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Stories by Flaulus

Short Stories


[A story in 17 chapters]

Rick is sent to stay with a relative he had never met while his mother is in hospital. His mother believes the cousin owns a pub or a hotel. Rick's adventure begins when he discovers his cousin does not own a hotel called the Castle – he owns a castle.

The Wizard and the Torch

[A story in 16 chapters]

Even at the garage sale, the torch was not what it seemed, but was it magic or alien science? What was the quest he had been selected for and was he now on a different planet, in a different time or on a parallel Earth? If Gene was not already confused, he needed to deal with his first love; a boy raised as a slave and determined to make Gene his master.

Princely Love

[A story in 17 chapters]

Love stories about Princes and commoners seem popular on Netflix and Amazon, so this story is my take on the genre. It's not set in any particular country, as many European monarchies are surprisingly down-to-earth, but politics seldom change. There are always those who see tolerance as weakness undermining the country or worse, see opposition to tolerance as a banner for extremists to rally under.

So, can two young lovers overcome the threat to peace and freedom?