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A Christmas Wish

Chapter 2

By and © Hans Schrieber

Please, always practice safe sex; no momentary thrill is worth your life.

This work is copyrighted © by Hans Schreiber. You may not reproduce this story in whole or in part without the express written consent of Hans Schreiber

That night, after dinner, Joey went into his older brother's room. "Scott, I got a favor."

"Where to?" Scott asked.

"What? Oh, uh, no, not a ride. My car's running."

"What then?" He looked up from his chemistry book.

"Well, you know my friend, Pete." Joey began.

"Yeah, what about him?"

"For Christmas, he wants some kinda unusual stuff and I'm the only one he can ask for it. Plus, he needs it early." Joey said.

"Is that his list?" Scott nodded toward the paper in Joey's hand.

"Yeah." Joey handed it over to his brother. He'd added condoms to the list, just because he wanted them for himself and this way he wouldn't have to risk being seen buying them on his own somewhere.

Scott began to laugh. "Is this a joke?"


"Why does he want this stuff?"

"He didn't tell me; just that he needs them before Sunday." Joey said.

"You know what this means, don't you?" Scott snickered, "Your little cancer friend's gonna get laid before you do."

Joey screwed up his mouth and shrugged. "I can take care of everything but the lube, condoms, and vibrator." Joey said, "Can you get me those things?"

"Sure. I guess so. Since it's for Christmas, and it's for Pete and all."

"Thanks. I'm going over about six o'clock tomorrow and I'd like to take 'em with me then."

"Okay, no problem. I'll get it all in the morning, but I gotta get the money from you now, I'm broke. I bought my girlfriend's present yesterday."

"What'd you get her?" Joey asked, making conversation.

"A case of condoms." Scott said, smirking.

"What?" Scott said, shocked, "No way."

"Nah, I wish. I got her this stupid gold necklace she wanted."

"You got me." Joey said, chuckling along at the joke.

Joey gave Scott $80, since he didn't know for sure how much a vibrator would cost and neither did Scott.

That night, in the shower, Joey stood in the hot water after he was done washing and enjoyed the warm spray on his naked body. Joey liked his athletic body and the firm, tight muscle tone that came from working out. A hot body was a nice bonus for all the hard workouts at basketball. He looked down at himself. His patch of blond pubes had spread upward and also down onto his ball sac. He started fondling his balls and rubbing his chest. Joey started thinking about the next night with Pete and wondered what would happen. He imagined Pete's face when he walked in with the surprise he'd planned.

Without realizing it, he found himself slowly stroking his erection. He looked down and watched abstractly, as his large hand engulfed his entire throbbing rod. He popped open the conditioner with his left hand and poured a healthy amount of the makeshift lube on his circumcised dick. Pausing, he considered whether he should save it for tomorrow, but decided it would be better not to cum too fast with Pete, so he gleefully resumed stroking his engorged shaft. As was his custom, Joey rubbed and squeezed his butt with his left hand while he rhythmically jacked himself off with his right fist. Occasionally, he would slip his free hand to the front and fondle his balls. He sort of pumped into his fist with thrusting motions, simulating sexual intercourse. "Hah," Joey mused to himself, "Scott's wrong. Pete's not getting laid before me, he's getting laid by me."

Joey started imagining what the two of them might do. He assumed, Pete would want to get sucked and Joey imagined putting the hard, bald dick into his mouth and sucking on it. He wondered how weird that would feel in real life. He'd never really thought about sucking off another dude. He hoped if he did end up sucking him off, that Pete would be willing to do it back. Joey had fantasized many times about getting sucked off, but always by some hot chick. His jacking and thrusting had increased intensity.

"What if?" Joey thought, "Nah, not that." His mind wandered back to the imaginary sucking of Pete's hairless dick and balls.

As the water started going cold, the first twitches began. Joey adjusted the water temperature a little and resumed the pace on his bulging dick. He added more conditioner and that spurred him over the edge. Joey's knees buckled slightly and he gasped as a long blast of cum erupted from his pulsating dick. He stood back up straight, catching his breath, and gently squeezed his dick in his fingers as the last bit of cum oozed out. He milked it one last time and shook the jizz from his hand onto the shower floor. He watched it slither down the tile and swirl around the drain before disappearing. Joey washed his hand and carefully washed his sensitive dick before climbing out. As he dried off, he reminisced again about his special shower experience with Pete. His penis revived from limp back up to half mast and was bobbing up and down trying to figure out if it should go back up or relax back down. This time, Joey ignored it and it slowly fell back down to rest limply against his drooping ball sac.

Joey paused and modeled nude in the full length mirror on back of the bathroom door. He watched himself fondle his balls and rub his chest and butt. He turned around and bent over, spread his ass cheeks and peered backwards, examining his hole. That was still mostly hairless, but some hair was creeping down from his balls towards it. He admired his perfect sized patch of pit hair under each arm. He stood up straight and admired his physique and flexed a few times before pulling on clean boxers and heading for bed.

Meanwhile, back at the Thomas' house, Pete waited for his mom's last check-in around eleven p.m. When he felt sure she was gone to bed, he slid out of the covers and pulled the bottom drawer out. He knew exactly the one he was after. It was the most worn envelope of the bunch. His mom kept a nightlight on in his room in case she needed to come in and check on him at night, and he had gotten so used to it being there, he couldn't really sleep without it any more. Pete crawled over to the wall where the nightlight was plugged in and he leaned up against it.

He pulled out the very first porn mag Joey had brought him. It was worn, and the pages were crinkled. A couple pages were missing splotches where he'd had to pry them apart. Luckily, no good spots in the pictures were ruined. Pete slipped his boxers down to his knees and began stroking his erection. He had been boned off and on for at least an hour, anticipating this private time. He pushed the pain out of his mind. He didn't want it to spoil this experience. Jacking had been his place to go for a brief escape from the pain. He was glad the cancer hadn't ruined his ability to do it. He hoped tomorrow would be one of his good days, for his special time with Joey. This brought a smile. He was so thankful for Joey. Tears welled in his eyes as he thought about how lucky he was to have such a loyal friend. He never would have dared ask anyone else on the planet to do what he'd asked Joey to do. He couldn't believe he'd been so willing. He never really expected him to agree to it.

He'd imagined all kinds of possibilities when he practiced it out beforehand. One scenario included him begging Joey not to leave, as Joey backed out of the room with a look of disgust on his face, calling him gay, or stupid faggot, or something equally cruel. Instead, the result had been the best Pete could have hoped for. The anticipation, of what they were going to do, thrilled him and gave him a mini pre-orgasmic rush.

Pete let go of his dick and stared down at his body. He'd become much softer over the last year and though he was still thin, it wasn't from being in shape. Instead, it was a sickly thinness. Pete fondled his hairless balls. He recalled how excited he'd been when he first discovered some dark brown pubic hairs sprouting over his little dick. The next day at school, he'd met Joey out in front and shared the good news with him. Joey had laughed, but told him it was awesome and he was glad for him. Joey sort of stole Pete's thunder, though, when he revealed he had a whole little patch growing already. Now, here he was, as bald as before. It seemed odd to think of his body lying in a casket with no hair on it. Maybe he should ask his mom to put a wig on him or something. The fears he'd felt before, when he thought about dying, were gone now that Grandpa Eddie had come to him. There had been just so much peace in his voice. Well, it wasn't really his voice, he just communicated by thoughts, but it was as if he had spoken.

Pete reached down and pulled his penis down off his belly with one finger and studied it. "I'm definitely gonna miss you, little buddy." He said out loud. "A lot."

Pete laid Rachel down on the floor and made his way over to the computer. He played with himself gently with his fingertips while he waited for it to boot. He logged into and read about the "10 Ways to Improve Your Sex Life" for like the tenth time. Pete had become somewhat obsessed with sites about married couples sex, and especially this site, over the past month. He seemed to realize it was something he would never experience and wanted to vicariously live it. This site was his favorite, and he planned on modeling his experience with Joey after it tomorrow. Unfortunately, he didn't have any silky boxers to wear like the site suggested, and he regretted a bit not asking Joey to bring him some. He could sense it seemed weird to Joey when he mentioned it, so he figured it was better just to drop that.

"Oh well," he thought, "it can't be perfect. Nothing in this life is." Coach's voice popped into his head, "Perfect practice makes perfect." He shook him back out of his head.

Pete browsed a few more sites, including some on gay sex, just for some practical tips for tomorrow. Even though his main fantasy was about pretending Joey was his girlfriend, he realized there had to be a certain gay aspect to the whole thing, since Joey did have a penis, after all. Pete enjoyed looking at the gay porn sites once in a while for a change. He wasn't creeped out by gay stuff like a lot of guys at school claimed to be. He'd been so worried for so long that Joey might be, and was so relieved that Joey agreed to help him with his unique wish. He'd hinted a few times in the past about jacking together, or at least in front of each other, but Joey never seemed to pick up on it, and Pete never dared push it.

It seemed to Pete that it should be okay to express yourself in any way that felt right for you, and no one else should care. Having his life laser focused down to so few years, changed his perspective on many things. Certainly, doing whatever you wanted to do, as long as it didn't hurt anyone else, was high on Pete's list. Also, unkindness in any form was completely unacceptable to Pete. He thought about the assholes that made fun of him when he tried going back to school, after round one of chemo was over. "A pox on them and all their posterity." Pete mumbled out loud.

After sanitizing the browser, Pete made his way back over to the night light and picked up where he had left off with Rachel, the porno mag beauty. He fantasized about Joey and being naked together with him. He thought about having someone else's hand on his little buddy. His teeth were clenched and his butt tensed and relaxed as he went from orgasmic level 2 to level 3. Level 4 only lasted briefly, as he pressed his little buddy against Rachel's glossy tits and unloaded his balls onto her. After the climax, he dropped his arms and quivered, partly in afterglow, and partly in exhaustion. The pain used this opportunity to come crashing back down on him, pushing out the blessed moment of jackoff euphoria. "Yup," he said, squeezing the last drops from his bald, little buddy, "I'm definitely gonna miss you."

After a few more minutes of recuperation, Pete marshaled the strength to wipe Rachel clean and return her to the secret spot. He wiped himself up and tossed the tissues in the plastic trash bag, taped to his bedside. He pushed the tissues down under the other trash to hide them. He pulled his boxers back on, climbed into bed, and fell asleep, dreaming of the following night with Joey.

Joey slept in and when he finally grew conscious, he woke up boned. He slipped the bone out of his boxer's fly and played with it a bit before jumping out of his warm bed. His mom never let the heater run at night, so the house was always a little cold in the mornings. They lived in what was called the "high desert" about 80 miles from L.A. and it was either really cold or really, really hot all the time. It seemed like everyone was sleeping in on this first day of Christmas break. He gently tickled up and down his hard shaft and bulging head. His thoughts turned to the coming evening. He was both excited and nervous about it. The strangeness of it left him conflicted. He wanted to do it, and he didn't want to do it, at the same time. Finally, his bladder demanded relief, and he braved the cold. He stood helplessly in front of the toilet for several minutes, trying to think about dead puppies, until his erection went down enough to allow the pee to flow.

Joey dressed quickly and made his bed. He grabbed his wallet and hustled downstairs. He wolfed down a couple Pop-Tarts and a glass of milk and climbed into his twelve year old Corolla. He was anxious for what he had planned at the mall. He tried to listen to more Christmas music on the way, but the speakers were so bad they were painful; he just turned it off and stuck one earplug from his iPod into his ear.

At the mall, Joey went to a department store and found the home goods section for some scented candles. He settled on a vanilla bean one that wasn't too fruity smelling. He bought three of those, thinking vanilla was masculine enough, but still sexy somehow. He saw a lighter in a cigar store but the clerk refused to sell it to him and told him he was too young to even be in there. On the edge of the mall was a drug store, and Joey got a cheap lighter there. While he was in line to buy it, a neighbor lady saw him and waved. Joey was glad he wasn't buying condoms. That experience caused him to worry even more about his next purchase, though.

Being close to Christmas, there might be a lot of people he knew in the mall. He was really worried now about someone seeing him going in, or coming out of the next store. He made his way there as covertly as possible. He paced back and forth in front of it several times, before he mustered the courage to enter. First, he went into the "Sweet Treats" store across the mall walkway and purchased some cinnamon bears for himself. He watched, to make sure no one he knew was in sight, and scurried across the walkway. Once inside the store, he hustled to the back and found a clerk. "Can you help me?" he asked.

The clerk was nice and if she wanted to show him anything up near the entrance, Joey declined and asked her to just bring it back to him. Soon enough, she realized he was embarrassed to be in there, and she cooperated fully. He found something that would work out perfectly for his plan and while he was paying for it, another novelty item caught his eye. "Is it too late to add this?" He held up the item.

"Not at all," the clerk said, "Do you know how to use it?"

Joey blushed and said, "Yeah, I'm pretty sure I get it."

When the clerk handed Joey his purchases, he just stood there a minute staring at the shopping bag they were in. He hadn't thought about the shopping bag being so out there and obvious. He asked the clerk if she could just hold on to his purchases for a few minutes. He went to the Active store and bought a sweatshirt for his older brother for Christmas. He returned, checked the crowd, and darted back into the other store. He stuffed the items he'd purchased there into the Active bag, hiding them under the sweatshirt. He felt relieved not having seen anyone he knew and to have so easily gotten rid of the incriminating bag.

Joey had just left the store and slowed his walk down to normal when he got a slap on the back. It was David from the team. "Hey, Joey, what you doing?"

"Nothing. Why?" Joey said.

"No reason. I'm meeting some guys from the team at the food court. Come join us." Joey went along to the food court, relieved David didn't seem to know where he'd been shopping at. They hooked up with four other friends, two other team members and two cheerleaders. Whenever someone would make a comment that this or that was "gay," Joey's stomach would churn. They all hung out for a while before Joey decided to head home. The only scary part was when Audrey asked to see what he'd bought. She just helped herself in peeking at the candles, and fortunately assumed they were for his mom's Christmas present. Joey grabbed the Active bag and controlled her ability to peer into it, to see the sweatshirt.

Hanging with them had actually been good for getting his mind off the big evening with Pete. The group invited him to join them at the movies later that evening, but Joey declined without giving a reason. He bought a churro and a chocolate milk for the ride home, hugged the girls and did a forearm bump with the guys. That was the basketball team's accepted method of greeting and farewell. Then, he headed out to find his ride.

As the time for the special evening drew closer, the anticipation grew stronger. Though he had been bothered at first by the idea of doing sexual things with a guy, the more he fantasized about sharing this experience with his best friend, the more his dread was turning to excitement. He'd spontaneously boned up six or seven times during the day. It was like he was thirteen again. Especially now, that he'd committed himself emotionally and financially, his excitement grew. He was shocked how much his little surprise had cost him, and he hoped it would be taken well by Pete in order to make it worth it. He hoped he could really pull it off, too.

At five o'clock, Joey collected the lube and a "Magic G-Spot" vibrator from his brother. It was fairly slender and had a curved bump at the tip. He got a few dollars back in change, which he just let his brother keep for gas money. "How do I...I mean, how does Pete use this thing?" Joey asked, blushing from his slip.

Scott stared at him, confused for a minute, then broke into a smile. "Oh my god. I get it now. This isn't for Pete's Christmas present at all."

"Yes it is! I told you it is." Joey shot back nervously.

Joey was sweating, the color drained from his face. He had slipped up and Scott had figured it out. His life was effectively over, he thought. He searched for a plausible lie, but none came, so he just stood there dumb.

Finally, Scott spoke. "You little horndog, who is she?"

Joey started breathing again with those words. He blew out his breath, smiled in nervous relief and said, "I'm not telling you. You'd blab it all over."

"Is she hot?"

"Of course, you don't think I'd be doing it with just any skank, do you?"

Scott smiled with big brother pride, took Joey by the arm and pulled him down onto the bed. "Let me give you some advice about your first time." Joey sat down and totally absorbed the advice Scott had for him. Scott was clearly enjoying this opportunity to be the big brother. Joey got boned from the conversation.

Scott told him to go slow with it. "Don't just rip your clothes off and jump her bones, girls hate that. And you might not get another shot with her if you do." He told Joey that if she'd asked for the vibrator, she must be experienced, so he suggested he just follow her lead. Joey said he intended to do just that. Scott explained about the G-spot and how girls got off from that. He suggested being very soft and slow if he rubbed her clit. He said it was way sensitive and girls got pissy if you rubbed it too hard. "It's like them using their teeth on your sensitive dickhead when they blow you."

"What's it like to get blown?" Joey asked.

"It's fuckin' incredible." Scott assured him.

Scott asked what she looked like. Joey decided just to describe Audrey who he'd seen at the mall earlier. At first, he thought about saying things like she wears her hair really short and is sort of flat chested, but has a great personality. He thought better of it, though, and settled on the Audrey description.

"So you're doing it tomorrow?" Scott asked.

"Umm, yeah." Joey answered.

"Cool, you have to tell me all about it. Okay?"

"Yeah, sure. Thanks for getting me this stuff." Joey said, standing to begin packing his backpack for spending the night at Pete's.

"Just a suggestion, if you and Pete are jack off buddies, like I suspect you are, you oughta do it tonight so you're not quite as horny for it tomorrow with your girlfriend. Otherwise, on your first time, you might blow your load before you even stick it in her."

"Oh my god, shut up and get out of here." Joey told Scott and pushed him out the bedroom door.

"Ha, I knew it." Scott was laughing all the way down the hall, very proud of himself for striking a nerve. He was happy for his little bro getting his first piece and sort of proud to help out a little bit. Joey locked his door and pulled his special items out of the Active bag, buried them at the bottom of his backpack, and hid Scott's Christmas sweatshirt in the closet.

On the way over to Pete's house, ironically, "All I want for Christmas You" was playing on his scratchy speakers again.

"I just want you for my own. More than you can ever know. Make my wish come true, ew-eww. All I want for Christmas You." Joey sang out at the top of his lungs. He was in a great mood. He was excited for this night. He was ready to do this thing. His dick was already semi-boned.

Before Joey could knock, the door sprang open and there stood Pete, dressed like a normal human and smiling like a ten year old on Christmas morning.

"Wow, look at you, dude. You're out of bed."

"I know; I stayed down all day just so I would be rested for tonight. I want this to be as normal as possible." Pete said.

He made way for Joey to enter and they bumped forearms as they passed. There was the usual fussing around by Pete's mom. She triple checked that Joey and Pete had all the cell phone numbers, in case anything happened. The little kids had already been taken over to their aunt's house.

"Wait," Pete said, excitedly, "The present." He kneeled down and pulled a large box out from under the Christmas tree. He handed it to Joey, beaming. The Thomas' all sat on the couch and told him to open it.

"What's this? You didn't need to get me a present."

"Go on, open it." Pete prodded.

Joey kneeled on the floor and tore the wrapping off the large box. "No way. Oh my gosh, these are so nice. You guys shouldn't have done this. Seriously, these are way too nice." Joey lifted the box and began reading the specs on the new speakers.

"Well, Pete mentioned how bad your speakers are in your car, and we wanted to do something special for you, since you've been such a special friend to Pete," Mrs. Thomas said.

"Wow, thank you SO much!"

"It was my idea." Pete said, still beaming.

"Thanks, dude. You're bomb."

Finally, Pete's dad took Mrs. Thomas by the arm and guided her out the door as she was calling out reminders to take the two blue pills and one yellow pill after dinner, and not to stay up too late, and if anything at all should happen, be sure to call, and something else neither of the two boys heard.

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