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So Cal Summer 69

by Flip McHooter

Chapter 3

Now it was my turn to return the favor and give my first blowjob. Jake was sprawled out on the carpet with a shaggy pillow under his head, fingers locked behind his neck and was looking down at his dick, settling in to enjoy the show. I pushed my long hair back behind my ears while I crawled up between his legs and leaned in to inspect his throbbing, hard member. I knew that my inexperience would never let me get the whole thing in my mouth, so I put my fist around the base of his dork and started to lick the head like a lollipop.

"Oh yeah, that's cool. It looks hot. Keep doing that," Jake said.

After doing that for a little while, I started licking and swirling my tongue around his cock. I noticed that his dick was leaking liquid and it tasted really yummy and smelled kind of musty, like my dad's old army jacket. I found that I could run my tongue over his piss-slit slowly and mix some of my saliva with Jake's dick juice, making the mixture into a string. It was trippy, so I stuck out my tongue and wiggled it a little bit to see how far the dick-juice-string would stretch. I did this a few times, but I could feel Jake getting impatient.

"That looks bitchin, but why don't you put my cock back in your mouth now?" Jake asked.

I opened my mouth up wide and dove in, wrapping my lips around the salty shaft. I bobbed up and down like Jake had done to me, hoping that I was doing this the right way. His dick was hot in my mouth, and leaking, and I was beginning to enjoy the taste. Suddenly, his legs went stiff, and I instinctively knew that I was about to get a mouthful of something warm and gooey.

"Oh shit! Get ready, I'm about to blow."

And blow he did. At least five big squirts of teen boy juice blasted into my mouth. Like Jake, I couldn't hold all his load, and some of it drooled down my chin. When he was done shooting, I got up off his cock and wiped up the drool with my fingers. Sticking them in my mouth, I looked over at Jake and said "Yum!"

We both started giggling. When we had calmed down, I rolled over and sat on the pillow next to Jake.

"That was so bitchin, Ryan. Do you think that we could do that again tonight?" he asked.

"Hell, yeah," I said. "That felt really, really good. Hey, if you want to try something else that's groovy, we can hike bare-ass up the trail behind the treehouse. Nobody can see us there. I made a little clearing a ways up, and we can stop and blow each other off again under the stars. It's another one of my secret places. I've never gone back there with anyone before, except for Sloan and she doesn't count. It's fun walking around naked."

"That sounds trippy. Let's do it."

"Okay," I said, "bitchin."

After a while, I told Jake, "We better get dressed and head back to the house. I'm getting hungry, and everybody is probably wondering where we are. Rinse out your mouth in the sink, so you don't smell like cum breath."

"You're the one with cum breath. You were really getting into my jizz," he kidded me.

"It's so tasty, too. Just like candy," I laughed in my best Lucy Ricardo voice, and he cracked up along with me.

After we got dressed and cleaned up, we climbed down the tree and met up with everyone hanging around the pool. Dad was stationed at the grill and the Lulu's, as we were now calling our mom's, were setting plates and napkins on the patio table, laughing and talking away like they had been fast friends forever. I noticed that the refreshments that my dad had made earlier had kicked into third gear. The adults were in a happy mood, and in fact, were starting to act a little sloppy. Looking around, I saw that my brother Jordan and Jake's older sister Lisa were sitting on the other side of the pool, playing a game of Mille Bornes. So Jake and I wandered over and plopped down beside them.

After looking at me for a bit, and then at her brother, Lisa said in a sing-song voice, "Looks like somebody made a special friend."

Jake instantly turned bright red. "Shut up, your Royal Skankiness. At least I have a friend. Maybe if you didn't shebang the whole football team, you would have friends, too," Jake blurted out without thinking.

Looking at me, Jordan asked, "What's shebang mean, Ry?"

For a minute nobody said anything, and I wondered how I was going to answer this. Then I had a brainwave.

"Go get us some Coke's with some ice and I'll tell you when you come back," I told the little man. "And bring us some chips, too. But wash your hands, first. They look dirty."

"Okay, but don't look at my cards," he said getting up. "Shebang! Shebang!" Jordan sang as he bounded towards the kitchen. He was a good kid and would usually do anything that I asked him.

Once he was out of earshot, I looked at Lisa and asked incredulously, "Seriously? You did the entire football team? All of them?"

Now it was Lisa who turned bright red. But she didn't say anything and instead, smirked and looked up at the trees. After a few seconds of silence, Jake turned to me.

"Ryan, you might as well know. Sorry, Lisa. Ryan's bound to find out sooner or later anyway. So, here's the dirt. One of the reasons we moved here was to get away from our old high school. Lisa likes to make out with guys, and when I say guys, I mean a lot of guys. Different guys. And guys, see, they love her. Well, her big boobs. It's certainly not her pleasing personality."

"That's for sure," I joked.

"Shut up, you morons."

"Sorry. Go on, Jake."

"One-night last year after a CIF football game, we went to a kegger at one of the footballer's house. Like I said, Lisa has always dated a lot of guys, but this time she pulled a train with most of the team. I was in the living room drinking a beer with a guy in my biology class. When he went to go get us a refill, one of the guys on the team came by and told me what a great sister I had. I didn't know what he was talking about, so I asked him why he had said that. When he told me what was going on in the parents' bedroom, I couldn't believe it.

"So," he continued after catching his breath, "I walked back to the bedroom. Guys were lined up along the hallway, rubbing their dicks in their pants, apparently warming up while they waited their turn. I jumped past them and opened the door in time to see Rod, the quarterback of the team, pumping his dick between Lisa's tits and start squirting his wad all over her face. I don't know why I wasn't freaked out by it, but I wasn't. Weird, huh?"

"I would have been completely freaked if that was my sister. I mean, if I had one," I said.

"Anyway," Jake said, ignoring me, "I turned around, and behind me, all of the guys in the hall were sticking their heads in the door trying to get a good look at the action going on inside the big bedroom. I grabbed Lisa a towel and told her we had to go. She got cleaned up and dressed, and we left the party, slipping out the back door. Lisa drove us home, not saying a word. I heard later on that the guys standing in the hallway were royally pissed that they had missed out."

I looked over at Lisa, and she didn't seem to be bothered by the story. I don't know why, but her attitude made me instantly like her. I liked that she was a take no prisoner's kind of person, and I thought that was pretty heavy for a woman in this day and age.

"At first nothing happened," Jake continued, "but everybody at school must have heard about it because a few days later they started to point at us and giggle. Some assholes called Lisa a slut. Mostly the girls, jealous bitches. At home, our phone wouldn't stop ringing with guys wanting to see her. I mean, the phone rang so much we had to take it off the hook."

"Crap. That would've sucked. Did your mom find out?" I asked.

"No, not at first. Lulu's kind of oblivious."

"Wait. You call your mom by her first name?"

"Yeah, pretty much," Lisa answered for him. "Our dad, too."

"Wow. I'd get decked if I did that," I said. "So, what happened next?"

"Sooner or later she got wind of it. My mom teaches music, but a few days later she started to get a ton of cancellations. Then one day some kid's mom called to cancel, and she spilled and told her what was up with Lisa. Mom didn't get too mad though, did she, Lisa? I was surprised."

"She really wasn't that upset at me. But she was pissed that nobody wanted to take guitar lessons any more," Lisa answered. Lisa didn't seem to be that embarrassed by the story any longer.

"Wow," I said. "Did everybody at school know about it? Shit. That must have been rough for you. Both of you guys."

"Yeah, it was, for a while, I guess. But the guys treated me okay. I think because if they were friendly to me, they might get some action out of Lisa if I put in a good word for them," Jake said.

"The girls, on the other hand, were the real bitches," Lisa said. "They were jealous because I look better than they do, and I have bigger boobs. Plus, they were pissed because their boyfriends cheated on them – in front of everyone at the whole party. And this one girl, the head cheerleader named Fiona, was super pissed because she was dating Rod, the quarterback. She was totally embarrassed because she and Rod were supposed to be the 'it' couple at school, and supposedly they had a virginity promise if you can believe it. They wanted to be the senior prom king and queen. Right after that, they broke up because she was so embarrassed and humiliated, and because Rod couldn't keep his eyes off me. In fact," she started to say but stopped abruptly, looking at her brother. "Maybe I shouldn't tell him this part."

"No, sis, it's all right. Go ahead. You're gonna love this part," Jake said grinning at me.

"Yeah, c'mon Lisa, I want to hear about it. Tell me," I said, catching Jake's eye. "Before

Jordy gets back here."

"Okay. Well, Rod liked what we did and wouldn't leave me alone. But I didn't want anything to do with him. I hatched a plan with Jake to get even with that bitch Fiona since she was the one spreading shit all over school. I invited Rod over to our apartment one day after school when I knew Mom was going to be at work. I had Jake hide in my bedroom closet with a Polaroid camera and told him to open the door a little and take a picture of Rod as he was about to blow. I knew that Rod and his teammates would pound Jake if they knew he was taking the pictures, so I dressed him up in my old clothes and put one of our mom's crazy hats on his head, so he looked like a girl. I figured with that and the flash going off Rod wouldn't be able to tell who it was, and Jake would have time to get out of the apartment without getting caught. And it worked perfectly! After the flash had gone off, Rod got pissed. He grabbed his clothes and stormed out, never once seeing Jake. The picture came out great, by the way. You could even see the freckles on Rod's mug as he turned to face the camera, but you couldn't tell it was me, so it couldn't have worked out any better."

"What did you do with the picture?" I asked, laughing at the thought of Jake dressed up as a girl and hiding in the closet. "Jake, you must have looked kinda funky. Did you wear a bra and panties too?"

"Shut your mouth," he laughed.

"Well," Lisa continued, "It took me a few days to figure out what to do with the picture. Rod was really pissed and kept asking me where the picture was, who took it and who had seen it. I played along with him and told him that I wanted it for my collection. That seemed to satisfy him."

"Oh, wow," I said.

"I know. It was crazy. Anyway, one day I sat next to Fiona in my American History class. She kept looking over and giving me the stink eye. That pissed me off, so I dug through my purse pretending to look for something, then made a big show of pulling out the picture of Rod and me. I started fanning my face with it."

"Holy shit."

"When Fiona finally focused in on the image, she let out a little chirp. It was hilarious. Her cheerleading friends were sitting next to her, and they saw it too. Mission accomplished, so I stuffed it back in my bag and ignored them for the rest of the class. Afterward, as we were walking out the door, she asked me what I was going to do with the photo. I told her that if she kept her big freakin' mouth shut and stopped calling me a slut, nobody would ever see that picture again. And that was it. For a while, anyway," she added softly, looking away.

"Oh, man. Where's the picture now?" I asked.

"It's locked away, along with some others," Jake answered.

"Some others! Are you for real?" I asked, sitting up on my knees.

"Yeah, some other pictures."

"Pictures of what? And did Jake help you get those too?"

Jake started laughing and looked back and forth between Lisa and me. He seemed to love this story. Finally, after wiping his eyes, he blurted out, "Pictures of other naked guys."

"Wait. Just hold on. Backup a second here. I want to get this right. Who were the other guys and who took the pictures? And how many do you have? Were they all naked? When did you take them? Holy crap, you guys are completely insane."

"We did the same thing that we did to Rod with most of the team, only this time we used a regular camera instead of the Polaroid because it was quieter," Lisa said. "So Jake wouldn't get caught with the flash, we turned on the bedroom lights and put the radio on loud so they couldn't hear him. He stayed in the closet and took the pictures through the louvers, or, when they weren't looking, he would peek out and take a picture from the side of the door."

"I said it before, and will probably repeat it, but holy fucking shit. How'd you get the pictures developed?"

"We sent the film through the mail to some photo processing center in Utah so no would know what we were doing," Jake added. "Seems those Mormons like that freaky kind of stuff."

"Yeah, I think I heard that somewhere. But wow," I said, shaking my head. "That's unbelievable."

Nobody said anything after that, and for a few seconds, we sat on the edge of the pool savoring the warm sunshine and the stillness. Then, the little man came thundering up and asked, "What's unbelievable?" We hadn't even seen or heard Jordy coming. The little guy had his arms full of drinks, glasses, and chips.

"Oh, see, Lisa was telling us about her photography hobby," I laughed. "Both her and Jake seem to like taking pictures."

"You can take my picture if you want," he told Lisa with his best 100-kilowatt smile, apparently forgetting about shebang.

"Thanks, sweetie, I might do that. You'd make quite a handsome model. Do you have a portfolio?"

"What's that?"

"A book of your pictures."

"I have a book with my baseball cards. Does that count?"

"No, sweetie. Close, but no."

I wanted to hear more about their story, but couldn't with Jordan standing right there. I looked over at Jake and then to Lisa. Everybody had gone quiet again.

Lisa, reading my mind, reached out and rubbed Jordan's arm and said, "Hey, pussycat, can you go over to our house and find my purse and bring it back? I think I have an Instamatic camera in there and we can take some pictures. Let's see how photogenic you actually are. The back door to the house should be unlocked."

"Okay, Lisa. You bet. That will be great," Jordan said, spinning around and taking off.

"Hey Jordy, don't look inside my purse, okay? There might be some personal stuff in there," Lisa added. "You know, womenie things. Just bring the bag back when you find it."

"Shebang!" he said as he flew out the gate. I guess he hadn't forgotten about shebang after all.

"Your brother is so cute. That should take him a little while to find my purse. I don't even remember where I put it. So where were we?"

"You were telling me about Rod and Fiona."

"Oh, yeah," Lisa said.

"Well, it gets worse," Jake said with a deep sigh, looking over at Lisa.

"How could it possibly get any worse?" I asked. "This is like the craziest story ever. You could make it into a movie."

"You know that our parents are divorcing, right? Apparently, Ace was a real hose monster, and before they split up, he was seeing other women behind my mom's back, especially when he was on the road," Jake said.

"Little brother, you're so sweet. Hose monster isn't right. He's a fucking prick." Lisa said.

"Wait. Ace?" I asked. "Who's that again? I'm confused."

"Yeah, Ace. That's our dad."

"That's so weird you call your parents by their first names."

"Ace is his nickname, but yeah, we do. And Lulu, too. Anyway, one of the women he was banging was on the PTA at our school," Lisa added angrily.

"Wait. No f'n way. How did you know that?" I asked, looking from Jake to Lisa and back again. "Shit. My mom's big in the PTA."

With a deep sigh, Lisa began, "This story gets long and complicated. But here goes. I know because after Fiona saw the picture of Rod and me, and even after I told her I wouldn't show the picture to anyone, she was still pissed. Pissed at me, pissed at Rod. I think she was pissed at everybody. She took her time as she plotted her revenge. And boy, was she good."

"She even went out of her way to bug me, and I'm two years younger than her and not in any of her classes," Jake said interrupting Lisa. "Fiona used to wait for me after lunch and follow me to my fifth-period class. She'd walk behind me and say shit that only my friends or I could hear."

"Shit about what?"

"Just bullshit stuff, you know? Things like my sister being a major slut, that she was having sex with all the guys at school, including the old, bald teachers, like pervy Coach Johnson, and the smelly janitor, Ricardo. She even said that she was sorry for me because she knew that Lisa wanted to have sex with me. You know, a bunch of bullshit like that."

"Geez. How did you take it? Your friends must have been royally embarrassed too," I said. "That must have made them mad, I bet."

"Yeah, they were. But one of my friends, Dickie, he's Rod's younger brother. I know, I know, Rod and Dickie. Their real names are Roderick and Richard, but get this. They have a younger brother named Peter! Anyway, my friend Dickie was with me the day she said that shit about Lisa wanting to have sex with me and it pissed him off. He knew Fiona from when she was dating his brother Rod. He had always liked her, and she had always treated Dickie okay. But this really fired him up. After Dicky got home from school, he asked his brother if he could get Fiona to lay off me. Apparently, Rod didn't want to get involved. But Dickie hounded him and told him that if he didn't help, Dickie, me, and some of our friends were going to do something to embarrass her, and maybe him, too. Finally, Rod agreed."

"What did he do?" I asked.

"Nothing at first. I think he was hoping the whole thing would blow over. That was until Fiona started to tell everyone that Rod had gotten crabs from having sex with his dog. That got him pissed off, and that's when we got together and hatched our plan. It's so crazy I can't even believe we thought it up," Jake said, opening up a bottle of Coke that Jordan had brought us.

"So Rod, Dickie and me met in his bedroom one day after school. We sort of compared notes so that everyone was up to speed with everything that had been going on. I told him about how Lisa and I took pictures, and he told us about what Fiona was saying. Then we came up with a plan. Rod was going to invite Fiona over to his house after school with the idea of getting back together. But he had no intention of getting back together with her. He figured that since I had experience with hiding out with the camera and taking incriminating pictures, we could pull the same prank on her as Lisa and I had done on him. Only this time we were going to set up Fiona with Dickie and Rod's eleven-year-old brother Peter. It was ingenious and worked out perfectly."

Taking another swig of Coke, Jake continued, "So we told Peter that we would give him ten bucks and let him pick out a few of Dickie's old comics to keep if he would take off his clothes and hide in Rod's bathroom. When the time was right, we would signal for him to come out, jump up on the bed on top of Fiona and pretend that they were having sex. He was totally excited to do that, even though he didn't know what it was really all about.

"To get Fiona to relax and get into bed," Jake went on, "Rod was going to spike her Coke with some of his parent's vodka. At first I didn't think it was going to work, but still, Dickie, Peter and I hid out in Rod's bathroom with my camera."

Pausing for more Coke, he said, "Not much happened at first. Rod and Fiona were yelling a lot, but she kept drinking the vodka and Coke, telling Rod how good it was. Rod told her how much he loved her and would never look at any other girl again, and how sorry he was, blah, blah, blah. She seemed to relax after that, and that's when Rod and Fiona started to make out.

"They were going at it good and heavy for a while when Rod told her to lie back on the bed because he had a special surprise that would make her feel really good. She mumbled something incoherent, so he took that as a yes. He took off her shoes and sprawled her back across the bed, as she closed her eyes and let out a long sigh. He rubbed her feet for a while until she was asleep.

"That's when my friend Dickie, his naked brother Peter and I moved silently out of Rod's bathroom. Rod maneuvered next to Fiona's ear and started whispering something to distract her, but he didn't need to because she was out cold. Dickie and I pointed to Peter to get up between Fiona's legs, on his knees with his little boy boner sticking straight out. Once they were in position, Dickie and Rod backed away so I could take a picture. I took a couple of pictures of her with Peter naked between her legs. Since she still didn't even notice, Rod lifted Peter up toward Fiona's head, still straddling her. He was practically sitting on her boobs! She still didn't notice as I continued to take pictures. I was almost out of film when Rod whispered to Dickie to pull down his pants and put his dick next to her lips too, by Peter's. Man, what a shot! I got a great picture of Dickie's and Peter's hard cocks touching each side of Fiona's mouth. After that, Dickie, Peter and I ran out and down the hall over to Peter's room to get Peter dressed. We gave him the ten dollars and a stack of comic books we had agreed about and then made sure that he wouldn't tell anyone what happened, like he promised," Jake leaned back, stretching out on his tan arms.

"Oh, man. This story keeps getting better and better," I said. "Un-fucking-believable."

"Yeah, I know," Jake replied finishing off his Coke. "Lisa, tell him the rest."

"This is the part that I hate because it's not so good. Not so much for me, but for Jake and my mom. Anyhow, it turns out that when the guys were plotting to get Fiona drunk and take incriminating pictures, Fiona had been plotting a little revenge of her own, too."

"Oh, shit. I'm afraid to ask what she did," I said.

"Remember when I said my dad was a prick and he cheated on my mom? Apparently, Fiona's mom was divorced and was known as the town tramp. She would sleep with any guy she could pick up. Fiona knew that my mom had kicked my dad's ass out of the house – shit like that was always common knowledge in a school as small as ours. Anyway, when Rod dropped her off at home after he got her drunk, she was furious. She didn't know about the pictures, yet. But she was pissed that Rod got her drunk. So she put her plan to work.

"Her friend Bren was working in the school office doing filing and shit, so Fiona had Bren pull our family information card and got my dad's work telephone number. Fiona called up my dad pretending to be her mom, twisted him into meeting her at some PTA function that her mom chairs. Why my dad went to that is beyond me. My parents never went to any of those things before. So somehow, as unbelievable as it sounds, Ace hooked up with Fiona's mom, and they started seeing each other."

"How did you find this stuff out?" I asked Lisa. "I mean, this is the stuff of bad movies. It's hard to believe."

"I know. One Friday night last April, I had a date with this guy. We met some of his friends at the bowling alley, and we got a lane and started bowling. Halfway through our last game, my dad and Fiona's mom started bowling on the lane next to us! Can you fucking believe it? I didn't see Ace at first, and he didn't see me, but when I did, I stormed over to Fiona's mom and punched her right in the nose. I broke it! Blood was dripping everywhere – it was great. Anyway, they had to separate us, and everybody was wondering why I was mad. Then to make matters worse, who walks in but Rod and Fiona. I was beyond livid. I so wanted to kick her mother-fuckin' ass. But all I had time to do was throw my Coke over her halter dress before we were separated," Lisa smirked.

"The cops came and took a report that probably went nowhere," Jake said, finishing up the story, looking kind of sad. "Fiona's mom wanted to press charges and have Lisa arrested for battery, but my dad talked her out of it. I bet he paid her off."

"I wouldn't be surprised," I said. "From what you've said about your dad, that sounds like something he'd do."

"So," Jake said, finishing up the story, "the cops called my mom, and we had to go pick up Lisa at the bowling alley. That was sort of the end of it. Since it was almost the end of the school year, Lisa and I studied at home, and we took our finals in the principal's office on a Saturday morning, so we wouldn't see anybody and get into any more trouble. After that, we packed up our apartment and moved here. Plus, after my dad embarrassed my mom by dating Fiona's mom, my mom says it will be easy to get a big fat alimony check out of him."

"I bet. What happened to the pictures?" I asked.

"Oh, we still have them. I'll show them to you when we get our stuff delivered."

"Guys, that's a crazy story," I said. "Fucking unbelievable."

"Here comes the little picklehead," Lisa said. "You didn't find my purse?"

"No, I looked everywhere. Even in your VW," Jordan said.

"Well, thanks anyway, pussycat. We'll look for it again later on."

We sat there in silence for a few minutes, finishing off our drinks and munching on the snacks, enjoying the warm Southern California sunshine.

Jordan let out a big burp, and not to be outdone, Sloan ripped a loud fart and started wagging her tail, making us crack up.

"Hey guys, how many burgers do you want?" My dad called out from the other side of the backyard, interrupting our laugh-fest. We all shouted our replies.

"Okay. Get cleaned up. Food will be ready in a few minutes."

We made our way into the pool house to wash our hands, then quickly headed over to the redwood patio table and sat down, bringing our sodas with us. Everything looked delicious. The Lulu's had made baked beans, a humongous salad, and had brought out all of the condiments you could think of for the burgers, even the pickled chili's that were my favorite. Dad had done his usual great job with bar-b-queuing, and everybody dug in with gusto.

"These burgers are tasty, Mr. Miller," Lisa mumbled with a mouthful of food.

"Call me Wiley. I'm glad you like them, Lisa."

"Yeah, Mom, everything tastes great," I said.

"You'll have to thank Lulu too. She helped."

"Oh, phsussh. It was nothing. I'm just glad that you were able to feed all of us. I can't thank you enough for your hospitality," Lulu sang out, trying to sound like a Grande Dame, making us crack up. Try as she might, she couldn't quite pull it off.

"Hey, Mom? They haven't delivered Jake's bed yet. Do you think Jake and I can sleep out in the treehouse in sleeping bags tonight?" I asked.

"I don't see why not, honey." Turning to Lulu, she asked "Where are you and Lisa going to sleep? You know we have plenty of room over here. Why doesn't everybody spend the night at our place? In the morning when your moving truck arrives we can go over and help you unpack and get settled." My mom didn't give anyone time to reply.

"Okay everyone, listen up. Ryan, you and Jake are in the treehouse. Jordan, you can sleep in Ryan's room. Lisa can have Jordan's room, and Lulu can sleep in the guest room. There, that's settled."

"Can Sloan sleep with us out in the treehouse?" I asked my mom.

"I don't see why not. What do you think, Willy? Uh, I mean Wiley," she slurred and started giggling. Everybody cracked up. My mom was toasted.

"Sure, that sounds fine with me. Let me go get you another drink, honey," my dad said, looking at her from the corner of his eye.

I could tell this was going to be a long and entertaining evening!

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