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Love Conquers All

by Flaming Matt

Chapter 27

November 2015

"Wesley?" Carter says in a confused and surprised tone, as he walks into his bedroom and sees his boyfriend standing there. "Oh my god!" He then says, as he not only notices that his boyfriend was holding his violin, but also that his room was full of lit candles and rose petals.

"I know you didn't want to see me today Carter, but I need to show you not just how much I love you, but also just how sorry I am for what I did and even if you didn't call me earlier, I was going to do this anyway and it only made me want to do this even more." Wesley says in a soft and genuine tone, as he looks at his boyfriend with a loving and caring smile.

"I er... but er... how, I told my mum and dad not to let you in today and er... well they just went..." Carter then begins to say, before suddenly realising what had happened and that his parents must have known all about this and he was caught between being angry at them and being grateful.

"Yeah, I called them and asked if it was okay and well they weren't going to let me, but I told them what I was going to do and they eventually said okay and helped me with the candles and rose petals." Wesley then says with a smile, as he takes a step closer to his boyfriend and begins to bring his violin to his neck.

"But I er... you... you're going to play for me?" Carter quickly asks in a stunned and excited tone, as he realises what his boyfriend was going to do and despite being a little mad at him for ignoring his warning to stay away, he could already feel those thoughts being washed away and replaced by happy and excited thoughts.

"You mean everything to me Carter, I would give up anything for you and from this point on, I'm going to spend the rest of our lives, showing you just how much I love you, Beautiful." Wesley responds from the heart, before bringing the bow to his violin and begins to play 'The Last Goodbye' as he looks into his boyfriends eyes and smiles when they light up.

"Wow!" Carter somehow manages to say, after listening to his boyfriend play and while it took almost a minute to recognise what he was playing, tears were now flowing down his face, as any anger or hurt that had been lingering in his mind about what his boyfriend had said to him at the church, were now completely gone and replaced with just the most amazing and tingly of feelings for him now. "My mum and dad..." He then begins to say, before looking at his boyfriend in surprise, as he feels his finger pressing against his lips.

"Have booked us a table at that restaurant than you really love and they will pick us up after we're finished and call them." Wesley states in a soft and loving tone, after putting his violin and bow gently down on his boyfriends bed and walking over to him.

"But I er..." Carter then begins to say, before again feeling his boyfriends finger pressing against his lips again.

"I want to show you how much I love you Beautiful and even though I want you so badly right now, that can wait, I love when we have sex, but I want to show you the other ways I love you." Wesley then says with a caring smile, before moving his finger and quickly replacing it with his lips, as he pulls his boyfriend in closer to his body for a few moments, before letting go and smiling shyly at him.

"You're still a moron though." Carter says in a soft and playful tone, before pulling his boyfriends face closer and kissing him. "But you're my moron." He then says with a loving smile, before suddenly feeling himself being kissed again.

"And you're my beautiful and sexy elf, Uthaesdir." Wesley quickly responds and instantly starts to grin, after seeing the look on his boyfriends face and knew he had just made him both happy and horny.

"Do we have time?" Carter asks in a slightly flustered tone, as he stares into his boyfriends eyes and could feel himself getting hard.

"You're so beautiful, but we can't Carter, you need to shower and then get dressed, because your parents told me that we will have to leave in like..." Wesley starts to respond in a reluctant tone, before trailing off for a few moments, as he looks over to his boyfriends clock. "In around thirty minutes time, so you need to strip and get in the shower." He then finishes, before sighing a little as he looks into his boyfriends violet eyes and wishes they had the house to themselves.

"Thirty minutes? Fucking hell Wesley, we have loads of time and we can shower..." Carter quickly begins to suggest, before again feeling his boyfriends finger pressing against his lips and while it was beginning to get a little annoying, it was also kind of sexy and he had always secretly liked being dominated by him, even if he liked turning the tables on him sometimes, he preferred when his boyfriend took charge.

"Sshh my little Uthaesdir, we can't fool around, your mum and dad want to talk to us and well I don't really want to talk to them and I really, really want to be your Uirdir right now, but I owe them and they're paying for us to have a really special meal, so I don't want to disappoint them." Wesley states in a reluctant tone, as he looks into his boyfriends eyes again and while he could see the disappointment in them, he could also see him smiling and knew that he had done the right thing.

"Okay, but I swear to god if you're wearing anything when I get out of the shower, disappointing my parents is going to be the least of your problems, Uirdir." Carter responds with a sly grin, as he gives his boyfriend a long look and then kisses him, before slowly backing away and just as slowly stripping out of his clothes.

"So god damn sexy, you know that, so sexy." Wesley states with a lustful smile, as he watches his boyfriend undress in front of him and was only just managing to stop himself from picking him up and throwing him on the bed.

"Just remember what I said." Carter then says, after putting his clothes in the wash bin and turning back to his boyfriend, who he could tell was getting turned on and could see just how much by the bulge in his jeans. "Love you." He then decides to say, before walking over to his chest of draws and pulling out a towel for himself.

"Love you too Beautiful." Wesley responds from the heart, as he watches his boyfriend wrapping the towel around his waist and then walking out of the room, before sighing in content and sitting down on his boyfriends bed and just smiling at just how well it had gone so far.

The Next Day

"How are you doing Peter?" Mitch asks in a friendly tone, as he looks at the boy with a sympathetic expression and while he was pleased he was home and safe, it was obvious that it would be a long time before he recovered from what he had been through, even if he was putting on a brave face right now.

"Is it almost over?" Peter asks in a tired tone, as he ignores the officers question and thinks about just going home and not answering any more stupid questions.

"We can take a break any time you want to Peter, but we still have a few more questions and you can't go home until you answer them." Mitch responds in a sympathetic tone and while it was his job and he had to be professional, Peter was just a kid and one of his brothers friends and he really didn't want to put him through this, but to get to the truth, he knew he had no choice and with his boss watching from outside the room, he knew this would reflect on his competence and suitability for his role and he was still technically on his probationary period, so he knew he had to be professional.

"But I already told you that I don't remember being attacked, I don't even remember being in that house, so how can I answer questions about it?" Peter then quickly asks in response, as he gives the officer a frustrated look and sighs loudly.

"We have to ask Peter, because your memory is returning and eventually, you will remember what happened and it's very important that we know the truth, because someone did attack you and Alex at his house and Alex ended up almost dying and you were taken from that house, so it's very important that we know as much as possible, because if it helps find whoever was responsible, then it could stop this from happening to someone else, do you understand?" Mitch responds in a calm and patient tone, as he tries his best to not pressure the poor boy or make him feel like he is being accused of anything.

"But I wasn't taken, I already told you what I know and you keep asking the same thing." Peter answers in a frustrated tone and shifts uncomfortably in his chair, before glancing at his dad, who was sitting next to him and couldn't help but feel frustrated at him as well, because he had barely said anything and he had been hoping he would tell them to leave him alone and take him home and away from all these questions.

"I know this is frustrating Peter, but you have to understand that your version of events, don't match up to what we already know, especially Jarred Miller's involvement and how he had been the one looking after you all this time." Mitch then decides to say, as he thinks about the best way to bring this up and deciding that now was the time to get this in the open and see what the boys reaction was, as he knew Jarred was being interviewed as they spoke and it would give them a good idea of what actually happened once the interviews were over and they could cross exam everything that was said.

"Why though, I already told you that..." Peter begins to respond, before looking at the officer in surprise as he interrupts him in a calm tone.

"Peter, you've told us what Jarred has told you, not what you remember and unless you actually remember what happened yourself, then we can't take what you're saying as evidence or view it as the truth, so is there anything that Jarred told you, that you actually remember happening yourself? Anything at all?" Mitch quickly asks in a calm tone, as he interrupts the boy and while he knew he should be a little more patient with him and he could tell that the boys dad was looking more than a little annoyed himself, he had to try and get the boy to understand what he was being asked.

"Well er... not really, nothing really clear, just little things that kind of make sense and er... well stuff." Peter eventually responds in an unsure and slightly timid tone, as he looks at the officer and tries to be as honest as he could, because he was starting to understand what he was being asked now and it was making him nervous.

"Little stuff? Can you give me an example please Peter? It will really help." Mitch then asks in a curious tone, as he realises that this may actually give him a chance to make a breakthrough, although he knew he had to be careful and approach this the right way.

"He er... well my wrist, he broke my wrist and made me tell people it was an accident." Peter quickly begins to answer, although by the time he finishes, he couldn't help but doubt his own words, especially by the look on the officers face as well and he also remembered the look on Alex's face and he may have forgotten a lot of things, but he knew what genuine confusion looked like and Alex did look genuinely confused when he had accused him.

"And you remember him breaking your wrist and this is very important Peter, do you actually remember it happening?" Mitch then asks in as professional a tone as he could manage, after hearing what the boy had just said and while he knew the truth, he was still surprised that the boy didn't and knew that he needed to be careful not to put words into his mouth.

"Well er... no, but er... Jarred..." Peter begins to answer in a slightly confused and timid tone, before looking up at the officer as he interrupts him.

"Peter, unless you actually remember something, then I'm afraid that we can't take that as evidence, so you need to think really, really hard and think about everything Jarred has told you and whether you actually remember it happening and I mean think really hard Peter, because some things may be close to the truth, but unless you actually remember them exactly, then it's very, very likely that he lied to you." Mitch states in the same professional tone, that he has managed to maintain throughout the interview and while he could tell the boys dad was not happy about all these questions, he could tell that he respected the job he was doing and as long as he kept calm and didn't intimidate his son, then he wouldn't interfere.

"But er... well it's hard to remember things, well remember them exactly and what Jarred said, does make sense and er... sort of er... well you know." Peter then says in an unsure tone, as he struggles to understand what was happening and whether his friend had been lying to him all week, which just didn't make sense, he was his friend and had looked after him really well, so it just didn't make sense at all in his head.

"Peter, you broke your wrist after being hit by a car, I won't go into the exact details, but there were witnesses and I can tell you, that in no way was Alex responsible for your wrist being broken." Mitch then decides to say in a calm and honest tone, as he looks at the boy and sees him struggling to process what he was telling him and while he didn't know much about amnesia, he could imagine what it must be like and he just felt so sorry for him.

"Witnesses." Peter repeats as he struggles to take in what the officer just said and while he wanted to believe his friend, because he had been there for him, this was a police officer and they didn't lie, especially in these kinds of interviews, he had seen enough TV shows and movies to know that, which just made everything even more confusing.

"I don't want to lead you or influence what you say Peter, but given everything that you've been told, don't you feel like Jarred looking after you all this time, is a little bit strange, especially since after being questioned by the police and asked by his own parents, he denied any knowledge of knowing where you were and in the time he spent with you alone, he was focused on Alex and what kind of person he was?" Mitch then asks in a slightly hesitant tone, after deciding to be a little more direct with his questions and try and gauge just where the boys mind was right now.

"I er... well er... what?" Peter asks in a confused tone, after taking a few moments to try and make sense of the officers question, which wasn't that complicated, but with everything going on right now, was a little too much to take in all at once.

"I'm sorry Peter, I will take it a little more slowly." Mitch quickly apologises, as he realises that while he wanted to be more direct, he still had to take it slowly. "Given what you've learned since coming back, do you think that it was a little strange that you woke up with a head injury, in a shed, with Jarred there with you?" He then asks in clear and professional tone, after taking a few moments to think of the best way to ask the questions he felt were important to his investigation.

"Well er... Dad?" Peter then quickly asks in an unsure tone, as he turns to his dad and looks to him to know what to do.

"You don't have to answer anything you don't want to Son, but you aren't in trouble and any help you can give the officer, will be very helpful, so just be honest and tell the truth Peter." Mr Erickson responds with a caring smile, as he looks at his son and despite what he and his wife had discussed about his sexuality and their uneasiness towards it, they had agreed to encourage their son to be honest and to support him as much as possible during the investigation.

"Okay Dad." Peter responds with a slightly relieved smile, as he turns back to the officer. "It was a little weird, I mean at the time I didn't really know what was happening and I was scared and my head hurt, but Jarred looked after me and he... well er... well he... if he did er... attack me and Alex, why would he take me and then look after me, he was really nice and I just don't know." He then says in a confused and slightly upset tone, as he tries to piece it together in his head, but it just didn't make any sense, none at all and it was beginning to frustrate him.

"We don't know Peter, that's the honest answer and we don't know if he was responsible for attacking you and Alex in Alex's house, that is why we're talking to you now and trying to work out what really happened, because Jarred could be innocent, he could have genuinely been trying to help you, but a lot of things point to him being guilty and we just want to find out the truth, do you understand what I'm trying to say Peter?" Mitch then asks in response, as he tries his best to be as clear as possible and keep the interview as relaxed and as stress free for the boy as possible.

"But er... why would I er... well why was I in Alex's house? And why er... well I just don't know, I can't remember and it's really, really annoying, because I remember things, but they don't make sense and when I think about what Jarred told me, they make even less sense, but other times they kind of make sense and it's confusing and it's..." Peter then begins to answer in an increasingly emotional tone, before feeling himself being pulled into his dads chest and quickly trails off and sniffles.

"It's okay Peter, just take a few minutes and just listen to the officer for a little while." Mr Erickson states in a soothing tone, as he rubs the side of his sons body and gives the officer a warning look, not that he felt any anger towards him or thought the questioning was too intense, but he wanted him to know that his son was still fragile and still just a little boy and needed to be a little more careful with his questions.

"Peter, from what I know and I'm sure your parents have told you this as well, you and Alex were very good friends, you slept over at each others houses and you were very close, all your friends have confirmed this, so I'm not sure what Jarred has said or why he has said it, but I think that if you can tell us more about how Jarred behaved and what he told you exactly, then it can help us discover the truth and whether or not Jarred was involved or if he was just genuinely trying to help you." Mitch states in a soft and caring tone, after letting the boy have a few minutes to calm down and be comforted by his dad, before deciding to try again with the questioning and keeping in mind Mr Erickson's warning look, which he felt was fair and he respected that.

"Dad?" Peter asks in a half pleading tone, as he looks at his dad and wonders what he was supposed to do, because he was just getting more and more confused and he just wanted to go home.

"Just tell the truth Peter, because you and Alex were friends and while he wasn't the most well behaved kid, he was your friend and if we thought he would ever hurt you, then your mother and I would never have allowed him to be your friend, so I want you to think about what the officer just asked you and I want you to just tell him the truth, because you won't get in trouble and the sooner you do that, the sooner you can go home." Mr Erickson states in a calm and clear tone, as he looks his son in the eye and tries his best to give him as much support as he can, while being careful not to mention the fact that the boys were boyfriends, because both he and his wife, we still having trouble fully accepting, even if they hid it very well from their son before.

"Okay." Peter then says in a soft tone, before turning back to the officer and begins to answer his question as best as he could, which was just as hard as he thought it would be, as he struggled to remember everything his friend had said to him during the week and separate the truth for the potential lies in his head.

"We haven't used these for a long time." Ben says with a sweet smile, as he holds the dice in his hands and thinks about the last time they actually did use them and was surprised to realise that he honestly couldn't remember.

"Yeah, it's been a while, but I think these ones might be better." Matt responds with a slightly shy tone, as he quickly leans over their bed and pulls their secret box out from under it, before putting it down in front of his fiancé.

"What's in there?" Ben then quickly asks in a surprised tone, as he stares at the box and while he knew what was in it usually, his fiancé's words had thrown him off a little and he knew that there had to be something new in there.

"Open it and well er... just don't er... well just open it." Matt responds awkwardly as he tries to hide his excitement and also slightly guilt, as he wonders if his fiancé would be mad about how he actually got them.

"Okay..." Ben then says in a slightly suspicious tone, after both hearing and seeing how awkward his fiancé was being and despite pretty much guessing it had to be new dice, his behaviour was still a little weird. "Oh fuck, these are like real adult dice, like fuck Matt, they have real sex stuff on them." He then states in a shocked and more than a little bit excited tone, as he inspects the dice after taking them out of the packaging and seeing the various words on them.

"Yeah and they're special dice, they have ten sides instead of six, so there's so many different things you can roll." Matt then quickly says in a more relaxed tone, after assuming that his fiancé was probably too excited by the possibilities to actually ask the question he was slightly nervous about him asking.

"How long have you had these?" Ben then decides to ask, as he continues to study the dice and because it had been a while since he had even looked inside the box, he had no idea how long they had been in there and couldn't help but wonder why his fiancé had decided to show him now.

"Quite a while, but I er... well, I knew what was on them and I didn't want you to think I was trying to rush you, so I kind of just decided to wait and then show them to you after." Matt answers in a slightly nervous tone, as he tries to word his response carefully, because he didn't want to be asked how he got them, because while he thought his fiancé would be okay with it, he knew he might be a little mad and embarrassed for a little while at first.

"You mean wait until I was ready to have sex with you?" Ben then quickly asks with a slightly shy smile, as he thinks about how sweet it was for his fiancé to wait for him to be ready, because he knew if he had shown him the dice before, then despite himself, he would have felt awkward and even guilty for not giving him his virginity, especially since his fiancé had given him his already, so he was genuinely happy that he waited until now and quickly reaches out and takes his hands into his own, after putting the dice down for a few minutes.

"You could make it sound a little more romantic, than just having sex with me." Matt quickly teases in response, before grinning at his fiancé's expression and continued to relax as he figured he was now safe from any really awkward questions.

"I'm twelve years old Matt, give me a break, most kids our age probably don't even know how to kiss someone else, let alone do the things we do." Ben responds with a shake of the head, before deciding to be a little playful and pulls his fiancé by his hands across the bed and quickly gives him a long and loving kiss.

"I guess I could give you a break or this." Matt then says in a playful tone, before quickly reaching for the dice and rolling them before his fiancé can say anything.

"What are you..." Ben then begins to asks, before following his fiancé's eyes and smiling, as he sees the dice and what they say. "Are you really going to do that?" He then asks in a mixture of nervousness and excitement, as he looks at the dice again and then at his fiancé.

"Lie down and put a couple of pillows under your bum, it will make it easier." Matt states in response, as he gives his fiancé a mischievous smile and moves off the bed to give him some room.

"You're really going to do it, like right now?" Ben quickly asks in a surprised tone, while doing as he is told and while he didn't want to change his fiancé's mind, he hadn't had an enema since the day before and while he was clean, it was still a little weird and even though they've both done it a couple of times, neither were that keen on being the ones doing it, so he wanted to make sure he was completely sure.

"Shut up Ben, just enjoy." Matt responds with a small grin, which widens when he sees the look on his fiancé's face, but instead of giving him a chance to respond himself, he decides to quickly get between his legs and slowly takes him into his mouth and while this wasn't what the dice had said, he wanted to tease him for a little while, before moving on to that.

"Oh fuck..." Ben then quickly calls out, as he feels himself getting hard inside his fiancé's mouth and while he was surprised by the blow job, he wasn't going to complain and despite maybe not really enjoying licking his fiancé's bum hole, he definitely enjoyed being on the receiving end and knew it would only be a couple of minutes at most, before his fiancé moved down to his hole.

"And that is everything?" Mitch asks in a slightly tired tone, as he looks between the boy and the notes he had made of the interview so far and couldn't help but feel his head spinning a little bit and wondering just what Jarred Miller was thinking, because this was almost laughable at just how crazy it all seemed, although at the same time, it reinforced his belief that his former best friend was involved in the planning and that someone was manipulating him at the same time, but until he had a chance to talk with the officers interviewing him and Jarred, then he would have to wait for confirmation.

"As much as I can remember, everything was so confusing the first few days and we talked about a lot of stuff, so I can't remember it all." Peter responds honestly, before giving his dad a pleading look, he was getting tired now and he wasn't sure how many more questions he could answer and how many times he could repeat the same thing over and over again.

"You're doing good Peter, just keep going and we will be able to go home soon." Mr Erickson decides to say in a soft and quiet tone, as he looks at his sons face and could tell that he was getting close to his limit and while he appreciated why his son was being questioned, he was still just a twelve year old boy at the end of the day and he hadn't done anything wrong.

"I understand as well Peter, but we just have a little bit longer and then we're done, I promise." Mitch then decides to say and while it might get him in a little bit of trouble, he wasn't going to treat this like he was talking to an adult or a criminal and he felt like his superiors would understand and respect that or at least he was hoping they would.

"What else am I meant to say though, I told you everything, everything I remember anyway." Peter quickly states in a frustrated tone and while he knew why this was happening, he was definitely starting to get annoyed and tired, which just made the questions even harder to answer, especially since they were the same ones over and over again.

"Okay, I'll try and make this go as quickly as possible Peter, I just need to ask you one more question and while it's only one, it might take a while for you to answer it properly and for me to understand, but I promise that after we get there, the interview will be over and you can go home, I promise." Mitch then decides to say, as he thinks about a way to get the answers he needed and to stop the boy from getting overwhelmed and upset.

"Okay, I guess." Peter responds in a quiet tone, as he tries to prepare himself for even more questions and hopefully finally getting to go home.

"We've already established that you've told the truth and everything you've said about what happened and what I've written down here, is the truth Peter, but what I want to know, is do you believe everything you've told us, because I'm still unclear on whether you realise what happened to you and Jarred's potential role in what happened, especially in regards to how you view Alex now in comparison to how you felt before the incident at his house." Mitch then states in a clear and steady tone, as he does his best to not confuse the boy, while also asking the question the right way to get the answer he needs to really move forward with the case against Jarred and his former best friend.

"It's er... well confusing, I mean I believe everything because you're a policeman and my mum and dad wouldn't lie about it either, but Jarred looked after me and he was so honest about himself and I still don't get why he wouldn't try and pretend we were best friends, instead of telling me what a jerk he was and how we weren't really that close, surely if he was lying, then he would try to make out like we were best friends, because that would work better than him being a er... well what he told me he was." Peter eventually answers in a confused and slightly hesitant tone, after taking a few moments to try and understand what he was being asked and then looking at his dad and seeing him nodding to answer the question, because everything was still confusing, especially about Alex, because it was obvious they were friends, everyone was telling him they were and some had even said they were boyfriends, but he was convinced he wasn't gay and the game he played with Jarred proved that, so he was finding it very hard to figure out what to truly believe.

"Only Jarred can answer that truthfully Peter, but how I see it, is that Jarred is only twelve, his knowledge of medicine and amnesia especially, would be very limited and he may have looked online or he could have been informed about it, we just don't know and there is still a chance that he is innocent and was genuinely looking after you Peter." Mitch starts to respond in an honest tone, before pausing a few moments to let the boy process that. "But if he is guilty and he was trying to manipulate you, then he could have been worried about you remembering him and how he treated you and other people Peter, so if he pretended to be your best friend and how nice he was to you and then you remembered something that proved he was lying, then you wouldn't believe anything he was telling you, do you understand?" He then asks, after doing his best to be as clear as possible, while also keeping it as professional as possible and keeping his views on Jarred as neutral as possible.

"Dad?" Peter quickly asks in an unsure tone, as he tries to make sense of what the officer had just asked him, but while he thought he got it, he wasn't really sure enough to answer and he was hoping his dad would be able to make it easier for him to understand.

"It's okay Mr Erickson, as long as you don't put words into his mouth, then you can try and help him understand and come to an answer." Mitch states with a reassuring smile, after seeing the boys dad look at him with an uncertain expression and quickly realised what he was thinking and while he would have to make sure he didn't influence Peter's response, he was happy to let him try and explain the question he had asked the boy, a little more clearly than he had obviously done himself.

"Peter, I think what the officer is trying to say is, that if Jarred was trying to lie to you, then the best way for him to do that, was to be as honest with you as he possibly could about things like your relationship and his own personality, because you've known him almost your entire life, so the chances of you remembering what he was really like, were very high and if like the officer said, he tried to pretend you were best friends and then you remembered something that proves you weren't, then whatever plan he had, could be ruined, so by being honest about himself to you, the worst that could happen, is that you remembered that yourself, which would actually make you trust him a little bit more and help reinforce your trust in him." Mr Erickson then says in a clear tone, as he does his best to help his son understand, but even without seeing the look on his face, he already knew that he didn't exactly make it as clear as he could have and just felt guilty for potentially confusing him even more.

"Oh..." Peter then says in a quiet tone, as he struggles to put it all together in his mind and fully understand what his dad had just said, although he was starting to understand and the realisation was a little frightening.

"Oh?" Mitch asks in a slightly worried tone, as he tries to make sense of the boys response and what it could mean.

"It did make me trust him more Sir, I mean er... well I asked him a couple of times why he was telling me about how much of a er... well prick he was, because it didn't sound like something someone would admit to, but well er... he kind of said that there was no point lying, because I would remember the truth about him anyway, so er... well that kind of made sense and I figured that if he was telling the truth about that, then the other stuff must be true, because I would remember that too and there would be no point in him lying." Peter then says, as he does his best to not only understand what he was realising, but how to put it into words, because it was starting to dawn on him, that Jarred really wasn't his friend at all, although he still didn't get why he would do that to him, it still just didn't make any sense to him.

"Okay, well that's good Peter, it's good that you're starting to understand, but I need to point out, that Jarred could still be innocent, so while he is being questioned and we're collecting evidence, he isn't guilty until proven guilty, so I don't want you to think you have to tell us anything that you think we want to hear, we just want the truth Peter and that's all." Mitch then decides to say in a professional tone, as he again tries to make sure that he wasn't trying to influence the boy or lead him to think that he had to say something that may not be true, just because he feels like he has to.

"I am telling the truth, but I still don't understand why he might be er... well you know, why he might have done it all, what does he get from it?" Peter decides to ask in response, as he thinks about the officers words and also his friends... well Jarred's motivation and why he would try and manipulate him.

"We don't know Peter, but he is being interviewed now and anything you tell us, even if it's small, could help us determine any motive he may have." Mitch answers as honestly as he could, because after talking to his brothers and hearing what they had told him, he had a pretty good idea behind Jarred's motive, even if it was almost laughable, but given the fact he was only twelve, it was plausible and he knew that he couldn't influence Peter in any way and knew he had to choose his words carefully.

"He kept talking about Alex a lot." Peter then says after a few minutes of silence and while he still wanted to go home, he just couldn't help but want to understand what had happened, because he was starting to not only realise that Jarred might not be the friend he appeared to be, but also believe that he might be responsible for what they were saying about the attack on Alex's house.

"You mentioned that in your statement and I have that written down Peter, so we will definitely being looking into their friendship and if that was part of Jarred's potential motive." Mitch responds carefully, as he considers how much he could say, without leading the boy on to anything that could actually compromise the investigation, he wanted to not only solve this case, but also do it properly and not have something he did, endanger it and cause them to end up with nothing.

"But I er... well er... if he didn't well er... I don't know, I'm tired and can I go home now?" Peter then asks in a tired tone, as he almost asks about his suspicions, but he really had had enough now and he just wanted to go home and think about everything in private, because if he was right, then this changed everything and he had a lot of decisions to make and some of them were scary.

"We can come back another day and answer any more questions you may have officer Walker, but he is twelve years old and he has answered all your questions as honestly as he could, so I would like to take him home now and spend some time with him and his mother, as a family for the rest of the day and I think you can understand that officer." Mr Erickson decides to say, after looking down at his son and seeing just how tired he looked and as they were here voluntarily, he was hoping the young man would respect his decision and not try and ask his son any more questions.

"I'm not sure coming back will be necessary Mr Erickson, Peter has answered all my questions and all I need both of you to do is sign his official statement and you can leave." Mitch responds with an appreciative and warm smile, as he stands up and watches the father and son doing the same. "Peter, I know this has been tough for you, but you did very well and you should be proud of yourself." He then decides to say, as he walks around the table and places the statement in front of them both and hands Mr Erickson a pen.

"So I won't have to er... do this again?" Peter decides to ask in a hopeful tone, as he waits for his dad to sign the statement so that he could sign it as well.

"I can't promise that you won't be asked to answer any more questions and if there is a case for Jarred to answer, then you may be called as a witness Peter, but with the statement you have provided and the extra things, I don't think you have to worry about going through what you have been through today again." Mitch answers honestly and while it would have been easier to lie to the boy, he didn't want to give him false hope and then have him feeling betrayed, he didn't deserve that.

"We will talk more about this at home Peter, especially about being potentially called as a witness, but for now we will go home and we will spend some time as a family and relax, okay." Mr Erickson decides to say, after thinking about the young man's words and then noticing the look on his sons face and while he couldn't blame him for being frustrated, he understood what Mitch was saying and knew that the likely hood of being called as a witness, was high even before this interview.

"Okay Dad." Peter responds in a slightly subdued tone, as he thinks about the prospect of being asked even more questions and wanting even more than before, to just go home and get away from answering any more questions and talking about Jarred and Alex, he just didn't want to even think about it any more today and he was really hoping his parents wouldn't try and talk about it later on either.

"Thank you officer Walker and we understand that you can't promise anything, but please try and at least give him some time to rest and recover, before trying to get him to answer any more questions." Mr Erickson states in a firm tone, as he looks at the young man and smiles friendly at him, just to let him know that he appreciated the way he had talked to his son and treated him with respect.

"I will do my best Mr Walker and thank you for allowing me to talk to him, his statement will help a lot and I really appreciate it." Mitch responds sincerely and returns the man's smile. "And thank you Peter, I know today was hard, but you have really helped us and your statement will help us discover the truth, so thank you." He then decides to say, as he turns to the boy, who had just finished signing the statement and although he could tell that he just wanted to go home, he could also see the pride in his eyes and despite everything he had been through, he was pleased to see how well he was doing.

"Thank you Mitch and er... well I want to help, but I just want to go home now." Peter quickly responds with a slightly forced smile, after deciding to just be honest and hope that it was enough and they could leave now.

"You can leave and again, thank you both for coming in today, do you want me to walk you out to the front?" Mitch then asks with a sincere smile, as he picks up the statement and puts it with the rest of the paperwork in the folder and walks over to the door, which the other officer in the room was holding open.

"We will be fine on our own, I know the way." Mr Erickson responds with a smile, as he follows the young man out of the room and reaches down to take his sons hand into his own.

"Okay, bye and have a good day, both of you." Mitch then says in a sincere tone, as he stands and gives both of them a friendly and appreciative smile.

"You too, good bye." Mr Erickson responds and returns the smile, before turning away with his son and walking towards the exit. "You did good today Peter, I'm so proud of you." He then says in a proud and sincere tone, after a few minutes, just as they reach the exit to the station.

"I didn't like it Dad, I don't want to do that again." Peter decides to respond honestly and while he understood why he had to do it and he did want to help, it was a horrible experience and that was with his friends older brother asking him questions, so he knew it was a lot more relaxed than if it was a stranger, which just made him want to avoid ever doing it again, just in case it was someone else and they weren't so nice and patient.

"I will try my best to keep you from going through that again Peter, but if they want you as a witness, there isn't much we can do, but as long as you're honest and just tell the truth, it will be quick and won't take that long, you're just a kid and it's not the same as if you were an adult, does that make sense?" Mr Erickson decides to ask in response, as he thinks about how to deal with what he son could possibly go through and help him understand.

"I know, but do you promise not to talk about anything like that for the rest of the day Dad? Because I'm tired and I just want to be with you and Mum, without all the other stuff, I missed you both and I just want to be with you." Peter then says in a sincere and vulnerable tone, as he let's his dad lead them to the car by his hand and while he would normally feel embarrassed about having his hand held like this, right now, he just wanted to be as close as possible to his parents and enjoy the feeling of love and safety that it brings him.

"I promise Peter, the rest of the day is just about being with each other as a family, nothing else, I promise." Mr Erickson responds sincerely, as they reach the car and he looks down at his son, before pulling him into a hug. "Peter, it's going to be okay, you're safe now and we love you so much." He then says in an emotional tone, as he continues to comfort his son, who he had seen had tears in his eyes and his heart just broke for him, because he had been through so much.

"Seriously?" Matt asks in an unimpressed tone, as he looks down at his fiancé, after climbing his way up his body with little kisses.

"I know, but you were just... it's just a bit weird." Ben responds honestly, as he gives his fiancé a guilty look and while this wasn't the first time they'd had this problem, it still caused a tiny bit of friction between them, but it was both ways and they never let it turn into anything serious.

"And kind of gross." Matt then says with a half smile, as he thinks about it a little bit more and remembers the other times this had happened and it wasn't just his fiancé who was reluctant, he had been in his position as well and felt the same way. "I could go and brush my teeth his you want." He then offers in a sincere tone and while it might kill the mood a little bit, he didn't want to gross him out and it would only take a few minutes.

"Fuck it." Ben states in a slightly hesitant tone, before pulling his fiancé's head down and kissing him and despite his reservations, he quickly forgets about what his fiancé had been doing a few moments ago and just enjoyed the kiss.

"Roll the dice." Matt states in an excited tone, as he breaks the kiss and looks down at his fiancé lustfully and while that wasn't the first time they had kissed after doing that, he knew it wasn't easy to get past the mindset of what it was and it just made him want him even more.

"Yes!" Ben declares in an excited and happy tone, after his fiancé had moved to let him up and looks down to see what the dice said, after rolling them and he couldn't be happier.

"Wow, what position do you want to do?" Matt decides to ask, after seeing the dice for himself and getting excited at how excited his fiancé was and couldn't believe he rolled that and short of the roles being reversed, this was definitely going to be amazing, especially if he got to return the favour later on.

"Do you think you could go on top and do that er... what do they call it, you know that thing where you sit on me, you've done it a couple of times?" Ben quickly asks in response, as he forgets what that position was called and also despite his excitement, he was also worried about his fiancé's hip and pelvis, because he knew while he had recovered a lot, he knew that position was a little painful for him the last time they did it and causing him any kind of pain, was the last thing he ever wanted to do.

"The cowboy, that's what it said on that site we looked at, but I'm not sure Ben, I mean I will do it, but you know I er... well I will try, but if it starts to hurt like last time, can we try something different?" Matt responds honestly, as he thinks about his injuries and while he had healed as well as he ever would and had done well with his physio, but he had his limits and while he was willing to give it a go, after the last time, he was a little nervous about hurting himself and was hoping his fiancé wouldn't be disappointed.

"Forget about that one Matt, I want this to be fun and well let's just do it like we usually do, but this time you can put your ankles on my shoulders, that looked like fun in the pictures we saw and we can still see each others eyes." Ben decides to suggest in response, as he looks at his fiancé lovingly and while he loved the cowboy position the first couple of times, he didn't want to spoil the mood if it hurt his fiancé, it just wasn't worth it and he was genuinely keen to see if having his fiancé's ankles on his shoulders really made it better or not.

"Yeah, yeah that sounds good too, but well maybe we you can do the cowboy thing to me, well if the dice lets us." Matt responds in an excited tone and while they could just do whatever they liked, they were playing with the dice and it would ruin the game if they didn't use them and he didn't want that to happen, he loved sex with his fiancé and all that stuff, but he liked playing the games they played as well and they always played them properly.

"Love you Matthew Walker." Ben then decides to say from the heart, as he moves around and gets between his fiancé's legs and leans over him.

"Love you too Benjamin Walker." Matt responds with a loving smile, before feeling himself being kissed and quickly returns it passionately. "Don't go too hard, I just er... well, not at first, if that's er... well... sorry." He then says after breaking the kiss, before giggling in embarrassment as he realises how stupid he just sounded and seeing the amusement on his fiancé's face.

"You're so cute went you do that." Ben then says with a sweet smile, before giving his fiancé a couple of quick pecks on the lips. "Ready?" He then asks in an excited tone, as he gently lifts his fiancé's legs up and places his ankles on his shoulders, which felt a little weird, especially when he tries to edge a little closer and wondered if he was doing it right.

"Yeah and if you make me cum, then er... well you can well er... well if you can make me cum, then you get to decide what we do for the next week and that's everything Ben, not just sex stuff." Matt decides to offer in response, as he thinks about making it a little more interesting and even if he lost, it wasn't exactly losing and he knew his fiancé liked making these little bets, just as much as he did.

"Easy and in case you forgot, we go back to school after the weekend and Tom told us he wanted us to sing something together for at least one of the classes and I have the perfect song." Ben responds with a cheeky grin, as he slowly presses into his fiancé and while he intended to make him cum before he does himself, he wanted to go slow first, especially after what his fiancé had said before and knew he had said it for a reason.

"Oh shit, I forgot about school... fuck... mmmm... wow..." Matt quickly begins to respond in a slightly apprehensive tone, before quickly forgetting about the bet and school and moaning out in pleasure, as he feels his fiancé sliding into him slowly and then leaning down to kiss him, which he quickly meets half way and just enjoys the closeness between them, even if it was a little uncomfortable and weird being practically bent in half, but to his own surprise, it didn't hurt, well it was still a little uncomfortable, but he didn't feel any pain and that just made him feel even more excited, especially when he feels his fiancé slowly and gently rocking back and forth.

"Nick?" Maggie can't help but say in a surprised tone, she hadn't know what to expect when she walked into the apartment, especially after being released earlier than even she had thought possible, but seeing her old friend sitting down on a chair in front of her, was definitely one of the last things she thought would happen and couldn't help but be a little suspicious.

"It's been a long time Maggie, how have you been?" Nick asks in response, as he looks up to his former colleague and friend, with a slightly amused expression, as he looks at the surprise on her face.

"Are we alone?" Maggie decides to ask, as she ignores her friends question and shuts the door behind herself, before just standing there and waiting for his response.

"Relax Maggie, we may have different agendas now, but we're still friends and I'm here because of that." Nick states in response, as he continues to look at his friend with a slightly amused expression and while he would never hurt her, they were no longer on the same side and while he would do as much as he could to protect her, in the end, unless she cooperated she was going to find out for herself, what happens to people who turn their backs on the organisation.

"So the help to get me out early, wasn't for sentimental reasons or for all that I've done for them?" Maggie then decides to ask, as she realises the real meaning behind her friend being here and despite being worried, she walks towards her friend and sits opposite him.

"You're still alive and so is your family Maggie, so I wouldn't be so judgemental of our motivations." Nick responds in a serious tone and while they may be friends, he knew where his loyalties laid and after David Summers actions, he wasn't going to risk anyone thinking he might be the next person to cause issues with the organisation, given how close the three of them once were.

"I see." Maggie states in a calm tone, although inside she was nervous, Nick might be her friend, but she understood him loud and clear. "So what do they... I mean you want Nick?" She then asks after a few moments, as she tries to get a read on her friend, but he hadn't changed his expression much since she had walked in and knew he was definitely not here to catch up.

"Quite a few things, but I guess I should start with the fact we want you back in the fold and then go from there." Nick responds in a neutral tone, as he decides to play it coolly and just see how his friend reacts and then decide on how to approach things.

"Just like that? After everything, they just want me back?" Maggie quickly asks in response, while giving her friend a curious and slightly unconvinced look, because she knew how these things worked and it was never that simple.

"Do I really need to dignify that with a response?" Nick quickly retorts with a chuckle, before sitting up a little straighter and reaching for his drink, as he watches his friend closely, just to make sure that she understood what he was saying.

"Okay, so what do they want from me?" Maggie then asks in a suspicious tone and while she had been in contact with the organisation and with Nick over the past few months, she knew that her deal with the police, had put her and her family in dangerous territory and she was also aware that her friend especially might be a little less than impressed with her as well.

"Honestly, if you hadn't been so respected, then you would be dead Maggie, the deal you made with the police was clever and you made sure not to give anything actually useful away, but you still made a deal, but luckily for you, since we're still transitioning and after the damage David did to us, there have been mistakes and one of the biggest, is the mess in this town, especially with the Summers and I don't even know where to begin with what happened to your son, so there is some middle ground and as a result, you have an opportunity Maggie, it's just up to you whether you take it or not." Nick responds as honestly as he wanted to at this point, without going into too much detail, until he could gauge whether she would accept or not and and of course he had his own issue with her that he wanted to get clarified, but that could wait.

"You attacked my son?" Maggie quickly asks in an angry tone, as she gets to her feet and glares at her friend, she had suspected it and hadn't put it past them, but actually getting confirmation, that was different and she wasn't going to let them get away with it.

"Sit down Maggie." Nick then simply states in a calm tone again. "Maggie, sit down." He then states in a firmer tone, after a few moments of silence and while he understood her anger, he needed to explain what actually happened and where they go from there, because he didn't have all day and there were other things he needed to do and he didn't want to be delayed.

"You need to explain Nick and you need to explain quickly." Maggie states in an almost venomous tone, as she reluctantly sits down and glares at her friend.

"I know you already had your suspicions and I know you also know about our use of Conner Smith and your views on that, but what I want to make clear and I'm saying this as a friend Maggie, I had nothing to do with that paedophile and the people who did, they've been dealt with, you have my word on that." Nick responds honestly, as he does his best to calm him friend down a little bit, because while she had good reason to be upset, she had hardly done herself any favours with the organisation and she had even caused him a few problems as well, even if he understood why she did it, it was still an inconvenience.

"Okay, but you still haven't explained what happened and why and I need to know Nick, this is my family we're talking about." Maggie states firmly and while she believed her friend, she couldn't let this drop and needed a real answer from him.

"After what David did, a lot of people wanted revenge, but his suicide, which by the way, I know you were involved in Maggie, you were careful, but not that careful, so with him being dead, that left his family and while some would say the boy in particular had been through enough and I am one of those people Maggie, there were people who felt like he was a loose end and as a result, was a convenient target, but a direct approach would never have worked and those that wanted revenge, were not in a position to do so and those like myself, who felt the family had been through enough, would not allow it." Nick then begins to explain, before taking a few moments to think about how he wanted to say what came next.

"So whoever did this, the attack on the Summers and my son, did so behind your back and the backs of the senior members?" Maggie then decides to say in an unconvinced tone, as she stares at her friend and wonders if he was trying to play some game, because she knew how the organisation worked and even with everything going on since David did what he did, she couldn't see this happening, not how he described it.

"The truth is, they had help, but that's not important Maggie, not if you want to live and you want your husband and son to live." Nick responds in a serious tone and while he knew he couldn't intimidate her, he was hoping she knew him well enough to know when to drop something. "Good, so anyway Maggie, these people worked to get Conner released, they needed someone dispensable and someone who knew the Summers and those close to them and well there are more details, but nothing important, but from what we've got out of them, Conner was supposed to mess with Sarah and also Mike Walker, he was supposed to make some phone calls and send them messages, just mess with them mentally and that kind of thing, I'm not really clear on why or even what they hoped to achieve from that, but it is clear that they had plans to kill Matthew Summers." He then continues, after seeing his friend nodding and knew that she was angry and knew he had to be a little careful.

"Okay, I understand that Nick and the fact Matthew was poisoned recently makes more sense now, but I know that his medication was only partially tampered with, if their intention was to kill him, why not actually kill him and make sure, why only replace some of the pills and use weaker pills than what would be required?" Maggie decides to ask in a curious tone, as she thinks about what had happened and while she wanted to know more about the attack on her house and son, she knew she needed to wait a little longer, before her friend would answer her question about that.

"I believe it was down to Conner himself, he is young and what I am lead to believe, quite naïve and given the fact he knew nothing about medication and drugs, it's hardly surprising that he messed it up, but then again, he was stupid enough to be persuaded to go to the house himself, where barring some kind of miracle, someone would recognise him, so maybe it's not such a big surprise and it also brings into question the thinking of the members of the organisation that organised these attacks in the first place, because it's amateur at best and that's giving them more credit than they deserve." Nick answers as honestly as he could, because they were still questioning those responsible and so far they hadn't made as much progress as he would like to admit.

"And a paedophile, a fucking paedophile and not only did they help release him, they actually used him as part of the organisation Nick, how the hell does that even happen?" Maggie then states in an angry and unimpressed tone, as she decides to get this issue off her chest and despite distancing herself from it, she had believed in the organisation and even after David Summers smeared it's reputation, so for someone inside it to actively help and bring in a known paedophile, that was just unforgivable.

"That's being dealt with, I assure you Maggie and it's something I am taking a personal interest in, so those involved, will regret that decision." Nick responds honestly again and this time he was being honest, because once they had gotten all the information from those responsible, they will not live to make the same mistake twice, he would make sure of that and in the process, it should prove once and for all to everyone else in the organisation, where his loyalties laid.

"And the paedophile, what happens to him Nick?" Maggie then decides to ask in a curious tone, she knew he had been arrested, but she was sure that he wouldn't escape some real justice this time, especially given what has transpired recently.

"Honestly, we will have to see how his trial goes, if he goes to prison, then he won't last long, we will make sure of that, but he does have a small chance of getting some kind of deal, which could get him bail, which would make getting to him easier, but either way, he won't make it to his next birthday, he has no protection." Nick responds in a neutral tone, as he thinks about the young man and while they could try to rehabilitate, especially given his age and actual crimes against children, the organisation was still in transition and the young man was facing murder charges as well, so that only left one cause of action that was practical.

"Fair enough." Maggie states in a calm and thoughtful tone. "What was the point of Jim Fisher's murder though, I know he is gay, but he had a business and a family, including a younger brother, those things are usually taken into consideration before we act on any individuals." She then decides to ask and while she didn't care personally and she wanted to talk about her own family and son in particular, she had made a promise to Mitch Walker and she wanted to keep it and this was as good a chance to learn the truth, than she thought she would have when she made the promise.

"That was Conner and honestly, I have no idea Maggie, he has a history with the guys younger brother from what I do know, but to murder him, I have no idea and I believe the people we have talked to, when they say that they didn't know anything about it and at this point, they have nothing to gain by lying to us." Nick answers honestly and with a shrug of the shoulders, it may have not been something he would have signed off on, but it was another homosexual dead in his eyes and he wasn't going to think about it as anything else.

"The attack on my house and son and the murder of Jim Fisher, happened on the same night, almost at the same time Nick, if Conner was at that motel, who attacked my son?" Maggie then asks in as calm a tone as she could manage, after finally getting fed up with waiting and deciding to get the answers she really wanted.

"I personally believe that the attack on your house and son, didn't happen how it was supposed to, from what we know, Conner was supposed to just scare Alex and Gordon and make them feel unsafe, but also bring in to question Gordon's ability to care for your son, but there was never anything planned for your son to get hurt or for the other boy to be taken, that is what we're being told, so somewhere along the way, Conner decided to get help to take care of your house and Alex, while he for whatever reason, went after Jim Fisher." Nick responds in a slightly surprised tone, he figured she would know who was behind it and part of the deal she had with the police, indicated that she had more than an idea and was a little thrown off, especially since she had used his name... well one of his names as a part of that deal, which he was eager to bring up with before he left to take care of some other things.

"I know that much Nick and I have a good idea of who he asked, I just want confirmation of the names." Maggie decides to state honestly, as she just gets to her point and while she still wanted some other information about what happened, she wanted the names and knew that her friend knew them.

"Luckily for you, the names I will give you are loose ends, that need to be cleared up and will serve both our mutual interests." Nick responds with a half smile, as he slowly stands up and walks over to the kitchen area, so that he could pour both of them a drink.

"Mutual interest?" Maggie quickly asks in a curious tone, as she watches her friend walk over to the fridge and pull out a bottle of wine and pour it into a couple of glasses.

"Like I said Maggie, there is a way back in for you, but while I think you will be cooperative, I think it might take some convincing and you aren't going to like the consequences." Nick states in response, as he purposely decides to not answer her question just yet and make sure that she knew that it wasn't going to be as simple as him giving her the names and that being the end of their conversation.

"And if I don't want a way back in?" Maggie asks in response, as she decides to ignore the not so subtle threat and try and gauge what her options were, because she didn't like where this was going and if she knew her friend like she thought she did, then she was in trouble and so was her family.

"Then think of it as a way to assure the safety of your family and yourself, assuming everything goes to plan and you fulfil your role." Nick responds in a slightly amused tone, as he sees a glimpse of his friend, that he hadn't seen since the last time they had actually met in person and couldn't help but smile at some of the memories that it stirred up.

"Okay, I'm listening Nick, but you know that I don't respond well to threats, so choose your words carefully and I still want those names." Maggie then states in a firm and serious tone, after watching her friend walking back over and handing her a glass of wine, which she takes a sip off and relaxes back into the chair, as he does the same.

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