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Coming Out, Coming Back and Coming Out Again

by Hamster

Chapter 2

Coming Out

Well, you know pretty much what happened after that if you read the other story. I phoned him straight after I got home because I was scared he wasn't really interested and was just being polite, and we found we could meet up at Costa's the next afternoon after we had done all the family stuff, and we did.

But only just. My Dad forgot to make the lunch reservations and we had to wait ages for a free table, so I ended up being really late for my date with Mike – yes, I thought of it as a date, even though it wasn't really anything like that.

But I made it. And we hung out for hours, and I really got to like him, and I really, really got to wonder if he could be my boyfriend.

And we went swimming the next morning, and he looked fabulous in his Speedos which even had his initials ME embroidered on them. I immediately thought it would be neat to have my initials JE on this so we would have the same word in English and French on our Speedos. Yes, I know, it should be MOI, not JE, but I'm not going to change my name to Michael Oliver Ingoldsby just so we would be grammatically correct together. And he could swim – he beat our best three boys, Fred, Ashwin and Mark by about a million miles – well, nearly half a length which is pretty good over only four lengths.

And after messing around in the leisure section we all went for a shower before lunch. And Mike just stripped off everything and he was gorgeous. I think most of us just watched with out mouths open because normally we all shower in our swim shorts and then hide everything under our towels. He wasn't huge or anything down there, he just looked the right size with a nice patch of public hair and tufts in his armpits. Otherwise he was just smooth all over. I could have watched all day, and had to get into the shower quickly because I was immediately getting hard. Awkward.

When all my other friends started going home after lunch I held back. And eventually it was just the two of us, and we sort of looked at each other for quite a time, and we both knew what we wanted to do together, then he invited me back to his house. And I knew this was not an invitation to read Latin textbooks or anything like that.

And as soon as we got to his place we just started making out and more or less ripped our clothes off, and then we fell onto his bed and both of us were so horny we came just by rubbing against each other.

And so on. That's in the other story. We got to be close friends, and we had lots of sex. I mean LOTS. Bunnies would not have been able to keep up with us. It was great because his Dad was never home in the afternoons and we had time to experiment, and we both got good really good with our hands and our mouths. And then one afternoon eventually he asked me to fuck him, and after a while we worked out how to do it without hurting him too much, and then it was breathtaking. Literally. By the time I emptied all my cum inside him we were both gasping for breath.

And over those days we learned the pleasure of having a relationship with someone you really like and how it turns raw sex into something you share together. I loved it. No more toilet sex for me ever again. Yuk.

And I found out Mike was a little kinky, and that he really fancied me when I wore those brown shorts because it reminded him of the day we first met. And he asked me to bring them along the next afternoon, and I did and he was so turned on when we found I could fuck him while still wearing those shorts that he came almost immediately I got inside him.

Then a couple of days later he phoned and said his Dad had asked him whether he would like to go to Montpellier for a week's holiday. His Dad had to go there on business and thought it would be a nice holiday for them. But Mike decided to think about it first and ask me if I would like to go because he didn't want to miss out on a week together. After all, summer holidays aren't that long.

I absolutely wanted to go because I didn't want him to leave me alone for a week, and I love France, and we could go to the beach, and get fabulous suntans, and if his Dad was in lots of meetings we could try to beat the bunnies at their own game all day long.

Then we both realized that if we went and we shared a room together in an apartment where his Dad was around, he would know we were sleeping together and doing all sorts of stuff. We talked about it for a while, and then Mike said he was willing to tell his Dad about us. He said the sweetest thing, which was that he had been willing to tell his Dad for some time he was probably gay but he didn't want to do that until he had a proper boyfriend. And now he had a proper boyfriend he was OK to talk to his Dad. He thought his Dad probably knew anyway.

I think that was one of the happiest moments of my life when Mike told me that I was a proper boyfriend, and worth risking coming out for. His Dad didn't know about us, let alone know about all the time we spent together in bed. So that made me feel really good, knowing Mike was willing to do this so as to keep us together. I guess my self-esteem went up another notch, but it was also a little scary. What if his Dad hit the roof and tried to ban us from seeing each other?

I thought about it and then I decided that if Mike was willing to come out, then I could as well. But just to my Mum, not to anyone else. I mean there's no point telling my Dad because he lives in his little dream world. He's an academic and spends his whole time thinking about economics. How boring is that? But he seems well respected and gets lots of invitations to conferences all over the place, and Brexit is his specialty so he's in high demand right now. So not only is he never home, if I told him I was gay he would probably nod and tell me about the impact of Brexit on the economy of Outer Mongolia. I don't think he even knows what he's eating. How he managed to father children, I don't know, but then thinking about parents having sex is a sure way to kill of any libido running around at that moment.

So Mike hung up and went to talk to his Dad. I waited. I felt like a jellyfish, completely limp and dreading what was going to happen. Maybe his Dad would prevent us from meeting and all of that stuff.

Eventually the phone rang. I broke the sound barrier picking it up. Somewhat breathlessly Mike told me it was all OK. He told his Dad, and his Dad had said he had half expected this, and he wanted to know who his boyfriend was, and he told him, and then they both had a big cry in each others arms and everything was perfect between them. And his Dad said it would be great if I could come to Montpellier. And Mike said he felt so relieved that this all straightened out between him and his Dad.

So now it was my turn. God, was I scared. But if Mike did that for me, I had to do the same for him.

I found my mother in her study sitting at her desk doing something with French textbooks. And I sat down in what I call the interview chair because it is on the other side of the desk from her and that's where you sit when you get called in for doing something wrong. I've been there a few times, well more than a few, actually, and I still found it terrifying to sit there.

And she sat and looked at me and I told her in a very small voice that I had been invited to go on holiday in Montpellier with a friend, all expenses paid and could I go. Then she asked me who the friend was and did she know him, and I said no but maybe she knew his father Frank Edmonds. She nodded and said she knew him slightly but not very well.

And then I bit the bullet and told her that this boy was my boyfriend. And she just stood up, walked around her desk, opened her arms, and I fell into them and I cried my eyes out, and she started crying, and eventually we looked at each other and she smiled and told me how happy she was for me. And she said she thought it had been very brave to tell her, and I said that Mike had done this with his Dad and I felt I had to do it with her to avoid any misunderstandings.

And Mum said it would probably be OK but she had to talk to Mike's Dad first and we would see what would happen. I said I thought he would be expecting that phone call.

And she called him right there and then.

Once we got the details sorted out, it turned out his Dad decided to rent an apartment right on the beach in Sete. Wow, Fantastic!

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