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Love Conquers All

by Flaming Matt

Chapter 29

December 2015

"Is everything okay Mr Walker?" Mr Morgan asks in a curious tone, after looking over and seeing the two boys having what seemed like a heated discussion and he couldn't help but be a little concerned by the look on Matt's face and was considering whether he needed to do something or not.

"It's fine Sir, we're just talking about our..." Ben starts to respond, as he tries to do some quick damage control, but when he feels his fiancé standing up and tipping his chair over in the process, he couldn't help but trail off in shock for a few seconds. "I was joking Matt, it was a joke, we're still singing together, it was a joke." He then quickly states in a panicked and desperate tone, as he stares at his fiancé pleadingly and reaches out for his hand.

"What?" Matt quickly asks in response, as he stares at his fiancé in confusion and then looks around the class, to see that everyone was staring at them and he couldn't help but feel even more confused.

"It was just a joke Matt, I was trying to be funny and er... well I er... wasn't." Ben quickly responds in a nervous and slightly embarrassed tone, as he tries to ignore the fact that the whole class was staring at them now and just concentrate on his fiancé and hopefully avoid him having a freak out.

"Did I do something?" Matt then asks as he realises that he was actually holding his cane up and found himself feeling a little dizzy and disorientated.

"Okay, okay class, I want you all to sit down and be quiet for a few moments please." Mr Morgan quickly decides to say in as professional a tone as he could manage, after giving the boys a few moments to try and sort whatever happened out between them, but as the other boys started to get a bit louder, he knew he had to take control. "Ben, do you need to take Matt outside the classroom for a few minutes?" He then asks in a caring tone, as he tries to figure out the best way to deal with what happened, because he knew something almost happened and while didn't know just how close Matt had just come to freaking out, he knew it was a possibility.

"Okay Sir er... sorry, I mean just for a few minutes, yeah." Ben responds in a distracted tone, as he struggles to take his eyes off his fiancé, whose reaction was really worrying him and even though he seemed to snap out of it quickly, the way he had looked at him and raised his cane, he knew that he had almost attacked him and it had been a long time since his fiancé had been violent.

"Did I do something?" Matt then repeats as he gets even more confused, as tries to remember what had happened, which actually started to worry him, because it had been a long time since he had had an attack and not been able to remember what happened, although the fact he could see that no one was hurt, was stopping him from breaking down completely.

"Matt, it's okay, you just got a little angry and we can talk about it outside, okay." Ben quickly states in as calm a tone as he could manage, as he begins to lead his fiancé towards the door and while he was still worried and felt awful about upsetting him, he could tell that he would be okay and that was the main thing.

"Wesley, Tobias can you sit back down please, I know he is your friend and brother, but I want you to sit down please." Mr Morgan states in a firm tone, as he sees the two boys starting to walk behind the other two boys and while he understood why they were doing it, he wanted to go and talk to Ben and Matt alone and not have too many of his students out in the hallway.

"Okay Sir." Wesley responds for the both of them, as he reaches down and takes his friends hand into his own and while he wanted to go and he knew his friend did as well, their teacher had given him a look and he understood what it meant and reluctantly sat back down, with his friend just as reluctantly doing the same next to him.

"The rest of you can talk among yourselves, but I want you to keep the noise down and I want you to stay seated, because I don't want to open the door and see you all standing near it, do I make myself clear?" Mr Morgan then states in an authoritative tone, as he looks at the class and while he knew they were likely to move out of their seats and probably discuss what had just happened, he was still expecting them to be respectful and do as they were told.

"Yes Sir!" The class responds quickly in unison, before settling down and watching as their teacher leads the other boys out of the classroom.

"He's my brother." Tobias half mumbles in an annoyed tone, after waiting for their teacher to walk out of the room and giving his friend a half hearted glare for agreeing to them staying in the classroom.

"I know, but he looked okay and Ben is with him and if he was worried, then he would have told you to go with them, he's done it before and Mr Morgan is our friend, so he wouldn't ask us to stay in here, unless he thought it was for the best." Wesley decides to say in a reassuring tone, as he gives his friends thigh a gentle squeeze on the table and while it was innocent, he couldn't help but blush a little bit at the way his friend looked at him in surprise.

"Fine!" Tobias responds with a slightly shy smile, as he feels his friends hand on his thigh and despite what had just happened and how annoyed he was, he couldn't help but feel a little embarrassed after feeling himself reacting to the touch.

"Come on, don't be like that Tobias, please." Wesley then decides to say with a sweet smile and while he knew it was a little bit cheeky, he wanted to try and distract his friend and when he sees him smiling at him, he quickly returns it.

"Fine!" Tobias quickly responds with a cheeky grin, before taking another quick glance at the door and then looking back at his friend. "How's Carter?" He then decides to ask, as he tries to take his mind of his brother and when he sees his friends eyes light up a little, he couldn't help but feel a little warm inside, because he knew what that meant and he was so happy that his friends were back together and as he listened to his friends response, he could feel himself relaxing more and more

"I didn't expect to find you in here." Gordon states in a caring tone, after walking into the garage and watching his son using the punching bag for a few minutes. "Alex, stop for a minute please." He then states in a slightly firmer tone, after getting no response from his son and actually sees him hitting the punching bag even harder than before.

"I'm fine Dad." Alex states in frustration, after taking a few moments to look over to his dad, before turning back to his punching bag and resuming his routine.

"Alex, I won't ask you again." Gordon then states in a stern tone and while he knew what his son was trying to do, he needed to talk with him about what had happened earlier and while he couldn't tell him everything, he thought it would still help him and seeing how wound up and upset he was right now, made him want to try even more.

"What's the point Dad? You heard what he said and how he reacted to what happened, so what's the point?" Alex quickly asks in a frustrated and defeated tone, as he turns to his dad and just stares at him sadly, he loved his boyfriend and he knew he should be strong, but he could see it was pointless and what ever his former best friend had done to his boyfriend, it had worked and there was nothing he could do to fix it.

"Well firstly, the point is that you love him Alex, secondly, I believe that he still loves you and the fact that he came here at all today and by his own free will, shows that he at the very least, is not shut off from those feelings completely and thirdly Alex, he asked me to tell you that he was sorry for what he said and that he doesn't want to hurt you, but he's just confused and needs more time." Gordon responds in a serious tone, as he maintains eye contact with his son and while he may have bent the truth a little bit on the third point, it wasn't a lie and he didn't think it would do any harm.

"But he doesn't even want to be gay." Alex then states in a dismissive tone and while his dads words sounded reassuring and it did give him hope, he just didn't know if he could keep being rejected over and over again by his boyfriend and even thinking of him as his boyfriend was starting to get to him as well, because he seemed to barely be able to look at him, let alone let him touch him, even if it was just holding hands.

"It didn't stop you before Alex." Gordon then quickly responds, before feeling a little awkward as he realises what he had just said and even though he completely accepted his sons sexuality and the fact that he had had a boyfriend, it was still a little strange to talk about and even stranger to try and help his son get his boyfriend back.

"What?" Alex responds in a surprised tone, as he continues to stare at his dad and he couldn't help but notice how awkward he looked now and wasn't really sure how to react.

"Oh what the hell." Gordon states with a sigh, as he looks at his son and despite his own slight discomfort, he couldn't help but smile at his reaction to what he had just said. "Alex, from what I remember and this wasn't that long ago, you were in love with Peter a long time before he fell in love with you and I seem to remember a few conversations where it was clear that Peter wasn't really interested in liking boys or even girls and yet you didn't give up and you were prepared to just be friends until he decided how he really felt about you." He then says with a sincere smile, as he puts his own discomfort aside and just concentrates on why he had interrupted his sons routine in the first place.

"But that's different Dad, it's not the same this time." Alex responds in a dejected tone, after taking a few moments to think about his dads words and while it should have helped him, it just reminded him of what he had lost and he just didn't believe he would get his boyfriend back any more.

"Why not?" Gordon asks in a surprised tone, as he looks at his son and wonders why he had suddenly given up.

"Because he loved me Dad!" Alex almost shouts in response, as he thinks about everything and how it was never going to be okay again. "He loved me Dad and he doesn't even remember, I don't care if he has amnesia and stuff, he remembers everything else, but he doesn't remember me or how he felt about me and... and..." He then states in a lost and sad tone, as he tries to put how he felt into words, but as hard as he tried he just couldn't do it and when he feels himself being pulled into his dads arms, he just trails off and holds on to him tightly.

"He doesn't remember everything else Alex, he talked to me in the car as I dropped him off and he admitted that he doesn't remember much from the past couple of years and when he woke up, he thought that he was ten and even though he knows he is twelve now, he doesn't remember much about the last two years and even your friends are a bit of a mystery to him, so it's not just you Alex and you just need to give him time, because he will remember, you just have to be patient." Gordon decides to say in a reassuring tone, after spending almost five minutes just holding his son tightly and while he didn't have any magic answers that would make everything okay, he did know that his son just needed to stay strong and not give up and he was determined to help him do that.

"He thought he was ten?" Alex quickly asks in a slightly muffled tone, as he thinks about what his dad had just said and while he was still feeling sorry for himself, he couldn't help but be a little curious about it and slowly pulls away from his dad, so that he could see his face.

"That's what he told me, but he did say that he remembers some things and every day he remembers a little bit more, like your friends, because when you told him to phone them in the hospital and mentioned Carter in particular, he didn't quite know who you meant, because while he knew a Carter, there is only one in your school after all, he didn't remember being his friend and the same with your other friends, so it fits in with why he is only struggling to remember recent memories." Gordon answers as best as he could and while he knew he didn't do a great job of explaining it, he could see that it had calmed his son down a little bit.

"But it still means he doesn't remember me or that he was my boyfriend Dad." Alex then states in a reluctant tone, he knew his dad was trying to help and in a way, he was a little bit, but it didn't fix anything and his boyfriend still didn't remember them being together.

"Alex, I don't have any magic answers or something to make how you feel go away and I know I have said this already, but he came here today on his own, no one invited him, no one told him to come, he asked to come here and considering how scared he was of you when he was in the hospital, I believe that him wanting to spend time with you, is a good sign and while it isn't quite what you want, the fact he wanted to be here, means that whatever Jarred tried to tell him about you, he is starting to realise that it was a lie and he still cares about you Alex, even if he doesn't know how much just yet." Gordon responds in a sincere tone and again, while he knew he could have done a better job, he could see that it had helped his son a little bit more and that was all that mattered right now.

"But he went home and he looked really angry Dad, you heard him." Alex then says in a frustrated tone, as he thinks about his boyfriends reaction to what had happened and how he wanted to go home straight away and for him, that said a lot more than anything his dad had said so far, even if he was grateful for him trying to make him feel better.

"I did and I already told you that he asked me to apologise to you for him, because he knew it hurt you Alex and while it doesn't sound like a lot, it really is, because he cared enough about how you were feeling, to feel guilty and want to apologise and that means something Alex, that means that even though he doesn't remember you being boyfriends, those feelings are still there and like I've said a few times already, you just need to give him time and if you love him, then you will wait for as long as it takes." Gordon quickly responds and this time he knew he had done a better job and he could see the small smile forming on his sons face and knew that at the very least, he had managed to reassure him enough to not give up just yet.

"I love you Dad." Alex quickly says in a sincere and loving tone, as he quickly wraps his arms around his dads waist and cuddles him tightly.

"I love you too Son, but why don't you finish up your routine and then take a shower and finish any homework you have left, because it's your turn to cook tonight and time is getting on a little bit." Gordon responds with a proud smile, as he holds his son and while he still had his moments, he wouldn't change him for the world and it was moments like this, that just made him proud to be a father.

"Okay Dad." Alex then says in a slightly bashful tone, as he lets go of his dad and steps back a few steps.

"I will see you in a little while." Gordon then says with the same proud smile, before turning around and walking out of the garage and to the living room.

"Are you sure you're okay Matthew?" Mr Morgan asks again and while he knew he was probably annoying the boy now, he had to make sure before deciding whether or not to let them back into the classroom or telling them to go to the library or outside to give them a bit more time.

"Just be honest Matt, he's not going to let us go back in if you lie." Ben decides to say, after looking at their teacher and seeing the look in his eyes and he knew there was no point in his fiancé lying, everyone had seen what happened.

"I feel okay now." Matt quickly responds in a slightly frustrated tone and while he knew they were just worried about him, it was still annoying to keep being asked the same thing. "Seriously, I feel fine, I mean I was confused and a little dizzy for a while, but I know what happened now and I just feel embarrassed, everyone saw what happened and they're going to be staring at me now." He then states in an honest tone, as he sighs and just decides to be completely honest, after seeing the unconvinced look on both his teachers and fiancé's face and realising that if he wanted this to be over, then it would be quicker to just tell the truth.

"Thank you Matthew and I think it would be best if you both either go to the library or outside for a little while and I will let your friend and brother know where to find you after class is over." Mr Morgan then decides to suggest in a professional tone and while he felt a little uncomfortable talking to them like this, they were at school and he had to act professionally at all times, even if he did just want to give them both a comforting cuddle.

"But what about our duet?" Ben quickly protests in a surprised tone, as he realises what their teacher had said and what that meant.

"So you want to sing a duet now?" Matt then quickly retorts sarcastically, before holding his hand over his mouth and looks at his fiancé guiltily.

"I think that answers that question Benjamin." Mr Morgan then says in a sympathetic tone, as he gives both boys a warm smile and while he thought it might do them both good to sing together, Matt's response just proved that he needed a bit more time to compose himself and settle down and he could tell by their expressions now, that they knew he was right.

"Sorry." Ben then says in a meek tone, as he looks at his fiancé and takes a hold of his hands, he just couldn't believe how badly his little joke had gone and he couldn't believe he was stupid enough to try do it in the first place, especially after his fiancé had broken down earlier in the day, but as he starts to get angry at himself, he feels his hands being pushed away and then his face being cupped in his fiancé's hands.

"You're a complete dumb ass, a really, really big dumb ass, but I'm okay and I'm not mad..." Matt decides to say from the heart, before looking into his fiancé's eyes and grinning. "Okay, I'm mad and you pretty much embarrassed me in front of our whole class, but we're okay and..." He then begins to say with a sincere smile, before grinning and pulling his fiancé's head next to his own. "And when we get home, our bet is over and I get the weekend to be in charge of you and you're going to have so much fun." He then whispers into his ear, before pulling away and stepping back a couple of steps, with an even bigger grin, as he sees the look on his fiancé's face and knew he understood exactly what he meant.

"Well, I'm going to let the language go this time boys, but time is getting on and I have a class to finish teaching, so I expect you to either go to the library or outside and no where else." Mr Morgan then decides to state in a slightly amused tone and while he had tried to stay professional, he just couldn't help it when it came to them and when he sees the appreciation on their faces, he felt himself relaxing even more.

"Thank you Sir and we promise not to go anywhere else, we want Wesley and Tobias to be able to find us, so we promise." Matt quickly responds in an appreciative tone, after seeing that his fiancé was still obviously a little distracted by what he had whispered to him a few moments ago and couldn't help but find it a little sexy.

"Get going then and don't forget your detention Matthew, so I will see you after school and yes, that means that if your brother and Benjamin would like a lift home, they can wait outside my office while we have a little chat." Mr Morgan then states with an expectant look and while he was being serious, he smiles at the boys face and knew that they had both forgotten about the detention already.

"Okay Sir and I will call Mum to let her know you will be driving us home." Matt responds in a slightly downhearted tone and while he would never use his problems to get out of being punished, he was kind of hoping that his teacher would let him off this one time, but at least they would all be getting a lift home, which he didn't mind so much and would mean that he didn't have to walk so far, he was pretty tired and after having two freak outs, he didn't really want to struggle getting home and then aching for a while afterwards.

"Good, good, now get going and remember, it's not Benjamin's fault that he is a dumb ass." Mr Morgan quickly states with a grin and while again he knew he should be professional, he could help it and he really did care for the boys and the look on both their faces right now was just priceless, but instead of waiting for either to respond, he decides to stand up straight and walk back into the classroom.

"He's so cool." Matt states with a grin and even though he was still feeling a little sorry for himself, he had to admit that their teacher had cheered him up and as he looks at his fiancé, he couldn't help but giggle a little bit at his expression.

"Did he just call me a dumb ass?" Ben asks in a stunned tone and while it wouldn't be the first time their teacher had played around with them like this, it was the first time he had done it at school and he wasn't quite sure how to feel about it.

"Well, you're blonde." Matt quickly retorts teasingly, as he takes his fiancé's hand into his own and begins to lead him to the nearest exit, so that they could sit outside for a little while and talk about what had happened, while at the same time, trying his best to not laugh at his fiancé's expressions.

"And you're so fucking dead." Ben retorts himself in a playful tone, before giving his fiancé a gentle nudge and giggles as he stumbles a little bit and while it was a little risky, especially given what had just happened, he could tell that his fiancé was okay and hearing him giggle himself, just made him feel even surer that he would be okay now.

"Come on, let's just get outside and then sit down and cuddle for a while." Matt decides to suggest, after giggling for a few more moments and taking his fiancé's hand back into his own. "We can talk about everything Ben, but I just want to cuddle for a bit first, please." He then states with a sweet smile, as he sees his fiancé's expression and knew he was going to say something and decided to just be honest and let him know that he did want to talk about it, because it had rattled him and he couldn't just pretend that he was okay, because he knew he wasn't.

"Okay, but er... well lunch is in like twenty minutes Matt, so we can't cuddle for too long." Ben responds in a slightly reluctant tone, he loved cuddling with his fiancé, they both loved cuddling each other, but they did need to talk about what happened and he wanted to try and do it before everyone else came out for lunch.

"I know, but we can cuddle for a few minutes, it will help Ben." Matt then says with a small smile, as they reach the door and couldn't help but smile even more when his fiancé holds it open for him and gives his bum a little swat as he limps through it, like he always did when no one else was around and he loved it.

"Okay and let's sit over on that bench, it's not next to any classrooms and we will be able to see when people start to come outside." Ben decides to suggest, after looking around and thinking about the best place to sit would be, because they didn't want to be overheard and they needed to see if someone was coming, so that they would have time to compose themselves if they needed to.

"And it's in the shade." Matt responds with a warm smile and while he knew that they were going to be talking about some serious stuff soon, he wanted to just enjoy just being themselves for a few minutes and be in each others arms and happily follows his fiancé over to the bench and sits down with him, while enjoying the feeling of his arm wrapping around his back and pulling him into his body.

"You look surprised." Maggie states in a slightly amused tone, as she sits across from her friend and sees his expression as he takes in what she had just told him.

"I have to admit, I wasn't expecting something like this, but it's acceptable and will guarantee your families safety." Nick responds with a calculating expression, as he tries to figure out if he was missing something obvious, because while it pretty much covered what they had asked of her, it was still surprising to hear his friends actual plan.

"It better more than guarantee it Nick, I'm giving up everything for their safety, so I want them protected as well as just being left alone and that protection includes Peter and his family for as long as he is with my son." Maggie quickly states in a serious tone and although the way her friend tensed up slightly at the mention of her son and the other boy being together, made her a little worried, she was confident enough in her plan, to follow through with her demands.

"That will take some convincing, but if you follow through with your plan and deliver, then I don't think they will be any issues, nothing I wouldn't be able to deal with." Nick responds carefully, as he thinks about what she was asking and whether it was possible, because while it wouldn't be the first time they had done something similar, protecting homosexuals, was definitely not what the organisation was built for, but in certain situations, it was to it's benefit and if they could tie up the loose ends from all this mess, it would be worth the price.

"Don't just think Nick, I'm giving up my family and freedom for this, they will both hate me and there is no way back into their lives once it happens." Maggie states in a slightly strained tone, as she struggles to maintain her composure, especially since she knew just how true her words were, she would be lucky to earn their trust back right now, but if she did this, then it could never be earned back ever again.

"We're aware... I am aware of what you're giving up Maggie, so believe me when I say, your demands are being taken seriously and will be honoured and once I speak to the other members, we will do what we can to make sure you're as comfortable as possible, although you already know that even our reach, will be limited by what you will be sentenced for." Nick responds in a calm and honest tone, as he thinks about her plan again and while it ticked all the boxes, he was still surprised by it and knew there were other options, options that would be a lot safer and better for his friend, but he wasn't going to argue with her or change her mind, he knew her too well for that and for whatever reason, she had chosen this plan and that was the end of it.

"I'm well aware of that Nick and believe me, while there are other options, I have my reasons for choosing this one and that's the end of it." Maggie states firmly and while she had considered other options, this was the only way, if it all played out how she had planned, she was able to hopefully help her son reunite with Peter and while she still had her own issues with homosexuality, he was her son and seeing how the other boy was struggling after his amnesia to remember their relationship, convinced her that this was the best way to help, while also securing their safety, even if she would lose everything, she had decided many, many months ago, that her son came first.

"I know you too well to ever try and change your mind Maggie, although your plan for... well you know what for, it might not even work, you know that right?" Nick then asks, as he let his curiosity take over for a few minutes, he may not approve and he certainly found himself losing a lot of respect for his friend over it, but when it came to family, even the organisation could be sympathetic and in that respect, he could understand her choices, but he was still surprised she was giving up so much, for something that might not even work.

"I'm well aware of that Nick, but I have faith in my son and when the moment comes, he will do what I know he will do and what happens after that, well that's up to them and either way, you will get what you want and the loose ends will be dealt with." Maggie responds in a firm tone and while she would miss her son and even her husband, this was the best option she had and even if he never knew what she had done for him, at least her son would be happy and she could live with that.

"Fair enough and while we may be limited in what we can do for you Maggie, times change and opportunities arise, so one day, we could meet again and remember what else I told you before, if you pull this off, then there will always be a place for you, just not in New Zealand." Nick then decides to say with a slight smirk, as he stands up and looks around the apartment, before settling back on his friend. "We won't see each other for a long time Maggie, but I will be keeping an eye on you, I may disapprove of your choices and your son in particular, but we're friends and you have my support." He then states in a sincere tone, before giving his friend one last smile and walking towards the door and leaving through it.

"If you say sorry one more time, I swear for the next week, I won't let you cum and you better bet your cute butt, that I will be edging you as much as possible." Matt threatens with a grin, although he was dead serious and from the look on his fiancé's face, he knew he knew just how serious he was being, even if they were both grinning right now.

"Fine, but it still sucks, I was looking forward to our duet and I ruined it." Ben responds with a smile, which falters slightly as he thinks about his stupid little joke and wondering what he was thinking at the time.

"Yeah, you did Ben, but it's not like it was going to be graded and we sing together at home, so I'm not that bothered, I prefer it when it's just the two of us, it's more intimate." Matt decides to say in a soft tone, as he enjoys being in his fiancé's arms and while they had been talking about him freaking out, he felt like they had talked about it enough now and he was genuinely feeling better and just wanted to spend the rest of their time alone relaxing.

"We're alone right now." Ben responds with a grin, which widens when he sees the look on his fiancé's face and knew that he had caught him by surprise and while he was kind of just half joking, he was actually thinking about it now and he was hoping he could get him to sing something, singing always helped calm him down and even though their talk had gone well, he thought it was worth trying to convince him.

"We don't have microphones Ben." Matt quickly decides to point out, before frowning slightly as he thinks about how he hadn't actually dismissed the idea and was a little surprised that he felt himself getting a little excited, it had been a while since he sung something outside and while no one else was around, it would still feel different than when they sang together in their home.

"We don't have them at home Matt." Ben quickly counters with a wider grin, after picking up straight away that his fiancé hadn't actually said no and he was now sure he could get him to sing something and had a couple of songs in mind already to suggest.

"Well we don't have any music and it would sound weird without music." Matt counters himself, after taking a few moments to think it over in his head and while he wasn't that keen, he was definitely tempted and they could both use a little fun right now, even if he did feel fine now.

"We have our phones and I have a couple of suggestions for you to sing." Ben quickly responds in a serious tone, as he tries his best to not to laugh at the look on his fiancé's face and knew that he had caught him by surprise again.

"For me to sing? On my own?" Matt quickly asks in response, as he stares at his fiancé in surprise and while he wasn't completely against it, he assumed he would suggest singing together and not just him singing on his own to him.

"Well I sung in front of a bunch of strangers last week in the middle of town, so yeah, I want you to sing to me and I know which song I want you to sing as well now." Ben answers with a smirk and while he wasn't sure he had the song on his phone, he knew it would only take a few minutes to find it online and even a version with just the music, so it would sound even better when his fiancé was singing.

"I don't know, we're in the playground Ben." Matt responds in a less than enthusiastic tone, as he looks around and while it was empty and they weren't next to any classrooms, he was sure that if he started singing, someone will hear them and he didn't want to draw any attention to himself, he'd done enough of that today already.

"And like I said, the middle of town Matt, the middle of the town." Ben quickly retorts with a grin and while his fiancé sounded less than impressed, he could see a small smile creeping up on his face and he knew that he had him and that he didn't really have to say anything else and quickly starts to find the music on his phone to the song he had chosen.

"Fine, so what's the song and it better be good, because I'm not singing something embarrassing or cheesy Ben, so no joking around and I mean it." Matt then decides to state in a serious tone and while he knew he was probably being a bit over the top, he wanted his fiancé to be serious and after what happened earlier, he wasn't in the mood for games right now.

"You're so cute when you get all serious." Ben quickly retorts in a distracted tone, before quickly looking up at his fiancé, after feeling him pulling away from him and then standing up. "Sorry, I was just finding the music for it, it's that Hozier song 'Take me to Church' it's a good song and I know you know the words to it." He then quickly states in a more serious tone and while they normally enjoyed teasing each other, he knew he shouldn't risk it right now and it was obvious his fiancé wasn't in the mood for it either.

"Okay, that's actually pretty good, but I need to have a look at the lyrics first." Matt responds in a slightly surprised tone, as he thinks about the song and while he felt a bit stupid singing it in the empty playground, it was a good song and he liked it, he just couldn't remember all the words off the top of his head and quickly pulls out his phone to look them up.

"Stand a few feet back as well, then I can see you and er... well enjoy it more." Ben then suggests in a slightly awkward tone, as he gets his words muddled up and quickly blushes a little bit, after seeing the amused look on his fiancé's face and knew he had made himself look a little stupid. "Oh shut up and start singing already." He then states with a mock pout, as his fiancé continues to stare at him in amusement and despite not wanting to give him the satisfaction, he lost and he knew it.

"My lover's got humour
She's the giggle at a funeral

Knows everybody's disapproval
I should've worshipped her sooner

If the Heavens ever did speak
She is the last true mouthpiece

Every Sunday's getting more bleak
A fresh poison each week

'We were born sick,' you heard them say it

My church offers no absolutes

She tells me 'worship in the bedroom'

The only heaven I'll be sent to
Is when I'm alone with you

I was born sick, but I love it
Command me to be well
Amen. Amen. Amen."

Unknown to either of the boys, they are being watched and as Jordan stops just out of sight, he couldn't help but be surprised to see where the music was coming from and even though he was tempted to interrupt his friends, he decided to just stand and enjoy the song, which was one of his favourite and he knew his girlfriend liked it too.

"Take me to church
I'll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies

I'll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife

Offer me that deathless death
Good God, let me give you my life

Take me to church
I'll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies

I'll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife

Offer me that deathless death
Good God, let me give you my life

If I'm a pagan of the good times
My lover's the sunlight

To keep the Goddess on my side

She demands a sacrifice

To drain the whole sea

Get something shiny

Something meaty for the main course
That's a fine looking high horse
What you got in the stable?

We've a lot of starving faithful

That looks tasty
That looks plenty
This is hungry work."

Still standing and watching his friends, he couldn't help but feel a little awkward now, it was obvious that no one else was around and the spot they were at, was pretty much out of the way of any classrooms and as he looked at Ben's expression, he realised that this was a private meeting, but as much as he wanted to leave, he had to go and see the nurse and the only other way he could go, was the way he had just came and that would mean walking back past the classroom he had just come from and if he did that and his teacher saw him, he would have to explain why and he didn't want to have to do that, especially since he had no idea why his two friends weren't in class themselves.

"Take me to church
I'll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies

I'll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife

Offer me that deathless death
Good God, let me give you my life

Take me to church
I'll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies

I'll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife

Offer me that deathless death
Good God, let me give you my life

No masters or kings when the ritual begins
There is no sweeter innocence than our gentle sin

In the madness and soil of that sad earthly scene

Only then I am human
Only then I am clean

Amen. Amen. Amen

Take me to church
I'll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies

I'll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife

Offer me that deathless death
Good God, let me give you my life

Take me to church
I'll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies

I'll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife

Offer me that deathless death
Good God, let me give you my life."

"Fucking hell, I forgot how good you were Matt." Jordan states in an amazed and sincere tone, as his friend finishes singing and while he had wanted to sneak away, he couldn't help letting his friend know how good he was, even if he knew he was probably intruding on something intimate.

"Jordan?" Matt quickly responds in a surprised tone and while he hadn't jumped, his friend speaking out of nowhere, had definitely scared him a little bit, but thankfully not enough to freak him out and when he feels his fiancé's arms wrapping around his waist from behind, he quickly settles back down and relaxes.

"Sorry mate, but I kind of didn't know what to do, I didn't think anyone else would be out here and then I heard something and then I saw you and wow, seriously Matt wow!" Jordan responds himself, as he continues to stare at his friend and while he had heard him before, several times, this was different and again, he couldn't help but feel like he had walked into something private and personal between his two friends and was hoping he hadn't ruined the moment.

"Well er... cheers, I guess." Matt then says in a slightly awkward tone, as he recovers from the surprise and realises what his friend had just said and despite getting better at dealing with compliments, he still had moments where he just found himself feeling embarrassed and not quite sure how to react.

"What are you doing out here though, shouldn't you be in History with Carter?" Ben decides to ask in a curious tone, while doing his best to sound serious, because despite his fiancé's obvious bashfulness, he could see how much their friends compliment had meant to him and knew he would appreciate him changing the subject.

"I could ask you two the same thing, shouldn't you be in music with your brother and Wesley?" Jordan quickly counters with a small smirk, before kicking himself mentally as he realises that he was being a bit of a jerk and wondered why he hadn't just answered his friends question like a normal kid would, although the look on both his friends faces, quickly let him know that they at least found it amusing and quickly relaxed again.

"We'll tell you later, but seriously Jordan, why aren't you in class?" Ben asks in response and while their friends response was a little annoying, it was just how he was and it would be weird if he wasn't a jerk at least some of the time.

"I kind of tripped a little and grabbed a table to stop myself falling and hurt my wrist a little bit, so I'm just heading to the nurse to check it's okay." Jordan answers honestly and with a small smile, as he again wonders why he couldn't have just said that in the first place and even though he knew his friends and even his girlfriend found it amusing when he acted like a jerk, he just felt embarrassed by it and really tried his best to avoid it as much as possible.

"Is it broken?" Matt quickly decides to ask in a concerned tone, as he looks down at his friends hand and while it looked a little red, it didn't look so bad and as he thought about it, his friend didn't look like he was in any real pain, which actually made him a little bit confused because it seemed pointless going to a nurse if it wasn't hurting that much.

"Nah, I doubt it's even sprained to be honest, it only hurts a little bit." Jordan responds honestly and while he could have played the injury up, it really wasn't that painful at all and as he looked at his friend and his cane, he knew it would be both stupid and pathetic, if he tried to act like it was a big deal, because in comparison, it didn't even come close to being an issue.

"You got sent the nurse for that?" Ben then quickly asks in a sceptical and surprised tone, as he thinks about it a little bit more and it wasn't often someone got sent to the nurse and when they did, it was usually for something serious and looking at his friends wrist, it really didn't look that serious at all.

"Yeah, what's that all about Jordan?" Matt decides to ask as well, as he remembers the times he had been sent to the nurse and it was always for something serious and he had seen others try to fake an injury and end up getting detention for wasting the nurses time and he didn't think their friend would risk that.

"It's Mr Roberts..." Jordan begins to respond, before sighing as his friend interrupts him and while he was tempted to interrupt him straight away himself, he decided to just listen and answer their obvious question afterwards.

"The gym teacher? What's he got to do with sending you to the nurse when you were in History?" Ben quickly asks in a confused tone, as he thinks about what his friend had just said. "Okay, okay, I know, sorry." He then states in a slightly embarrassed tone, as he sees the look on their friends face and knew that if he had just kept his mouth shut, then he would know the answer by now.

"Like I was saying, Mr Roberts has all the other teachers watching out for me, because..." Jordan then begins to explain again, before pausing as his friend starts to interrupt him again. "Because, the end of year swim meet is coming up and he wants me in top condition, so anything that could affect my chances, I have to get checked out and take it seriously." he then quickly states with an unimpressed expression, after cutting his friend off from interrupting him and despite not really being bothered by it, his friends didn't have to know that and it was a little funny seeing them look embarrassed.

"Shit, so he's really taking that swimming thing seriously then?" Ben decides to ask in a slightly embarrassed tone, he knew it was rude to interrupt people, especially when it was pointless and could feel himself blushing a little bit.

"Yeah, he wants to win, well the team to get as many medals as possible and that's kind of cool, but honestly, getting sent to the nurse because I banged my wrist, it's a little over the top and embarrassing, I mean don't get me wrong, getting out of class is awesome, but the novelty wears off guys, especially when the other guys start taking the piss, which while actually funny some times, is just annoying as well." Jordan responds honestly and while he was quite proud of the fact his coach thought he was going to do well at the swim meet, he would prefer him to not treat him like a baby and have all his team mates and friends taking the piss out of him.

"Well it must mean that he thinks you will do well, otherwise he wouldn't bother." Matt then decides to say with a smile, while feeling a little unsure of what he should say, because Wesley had made it clear that Mr Roberts wanted Jordan to be self motivated, so he didn't want to let anything slip and affect how he approaches the swim meet and he could tell that his fiancé felt the same way.

"I guess so, but I don't need all this crap, I'm going to do my best and I want to beat my personal bests and if I do that, then I should win most of my races, I've trained hard enough, which trust me, isn't easy when you have a girlfriend, especially when she comes with me sometimes and whispers stuff in my ear before I start." Jordan responds with a wry smile, as he thinks about his girlfriend and some of the things she had told him and despite how naughty and exciting they were most of the time, it was a little distracting at times and caused him a few issues that his speedos did little to help hide.

"What kind of stuff?" Ben quickly asks in response, as he grins at their friend and could see him blush a little bit, which just confirmed what he was thinking.

"Ha! You wish and besides, I already told you why I'm not in class, so come on, your turn guys." Jordan quickly retorts with a grin and despite being a little embarrassed by what he had told them about his girlfriend, he didn't care that much and was more interested in why his friends weren't in class.

"It's up to you." Ben then says, as he gives his fiancé's waist a reassuring squeeze, after deciding that it was up to him if he wanted to tell their friend and then talk about it.

"Oh crap, if it's private, you don't have to tell me." Jordan then quickly says in a guilty tone, as he sees his friends face drop and quickly realises that something had happened and guessed that it must have been a freak out or something like that, Carter had told him about what had happened earlier in the toilets and he couldn't help but feel bad for asking now.

"Nah, it's okay, just don't interrupt me and don't make a big deal out of it, because I'm fine now." Matt responds in a slightly reluctant tone, but when he feels his fiancé's arms tightening around his waist again, he remembers what they had talked about and he knew it would help him if he opened up about his attacks to his friends more.

"I promise." Jordan responds in a slightly nervous tone, but as his sees his other friends expression, he quickly changes his own expression and tries to look as normal as he can, although as his friend begins to talk about what happened, he found it hard to maintain and not just walk up to him and cuddle him.

The Next Day

"Yeah, it's happened a few times and you always laughed about it." Ben responds honestly and while he wasn't sure how he should approach the conversation at first, feeling his fiancé squeezing his hand, made him realise that he should just be honest and not try and lie to make their other friend look better.

"I kind of think I remember it happening before and I think I remember you being their too Ben." Peter then decides to say in an unsure tone, as he looks at his two friends sitting together and holding hands, which at first had made him feel uncomfortable, but the longer they talked, the more he realised that it didn't bother him at all and if anything, there was something familiar about it.

"Well I've seen you do it twice Peter and trust me, even you laughed, I mean don't get me wrong, I suck using the skipping ropes like that too, but I've never smacked myself in the face with the handles, although I've been close more than once or twice to falling flat on my face." Ben then says in an amused tone, as he thinks about how many times he had almost tripped over, before vowing to Alex, that he will never touch the skipping ropes again.

"So I really am accident prone." Peter then says with a small smile, before sighing as he thinks about how embarrassing that must be and he guessed, was going to be from now on.

"Yep, even our parents try and make sure there is nothing you can trip over when you come round Peter, although they can't do much about things you can walk into." Matt decides to say with a grin and while he wasn't sure what mood their friend was in, he was going to try and keep things light, because he could guess from his own experiences, that he could probably do without people hassling him about the other stuff going on, especially when it comes to Alex.

"You never let it bother you though Peter and while you were a little embarrassed to begin with, especially with us after just becoming our friend, you basically just said fuck it and just embraced it, which was kind of cool to be honest." Ben decides to add, as he watches their friend thinking over his fiancé's words and he could tell that he wasn't quite sure how to feel about it and was hoping that by just being honest, they could help him remember a little more of the last couple of years and the last few months in particular.

"Alex said the same thing." Peter then says in a quiet tone, before sighing again as he thinks about the other boy and how confusing the whole thing was, because he knew they were boyfriends now, well he still didn't remember, but he wasn't stupid and even his parents had told him that they were close, even if he could sense how reluctant they seemed to be around the subject, it did just make it more believable.

"Come on, we agreed, no talking about Alex directly, don't make us throw you in the pool." Ben quickly states with a grin, although inside he felt a little guilty towards Alex, because while they wanted to try and help out with the boyfriend thing, they had promised Peter that they wouldn't talk about all of that, even if their friend had brought him up himself.

"And we will strip you first, well down to your briefs anyway." Matt quickly adds with a grin of his own, which widens when their friends face goes bright red and knew that he had forgotten about their earlier playful threat.

"So you really aren't going to try and convince me that I should be his boyfriend?" Peter then decides to ask, after taking a few moments to compose himself and while he wasn't completely sure if his friends were being serious, he definitely didn't want to find out, especially since he was wearing tighty whiteys today and he was sure they would make fun of him for wearing them, Jarred had told him a few times when he was in the shed, that tighty whiteys were for little kids.

"We promised, didn't we." Ben responds honestly and while it was still tempting to break that promise, he and his fiancé had agreed to avoid the subject and unless their friend brought it up himself and was serious about wanting to talk about it, then they weren't going to break their promise to him.

"Yeah, but I wasn't sure, because people keep telling me things and promising me, but they end up telling me about Alex anyway and how we acted around each other." Peter responds in a frustrated tone, before giving both his friends a surprised and slightly suspicious look, when they both stand up and grin at him.

"Okay, you're going in the water." Matt quickly states and while this was a little risky and the last thing they wanted to do was upset their friend, he and his fiancé agree that it was worth the risk and it wasn't like they hadn't done this to him before and it might even help jog his memory.

"No! No, stay away." Peter quickly states in a defensive and nervous tone, as he gets up and backs away from his friends and the pool. "You better not, I will tell." He then says weakly, as he continues to back away, but with the pool house behind him and his friends slowly cornering him, he knew he was in trouble, although as they edged close and closer, he surprised himself by not being upset and if anything, he had a strong sense of deja vu.

"Tell who?" Ben teases, as he moves a little further to the side and smiles as their friend looks at him, while his fiancé edges to the other side and then reaches out and grabs their friend, who shrieks a little in surprise.

"Get off! Get off, I will tell." Peter quickly protests with a smile, as he feels himself being grabbed from behind and them slowly dragged to the ground by his friend and realised that he had made the mistake of concentrating on his other friend. "Hey! Stop, I will get you back, I will get you back, stop it!" He then protests, as he feels himself being slowly stripped and although he tries his best, he feels his top, shorts, trainers and socks being pulled off.

"Sure you will." Ben responds sarcastically, as he and his fiancé carry their struggling friend to the side of the pool and after swinging him between them a couple of times by his hands and ankles, throw him into the pool and quickly start giggling at him flailing around and trying to right himself.

"OH MY GOD!!! OH MY GOD!!! OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!" Carter shouts out excitedly, as he opens the box and picks up the tickets inside and he just couldn't believe what they were for. "OH MY GOD!!!" He then repeats as he looks between the tickets and his boyfriend with a giant grin.

"So I take it, you like?" Wesley asks in an amused tone, as he watches his boyfriend pacing in front of him and couldn't help but feel all warm and tingly inside, he loved seeing him happy and it was even better when it was because of him.

"ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!!! THESE ARE LIKE THE BEST SEATS IN THE WHOLE CINEMA AND THEY'RE FUCKING AWESOME!!!" Carter quickly responds in an overwhelmed tone, as he continues to look at the tickets and the more he looks at them, the more he realised just how special they actually were. "OH MY FUCKING GOD, THEY'RE FOR THE PRIVATE PREMIERE, HOLY SHIT!!!" He then shouts out in amazement, as he realises that they weren't just tickets to any old screening, but to the private ones, which were almost impossible to get tickets to and he just couldn't believe it.

"It's a good thing your parents went out for a little while." Wesley states with a grin, which widens when he sees his boyfriend looking at him in confusion. "You're being a little loud and a bit of a potty mouth." He then states in an amused tone and only just about manages to stop himself laughing at his boyfriends expression, which seemed to be switching between confusion, embarrassment and excitement and he just thought it was adorable.

"HOW... HOW THE FUCK DID YOU... I mean how did you even get these, they must have sold out straight away and cost a fortune." Carter decides to ask, although he quickly blushes in embarrassment, as he realises that he was shouting and swearing again and quickly lowered his voice half way through.

"I love when you swear." Wesley teases in response, before being taken by surprise by his boyfriend and feeling himself being pushed on to his back on the bed and looking up at his boyfriend frowning at him.

"Just answer the fucking question Wesley." Carter states in a playful tone and while he had intended to sound threatening, he was just too excited and happy to mess around and he just wanted to know how his boyfriend got the tickets, because they were amazing and he had secretly been trying to get some himself, but they were all sold out and that was just for a normal ticket.

"Because whether you really believe it or not, I listen to you Carter and while I might not be that into the fantasy and sci-fi stuff like you, it's important to you, so it's important to me and I asked Jim ages ago to get me them and he knows some guys, so I've..." Wesley begins to answer with a grin, after deciding to just tell the truth and not tease his boyfriend, but as he realises what he was saying, he couldn't help but frown and little, as he thinks about his brother, although the feeling of his boyfriends lips pressing against his own, quickly distracted him from those thoughts.

"You okay?" Carter asks in a soft and caring tone, as he looks down at his boyfriend and gives him a sympathetic smile, he was still excited about his gift, but seeing how sad his boyfriend was after mentioning his brother, was more important to focus on than tickets to a film.

"A week ago, maybe not Carter, but it's okay now, well it's not okay, but I've talked to Ben, Mitch and Tobias and they've helped me a lot and it's hard to think about Jim, but he was my brother and I want to be able to talk about him sometimes, even if it makes me sad sometimes." Wesley responds honestly and while it was difficult to explain and he didn't really understand it completely himself, he knew he had to find a way to deal with what happened and he was determined not to get upset, every time he thought about his brother.

"He was a good brother and I thought he was awesome, well a bit of an idiot and a bit of a dick sometimes, but in a cool way, kind of like Jordan." Carter decides to say in response and while it was a little risky, he thought his boyfriend would appreciate what he was trying to do and from the small smile on his face, he knew it had paid off.

"Nah, Jordan is in a league of his own on that." Wesley responds with a smile and while he still felt down about his brother, he appreciated what his boyfriend had done and quickly pulls his face down and kisses him for a few seconds. "Look under your bed Beautiful." He then says with a shy smile and while he was going to wait a little longer to show his boyfriend what else he had got them, he couldn't resist and knew he would love it.

"Okay." Carter responds in a slightly suspicious tone, as he looks down at his boyfriend and gives him a curious look, before getting off him and looking under his bed. "What are these?" He then asks in a surprised tone, as he pulls out two big boxes and he couldn't help but look at his boyfriend excitedly after seeing the look on his face and knew they must be something good.

"Boxes." Wesley quickly answers with a grin, before jumping up a little on his boyfriends back and looking at him in amusement. "Oh come on, you walked right into that." He then states in an amused tone, before shifting slightly so that he was sitting crossed legged on his boyfriends bed and he couldn't wait to see his reaction.

"I suppose." Carter responds in a distracted tone, as he puts the heavier box on his bed next to his boyfriend, before opening the other one. "HOLY SHIT, NO FUCKING WAY!!!" He then shouts out, as he holds up the robes and quickly realises what he was looking at and when he looks down to see another one inside the box, he quickly squeals in excitement and knew exactly what that meant.

"So I take it I did good?" Wesley then says in a happy tone, as he sees how happy his boyfriend was and couldn't help but enjoy seeing him like this.

""DID GOOD? DID FUCKING GOOD? YOU DID FUCKING AMAZING!" Carter quickly responds excitedly, as he looks at the robes and then at his boyfriend and he couldn't help but bounce a little on his toes, this was just amazing and with the tickets, it was just perfect.

"Jeez Carter, bouncing and swearing already and you haven't even opened the other box yet." Wesley then states in a calm tone and although his heart was beating faster than he thought possible at seeing his boyfriend so happy, he knew what was in the other box and if his boyfriend was this excited and happy now, he wasn't sure what to expect once he saw what was in it.

"Oh shit the other box." Carter responds excitedly, as he carefully puts the robe back in the box and moves over to the other one and slowly opens it. "HOLY FUCKING GOD... HOLY FUCK..." He then begins to shout out, before being cut off as his boyfriends hands suddenly cover his mouth and despite his excitement, he couldn't help but look at him in surprise.

"Your parents may be out Beautiful, but you still have neighbours." Wesley states in an amused tone, before slowly taking his hand away from his boyfriends mouth. "Seriously, too loud Beautiful." He quickly states with a grin, as he quickly holds his hand back over his boyfriends mouth, after he begins to shout again and while he didn't care how loud he got, he didn't want to risk the neighbours thinking something was wrong and calling the police or something.

"Oh my god though Wesley, are they real?" Carter decides to ask in as quiet a tone as he could manage and while he was still just as excited as before, he understood his boyfriends point and decided to focus on the gifts and the lightsabers in particular, because they didn't look like the cheap toys most kids had, they looked really, really good.

"They're about as real as you can get." Wesley responds with a proud smile and while he was sure there were probably better ones out there, he wasn't rich and his brother had done as much as he could, but they were still top quality and could tell his boyfriend loved them, which was the most important thing for him.

"Fuck, they are like metal and shit Wesley, these aren't toys are they?" Carter quickly asks in an amazed tone, after picking one of the lightsabers up and realising that they weren't plastic and weighed a decent amount and even though he didn't know much about lightsabers, well he did, but not collecting them, he could tell that these weren't cheap and were good quality.

"Nope and they're going to look even better when we go to the premiere and wear them with our robes." Wesley responds with a big smile, before being surprised by his boyfriends speed and finding himself almost hanging off the side of the bed, as his boyfriend assaults him with kisses and it takes him a few moments to get control and get his boyfriend on to his back, without breaking their kiss and just enjoys the moment

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