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Stories by George Gauthier

With the Elf Boy and with his friends, George takes us to a fabulous world

Elf-Boy and Friends

[A story in 44 chapters]

Elf-Boy's Friends - A saga in multiple volumes

When George sent me volume XIII he said, "The thirteenth volume brings the word count to just over thee-quarters of a million at 773,00 words."

From the point of view of an editor, webmaster, or publisher this is the best way to create a lengthy tale. Each volume can stand independently. It has a start, a scene setting, and a finish. They are better read as a complete saga because the timeline works better, but that is also immaterial.

Great work, great tale, George!

~ Webmaster

Volumes I - VII

Volumes IX onwards

Naked Prey

[Vignettes around a common theme]