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Milk the Cow.... get the cream...

by Josh Greenfield

A lazy summer afternoon....
I lived on the edge of town near the railway tracks.
If you crossed the tracks you were in the countryside.
I used to visit a farm and play in a barn there.
One day Rick asked me if I wanted to visit the farm with him.
Rick lived in the street behind my house.
I knew who he was but we never hung out together before.
He was two years older than me
and always played with guys his own age.
So I was flattered when he asked me to hang out with him.
I of course said yes!
When we arrived at the farm Rick took me to the grain bin.
I'd never been in there before as I usually played in the hayloft.
We took our sandals off and walked around,
feeling the grain between our toes.
Rick said it would be fun if we took our clothes off
and rolled around in the grain.
He stripped down and I followed his lead.

We started rolling around in the grain,
it felt really nice all over my body.
Rick rolled over near me and started wrestling with me.
He was a lot bigger and stronger than me.
I was soon pinned down on my back.
He sat on me and held my shoulders down with his hands.
Looked at me and smiled.
Wow! I felt so warm having him holding me like that
and smiling at me, at me, wow!

I decided I really liked Rick and it looked like he liked me too.
Noticed he had lots of hair around his dick.
Tons in his armpits too, more than I did.
Told Rick I really liked all that hair he had.
Asked him if I could touch his hair.
He said sure, touch whatever I wanted to,
while still holding me down.

First I reached up with my hands and touched the hair in his pits.
Rick squirmed and laughed, said he was ticklish.
I stopped, he said no keep doing it, he really liked me touching him.
The hair felt wet, it was hot that day, he was sweating.
I could smell him quite well.
I liked the way he smelled,
I don't know why.
Put my fingers in my mouth to taste them.
Don't know how to describe the taste,
guess it just tasted like Rick and that tasted good to me.

Next I touched the hair around his dick.
That felt different than the hair in his pits.
It was a lot stiffer, even stiffer than the hair around my dick.
Wow! It really was fun playing with his hair.
I was surprised he let me touch him where ever I wanted to.
I tasted my fingers again,
It wasn't the same taste as the hair under his arms.
No this was really different, better, yea I liked this better.

Went back to playing with his hair.
Couldn't really stop myself it felt so good touching Rick.
I noticed this his dick was getting bigger as I played with his hair.
Couldn't stop looking at his dick.
It was already bigger than mine, and it wasn't even hard yet.
With it growing all by itself and moving around,
I kept hitting it with my hands while I was touching his hair.
And it felt good bumping into it,
I don't know why.
I really couldn't take my eyes off of it.
Just growing in front of me like that.

Now when I hit it, not by accident anymore , it was warm.
It was finally really really hard sticking straight out, pointing at me.
Now when I brushed against it with the backs of my hands it felt hot.
I looked up at Rick.
He smiled down and said I could touch his dick if I wanted too.

Boy did I want to.
I put both my hands on it.
Wow! It was so hard and hot in my hands.
It was really thick too,
I could hardly get my hands around it.

Some cum was leaking out of his dick.
I touched it with a finger then tasted it.
I liked it and it smelled good too.
It was strange I missed him holding my shoulders.
I really liked him holding me like that,
I don't know why.
Rick asked if I wanted to play "Milk the Cow"?
I said sure, not knowing what game that was.
I just knew I wanted to do anything he wanted to do.

He got up, oh!
I liked having him sit on me.
Feeling his weight made me feel really good,
I don't know why.
He got down on his hands and knees and told me to get behind his butt.
I moved behind him quickly.

He told me to put one hand between his legs and touch his balls.
Wow! First time touching his balls, so magic.
I really like touching his balls.
Could only hold them one at a time.
As they were too big to hold both with only one hand.
Didn't squeeze too hard as I didn't want to hurt Rick.
So I just held each one in turn and squeezed ever so gentle, wow!
The sac around his balls was really smooth, almost silk like.

Was so absorbed playing with his balls,
I almost missed Rick saying I should reach around with my other hand
and play with his dick like I saw the farmer doing ,
when he was milking the cows, a sort of squeeze and pulling movement,
repeating it over and over again.
Rick seemed to like it a lot.
As he kept up this sort of soft moaning sound.

So there I was with one hand between Rick's legs,
playing with his balls and I was milking his dick with my other hand.
It was fun I'll have to admit, such a good game to play,
with my friend Rick.

Though pleasantly busy with my two hands,
I finally noticed what had been staring me in the face,
since the game had started.
In this position Rick's butt was well spread apart
and I could see his butt hole, it was pink and puckered.
Strange seeing his butt hole just inches in front of me like that.
Had never been so close to a butt hole before.

I don't know why,
but I leaned over and smelled it.
Really strange it didn't smell bad at all.
And before I could stop myself I was tasting it too.
Tasted pretty good too.
I just started licking ,
Couldn't stop myself really.
Stronger then me, this feeling to keep licking Rick's butt hole.
I even managed to stick my tongue inside.
Sort of pushed it in and out of his very tight hole.

Rick must have really liked having the point of my tongue
inside his tight hole because his balls were contracting
and his dick was quivering in my hands.
Cum started oozing out of the tip of his dick.
I really liked having my tongue in his hole,
I don't know why.
But I really wanted to see his dick up close.

So I let go of his warm balls,
pulled my tongue out of his ever so tight hole.
Moved up beside him and peered under at his still oozing dick.
I don't know why.
But I wanted him to finish in my mouth.
So I quickly stuck my head under.
Took his spurting dick in my mouth,
like a heifer sucking a cow for milk.
Wow! I was just in time to get a load of his tasty cream.

His dick was very thick so it really filled my mouth up.
Such a great hot warm feeling it was.
When all was finished and we were getting dressed.
Told Rick I really had a lot of fun.
He said he and "the thick guy"
(which was what he always called his dick and now I know why)
were well impressed by me too.

On the way home I asked Rick if he would play with me again,
because I sure liked playing "milk the cow".
He said we could play whenever I wanted to,
because he sure liked the way I milked him.
So we ended up spending most of the summer
playing "milk the cow" in the farmer's grain bin.
Rick made lots of cream, which always made him happy.
The best part was that Rick liked me and I really liked Rick a lot too.

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