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Love Conquers All

by Flaming Matt

Chapter 33

December 2015

"Breaking up?" Wesley quickly asks in a shocked tone, as he looks up again to his boyfriend. "No way, I love you." He then states in a firm and sincere tone, as he continues to stare at his boyfriend and again, could only feel like a complete moron for messing it up this badly already and was starting to wish that he had just kept his mouth shut and gone to sleep.

"Then what's going on Wesley, because you're being weird and confusing, so just say what you want to say, because you're scaring me." Carter responds in the same scared and confused tone as before, although as he gets up this time, he ignores his boyfriends expression and hand and kneels down in front of him on the mattress. "Talk to me." He then says in a soft tone, after deciding to be a little braver and trying to make what ever his boyfriend wanted to say, a little easier for him.

"I love you Carter, I love everything about you and I love the things we do, you know the sex stuff, but..." Wesley begins to respond in an honest tone, before trailing off as he feels his boyfriends hand stroking his cheek affectionately. "Carter, I think we should stop with the er... well not stop, but slow down the er... well we're only twelve and I like er... well love what we do, it feels amazing, but we're only twelve and I er... think we should just slow down and er... you know..." He then starts to explain as best as he could, before trailing off again as he loses his nerve slightly and as he feels his boyfriends hand moving away from his face and seeing the look on his face, he couldn't help but wonder if he had just upset or hurt him.

"You don't want to have sex any more?" Carter eventually asks in a surprised tone, after taking a few minutes to think over his boyfriends words and while it had been more than a little awkward sitting in silence and staring at each other, he needed to try and understand what his boyfriend was saying and how to react to it, because right now, he really didn't know what was happening or even what it meant for them as a couple.

"No, I mean er... yeah, but er... shit Carter, I love you, I love having sex and doing everything we do, but we're twelve and we've been almost caught a couple of times already and your mum walked in on us sucking each other earlier and... and... Carter I love you and I want us to be more than just doing sex stuff together, we're a couple and I think we should do more stuff that er... well more stuff that doesn't involve sex." Wesley answers honestly and while he was still worried that he wasn't explaining himself clearly enough, it did feel better to get it off his chest and as he reaches for his boyfriends hands, he relaxes as he lets him take them into his own, which he took as a good sign, even if his boyfriends expression was still one of confusion.

"But we do do other stuff." Carter retorts in a slightly unsure tone, as he tries to process what his boyfriend was saying, while at the same time trying to think of the last time they had done something not related to sex and while they obviously had done, he was starting to understand what his boyfriend was saying and he was really struggling to think of the last time they spent a day or night together, where they hadn't at least touched either other a little bit.

"Yeah, but it was usually before or after we did something with each other." Wesley quickly responds in a slightly frustrated tone, after thinking about it more and while he genuinely loved the sex stuff and he knew his boyfriend did as well, he wanted their relationship to be more than just having sex or giving each other blow jobs and he could see that his boyfriend was beginning to understand what he was trying to say.

"So it's not about the sex, it's about er... well..." Carter then begins to say, before trailing off for a few moments, as he tries to work out what to say and how to say it. "Okay, well this weekend, we won't do anything sexual, well kissing and cuddling is allowed, there is no way I'm not going to kiss or cuddle you if I want to Wesley, but the other stuff, none of that this weekend and we can just be a couple and er... yeah, does that sound okay?" He then asks in a slightly unsure tone, as he looks at his boyfriend and could see him thinking over his suggestion and while it was just off the top of his head, he thought it was a decent idea.

"It sounds great, I mean er... well I love the sex stuff Carter and I love your body, it's perfect, but I love just hanging around with you and I think we should do more of that, it's what couples do and I don't want us to just end up being about sex, because we've seen enough TV shows and films to know how they turn out and I don't want that to happen to us Carter." Wesley responds from the heart and while it wasn't exactly the most romantic thing he had ever said, he did mean it and he loved his boyfriend and he knew this would be good for them, even if the idea of having to keep his hands off his boyfriend for a whole weekend was going to be hard.

"I love you Wesley and while I think we're fine, I get it and we're a team, so give me a few days and I think I can come up with something that will help us stay on track." Carter then decides to say with a little grin, which widens when he sees the look on his boyfriends face and knew he probably thought he meant something naughty and while he wasn't completely wrong, his idea was definitely going to be something to help them avoid just being about sex and help them be a real couple.

"Come up with something?" Wesley quickly asks in a slightly cautious and unsure tone, as he stares into his boyfriends eyes and despite wanting to be serious, he couldn't help but smile, he loved his boyfriends eyes and knew he would never get tired of looking at them, even if he was still convinced they changed colour and weren't always violet.

"Okay, well er... off the top of my head, I'm thinking like a swear jar kind of thing, that..." Carter begins to respond with a smile, before quickly frowning as his boyfriend interrupts him.

"A swear jar? What's that supposed to do?" Wesley quickly states in an less than enthusiastic tone, as his boyfriends idea quickly pulls his attention away from his eyes, although as soon as he sees his expression, he knew his boyfriend wasn't happy about being interrupted and quickly blushes a little bit.

"Anyway, like I was saying, off the top of my head, we could do something like a swear jar, so let's say over a week or a fortnight, we would have a jar and every time one of us comes on to the other, when we're supposed to just be hanging out and not doing anything to do with sex, we have to put a counter or something like that in the jar, we could have one at your house and one here, then at the end of however long we decide, whoever put the most counters in, loses and the winner gets something, but we will need to think about that and agree on it." Carter then says with an expectant look and while it was just a rough idea and he would have liked to think it over a bit more, he was actually quite proud of himself and when he feels himself being kissed for a few moments, he knew his boyfriend must agree and he couldn't help but smile shyly.

"You're amazing, you know that." Wesley states in response, before pulling his boyfriends face towards his own and kisses him tenderly for a couple of minutes, before leaning back and smiling happily at him.

"You aren't too bad yourself, even if you're are a moron." Carter then says with a small grin and while hi boyfriends words and tender kiss made him tingle all over, he knew they couldn't do anything together and decided to try and take his mind of those thoughts, by having a little fun.

"I love you too." Wesley responds with a grin of his own, before looking over to the clock on his boyfriends wall. "We should go to bed though, it's getting late and we promised your parents that we wouldn't stay up too late." He then says in a slightly reluctant tone and while he knew they couldn't do anything, he was starting to get hard and he could see that his boyfriend already was and after what happened earlier and what they had just talked about, he knew they needed to go to bed now, otherwise they would more than likely get carried away.

"Okay and I love you too Wesley and I always will." Carter responds with a sweet smile and quickly gives his boyfriend a loving kiss on the lips, before standing up and getting back into his own bed, which despite knowing why they had to sleep separately, felt empty without his boyfriend beside him.

"Me too Beautiful, goodnight." Wesley then says with a smile, before laying down and pulling the covers over himself and while he would prefer to be in bed with his boyfriend, he was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable the mattress was and quickly found himself slowly drifting off.

"Goodnight." Carter responds quietly, as he looks down at his boyfriend with a slightly amused smile, before turning his bedside lamp off and settling down himself and although he wasn't feeling that tired, the sound of his boyfriends light breathing, slowly causes his eyes to close and he soon drifts off into a deep sleep of his own.

The Next Day

"How about we call it even and no one else finds out what happened?" Erica decides to suggest in a slightly flustered tone, after deciding to try and do a little damage control and hopefully stop the poor boy from freaking out or getting upset, which if he did, she couldn't really blame him for and she just couldn't believe what she had done, even if it was purely accidental.

"But I wet myself and it went all over you, look the sheets are all wet." Matt quickly states in an ashamed tone, as he stands next to the bed and sees just how wet they were and he couldn't help but look down to his feet in shame and just felt like a freak.

"Okay, that has to be embarrassing, no doubt about it, but at least you didn't forget who you were sleeping with and give a twelve year old boy a squeeze and stick your tongue in their ear." Erica then decides to say and while it was embarrassing, well mortifying to even think about what she had done, let alone say it out loud, she wanted to try and do something to take his mind of what he had done and hopefully, her own embarrassment would do that.

"Well er... well actually..." Matt eventually decides to say in response, before trailing off as he blushes even more, but at least this time it wasn't about wetting himself and while it wasn't exactly the best subject to take his mind of that, he knew he was close to freaking out completely and decided to just try and go with it and even though he found it hard to look up to his brothers girlfriend, he forces himself and despite thinking it would be impossible, he actually smiled at the look on her face and genuinely felt himself relax a little bit.

"Fucking hell, you boys are just too much." Erica then says in an amused tone, before sitting down on the bed with a smile and shaking her head. "Well I guess if I didn't plan on changing before, I should now." She then says with a smile, before standing back up and shaking her head again, as she realises that she had just sat back down on the wet sheets and despite being more than a little gross, she was a nurse and more importantly, Matt was practically family as far as she was concerned and she wasn't going to make a big deal out of something that really didn't bother her at all, not when it came to him.

"I'm sorry I'm a stupid baby who still wets the..." Matt then begins to say in a self pitying tone, before trailing off in surprise as he feels himself being embraced and while he could feel tears in his eyes, the embrace had quickly settled him down again and he quickly returned it.

"You've been through hell Matt, more than once and there is no shame in recovering from that kind of trauma and I can only imagine how humiliating and hard it must be for you sometimes Sweety, but you will get better and I know wetting yourself is something you're struggling with, but it will get better and it is something that you will overcome, I promise." Erica decides to say in a soft and soothing tone, as she gently rubs his back and while she knew that he had probably been told this kind of thing a hundred times, she also knew that it was important that they all reminded him as often as they could, because even though he was mature for his age, he was still just a kid and he needed reassuring, even if he didn't think he did at times.

"I know, but..." Matt then begins to respond, but this time he is cut off by his brothers girlfriend and while it was slightly annoying, he was also a little relieved, because this wasn't something he liked to talk about and he preferred to say as little as possible in these kind of conversations, it was just less embarrassing than actually trying to find the right words to express how he felt sometimes.

"Not buts Matt and I know you've heard this from everyone more than once, but I'm going to say it again, because it's true." Erica quickly decides to states, before stepping back from their embrace and kneeling down. "You're the strongest person that I've ever met Matthew Walker and you can try and be modest and shy about it, but I've seen a lot of things happen at work, I've seen some terrible things and I've seen what it does to not only those people, but to those that love those people, I've seen people at their strongest and at their weakest and what you've done and the progress you've made in such a sort amount of time, that's the kind of thing that inspires others to do better, it's the kind of thing that people see and take notice of and I know it's hard Sweety, but you're a fighter and I know there have probably been more times than I could count, where you probably wanted to give up, I know you've had those kinds of thoughts Matt, but you're still here, you're still fighting and getting better and I couldn't be more proud of you if I tried and we all feel like that, everyone who loves you Sweety and I that you know that's true." She then adds from the heart and had to resist the urge to wipe her eyes as she held on to the boys shoulders, but she didn't want to break contact with him, not when she was sure that she was getting through to him.

"Ben and Mum tell me..." Matt eventually begins to respond in an emotional tone, after taking a few moments to let her words sink in, before trailing off as he really thinks about her words. "You called me Matthew Walker." He then states in a stunned tone, after really thinking about his her words and he didn't know how she would know that and it wasn't something someone would just say out of nowhere, so he really wasn't sure how to react.

"Isn't that what Ben calls you?" Erica quickly asks in response, as she looks at him carefully and begins to wonder if she had made a mistake. "Oh god, you haven't told anyone about it, it's meant to be a secret isn't it?" She then asks in a nervous and apologetic tone, as she reads his expression and while she couldn't quite read it, it definitely wasn't a happy one, well at least it didn't look like a happy one to her.

"Not really." Matt responds in a quiet tone, as he continues to stare at his brothers girlfriend, before smiling. "But it sounds good doesn't it." He then states in a proud tone, after deciding that while it would have been nice to keep it between themselves for longer, Wesley and Carter already knew and so did Tobias, so it wasn't really a secret and if he was being completely honest, it felt pretty good to hear someone else say it and while it would have been better to hear it from his mum, Erica was like a big sister to him and he knew she loved him and he loved her back.

"It definitely has a ring to it and I when I overheard Ben say it and saw your expression, I knew it was something special, I just didn't know it was a bit of a secret, so I'm sorry if I did ruin it a little bit." Erica responds with a sincere smile, before being surprised to feel herself being cuddled tightly and took it as a sign that she hadn't upset him and quickly wraps her arms around him and gently strokes his back.

"You didn't ruin it and we were going to tell everyone eventually anyway." Matt states in an happy tone, he was still feeling embarrassed about wetting the bed and also being groped by his brothers girlfriend, but she had definitely calmed him down and her saying his name like that, just strengthened the bond between them as far as he was concerned.

"So anyway, do we have a deal about no one finding out about what happened before?" Erica then decides to ask with a small grin, after deciding to go back to what they were talking about and hopefully help him avoid being upset about wetting the bed with her in it and also maybe save herself a little embarrassment as well for groping him by accident.

"Hmm, well I guess so, I mean everyone knows that I wet myself and have nightmares, but I don't think they know that you grope..." Matt begins to respond with a cheeky smile, before yelping in amusement as he feels himself being lifted up and then dumped on his bed and quickly feels the wetness of the sheets, but to his own surprise, he doesn't really care and was just enjoying having a bit of fun.

"You were saying?" Erica then states with a big grin, as she looks down at the boy and while she was a little nervous that he would react badly, she was pleased to see him smiling and knew that he was okay and having a little fun, even if it was a little gross.

"That's not funny." Matt quickly retorts in a sulky tone, although even as he says the words, he knew he was grinning and that she knew he found it funny. "Mitch and Ben would find it funny anyway and I know you're an adult Erica, but you're like my big sister now and it was an accident, so I don't think we should lie about it." He then decides to say in a more serious tone and while he understood why she wouldn't want people to find out, he knew more than most people, he also didn't think she had anything to worry about, it was an accident and he trusted her with his life and he hoped she knew that.

"Well, you have a point Sweety, but I..." Erica begins to respond with a smile, before trailing off for a few moments. "Your brothers will give me hell for it, so if I'm going down, then so are you." She then decides to say with a mischievous grin, before quickly moving forward and straddling and then tickling him all over his chest and stomach.

"Hey! Hey! Stop it! Stop... stop... I'm... I'm going... to tell... tell... tell... stop." Matt then begins to plead in between giggling and snorting as he tries to break free and defend himself, but he was on his back and she had complete control over him and could only giggle and squirm as she continued to tickle him.

"Do you give?" Erica then says in an amused tone and while it was a little mean and even a little risky, she could tell that he was enjoying it and she was keeping a close eye on his face, just to make sure that she didn't take it too far and cause him to get upset or freak out.

"I... give... I give... I give... give... please..." Matt quickly pleads again and while it was a little humiliating to be this easily dominated, she had caught him by surprise and he knew he had no chance and he was having fun, even if it was still embarrassing.

"Good boy, now why don't you get your underwear off and go get a shower, while I clean up your sheets and put them in the wash." Erica then suggests with a caring smile and while she was tempted to tickle him for a little bit longer, she didn't want to push it and the way he was panting and sweating, quickly reminded her that he was still recovering from his recent ordeal, so she knew she had to be careful and not take things too far.

"You don't have to clean my sheets, I can do it." Matt eventually manages to respond in a slightly breathless tone, after taking a few moments to get his breath back and compose himself a little, he wasn't a fan of being tickled, but it was fun and he appreciated her not taking it too far, he was close to needing to pee again and that would have been humiliating to go through, especially after already wetting himself in bed with her, so he was happy that she had stopped when she did.

"I know you can, but I want you to get cleaned up and then I will get in the shower, while you go and see your brothers, so get those off and get moving Sweety." Erica responds with a warm smile and was pleased to see him smiling back as he lowered his tighty whiteys and was happy to see that he wasn't shy around her, because she knew he still had issues with people seeing him even topless, so to see him strip completely naked in front of her meant a lot and with what he had said about her practically being his older sister a few minutes earlier, she knew that he really did accept her as almost one of the family and it filled her with pride.

"Okay, I won't be long." Matt then says with a smile, before limping over to the chest of drawers and pulling out a towel and while it was unlikely that anyone would see him in the hallway, he wasn't going to risk Lily seeing him, even if she had already seen him naked, he wasn't going to risk it happening again and slowly opens the door and heads towards the bathroom.

"Seriously, just back off and stop poking me with the thing you little shit." Mitch states in an amused tone, as he stares at his little brothers face and sees him turning bright red. "Ben, you may only be twelve years old, but that thing is noticeable, so back away a little and think of naked grandma's or something gross." He then says with a big grin and while it was a little mean and it didn't really bother him at all, he couldn't resist teasing him a little about it, they were brothers after all and it was his duty as an older brother.

"You're just upset because mines bigger." Ben quickly decides to retort, as he slowly unwraps himself from his brother, but before he even realises what his happening, he feels himself being twisted around and then pulled into his brothers body. "Don't you..." He then begins to say, before trailing off into a fit of giggles and whimpers as his brothers fingers tickle him mercilessly and as much as he tries to squirm free, his brothers legs were wrapped around him and he knew he had no chance of escape.

"Okay, I think that did the trick." Mitch then says after almost two minutes of tickling his brother and even though he had pleaded and begged, he only stopped when he was sure he might actually wet himself. "Yep, all soft, you can relax now Little Guy." He then states in an amused tone, after reaching down and giving him a little squeeze and feeling that he wasn't erect any more and while it was a little cruel, it was also fun and he knew his little brother wouldn't be upset, well maybe embarrassed, but it was all in good spirit.

"You're such a fucking dick." Ben retorts in an annoyed tone, after taking a few moments to settle down and get him breathing back under control. "It's not funny." He then states with a pout, which soon turns into a small smile, when he sees the look on his brothers face and despite being embarrassed by how easily his brother could dominate him, he also enjoyed moments like this, he loved his brother and he loved how close they were with each other.

"Really?" Mitch responds with an evil grin and quickly reaches out to grab his little brother again, before laughing as he almost falls off the edge of the bed to avoid being tickled again. "Now that's funny." He then states with a chuckle and while he had no intention of actually tickling him again, it was funny to see him flinch and almost fall off the bed.

"Such a dick." Ben then mutters in response, before shifting back towards his brother and making himself comfortable and while he didn't let his guard down completely, he was sure he was safe from any more attacks and despite what his brother just did, he was still worried about him and he wanted to make sure he was okay.

"I hope Matt slept okay, I know he said he would be okay and I know Erica didn't mind at all, I still can't help but wonder if it was a good idea or not." Mitch then decides to say in a slightly guilty tone, as he decides to change the conversation and while he knew his girlfriend would look after his brother, he still worried about how he would cope sleeping with someone else.

"We talked about it before we asked Mitch and I hope he is okay, but even if something did happen, he's strong and Erica is like a sister to us, so he will be okay and if anything serious happened, than we would already know about it." Ben decides to say in response and while he was worried about his fiancé, he could see the time and knew that if something bad had happened, than they would definitely would know about it by now.

"I guess so." Mitch responds with a slightly unsure look, before seeing the look on his little brothers face. "It's been a while since we slept in the same bed like this." He then decides to say with a caring smile, as he realises that he needed to be careful about what he said about his little brothers fiancé and avoid upsetting him.

"It was nice, I miss when we used to sleep in the same bed sometimes." Ben responds with a sincere smile, they had slept in the same bed a lot over the years, but he was now realising that since his fiancé had come into their lives, they had done it less and less and he was struggling to remember the last time it happened.

"Me too, but we can still do it if we need to, although I'm not sleeping with you and Matt at the same time, it's bad enough being poked in the hip by one giant penis, I don't want to get attacked by two of them." Mitch teases before sitting up and grinning at his little brother, who was now giving him an unimpressed look.

"Are you going to be okay though?" Ben then says in a sincere tone, after deciding to ignore his brothers attempts to be funny and instead try to find out if he was feeling better now.

"Honestly, last night helped Ben, but it's still hard to get past everything and until Simon either wakes up or dies, I just feel like I'm in limbo and it's hard Ben and I know you know what I'm going through and how strong you've been, that helps me a lot Ben and I really do admire you." Mitch responds honestly and while it was hard to talk about, it did help and if anyone knew what he was experiencing, it was his little brother, even if compared to him, his problems didn't really come close to what his little brother had been through.

"Whatever happens Mitch, you have me and everyone else, we all love you and I know we're just kids and it's not the same as having friends your own age, but you're not alone and er... well we're here for you." Ben then says with a shy smile and while it wasn't exactly the greatest pep talk ever, he could see by the smile on his brothers face, that it had at least helped him a little bit more.

"I know and the same goes for you Ben, I know you're still struggling with what happened to Matt and you know you can talk to me about it, even if I have other things on my mind, you're always number one priority to me Ben and that will never change, okay." Mitch responds with an appreciative smile, as he reaches over and takes one of his little brothers hands into his own.

"I know, but I'm okay Mitch and he's okay, so I'm okay." Ben quickly responds with a slightly forced smile and while he felt safe and happy that his brother would always look out for him, he didn't want to bring up his own problems, well not until he had finished helping his brother with his.

"You talk in your sleep Ben, you aren't okay." Mitch then says in a caring tone, as he uses his fingers to rub his little brothers hand, he had almost let the fact he had talked in his sleep go, but he was worried by the things he was saying and while it wasn't a nightmare and he didn't wake up, the things he said were something he couldn't ignore.

"Mitch, please don't, I'm getting better and I talk to Matt about it and it's okay Mitch, I promise." Ben eventually responds in a quiet tone, after just staring at his brother for a couple of minutes and while he knew he still had a lot to deal with and work through, but he was doing that with his fiancé and as much as he appreciated how much his brother would want to help, he didn't want to get into it right now.

"Okay, but I mean this Ben, if you need to talk about it with someone else, then come to me and in return, when I have problems, I will come to you from now on, how does that sound?" Mitch then decides to ask with a small smile and while he didn't really want to leave it at that, he also didn't want to get into an argument about it and if his little brother said that he was talking to Matt about it already, than for now, that was good enough for him and he was debating whether to talk to him about it when his little brother wasn't around, just to make sure he wasn't lying.

"Deal, but can we just talk about you for a while, you always turn it around to my problems or Matt's and it's not fair Mitch, I want to help you too and you have to let me." Ben responds with an expectant look and shifts a little to get more comfortable as he waits for his brother to respond and as he does, he quietly listens and tries to think of some kind of response, that could help him feel better.

"Where have you been?" Carter quickly asks in a suspicious tone, as he watches his boyfriend slipping back into his room with a towel wrapped around him and while it was obvious he had had a shower, he couldn't help but be confused by him going alone and not even bothering to wake him up.

"For a run." Wesley quickly retorts with a smile, which quickly falters as he sees the look on his boyfriends face and quickly realises that he had to tread very carefully and not make stupid jokes, well not until he figured out just what kind of mood his boyfriend was actually in.

"Is this about yesterday?" Carter then asks in a serious tone, after deciding to ignore his boyfriends stupid answer and instead, find out what was going on, because he didn't like what his boyfriend had obviously just done and he wanted to know why.

"Come on Carter, it's not like we always shower together and I just woke up early, that's all." Wesley answers in as casual a tone as he could manage, because while he wasn't exactly lying, his boyfriend wasn't exactly wrong either and he honestly didn't know how to express how he felt, without making a complete mess of it and he had hoped after their talk before they went to sleep, he wouldn't have to try and explain it again.

"It's not all Wesley and you know it, you didn't even wake me up, so what's wrong?" Carter then asks in response and while he knew he was being a little dramatic, he was still a little sleepy and wasn't quite thinking as clearly as he probably should have been for this kind of conversation.

"Okay, it's not all, but it's also nothing big Carter, I just woke up early and I thought about waking you up, but I decided to let you sleep and get a shower and yeah, there was a part of me that also considered what happened yesterday and how having a shower on my own, was probably a good idea, that's all." Wesley responds as honestly as he wanted to respond and while he wasn't exactly embarrassed about the other reason he didn't wake his boyfriend, he didn't really want to say it out loud and was hoping he wouldn't have to.

"Okay, that makes sense, but I know when you're hiding something Wesley and you're hiding something." Carter quickly states in a firm tone and while he was actually starting to wonder why he was pushing this so hard, he couldn't help but be a little curious about why his boyfriend had started to blush a little bit and while that actually did help him relax a little, it also made him want to find out why even more.

"Fine, fuck it, I was horny Carter, you happy? I was horny and I wanted to cum, so I didn't wake you because your mum already caught you sucking me off, I didn't want her to walk in or hear us doing anything together, you happy?" Wesley quickly responds in a frustrated and angry tone, before blushing even more as he realises how loud he had said that and he could only hope that his boyfriends parents weren't awake yet, because that would be one humiliation too much as far as he was concerned.

"Oh." Carter then says in a shocked tone, as he stares at his boyfriend and despite his best attempts, he couldn't help but smirk a little bit and rub himself a couple of times.

"Seriously Carter, we talked about this last night, so stop doing that and go get a shower or something." Wesley then suggests in a less than impressed tone, as he sees what his boyfriend was doing and while he wasn't exactly complaining, he was serious about what they had talked about the night before and the humiliation of being caught the day before was also still playing on his mind.

"Fine, but not until we talk Wesley, because you're overreacting and you know it." Carter quickly responds in a firm tone and while he was amused a few moments earlier, he was actually a little worried about how tense and serious his boyfriend was being and he wanted to try and fix it as quickly as possible.

"I know, but it's just weird Carter and I think it will be a while before I get over it, but I will get over it and your idea about the jar and counters, that's still pretty good and er... well just go take a shower, then we can talk okay." Wesley suggests in response, as he calms himself down and realises that he was being a bit too serious and the last thing he wanted, was to start an argument and spend any more time apart.

"Okay, but seriously Wesley, it's embarrassing for me too, she's my mum and it's er... well it's just hard for me too, but it will be okay and I promise, no more sex stuff for at least today and we can talk about the jar and counters later, because we're going to have some serious fun with that." Carter responds in a measured tone, after taking a few moments to think about the situation and it was obvious that pushing his boyfriend was pointless right now and having a shower was a good excuse to have a little space for both of them to have a think about things, so he slowly gets to his feet and walks over to his chest of drawers.

"I know and you know I love you Beautiful, but it's going to be a bit weird for a few days, it would be for anyone and I bet you anything that Matt and Ben have had something like this happen to them as well." Wesley then decides to say with a smile, after walking over to his boyfriends bed and sitting down, while watching his boyfriend pulling a towel out for himself.

"Love you too." Carter responds with an affectionate smile, as he works his briefs down under his towel and while he felt a bit stupid for not just getting naked, he wanted to show that he understood his boyfriends concerns and the fact he could see him also trying to hide the fact that he was checking him out, made it a little bit amusing as well and knew that they would be okay once they got this bit of awkwardness out of the way over the next few days.

"If I'm not in here, I will just be downstairs getting us something to eat and drink, but I should be back before you're done." Wesley then decides to say, as he thinks about getting something to drink and if he was going downstairs, he thought he might as well make them a little breakfast while he was down there and he didn't want his boyfriend to think he was avoiding him, if he came back and he wasn't in the bedroom.

"Okay, but nothing over the top Wesley, I'm not that hungry and we can always get something later on." Carter responds with an appreciative smile, as he walks over to his boyfriend and gives him a gentle kiss on the cheek, before walking over to his door and heading towards the bathroom, with a smile on his face, he had wanted to do more than kiss his boyfriend and felt himself getting hard, so he knew he had to get to the bathroom as quickly as possible, just in case one of his parents was awake and came out into the hallway.

"I knew you would sleep naked." Matt quickly teases with a grin, after walking into his fiancé's brothers room and finding them both still in bed and while the covers were over them, he knew they were naked and the look on his fiancé's face, just confirmed it.

"Nice try Matt, but we aren't biting." Mitch quickly responds with a grin of his own, before getting up from the bed and stretching out, he may be naked, but they had seen each other naked enough to not bother him in the slightest and slowly walked over to his chest of drawers to find some shorts to slip on.

"You're no fun." Matt then says with a slightly disappointed expression, before quickly limping over to the bed and slips in under the sheets to give his fiancé a quick cuddle.

"You okay?" Ben then quickly asks in a slightly worried tone and while a cuddle wasn't exactly a sign that something had happened, he could smell that his fiancé had had a shower and couldn't help but think the worst.

"Do you want me to leave?" Mitch decides to offer in a worried tone of his own, after looking back over to his brothers and seeing them cuddled together, which while more than a little adorable, was a little worrying when Matt doesn't answer his little brothers question.

"Nah, I'm okay, but I did have a nightmare and wet myself." Matt responds in a reluctant tone and while he was tempted to not tell them, he didn't want to keep secrets and it wasn't that big of a deal, Erica had been great and he was feeling okay now, even if it was still embarrassing to admit to.

"Was it a bad one?" Ben then decides to ask in a caring tone, after thinking about his fiancé's confession and deciding to focus on the nightmare and not the fact that he had wet himself and quickly gives his brother a quick stare, to let him know what he was doing.

"I don't really know, Erica said that I didn't wake up and she said it didn't last long, so I guess it was probably something to do with Mr Jones, the others are usually worse than those." Matt answers honestly and again, while he could play it down, he wanted to talk about it and smiles when he looks over to see his brother sitting down on the edge of the bed.

"So I'm guessing Erica has changed the sheets and is in the shower now?" Mitch decides to ask in a light hearted tone and while it was a serious thing, he knew that if his brother was really worried, than he wouldn't be smiling right now and he decided to try and encourage him by not making a big deal out of what happened either.

"Yeah, she was great Mitch and she stopped me from getting upset after I woke up." Matt responds with a smile and while he wasn't sure how either his fiancé or brother would react to what he had told them, he was actually happy that they hadn't gone over the top or tried to give him a pep talk, which wouldn't have been horrible, but he definitely liked this way better.

"Yeah she is, it's just a shame your better half wasn't a little more like her Matt, because all I got when I woke up was something hard poking me in my side." Mitch then states with a big grin, which widens when he sees his little brother blushing and pouting at him and while it was a little mean of him, he thought it would help lighten the mood even more.

"You're such a dick, why did you tell him that for?" Ben quickly states in an annoyed tone, as he continues to pout at his brother and while it was hardly that embarrassing, he still thought it was a bit of a low blow.

"Why not?" Mitch quickly retorts with the same grin, before shifting back a little and out of the reach of his little brothers feet, which despite being under the sheets, came pretty close to making contact and had to give him a little credit, before quickly being distracted by a sharp pain across the back of his head and turns to see his girlfriend smiling at him.

"Hey Erica." Matt quickly says with a smile, before snuggling up to his fiancé a little bit more and slowly moving his hand down to give his bum a little squeeze.

"Morning everyone." Erica states with a smile, before sitting down next to the bed on her boyfriends chair. "Don't tease your brother." She then says with a grin, as she looks at her boyfriend staring at him and could tell that he was wondering what the playful slap on the head was for and while she was just messing around, she had to admit that she liked putting him in his place.

"And don't you dare tell her why." Ben then quickly states in a firm tone, as he glares at his brother and even though they all give him a curious look, he knew his brother and knew he would probably try and embarrass him even more.

"Well, I mean I could accidentally let it slip, I mean it's hard to keep secrets." Mitch quickly teases back, as he grins at his little brother again, before suddenly feeling himself getting slapped on the back of the head again and looks up to see his girlfriend standing next to him again and despite the fact his head was stinging a little bit, he was impressed with how quick she had moved.

"Anyway, trust me Ben, I got you beat on doing something embarrassing, just ask Matt." Erica then decides to say and while she knew she didn't have to admit this, she felt like with all the embarrassing things she had heard and knew about them all, it was only fair that they get to laugh at her for a change.

"Really?" Matt quickly asks in a surprised tone, as he gives his brothers girlfriend a surprised look to go with it, he had thought about bringing it up himself and despite what they talked about in his room earlier, he had decided to let it go, so he wasn't expecting her to say anything about it.

"What happened?" Ben quickly asks in an excited tone and while he was still embarrassed about what his brother had just said about him, he was definitely wondering what could be more embarrassing than that and from the look on their faces, he knew that it must be good.

"Am I going to like this?" Mitch then asks in a slightly cautious tone, as he looks from his brother to his girlfriend and from the way he was blushing, he couldn't help but wonder if it was a certain kind of embarrassing thing and while he didn't know for sure, he thought he had a good idea of what might have happened and he could feel himself beginning to smile.

"It depends if it bothers you, that your girlfriend got to feel what a real penis felt like, instead of your tiny thing for a change." Matt quickly responds with a big grin, before blushing even more as he realises what he had just said and despite Erica giving him permission, he still felt guilty and he really didn't mean to say it like that, it just came out.

"Wait what?" Ben then quickly asks in a confused and surprised tone, as he looks at his fiancé and then at his brothers girlfriend and despite knowing it was ridiculous, he actually find himself feeling a little jealous that she had obviously touched his fiancé, even if it wasn't anything sexual.

"Well, it's wasn't my finest moment, but it could have been worse I guess." Erica then says with a shy smile and a blush to go with it and while she had brought it up, she couldn't help but regret it a little bit, she could see the look on her boyfriends brothers face and even though it was a little bit adorable, she did feel guilty about making him feel like that.

"Well I still think being poked by your little brothers hard on is worse than grabbing a boys hard on, but still embarrassing." Mitch then says in an amused tone, after pulling his girlfriend on to his lap and giving her a gentle kiss on the neck.

"Hey! I wasn't hard." Matt quickly states in a defensive tone, before somehow managing to blush even more and just wished he kept his mouth shut sometimes. "Kill me now." He then whispers into his fiancé's chest, as he snuggles up even tighter to him and tries to avoid looking at anyone else.

"Are you okay Matt?" Mitch decides to ask in a slightly worried tone, although as he looks at his little brother, he could see him smiling and took that as a good sign that he was okay.

"He's fine, he just embarrassed himself." Ben answers for his fiancé, who despite appearing upset, was actually giggling quietly against his chest and he knew that he was okay and was more than happy to reassure everyone else.

"Well he is in good company and I think we should move on now, I have to be in work in an hour and so does Mitch, so what do you say we go down and have something to eat?" Erica then decides to suggest and while she actually had more than an hour, she wanted to pop home first and knew her boyfriend would need to go there to pick up a few things for work as well.

"Sounds good to me, but we should head down and give these two a few minutes alone and they can meet us in the kitchen." Mitch then suggests with a smile, before turning to his little brother and winking, he knew he was naked under the sheets and despite being tempted to embarrass him, his girlfriend had made a good point about them having to be at work and after his little brother had been so supportive and there for him, he wanted to give him a break this time.

"Yeah, we will be down in around five minutes." Ben then quickly states with a smile, after giving his brother a quick appreciative nod and then doing his best to not jump in surprise as he feels his fiancé's hand gently cupping his balls and using his fingers to bounce them around a little bit.

"Have ten, it will give us a chance to get everything ready." Mitch then suggests, as he slowly guides his girlfriend out of the room, he had seen a little movement under the sheets and with his little brothers face turning a little red and his other brothers little grin, he didn't have to be a genius to guess what had happened.

"Did she really touch you?" Ben decides to ask in a curious and slightly jealous tone, after waiting long enough for his brother and Erica to have made it downstairs, so that he didn't risk one of them coming back into the room.

"Yeah, but it was by accident and you aren't mad, are you?" Matt quickly asks in response, as he stops groping his fiancé for a moment and leans back so that he could see his face and gauge what he was thinking.

"Maybe a little jealous, but er... well I trust Erica and er... well, how can you er... well accidentally grab someone like that?" Ben responds in an unsure and nervous tone, as he worries about what he was saying and how it sounded, because he knew it was nothing bad or anything like that, but he couldn't help but be a little jealous and also defensive when it came to his fiancé, especially when it came to him potentially being hurt or abused in any way.

"She's an only child Ben and well this is weird to say, but she's only really slept with a few people I think and er... well it's just been Mitch for ages now and she just forgot that it was me and not Mitch, so I guess she was going to be a little naughty and wake him up with a er... well er... this is weird, so er... you get it now right?" Matt answers as clearly as he could, but as he realises what they were talking about, he couldn't help but be a little grossed out by it and from the look on his fiancé's face, he could tell that their brothers sex life, wasn't exactly the greatest of topics to talk about.

"Oh, well er... yeah, I mean we've done it to Tobias a couple of times by accident." Ben then says in a slightly uncomfortable tone, as he thinks about what they were actually discussing and while he was still a little jealous of someone else touching his fiancé, the thought of his brothers sex life, was definitely not something he wanted to think about and was happy to move on.

"Can we just cuddle for a while before we go down? I still feel a bit weird about the nightmare and wetting myself." Matt then asks in a quiet tone, before shifting a little bit and snuggling back up to his fiancé, who he knew wouldn't say no to comforting him, even if he didn't really need it, he still wanted to be in his arms for a little while.

"Anything for you Matt, but are you really okay, because er... well you said earlier that you were okay and now you want cuddles." Ben responds in a slightly worried tone, as he gives the top of his fiancé's head a gentle kiss and pulls him a little tighter to his own body.

"Yeah, but I don't know Ben, it's just embarrassing that I wet myself and then Erica groping me, I mean I don't mind because it was an accident and I trust her with my life Ben, but I wet myself while I slept, so that means she would have felt it and it would have been all over her hand and she never made fun or me or acted disgusted, but it's still embarrassing." Matt answers honestly and while he wasn't upset or even close to freaking out, he was still a little disheartened by what had happened and wanted to get it off his chest.

"Well yeah, not really sure I can say anything to make that less embarrassing, but I guess poking my brother with my boner isn't a mile away, but well er... don't you dare tell Mitch this, but I wasn't as asleep as he thought I was, I mean I wasn't awake, like really awake, but I was sort of coming around and I guess I do get what Erica did, because I bet I would have tried to grope you, well him, because it's not that often we sleep apart Matt and even less often that we sleep with someone else, so yeah, if he hadn't woken up, I think I probably would have groped him by accident." Ben then decides to say in response and while he wasn't going to tell anyone about that, he wanted to try and make his fiancé feel a little less embarrassed and maybe even laugh a little bit as well.

"I love you." Matt then says with a big smile, as he reaches down a little and gives his fiancé's bum a little squeeze and rub.

"I love you too." Ben quickly responds from the heart, as he slides his hands down the back of his fiancé's loose shorts and returns the favour by massaging his bum.

Five Hours Later

"You wanted to see me Sir?" Mitch asks in a professional tone, as he walks into his bosses office and sees him sitting down at his desk, he was sure this wasn't anything he had to worry about, but he was still feeling a little nervous and slowly walks towards the desk.

"Sit down Mitch and relax, this isn't anything bad, just a check up and a chat about how your trial period is going." Hopkins instructs the young man with a smile and while it was a little more than just a check up, it really wasn't anything bad and he was actually hoping to give him a bit of a confidence boost.

"So is this about the Erickson case?" Mitch then decides to ask in a calmer tone, as he wonders if this was about the case and despite Peter being found, well turning up, he couldn't help but be a little apprehensive and paranoid about how he actually performed on his first case in charge.

"If you are wondering if you did a good job, than the answer is yes Mitch and given what else was going on at the time, I feel like you've more than justified my decision to fast track you." Hopkins responds with the same smile and could see straight away that his words had meant a lot to the young man. "However, before your head gets too big Mitch, you're still on trial and while I commend how you handled the case, it could be a while before you lead another one, so I want you to remember that." He then decides to add in a serious tone and while he could see the young man's face drop a little bit, he could also see that he understood.

"I understand Sir, I've learned a lot and I appreciate the experience that it gave me." Mitch responds in a professional tone, as he smiles at his boss and while it was a little disappointing, he was still just a rookie and he was more than happy to experience taking lead in a case this early on and knew that it didn't happen very often.

"I wouldn't expect any less." Hopkins then says with a respectful nod. "I do want to discuss Jarred Miller and Conner Smith with you though Mitch, there are some new developments and I think you should be made aware and kept up to date, especially after the whole mess surrounding Conner Smith being released before without your family being notified, which I still take a part of the blame for." He then states in an honest tone and while it really wasn't his fault, he still felt responsible and had made a promise to himself, that he would make sure the young man and his family weren't kept in the dark again, or at least as much as he could, without breaking the law and compromising any potential cases in progress.

"New developments?" Mitch quickly asks in a mixture of curiosity and concern, as he looks at his boss and tries to gauge whether he would like what he was about to hear or not.

"Conner Smith has had a plea bargain rejected, there is enough evidence to convict him and even though the information he had about someone else being involved, it isn't anything we can use or even begin to form a case around and with Jarred Miller confirming that he was in contact with Conner Smith, it pretty much ends any chance that he has of avoiding life in prison." Hopkins explains in a clear tone, as he watches the young man's face to see how he took the news.

"They don't need any statement from Simon?" Mitch quickly asks in a surprised tone and while he didn't really want to think about his friend, he was surprised that they didn't appear to need anything from his friend, even if it was still unlikely that he would ever wake up, even if he had survived the night, the doctors still couldn't give any guarantees that he would pull through.

"Given the nature of his condition, they haven't put too much importance on what happened to your friend Mitch and I know that sounds cold, because it is, but they have enough evidence already to convict and if your friend does recover, anything he has to say, would only strengthen the case against Conner Smith and increase his sentence." Hopkins answers honestly and while he was actually taken by surprise by the question, he had actually discussed this with his colleagues and he was happy to pass on what they had told him.

"That makes sense I guess, but what about Jarred Miller, I know that my involvement in the case is over, but I haven't heard any more about what's happening with him and if he is being charged or not." Mitch then decides to ask in a slightly tense tone, as he thinks about his former best friend being where he is and also his other friend who was fighting for his life in hospital and it was starting to get to him again.

"That's a little more complicated Mitch, given the boys age, these things are always difficult and there is usually more emphasis on rehabilitation, rather than punishment, although the evidence you and your team has collected and his own confession, does lead me to believe he will be tried as an adult and unless there are complications, I think he will be spending a long time in juvenile detention and depending on the length of his sentence, he could be moved to a full prison, once he reaches adulthood." Hopkins again responds honestly and while he couldn't give definite answers, he was pretty sure Jarred Miller wouldn't be avoiding juvenile detention, even if he did end up avoiding going to an actual prison once he was old enough.

"Complications?" Mitch quickly asks in a confused tone and while the idea of any child spending time in prison wasn't something he completely agreed with, he had seen for himself what the boys actions had done to Alex and Peter and he wasn't sure what could happen, that would result in anything other than being charged and convicted for what he did.

"Like I said and like you will learn as you gain experience Mitch, when a child is involved, things aren't always straight forward and while I shouldn't say this and I expect you to respect that I don't want you repeating this Officer Walker, there is a chance that he could be seen as being coerced by Conner Smith and given how he is a convicted paedophile and soon to be convicted murderer among other things, it wouldn't be totally without reason to believe he forced Jarred Miller into doing what he did." Hopkins responds with a slight shake of the head, he believed in the law and he was proud to enforce those laws, but there were times when even to him, the law made no sense and it was something the young man sitting in front of him, would have to learn to accept and deal with as his career progressed.

"Even with the evidence and statements, he could still avoid being convicted?" Mitch asks in a surprised and slightly agitated tone and again, while Jarred was still a child, there was no doubt in his mind that he knew exactly what he had done and had actively planned it beforehand, so as far as he was concerned, the boy was guilty and should be punished accordingly.

"It's a possibility Mitch, but unlikely." Hopkins responds honestly and could see straight away that he needed to elaborate. "Mitch, I praised your handling of the Erickson case earlier for a reason, the evidence and statements you and your team put together are solid and I've been through it all myself and if I'm being completely honest, short of the Erickson's and even the Gilmar's showing some kind of compassion and leniency, I don't see any other outcome than him being sentenced to at least juvenile detention." He then says in a serious tone and even though he could be wrong, he was confident that he wasn't far off and he hoped that would help the young man accept it as well.

"I understand Sir, it's not ideal and sometimes the law seems to work in strange ways, but it's the law and we have to follow it and trust that it works, even if we don't always agree with the outcome." Mitch then decides to say in a slightly disheartened tone, but he wasn't naïve and he had studied the law as much as he could when he applied to join the police and he had seen enough movies and TV shows to know that the law doesn't always work, so while it was hard to accept now that he was a part of it, it was his job and he had chosen this, so he wasn't going to let it get to him.

"Trust me when I say this Mitch, I know exactly what you mean and I doubt that you would find many people who have been in law enforcement, that don't feel the same way, so I respect you for being honest and I mean that, you have a bright future Mitch and as long as you keep working hard, you will do just fine." Hopkins then says with a sincere smile and while it wasn't unique for recruits to be honest about how they felt about the law, for him, he always appreciated the honestly and took it as a good sign that the officer knew what they were getting themselves in for and were committed to the job.

"Thank you Sir and I appreciate your honesty and for keeping me informed." Mitch responds with a slightly shy smile, before thinking about his family. "Sir, how much of this would I be able to tell my family, I don't want to cause any issues, but I think it will be good for them to know about what is happening, although I would understand if I wasn't allowed to repeat anything that you've told me." He then decides to ask in a slightly hesitant tone, he was sure it would be okay, but he wanted to make sure before making any potential errors of judgement and accidentally compromising the investigations into his former best friend and Jarred Miller, would pretty much be career suicide and he didn't want to disappoint anyone, by being so reckless.

"Nothing I have told you can compromise the either case Mitch, however, if you decide to tell your family and I include the Summers with that, then you must make it clear that they shouldn't be discussing it with anyone else, especially the boys, so if you can make sure of that, then I see no issues." Hopkins responds with a smile, as he thinks about how well the young officer had handled this conversation so far and he was impressed by his control and professionalism.

"Okay Sir, I will make sure that they shouldn't discuss it outside the house or family, not even to their friends." Mitch then says with an understanding nod, before relaxing in the chair and thinking over what it all meant for him and his family and their friends.

"Well now that we have that out of the way for a moment, I want to go over your progress so far and what I expect of you going forward Mitch and while I am impressed and I commend the way you handled your first case, there are some issues that we need to discuss and work on for the future." Hopkins then decides to say in a professional tone and while it was nothing bad or anything like that, the young officer was still just that, a young officer starting out and he didn't know anyone who hadn't had this talk during the early stages of their career, it was just how the process went.

"Issues?" Mitch quickly responds in a slightly shocked tone, as he looks at his boss nervously and while he didn't sense that he was in trouble, it was an ominous thing to say and he could feel himself beginning to sweat a little bit.

"Relax Mitch, you're still training and learning, so you will make little mistakes, everyone does and has at this stage in their career and it's my job to point those out and help you learn from them, so just relax and I will go through some of it with you and you can then ask questions and we can discuss it together." Hopkins then says with a slightly amused smile, before waiting for the young man's to nod in response and then begins to talk about the things that he had observed and been told about.

"Remember who you're talking to Nick." Maggie states in a stern tone, as she looks up to the clock and sees the time and while she knew this was an important call, she was expecting her son soon and she really didn't want to be patronised by her friend, even if she knew she had to be careful not to anger him, because while they went back a long way, she knew when it came to it, he would choose the organisation over their friendship.

"With all due respect Maggie, you don't have a lot of bargaining power and if you want your families safety guaranteed, you have to do exactly what we ask, no ifs or buts, just get it done." Nick quickly retorts in a casual tone, he couldn't blame his friends reaction and he didn't expect any less, but while they were friends, she had crossed a few lines and while he was reluctant, he knew what he had to do, he just had to make sure that she didn't suspect anything, so playing nice wasn't an option, she knew him too well for that to do anything except make her suspicious.

"I will get it done, but I don't understand the change, why bother including the King boy at all, if you don't want him dead." Maggie decides to ask in response, after realising that her friends change in plans didn't really make sense, she had her instructions and was reluctantly going to follow them, but to have the boy there and not kill him, didn't make sense and seemed pointless.

"Deals get made, you made one for the safety of your family and the Erickson boy, that's all you need to know Maggie." Nick responds in a slightly less compose tone this time, as he thinks over the question in his head and while orders were orders, he actually agreed with his friend on this one, even if the only boy that needed to be dealt with was Jarred Miller, the other two boys had to at the very least be traumatised into silence, so he was definitely surprised that this Barry King kid had someone with enough influence to not only avoid dying, but also not hurt and he didn't like not knowing who that influence was other than the surname White, which didn't help at all as it was a surprisingly common name for this area.

"So scare the boys, but only kill Jarred Miler and maybe Ryan Taylor, unless he is no protected as well?" Maggie then asks in a sarcastic tone, before wincing a little as she realises how precarious her situation was and knew she wasn't going to like his response and again glanced up to the clock to see that she was running out of time and knew the last thing she needed before her son appearing, was to be stressed out and nervous.

"He is not protected, which might extend to your family and the Erickson boy if you aren't more careful with your tone Maggie, we're friends, it's why you have this chance to earn their safety, but don't think that this is like before, you're out and you've said things that you shouldn't have and yes, while they weren't really more than trivial, you should have known better, so don't forget that Maggie." Nick quickly responds in an aggravated and less than impressed tone, he had tried hard to be civil and maintain their friendship, but she had unwittingly compromised him by giving the police one of his former aliases, which he had unknown to her, been using again over the past year and although it wasn't her fault, it had sealed her fate, there just wasn't any other way of dealing with that, although he did take comfort in the fact he could at least give her family protection.

"Understood, but I need to know that there won't be any more changes Nick, this is hard enough and while I might be a cold hearted bitch, these are kids at the end of the day and not even faggots, so I need to be going in focused and there are only a few days left, so I need your word Nick, no more surprises." Maggie then says in an honest and straight talking tone, as she decides to lay her cards on the table and while she had enjoyed her part in helping David all that time alone hurt his son and had done some similar things before, they were always faggots, the targets this time weren't and if anything, they were potential recruits to the organisation, even if she wasn't part of it any more, so it wasn't something she was finding easy to prepare herself for.

"You have my word, there won't be any more surprises, I have my instructions Maggie and I've given you yours and this will be the last we speak to each other until afterwards." Nick responds as honestly as he could, which despite his professionalism, was harder than he thought it would be, he knew what he was going to have to do and for once, he didn't look forward to the prospect, he had already lost David, so he knew after this was all over, he would be the last one left.

"I don't think a thank you really suits the occasion Nick, so I will speak to you as soon as it's appropriate and things have settled down." Maggie then says as she again glances at the clock, only to lock towards the door after hearing someone knocking. "He's here Nick, I have to go." She then says and while she was tempted to hang up and she normally would have, she was still a little on edge and decided to let him hang up on her, even if it did irritate her to do so.

"I will be in contact a couple of weeks after you're arrested Maggie, maybe longer, you know how these things work, goodbye." Nick responds in a professional tone, before hanging up and while he felt bad for what was going to happen, he knew it was unavoidable and was just relieved that his friend didn't seem to have picked up on anything that he might have given away, which actually made him smile a little bit, before remembering what was actually going to happen and quickly poured himself another drink.

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