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The Elephant in the Room

by Hamster

Chapter 4

The Next Week

Next morning I got up in time to go down to the leisure centre. My Dad could not believe it when I was up before him. Hey, it's good to keep adults guessing. If you are unpredictable it confuses them.

It wasn't very hard to get permission from the man in charge of the swim camp to join in because he seemed to like John and was actually his swimming teacher at his school. John told him I was a good swimmer (Liar, how did he know?). The other boys were a little less trusting of me, but that's normal for kids our age.

I had brought my school Speedos just in case, just like John had suggested, and when the Master in charge said I could join in I ran off to get changed. My Speedos were dark blue with the Impington school crest on one hip and a little patch with the letters ME on the other.

One of the other boys looked and said

"That's a bit arrogant, isn't it, saying 'me' on your Speedos."

"No!" I laughed. "Those are my initials – Michael Edmonds. All the boys have their initials on their Speedos at school so we don't accidentally put the wrong ones on and catch some horrible disease from someone who has been doing unspeakable things."

The boys all laughed.

"That sounds like a good idea. Hey, guys, can you imagine putting on Perkins' Speedos?

There was a general chorus of sounds of retching and other basic noises. Hey, they were teenagers just like me.

"Sir, can we do that? I mean put initials on our Speedos, not wear Perkins' Speedos"

"Maybe. It's not a bad idea. So, you think you can swim, Michael?" the man in charge asked.

"Yes, Sir, I'm on my school Under-16 team."

"Where's school"

"Impington, Sir"

"Ooooh, fancy! Then you have to prove you can swim. I'll get my best swimmers. Smith, Patel, Thompson. 100-yard free style. Show this intruder what we can do in Oakbridge."

"Yes, sir, we'll show him! Go school"

The four of us lined up, did a couple of stretching exercises, then the master blew his whistle, we dived in, and went for it.

I went for it as best I could. At the end of the four laps I stopped, gasping for breath. Nobody else was within 10 yards. Coach leant over and chuckled.

"Wow, Michael, that is fantastic. You really can swim. It seems my team could take lessons from you!"

After that the boys were very friendly. I couldn't help but notice how John was checking me out (and lots of other people, if I may say so – it is so hard being so godlike), and I did my fair share as well. I like Speedos, especially on other boys. But John was definitely the best looking of the bunch. Then after training was over we changed into swim shorts and we went in the leisure part of the centre, and went on water slides and the raging river ride, and generally messed around. John and I sort of kept touching each other and it nearly got embarrassing when I started to get really hard down there and had to stay in the water until things had subsided a bit.

When it was agreed it was lunch time we all went and took showers. Without thinking I stripped off completely – boarding school doesn't allow for much personal modesty, after all, and we all showered naked. I carried my Speedos and swim shorts in with me to wash out the chlorine. I suddenly realized that nobody else was naked, and there were a dozen pairs of eyes on me.

"Enjoy the view, everyone! You may not get to see it again?"

All the kids had lunch in the cafeteria and we chatted about our schools and compared how we were treated. When the other boys started to drift off, John didn't move and we ended up being the only two left.

So then I decided to take another chance.

"Would you like to come over to my place and hang out, and maybe we can play some video games or something? There isn't anyone home today so we have the place to ourselves."

"Cool! Yes! I was hoping you might ask something like that. If we go back to my place all my brothers and sisters will bug us and we won't have any time to ourselves."

So we grabbed our bikes and went to my house and went straight upstairs to my room, and I closed the door, and I swear it was less than a millisecond before we were locked together and enjoying our first kiss.

We didn't say a word. We didn't need to. We could feel each other through out shorts and it didn't take long before shorts and underwear were on the floor and we were on my bed pressed together and it was getting slippery down there because were both really wanted this, and without even touching each other down there with our hands we both exploded. I never felt anything like that in my whole life and for the second time today I was breathless.

Covered in cum between us, we just lay there and hugged and slowly wound down.

"Wow, that was fantastic, Mike."

"Yes, it was the best ever!"

And I kissed him again. This time slowly and gently, and he almost started purring we was so content and relaxed.

One really good thing about being a teenager is that it doesn't take too long to recharge. Our cocks started to harden up again, and this time we took more time. We gently stroked each other until we started to need to speed up, and then he was arching his back and gasping and coming all over his chest and tummy and I was covering his cock and balls with my own cum.

Later, after a little nap wrapped in each other's arms, we took a shower and he started to think of having to go home.

"I really want to stay, Mike, but I better leave. I don't want your Mum or Dad to catch us, and my Mum will be wondering where I am."

"Well, my Dad is in court this week for some trial and won't be home till at least six. And I don't have a Mum so we don't need to worry."

"Oh, what happened?"

"She died when I was six. That's why Dad sent me to boarding school when I turned seven because he couldn't do his job and look after me at the same time."

"That's sad. I'm sorry."

"Hey, no problem. It was a long time ago. Are we going to get together tomorrow?"

"Try to stop me. I can't wait. Text me tonight, OK? We'll set something up. Is your Dad still working all day tomorrow?"

"Yes, did you have something in mind?"

"Yes. As soon as your Dad leaves for work then I'll come over and we can sit in your room reading Latin textbooks. Or we can have sex all day long. Sound good?"

"I'll think about it. I like reading Latin textbooks but I suppose a little sex would be OK."

"Don't wank off too many times tonight in anticipation. Leave some stuff for me tomorrow.

We got dressed, he gave me a long hug and kiss, then got his bike.

So we settled into a wonderful pattern. Each morning we would go for swim training, mess around with his friends in the leisure centre, have lunch, and come to my house to have our own special time together.

Being alone in the house knowing my Dad would not be home early, meant that we could do stuff together. And we did. A lot. Of course, Dad didn't know about any of this because I wasn't really supposed to invite people over without his permission and approval, but just this once I decided to forget about all of that.

I learned that having a real boyfriend made sex so special rather than a quick wank in the school toilets with some kid who you didn't particularly like. Also, because we had the afternoons to ourselves, we could take our time over everything. We learned all about each others' bodies, and what the other liked and found really sexy, and we found that we loved oral sex. And on Friday afternoon I found that I really liked being a bottom and that there was nothing better that having John arched over him, thrusting into me and filling me with his hot cum.

Friday evening was the party before my brother's wedding. So John had to leave a little early. We agreed that Saturday would be a bust – I was at the wedding all day, Sunday I had to go to church (again), and we would see each other Monday.

I decided to take another little risk When he was leaving I asked

"John, can you do me a favour?"

"Of course. What?"

"When we get together Monday afternoon, can you wear the clothes you had on when we met you on the ferry?"

"Why, they're just my ratty volleyball clothes."

"Yes, I know, but you look really sexy in them and at least I want a photo of you in them so I can remember what you look like when I got to sleep every night."

John looked at me, then he broke into a huge grin.

"Why, you dirty old man, perving on a sweet innocent little teenager like me. But if you insist, I will accommodate your perversity. I'll bring the clothes and change when I get here."

Then he burst out laughing and pedaled away.

That's how I found out that I had developed quite a fetish for those little brown Adidas shorts that he wore the day we met. Whenever he wore those shorts my cock would stiffen up immediately and my orgasms were bigger and better than ever whenever he wore them.

When we found out he could still wear then and fuck me at the same time, I was in total bliss.

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