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Snow Day

by Hamster

I hate winter. It's fucking cold and it never stops snowing. Any time you want to go outside it takes like half an hour to get ready what with warm trousers, sweater, scarf, gloves, hat, boots and everything else. And that's just to go down to the mailbox at the end of the driveway. All 40 feet of it. Then you come back inside and it takes ages to take all of those clothes off and get back to something comfortable like shorts and a tee shirt. I don't believe in wearing more clothes than I need when I'm inside. But then I don't have to pay the heating bill. Sometimes being a teenager is OK.

And winter goes on for months. Here in Vermont winter always seems to start around Labor Day and goes on until April or May. Why my Mom can't get a job somewhere warm like Florida or Hawai'i I don't know. After all, she's a nurse and they can work anywhere, can't they?

There's lots of talk of global warming and climate change. Tell that to Vermonters when it gets to -25 in the morning. Bare skin gets frostbite in a matter of minutes. Actually, I believe we are screwing up our planet and we all ought to do something about it. But it's hard to internalize global warming when its midwinter and cold enough to freeze your balls off.

But sometimes winter has it's advantages. Like today. It's a snow day. School is cancelled, and it's Friday so I've got three days without having to do anything.

The weatherman had forecast two feet of snow starting around midnight and lasting until morning. Of course, did the school board close the school last night in anticipation of the snow? Oh no, they had to wait until it had snowed all night and then at six in the morning they cancelled classes. I swear they do that just to piss all the kids off. It works. It pissed me off.

So that meant my Mom had to come in and wake me up and tell me I didn't have to go to school, and that I could sleep in. I mean, who wakes someone up to tell them they can go back to sleep? I'm more and more convinced that adults spend half of their lives trying to work out new ways to make teenage life as difficult as possible.

Actually, I really like my Mom. We get on very well. It helps that I'm smart and get good grades. Well, straight As actually. Smart kids have an advantage because their parents give them a lot more slack. If you come home with Bs and Cs then they don't let you do so much and you have a lot less freedom. So she doesn't mind me being alone in the house and having friends over because she knows my homework is all done and I'll get to a good college. Somewhere warm. I'm thinking California: USC because it's warm all year and you can go swimming and it's a pretty good school, but I'd settle for Stanford. But I'll probably end up somewhere cold like Harvard or Dartmouth or Cornell.

My Mom is pretty smart as well. Unlike the school board she anticipates snow days, so I know there will be a huge pot of chilli, and lots of frozen pizza in case the delivery man can't get out of his driveway, and plenty of soda and junk food like chips and Cheetos. So I could entertain my friends during snow days if only they could get here. We live in a very nice neighborhood but there are no kids my age there so all my friends have to beg for rides from parents, and most parents won't help out when the weather is really shitty. Actually, there are hardly any kids at all in my neighborhood. I can't wait to be able to drive so I can go hang out with my friends whenever I want, but that's at least another year away.

We're pretty lucky where we live. The snowplow comes fairly early in the morning and our road gets cleaned pretty well because we're not too far from the fire station. So my Mom can get to drive to the hospital pretty much any time, which I guess is good for the poor people stuck inside that place. I was in hospital once for a couple of days. I'll try to avoid it if at all possible. The food is really crappy, they seem to think you are on a starvation diet, you can't sleep because it's so noisy, and it's cold in there. And there's no sex either.

And that breaks all the rules about being a teenager. Good parents understand that there are four basic human needs for teenagers. They're more than human needs, they're human rights, and depriving teenagers of any of them makes them surly and uncooperative. Deprived teenagers should be able to sue their parents on the grounds of cruel and unnecessary punishment.

Food is a key part of being a teenager. We need to be fed at frequent intervals, lots of good food filled with carbs and cholesterol because teenagers don't get all of those diseases that come on in later life. After all, we're growing boys, aren't we, and we need energy for growing. So parents need to keep the larder well stocked. I knew one teenager who only ate cheeseburgers for a year. He was very healthy. I prefer more variety – the odd pizza and some junk food, for example, plus cheeseburgers.

Sleep is also really important, at least 10 hours per night, and more at the weekends. It's necessary to sleep until at least midday on weekends because life during the week is grueling. At least our school recognized teenagers need sleep, and changed school hours so that instead of getting on the school bus at 6:45, we can go at 8:10. That's much more civilized. But deprive a teenager of sleep and you are asking for domestic strife.

Warmth is also a necessity. That means teenagers must be allowed to control the thermostat, especially on snow days when there's nobody around to turn it down again. It's not healthy to wrap up in sweat pants and sweat shirts all day long. I'm convinced that's how you get zits. I wear shorts and a tee shirt and my skin is perfect. If parents only took some time to listen to their kids they'd save lots of money not having to buy acne medicine and stuff like that. Just turn the thermostat up, it's cheaper than buying zit cream.

And, of course, we need lots of sex. We're at that prime time of life when nature intended us to be as horny and fertile as possible. None of that old advice for adults as they get older "tri-weekly, try weekly, try weakly". No, for us teenagers, its "try as often as possible and definitely more than once a day. The more, the better."

So there I am, half awake, I've just been woken up to tell me I can go back to sleep, I listen to my Mom opening the garage door and driving off to work, the door closes, and its peaceful. I'm warm, and I've had quite a bit of sleep. So now it's time to think of the two other needs in my life: breakfast and sex.

So I get out of my nice warm bed because I have to pee, go up the stairs into the living room, adjust the thermostat upwards, get a cup of coffee that's waiting for me in the machine (it's nice having a Mom who gets up and goes to work and likes coffee and makes enough for you as well), pour a bowl of cereal, get a spoon, take the coffee and cereal back downstairs, get into my nice warm bed again, and text Nick.

"hey, snowday, yay! can you get here?"

I don't expect a quick reply because if he's lucky his parents wouldn't wake him up to tell him to go back to sleep. But I'm wrong. He's unlucky.

"will ask dad"

His Dad goes to work for 9:00 o'clock downtown, and normally that's only a fifteen minute drive. I mean, this is Vermont. We don't have traffic. Just lots of cows blocking the roads, but they're all inside the barns now because it's too cold outside.

"i'll come by 9:30 his office opens late today"


So that gives me over two hours. I finish my cereal, drink my coffee, lie back, shut my eyes and am drifting off to sleep again when "thunk". My cat, Pussy, jumps on me and starts licking my face. Damn, forgot to feed her.

You know, cats are like teenagers. They like food, sleep, and warmth. If you want to find the warmest place in the house, then follow the cat. Of course, most cats like lots of sex as well, but my Pussy had her vital bits removed. So no sex. But she likes snuggling.

Well, it's nice and warm in bed, so I just lie there thinking about nothing much. I thought of jacking off but then decided that could wait a little.

I did drift off a little bit because I woke up when I heard Nick's Dad's car in the driveway. I scrambled out of bed and found the spare garage door remote. That way Nick can come in the garage and not have to use the front steps that have not been shoveled yet. Yes, I know, you're going to say that's my job. Ha, you're wrong! We live in a condo and they plow out driveway and shovel the walkway and steps. So no shoveling for me, thank you very much.

Nick opened the door at the back of the garage, I waved to his Dad, who drives away to earn his daily bread. Nick shrugs off his parka and his wooly hat and scarf, and his snow pants, and his winter socks and his boots. Finally he's ready to come into the warm part of the house. He's dressed in a tee shirt and a pair of sweat pants, and he comes into my bedroom, shuts the door to keep Pussy out, (yes, he knows about these things too), and gives me a long and passionate kiss.

Oh, I guess I forgot to tell you Nick is my boyfriend. We've been boyfriends for just over a year when we met as freshmen. On the school bus, really romantic, because he lives on the same bus route but about three miles further out of town. We just happened to share a seat on the first day of high school, and we quickly became friends. It wasn't long before he started stopping at my house and we'd have a snack and then it became a snack and sex.

We got busted by my Mom a couple of weeks later but that wasn't a big problem. Remember, good grades and not being surly means you can get away with a lot.

He's sort of an emo, with long dark hair, dark eyes, nice juicy red lips, pretty skinny, and beautiful smooth white skin. No zits for my Nick either. He follows my dress code, and he thinks that lots of sex also helps keep zits away. Well, it means we have to do it as often as possible in case his theory is right.

After we get out of the kiss, somewhat breathless because it took a while and there were many tongues involved so it was hard to breathe properly.

"Good morning, sexy! This is great. I'm glad you were up when I texted so you could get here sooner."

"I was up in more ways than one. But seeing I could grab a ride I stopped that and came here instead."

"Good thinking. I did the same. Had any breakfast?"

"Yeah, had cereal with my Dad."

"Me too. We'll have a second breakfast later. Waffles, sausage, bacon, butter, syrup. Sound good?"


"So what do you want to do? We've got all day, and no homework!"

Nick didn't answer, he just dropped his sweat pants so he was in his briefs and tee shirt, he wrapped himself around me, and we went down onto my bed and really started making out properly.

We were both pretty horny. I mean we hadn't had sex together since Sunday, that's five days ago, and although we had had video sex on Facetime a couple of evenings during the week that's not the same.

It didn't take too long for both of us to be really, really excited. We pulled off each others' tee shirts, we pushed down my shorts and his briefs and we pressed together with toes, knees, dicks, chests and lips all touching. I felt us getting a little slippery together where our dick's were rubbing together, and we both kept going, and then he started breathing faster and so did I, and then I felt him tense up and that feeling started in my toes and rushed up my legs and I arched against him and we both came all over each other. Forget video sex, this was the real thing.

We lay stuck together for a while enjoying the warmth and afterglow of good sex. Life was good, and we both loved being like that with no rush to be anywhere, and nobody to bother us.

"So, what do you want to do today, Nick? Any ideas?"

"Hmmm. Let me think. Umm, maybe a shower since you got me all sticky, then we could have breakfast, then maybe some more sex, then a nap, then more sex, then lunch, maybe more sex and a nap afterwards, then a shower, and maybe we can try once more before I have to go home."

"Sounds like a plan to me. But maybe you could stay over. It's not a school night."

"OK, I'll call later. Maybe it'll snow some more so the roads will be dangerous, that will make it easier to for the 'rents to agree. Not that they mind me sleeping with you but they pretend they need to be in charge of decision-making. You know how it is."

"Well, we're both lucky my Mom and your parents are OK with us being boyfriends. That's one good thing about Vermont, people are pretty relaxed about that type of stuff."

Actually, that's really true. We're out at school, so are many other kids, nobody cares at all, there's no bullying or harassment, it's just nice and relaxed. The only rule, and it applies to straight kids as well, is no public displays of affection on school property. That's OK by me. I don't want to see boys and girls sucking face in front of me, any more than they want to see me and Nick making out. Thank God we don't live in Texas or Alabama or one of those miserable states down south.

By this time coffee had kicked in and I needed to have another pee. I'm lucky because my bedroom, which is really the basement but is all finished and stuff, has its own bathroom so I don't have to share or anything with my Mom. She's happy about that as well.

So reluctantly I got out of bed and walked to the bathroom. I turned on the shower, one of those walk-in ones so I don't have to stand in a bath tub or anything stupid like that. I had a pee then the water was getting nice and warm so I called Nick in, and he came and got in with me.

We like showering together. We do it as often as we can. It's really nice to have someone rub your back with warm soapy water, and down into your bum crack, and then hands come round and gently wash your dick and your balls. I don't think we've ever showered together without both getting raging hard-ons in no time at all.

Today was no different. I stood behind Nick and pressed myself up against his back, my dick happy to run up and down his crack while I gently jacked him off. Even though we had both cum quite recently it didn't take too long before he pushed back against me, and gasped and spewed a second load against the shower wall. I slowed down and let him savor the pleasure until he returned to the real world again. Then we swapped places and he did me.

Eventually we actually got clean and dried off. I put on a clean tee shirt and shorts, Nick got out one of my tee shirts and another pair of shorts. We're about the same size, although I'm slightly bigger than him, so we can swap clothes as much as we want. And of course we keep stuff at each other's house, although we spend much more time at my place than his because he has a younger brother. His brother's only twelve but he knows we do stuff together and he's always trying to sneak in and watch us. So it's safer at my place.

By now it was all of 10:30. The day had barely started and we had already has sex twice. It looked like all four basic teenage needs were going to be met today.

I'm not a very good cook, but I have practiced making breakfast. I really like breakfast, a proper one, that is, not cereal. That doesn't count as breakfast, just a snack to start the day. So I made some up waffle mix, got out the waffle iron and plugged it in, got some sausage links and bacon out of the fridge, found the syrup (real Vermont Maple Syrup, none of that artificial crap made with corn syrup) and the butter and a couple of knives and forks and a carton of orange juice.

Before long we were stuffing our faces with a proper breakfast and even if I say it myself, it was pretty good. It is against all teen etiquette to talk at meals. Eating is a serious business, and one has to concentrate fully on getting as much into your mouth as possible in the shortest period of time. Talking just makes food get cold. Why adults think it's cool to eat slowly and keep talking so their food can get cold beats me.

After cleaning up the kitchen we went and sat in front of the living room fire. It is gas. All you have to do it flick the switch and the fire is blazing away. None of this crap of burning real wood which is heavy and dirty and full of bugs and means you as a teenager have to get dressed up and go out to the woodpile all the time. And then clear up the ashes and get all dirty. No, not for me. Gas fires are an essential part of teenage life. Simple, quick and warm. I don't pay the gas bill either.

It was still snowing so no need to worry about going outside for any reason. Life was perfect. A full stomach, a warm fire, a soft carpet, and a gorgeous boyfriend.

We sat on the floor together, arms over each others shoulders, just relaxing and enjoying being together. Then Nick decided to elaborate on his plan for the day.

"Dave, what's the most times we've ever had sex together in a single day?"

"Hmmm, let me think. I'm not sure but perhaps it's five. You know, last summer when my Mom was working nights and we were here with nothing to do except have sex. But I can't remember exactly. I do remember being pretty sore for a day or two afterwards."

"You think you were sore! I could hardly walk for days afterwards! But it was fun, wasn't it?"


"So, let's try to beat the record. We've got a good start so far!"

"I'm game if you are! We need to try for six! We'll call it a sexathon!"

And so the sexathon started in earnest. We had the rest of the morning, all afternoon, and if Nick could get permission to stay over, we'd have the evening as well.

"Should be easy, especially if you can stay over. If you do sleep here, does anything before 9:30 tomorrow count as being in the same day, or does it have to be the same calendar day?"

"Good question. We need to research that. But let's break the record before tonight so we don't have to make that decision."

"OK. Sounds good to me!"

The idea of a sexathon was clearly having an impact in both of our minds. Nick stretched out in from of the fire, and I could see that he was getting hard inside his shorts.

Although we had had a large breakfast, I still felt like something to eat, so I slid down next to him, pushed up his tee shirt and started gently chewing on his nipples. Nick loves that. He started squirming under me, and then slowly I moved down to his navel, and then pushed down his shorts until I could reach the top of his pubes.

It really turns me on when Nick responds like that, and he knows it. So it wasn't long before he had turned around and was nuzzling my dick through my shorts while I did the same for him. Then the shorts got lost and we were fully stretched out in front of the fire and sucking on each other's dicks and it was irresistible and although it was a little slower for us both to cum this time, it really wasn't too long before I spurted into his mouth and he spurted soon after into mine.

I love the taste of his cum. It's a special taste, and a special treat to be able to share yourselves with each other like that.

"Yum. Second breakfast. Did I ever tell you I love you, Nick?"

"Not since we talked last night, no. But I love you more, Dave."

"That's not possible!"

And we dozed off. Stark naked in front of the fire. We'd already done it three times, and it wasn't even lunchtime yet. So far, so good.

I woke up first. I love seeing Nick sleeping. He's s peaceful, with a little smile on his face, and his hair all mussed up, and his chest slowly going up and down. It's special. It hurts every time we have to go back to our own houses, but it's so good when we are together.

I looked out of the window. Still snowing. I hope my Mom will not get stuck at the hospital. I mean, they try to keep the roads clear but sometimes other nurses can't get in to work and she has to stay at work. But it also means Nick might not be able to go home, and we'd have to spend the night together.

Nick slowly stirred. He opened an eye, and then broke into this huge grin.

"This is fun! I could get used to this! Sure beats school!"

"OK, sleepyhead, time to get up. We've got to give you more food to keep your energy levels up. Can't have you wimping out on me, not when we're doing so well so far!"

"You know I'm always hungry!"

It's true. Nick can eat and eat and eat and he never gets any fatter.

"My Mom made chilli. How does that sound?"

"I love your Mom's chilli, you know that. Let's do that!"

Still completely naked we went back to the kitchen, took the huge pot of chilli out of the fridge, spooned enough out for the two of us, put that in a separate pan and put it on to heat.

I made some salad. It's a house rule that once a day I have to eat something green. My Mom says that's why I don't have zits. I don't think she would buy into the warmth or lots of sex theories. But I like salad anyway, so that's OK. Nick is less excited by the green stuff, but he knows that all rules apply to everyone in the house. And if my Mom gives him the third degree and he confesses to skipping salad, he will pay a terrible price.

When the chilli was hot we sat and ate. Same eating rules as at breakfast. No conversation, just serious eating. We did my mom's chilli justice. For the second time that day we were nice and full and warm, and had had an extra nap, and had had more sex than normal. Life was good!

We returned to the fire and stretched out. We did take another little nap while we digested lunch and built up our strength.

This time Nick woke up first, and started playing with my dick so that when I woke up I was hard yet again.

"Stay there, Dave, don't move!"

So I did. I lay there enjoying the fire. Nick had rushed down the stairs to my bedroom, and soon came back with a tube of lube.

"Lie back and close your eyes!"

I did, and soon I could feel Nick gently coating my dick with lube that had gotten warm from the fire. I got even harder as he did this, and then he moved up, knelt on either side of me, sat on my stomach, reached behind him with one hand, took my dick, held it straight up, then he raised his backside up and slowly lowered himself until his hole was on top of my dick.

I pushed up slightly, and he lowered slightly and then I popped into him and was immediately up to my pubes inside his ass. Luckily I'm not enormous and his ass is nicely stretched so it didn't hurt him. He moved up and down slowly, then speeding up a little. It was beginning to drive me crazy.

"That feels so good! Faster!"

Nick slowly upped the tempo, and I was completely in his spell. He was so warm and tight enough to really arouse me on every downward thrust.

"Nick, don't stop! Keep going! I'm coming"

And he just kept going and then my whole body jerked upwards and I started pushing deeper into him and then I felt myself ready to explode, and I came and came inside him until I was completely drained.

As soon as I started pulsing inside him, Nick grabbed his own dick and quickly jacked himself off so that shortly after I had cum he sprayed my stomach and chest. He bent over and kissed me, and he hugged each other until I slipped out of him. Then it was nap time again.

What woke me up this time was my bladder. I really had to pee. I tried to get out from under Nick without waking him up, but that didn't work out as planned. He looked at me and said he needed to take a crap. So he went downstairs to my bathroom to do his business while I peed in the guest toilet that was off the living room.

I got some sodas out of the fridge and when Nick came back up, we turned on the TV and sat on the couch and played a couple of video. I didn't want to admit it, but I was getting a little sore and my balls were beginning to feel a little overworked. I guess Nick felt the same.


Nick didn't answer. He just leaned over and kissed me.

"This is definitely the best snow day ever!"

I couldn't agree more.

The games started getting boring after a while. It was getting late in the afternoon, and it was almost dark already. I realized my Mom would be home by six at the latest, so I decided we needed to get ready for number five.

"This time I'm going to do all the work, and you just lie back and enjoy it!"

"OK, Dave, but go gently. I'm a little sore from last time."

I got the lube, gently applied it around his hole, and then lowered myself and started to push against him. I slipped in easily and slowly pushed myself fully inside. I love feeling his balls resting on my pubes every time I pushed in. He made it even better as his legs curled up around my shoulders letting me drive into him.

Because this was a sexthon where it was the total number of times we had sex that counted, we weren't using much finesse. The idea was to come as quickly as possible while we still had strength. So I started banging him pretty hard, and that got him going.

"Harder, Dave, fuck me harder!"

Who can resist a request like that? It would be rude not to respond properly, wouldn't it? So I speeded up and started thrusting harder, and he started squirming more and asking for more, and I kept going and going because now I was feeling the effect of coming four times already. He was starting to jack himself off at the same time, and it was going to happen again soon.

"More, Dave, harder, oh my God, I'm coming"

And he came all over himself, not as much as before, but the pulsing of his hole made me start to cum as well and we both groaned and pulsed, and then I was spent and collapsed on top of him. We couldn't speak as we were panting so hard, and just lay there slowing coming back to normal.

"Wow, that was spectacular!"

Well, it was.

After we had both come down to a normal rate of breathing and had an extra cuddle, it was time to start tidying up before my Mom got home. I texted her to see if she was getting out on time and she replied it looked good, and the roads were still passable. I told her Nick was here and could he stay for dinner and maybe overnight. And she said that was OK. She really likes Nick and thinks he's the ideal boyfriend for me, and she says he's a second son for her.

So we took a shower (no jacking off this time, we were both sore and our balls were aching more), got dressed, made my bed, turned the thermostat back to parental levels, tidied the living room, set the dinner table and had some more soda while watching some more crap on TV.

Nick called his Mom and she said his Dad was already home because the office had closed early, and that it was best if he stayed over because neither of them wanted to get all dressed up and drive to pick him up. Nick said the real truth was that his brother probably was staying over with his friends and his parents wanted an evening together by themselves, and maybe even get uninterrupted sex. Thinking of Nick's parents having sex does not help in keeping the sexathon going, though. Yuk!

So my Mom got home, gave each of us a big hug (that's nice as long as it's in private but never in public, that'd just humiliating). She decided the weather was so crappy and she was exhausted because they had been short staffed at hospital, all she was going have a glass of red wine and sit in front of the fire, and I could cook pizza. So I got her a glass of wine, and she sat down, and Pussy arrived and jumped straight on to her lap.

Another good thing about my Mom is that she let's me and Nick have a little red wine as well. She believes that it's best to get used to alcohol rather than force people to abstain until they're 21 and then go out and get blasted every night. I agree.

"So, what did you two do all day?"

"Ummm, well, we watched some TV and I made breakfast and we had chilli for lunch and we took a nap, and played video games. That's about it."

"Dave, don't think I'm stupid! You guys spent all day in bed fucking like rabbits, didn't you?"

Two boys turned bright red.

"Oh, don't be embarrassed. I'd do the same if I as in your shoes. Enjoy it while you can!"

You can see why I like my Mom.

"Well, we weren't in bed the whole time. We took advantage of the fireplace as well! I think you need to buy a bearskin rug!"

"Too much information! But really, I'm so happy you two are together. You're just perfect for each other, and that makes me happy. Now let's change the subject! While it appears you both got some exercise, I need some as well. So we'll all go skiing tomorrow. Is that a plan?"

Well, I hate winter but if you're going to live in the snowbelt you better learn how to ski. I love going downhill as fast as possible, it get's my adrenalin going, and it's nearly as good a high as sex. I'm better than Nick but he's not bad himself. My Mom is more cautious but then she's an adult.

"Sounds good to me. How about you, Nick?"

"Great! The snow will be perfect!"

"Mom, do you want pizza or chilli for dinner?"

"Chilli, but you guys eat pizza seeing you had chilli for lunch."

And then we chatted about nothing very much, and then I went and turned on the oven (never microwave pizza, it turns out like cardboard) and cooked the pizzas and made another salad and Nick heated up some chilli for my mom, and I refilled my Mom's wine glass and we allowed ourselves the luxury of eating in front of the fire. Outside the snow had picked up again and the wind was howling and we all felt content in our nice warm little home.

By eight my Mom was fading. The combination of a hard day at work and a warm fire and a couple of glasses of wine had its effect.

"I'm off to bed. Don't stay up too late!"

"We won't. We're tired as well!"

Mom just raised her eyebrows and laughed.

"The wages of sin are having to go to bed at the same time as your parents! Sleep well, you two!"

She got up, gave us both a hug and kiss, and went upstairs, followed by Pussy.

We looked at the fire for a while and then at each other.

"Ready for another, Nick?"

"Maybe. I'm pretty sore and tired."

"I was thinking that if we do anything tomorrow morning it doesn't count, so we have to do it once more tonight to beat the record."

"Yeah, I think you're right. But it may take something a little special to get me up again!"

"Me too. But I think I've got something that will help. I was going to keep it as a present for your birthday, but I think today is the best time to give it to you. And it's your turn on top! Stay right there!"

"Oooh! Presents! I love presents!"

So I went downstairs, got the little package out of my closet, took off my shorts, put on half the contents of the package, found a blue tee shirt, and came upstairs.

"Ta Da!"


I did a little pirouette in front of him. I was modeling a pair of very short brown Adidas shorts, and wearing the blue tee shirt, and Nick's mouth was wide open.

"Where the fuck did you get those? They're fucking perfect!"

I should explain a little. A month or two back we had seen the Writing Competition on iomfats, and that month the picture was of a really cute boy in brown Adidas shorts and a blue tee shirt looking through the window of a white van. Nick had loved that photo, saying the boy was really, really sexy and that if he met him then they would have lots of long and passionate sex.

It so happens I like looking at boys wearing short white shorts, so I gave the rest of the package to Nick and told him to put them on.

I'd gone on line and found some similar pairs of shorts, one white, one brown, then I'd gotten them made a little shorter by the local Chinese tailor (he thought I was crazy, of course), and had washed them several times to get them nice and soft and tight.

"We're going downstairs right now, Nick, and you're going to keep those shorts on and you're going to fuck me and it's going to be fantastic! Let's go!"

So I turned the fire off, and all the lights, and we went downstairs, and closed my bedroom door and Nick was like a wild animal and more or less ripped his own clothes off and put on those really sexy white shorts, and he grabbed me and pushed me on to the bed, and I was more than ready to go again. I applied the lube to myself and then I was really ready.

"Fuck me right now, Nick, as hard as you can! Now!"

So he managed to get his dick out through on of the leg holes, which wasn't as easy as it sounds because he was really hard by now, and he pushed into me and we went at it as hard as we'd ever done. This wasn't romantic lovemaking, this was just raw sex. I kept begging for more and harder and faster and harder and more, and then suddenly he came and that sent me over the top and I came and he collapsed on top of me gasping for breath.

"Wow, that was different!"

I had never believed in the phrase "too much sex" but for the first time I wondered if it was actually possible. I was sore, my balls were aching a lot, and Nick seemed in much the same state. But we had broken our record, and the sexathon was a big success.

After eating chilli for lunch and then being well and truly fucked I needed a crap, so I got up and did my business, got Nick's shorts and mine and put them in the sink to soak, and got back to bed. I thought Nick would have gone to sleep, but he'd gotten out my laptop and was browsing through some videos.

"I can't believe you got those shorts, Dave! They're fucking fantastic! I'm looking at all the different things we can do in them! There's lots of kinky stuff! Oh look, we haven't tried it like that, Dave. Maybe tomorrow morning!"

I started to doze off while Nick was still looking at videos.

"Nick, don't you think we should go to sleep? Turn that thing off and come and cuddle with me."

"Yes, you're right. Wait! Look, here's another new thing we can try tomorrow!"

I decided I needed sleep, not sex videos, so I spoke very gently to my beautiful boyfriend.

"Nick, I love you very much, but I'm completely fucked out and I need to go to sleep or we won't have any way of doing anything in the morning and we're going skiing as well! So do us both a favor and just close the fucking lid and go to sleep!"

And he did just as I asked. He closed the lid of the laptop, put it on the nightstand, turned off the bedside lamp, and snuggled up next to me.

"I love you, Dave!"

"And I love you more, Nick!"

"Next time we get to spend a snow day together like this, we'll make the sex longer and slower and not so many. It's better that way, isn't it?"

"Yes, it is!"

"But it was a great snow day, wasn't it?"

"Best ever!"

And we kissed each other goodnight, snuggled up together wrapped in each others arms, and were asleep in no time at all.

It really was the best snow day ever.

The End


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 "Just close the fucking lid and go to sleep!"

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