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So Cal Summer 69

by Flip McHooter

Chapter 12

It was early afternoon when we got back, and since our parents wouldn't be home from work for a while, the four of us decided to hang out by the pool. Jake and I took our new Speedos out to the pool house to try them on. We wanted to see how they worked out swimming in our pool first before we had to wear them in public. I put on my purple one, and Jake wore his navy blue and white striped one. He looked hot in that pair, his tight stomach and small waist offset by his big, hard, muscled buns. Yum!

We walked outside in the still, hot air, feeling kinda weird and exposed, somehow. I didn't have any trouble running around naked, but for some odd reason, my bits felt more visible in this confining nylon swimsuit. I know Jake was feeling the same way because he was sort of shuffling out to the pool, and hiding behind me as we walked, his big hands in front of his crotch.

We got to the pool deck to see a topless Lisa plopped down on a comfy chaise lounge. A naked Jordy was splashing around in the shallow end of the pool, trying in vain to get Sloan to jump into the pool with him. She wouldn't go for it though because she never liked to go swimming, which was strange because she loved to run around in the sprinklers. Actually, it was a good thing she didn't go in the pool because not only did her hair clog up the filter, she always smelled funny after she got wet.

Lisa looked at us for a second, trying to figure out what to say. Then, craning her head to try and see Jake a little bit better from behind me, said yelled out, "Hey Jordy. Check out the groovy guys from the swim team. Don't they look all sexy in their bikini suits?"

"Why are you guys wearing your underwear? They look like girl's panties!" he yelled from the pool.

"Shut up, Jordy. These are the new Speedo swimsuits, and they make 'em so we can swim faster. If you're going to be GI Joe Navy Frogman you're gonna have to train wearing these, too, you know," I said.

"Are you for real? I thought he wore a Frogman suit. I ain't gonna wear no girl's panty suit. No way, Jose."

"G.I. Joe wears a frogman suit when he goes out on a mission, but you have to workout and get in shape before you can do that. And to get in shape you have to wear these and do lots of swimming practice," I told him.

"All right, maybe I will. But they still look like Marcie Lightfoot's panties when she showed them to us on the playground last year," Jordy told me, then dived back into the water.

"Come over here guys. Let me get a good look at you," a grinning Lisa said to Jake and me.

Jake and I slowly walked over to Lisa who was sitting up on the lounge chair now. She had on a pair of her mom's big pink sunglasses and just a pair of skimpy pink flowered bikini bottoms, her boobs looking like two filled to the brim rose-colored balloons tied around her. To match this crazy pink ensemble, she had a pink ribbon tied around her thick brown hair. She was comfortably set up with a couple of Tiger Beat magazines, a cold can of Coca-Cola and a bag of Wampum's, and her transistor radio was playing some instrumental song that I didn't recognize. I think it could have been that Romeo song from some movie that my mom liked.

"You boys look sharp like that. Seriously, you really do. They both fit nicely and show off your assets. If you guys keep working out in the pool like you have been doing, you're gonna be some real hot dudes, and all of the boys and girls at school are going to be chasing after you. Those suits look good. You guys don't need to be embarrassed."

"Thanks, Sis."

"Yeah, thanks, Lisa. Jake had a little trouble with them at first, at the sporting goods store, but we got it all worked out," I said trying not to bust out laughing.

"Jake, can I suggest something? Don't get mad at me, okay? You're a little hairier than Ryan is so this really only affects you. See the top of your suit? You should trim off some of the upper parts of your hairy bush. Keep your treasure trail, though. I think it looks cleaner and hotter that way."

"Yeah, we're gonna do that later," I said. "I've gotta get the scissors and the hair trimmers from the house, first. I'm going to play barber and shape his hairy bush into a pretty little heart. I might even shave his balls."

"The hell you are, dickweed!" he yelled, and then pushed me into the pool.

We swam our laps for almost an hour, working on different strokes, and on our turns. Jake even got me to do a perfect flip one time off the diving board, although I wiped out the first five times and my back was kinda sore. But he promised to give me a backrub tonight. Later on, in the afternoon, the Lulu's came out of the house to tell us that dinner was going to be later than usual because we were going to wait for my dad to get home from his meeting at work. After chatting with them for a few minutes, Lisa and Jordy headed into the house to take their showers to wash the chlorine off. Jake and I decided that a little play time was in order up in the treehouse before we took our showers in the pool house and came in for dinner.

"Let's smoke the last of my grass and then get naked," I told Jake once we were inside and the trap door was shut. "What do you want to do?"

"I want to kiss you first," he said, pushing me down on the rug and rolling over on top of me, grinding his damp Speedo covered crotch into mine as he slipped his hot wet tongue into my mouth. "Oh man, your lips taste so good, Ry-Ry. I could chew on them all day".

We laid there for a few minutes trading spit and sucking face when Jake said, "Light up that pipe and let's get high. Maybe we can swap smoke while we kiss. That would be total primo!"

"Where did you come up with that?"

"I don't know, I was thinking about it and just being silly I guess, but then it sounded kind of groovy. I want to kiss you and get high with you at the same time. I thought it would be fun. Why don't you take a hit and then blow it in my mouth and let's see what happens? I promise I won't cough and gag this time."

"Okay, but let's take off our wet suits first. I feel kinda clammy."

I grabbed our suits and balled them up, stood by the railing on the treehouse porch and pitched them like hardballs way down on the cement walkway in front of the pool house door. Then, we both sat on the shag carpet cross-legged in front of each other, our plumping dicks pointing out in front of us. I packed the pipe with the last of my bud, lit it up and took a nice long hit. Then, leaning over towards Jake, and putting my hands on both sides of his head, I pressed my lips to his and slowly blew smoke into his mouth when he parted his lips. At first, it worked out pretty well, but then I guess it was too much smoke for him to handle because smoke started blowing out the sides of his mouth and out his nostrils. It was a funny sight, and I couldn't help myself from laughing.

"Dude, smoke is blowing out of your ears!"

"No it's not," he said, coughing. "I guess that wasn't such a great idea."

We each took one more small hit of the remaining pot and then leaned back against the wall, next to each other, shoulders, arms and legs touching, enjoying the mellow buzz. Our long hair was dripping out the last drops of the pool water, and it was running down our chests and puddling all over our stomachs. It made the still air in the treehouse seem steamy and close.

"I never liked to smoke pot much when I'd go to parties with my friends from my old school. I always liked drinking beer better. They always had kegs, and it was free, and everybody was getting drunk and hamming it up. But you know, this is really cool, because you don't get sick and throw up afterward, or get a wicked headache, and I like the way it makes me feel, especially when I'm up here naked with you," Jake said.

"I know, same here, bud. The first time I drank too much, I sucked down like six beers at a party at Cooper's house. I barely made it up the hill and into my bathroom before I barfed my guts out," I told him. "I got so sick that I really don't like to drink much any more. The next party I went to someone had some grass, and that was really cool. A beer or two once in a while is all right, but I'd rather get high than getting drunk."

"Yeah, that can be pretty gross. I've ridden the great-white porcelain bus a couple of times too. So what do you want to do now?"

"My skin feels all tingly and good now, and I'm starting to get all horny sitting naked here next to you. How about we suck face and lay on top of each other while we rub our dicks together and see if we can both cum at the same time. I want to get all sticky and sweaty and gooey with you," I said.

"Right on. That sounds boss. I wanna feel your hot creamy load all over my dick and balls. I don't think it's going to take me very long to shoot because I've been so horned up all day. Even after running around naked in the sporting goods store and dumping my load down that guy's throat, all I've been thinking about is getting it on with you."

"Yeah, what was up with you just dropping your shorts out in the open like that? That was really funny."

"I don't know. But that was cool, huh? No one was in the store, and I guess I just kinda forgot what I was doing and where I was. Sometimes I just do stuff without thinking. My mom calls it being a free spirit. But it was fun though, being bare-assed out in the store now that I think about it. And then I couldn't believe that he wanted to feel up our dicks and then he wanted to suck on them. I never thought that I'd become some sex-crazed nudist. Do you think he does that often to other guys in there?"

"I don't know. He was good at it, I'll say that. He and his brother must have had lots of fun times growing up. I don't think that I'd do that with Jordy though. It seems a little weird to me. Maybe he's like Coach and likes to do it with both guys and girls. But I'm positive that he won't forget about us any time soon," I said smiling and looking at Jake.

I moved down a little bit and plopped a big fuzzy pillow under my head. Then Jake rolled over on top of me and pressed his hard dick right on top of mine. We kissed for a while and rubbed around a little bit, but while it felt excellent, it just didn't seem to be working out, and neither one of was even close to getting off.

"Wait a minute. I've got an idea. Sometimes when I jack off, I like to get my cock all slippery and gooey with some hand lotion. Let me run down to the pool house and get some. I'll be right back."

I quickly climbed down the tree, ran into the pool house and grabbed the item in question, my teen boy boner dancing around the entire time. Then I flew back out the door, up the tree and back into the treehouse, out of breath.

"What took you so long?" Jake asked.

"I would have been here sooner, but your mom saw me and wanted to know what I was doing, where you were, why my dick was so hard, what I wanted for dinner, why I smelled like pot smoke, and…"

"Okay, okay, I get it."

We sat on the rug again facing each other. I squirted out some lotion on my hand and rubbed it all over his hard cock and balls, getting it nice and sloppy. Then I did the same thing to my hot rod, pulling down my 'skin, so all my boy parts and everything was well lubricated. We stroked each other for a while like that, and then Jake pushed me back and laid back down on top of me. At first, he put his arms out straight with his hands flat on the floor next to me like he was doing push-ups so that only our crotches and legs were touching. It was hot to watch our dueling boners. Next, he slowly lowered himself completely on top of me and gently started to grind his long boner into my hard boner. Man, what a feeling!

We continued to dance like this for a little bit, looking into each other's eyes and smiling. Then he settled in, so he was totally on top of me, nose to nose and stomach to stomach, crotch to crotch. I inhaled his sweet teen boy scent as I opened up my mouth to take in his lips and was rewarded with a red-hot slippery tongue. Between the grinding down there and the sloppy kissing up here, we were getting really hot, and starting to make a lot of noise. Luckily no one could hear us way up here.

The lotion from our crotch motion had traveled up to our stomachs, and it took us into some kind of slippery body trance. We weren't aware of anything other than our entwined hot bodies and the energy flowing between us. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders tightly while he slid up and down on my cock and balls with his hot boner, his naked ass up in the air. I had to take a break from our kissing because I was running out of breath and to tell him that I was getting close and that I wanted him to shoot his hot, sticky load all over my dick and balls. Hopefully, we could both do it at the same time.

So we stopped kissing, and instead, Jake lifted his head up just a little bit staring straight into my eyes, the tips of our noses almost touching, a happy, content smile on his face. We both started grinding ourselves into each other for real this time, and then all of a sudden, I got that familiar feeling that began to grow deep in my body. He must have seen it in my eyes because his face started to contort and his lips squeezed together, and his smile replaced with a look of lust.

"Are you ready?" I asked huskily.

"Yeah, baby, shoot your hot cum all over my balls."

"Okay, but keep your eyes open. I wanna look at your face when you cum."

That's all it took. Sperm gushed and gushed and gushed out of my pee slit all over him, and once that happened, it was like a chain reaction because his cock erupted with a massive blast of sizzling hot cum all over my balls and stomach. The look in his eyes while he was shooting was primal and yet loving and full of passion. Jake couldn't take it any more and fell down on top of me. The smell of our teenage funk filled up the treehouse.

Always full of surprises, he rolled over next to me, leaned over my stomach and with the tip of his tongue started licking up the remnants of our little cum pool that was floating on top of my stomach. With a mouthful of the white goo, he moved up and pressed his lips to mine, spilling our combined boy seed into my mouth and then diving in with his tongue to swirl it all around, kissing and swirling and sucking and tasting. The flavor was fantastic: his sweet jizz and my salty sperm. If we owned a Chinese restaurant, we could call this stuff sweet and sour wiener juice.

We took a quick nap, maybe for ten minutes or so, just to recharge our batteries. Jake's head and upper body were lying across my chest, his legs next to mine on the shag rug, and my left arm was wrapped around his back holding him tight to me. When I woke up and slowly opened my eyes a few minutes later, I was surprised to see Jake looking up at me, staring, his eyes were all filled with water.

"Hey, man. What's wrong? Did I do something?"

"No. No, it's nothing like that," he said getting off of me and turning around to lean back against the side wall of the treehouse. He wiped his teary eyes with the back of his hand.

"Tell me what's going on then," I rolled over and wrapped my arm around his stomach.

"Well, it's just that my life was so fucked up before we moved here, and even though the last few weeks have been so much fun, and I really like you a lot, but…"

"But what, Jake? What are you trying to say?"

"It's just that I'm happier now than I've ever been in my whole life, and sometimes I think something bad is going to happen and my life is all going to go to shit again. I get scared that you and I won't be together and I don't want that to happen," he said, tears starting to stream down his cheeks now.

"Come on man, that's not gonna happen. I can't stand being away from you either. We like all of the same things. I mean look, you and I are always together! The only time we're not is when one of us is sittin' on the can pinching out a loaf.

"And look," I continued, "we don't even fight. Best friends always get in a fight sometimes. But we're not like that. I don't know why. Maybe we're soulmates or something."

Then, thinking for a second, I said, "You know, if this is about your dad, I told you that I have your back and that I'll always be there for you. And Lisa too. You guys are like our long lost family or something. I won't let anything happen to you, Jake, I promise."

"Okay. I guess I was being stupid. Thanks, Ryan, you really are the best bud a guy could have."

Pulling him into me, I gave him the sloppiest, longest, hottest kiss, ever! "You know, I don't do that with just anybody."

"I hope not."

We kissed and hugged each other for a while so he would calm down. After he seemed like his old self, I said, "C'mon, let's go get cleaned up. Dad should be home soon, and it'll be time to eat."

We climbed down the tree and into the pool house for a quick shower. No hanky-panky for us this time. While Jake seemed to be getting back to his old self, he looked like he was still just a little bit melancholy. I thought I'd better ask Lisa if something else happened to Jake in the past that might still be bugging him.

After our shower, we got dressed and headed inside the house. Dad was home, and everybody was hanging out in the family room, catching up on what had been going on with everybody during the day. We told him we got some stuff down at the sporting goods store but left out the part about the sales guy giving us blowjobs. As usual, Dad was at the bar mixing drinks, and since the Lulus were going to be making us chicken enchiladas, he was perfecting his Margarita recipe. He was in a really happy mood and even let Jake, Lisa, and I have a small drink. Jordy was mad because he was too small and couldn't have any, but then Dad relented and gave him a tiny sip out of his glass. Jordy just about choked, and then he spewed his mouthful all over the floor, much to our amazement. Sloan quickly slurped it up, wagging her hairy tail and let out a burp. She looked up at Jordy expecting some more.

"How can you people drink that shit? It tastes like soap."

Everybody in the room started to crack up, except my mom, and then once we saw her face, we all had to bite our tongues. I could tell this wasn't going to go well for the little guy.

"Jordan! How many times do I have to tell you to watch your mouth? You're too young to be talking like a sailor on shore leave! You come over here and help Lulu and me. You can grate the cheese."

"How about if I cut the cheese, instead?"

Once he said that there was no way we could hold back our laughter any more. Even Mom had to stifle a little laugh, but she made him help out in the kitchen anyway.

While the three of them were working in the kitchen, Dad sat down with Lisa, Jake and me at the game table, lighting up a White Owl cigar and blowing the smoke up into the air. "How did your meeting go with the Coach today, boys?"

"It went great! But Dad, why are you smoking, especially a cigar? It really stinks."

"Well, son, this is what all bank Vice-Presidents do."

"What are you talking about? Did you get a promotion?"

"I sure did."

"That's great, Dad. Congratulations."

"Yeah, that's fantastic, Wiley," Jake said, patting him on the shoulder.

"I agree. What are you going to be doing?" Lisa asked.

"Well, for now, I'll be in charge of the entire Southern California Real Estate division. If I'm lucky I'll still be able to stay here in the Pasadena Office Building instead of commuting to downtown L.A. I'll have quite a few more employees to oversee, and of course, there will be a lot more of the office politics and assorted crap that goes on in a department that size. The good part is I'll be making more money, and I'll get a big new office with two secretaries. The bad news is that I'll be working more hours and I'll have to go to the headquarters in San Francisco at least once a month."

"Wow, that's great. But you'll still be able to come to our swim meets once in a while, right Dad?"

"I'll do my best son. I really want to see you and Jake swim. You both know that. I have some other news that you're going to like. I get a new company car as part of my promotion, so once you get your driver's license in a few months, your mother and I decided you can have the Camaro that I've been driving."


"Hold on there, son. There will be plenty of rules to go with the responsibility of driving that car. If you continue to get good grades and stay in sports, there shouldn't be any problems. But if you quit the team or if your grades fall then you'll have to get a job to pay for the gas and the insurance, understand?"

"Yeah Dad, I do. Thanks, you're the greatest," I told him as I got up and gave him a big hug around his neck.

"That's fantastic, Ry. You'll be able to take us to school," Jake said.

"Yeah, that works out perfectly because after I graduate next year you won't have any way to get to school and back and I won't have time to chauffeur you guys around any more," Lisa said.

"And another thing. If you get any tickets or get in an accident that's your fault or any other bad thing that your mother and I can dream up, I'll take those car keys away from you so fast that your head will spin and probably fall right off. Got it?"

"Yes, dad. I'll be good. Hey. Do you think you could take Jake and me down to Santa Anita Race Track so we can get in some practice on their parking lot? It's not racing season yet, and they have that huge parking lot that's just sitting there empty. Jake's driven his Uncle Gus's tractor up on his farm, but all I've been able to do is drive Mom's station wagon up and down the driveway."

"That's a good idea. How about it Jake? Do you want to learn to drive the Camaro too?"

"Hell yeah, I do! I'm mean, heck yeah," he said, looking at my mom from the corner of his eye. Thanks, Wiley, that would be wickedly cool."

"Jake, I know you're not my son, but if you keep up with that language I've got some chicken that needs shredding, and it has your name on it," my mom said from the kitchen, a small curl of a smile escaping from the corner of her mouth.

"Sorry, LuAnn. I guess I was just excited. I'll be more careful."

"So tell Wiley about your new bikinis," Lisa teased, changing the subject.

"Yeah, you boys never did tell me how it went with the Coach," Dad said.

"He has this neat new training program worked out for us. Jake and I and two other guys are going to be his guinea pigs to see how our training stacks up to the other guys on the team. We have to train almost every day for the rest of the summer."

"Guess what, Lulu? Part of our training includes yoga and some meditation," Jake yelled into the kitchen to his mom. Both my parents shared a strange look.

"That's fantastic, sweetie. Do you have a guru lined up?" Lulu asked. "I know one if you don't."

"I guess. I don't think she's a guru, but she's the Coach's girlfriend and is going to train us three times a week in the gym. He told us a little bit about it, but he didn't say anything about the meditation part. I hope I don't fall asleep when we do that."

"You won't fall asleep, sleepy head. I can guide you through some simple meditations if you want so you can get a feel for it first. You too, Wiley. You're going to need it for your new high-stress job. It's straightforward actually, and it clears your mind and makes you focus on your goals. And it's quite beneficial. I think that's a super idea for you boys."

"Thanks, Mom."

"The other thing, Dad, is that we can only work out in the weight room at school twice during the week, so I told him we could work out once during the weekend here at home. Think we can put the weight set up in the garage this weekend since you guys are going to be gone the following weekend?" I asked my old man.

"I'll help out too," Jake offered.

"Me too. Don't forget about me," Jordy said, trying to sneak out of the kitchen and back into the family room.

"Okay. Let's do it. We'll work on the garage on Saturday morning and do some driving lessons at the track in the afternoon. Jordy, you can help out in the garage with us, but I think you're too young yet to learn to how to drive," Dad told us, getting up to make some more Margaritas.

"Okay, Daddy. I'd rather get my muscles all strong now. I can learn to drive later. Besides, Jake will probably crash since he's such a bad, bad driver and I don't want to get hurt," Jordy said, blowing Jake a raspberry.

"Hey? What did I do?"

"Okay, everybody. The enchiladas are in the oven for forty-five minutes or so. Since this has been such a good day for everybody, I say we put the extra leaves in the game table and let's get a game of Spoons started while dinner is cooking," Mom said.

"Yay!" Jordy said. "That's a game that I can win at."

"What's Spoons?" Lisa and Jake asked, looking around.

"It's this game that we play when we go camping with our cousins at the beach every Thanksgiving. It gets really crazy, but it's super easy to play. Everybody sits around the table, and everyone takes a turn as dealer. You get two decks of cards and shuffle them together real good. Then the dealer deals out four cards to everybody. Since seven of us are playing, you start out with six spoons. The object is to be the first to get four of a kind. The dealer takes a card from the deck but doesn't show anybody any of the cards. If he can't use that card in his hand, he passes it on to the player to his left. If that player can use the card, he puts it in his hand and discards a different one from his hand, and passes that card on. And so on, and so on all around the table until the first person that gets four of a kind grabs a spoon. The person that missed a spoon gets an 'S'. The game is over when the loser spells out 'SPOONS'. It's a blast, especially if the oldsters have had lots to drink," I added the last part to egg on my dad. "Oh! It works to our advantage really well if the old-timers are drinking margaritas."

"Hey now. Just for that, I'm going to sit next to you and grab the spoon that's in front of you," Dad said.

"Okay, old man, bring it on."

Jake, my dad and I sat on one side while Jordy and the ladies sat on the other. Lisa was a wiz at shuffling, so she started the game, while my mom kept score. In no time everybody had an 'S' except my dad and surprisingly, Lulu. Then things got crazy. During one hand Jake was dealing, barely five or six cards went by when Jordy grabbed for a spoon and knocked the rest down towards Lisa. That made us guys at the other end jump up and grab for the last remaining spoons. Two spoons were left on the table, and in a flash, I swiped one up and pushed the other over to Jake. He grabbed it and now Dad had an 'S'. Ha!

The game kept going and everybody was having a great time. We were into the home stretch with a couple of people already having 'SPOO" under their name. We were playing the next hand when the cards kept going around and around the table, and nobody seemed to be able to get four of a kind. Just then the timer on the stove blasted off, and everybody dived for a spoon. Cards went flying everywhere, and Jordy ended up in Lisa's lap laughing uncontrollably, and then a spoon flew down her top, right between her boobs. We decided to stop there and eat dinner. Lulu won, Jake and my dad were next followed by me, Lisa, Jordy, and Mom.

All of us kids cleared off the table, putting the cards away and the spoons in the sink. Since it was still beautiful and warm outside, we all grabbed something from the kitchen and headed out to the big wood table and chairs by the pool. We had some tasty chicken enchiladas with spicy jack cheese, some seasoned Spanish rice and a big chef's salad that Lulu had made with avocado and sliced hard-boiled eggs. Starting to wean ourselves off of our beloved Coca-Cola's, Jake and I just had ice water.

The conversation was a lively one tonight since everyone was in such a great mood. Dad told us more about his new job, and the Lulus talked about the upcoming road trip they were going to take the following weekend up to her brother's farm. All three of the adults were excited to go, but I think the four of us kids were even more excited to be staying home alone. Lulu said she had some new students at the Academy this summer and was excited that they were eager to learn new instruments. Apparently with all of the great new rock and roll music out on the radio now, just about everybody wanted to be a rock star and play the guitar or the Hammond organ.

Jordy piped up and talked about his new record that Lisa bought him for winning their cribbage game. He said he didn't get Get Back, and instead, he picked out the CCR single Bad Moon Rising. I was surprised at his choice as he seemed to be getting a little bit edgier in his music. And I was happy because on the B-side was one of my favorite CCR songs ever, Lodi. That song always made me picture how hard life was out on the road in some small backwater little California town. Lisa talked a little about the Bed-In that John and Yoko had at a hotel in Canada recently that she had read about in one of her magazines. That made everybody start talking about all of the different things that were going on with the Beatles and how George Harrison had walked out of recording for a few days. Everybody hoped that they wouldn't break up, but everybody around the table was in agreement that Yoko was causing most of the trouble.

It was starting to get late, so we all pitched in to clean up and do the dishes. After we were done, Jake and I said goodnight to everybody and headed out with Sloan to the pool house. Once we locked the door behind us, we pulled out the bed from one of the hide-a-bed couches and straightened up the sheets and blankets. We were both way too tired to do much other than getting naked and slip into bed and talk for a little while.

"That dinner was delicious. Your mom can really cook," Jake said. "I wish we could eat like that and have that much fun every night."

"Yeah, she's a great cook. She's been showing Jordy and me how to cook some stuff sometimes too, so when we grow up, we won't starve. She likes to watch that Julia Child lady on PBS so she can become some kind of French cook or something like that. But I draw the line at eating snails. What do you want to do tomorrow?"

"Besides swim and play with your dick? How about if we try and get in that sex theater that Coach was talking about and see what it's all about?"

"Yeah! That sounds cool. Let's do it," I said spooning him. Seconds later we were fast asleep.

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