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The Life of Matt Summers, Part 1

by Flaming Matt

Chapter 2

Matt still can't believe the boy sitting on his bed was his friend, when he first got to his new home he was so scared and lonely, everything seemed... well it was just so different, apart from the odd big name store or fast food chain nothing looked like home, even the houses looked different, who would thought that not all houses were made with bricks, but it became clear on the drive from the airport to his new home that houses in New Zealand were not the same as those back in England.

He then started to remember his first few weeks, how his parents had settled in quickly and how they tried to encourage him to go outside and try to find some new friends, but he was still too upset and couldn't stop feeling empty inside, as the reality of him never seeing Tobias again set in and all hope that it wasn't all going to work out disappeared and remembered crying himself to sleep looking through his private box of photos he had taken with Tobias on his last day, they had made a pact to stay in touch as long as possible, but also that they had to accept this wouldn't last forever and not be angry at the other person if they did stop staying in contact.

It had been almost 6 months now since he had any contact with Tobias, Matt wasn't angry with his friend when he stopped making contact, he knew this day was going to come and whilst it made him sad he wasn't going to break the pact he made with his best friend and found comfort in the knowledge that if it is meant to be then they will find each other again and even though he still misses him every day and tried to make contact again a few times, he knows that it was over for now and if and when the time was right it would happen if it was meant to be and he found peace and strength in that. He then started remembering the first time Ben knocked on his front door and it brought a big smile to his face, as he watched his friend make his way out of his room to use the bathroom to clean himself up.

Twenty Three Months earlier: August 2012

Still in his bedroom refusing to even speak to his parents, Matt had just finished speaking with Tobias on the phone and was feeling a little happier then he had been a few hours ago, he laid back on his bed staring at the ceiling and slowly feeling himself falling into a deep sleep before a knocking sound gets his attention and he opens his eyes with interest and sits upright, to listen to what is going on.

After hearing a few more knocks at the front door, Sarah finally takes notice and stands up from the couch to see who is at the door and opens the door and a small happy smile appears on her face, when she is greeted by a very cute looking boy with blonde hair and stunning blue eyes standing in front of her.

"Hello, can I help you?" Sarah asks in a friendly tone, she can't help but admit the boy was very cute and striking and wondered what he was doing at her front door.

"Er... er hello Miss... sorry to... bother you... but... my names Ben and I.. er... live nearby and I.. er..." Ben responds shyly, he had been rehearsing what he was going to say for hours, but now he was here he was starting to lose his composure and confidence, which Sarah notices....

"It is nice to meet you Ben, but you don't need to be nervous, I don't bite much." Sarah says with a big welcoming smile and that grows when the little boy standing in front of her giggles, which she found just adorable.

"Sorry, I just get nervous around pretty girls." Ben then states with a big smile, which causes Sarah to instantly like the boy even more.

"Well aren't you the little charmer young man, now what can I do for such a handsome gentlemen?" Sarah's asks as she opens the door fully.

"Well er... I was just wondering if well er... does Matt want to come out and play with me?" Ben asks shyly and then brushes his blonde hair nervously out of his eyes.

"You know my son?" Sarah asks in surprise, not only does this boy know she has a son, but also knows his name and is curious because he had barely left his room since arriving let alone leave the house, in fact as far as she was aware Matt hasn't actually gone outside once, which despite the little cute boy in front of her, causes her to feel a little sad again.

"I don't know him Miss Summers, I just remember when you first moved here you all got out of the car and I was going to come over and say hello, but he looked so sad I didn't think it was the right time, I only know his name is Matt because when he ran inside the house you shouted his name and you sounded upset as well so I was too nervous to introduce myself to you either." Ben explains honestly, which brings a small smile to Sarah's face again.

"That was very thoughtful Ben, not many kids your age would have done the same thing and I am very impressed, but please call me Sarah and I am married so it would be Mrs Summers not Miss Summers." Sarah informs the little boy, she was really impressed that he had picked up on all their emotions and knew that is wasn't the right time to come over and speak with them, she really hoped her son would like this boy as much as she was already starting to.

"Sorry Miss... Mrs Summers." Ben responds and blushes. "So does Matt want to come play with me?" He then asks again in a hopeful tone, while looking directly into her eyes, but knowing the state her son is in Sarah lets out a sad sigh, before turning her attention back to the young boy in front of her.

"Sorry Ben, but Matt hasn't been feeling very well since we arrived and won't be able to play today." Sarah answers with a lie, although she is trying her best to sound truthful, but when she notices the smile fall from the boys face and the disappointed look that replaces it, Sarah can't help but feel sorry for him and tries to cheer him up a little.

"I am sorry Ben but I will let him know that you came to see him, I just know he will be so happy to hear that you wanted to play with him, he has been so lonely since we came here and I know as soon as he is feeling better he will be really happy to play with you." Sarah states with a reassuring smile and is pleased to see it has done the job, when the young boy smiles again.

"Thank you so much Miss... sorry Mrs Summers... I can't wait to see Matt... I will come back every day until he is better." Ben responds enthusiastically, he then quickly moves towards her and embraces her in a quick but happy hug, which catches Sarah off guard as she hadn't been expecting it at all, but before she can even react the boy is already making his way away from the house and down the road with an adorable spring in his step and leaving Sarah just standing in shock, the boy was definitely full of surprises and again she found herself hoping her son would like him as well.

Sarah then smiles to herself at how happy and full of life the boy seems to be, although as she closes the door and turns around her mood soon takes a sad turn, when she looks up the stairs and remembers just how unhappy her son is and after taking a deep breath she decides to make her way up the stairs and finds herself standing outside her sons room.

"Matt honey... it's mum... can I come in please?" Sarah asks quietly, her voice barely above a whisper, then after not hearing any reply she tries the handle to his door but sighs sadly as she realises it is still locked and after taking another deep breath, Sarah tries again to talk to her son. "Honey I just wanted to tell you that there was a little boy at the door and he wanted to know if you wanted to play, his name is Ben and he seemed really excited to play with you... he is your age as well I think." She then states, while trying to sound happy and comforting.

A small glimmer of hope then spreads through Sarah, when she thinks she heard something that sounded like her son saying something, but it was too quick and quiet to make out and not wanting to push her luck or upset him any more, Sarah just says as warmly as she can. "Okay Honey it's okay, he will be back tomorrow in case you change your mind, I love you Matt."

Over the next ten days, Ben had come round and knocked on Summers front door, he always asked the same question and had to his disappointment received the same answer, Sarah couldn't help but feel sorry for the young boy who just seemed to not waiver at all and it just amazed her at just how persistent he was, any other kid would have given up after a day or two but this boy was different and seemed to genuinely want to be her sons friend and she just hoped her son would come out before he did eventually give up.

However this time was different and unknown to both Sarah and Ben, they were being watched from the top of the stairs, Matt for some reason just couldn't help himself, he had started to become curious about the little boy who keeps visiting and it finally gets the better of him because for the past ten days the same boy knocked on his front door, at the same time each day and asked the same question and he just didn't understand why this boy was going to so much trouble for someone he had never met, it just didn't make any sense to him and he couldn't help thinking that maybe he was ugly or deformed or something and didn't have any other friends.

So he decided this time he would try to take a look look at him, just to see what was wrong with him, although from the moment he laid eyes on the boy he couldn't believe what he was seeing, standing just inside the doorway was a cute young boy with the blondest hair he had ever seen and he was just totally taken by surprise at the sight before him, the only thing he could do was retreat back to his room in shock before getting seen, where he found himself just sitting back on his bed and trying to figure out why the boy would be making such a big effort to meet him, from what he could tell he should have no problems making friends, he was so cute and that blonde hair was just perfect and he seemed kind and caring, someone doesn't just make this much effort to be friends with a stranger without being kind and caring, so he just couldn't figure it out.

He then tried to think about what Tobias had told him, he had told is friend about this boy who kept coming round his house without showing any signs of giving up and Tobias had told him firmly that he couldn't spend the rest of his life in his room and that he should try to make friends as quickly as possible, Matt had tried to argue back but his friend just told him that making new friends will help him and make him happier and whilst Matt brushed those comments off, he knew deep down his friend was right, he was here now and he needed to accept that his old life is over, although he still couldn't accept his life with Tobias by his side was over as well, he just wasn't ready for that yet.

So this time with his friends words fresh in his head, he decides that he is ready to try moving forward and truth be told he was sick of his room and whilst he was still upset about Tobias, he had started to miss his parents, especially his mum, so he decided tomorrow he would at least try to talk to the boy or at the very least let the boy see him, so with that in mind he went about his usual routine since he got to New Zealand and for the first time it was with a happy smile on his face.

The next day Matt checks his clock and smiles, he knew Ben would be knocking on his door in twenty minutes, he knew this because it had been the same time every day for the past ten days without fail, so knowing today was going to be the first day he meets the boy, he wanted to look and smell good so he stripped down to his tighty whiteys, grabbed a towel and headed straight to the bathroom, where he jumped straight into the shower and enjoyed the cold water hitting him and sighed in content as it slowly warmed up.

Stepping out of the shower he already felt refreshed and he was feeling excited for the first time since he learned about his life being uprooted, he then quickly finished drying himself, wrapped the towel around his waist, before taking a quick glance at the clock in the bathroom and smiles because he still has ten minutes left, which was plenty of time to get back to his room and pick out something nice to wear, so with a smile he walks out of the bathroom and on to the landing, where he then stops in his tracks when he hears two voices talking downstairs and just can't seem to resist his curiosity, so he slowly creeps to the top of the stairs and sits down, he then silently sits there as he tries to work out who the voices belong to.

"Thank you for letting me have a drink Mrs Summers, it's so hot today." Ben says gratefully as he gulps his OJ, Sarah just watches the young boy and can't help but smile as he downs his drink in record time, he then wipes away the juice from his lips before letting out the cutest little sigh of content.

"Well we can't have you getting dehydrated now can we young man, now why don't we go into the living room it's cooler in there and you can tell me why you're so out of breath today." Sarah suggests with a warm smile, she had been surprised at how much she enjoyed the boys visits and really enjoyed their conversations.

"Okay thank you Mrs Summers, you're the best." Ben says as he follows her through the hallway and past the steps, where he suddenly stops and looks up and can't help but smile when he sees Matt sitting on the top step wearing just a towel looking directly at him, although he can't quite believing what he is looking at and his jaw almost hits the floor and he can feel himself turning bright red, but just as he is about to say something he is left both disappointed and confused as he watches him quickly stand up and disappearing from sight and when he hears a door opening and closing he assumes Matt had gone back to his room.

Turning round to look why he stopped, Sarah can't help but notice the young boy is looking down to the ground and looking bashful. "What's wrong Ben, are you okay?" Sarah asks in a concerned tone and looks around the room and then up the stairs to see if anything is wrong, but seeing nothing she turns back to the young boy, who to her confusion is now looking very happy with a big grin on his face.

"Nothing er... I'm fine thank you I just saw Matt, he was just sitting at the top of the stairs looking at me for a few moments, but I think I scared him away because he went back to his room really quick." Ben answers sounding a little disappointed, but still grinning like the cat that just got the milk, which just confused Sarah even more.

"Oh right, well I'm happy you saw him at last, even if it was just for a few moments, I just hope he is okay and not upset." Sarah says sounding a little concerned, it was a good sign that he had shown interest in meeting Ben, but the fact he ran straight back to his room was a little worrying.

"He wasn't upset, he was smiling Mrs Summers and he has the cutest smile I have ever seen." Ben states excitedly and Sarah just smiles at the young boy and can't help but find him adorable. "I think I better go now though Mrs Summers, I have to get home so me and Dad can pick my brother up, we are going out for a fancy meal and I can't wait." He then says enthusiastically.

"Okay Ben, have a nice meal and say hello to your dad for me please." Sarah responds and gives the boy a little kiss on his head and gets rewarded with a giggle, the two had already formed a close bond and she again just hoped her son would come around and the two boys became good friends.

As she watches the young boy skip away from the house happily, Sarah smiles before closing the door, she then returns to the kitchen to resume what she was doing earlier, although she is in a far better mood then she was before and finds herself whistling happily.

After twenty minutes of sulking, Matt finally gets off his bed and tries to figure out what just happened, he was so distracted listening to the sound of Ben's voice he didn't even notice his mum walk past the bottom of the stairs, so when he looked down to see a cute blonde haired boy standing at the bottom staring straight at him and he couldn't help but smile. But that was replaced by confusion when the boy suddenly turned bright red with his jaw opening wide in surprise at something, but he just couldn't understand why, he then mentally kicks himself for getting so nervous and retreating to his room because he couldn't believe how stupid he must have looked, he knew he must of looked like such a baby to the boy and he was sure he wouldn't want to be friends any more and was probably already telling all the other boys what a freak he was and just felt himself getting upset again, but this time he decides to do something he has wanted to do for the last few days, so he takes a deep breath and decides to get dressed, even if he has just lost a potential friend and would now be known as the towns freak, he didn't want to sulk in his room any more.

Finally putting the dinner in the oven to cook for a few hours, Sarah looks around the room in satisfaction, she loved cooking and although she knew her limits she was proud of her ability, so she pours herself a well deserved glass of wine and smiles, she then hears a soft voice that sends a wave of happiness through her body come from behind her and her smile widens.

"I hope you'ren't getting drunk Mum, it would be a shame if that lovely looking chicken ends up resembling something dad cooked." Matt states with a grin, he wants to try and sound happy, but can't hide the nervousness in his voice and when Sarah slowly turns around, she just can't help herself as tears of happiness fall down her cheeks, seeing this Matt quickly runs over to his mum and embraces her in the most loving cuddle he could manage. "Please don't cry Mum, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to upset you... I.. I just...I was just trying to..." He begins to say, but Sarah pulls back slightly from him and moves a finger over his lips, she could sense that he was starting to get upset and wanted to stop him before it was too late, he had only just came out of his room and she would be devastated if she caused him to go back.

"Sshh Sweetheart, I'm not upset, these are tears of joy not sadness Matt." Sarah tells him as reassuringly as she can, she then looks into his beautiful eyes to see if he understands before continuing. "I'm just so happy to see you, then I thought about what you said and it made me so happy to hear you speak, I just couldn't help myself... I just felt so happy that you were talking to me again, I missed you so much." She then adds as a few more tears run down her face.

Realising his mum is not upset he quickly pulls her back into his arms. "I love you so much Mummy, I missed you and Daddy so much and I can't wait for him to get home, I didn't mean to be such a baby and I know ignoring you was mean, but I love you Mummy." Matt then says from the heart, he really did feel bad for hurting his parents, despite still being angry at them they were his parents and it made him feel guilty for ignoring them.

"Sshh Matt it's okay, I'm just so happy you spoke to me and also that you finally saw Ben, he is such a nice boy don't you think and you're going to like him a lot." Sarah then says, trying her best to make her son smile, but is suddenly shocked as he begins to cry. "Hey what's wrong Sweetheart?... please don't cry." She quickly says trying to calm her son down and can't help but be concerned about his sudden change in mood.

"I scared him away Mummy, I ran away like a little baby because I got so nervous, now he knows I'm just a big baby and he won't want to be my friend any more." Matt says as he continues to cry.

"Oh dear, don't get upset because you have it all wrong Matt, Ben was so happy to finally see you that he can't wait to come round tomorrow, he would have stayed but he had to meet his dad, you should have seen his face Matt, he looked so happy and had the biggest grin on his face." Sarah says as warmly as she could, she wants to make sure he knows she is not trying to lie to him.

"Really.... Really Mum? But I was such a baby and just ran away, I just feel so stupid Mum, I just wanted to meet him and talk with him but I just ran away... do you really promise Mum, is he really coming back tomorrow Mum?" Matt responds nervously, as he releases his grip on his mum and pulls back to look at her.

"I promise, he really likes you and he will be back tomorrow." Sarah tells him reassuringly. "Now why don't you go to the bathroom and wash your face, while I make us a drink so we can talk until your dad gets home, he is going to be so happy when he sees you and we both love you so much." She then tells her now beaming son and she can't help but smile as she watches her son making his way up to the bathroom with a spring in his step and she can't help but think of how similar it was to how Ben walks when he is happy.

Waking up the following day, Matt almost jumps out of bed feeling excited about the day ahead of him, yesterday was the first time since they moved to New Zealand that he has talked to both his parents and was so happy to be around them again and also finally getting to see Ben made him even happier, although technically they haven't even spoken to each other yet, but that would be fixed today, the best part of yesterday though was talking to Tobias about what happened, his friend was so happy that he was finally getting out of his depression and they talked for hours before he had to leave and once he put the phone down he just laid down on his bed with the biggest smile on his face until he fell into a deep sleep.

Now he finds himself sitting impatiently in the living room, he was staring at the clock waiting for Ben to finally knock on the door and he was so excited he had already showered twice and changed his clothes three times, just so he looked his best, Sarah just laughed lovingly at her sons antics, but he was far to focused on meeting Ben to notice the look she was giving him, then finally after what seemed like an eternity someone knocks on the door and he quickly jumps up from his chair before running over to the door almost pushing his mum through the wall in the process as she is about to open the door and he gives her a sheepish grin before taking a deep breath just before he opens the door himself.

"Hey Mrs Sum..." Ben starts to say before stopping in surprise and his jaw almost hits the floor as he looks at the person standing in front of him, he had only seen him twice and both times he barely got a chance to actually take in his appearance.

"Well I know she is my mum, but we don't look that much alike do we?" Matt states smiling, he is hoping the boy finds him funny and relaxes when he smiles back at him.

"Oh... er... sorry Matt, I just wasn't expecting er... you to answer the door... Mrs Sum... I mean er.. your mum always answers the door so.. er... I just thought." Ben stutters nervously as he was still a bit stunned by Matt answering the door and also by just how cute he was, he loved the shorts he was wearing and the tight black top with a interesting weird pattern on the front was cool, then there was his hair, it looked like he had just woken up, but somehow still looked adorable and then he noticed his eyes, they were a sparkling green just like his own and he found it hard to look away from them.

"It's okay, I was just messing with you, I guess I was just really excited to finally meet you, I think I almost pushed my mum through the wall when I thought she was going to get to the door before I did." Matt says with the cutest smile Ben has ever seen.

"Oh cool, well er... my name is Ben by the way, just in case you didn't know." Ben then says, still struggling to not stare into the boys eyes and wondered why he was feeling the way he was.

"Oh right yeah, hey Ben, sorry yeah I already knew your name and I'm so happy to meet you at last." Matt then responds, he then holds out his hand and Ben shakes it with his own, Matt then invites him inside and they are soon both sitting in the living room talking as if they had been friends for years and Sarah can't help but smile from the doorway before heading into the kitchen.

Suddenly Matt comes out of his thoughts, when he feels something wet cover his head and quickly tries to figure out what is going on.

"Hey stop daydreaming and go get yourself a shower Matt, you stink worse that a monkeys butt." Ben teases and bursts into laughter at the sight of his best friend trying to remove the wet towel from his head.

"Eww that's so gross, why did you throw it on my..." Matt starts to ask, but stops in his tracks when he looks up to the sight of his best friend standing completely naked with back turned towards him. "Why are you standing there naked Ben?" He then asks in a curious tone and couldn't seem to take his eyes of his best friends naked bum and doesn't see his friend glance over his shoulder grinning.

"Because some smelly little boy decided to wear my towel on his head." Ben answers, before laughing as he bends down to pull his black briefs up before turning round to face his friend.

"Whatever Creep." Matt retorts, pretending to not be phased by his friends nakedness. "I'm going to take a shower, try to put more clothes on before you give my mum a heart attack, no one wants to see something that ugly." He then adds with an evil grin on his face, he really loved winding his best friend up and knew he would never take it the wrong way.

"Yeah so ugly you couldn't keep your eyes of it, right Matt?" Ben retorts confidently, grinning as his friends smug look disappears and is replaced by a blush as he quickly leaves the room, Ben can't help but laugh at his best friend as he slowly picks his towel up and finishes drying himself.

Over the past year both boys have seen each other in almost all states of undress and they have had great fun teasing each other, but up until recently they hadn't seen each other completely naked, in the last few weeks however they have caught glimpses of each others naked bums when changing in front of each other, but this was the first time either of them have paid any attention to it and certainly the first time they have both thought about the warm tingly feelings it gives them.

When he finally finishes in the shower, Matt walks back into his room with the towel wrapped around his waist and he can't help but feel a little disappointed that his best friend is sat facing away from him studying his guitar, quickly ignoring the feeling of disappointment he dries himself off and gets dressed whilst making small talk with best friend, who again to his disappointment never turns around.

"You know if you want to learn how to play it, I will teach you." Matt then tells his friend as he stands next to him, before placing a hand on his shoulder. Ben just looks up at him with a smile on his face and lets out a little giggle.

"What's so funny?" Matt asks in a confused tone.

"Your hair is just so adorable and cute, you should wear it like that all the time" Ben answers and despite trying is hardest to keep a straight face, just bursts into a fit of giggles when he sees his best friend pouting at him.

"What ever Creep." Matt retorts trying to sound angry, but as he walks over to his mirror he can't help but almost double over in laughter himself when he sees the state of his hair, it was sticking up in every direction but what makes it even funnier is when he looks at the front and realises that he has the dorkiest looking devil horns he has ever seen, he then tries to compose himself and stand up, but just ends up doubling over again at the sight of his best friend rolling around the floor in hysterics and joins him.

After a few minutes both boys finally get control over themselves and Ben returns to where he set down his best friends guitar, Matt just looks over smiles, he really loved having his best friend with him.

"So you want me to teach you to play then?" Matt then asks again excitedly, he loves the guitar and has wanted to teach his best friend for a ages.

"Nah Matt you know I don't want to learn how to play it, it's just not my kind of thing." Ben responds honestly, they have had this conversation many times, but Ben still finds it nice when his best friend keeps asking, normally when people hassled him to do something he got annoyed but for some reason he and his best friend rarely ever had that effect on each other."

"Then why do you keep looking and touching it?" Matt decides to ask, still not understanding how someone can seem so interested in a guitar, yet at the same time have no interest in learning how to play.

"Because I love hearing you play it and when you sing as well it just makes me happy, so just because I don't want to learn how to play, it doesn't mean I don't like it." Ben responds honestly, as he picks the instrument up and turns to his best friend.

"What are you doing?" Matt asks nervously as his best friend walks towards him with his guitar.

"I want you to sing and play for me, it's been ages since you last did it." Ben states in a hopeful tone, he really did enjoy his best friends performances, especially when it was just the two of them because it made him feel special, but after the first few times it had been harder and harder to get him to sing, let alone play his guitar and he knew it had to do with his old friend Tobias, but he didn't want to push that subject too much.

"I don't know, I just don't like doing it in front of people Ben and I'm not even that good, why don't we go out and play because it will be more fun, just put the guitar back over there." Matt answers, pointing to the case in the corner and hoping he can avoid playing or singing, it isn't that he hates doing it or is shy, it's just lately his feelings towards his best friend had changed and he doesn't quite understand how or why and when he performs in front of him those feelings just get more intense, he has also since moving away from Tobias found himself avoiding singing as much as possible, he just found it too upsetting and he didn't like feeling sad.

"Come on Matt, I don't want to go outside, I want you to play for me, come on Tobias didn't spend all that money buying you a guitar and sending it half way across the world, just for it to sit in the corner of the room and collect dust did he?" Ben then states, he knows saying Tobias's name is a low and dirty trick, but he knows it's the only way he will get what he wants and although the mere mention of Tobias, would have put his best friend in a small depression early on in their friendship, Ben had learned to try to avoid saying it, but as time went on and they grew closer to each other, he learned what Tobias meant to his best friend and he had started to open up to him about Tobias and how he felt, eventually because of him Matt would no longer feel depressed when reminded of Tobias, but instead would remember the good times and the good feelings, so Ben knew that whilst it was a dirty trick to use of his name, it wouldn't have a negative effect on his best friend.

"Fine, but I will get my own back, oh and just so you know if anyone else tried to use Tobias to manipulate me they would need surgery, you're just lucky I love you so much, you little creep." Matt then says triumphantly, without realising what he actually just said, but Ben heard every word and can't help but feel a tingling of excitement inside as his heart races a little faster, then seeing his best friend look at him with a look of confusion, he quickly smiles and hands him his guitar before quickly taking a seat on the edge of the bed.

"Well come on Matt, I'm at risk of dying of old age if you just stand there looking gormless." Ben then teases as he tries his best to get his best friend to relax, he knows how nervous he gets sometimes and doesn't want him to get upset, he had learned a long time ago that his friend doesn't deal well with people pressurising him and had worked hard to figure out how far he could go.

"Okay fine you win Creep." Matt responds in defeat, he then sighs before sitting on his chair and looks across to the cute boy sitting on his bed, he then makes himself comfortable and plays a few random cords before finally feeling relaxed and focused, he then looks into his best friends sparkling green eyes and smiles before starting.

"Strumming my pain with his fingers
Singing my life with his words
Killing me softly with his song, telling my whole life with his words
Killing me softly with his song..

I heard he sang a good song
I heard he had a style
And so I came to see him
And let him sing for a while
And there he was this young one
Stranger to my eyes

Strumming my pain with his fingers
Singing my life with his words
Killing me softly with his song, killing me softly with his song
Telling my whole life with his words killing me softly with his song"

Unknown to either boy, David was standing just outside his sons bedroom door, he was clenching his fists and starting to turn a little angry as he listened through the door, but just as he is about to enter the room he hears footsteps coming up the stairs and quickly tries to calm himself down and just as his wife comes into view he manages to force a genuine looking smile on his face and places a finger to his lips to signal to wife to be quiet.

"I felt all flushed with fever.
Embarrassed by the crowd"

Sarah walks over to her husband and gives him a questioning look, before turning towards their sons bedroom and smiles as she hears his sweet voice and the sound of his guitar, then glances back to her husband. "Oh David, isn't he amazing,." Sarah gushes before looking back at the door. "But why is he singing, he hasn't done that for ages." She then asks in a curious tone.

"I felt he found my letters and read each one out loud
I prayed that he would finish
But he just kept right on"

"He is with Ben Honey, it was so funny listening to Ben convince him to sing, you would have loved it." David explains, hoping to sound as happy and excited as possible to hide his true feelings from his wife, inside though he was definitely not happy about what he had heard and knew he had to get away from his wife and make a phone call so making his excuses, he finally manages to get downstairs leaving his wife happily listening to their son sing, he then opens the front door and shuts it behind him before climbing into his car and pulls his phone out of his pocket, just as he leaves the driveway.

"Strumming my pain with his fingers
Singing my life with his words
Killing me softly with his song, killing me softly with his song
Telling my whole life with his words killing me softly with his song

Oh ah ah oh

Whoa ah oh ah ah

La la la la la la oh ah ah

Oh oh la ah ah ah

La ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
Strumming my pain with his fingers, yes
He was singing my life with his words.
Killing me softly with his song. Killing me softly with his words, Telling my whole life with his words
Killing me softly... with his song... ong... ong... ong
Yeah yeah ah ah ah
Ummmm ummm ummmm mmmm."

When Matt finishes and opens his eyes, he can't help but feel nervous about seeing his best friends reaction, but he is surprised to see tears in his best friends eyes, so he quickly places his guitar gently on the floor and walks over to his friend before kneeling in front of him, he then places his hands on his best friends knees and into his eyes.

"Hey what's wrong Ben, why are you crying?" Matt then asks with genuine concern in his voice, Ben then sniffles and looks at his best friend and a small happy smile spreads across his face.

"Because that was beautiful, I have never heard you sing like that before and it just took me by surprise." Ben says sincerely, smiling as he looks into his friends eyes and for some reason he just can't stop looking at them.

"What do you mean sing like that?" Matt then asks in a confused tone, although he can't help but get distracted by his friends beautiful green eyes.

"I don't know it just had so much emotion in it, it just felt like you meant every word and you were perfect on the guitar as well." Ben answers honestly with a genuine smile to go with it and giggles when he sees his best friend blush with pride.

Sarah was till standing outside her sons bedroom and feels proud of her son, she just like Ben had also has never heard her son sing like that and feels guilty for listening into such a private moment and decides to make a quick exit so the boys wouldn't know she was there, because she didn't want to embarrass either of them and also give away the fact she was eavesdropping, but just as she turns away she freezes when she hears the door unlock and watches in horror as the handle turns, not knowing what to do and feeling guilty she could only stand there and hope for the best, however just before the door opens she breaths a sigh of relief and hears Ben's voice call out to her son.

"Hey do you really think you should being going out like that?" Ben states with a grin on his face and Matt lets go of the door handle and turns back to look at his friend in confusion and Sarah takes her chance to make a quick getaway without being spotted and makes it downstairs and into the kitchen safely.

"Going out like what?" Matt asks, still looking confused as he checks himself over and finds nothing out of place, then hearing his friend giggle he looks up and is about to say something when he notices where his friend was looking and the penny drops as he rubs his hands on his hair and blushes, but his embarrassment doesn't last long as both boys laugh their little hearts out at his ridiculous looking hair.

"Okay you little creep, give me a few minutes to make myself pretty for you." Matt then says and sticks his tongue out at his friend before walking past him towards his mirror, Matt had totally forgotten the state of his hair and couldn't believe he almost went outside with his dorky looking devil horns and just knew if either of his parents saw him, then he would have never heard the end of it and was grateful for his friend being there, it was times like this that showed just how close the two boys were, sure they would joke around and tease each other but when it came down to it, they had each others backs and they wouldn't do anything to humiliate or upset the other on purpose and they both knew it.

"It will take you more than a few minutes to make yourself pretty enough for me devil boy." Ben quickly retorts and bursts into laughter, when his friend pouts at him and after several minutes of laughing and teasing they are both happy with how they look and head out to the park to meet their other friends.

Two weeks Later: September 2014

Sitting at the dining room table Sarah and David Summers are talking over a late breakfast, their son had left over an hour ago after his friends Barry and Patrick came round to tell their friend to come with them as they had big news, they had both sounded really excited and both David and Sarah laughed as all three boys ran down the road to meet up with their other friends.

"I just can't believe it David, you just don't expect that kind of thing to happen around here do you?" Sarah tells her husband as she passes him the coffee pot.

"I know, it's just a shock that it happened so close to us, I have seen on the news and in the papers of attacks in nearby towns but this is the first time anything like that has happened in this town I think." David replies before taking a sip of a much needed coffee and looks into his wife's loving eyes, he really did think she was the most beautiful person in the world.

"I just don't understand how someone can do that to another person, it's just disgusting and pointless, I just don't understand why it happened and why him." Sarah says in a sad tone, as she gazes back at her husbands eyes.

"Did you know him Honey?" David asks trying to sound as calm as he can, he had no idea that his wife would have known him.

"Not that well darling, he was just a sweet guy that everyone down the club liked a lot, that is why I'm so shocked, why would anyone want to hurt him, he wouldn't hurt a fly David." Sarah responds a little down hearted and lets out a sad sigh.

David takes a moment to take a bite of his toast and another long sip of his coffee before reaching over to his wife and holding her hand. "Sweetheart it's okay, sometimes bad things just happen, it doesn't make it right or better but it is sadly how the world is right now, people do bad things and think they can get away with it but they can't run or hide forever and eventually they get caught and then they get what they deserve." David then says in a firm and serious tone.

"You're right honey, thank you for understanding and talking with me, it just makes me wonder if it is safe here." Sarah replies with a weak smile.

"I know what you mean Sarah, but this is a good town and a safe town, I know this is a shock to everyone, but like I said before we can't let this affect us, we have to stay strong for our son, he won't understand fully what has happened and he will be looking at us for guidance and we don't want him to be scared." David reassures his wife confident he has done enough to calm her down.

"I know, we will be strong for him." Sarah says nodding her head in agreement, she then stands up to clear away the dishes, David decides to stand up and help is wife, afterwards she heads into the living room and he decides it's time to head to work and leaves the house.

Meanwhile sitting in Ben's bedroom, Matt along with Barry, Carter, Jordan and Patrick sit nervously as their friend makes sure they have the house to themselves.

"Okay guys, Mitch and Dad just left and won't be back for ages, so relax and try not to stink my room out." Ben states as he walks back into his room, looking directly at Matt as he finishes his sentence, which sends the other boys into a fit of giggles.

"What ever Creep." Matt retorts, but Ben just smiles at his friend pouting at him.

"So come on Ben, tell us what was so urgent we had to see Matt in his PJ's?" Jordan then asks with a snort.

"Hey I don't wear PJ's I just wear my tighty wh..." Matt begins to say before stopping himself, but he knows he just fell right into Jordan's trap, as the room erupts in the sound of little boys laughing hysterically and he just has to sit there pouting.

"Okay my mistake Mr Tighty Whitey." Jordan gleefully retorts, causing the other boys to laugh even more, all except for Carter who genuinely liked Matt more then any of the others and Ben who just glares at Jordan.

"Okay, Okay guys that's enough leave him alone and calm down if you want me to tell you the big news." Ben then states in a serious tone, coming to his best friends rescue, he enjoyed a joke but he hated to see Matt being picked on, so just winks to his friend after Matt gives him a nod of gratitude, they always had each others back and trusted each other completely.

"Sorry Ben, I was just messing around." Jordan says apologetically, although he wasn't really sorry, for some reason he couldn't quite work out, he disliked Matt and only put up with him because of Ben, he knew he couldn't have one without the other and he liked Ben too much to not be friends.

"Yeah come on Ben, tell us the big news and we didn't mean to make fun of Matt." The other boys state sincerely one by one.

"Okay, well everyone get ready because you're not going to believe what happened last night." Ben says building up the tension like he is a professional story teller, smirking to himself as the five boys all lean in a little closer, although he can't help but notice that Matt seems to be more interested in staring into his eyes than listening to anything he had to say and tried his best not to blush at the attention.

"Come on Ben we are dying of old age over here." Carter then says getting a few giggles from the other boys, it was rare for Carter to say anything in the group, he wasn't shy or anything, he was just happier being in the back round and his friends all knew he could be funny when he wanted to.

"Well okay, but don't keep interrupting me, well last night I needed to use the toilet so I went to go into the bathroom and as I was about to go in I overheard my brother and dad talking downstairs, it sounded really serious and Mitch actually sounded a little upset..." Ben explains before being interrupted.

"Mitch was upset? Was he crying?" Carter asks curiously, he was just surprised that someone like Mitch would cry.

"No he wasn't crying, Mitch never cries, he just sounded worried and anyway I said no interrupting, now shut up and listen." Ben states seriously with a slight hint of annoyance in his voice and the other boys take the hint and just nod as Ben continues.

"As I got close enough to hear them but without being seen I heard Dad say...."

The Night Before

Sitting down in front of the TV, Mike Walker feels relaxed and content with life, although losing his wife a few years ago in tragic circumstances, he no longer feels empty in his life, he hasn't met anyone new but with two sons who everyday make him feel like the luckiest dad alive, fills him with pride, they are great kids and apart from the odd argument they couldn't be closer, neither son is afraid or embarrassed to show how much they love their dad, in private or public and everyday he thanks god that he has them in his life.

As he flicks through the channels trying to find something decent to watch, he hears the front door open and shut, not paying much attention because he knows it is eldest son and just turns his attention back to the TV, however after a few moments he feels someone watching him and turns back towards the hallway and looks at his eldest son in concern as he stands there looking extremely pale and is visibly shaking.

"Mitch what's wrong? What happened?" Mike asks as he stands up and walks straight over to his eldest son. "Mitch are you okay?" He again asks but still gets no response, he looks his eldest son over quickly and can't see any signs of injury and decides to move him to the kitchen and sits him down before quickly making them both a cup of coffee. "Come on Mitch you're scaring me, tell me what's wrong please." He then asks once again, trying to get him to talk.

"Dad it was horrible, I have never seen anything like it before in my life and every time I close my eyes I see it again, it was just so horrible dad and I can't stop seeing it." Mitch finally says in obvious shock and distress, Mike looks at his eldest son and feels his heart sink as he looks close to tears, Mike hasn't seen him like this since his wife's death and instinctively pulls him into a tight embrace.

"Mitch come on son, tell me what you saw, I promise it will be okay, I'm here now you can trust me." Mike tries to say as reassuringly as he can to get his eldest son to calm down a little.

"Dad I was running through the park, like I always do every night and I don't know why but I decided to take a different route, I still don't know why I did that because I always go the same route every time, but this time I don't know why but I just felt like I had to go that way, oh Dad why did I have to go that way, why did I have to be the one to find him Dad." Mitch says close to tears.

"Find him, what do you mean find him... who did you find Mitch?" Mike asks in concern and was now even more alarmed than before.

"Dad I found Jeff Jacobs in the bushes." Mitch says while sadly looking down at the table and Mike doesn't really understand what his eldest son is trying to say, but has a horrible feeling of deja vu that he just can't shake.

"Jeff Jacobs, the young man from the club in town? Why was he in the bushes and what was he doing?" Mike asks without thinking about what he was saying, he was just to distracted by this horrible feeling he had in his stomach.

"Dad he wasn't doing anything, he was dead Dad, he was just laying there and there was so much blood Dad... so much blood... I have never seen anything like it before... I didn't even know who he was until the police and ambulance came... Dad I can't stop seeing him, Dad what am I going to do..." Mitch explains and is close to tears. He then looks up to his dad who is just staring at him in complete shock and horror. "Dad... Dad what am I going to do... Dad? Please say something." He then says in complete panic and Mike suddenly snaps from his thoughts as he hears his eldest sons pleas and quickly pulls himself together taking his eldest sons hands into his own.

"Mitch everything is going to be okay, you saw something no one should ever see and I'm sorry but there is nothing I can do to help you right now, I know that is not what you want to hear but in time you will find a way to get past this, what you need to do is drink the rest of your coffee and then take a long hot shower." Mike instructs his eldest son in a calm tone, but has to pause to compose himself for a few seconds/ "Then try to get some sleep and we can talk about this in the morning, after you have time to rest and process what you saw." He then says reassuringly, he knows it isn't the best advice in the world, but right now he is in too much shock and he needs to get his head around it as well.

"Dad it was horrible how could anyone do that to another person, I have seen people fight and get hurt but I have never seen anything like that, not even in films Dad, it was horrible and I just can't stop seeing his body it was all..." Mitch begins to say, but is clearly too upset and Mike knows he has to cut him off, so he tightens his embrace and hopes it was enough to keep him from falling to pieces.

"Mitch I know, I really do know but you have to listen to me okay, trust me you need to get washed up and then try to get some rest, we can talk about it tomorrow when you have had time to calm down, it will be easier and better that way, so go upstairs and I will clear up down here and check in on your brother." Mike says as he guides his eldest son towards the stairs and watches as he slowly walks up to get to the bathroom.

Mike quickly places the mugs of coffee in the sink to wash up later, he has to wipe tears from his eyes as memories come flooding back, but before they take over him completely he composes himself and makes his way upstairs to check on his youngest son, more for himself than to make sure he is asleep, he just needed to see him.

"No way." The boys all say together after a collective gasp.

"It's true guys, it was even on the local news, I checked and it is all true, Mitch found a dead body in the park and he was murdered." Ben declares excitedly.

"MURDERED?" Matt suddenly shouts out, surprising the rest of the boys who all stare at him with their mouths open, they hadn't noticed he hadn't actually reacted with the rest of them.

"What's wrong Matt, did you know him?" Barry then asks, concerned by his friends reaction.

"Huh? No... no nothing like that it is just well er... er.. it's just I...." Matt begins to say but struggles to find the right words, he then looks over to Ben who just nods his head knowingly.

"Spit it out already Matt, what are you trying to say." Jordan suddenly blurts out earning him a surprising glare from Ben that he didn't expect.

"Sorry it's just I haven't thought about it for years and it is just so weird, guys I once found a dead body in the park back home with my best friend, he was murdered too it's so weird." Matt says reflectively.

"Oh come on, I thought you were being serious, you're such an attention..." Before Jordan can finish though, he is pushed gently back by Ben who is now standing right in front of him, leaving all the boys surprised, well except Matt who hides an appreciative smile at his friends actions.

"Jordan stop being a jack ass, he is telling the truth, his parents told me that Matt and his best friend Tobias were playing in the park and they saw something in the bushes and they went to see what it was and they found the body." Ben says matter of factly and ignores the angry look Jordan is giving him.

"Wow you saw a dead body Matt? That is so cool, what did it look like?" Patrick asks, looking amazed at his friend.

"No, no I didn't see the body, before me and Tobias saw it my dad sent us away, he was the one who found it and called the police, he said it was for our own good." Matt says correcting his friend.

"Aww." Patrick says disappointingly.

"Well anyway that is the big news, what do you think guys?" Ben then asks expectingly.

All the boys agree that it is cool and thank Ben for telling them, for a few hours they talk about it some more and play some games, before they each starts to leave one by one until, it's just Ben and Matt alone together.

"Thank you for shutting Jordan up." Matt suddenly tells his friend gratefully.

"Any time, you know I have your back and no one talks to my best buddy like that while I'm around." Ben replies genuinely, which earns him a massive hug from his friend which he enjoys more than he understands, he doesn't know what it is, but every time he is near his friend he gets the weirdest feelings, but there is no doubt that while they are confusing, that they are good feelings.

"I know you do, the same goes for me as well, It's just sometimes I think Jordan hates me, he gives me these strange looks sometimes." Matt then says as he lets go of his friend, he didn't want to let go because he was getting this weird but nice feelings, but he was worried his friend would think he was weird.

"That is just the way Jordan is, don't take it personally he is not a bad person, just trust me okay he doesn't hate you." Ben says reassuringly and this time he pulls his friend in for a hug, although he had no idea why he did it, but he didn't care because he liked the feelings it gave him.

"So you think Mitch is okay, you said he looked really upset." Matt asks as he reluctantly pulls away from the hug and looks at his best friend in genuine concern for his brothers welfare, he liked Mitch a lot and the thought of him being upset made him feel bad.

"I don't know really, him and dad left together and he still looked upset, I really hope he is okay." Ben replies sombrely.

"Ben he will be okay, Mitch is the toughest person I know and nothing can beat him." Matt states confidently, he really did believe that Mitch was the toughest person he had ever met and always felt safe when he was nearby, even safer than when he was with his parents, although he would never let them know that.

"Yeah you're right, you always know just what to say, hey do you remember last year when that eighteen year old guy tried to mug us, then out of nowhere Mitch just appeared and beat him up." Ben then says as he remembers how his brother came to his rescue.

"Yeah that was so cool, that guy was pretty big and Mitch was only fifteen, I can't believe how easy he beat the guy up and it was so funny when he started crying and begging your brother to stop." Matt responds as he giggles at the memory of the guy crying.

"Yeah, I just can't believe Mitch was there, I don't know how he does it, but he seems to always appear out of nowhere when I need him the most." Ben then says thoughtfully, he honestly had no idea how is brother does it and for a long time when he was younger actually thought he was a wizard or something, which his brother took great amusement from.

"You're so lucky, I wish I had a brother who looked out for me, Mitch is so cool." Matt replies with a bit of sadness in his voice, Ben looks up as he realises that his friend is feeling a little sad and grabs one of his hands and holds it gently.

"You don't need a big brother Matt, you have me and I promise to never let anyone hurt you, so stop being all sad and let's go out, I want to go buy Mitch a present to cheer him up and I need your help." Ben says excitably and grins to himself as a small smile replaces the sad look on his friends face, he knows he is just as good at cheering his friend up as he is at cheering him up and it made him feel better knowing he had him in his life.

"Thank you Ben, you're the best." A now cheerful Matt replies, both boys quickly head to the bathroom and wash their faces before heading into town to buy something special for Mitch.

The next day Matt is busy getting dressed in his room, when his mum shouts up to him in a vain attempt to hurry him a long, David had to go away on another work trip and it had almost been made a tradition for Matt and his mum to have dinner round their neighbours, although Matt would rather be out with Ben, he really didn't mind spending time with Mr and Mrs Taylor, they were like his grandparents and he always enjoyed them showering him with affection.

Matt finally finishes getting ready and makes his way downstairs to his waiting mum, who can't help but let out a mock applause and gets rewarded with one of her sons trademark pouts, she really did love seeing that look, which it melted her heart every time, then after a few minutes of checking they had everything both Sarah and Matt head outside locking the door behind them, they then make their way over to their next door neighbours front door and knock.

"Well isn't this a wonderful sight a young gentlemen and his sister standing in my doorway." Mr Taylor says with a huge grin across his face, after opening the door.

"Oh do shut up dear and let my two favourite people in the world come in, before you bore them to death with your jokes." Mrs Taylor quickly snaps as she appears beside her husband, much to the amusement of both Matt and his mum, they never tire of the old couples banter and can't help but laugh at the performance.

"Oh dear sweet Martha, we will have to book you an appointment at the doctors very quickly, this is a matter that can not be left to fester." Mr Taylor says as seriously as he can with out breaking into a fit of laughter, however Matt's jaw drops and he looks straight at Martha with a genuine concern on his face.

"Oh no is Nana ill, it's not serious is it Mummy?" Matt then asks trying to hold back a few tears, he is genuinely worried that Mrs Taylor is seriously ill and Mr Taylor feels a pang of guilt as he realises the young boy thought he was being serious.

"Oh, no young man I was just making a joke, Martha is fine and you don't have to get upset about." Mr Taylor quickly says, trying to make amends for scaring the boy half to death, whilst also wiping the few tears from the boys face and eyes.

"Now look what you have done, with your silly jokes Edward." Martha says as she tells her guests to come inside and take a seat, Matt is now feeling a little embarrassed at getting so upset and blushes and keeps his head down hoping no one will laugh at him.

"It's okay Martha it was an honest mistake, he will be okay he just cares about you both so much and I wouldn't want him to be any other way, he is my perfect little prince." Sarah says proudly whilst looking over to her son who is now smiling with pride at his mums words.

"Yeah it's okay Nana I just got worried, it's not Gramps fault he can't tell a joke properly." Matt states whilst sticking his tongue out at Edward, who blushes as both Martha and Sarah burst into laughter.

"Ha, that's my favourite young man, you hear that Edward even he thinks you aren't funny." Martha says in between laughter, who just sticks his tongue out towards Matt who just giggles.

"Okay, Matt let's go and get your jacket hung up and take your shoes off." Sarah then says, motioning for her son to be quick, Matt stands up a little sheepishly and blushes as he looks towards Mr and Mrs Taylor, he was glad Mrs Taylor was okay, but he was still feeling upset and embarrassed about his reaction.

"Sorry Gramps and Nana I didn't mean to get upset." Matt says apologetically, he is sure he was in the wrong and feels bad about his reaction.

"No need for apologies Matt, it should be Edward apologising for getting you upset, now do as your mum says and I will go get you some juice." Martha says in a caring tone before turning to her husband and giving him a look that lets him know, he is in the dog house and he can only smile apologetically.

While her son goes into the hallway to put his jacket away and his shoes neatly to the side, Sarah follows the older couple into the kitchen.

"I am really sorry for upsetting him, I feel really bad for scaring him Sarah." Edward says quietly so Matt doesn't over hear, he realises that he should be more careful around the boy, he knows he has had a tough time and should know better.

"You have nothing to apologise for Edward, he can just be a bit over sensitive, he just cares about everyone too much sometimes, he is such a special boy and I'm so glad he is my son." Sarah says proudly and honestly.

"You certainly have a good son there Sarah and you're quite right." Martha says in agreement.

"Thank you and the boy is quite something it has to be said, I have never met anyone like him before... well apart from Ben that is, another wonderful young gentlemen and to see them become such good friends is wonderful." Edward then states happily and sincerely, he had to admit the children of today did worry him, but both Ben and Matt had both shown him that there is still hope for their generation.

"Ah Ben, he is just extraordinary, from the first day he knocked on our front door he found a place in my heart and the two boys together are just the cutest thing I have ever seen." Sarah almost gushes as both Martha and Edward smile in agreement, although Sarah blushes a little at what she had just said, but neither Martha or Edward seemed to noticed.

"Aww Mum do you have to keep saying that to everyone, it's so embarrassing can't you just stop." A mortified sounding Matt says, surprising everyone as they didn't see him enter.

Sarah just smiles as she looks over to her clearly embarrassed son and gives him her own puppy dog eyes and gets rewarded with a big loving hug from him, which makes her swell with pride, looking at the mum and son embrace Martha and Edward hold each others hands smiling.

"Matt take a seat and drink some of your juice, me and Gramps over there will serve dinner, I hope you're hungry because I made your favourite." Martha says sweetly looking directly at a clearly excited Matt as he takes his seat.

"You made New Zealand Lamb? I love New Zealand Lamb." Matt excitedly declares with his mouth already watering in anticipation, much to the amusement of everyone else.

"I know, that is why I made it young man, only the best for you." Martha says lovingly as she sees the enthusiasm in the young boy.

Matt's favourite food used to be a Sunday roast dinner back in England nnd he didn't think anything could possibly taste better than his Mums Sunday roast, but when the Taylor's first invited him and his parents around for dinner for the first time and they served New Zealand Lamb he feel in love with it, of course he looked at it a little sceptically at first, not because it looked bad, just because it was something new, but after the first mouthful he was in food heaven and orders it at every restaurant his parents take him to.

After finishing their meals Matt volunteers to wash and wipe up and refuses to accept any help from anyone else, knowing that he is serious Sarah, Martha and Edward head through to the living room to sit and relax whilst he gets to work in the kitchen.

"You have taught your son well Sarah, such a polite little sweetheart." Martha tells Sarah who smiles with pride.

"As much as I want to take credit for it Martha I can't, this is all him, apart from when he was really young he has always done his fair share helping around the house, well to be honest fair share is a bit of an understatement, neither me or his David knows why he does it but we aren't complaining." Sarah replies with a small laugh.

"I would imagine not Sarah, just when I think I have the young man figured out he surprises me all over again." Edward adds thoughtfully.

"This isn't the first time he has washed up here though Edward, why does it surprise you?" Sarah asks genuinely curious.

"I guess I was never really paying attention, this is the first time I have really noticed." Edward replies a little embarrassed he has never noticed before and blushes a little as his wife shakes her head at him mockingly.

"The young man is full of surprises for sure Sarah." Martha adds calmly.

"Martha remember that time I saw him staring at my piano, I thought I would mess around with him and get him to play thinking it would be funny and cute." Edward asks his wife with a little chuckle.

"Of course how can I ever forget the look of shock on your face, it was priceless, I just wish I had my camera so I could show it to other people." Martha responds with a smile.

"He played your piano?" Sarah then asks in surprise.

"Oh you don't know about the piano Sarah? I am sure we told you." Martha says a little surprised that Sarah hadn't heard the story, even if they forgot she was sure the young boy would have said something.

"No, he didn't damage it did he?" Sarah suddenly asks, worried that her son may have broken it by accident.

"No don't be silly Sarah nothing like that, look why don't you tell her the story Edward and we can all have a good laugh." Martha says and reassures Sarah that no damage was done, well not to anything important she thinks to herself.

"Well okay I guess I deserved being put in my place." Edward says before taking a deep breathe. "Well it was around this time last year when you and David needed someone to look after him for a few days..."

Twelve Months Earlier: September 2013

Martha Taylor was just putting away the last of the shopping when she hears a soft knock at the front door, smiling to herself see makes her way over and opens the door to see a very happy handsome young boy standing with an overnight bag hanging off his shoulder.

"Hello Madam, how are you on this fine day?" Matt asks politely as the older woman stands in front of him.

"Well hello Mr Summers, I'm doing very well thank you for asking, how about yourself sir?" Martha says really struggling to keep a straight face as she talks to the young boy, she enjoyed the little role playing they did together.

"I am doing very well thank you for asking, I do beg your pardon though, I am looking for a place to spend the night and would like to enquire about any vacancies you may have in this fine establishment." Matt then says in a serious tone, despite not quite being able to hold back a cheeky grin, he also enjoyed these little role plays.

"Well kind sir I will have to speak to my... my... oh,, my, you cheeky little devil you win... you win." Martha spits out in laughter as she loses her composure and just stands to the side waving Matt in, while trying to hold back tears.

"I think that makes us all square Nana." Matt states triumphantly with the biggest cheesy grin across his face. Martha then finally manages to get control of her laughter and smiles at the delighted boy.

"Well I see the young man has got the better of you Martha, how does it feel down here with us mere mortals instead of your pedestal." Edward Taylor says teasing his wife and enjoying the unimpressed look she gives him.

"I have met my match it seems, but it wasn't a fair contest, how can anyone resist such a charmingly cute young man" Martha says with a warm smile, as he she looks down to she the boy smiling proudly.

"I see your point Martha, he is obviously at an unfair advantage, no one that cute and adorable can be defeated." Edward scoffs as he pinches the boys cheeks and smiles as he tries to squirm away giggling.

After a few more minutes of messing around Edward finally releases the giggling boy and walks towards the kitchen with a satisfied grin to make himself and his wife a coffee and Matt an OJ, while Martha walks over to the young boy and helps him with his bag by placing it at the bottom of the stairs ready to take upstairs later on in the day and after turning her attention back to him she helps straighten out his clothes before giving him a light kiss on the head.

"Thank you Nana, you're the best!" Matt says sincerely, he really has come to see the Taylor's as his surrogate grandparents and was very happy when his mum and dad told him where he was staying for the night.

"It's our pleasure to have you here Matt and you're always welcome any time." Martha says genuinely before continuing. "Now why don't we go to the living room and wait for Edward to bring our drinks through, so we can have a nice talk and catch up."

"Thank you Nana, okay let me just take my coat and shoes off and put them away and we can go wait for Gramps." Matt says politely making Martha smile proudly at his manners, he was both cute and polite and he is going to make someone very happy one day she muses to herself.

As all three sit and chat in the living room talking about what each has been up to and how Matt was enjoying school, Edward couldn't help but notice the young boy glancing over to his side but doesn't give it any more thought for a while.

"So Matt, how is your dad getting on with his job?" Edward asks curiously,

"Oh er... I think he is doing okay, he is a lot less stressed then he used to be at home and he treats us all the time with the extra money he earns, I just wish er... I mean er..." Matt begins to answer but trails of a little embarrassed, he isn't sure if he should speak about this behind his parents backs.

"Matt what's wrong? You can tell us." Martha steps in seeing that he is struggling with something on his mind.

"It's silly and selfish though and people shouldn't be selfish." Matt responds softly, still feeling embarrassed.

"Nonsense boy, everyone is allowed to be selfish every now and then, now come on and tell us what's on your mind and we promise that it won't leave this room." This time it is Edward who steps in after noticing how uncomfortable the boy had suddenly became.

"Yes you can trust us Matt." Martha adds and Matt looks up searching both their faces, as he tries to process the situation, he finally lets out a small sigh before relaxing slightly in his chair.

"Okay if you promise, it's just I don't see much of Dad any more, he works all the time and even when he is not working, he gets these phone calls and he disappears for a while and I never get told where he is going or how long for, Mum just tells me that it's important work for his bosses, I just miss him is all." Matt explains with a sad look in his eyes, while he looks towards Martha and Edward and sighs in disappointment. "See I told you it was silly and now you think I'm just a little baby." He then says with tears already rolling down his face, he hated being so emotional and always crying.

"Hey now Matt don't think like that, I know exactly how you feel and it is perfectly normal" Martha quickly says realising their silence had given him the wrong idea of how they feel about what he had just told them."

"Martha is right Matt, if anything it would be more silly and worrying if you didn't feel that way, missing your dad or mum when they aren't around is the most natural feeling in the whole world and don't ever feel ashamed of it" Edward adds reassuringly and confidently, Matt then looks up and quickly process what they have both said and a shy smile appears on his face and he quickly jumps up and embraces them both in an appreciative cuddle.

"Thank you Nana and Gramps I love you both, you always know what to say, I still wish dad would spend more time with me though and not work so much." Matt says whilst glancing over to the other side of the room and this time Edward follows the direction where he is looking and a small smile spreads across his face.

"What are you looking so happy with yourself for Edward." Martha asks, confused by the look on her husbands face as the loving cuddle ends.

"Well I was just thinking it has been a long time since I have played the piano, so what do you say young man, want to go over and watch me play?" Edward asks and starts walking over to the piano without waiting for an answer knowing that the boy was already fascinated by the piano.

"Matt before you get too excited, there is a reason my dear husband hasn't played the piano for so long." Martha says lightly laughing as Edward turns his head back and gives her a mock look of hurt, noticing this and also because of what Martha said, Matt lets out an adorable giggle.

Edward then steps in front of the piano and takes his seat, he then motions for Matt to stand closely to his side whilst his wife sits on a stool a little further back with a small smile on her face, she knows that Edward isn't very good on the piano, even though he can play a little, many guests over the years have had to hold back giggles as Edward clearly believed he was a lot better than he actually was and didn't want to appear rude.

"Matt I want you to watch what I do and then I will let you have a go." Edward states as he looks at boy and smiles as he nods his head, Edward then focuses on the piano again, while Matt quickly turns to Martha and gives her a cheeky smile and a sly wink before turning back around to watch Edward and Martha can't help but be a little taken aback by the young boys look and couldn't help but wonder what he was up to.

Martha knew that Matt wasn't a rude or arrogant person and would never mock or make fun of someone if they weren't very good, it just wasn't in his nature and that just made her even more confused, but before she can give it any more thought Edward starts to play and to her surprise he wasn't as bad as she remembered, however just as those thoughts had crossed her mind the sounds of missed keys and wrong keys started to increase and she smiled to herself as he carried on either regardless or unaware of just how badly he was playing right now.

After what seemed like a lifetime to his wife, Edward finally finished and looked across to the young boy and his wife, with a proud look on his face making Martha smile and conclude he was definitely unaware and just she carried on patiently sitting down and watched as Edward gave Matt a few pointers, he then stood up from the piano and stepped back once he was satisfied he had given the boy enough basic instructions to at least have a bit of fun.

"Do I have to play the same song Gramps, or can I do something else?" Matt then suddenly asks, surprising both Edward and Martha a little bit, who had definitely not expected him to appear so confident and Martha couldn't help but remember the look he had given her a little while ago.

"Well it's up to you Matt, it just might be easier to copy what I did, but this is your turn so you can do what ever you want, just have fun and enjoy yourself." Edward replies, while trying his best not to make the boy nervous.

"Okay Gramps" Matt replies happily, he then turns to Martha giving her the same cheeky smile and wink, which once again goes unnoticed by Edward, who is just hoping the boy doesn't get frustrated or upset, he knows how hard the piano is to play, but Martha is once again feeling confused by the young boy and still can't quite work out why he is looking almost cocky, she hadn't seen the boy look this confident before and she had to admit it was nice to see this side to him.

"Okay I'm ready Nana and Gramps I hope you like it, I think you will." Matt states confidently and without waiting for a reply starts to sing as well as play the piano and Edward and Martha can only look on in complete surprise.

"It's a little bit funny, this feeling inside
I'm not one of those who can easily hide

I don't have much money, but boy if I did
I'd buy a big house where we both could live

If I was a sculptor, but then again, no
Or a man who makes potions in a travelling show

I know it's not much, but it's the best I can do
My gift is my song, and this one's for you"

With open mouths Martha and Edward just stare at each other in astonishment, they were genuinely surprised at not only how well the boy is playing the piano, but also the fact he is singing and the song choice also leaves them speechless.

"And you can tell everybody this is your song
It may be quite simple, but now that it's done

I hope you don't mind, I hope you don't mind that I put down in words
How wonderful life is now you're in the world

I sat on the roof and kicked off the moss
Well, a few of the verses, well, they've got me quite cross

But the sun's been quite bright while I wrote this song
It's for people like you that keep it turned on

So excuse me forgetting, but these things I do
You see I've forgotten if they're green or they're blue

Anyway the thing is what I really mean
Yours are the sweetest eyes I've ever seen

And you can tell everybody this is your song
It may be quite simple, but now that it's done

I hope you don't mind, I hope you don't mind that I put down in words
How wonderful life is while you're in the world

I hope you don't mind, I hope you don't mind that I put down in words
How wonderful life is while you're in the world"

When Edward looks over to his wife again, he can see tears in her eyes and quietly walks over to her, he holds her closely and enjoy the watching the boy sing his heart out, they can't help but smile as they notice his eyes are closed and a few tears have fallen down his cheeks and after turning to each other they kiss each other lightly on the lips before turning back to performance they are being treated to.

"It's a little bit funny, this feeling inside
I'm not one of those who can easily hide

I don't have much money, but boy if I did
I'd buy a big house where we both could live

If I was a sculptor, but then again, no
Or a man who makes potions in a travelling show

I know it's not much, but it's the best I can do
My gift is my song, and this one's for you

And you can tell everybody this is your song
It may be quite simple, but now that it's done

I hope you don't mind, I hope you don't mind that I put down in words
How wonderful life is now you're in the world

I sat on the roof and kicked off the moss
Well, a few of the verses, well, they've got me quite cross

But the sun's been quite bright while I wrote this song
It's for people like you that keep it turned on

So excuse me forgetting, but these things I do
You see I've forgotten if they're green or they're blue

Anyway the thing is what I really mean
Yours are the sweetest eyes I've ever seen

And you can tell everybody this is your song
It may be quite simple, but now that it's done

I hope you don't mind, I hope you don't mind that I put down in words
How wonderful life is while you're in the world

I hope you don't mind, I hope you don't mind that I put down in words
How wonderful life is while you're in the world"

Both Martha and Edward clap as they watch the young boy bring his performance to an end, he then stands up and looks towards them and wipes tears from his face and smiles.

"So er... I really hope you liked it." Matt then states shyly, although he knew he was good he was still nervous about what other people would say.

"Like it? It was beautiful Matt, I have never heard anything like that in my life." Martha quickly says, looking at the young boy in front of her proudly.

"You little bugger, there was me trying to show off and get a cheap laugh at you trying to figure out how to play and you just blow us away with that... utterly astonishing young man, just wonderful." Edward says sincerely as he moves over to ruffle the boys hair.

"You really mean it Nana and Gramps? I thought you would like it so I wanted to do a good job... you really liked it?" Matt asks in a hopeful tone and really did hope they did enjoy his performance.

Without saying anything both Edward and Martha pull him into a loving embrace and kiss him softly on the head.

"Yes we loved it, you really are full of surprises you know that young man." Edward says, finally pulling back from the embrace and ruffles the boys hair again and making him giggle.

A look of complete surprise appears on Sarah's face, which leaves the older couple a little confused as they weren't expecting her to react this way.

"What's wrong Sarah?" Martha asks as she places a hand on her knee.

"I just can't believe it, he can play the piano?" Sarah responds, she was still not quite able to process what she has just been told and again both the older couple look at each other in confusion.

"You didn't know he can sing and play the piano?" Edward asks in a surprised tone and was genuinely surprised that she wouldn't know something like that.

"Well yeah, I mean no, I know he can sing, he has a beautiful voice and he is always either humming or singing without realising, but the piano, no I have never even seen him near one before and I am sure David would have told me if he knew." Sarah answers honestly, after she recovers from the surprise revelation.

"Then how did he know how to play, you can't be that good with out being taught, he was flawless." Edward then says, he had years of lessons and he knew he was below average on his best day, although he tried to pretend he thought he was better than he was, he knew his wife got a laugh at thinking he was serious, so he knew that there was no way the young boy had never had lessons.

"I really don't know, he couldn't have had lessons because how could he pay and if he went to all that trouble of learning why wouldn't he tell us about it." Sarah responds in a slightly bemused tone, she was still trying to work out why her son would keep something like this from them.

"Maybe he was just shy or something and doesn't like playing instruments in front of anyone." Edward suggests, as he tries to shed some light on why the boy wouldn't want to tell anyone he could play the piano.

"But he plays his guitar in front of people and isn't shy about that and he played the piano for you two, don't get me wrong I'm not angry or upset it just makes me wonder why he never told us." Sarah responds honestly.

"He plays the guitar too?" Martha quickly asks in a surprised tone.

"The guitar as well, once again just when I think I have him all figured out, he does it again, is there anything he can't do." Edward states in disbelief, before being interrupted by someone coughing.

"Well I can't lick my own elbow, so I guess I do have my limits Gramps." Matt suddenly says with the biggest grin spread across his face, as everyone turns to the doorway to see him standing there.

"How long have you been standing there Sweetheart?" Sarah quickly asks her son, trying to find out how much he had heard and hoping he wouldn't get upset about being talked about.

"Long enough to know that you three think I am totally awesome." Matt answers proudly with a huge grin still spread across his face.

"Why didn't you tell us you were their Matt?" Edward then asks, hinting at the fact he was eavesdropping and knew the boy would know that was rude.

"Sorry, I know it's rude to listen in on people talking about me behind my back." Matt answers the older man with a grin, before sticking his tongue out in victory, he knows he holds the morale high grounds and is happy to milk it for all it's worth and giggles at the look on their faces.

"Okay Matthew quit while you're ahead and I am sure I speak for all of us when I say we are sorry for talking about you behind your back." Sarah tells her son, she knows he has them beat and decides to make sure he doesn't go over the top with his victory.

"Apology accepted Mum and I was only messing around, I actually enjoyed Gramps telling that story, I remember being so nervous that they wouldn't like my song and I was so happy when I saw how happy it made them" Matt reveals, as he makes his way over to where his mum is sitting and almost jumps into her arms.

"We enjoyed it very much young man, but can you tell us why no one else seems to know you play the piano and how you learned to play?" Edward then asks, he couldn't help but let his curiosity get the better of him and sits patiently waiting for the boy to answer.

"I don't know, I guess it never really came up, we don't have a piano and it didn't seem that important, sorry for not telling you Mum." Matt replies and turns his head so he can look his mum in the eyes.

"It's okay, I was just a little surprised that you could play the piano, I didn't think I could be any more proud of you, but like Edward keeps on telling me you're just full of amazing surprises, how did you learn to play though?" Sarah then asks, before\ kissing the top of her sons head.

"Tobias taught me Mum, he is amazing you know." Matt answers in a slightly sad tone, as he remembers his time with Tobias and quickly sensing her sons change in mood, Sarah pulls him in closer to her body and smiles when he sighs in appreciation.

After talking between themselves for the next hour Sarah suddenly realises that he had fallen asleep and brushes the hair from his eyes just to make sure and looks up to Martha and Edward, they both nod their heads and know that it was time for their guests to head home, Edward is the first to stand up and gently picks the sleeping boy up, while being careful not to wake him as Sarah gets up and collects her sons jacket and shoes, she then hugs Martha and they say their goodbyes.

Martha then opens the front door and watches as Sarah slowly walks the short distance to her house, she is closely followed by Edward who is carrying her sleeping son, she then opens her front door and lets Edward inside first and follows him upstairs to her sons bedroom, where Edward then lays the boy on to his bed before saying his goodbyes to Sarah, he then leaves her to look after him and lets himself out of the house, making sure to lock the door behind him.

When Sarah hears the front door shut, she looks down to her sleeping son and being as carefully as she can to not wake him up, starts removing his shirt and trousers followed by his socks, she decides to leave his underwear on and pulls his bed sheets over him, but before leaving she leans down and lightly kisses him on the forehead before leaving his room and heading towards her own room to sleep.

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