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So Cal Summer 69

by Flip McHooter

Chapter 22

Jake burrowed down underneath me to look through the crack of the shiny bathroom door in time to see a small Asian dude ramming his little, almost hairless cock up into Colt's pink asshole. Man, what a freakin' groovy sight to see them like that. Colt was lying on his broad, tan back, on top of Coop's unmade bed, with his legs stuck way out over his head. His long, uncombed brown hair spilled out all around him. Right behind the Asian dude fucking Colt was the hunky senior from the pool ticket counter that we saw the other day. He was ramming his big hard cock way up into the little guy's chute. Man, what a freakin' scene.

"Ry, I can't believe Colt's into dudes. Who is screwing him and who is that tall guy screwing that guy? This is so crazy. What the fuck is going on? I thought Colt was straight," Jake whispered, totally excited.

"Shhh, man, they might hear you. If you thought he was into chicks, how trippy do you think it is for me? Shit. I had no idea. I think the little guy has to be Enzo's friend Kenji, the Asian kid that's gonna be on our swim team, and the other tan dude looks like the lifeguard guy that gave us tickets to get into the pool the other day. Remember how he was checking us out and ignoring that other lifeguard chick with that big afro?"

"Yeah. That's him. I remember now. Look at the size of his cock. It's freakin' huge, like a baseball bat."

"No shit. How's that little guy taking it? Man, that's gotta hurt. But maybe he's used to it. They're sure getting into it, aren't they?" I whispered. "I can't believe that's Colt getting it up the ass. Holee-sheet. I never thought he was the type to get it up the ass."

"I guess. But ya know, why wouldn't he? I never thought I'd like getting it up the ass." He looked over and smiled at me. "Oh man, this is so fuckin' hot."

We watched the action going on in Coop's bedroom for a couple more minutes. His older brother was getting screwed in the butt by the little Japanese guy, and the buff lifeguard dude was slamming his big rod all the way up into the little guy's back door. The action going on in there was super-hot and way better than we saw at the porno theater the other day. Everything seems so much better in person. These guys were seriously getting into it, touching each other all over, twisting each other's nipples, and moaning and groaning like crazy. It looked to me like they'd done this before, but I couldn't be sure. In no time, I was all boned up, totally excited, my hard cock pressing on the front of my best Hang Ten shorts. I could tell that Jake was excited by the way he was breathing out his mouth, and his cute tongue was hanging out the side of his mouth again.

"What should we do?"

"I don't know. I'm afraid to ask you this, but do you want to go in there and join them?" I asked nervously.

"Maybe. Yeah, I kinda do, but I want it to be okay with you, too. If we do this it won't come between us, will it? I love you, and I don't want to wreck what we have going on together. I could never stand myself if that happened," Jake said, looking up at me with cute puppy-dog eyes. "I always want to be with you, and I don't want to mess it up."

"I feel the same way, bud. I always want to be with you, too, no matter what. But it looks so sexy and hot. I guess we can try it once and see what happens, and if it doesn't work out, we won't ever do it again. How does that sound?"

"Yeah, that sounds groovy. And we're only experimenting, right? I mean, it's just sex after all," Jake agreed. "It's not love."

"Okay, I agree. Well, if it's nothing more than sex, let's do it and get it on with those guys. But how's this? We won't let them fuck us. That's only for us, just you and me, okay? I love you too much and want to keep that particular part for us," I said.

"Okay. Our butts are for us, and only us. We can fuck them, but they can't fuck us. That sounds good to me too. Your butt is for me, and my butt is for you."

"Right on. Let's go in there and show them how it's done."

"All right man, let's go."

We walked into Coop's bedroom, locking the bathroom door quietly behind us. We stood there silently watching the hot teen-boy fuck action going on in front of us on Coop's bed. Our dicks were throbbing like crazy now. I don't know about Jake, but my hard cock was starting to leak tons of precum and getting the front of my shorts all wet. The three guys on the bed didn't notice us at first until I cleared my throat and said "Hey guys, howzit going? How come you're all naked and doing crazy stuff with your hard dicks and buttholes?"

The three naked guys immediately stopped their fuck-a-thon, frozen in place, staring at us, dicks shrinking by the second, not knowing exactly what to do next.

"Hi, Colt. Good to see you again. Is this what you get to do when you're a hippie?" Jake asked, with a goofy smile.

Complete silence from the three dudes getting it on.

"Go ahead. Keep on doing what you were doing," Jake said again, pointing at them. "Don't let us stop you. Show us how you do it. I've never seen three guys getting it on before."

"Yeah, don't let us interrupt you," I said, with some new-found power ego thing going on. It was cool to be able to order older guys around like this. "You should be more careful and lock all of the doors. Anybody could walk right on in here and see you guys playing with your hard wieners and horny buttholes. What would everybody downstairs think? Shit, you have a real orgy going on in here."

The five of us stood there for a few seconds in the stuffy room, not sure what to do next.

Finally, Colt said, "Ryan, Jake. Nice to see you again. Care to join us?" I guess he finally realized that we were playing a mind trip with them, so he gave us a wicked smile.

"I guess we can, if we have too. But make sure the other door is locked first and then you can formally introduce us," Jake said, to the audible sighs of relief from Colt and his bevy of butt bandit's.

Colt started laughing, probably from nervousness or relief, but I wasn't sure which. It was most likely from all of the grass he had smoked earlier tonight. "Guys, this is Kenji, and the tall guy propping the chair under the door is Tucker." Pointing to us, he told them, "This is Ryan, and that's Jake. They're friends of my brother Coop."

"Hey guys," Tucker said, walking back towards us and smiling now, his half-hard boner swinging around a little. "I know you little dudes. I remember seeing you two the other day at the ticket desk at the high school pool. I thought you two were foxy little dudes. I didn't know you were into this kind of thing."

"If you mean 'this kind of thing' is sliding my hard dick up your tight pink asshole, then you're right on, Mr. Lifeguard Boy," Jake said, surprising me with his boldness and giving Tucker a big smile.

This took the guy by surprise, and after thinking about it for a second, he looked around and gave us both a great big shiny smile. Man, he sure was foxy.

"Hi, guys," is all that Kenji could muster at the moment, not quite sure what to think, or where to look.

"Hey, Colt? What if your brother walked in on you guys? And why are you in his room? Damn, dude, you live dangerously, with a hard dick up your butt in here. Turn that radio up loud to some rock 'n roll station so no one can hear us from the other rooms. There has to be at least a gazillion people downstairs, and I for one don't want anyone but us knowing what's going on in here," I said to Tucker, pointing at Cooper's radio sitting on top of his nightstand.

He walked over and turned it on, and settled on a song called Build Me Up Buttercup, by the Foundations. He came back singing another one of those damn mondegreens, "I'll be your xylophone waiting for you." He sure looked happy all of a sudden, his big baseball bat of beef was bonering up nicely now as he bounded around the bedroom. He had neat, big droopy balls, too. They weren't too hairy.

"How did you know we were in here?" Colt asked.

"Cooper said we could use his bathroom up here because the one downstairs was busy and kinda gross, and while Jake and I were in there, I heard you guys making out. At first, we thought it was Coop screwing Jake's sister in here. You should have locked the freakin' door," I said with a giggle.

"Yeah, no shit."

"Let's get you guys naked before we run out of time, and people start looking for us," Tucker said, starting to unbutton Jake's Maui Surf shirt. Wow. He's fast but cute, I thought. For being seventeen, he had an excellent muscular tan body except where his Speedo had been, and on those parts, it was a creamy-milky white. He was buff, I guess from lots of swimming. He had beefy, broad shoulders, impressive pecs, and a tight flat waist. He had a brown, hairy bush and a thick treasure trail that reached up to his belly-button. His dick was impressive, with a knobby head. He was cut, and he seemed to have gotten over his boner shock quite nicely now since his love muscle had boned back up full tilt, sticking almost straight up in the air. A little drop of pre-jizz was gleaming on the tip in the low light, as he moved around Coop's room.

While Tucker helped take Jake's clothes off, Kenji came over to me and started stripping my clothes off, too. He seemed much more relaxed now, and his little wiener was starting to plump back up to full size. He was a little guy, smaller than all of us, but his brown body had good definition from all of the swimming that he did. I guessed he was around Enzo's age, maybe sixteen and a half, or so. He had medium-length jet black hair combed back on his head and hardly anyplace else, save for a teeny-tiny patch with maybe ten or fifteen hairs above his five-incher and little ball sack. "You look nice. Practice is going to be fun with you two around," he said, giving me a cute smile.

"I guess so. But let's see how this goes, first. You looked like you were riding Colt for all he was worth, Kenji. Good job, dude. Did you learn that from your private school or from Enzo?" I said, not meaning for the last part to come out sounding so mean.

"The coach at my other school taught me everything I know, and how to use it. Enzo doesn't know about this stuff so please don't tell him. He lets me blow him once in a while, but that's all. Plus, he has enough problems going on at home as it is."

"Okay, I get it. Sorry about that. Enzo and I have history, but I'll keep my big mouth shut," I said, smiling at him. He actually seemed like an all right guy, and somebody I could be friends with.

"Thanks," the little guy said, relieved.

"Hey, Colt. Get a look at their dicks. Ryan has a big fat one, and Jake's is long. Dude, you want to fuck me with that long sausage?" Tucker asked, turning to Jake and giving him another toothy grin. "I'd dig it if you danced up inside of me."

"Yeah man, I'll ride ya for a while. I feel like swirlin' and dancin'."

"Right on."

Jake and I were naked now, and the five of us were standing there looking at each other's hard cocks, not quite sure what to do next. It was a little strange to see Colt naked like this and even more bizarre for me to be naked and boned up in front of him. But on the other hand, it was stimulating to be standing there naked with my boner sticking out in front of all these hot swimmer dudes to see. Nobody seemed to be willing to make the first move, so, getting some macho thing going on again, I ordered everyone around, saying, "Why don't you guys go back to what you were doing? That looked hot, and maybe Jake and I can climb on board when we spot an empty hole. Actually, Jake can slide in behind Tucker, and I'm gonna sit on Colt's face," I said. Where the fuck did that come from, I wondered, me being so totally bold like that?

"Shit, dude, that sounds hot, Ry. That way I can love on all of my groovy swimmer boys," Colt said, grinning at all of us and flopping back down on his brother's bed, throwing his long legs back in the air. Colt didn't look anything like Cooper, maybe because he was almost nineteen and already a man. His long dark brown hair reached down to the center of his back, and he had a small scruffy beard like most hippies do. Unlike Colt, Coop had blond hair and not much on his smooth face, save for that cool soul-patch. Colt was sorta muscular, but not tight like the other guys because I don't think he worked out or swam as much as we did. He had a skinny waist but big meaty buns that you could sink a hard dick into. His cock was decent, maybe a little larger than average. I don't know how he compared to Cooper because this was the first time that I had ever seen either one of them naked and sporting a boner.

Kenji got back between Colt's strong legs and rammed his almost hairless little dick up Colt's butt in one quick shove, now that it had bonered back up quite nicely. Colt let out a loud, throaty moan of total delight. Kenji bent down like a Chinese Acrobat and took Colt's hard man meat deep into his mouth. Not to be left out, Tucker moved back in behind Kenji and parked his big baseball bat-sized boner in Kenji's little garage. It took a second or two because his dick was so big and Kenji's hole was so small. Kenji had to wiggle around and then, finally settled in on it to get comfortable. Once it was all in, he let out a sexy little sigh. The look on his face was freakin sexy!

Jake hocked up a big wad of spit and slathered it all over his hot and throbbing cock, slipping it up inside Tucker's ass in one long, slow thrust, like the other guys had done to each other. He didn't have to bother buttering up his long boner because someone had already been in there before him, leaving it slicked up and juicy. Jake was in charge now, coordinating the rhythm of this crazy fucking action going on between the four hot guys, and he was starting to get off on being in the driver's seat. He'd bang into Tucker, pushing him forward and into Kenji, who in turn rammed on into Colt. I watched the four guys fucking for a while, trying to figure out who was getting the best deal. Being the white stuff in an Oreo cookie seemed kind of exciting to me all of a sudden. Maybe I'd get to try this soon, I thought. I'd have to ask Jake about it first, though.

I always liked a good blow-job, and after watching all this groovy action, I figured that Colt was probably a pro at cocksucking by now. I climbed on top of Cooper's squeaking bed and straddled Colt's face with my fat uncut cock, sticking my little pink asshole out back for Kenji to see. Colt didn't waste any time gobbling down my thick hot rod all the way, right to my sun-bleached golden blond pubes. I was right. Colt did have a lot of cocksucking experience and took my fat teenage meat all the way down with no problem. I looked over my shoulder to see little Kenji, standing back up now, shoving his compact deep dick into Colt's ass for all he was worth, and getting red in the face for his effort.

Tucker was right behind him, cramming his big sweet-looking boner deep up into Kenji's little hole, while at the same time nibbling on the back of Kenji's brown neck, his hands wrapped tight around Kenji's waist, holding on to him for support. I was surprised that he didn't lift Kenji up off his feet with each of his strong thrusts because Tucker seemed so strong and Kenji was so little. Jake brought up the rear, giving long, slow thrusts into Tucker's tight hole while leaning back and watching in fascination as his pole disappeared deep into the lifeguard's speedo shaped, lily-white bottom.

Wow! This was a total fuckin' surprise finding these three hot dudes in here doing all of this crazy sex stuff. I wondered what Enzo would do if he walked in on us and just as quickly forgot all about him. He was a spaz, and I didn't want to fool around with him. I was too busy using my hips to shove my fat dick down Colt's throat, letting him taste my leaking pre-jizz. The smell in here was fantastic. Teen boy sweat and sex juice, with a trace of Coop's marijuana du jour, my freakin' favorite aphrodisiac. I hoped that Coop wouldn't figure out what happened in his bedroom when he walked in here later on tonight. I think he'd be surprised to know his older brother was getting it up the butt by his swimmer friends.

I was starting to get close to firing away from this man meat marathon, so I turned around and parked my butthole over Colt's mouth, settling my buttring on his juicy lips and letting my balls flop down hard on his chest. My butthole relaxed, and I was rewarded with Colt's thick, hot tongue shoving its way up and into my juicy manhole. Plus, this way, I could watch the action going on in front of me and maybe bend over and give Jake a quick kiss.

Once I had settled my ass onto Colt's pillowy, pink lips, I could see Kenji bent over and sucking on Colt's dick again, while Kenji's little dick was pounding in and out of Colt's ass. He was amazingly limber. Tucker, right behind Kenji, was leaning back into Jake, his eyes closed and in total bliss as he rammed his fat boner up Kenji's little ass, nice and slow. Jake, bringing up the rear, was leaning even further back and driving long, slow, but deliberate thrusts up into Tucker's ass, his arms wrapped tightly around Tucker's chest and tweaking his erect, brown silver-dollar sized nipples.

Everybody seemed to be in their own little state of bliss. Both Jake and Tucker, in the back, had their eyes closed and were making low moans and groans of pleasure. Kenji was still getting it up the rear and concentrating on filling his mouth with Colt's man meat. Looking over my shoulder, Colt was still on his back, head up, wiggling back and forth in total excitement now. As he licked in and out of my ass crack, I could feel his strong hands parting my butt cheeks wide open for deeper spelunking. Man, my ass was so relaxed and open now it felt like his tongue was all the way up into my stomach.

We had been going on like this for at least fifteen minutes or more, and I knew that we needed to get back downstairs to the party pretty soon before everybody wondered where we were and what we were doing. I could tell from Jake's moans that he was getting pretty close, but all of a sudden everyone was interrupted by Kenji's frantic yelp as he blasted off his hot seed deep into Colt's asshole. Tucker was kind enough to stop his thrusting long enough to grab Kenji from behind, wrapping his tan arms around and under his chest to hold him up while he unloaded his load deep into Colt's ass. I guess feeling Kenji cum and clamp his ass down tight on Tucker's dick sent Tucker off, because once Kenji was done shooting, Tucker practically ripped him away and out from Colt's ass. He literally picked up the little guy and set him aside. Then he buried his own big, hard cock deep into the slippery-spermy slot of Colt's freshly seeded bunghole. He went wild unloading his own hot splash of teen-boy love juice to the mix.

Underneath me, Colt was wiggling around now from all of the action going on in his butt, and couldn't concentrate on me any longer. I got my ass off his face and moved over to the side so Jake could step up to the plate and plow deep into Colt's bullpen after Tucker headed to the dugout. It took him maybe eight or ten deep strokes until he unloaded his hot load way deep inside Colt. Jake threw his head back in rapture. He was totally spent. That left me to stick my fat dick into this sloppy concession stand, buttered by three hot, horny teenage swimmers, their goo starting to dribble down and out of Colt's butt and on top of Coop's orange and yellow striped bedspread.

It felt kind of weird to be watched by so many naked guys in such an intimate position, but on the other hand, it was sexy and hot, too. I pumped my hard, uncut dick with my fist a few times to show it off to the guys while lining it up with Colt's asshole. I pushed it in the slippery tube in one quick thrust, the way he seemed to like it. It was pretty loose in there, and it squished some going in, but all of that hot boy sperm swirling around on my dick turned me on. It didn't take me long to unload, especially when Jake wrapped his arm around me on one side and Tucker wrapped his arm on my other side. How sexy was this being coaxed on by these two hot, tan swimmer dudes?

Once I got through shooting my teen load up Colt's butt and pulled my cum-coated cock out, Kenji was right there on his knees behind Colt's ass, sucking out all of the guys fuck-goo that the four of us had deposited in his hot ass. Colt was beside himself with lust as Kenji slurped out back, sticking his tongue in and slurping up every bit of our hot boy-loads. It was crazy-hot watching the little guy eating out Colt's ass.

Colton started fisting his hard cock for all of us to see as the red head of his dick turned an almost dark purple and started dribbling tons of pre-jizz in little pools on his flat stomach. The teen-sex smell in here was intense and intoxicating to me. Tucker moved over to the side and started to pinch and pull on one of Colt's erect nipples, and Jake got the hint and moved over and did the same thing to the other one. I squeezed in between these nude dudes and cupped Colt's hairy dangling ball sack, holding it tight in my palm as it pulled up in preparation for shooting his big man-sized load. Kenji slid a finger up into his sloppy and dripping butthole, coaxing out the last of our boy jam, sticking his finger in his mouth to suck off the last of it off. All of us naked swimmers were focused on one thing and one thing only. Getting Colt off now!

It didn't take very long before Colt obliged us and shot off a huge load of hot creamy sperm all over his chest, neck, and face. Wow, what a load! He must have been super-hot, or maybe he hadn't gotten off for a few days. Or maybe that's how you did it when you were officially a man. Even so, every squirt of love juice that Colt shot out his hard cock made his asshole clamp down and squeeze out the last small shots of our teen-boy sperm soup that went straight into Kenji's waiting mouth. This little dude was sure a cum puppy, plain and simple. Once there was no more juice flowing out of Colt's backend, Kenji got up and started slurping up Colt's big load that was running all over his hard chest and stomach. Man, that little dude sure loved sperm.

Colt was the first one to talk after a couple of minutes. "You little dudes all get an A plus in my book."

"Thanks, Colt. That was great," Tucker said, and the rest of us all nodded our heads in agreement.

"C'mon guys, we've got to get cleaned up and get out of here. I for one know that Jake's sister has to be looking for us. And Enzo is probably still looking for you too, Kenji," I said.

"That was fucking awesome. I've never been in a scene like that before. I'm glad you guys are going to be around the pool this summer," Tucker said, all sparkling eyes as he grinned at us. "I hope we can do that again sometime, maybe in the boy's locker room."

"Before we get going, I need to tell you that what we did in here is our little secret. Okay?" this coming from Colt. "Nobody talks about this, especially to my little brother Cooper."

"Yeah, Colt. No problem," Jake said.

"I agree," I said. "That would be some funky shit if your brother found out."

Both Tucker and Kenji readily agreed, too.

We were busy putting on our clothes and straightening up Cooper's bedroom when I leaned over and told Kenji, "You better come back with us, man. Enzo was looking for you earlier, and by now he's probably wondering where the heck you are. Plus, he seemed pretty wasted. We can tell him we ran into you and we're getting to know you and we were hanging out talking about swimming."

"That sounds like a plan. Sometimes he's so possessive he makes me furious," he said.

"I'll bet."

"Bye guys. That was fun. See you later," Jake said to Colt and Tucker once we all were dressed.

Jake, Kenji and I went down the hall first, leaving Colt and Tucker behind. We bounded down the stairs two at a time and on into the family room like a bunch of normal kids and not some sex fiends coming from their first day-at-the-orgy. Passing the living room, the three of us started laughing when we saw the pile of half-naked and half-passed out group of spaced-out acid heads tripping to In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida by Iron Butterfly. Boobs, butts, and beavers, oh my! Yuck.

Farther towards the backyard, the music had been turned up another notch once more, and this time the band was playing Dizzy by Tommy Roe, one of Lisa's favorite flower-power songs. Everybody around the pool seemed to be in a good mood and having a great time, swaying and grooving and dancing away.

Not surprisingly, Lisa was still hanging out with Cooper over at the bar-b-que, but from this distance, it looked like he was about done cooking the food, or maybe he was going to take a break. Making hot dogs and burgers for a hundred and fifty people seemed like a lot of work, even if it's your own party. Somebody should have helped him out, especially after all of the stoners got the munchies. Lisa was swinging her small hips and big tits to the music and chatting it up with Cooper, laughing and having fun, so we decided to head over in that direction.

"Hey guys, have you met Kenji yet?" I said, walking up to them. "This is Lisa, and this is Cooper."

"Hi," Lisa said, holding her hand out for him to shake. "Nice to meet you, Kenji."

"Hi Kenji," Coop said, waving a spatula at him.

"Hi," he said, looking down at Lisa's big boobs, amazed they didn't pop out of her dress. They were right at his eye level, and the poor dude couldn't miss them.

"You know, Kenji, your friend Enzo has been by here a couple of times looking for you. What bug crawled up his butt and died?" Lisa asked.

"A bug crawled up his butt? That must have been funny to see. Wait. Do you think it hurt him? Is he all right?"

"No, sweetie, that's just an expression. What I meant was, why is he so mad?"

"Oh. I get it now. I don't know. He's like that sometimes I guess, especially when he drinks a lot of beer."

"Any more of those hot dogs, Cooper?" Jake asked. "For some reason, all of a sudden I'm really hungry."

"Sex and grass and more sex will do that to you," Lisa said, under her breath so only I could hear, luckily, but still making me crack up. How the fuck does she always know this shit? Do we smell like sperm? Geez.

"Sure. There's a few dogs left. I was about to wind this puppy down and show Lisa around the house. Where did you guys go, anyway?"

Flustered by his question, I answered way too quickly and sort of rambled, "I was showing Jake around, and we were meeting people, and then we ran into Colt. I hadn't talked to your brother in a while, so we had to play catch up. He says he's going to some big rock concert back east next month on some guy's farm that sounded cool. Lots of amazing bands and stuff. Then we ran into Kenji, and we started talking about swimming and our special team." Changing the subject, I said, "Seems like a lot more people are here now. How many people did you guys invite?"

"Oh, I have no idea. This house holds a lot of folks, as you probably remember. I think the majority are Colt's friends because they seem older, but a lot of the guys are here from the pool, too. But you know Colton. He's friends with almost everybody in town. That's how his spirit goes. He's wide open and accepting. Hey, you guys want to hear a joke?"

"Ohhh..." is what Lisa and I both answered with, knowing it was gonna be a winner, while Jake said sure, finishing up his hot dog. Kenji looked on in fascination, raising an eyebrow and nodding, not sure what to expect.

"Okay. What did the sixty-pound canary say?"

"Can I have another hot dog, please?" Jake said seriously, licking the mustard off his fingers and making both me and Lisa laugh.

"No. Good one my friend, but no cigar. Try again. What did the sixty-pound canary say?" he said again, this time smiling. "Give up?" After a moment, he said, "Here Kitty, Kitty!"

"Oh, brother. Why do all you guys like to tell such goofy jokes?" Lisa asked, rolling her eyes, but smiling at Coop anyway. "You're as bad as my brother."

"Hey, now," Jake said, letting out a disgusting belch.

"Shit, man. That was pretty lame, even by your standards. You can definitely do better than that. Where did you get that one? I bet from one of the squibs at the pool," I said. "That reminds me of your three-legged cat that you named Tippy."

The Ramrods had finished playing a groovy version of Rainy Day Mushroom Pillow by Strawberry Alarm Clock that had most of the acid-heads out of the living room and dancing on the pool deck. They were funny to watch: Slipping and sliding around on each other and smearing the Day-Glo paint off one another. Once that song was over, the band jammed into a raucous version of Spirit in the Sky. It was impossible for anybody to talk over that bitchin song, so the five of us gave up talking and started to dance and clap to the groovy vibes coming from the speakers.

The band had a bitchin sound. Three guitars and a bass, and a guy on drums pounding out the infectious beat. The guys on the guitars were really jamming too, and I think this song must have played for six or seven minutes. Most of the people had come out of the house by now to join in and sing and dance to this crazy song. There must have been a hundred and fifty people scattered all around the pool deck, and another fifty in the pool, dancing and swinging to their groovy beat. We were all having a great time dancing and singing along with this fun crowd.

Unfortunately, towards the end of the song, Enzo rolled by and came to a stop inches from us. After looking at all of us, he turned to Kenji and yelled, "Where have you been, doofus? I've been looking all over for you. Why have you been gone so long? Remember I told your mom that I'd keep an eye on you? We have to obey our mothers."

"I was talking with Colt, and then I met up with Jake and Ryan. They are very nice, and I like them. We were talking about swimming and stuff. Where were you?"

"I was looking for you. I got us a couple of beers, and when I came back here, you had disappeared. I had to drink both of them. And a couple more."

"Girls, girls. The important thing is that you're back together again." Cooper said, putting a hand on each of their shoulders, not wanting to get caught up in this weird drama. "Mellow out, dudes. We're all friends here, guys. C'mon Lisa, let me show you around this place," letting go of Enzo and Kenji.

"Okay. You boys be good and play nice," Lisa said over her shoulder at Jake, but I think it was directed more towards me. I think by now she had figured out I could have a pretty smart mouth and didn't take crap from anybody. I didn't think she wanted me to get into it with Enzo, which I was about to do. As they walked away, she put her arm around Coop, and I was hoping that she was starting to dig him because he was a good guy and one of my best buds.

"C'mon Kenji, let's go home. We have practice tomorrow, and I want to rest," Enzo said.

"Already? It's not even dark outside yet. And I like this band. I want to hear some more music."

"Yeah, what's the hurry? We just met. Can't we hang out a little bit? After all, the four of us are going to be spending a lot of time together for the rest of the summer," Jake asked, scarfing down the last wiener that had been sitting on the hot grill.

"Yeah, what about that? We're going to have to do some namby-pamby hippie yoga stuff or something, and I don't see how that's going to make me a better swimmer, but anyway, I want to be rested just in case." Enzo was whining like the puss he seemed to be and starting to slur his words.

"Well, Jake and I are excited about it, even if you aren't. And I think Coach Brian is going out of his way to give us this great opportunity. I for one am going to give it my all," I said, yelling over the band. "You were lucky last year that you made the team. I think the only reason you made it was because you were a year older than me and you played water polo, and you didn't care if you kicked the other guys in the nuts like a pussy would do. I don't think you're all that great of a swimmer, either." He was starting to piss me off.

"See. That's your problem, Enzo. You don't take your swimming seriously. We've hardly gone swimming all summer long, and when we did go, you didn't even practice. All you did was float around or work on your tan. La La La. And earlier today you were saying that because you had a black eye that would stop you from swimming. You're starting to be a big bummer," Kenji said. "Boo-hoo."

"Let's go. I'll see you guys tomorrow," Enzo said, putting an end to the discussion.

"You don't have to go, Kenji. You can hang out with us," Jake said, holding him back.

"No, it's all right. He has to drive me home because I live on the other side of town. I'll see you guys at the pool tomorrow. Thanks for talking with me," he said, giving Jake and me a quick knowing wink and a sly smile, out of Enzo's view.

"All right. Catch you guys later. C'mon Jake. What do you say we go get another beer?"

"Roger that, Bucky. I'm thirsty now after all of those wieners." Once the other guys were gone, he continued, "Why do you think that guy is such a dickwad? And how come he thinks he owns Kenji? Do you think we'll have problems with him? You think he has sex with Kenji? Why is his little brother so cool and he's a damn wiener? I'm not sure that I trust him. I'm sorta thinking that maybe he's a dork. I do know that we're going to have to kick his ass swimming, no question."

"Yes, no, I don't know, dude, I really don't know. That was way too many questions," I wasn't up for discussing Enzo's personality right now, so we headed over to the beer keg and soon saw Colt again, this time with his clothes on, with some other big burly guy rolling out a fresh new one from the garage.

"Hey guys, having fun?" Colt asked us while he installed the tap. He gave us a wicked smile out of the corner of his mouth.

"Yeah. We sure are. Thanks for having us over," Jake said, letting out another loud burp, beer, mustard and wiener smell permeating the air. "This sure is a great party."

"No kidding. I think some of my friends called their friends and they invited even more friends. But it's all groovy so far, and everybody seems to be cool. Want a fresh beer?"

"Sure. So, Coop's been working a lot down at the pool, huh?" I asked, trying to find something to talk about that wasn't about sex.

"Yeah, he loves that job. Tucker got him moved up the ladder so now he's not in the towel cage, stuck in the boy's locker room anymore. He's out on deck being a lifeguard now. He seems much happier watching the girls run around in their small swimsuits and bounce their little titties around all day long," Colt said, handing us our fresh beers with another wink, and taking a quick look at our crotches. I guess he's perpetually horny.

"No kidding. Well, good for him. When I first met him in the locker room the other day, he seemed kind of bummed out. But he seems happy tonight," Jake said.

"Tell me about it. I saw him talking with your sister over at the grill. He's been wigging over her for the last few weeks now, ever since he first saw her. I sure hope they get it together. I haven't seen him act this way since he broke up with his girlfriend Cinnamon last year," Colt said, surprising me. I had no idea he had it that bad for Lisa.

Suddenly, one of Colton's big, gorilla-sized friends came out of the kitchen, scooped Colt up like a pretzel and tossed him headfirst into the deep-end of the pool. It's amazing that he didn't crash into one of the skinny-dippers or hit his head on the side of the deck. But when he surfaced, he wasn't pissed off, and instead started laughing uncontrollably, while the rest of us that saw what had happened either laughed along or started clapping. Colt was always one of the happiest guys I'd ever known. I loved that dude like a brother.

Since our conversation with Colt was abruptly stopped, we decided to make another circuit of Coop's parent's big house. The place was getting super crowded now, and I think it had to be larger than any of the other parties that I had been to before. We made our way back into the kitchen to see if we could score another hit of some of Colt's bodacious pot. Luck was with us because some buff, tan guy wearing a bright red Hawaiian Hibiscus shirt and tight shorts, had fired up a gigantic doobie and was passing it around the kitchen to the other partygoers. When he turned around to pass it to us, I was surprised to see that the guy was Tucker. I didn't recognize him with so many clothes on.

"Hey, my little dudes. Oh, I guess I shouldn't call you guys 'little' anymore," he said, grinning like a Cheshire cat. "Hey, bitchin dudes. Want a hit of my special blend?"

"What's so special about it?" Jake asked.

"I went around the room and picked up all of the roaches I could find and crushed them up to make an enormous doobie. Be careful, dudes, this stuff is powerful," he said, handing me the large joint.

"There isn't like any weird shit in this thing is there? Like the strange pharmaceuticals that the acid heads are doing in the other room?" I asked.

"No, man, I don't think so. All that heavy shit is their own thing. I don't dig that LSD stuff myself," he said, shrugging his shoulders and winking at us. "But to each his own I guess."

I took one good sized hit and was barely able to hold it all in because it was that freakin' intense. While I didn't cough, big tears bubbled up in my eyes, and my voice dropped down so low that now I sounded like my old grandma Marge. "Thanks, dude, that was super tasty and delicious."

Jake wasn't as careful as I was, and soon he started hacking away, but he was laughing at the same time and slapping at his knees. "Thanks, Tucker," he choked out.

"You're welcome, dudes. See 'ya at the pool. I'm gonna go pass this around and see what's going on outside. Thanks for the great time upstairs tonight. Hope to see your dicks again soon."

"Yeah, right," Jake said, raising an eyebrow, even though tears were still streaming down his face.

"Yeah, thanks for the hit, dude," I said, as he walked away, waving at us over his shoulder.

"Dude, that stuff was way harsh," Jake choked.

"No shit. But I guess you get a bigger high because all of the resin that is soaked in from the other joints. At least that's what I heard from my friend Riley at school last year. C'mon, let's go mingle around some more. Maybe we can see how Lisa and Coop are getting along. Wouldn't it be bitchin if your sister started going out with Cooper? I think they make a great couple. Hey, Jake, what's with you? Are you listening? You're acting kinda wiggy."

"What? Who is a great couple?"

"I said, wouldn't it be cool if Lisa and Cooper got together?"

"Oh, Yeah. I guess. Hey, Ry, why is your head so big and your ears so floppy?" he slurred, and started pointing at my head and giggled. "You look like one of Jordy's cartoons, kinda like Dumbo with long hair."

"Dude, you're wasted. I think you had way too many wieners today. Let's go out front and get some fresh air. It will be quieter out there away from the band."

We navigated our way through the swarms of people, stepping over some people and dodging others, as they tried to dance and party in the crowded rooms. Even most of the acid-heads were up now and moving around more quickly, although they still looked like a bunch of arms and legs all tied together. Some of them were so fucked up, that they left their stash of magic mushrooms lying around. I got elbowed once, and my crotch was grabbed a couple of times, one girl really feeling me up, while Jake had a bong spilled on his foot before we finally made it out the front door and onto the grassy lawn.

Quite a few people were out front too, and I was beginning to think that this party was getting way too big and would soon be out of control. That happened once before when someone called the cops on a big party Colt had when he graduated from high school last year. Now that I think about it, it was probably Mrs. Kravitz across the street from me who complained. All that noise probably distracted her from her knitting, I guess.

We made our way up the steps toward the sidewalk with the idea that we might lean up against somebody's car and relax for a minute or two, and take a break. Jake was still uncharacteristically quiet, and I had to make sure he was still following behind me a couple of times. Finally, getting out to the street, we leaned up against a large, 50's dark-blue Buick coupe, and breathed in the fresh, early evening air, wafting up the hill from down below in the valley and the Pacific Ocean beyond.

"You okay now?" I asked.

"Yeah, I think so. It was so hot in there, I guess I started freaking out."

"Good. I'm glad," I said. "You look a lot like your old self now."

"I guess I was starting to freak out. But you should have seen your head though. It was funny," Jake said, laughing and looking at me. Looking up the street towards our houses for a couple of seconds, he pointed and said, "Hey Ryan, look. That guy looks like Red Crow. I thought he was dead. How can he be here wandering around?"

"Where? What are you talking about?"

"Right up there by that rusty, gold van with the sparkly unicorn painted on it. He must have gone behind it, but it sure looked like him. He had long, stringy hair and was wearing dark clothes." The gold van was way up the street closer to Jake and my houses, almost in front of the Jacobson's.

"He can't be here because he's dead, dude, like you said. I think you're tripping out. Maybe we should head on home."

"Nah, I'm cool now. Maybe it was somebody else. But it sure looked like him."

Coop and Lisa came walking out of the house holding hands and smiling big 'ole shit-eating grins. Spotting us, they made a beeline straight for our spot on the sidewalk.

"Hey guys, having fun?" Coop asked us.

"Yeah, but probably not as much as you two are," I said, joking with them.

"Hey now. We're just friends getting to know each other," Coop said.

"We're going to take it nice and slow, and I like that," Lisa said, smiling.

"That's outasight, sis," Jake said. "It's about time you met a groovy dude like Cooper,"

"Shut up. I'm nothing special. I'm just a laid-back guy, working at the pool for the summer and trying to make some bread," he said quietly. "In fact, I got a second job delivering prescriptions for old man Snuffy's drugstore on weeknights." Obviously, he had the total hots for Lisa and wanted to impress her.

"Hey, that's great, Coop. When my mom needs her Valium, you can drop off our next order of grass at the same time," I said.

"That's a great idea. I hadn't thought of doing that. I can do double deliveries for everybody in Pasadena."

"Just don't make out with bored housewives," Jake said. "Or Lisa will get jealous."

The second he finished saying that, we heard the sound of glass breaking up the street. "What was that?" everybody said in unison.

Then we heard it again.

"Holy Fuck. Somebody's smashing windows on the parked cars. Let's go stop them," Cooper yelled at us.

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