.

"I know Little Man, I know." Mitch responds with a warm smile and after hearing the boy sigh in content, he gently starts to rub his arm and thigh for a few minutes. "Wesley?" He then asks in a slightly surprised tone, after first feeling him shift a little and then hearing what sounded like steady breathing. "Not tired my arse." He then says out loud to himself in a quiet tone, after realising that the boy had actually fallen asleep and he couldn't actually believe it, because he really hadn't seemed tired at all and given how excited he was a few minutes ago, he was worried he would be awake all night.

"You boys are a nightmare, you know that." Mitch then half mumbles to himself in an amused tone, as he carefully untangles himself from the boy and gets up from the bed to turn the light out, although he makes sure he covers the boy in his sheet first, just to make it easier to get back into bed once it was dark.

"Do you really think he will be okay?" Matt asks in a worried tone, as he watches his fiancé putting their used clothes in the wash bin.

"You really aren't in the mood, are you?" Ben then asks in a slightly disappointed tone, as he turns back to his fiancé and sees that his mind really wasn't on the same wavelength as his own right now.

"Because I asked about our friend?" Matt asks in response, as he gives his fiancé a curious look and wonders why he was being so weird.

"Because it's the fourth time we've talked about Wesley in the last forty minutes and you still have your tighty whiteys on." Ben responds honestly and while he was a little disappointed, he wasn't really upset and was actually worried about their friend as well.

"We can have sex..." Matt then begins to say in a slightly forced tone, before looking at his fiancé in surprise, as he starts to interrupt him.

"Matt, it's obvious you aren't in the mood and to be honest, it's been a long day and I don't mind just talking about Wesley and Carter, because it's pretty huge, I mean like really huge if they do break up." Ben states in a serious tone, as he turns off the ceiling light and then walks over and climbs into their bed.

"They aren't going to break up, Carter's mad and I can see why, but he loves Wesley and if Wesley does what we suggested, then they will be okay by the end of tomorrow." Matt decides to say in a soft tone, as he gently runs his hand down his fiancé's arm and while he wasn't in the mood to do anything, he still didn't mind showing him some affection.

"You're right." Ben then says, before sighing in content, as he enjoys the feeling of his fiancé's fingers running down his arm and then across his chest. "Not even a little bit?" He then decides to ask with a cheeky little smirk and while he knew the answer already, he had suddenly got an idea that he was sure would turn his fiancé on and he was sure they had it on their Ipod as well.

"Nope and I don't..." Matt begins to respond, before pausing and staring at his fiancé's expression for a few moments. "Not a chance." He then states in a confident tone, as he smiles at his fiancé and wonders what he had obviously come up with.

"I got it and I will bet you anything that it works Matt." Ben responds confidently and while he knew making bets had not exactly ended well for him in the past, he was sure that he would win this time and hopefully, while he wouldn't be able to give his fiancé his virginity, because neither had had an enema since yesterday morning, he was still hoping to have some fun.

"You so don't have it." Matt then says, as he gives his fiancé a suspicious look and while he knew he wouldn't lose, because he really wasn't in the mood to make love, he could also see how confident his fiancé looked and normally when he got that look, he was being serious.

"So make the bet, anything you want if you win and anything I want if I win and there is a week time limit on it." Ben responds with a confident smile, as he holds out his hand for his fiancé to shake, while going over the son in his head, just to make sure that he had the words right and also the sexy dance he was going to do along with it.

"Fine, but you're wasting your time." Matt then responds in a slightly less confident tone, as he shakes his fiancé's hand and then watches as he gets off the bed and walks over to their Ipod. "What are you doing?" He then asks and while it was obvious, he couldn't help but ask as he hears the music and instantly recognises the song.

"Mississippi in the middle of a dry spell
Jimmy Rodgers on the Victrola up high

Mama's dancin' with baby on her shoulder
The sun is settin' like molasses in the sky."

"You're fucking crazy." Matt states as he watches his fiancé, not only singing, but moving with the music as well and couldn't take his eyes off him.

"The boy could sing, knew how to move ev'rything
Always wanting more, he'd leave you longing for

Black velvet and that little boy smile
Black velvet with that slow southern style

A new religion that'll bring her to your knees

Black velvet if you please

Up in Memphis the music's like a heat wave
White Lightnin' bound to drive you wild."

Despite himself and knowing what his fiancé was doing and the fact they had made a bet, Matt can't help but feel himself reacting and even though he knows he should at least try to hide how turned on he was right now, he knew it was pointless and just found himself staring in awe, while he fiancé sang and moved seductively in front of him.

"Mama's baby's in the heart of ev'ry school girl

Love Me Tender leaves 'em cryin' in the aisle

The way he moved, it was a sin, so sweet and true

Always wanting more, he'd leave you longing for

Black velvet and that little boy smile
Black velvet and that slow southern style."

"That's just plain cheating." Matt then barely manages to say, as he takes in a deep breath, after his fiancé reaches the end of their bed and slowly and seductively climbs on to it and then towards him.

"A new religion that'll bring her to your knees

Black velvet if you please

Ev'ry word of ev'ry song that he sang was for you
In a flash he was gone, it happened so soon

What could you do?

Matt suddenly gulps a little, as he feels his fiancé climbing up his body and then slowly peeling his tighty whiteys down and even though he knew he had lost the bet already, the sound of his boner slapping against his stomach and the look on his fiancé's face just confirmed it, not that he cared right now, as he watched his fiancé slowly move up his body again.

"Black velvet and that little boy smile
Black velvet in that slow southern style

A new religion that'll bring her to your knees

Black velvet if you please

Black velvet and that little boy smile

Black velvet in that slow southern style

A new religion that'll bring her to your knees

Black velvet if you please

If you please."

"Please." Matt says out loud, as he feels himself being caressed and feeling himself burning with passion and when he tries to reach out for his fiancé, he feels his arms being moved above his head and held down by the wrists.

"If you please

If you please."

"Yes... please Ben... you win... please... now..." Matt quickly says in a breathless tone, as he pants and moans at his fiancé's touch, before raising his head as far as he could and just about manages to kiss him on the lips.

"So you're in the mood?" Ben then teases in response, as he slowly grins his hips against his fiancé's and then leans his head down and begins to nibble and suck on his ears.

"Yes, yes... please Ben, you win, please." Matt quickly pleads in response, as he moans and whimpers underneath his fiancé.

"I'm kind of tired though, but we can do something tomorrow." Ben then says with a grin, before suddenly yelping and little in surprise, as he feels himself being rolled over and then under his fiancé's body.

"Make love to me or you're sleeping on the sofa bed." Matt states in a serious and lustful tone, as he grinds his groin against his fiancé's and while he knew he was just teasing him, he wanted to make his intentions clear and wasn't in the mood to play any more games.

"But we haven't had an..." Ben then starts to say in a reluctant tone, because even though he wanted to make his fiancé horny, he didn't think it would make him this horny and he wasn't sure what to do and his own thoughts on his virginity were starting to go through his mind again.

"I don't care, we can shower after." Matt then says, before grinding their groins together even more and then kisses and nibbles his fiancé's neck, as he tries to show him just how serious he was.

"Then make love to me." Ben then says in a quiet and slightly nervous tone, as he looks up at his fiancé, who was now holding himself up on his elbows and look down at him in surprise.

"You mean..." Matt then begins to ask in a shocked tone, before trailing off as he sees his fiancé nodding nervously at him. "Ben, you have to say it, I need you to actually say it." He then says in a serious tone, although he knew that if his fiancé really was being serious, then they needed to slow down and shower and even have an enema, because if he was going to take his virginity, he was going to do it right and not just like this.

"Make love to me Matt, I'm ready and I want you to have it, I want it to be yours, like you gave yours to me." Ben responds in a shy and passionate tone, as he looks up at his fiancé with a loving smile and while today was probably not the best time to go through with it, he had said it now and he meant it, even if he was still nervous and a little scared.

"Then we need to do this right, so we need to get to the bathroom and get clean." Matt then says with a loving smile of his own. "Ben, it's your first time, so we aren't just going to have sex, I want to make love to you, so we're having enema's and a shower and then I'm going to make you feel as good as you've been making me feel all this time." He then says with a sweet smile, as he sees the look on his fiancé's face and knew exactly what he was going to say and while maybe after what happened earlier in the day, made it a little bit weird, he wanted to do this and he could tell that his fiancé was being serious as well.

"But..." Ben then begins to protest, before finding himself quickly being cut off by his fiancé.

"Ben, I want to do this right and trust me, I'm in the mood and I will still be in the mood after we clean ourselves up and then I'm going to make you feel like you've never felt before, I promise." Matt decides to say in a calm and caring tone, as he slowly gets off his fiancé and holds his hand out for him to take, after he gets off their bed and stands up.

"I'm still a little nervous." Ben then says, as he lets his fiancé pull him up to his feet and gives him a shy smile, before letting him lead him out of their room and towards the bathroom.

"We can stop any time you want Ben, but I was nervous too and while it was a bit messy and awkward, it felt so good and I will go slow and just like you let me, you will be in control Ben, whatever you say, we do and it will be okay, I promise." Matt then says in a sincere and warm tone, as they walk into the bathroom and he turns to his nervous looking fiancé.

"This was what I was going to ask you to do after I won our bet, but it was going to be like tomorrow or maybe the weekend." Ben then decides to say with a slightly nervous expression still. "No, I don't mean I want to wait, I was er... well come on Matt, I'm nervous, give me a break." He then states with a nervous giggle, after seeing his fiancé's expression and knew that he had probably confused him and he wanted him to know that he was ready now and wanted to do it now.

"I know, so why don't you get the stuff ready and I will sit and watch." Matt then suggests with a small grin, as he sits down on the toilet and looks at his fiancé expectantly. "Well, get a move on." He then adds with little giggle, after seeing his fiancé just looking at him in confusion and then rolling his eyes.

"You're so lucky I love you Matthew Walker." Ben then states in response, as he kneels down in front of the cabinet and looks for their enema kits and despite still being nervous, it was actually helping that they were taking it slowly and one step at a time.

"I love you too Benjamin Walker." Matt then says with a loving smile, while also checking out his fiancé's bum, which he had always loved, but now that he knew what they were going to be doing soon, he couldn't take his eyes off it and couldn't wait for them to finally be one hundred percent together and knew that nothing could ever take that away from them.

"Seriously? You both have girlfriends, you know." Carter states in an amused tone, after hearing noises coming from his bed and quickly sitting up and looking over towards it.

"What? er... wait what?" Jordan then quickly responds in a slightly panicked tone, which increases when the room is suddenly filled with light.

"What the hell are you two even doing?" Carter then quickly asks in a bemused tone, after turning on his bedroom light and seeing his two friends kneeling in front of each other, in a very compromising position.

"We're comparing our willies." Tobias answers honestly, as he looks over to his friend and while it was a little embarrassing, it's nothing they hadn't done and it wasn't anything naughty, they were just curious or at least he was.

"In the dark?" Carter then quickly asks in an unconvinced tone and although he actually believed his friend, that didn't mean he couldn't have a bit of fun and after his phone call with his boyfriend earlier, he was feeling a lot happier than he had done before.

"We didn't want to wake you, so we just used our hands to feels each other." Tobias answers honestly again, before looking at his friend in surprise, as he pulls away and let's his willy go, while being forced to let go of his friends at the same time.

"Tobias, shut up!" Jordan then quickly states in a defensive and embarrassed tone, as he looks between both his friends and blushes.

"Seriously guys?" Carter then says in a mock serious tone, as he struggles to not start giggling at the look on his friends face, compared to their other friend, who just looked a little confused about his friends reaction.

"It's normal to be curious though and we weren't doing sex stuff, we were just looking." Tobias then says in a confused tone, after still not understanding why his friend was so embarrassed, because it definitely wasn't sexual and even if it was, it's not like either of them have never fooled around with another boy before and he thought it was okay with friends anyway.

"And touching." Carter then decides to add in a helpful tone, as he decides to try and tease their friend as much as possible, because it was obvious Tobias wasn't embarrassed, so he was concentrating on Jordan now and hoping to get him to react.

"Like you've never done it Carter." Jordan then quickly retorts weakly and by the look on his friends face, he knew it was weak and could feel himself blushing even more.

"Fair enough..." Carter then begins to say, before grinning again as he looks at his friend. "So who is bigger?" He then asks and if he thought his friend looked embarrassed before, he definitely looked even more so now.

"His willy is fatter than mine, but they're the same er... length and his balls are the same size, but one of mine is bigger than the other, like yours are Carter." Tobias answers with a smile, after deciding to answer his friends question and not leave it to his friend, who he could tell was embarrassed and even though he didn't get why, he wasn't going to make fun of him.

"Yeah, I liked how his balls were the same size as each other, I haven't seen anyone else's like that, even Wesley's are slightly different sizes." Carter then says with a smile and while he wanted to tease his other friend, he was starting to think that he might go too far and was happy to respond to their other friends answer.

"Wait, everyone else's balls are different sizes?" Jordan then quickly asks in a surprised tone and forgets how embarrassing this whole situation was for a little while, because while he may have dated his friend for a while, his balls were quite small and tight to his body so he never really noticed a difference in size and he never really thought about other peoples balls and just assumed they were all the same as his, well as in both balls being the same size, not the actual size, because he knew like penises, sizes varied.

"Not everyone's Jordan, but out of the four other people I've really seen closely enough to be able to tell, none of them have the same size balls, they all have one smaller than the other, although Wesley's are almost the same size and well Matt, Ben and Tobias's balls hang at different heights as well, their left ones hang lower than their right ones, while my right one hangs down lower than my left, look." Carter responds honestly, as he does his best to explain himself and decides to get up and walk over to his bed, to let his friend see what he meant.

"Oh shit, you've grown since I last saw you." Jordan quickly says in an impressed tone and while they had seen each other naked since they dated and had spent the last hour naked together, this was the first time he really got a good look at him and he was definitely bigger now. "And yeah, wow, I just assumed everyone's balls hung the same way and were the same size as each other, I didn't know they could be different sizes and stuff." He then adds in an amazed tone, as he thinks about all the times he had been naked in changing rooms and in the showers with other boys at school and the local pool, but never took any notice of other boys stuff and really was amazed by it.

"I saw a boy changing at the pool before and he didn't have a hood on his willy, it looked weird." Tobias then decides to say in a curious tone, as he wonders if his friends knew more about this and could explain it to him.

"Hood?" Jordan quickly asks in confusion, as he looks to his friend and wondered what he was talking about.

"He means foreskin Jordan." Carter quickly answers his friend and could see the instant realization on his face. "Tobias, that boy was just circumcised and lots of boys are like that." He then says, as he turns to his other friend and explains it to him.

"Why?" Tobias then decides to ask, as he looks at his friend curiously and wonders why a boy wouldn't want his foreskin.

"Ah well, that's hard to explain and it's quite late Tobias, but we can talk about it tomorrow if you want and I will tell you everything I know about it." Carter responds in a warm tone, as he notices the time and knew that they really needed to get to sleep and was hoping his friend would understand.

"Yeah Tobias, let's just get some sleep and well I'm kind of interested about it as well, because there's a couple of boys on the swim team without their foreskin and I've always been a little curious about why." Jordan then says as he decides to be honest and admit his own curiosity and also backing up his other friend, after noticing the time himself and knew they couldn't stay awake all night.

"Okay, I am really sleepy." Tobias then says with a smile, before stretching out and yawning.

"Just try not to do any more comparing guys." Carter then says in a teasing tone, after walking over to the light switch and turning the lights off, just after seeing the look on Jordan's face and grinning.

"Just shut up and go to sleep." Jordan then quickly retorts with a sigh, as he shifts a little and gets under the covers again, while he feels his friend doing the same, but couldn't help but feel a little awkward when he feels him snuggling up against him.

"You okay Jordan?" Carter then decides to ask in an amused tone, after hearing his friend making a weird shocked kind of noise and knowing how Tobias was, guessed that he had snuggled up to him and just found it funny.

"Fine and just go to sleep." Jordan quickly answers in a slightly awkward tone, before relaxing a little bit as he feels his friend moving a little and while a little weird, it did feel nice to be this close to someone, even if he would have preferred it to be his girlfriend, rather than his friend, especially since he could feel his dick against his hip.

"Goodnight." Tobias then says in a contented tone, as he closes his eyes and snuggles a little more against his friend, who he was happy didn't tell him to move, because he liked snuggling up to someone else and he always slept better and avoided having nightmares when he did.

"Night Tobias and you too Jordan." Carter then says in a sleepy tone, as he lets out a little giggle at the thought of his two friends snuggled naked together in his bed, but he knew why Tobias was doing it and he didn't want to tease his other friend too much, just in case he got all weird about it and told Tobias to move.

"Goodnight." Jordan responds in a more relaxed tone, as he slowly closes his eyes and actually shifts a little so that his friend could get a bit more comfortable against him.

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