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Affair of a Foreign Nature

Chapter 1

Best Birthday Ever

By and © Hans Schrieber

Warning! This story is a work of fiction written by a legal age adult. Any similarity between the fictional characters and any live persons is purely coincidental. This story contains fictional descriptions of sexual activity between consenting minor youth. If you are under the age of 18, and/or if you are offended by this content, and/or if it is illegal in your jurisdiction to possess or read such material, please leave now and do not read this story as neither the internet host nor the author can be responsible for your actions. Please, always practice safe sex; no momentary thrill is worth your life.

This work is copyrighted © by Hans Schreiber. You may not reproduce this story in whole or in part without the express written consent of Hans Schreiber.

I stared at my mom in complete disbelief when she told me. "Are you kidding me?" I asked.

"I thought you'd be surprised," She said.

"Mom, that's so AWESOME!" I shrieked, "You better not be messing with me."

Mom laughed, "I wouldn't do that. So I assume you want me to answer, yes, you'll go?"

"Heck ya. Obvi'!" I said. I watched over her shoulder as she typed the response to the email from Herr Baumgartner in South Tyrol.

"Yes," she typed, "David would love to come and visit you during his spring vacation week. Thank you very much for the kind offer. Let us know what he should bring for the trip. We will arrange the flight and send the information."

"Balls on fire! I gotta text Ricky. He's gonna be SO jealous," I said, pulling my phone from my pocket.

"David Henry Williams," mom scolded, "You know I hate that expression."

"Oh, ya, sorry," I said, grinning mischievously. "I meant to say, 'Tits on ice!' There, is that better?"

"OOOH, YOU," mom growled, jumping up to chase after me as I tore out of the computer room, laughing. Even though my voice changed six months ago, my laugh still sounds like a little kid.

Ricky's my best friend. We're both freshmen at Pacific Crest High School and hang together pretty much every day our parents let us. He's about six months younger than me. I'm not sure how we became friends, we're total opposites. I'm skinny, he's pudgy; I'm dark skinned and got dark hair, he's light skinned and has blond spiky hair. Our personalities are even different. I'm kinda out there and he's all quiet and serious. I love crazy, wild stuff and he's all cautious. But, we've been friends since second grade and we're both totally loyal. I hang with other peeps, especially from sports and they tolerate him when he's with us. Actually, he just kinda disappears in those crowds. He's cool with it though, so it's all good.

One thing we do share is a fascination with spy stuff. We love anything to do with it. I have the complete set of James Bond movies. Ricky's into science stuff and has made spy cameras before. We hid one in his sister's room once. It was funny; we actually caught her and her butt-ugly boyfriend making out and feeling each other up. He's totally saving it for blackmail if he ever needs it. I'm not as good at that stuff as he is, but I've learned some things from him.

Karl Baumgartner, the German speaking kid from South Tyrol, is the absolute ballsiest cultural exchange student we ever had stay with us. My dad's part German and he speaks it good. Somehow, he got hooked up with this cultural exchange group that brings German speaking kids over to live with American families during the summer. They study English and American history and then they go on lots of fun outings. They live with local families and that helps them see what American life is really like and helps them with their English. We've hosted six of them over the years that I can remember.

Karl was def the best one ever. Partly, I guess, because we're only two years apart in age. He was barely sixteen and I was thirteen and a half at the time he stayed with us. I'm turning fourteen this Friday, on March 20th, just before spring break starts. I still can't believe I get to go visit him at the Hotel Tyrolier Ski and Health Spa Resort; this will be the absolute ballsiest birthday gift ever.

Karl had such a great time at our house and we treated him so well, he and his parents stayed in touch with us through emails and Facebook. They are like, pretty rich, because Mr. Baumgartner is this big shot with the hotel and ski resort in South Tyrol. It's actually in Italy, but it's on the border of Austria and everyone there speaks German. Karl tried to explain why, but all I got out of it was that it had something to do with the war.

For Christmas, they sent us this really nice German nativity set. I thought my mom was gonna piss herself when she opened it. She like showed it off to everyone that came to visit us. I think she left it set up 'til like Valentine's Day. She loves that kind of stuff. They also sent us these amazing German chocolates that I ate most of. But, I never, ever dreamed I'd get to go visit there.

I grabbed the bottom stair rail post and swung around it onto the stairs. I sprinted up the stairs, taking two at a time and ran down the hall into my bedroom. I locked the door and waited, panting. Mom knocked on the door and said, "Unlock the door and let me in."

"Or what?" I asked "Will you huff and puff and blow the door down?" I started my little boy giggling sound.

I heard mom laughing in the hall. She wasn't really mad; she was just messing with me like she does sometimes.

"dude, gess.?? so frkn asum" I sent a text to Ricky while leaning against the door. "goin 2 italy 2 visit karl for break!!##**"

My phone vibrated and I read, "no fn way. 4 real???"


"tits!!!" he replied.

"I no huh"

"Okay, well you better get your little potty, piggy mouth downstairs to set the table in five minutes, or I'll sig the big, bad, daddy wolf on you," mom said, as she headed down the hall.

At dinner, we talked about me going. Mom had already started a list of things I needed to pack and was already giving me tons of instructions on how to behave. I did the usual smile, nod and "Yes, I will's" at the appropriate spots during her lecture.

Dad actually seemed a bit jealous, but genuinely excited for me, too. I know he wished he was going with. He offered to teach me some important German phrases to help me out over there. The obvi' one was "Wo ist die Toilette?" I was personally thinking, "Wanna have sex with an American boy?" would be more important to learn. Of course, I didn't ask for dad's help with that one. I thought maybe Karl could hook me up with that translation. Karl's English was okay. He spoke enough English for us to get along all right.

Sometimes, he would say something wrong and it would turn out really funny. When he first arrived last summer, mom and I picked him up at the school where they held their classes. He'd flown for like 13 hours or something and looked wasted. When we got him home, my dad was still on his way home from work. Karl unpacked and then asked my mom if he could "Take a douche." My mom just stared at him with this horrified look on her face. I started to laugh. He looked completely confused. Mom thought she misunderstood him, but he repeated it again. "I very much like to take a douche," and started acting like he was rubbing all over himself. I thought I was going to piss myself, I was laughing so hard and mom kept telling me to stop it; I was being rude.

Finally, he went and got his pocket English/German dictionary and showed us the German word "duschen," meaning to shower. Even mom started to laugh then. She wrote the word "douche" on a paper and he looked it up in the English section. He blushed the reddest I've ever seen anyone ever do and covered his face with the dictionary, shaking it and saying "OH, NO, NO, NO." We teased him, good-naturedly, all summer about it.

After we all had stopped laughing, I took him and showed him the bathroom with the shower in it. "Here's the douche," I told him.

The bathroom split his bedroom and mine. You could only enter from doors in our bedrooms. It didn't open up into the hall. My older brother and I shared it before he went into the army. Karl stayed in my brother's room when he lived with us.

Four different times last summer, we walked in on each other and saw each other naked. I'd hear the shower stop and figure he'd be dressed already. But, he stood around naked for a long time after his shower, styling his hair and crap. I'd never seen an uncut dick before then. A couple times when he caught me naked, I swore I'd locked the door on his side, but sometimes I do forget that. We both acted surprised and embarrassed each time it happened, but we both took the opportunity to check each other's packages out. His was pretty long, five inches when soft, I guessed. I never saw it boned. He had a nice patch of dark brown pubes and was hairless everywhere else, except under his arms, of course.

Sometimes, I still think about the long point of skin dangling off the end of his dick. It was so amazing to me, since I'd never seen one like that before in real life. I'd heard about them and all, but never really thought much about it. I thought about asking my dad why mine was cut, but we don't really talk about that kind of stuff together and I chickened out. After seeing Karl's, though, I got on the net and read up on circumcision. I was a little pissed off they went and cut mine off as a baby. I mean, shouldn't a guy have a say in something like that?

Karl is very athletic and skies and snowboards a lot. I mean, "Obvi', he lives at a ski resort." he even competed in the Olympic development team for Italy's ski team. He has a nice, chiseled body but isn't tan at all. He has brown hair and eyes and a long, square face. His high cheek bones are rosy. He has thick eyebrows and long lashes. His smile is quick and warm. He speaks with a smooth, baritone voice. Last summer, he wore his hair short on the sides but longer on top and styled it up into a pointy ridge, before it ever became popular here to do that.

I also have a really nice body, since I'm into water polo. I play on a club team and on the high school freshman team. I have a six pack and thin waist with strong, developed shoulders and chest. I've also got a nice tan everywhere except where my Speedo's at. Karl thought it was cool how I wore a Speedo, and when we did swimming things with his student group, I'd wear it instead of board shorts to match him and some of the other German guys. They all made a bigger bulge in theirs than I did in mine, though. He came and watched me play polo a couple times with my club team.

My dick's grown a bit since then and I got a bunch more pubes. Last summer, I only had a few hairs, but now, it's a good sized patch. I have jet black hair, a sort of roundish face and olive skin, even when I'm not tanned. My grandfather on my mom's side is Italian and I think I got a bunch of his genes. My mouth is on the small side and I have really thin lips. I have dark eyes and a small nose. I kinda look younger than I really am. I'm glad my voice finally changed so people treat me more seriously. I've only got a few hairs under my pits, but I actually noticed a few whiskers on my upper lip in the mirror the other day.

The last week of school before break seemed to take forever. I bombed my history test, because all I could think about, when I tried to study, was snowboarding in South Tyrol with Karl. It's gonna be totally sick. I've been checking out the hotel his dad runs, and it's right by the slopes. You freakin' step out of your villa, strap in, and board down to the lift. When you're done, they haul yer ass back up to your room in a shuttle. Karl and I get to share our own villa. It's like a little cabin thing. I am so stoked. There's a fancy spa attached to the hotel with hot springs where people soak and then get massages and stuff. I doubt kids can go in it, though, cuz it shows on the internet site that the people bathe naked. The pictures only show them from the back side, but you can tell they're naked. I think Europe is like way more free-minded about that kind of stuff.

On Friday, after significant begging and promising not to stay up too late, Ricky was allowed to sleep over, since it was my birthday. His mom agreed to come pick him up from our house after we left for the airport on Saturday morning.

"Hey," I said, as Ricky came in the front door.

"Hey," he said back. He handed me a gift.

"Thanks, dude. What is it?"

"Just something I made for you," he said.

He walked into the family room to say hello to my mom and dad and thank them for letting him come over. My mom likes how polite he is. He's such a brown-noser. We grabbed some chips and sodas and headed for my room. As usual, we pulled the mattress off my brother's bed and put it on the floor of my bedroom. We put a sheet and blanket on it.

"So let's see what you gave me," I pulled the wrapping off and opened the box. "What the..."

Ricky laughed.

"Is this some kind of hint that I stink?" I said, holding up the Old Spice stick deodorant.

"No," Ricky said, laughing harder. "Look inside it."

I pulled the oblong, plastic top off of it and said, "Great, a stick of deodorant that's almost all used up. Dude, great gift." The red plastic ribs were peeking out of the white deodorant.

"Look," Ricky said, taking it from me. He turned the wheel at the bottom to advance the deodorant slide all the way up. He pulled it out and showed me inside the empty container. It was full of wires. "It's a hidden camera. You can put it anywhere and press the middle of the wheel, here, and it records. Plug a USB cable in here, (he pulled out a USB connection from inside the tube) and you can download the video. It's got a 4 gigabyte card in it so you can record a ton."

"OMG, dude, that's SO AWESOME. No wonder I like you so much," I said. We put it back together and tested it. He showed me how I could even set it for wide angle or close up. We took some vids of us wrestling around on my bed and played them back on my puter. It was great quality for such a tiny lens. "You're freakin' amazing." After we played them, Ricky erased them off my laptop and the camera memory. I noticed one file that he didn't download and I wondered why.

After screwing around with the gift for a while, I put in the Pink Panther movie, with Steve Martin, and we settled in to watch it. It was one of our favorites. It cracks us up when Steve Martin tries to say hamburger without the French accent. He's such a funny actor. I wonder how hard it will be to understand people in Tyrol with their accents. I'm a little worried how hard it will be for them to understand me.

Of course, we oohed and ahhed over the hot chicks in the movie. When it finished, we were both really tired. I went to the bathroom and peed and then Ricky did the same after me. I was in bed when he came back in my room in just his Superman boxers. Honest to God, Superman boxers.

"Dude, I'm glad you're going on the trip and all, but it sucks for me staying home without my best friend for the whole break," Ricky said.

"Yeah, I wish you could come with me," I said. "I'll bring you something. What do you want?"

"One of those hot Euro chicks like in the Pink Panther," Ricky answered.

"Yeah, sure, no problem. I'll just stuff her in one of my suitcases," I joked.

"Do you ever wonder what it would be like to make it with a hot chick?" he asked.

"Obvi'. What guy doesn't?" I responded, stating the obvious.

"Yeah, I guess we all do," he said wistfully.

"Do you ever, umm, ever think about doing it with anyone at school?" he asked, uncharacteristically. It was unusual for Ricky to ever talk much about sex stuff or girls. He was always very shy about stuff like that. I'd never seen him fully naked before. It was a long time before he got comfortable enough to sleep in boxers around me. He used to leave his pants or shorts on to sleep when he came over.

"Sure. Katie gets me really horny. OMG dude, she sits right next to me in science class, you know. So last week, she slowly leans over to get a book out of her backpack and I look over at her, and as she bends down, her loose top droops open. OMG, I could see her bulging tits clear down to where they were stuffed into her pink bra. I popped a major boner right there and was in agony the rest of class," I said.

"No shit?" Ricky said. "Balls on fire!"

"I know, huh. I jacked off thinking about it that night. Dang, I'm gettin' boned again now just from thinking about it," I giggled, with my little kid titter. Ricky giggled too.

"Well, good night," Ricky said.

"Yeah, g'nite." I reached down and rubbed my fingers over my four inch boner. I glanced at Ricky to make sure he wasn't watching and though it was pretty dark, I could see enough to tell he wasn't looking at me. I manipulated my dick out of my fly and started pulling on it. I considered what to do about the cum, if I went all the way. I had no good solution. Cumming in my bed would be messy. I had no socks on and to get them, I'd have to get up and Ricky might see my boner. I slowed my pace while I figured out my dilemma.

I'm good at figuring out problems and love solving puzzles and riddles. I love mystery novels, especially about spies. I think I want to be a CIA agent someday. I've checked all into it. I'm gonna major in criminal justice in college and then do a couple years in the military. I've joined the ROTC in high school, even. Lately, I've been reading "Hardy Boy" stories that used to be my dad's. They're kind of under my reading level, but they're really fun to read, since they're so easy and have such cool twists in them.

Finally, I decided I'd just use my boxers to wipe up and sleep naked. Ricky would still be sleeping when I needed to get up for the airport, and mom would leave my room once she knew I was awake. That would give me an opportunity to sneak out of bed and get some clean boxers from my drawer. Carefully, I wiggled my boxers off and slid them up with my foot to where I could grab them. I checked to see if all that wiggling around had gotten Ricky's attention. In the dim light, I saw his blanket slowly bobbing up and down in the middle.

"Oh my god," I thought. "He's jackin' too." I watched for a minute and seeing him doing it right there next to me got me even harder.

"Hey, Ricky? You awake still?" I asked.

He jumped slightly, and stopped jackin'. "What?" he said, nervously.

"I was wondering if you're awake still," I said.

"Uh, well, I was almost asleep. What ya want?" he lied.

"I was just wondering if there is someone at school that you think about doing it with," I said coyly. I planned on springing some kind of joke on him about jackin', but I hadn't fully planned it out in my head yet. There was a long pause.

Finally, Ricky said, "Yeah. There is."

"Who?" I asked, curious. I'm very curious.

"Someone," he answered.

Someone, who?" I asked again, annoyed.

There was another long pause. "Just someone."

"C'mon dude, give it up. I told you about Katie."

"I can't say." He sounded like he was gonna cry or something.

"Why not?" I pressed further.

"Because I just can't."

"Were you thinking about that special someone just now, when you were pulling on your dick?" I asked with a teasing lilt in my voice.

"What? You saw that?" he was freaked and embarrassed. I could tell just by the way he said it that he was completely red faced, even though I couldn't see in the dim light. He blushes easily.

"Yeah, it was either that or a mouse doing pushups on your belly," I said. "Cuz the blanket was jumpin'."

"Oh my god, I'm so embarrassed. You're not going to tell anyone you saw me doing it are you?" he pleaded.

"No, dude. I wouldn't do that," I assured him. "Geez, all guys do it. What you so freaked out about?"

"I don't know; it just seems wrong being seen."

"Yeah, I guess. Do you do it a lot?" I asked, now sort of curious about how it is for him.

"Sort of," he admitted.

"Me too," I offered. "Sometimes, I do it twice a day. I even did it four times in one day once."

"Yeah, so did I, but it hurt after the last one," he admitted. The tension had drained from his voice and he was normal Ricky again.

"It feels so freakin' good when it squirts," I said, feeling more and more comfortable sharing.

"Dude, I know. Sometimes, I just can't wait to get home from school so I can do it," he agreed.

"Do you squirt?" I asked cautiously, not sure if it would embarrass him again in case he didn't.

"Yeah, I started about a year ago," he answered. "It's awesome."

"Can I tell you something? When I saw you jackin' it, I was looking to see if you were asleep, so I could jack mine," I admitted.

"Serious?" he said. "Awesome."

"Shit, now I really need to do it, but you're all awake," I said, chuckling. "I really screwed myself over by messing with you about doing it."

He chuckled with me. "Yeah, dumbshit. I got the same problem. You should've just let us both pretend we didn't know about the other one."

"What were you gonna do about the cum?" I asked. "I didn't know what to do about mine, so I took my boxers off to cum in them and I thought you might have heard me."

"I wondered why you were squirming around so much. I thought you were dreaming or something."

"So dude, what should we do? I'm still boned. You just wanna do it anyway, even though we know?" I was really horny and frustrated.

"Yeah, I will if you will. But, we can't tell we did it."

"Obvi'! Geez," I said. "Well, since you already know, I'm getting something better to clean up with."

I got up and walked naked into the bathroom and brought out two washcloths. On my way back to my bed, I tossed him one. I knew he saw my boner, but it was down to just like half way by then and there wasn't much light, so I didn't really care. I'm not that shy about being naked. I kind of like showing off my ripped body in locker rooms. He'd seen me naked in the gym lockers and in my bathroom before. Ricky always turned away in locker rooms and never peed in front of me. Sometimes at home, I walk around naked if no one else is there.

I lay on my bed and pulled the sheet over me and started working my dick back up to a full boner. It didn't take long at all. I moaned audibly and pressed my knees together for a minute. I heard the rustling of Ricky's covers start up and glanced down to watch. He was looking at me. We smiled and looked away.

"Feels so good," I said.

"Yeah," he agreed.

"So dude, who you thinking about right now? Truth or dare!" I asked.

"Dare," he said, without hesitation.

"Serious? Why won't you give it up? Is it a teacher?" I asked, thinking maybe he had a crush on one of the younger teachers at the high school. There were a couple of pretty hot ones.

"NO!" he answered, sounding offended that I suggested that.

"Well who then?" I insisted.

"I already chose dare, so I don't have to answer," he shot back.

"Okay then, you asked for it. I dare you to pull your blanket and sheet off and let me watch you jack off," I said, thinking there was no way he would ever do that and he'd finally have to tell me who he was hot for at school. I even added, to make sure he'd switch back to truth instead of dare, "With the bathroom light on and the door open so I can see really good."

"What?" he gasped. "You can't be serious. You're such a perv."

"Serious as a heart attack, dude. You chose dare, so you gotta do it. Or, you can switch over to truth and tell me."

There was a long pause. Finally, he got up and walked to the bathroom, turned on the light and walked back in, leaving the door wide open. Light silhouetted his naked body as he lay back down on the mattress on the floor. I could see his 3 ½ inch, fully boned dick perfectly. I'd never seen another guy boned up before in real life and it had a strange effect on me. I was hypnotized by it. I just stared.

"Okay pervo, enjoy the show." He glared at me. He took his twitching, dark red dick between his thumb and two fingers and started jacking it. The other arm, he threw over his eyes like he was hiding from me or something. I could feel his embarrassment, but I didn't give in. I thought about it, but I really wanted to watch him cum, so I decided to let him suffer.

Finally, though, I caved to my guilt, "Dude, this ain't right. You don't have to. You can cover up."

He stopped jacking himself and looked at me. He didn't cover up though. "Truth or dare?" he asked, holding his dick in his fingers still, "Have you ever thought about a guy when jacking off? And, you have to tell the truth on your mother's life if you choose truth."

I immediately started to sweat. I have thought about a guy before; lots of times actually. I've thought about Karl from South Tyrol after seeing him naked in the bathroom last summer. I've wondered lots of times how his uncut dick would look boned and even, oh my god, even how it would feel to touch it. If I admitted that to Ricky, it could ruin our friendship. He might even spread it around that I jacked off thinking about guys. I mean, I didn't really think he would do that, but what if?

"Dare," I said.

He broke into a huge smile. It almost looked like he was gloating. "Okay, my dare is that you jack in plain sight too - same as me."

I smiled. I'd been trapped. I realized by taking dare on that question, I'd given myself away. But worse, he might think I do it thinking about all kinds of guys at school and not just Karl. "Shit," I thought, "I'm the one that's supposed to lay the traps for peeps, not get myself caught in one."

"I mean truth," I said.

"No way. Too late. You're stuck with the dare," he said firmly.

I sighed. I pulled the covers back and exposed my four inch dick. Ricky sat up and stared at it.

"Slide over," he said, "I wanna come up where I can see you as good as you can see me." Without waiting for a response he stood and then sat on my bed. I quickly scooted over against the wall. It was really weird being so close to a naked guy and being naked myself. When he was settled in next to me, he impersonated Dr. Evil from Austin Powers and said, "Hell, let's just do what we always do - hijack some nuclear weapons and hold the world hostage." That made me giggle.

We each took our nuclear missile in hand and started working them. Jacking off my little rocket, while watching him jacking his at the same time, was totally sick. I couldn't look away and neither could he. We started squirming and breathing ragged at about the same time. He started wiggling his feet and I started pressing my knees together as we got close to the magical moment of liftoff. Suddenly, my rocket ignited and the waves of pleasure overwhelmed me. I was gritting my teeth and got all tensed up. I blasted a cumshot clear up by my nipples and shuddered all over.

"Ohhh, balls on fire!" I said, after the first cumshot. A second burst landed on my belly, then a bit oozed out before I twitched from head to toe again. A third and final shot jettisoned to just above my belly button. I relaxed, and began slowly milking the last pleasurable tingles from my dick, when Ricky cried out, stiffened all over, and pointed his toes. I watched in awe as a stream of white cum shot onto his belly and then again as a second one spurted out. It was amazing to watch. After that, his dick oozed for a long time as he slowly and gently rubbed it. He blew out little gasps of air as it continued to ooze.

Finally, we both were softening and we dropped our hands to our sides. My right hand fell against his left one. My first reaction was to pull it way, but it felt nice touching him, so I left it. Slowly, he closed his fingers around my hand. I reciprocated. It felt nice as long as I didn't let myself think about holding hands with a naked guy. He ignored the bit of cum on my fingers.

As the globs of cum got runny and started sliding down my chest, I pulled my hand free and grabbed the wash cloth to start wiping up. Ricky followed my example. We tossed them in my dirty clothes basket and pulled our boxers back on. We crawled back under the covers of our own beds without speaking. Once tucked in, I said, "Dude, I can't lie, that was totally balls doing it together."

"I know. Way cool. Just, we can't tell anyone."

"Okay, Obvi' again," I said.

"So, who did you think about?" I asked.

"God, you won't quit, will you?" he said, frustrated.

"Personally, I didn't really think about anyone this time, I was just like hypnotized watching you do it," I admitted.

"Me too," he quickly agreed.

"But really, dude, why won't you tell me who you jack off to normally? I'm just curious and I can't stand not knowing something."

"Really, I never noticed that before about you," he said sarcastically. Then he added, "Okay, look, I'll tell if you tell me."

"Tell you what, I already told you about Katie."

"No, tell me what guy you think about sometimes."

"I didn't say I thought about a guy," I protested.

"You didn't have to. You took the dare right off which means you do think about a guy sometimes. Or maybe it's guys. So if you tell, I'll tell."

I was still in the trap and my stupid curiosity was going to force me to tell. "Swear on your life never to tell this?" I said seriously.

"Duh, of course I swear," he agreed.

"Okay, well, I saw Karl naked in the bathroom a few times this last summer when he was staying with us. And, well, he has an uncut dick and I sometimes wonder what it would look like boned, so I jack off thinking about him sometimes. Besides he has a totally hot bod," I blurted out. "Now, you have to tell."

"Wow, cool," he said, dreamily, "I've never seen an uncut one in real life."

"I hadn't either before his," I said, then pressed him, "So give it up. Who do you usually think about when you jack off?"

Ricky sat up, looked at me seriously for a bit, then said, "You."

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