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Coming Out, Coming Back and Coming Out Again

by Hamster

Chapter 4

Coming Back

The trip back was pretty uneventful. We had to get up fairly early to go to Beziers to drop off Liz for her flight back. It would have been nice if she had driven back with us, but that wasn't possible. But at least Mike and I were scrunched up together in the back of the Jaguar – we didn't put Liz's luggage between us, preferring to have that on one side and us next to each other.

It was rather tearful at the airport. Everyone was sad to see Liz leaving and she gave us huge hugs and told us she would never forget the moment she saw the two sexy, drop-dead gorgeous young men for the first time, and that she couldn't wait to see us again.

And then she was off, and we got back in the Jag, and Mike went in front and I stayed in the back and slept. We swapped places at one stage so he could sleep. And we stayed overnight near Paris – a last wonderful French dinner of pizza. But we were all tired and we didn't care.

Sunday morning early we got up, drove to Calais, got on the train through the Chunnel, and then I decided to pop the question, so to speak. Mike and I had talked about it the previous night, and decided it was best if I asked. I knew that it was important to him that I helped out because the prospect of having a new Mum was a big issue, and he wasn't sure how to handle it. But maybe I could ask in a more neutral manner.

So when we were sitting on the train I asked Frank if he and Liz were a long term item because I really liked her, and if Mike and I stuck together it would be great to see her again.

Frank took a long time to answer. He said he didn't know if marriage was on the cards. Then he laughed and said that he had learned that it was Liz who controlled what was going on, not him. And if she told him they should get married, then he'd accept. But he hoped they'd get married because not only was he really fond of her (I think that is adult-speak that means he really fancies her and wants to keep screwing her as much as possible) but also that he thought she liked both of us. And he wouldn't dream of getting really serious with anyone we didn't approve of.

So of course, being a lawyer, he asked us what we thought of her. And we both immediately said that she was the greatest, and that we thought we should call her right now and tell her to get her backside over to Oakbridge immediately and start making marriage plans.

Frank said he really had been in two minds about inviting her to come to Sete.

"If things had not worked out it might have messed up our relationship. It's not always easy for older people to get together and deal with teenage children. Especially little flirty gay kids who go round waggling their bums at everyone. But sometimes you have to take chances, and this was a chance I felt I had to take. I think it'll happen, but let's let Liz make up her mind."

Then we were out of the tunnel and back in Oakbridge in time for a picnic my Mum had arranged to say thanks to Frank and Mike for taking me to France for the holiday.

After I gave my brothers and system their presents, and a special one for my Mum, which was a painting of Sete which I knew she would like (I got a similar one for me and Mike, and one for Frank). We all had lots to eat. Us kids played on the lawn – Mike was so good with my younger brothers and sister and they loved him – and then I started to feel the hairs crawling up the back of my neck.

I asked Mike if he noticed anything odd. He said no. I said that I was worried that Frank and my Mum were talking very seriously about something and that they kept looking at us.

Mike agreed we needed to break this up. Parents talking to each other about their children is a very dangerous state of affairs, and must be stopped immediately. So we sort of sidled over there, and I asked Mum if everything was OK, and she and Frank clamped up and pretended that they hadn't been talking about us. This was serious indeed, they were plotting something, but obviously they weren't going to include us in the conversation.

Marie then spoke up.

"Go back and play with your brothers and sister. They missed you. Oh, by the way, you two look perfect together. Oh, and Jean, I'm so glad you got some new shorts. Those old ones were really indecent! You were hanging out all over the place!"

Teenage Red Alert! Time for a quick retreat, the older people had obviously had too much to drink, so we quickly disappeared into the house. At least we managed a quick makeout session in the process before the small kids found out where we were and dragged us back to the garden for more games.

Frank made Mike go home with him, which I was sad about, but really I was pretty knackered after the trip and a good night's sleep was definitely in order. And we needed some good sleep because Monday was going to be an interesting day for both of us. We'd decided to give Liz's plan a trial run with a couple of guys on the swim team and see how they reacted to our first baby steps in coming out.

Oh, and Mike and I had phone sex that night. It's amazing what you can use hand held devices for. It's not the same as the real thing, of course, because it lacks a certain personal touch, so to speak. But it's better than just jacking off by yourself.

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