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Affair of a Foreign Nature

Chapter 7

Fun's over Boys

By and © Hans Schrieber

When we arrived at the spa, it was locked up for the night. Karl took us around to the back and opened a door with his key. "Hallo, wir sind da!" He called out into the darkness. There was a dim light at the far end of the long hallway. Our rubber-soled shoes squeaked on the marble floors as we walked. Even in the dim light I could tell this was a fancy place. A loud "click" sounded behind us and we all jumped and cried out simultaneously. Wheeling around, we realized it was just the sound of the door latching behind us. We laughed nervously in relief. Each time we approached an adjoining dark corridor, we hesitated and peered around the corner before scurrying past the scary opening.

"Hallo?" cried Karl again. No answer came in return. "I don't understand, Vater said zey were waiting for us."

My heart rate increased. "What if the BAS were in here? What if they've tied and gagged the massage people and are hiding somewhere to attack us?" I worried. "Maybe we better turn around and leave," I suggested hesitantly.

"Yeah, maybe we should," agreed John in a shaky voice.

"Naja, let's go to ze room wiz ze light on; zen, if no one is zere, we will leave."

John and I trudged reluctantly behind Karl. John reached over and squeezed my arm. I was practically holding my breath. There were large wooden doors along the corridor with gold lettering on them alerting the patrons what each room was for. They were written in German, Italian and English. The last one we passed by was the door to the mud and salt baths. I was curious about those. As we reached the lighted doorway, Karl peered cautiously into the room.

"HALT!" shouted a loud male voice from behind us.

"Aaaayyy!" we all shrieked and spun around to face our assailant. I instinctively dropped into a karate stance from the few years of training I had when I was younger. A man in a dark jacket was shining a flashlight in our eyes and holding a radio to his mouth.

"Es ist ja einfach Karl," the man spoke in German into the radio.

"Ach, Du hast mich erschreckt!" exclaimed Karl. "Ich habe fast meine Hose gepinkelt."

The security guard laughed, pleased with himself. Recognizing John and I, he responded to Karl in English. "Sorry about zat. I wouldn't want to be responsible to make ze boss'son pee his pants." Then he added, "What are you doing in here so late?"

"My fazer arranged for us to get a massage after closing," explained Karl. "But where is everyone?"

The guard called on the radio and found out the massage therapists had misunderstood and gone to our villa to give us our massages there. The security supervisor radioed back and told the guard to let us know they were coming back to the spa and we should go ahead and get ready for them. They suggested we could start off in the mud bath. I was all over that idea and it amused the guard how excited I was to try it. He unlocked the door for us.

Karl led us to the locker rooms where we stripped naked, and Karl knew right where to retrieve some robes for us. The guard left the building as we entered the bathing room. We started with a shower and then stepped into the unbelievably soothing, bubbling mud pots. The mud was slick and grey. It felt amazing as the warm, heavy mud bubbled and pressed on our naked bodies. It squished between my toes and butt crack. It felt really weird oozing around my privates.

I looked around the awesome room. The floors were all made of decorative rock and there was a waterfall fountain in the corner. In the center was an oblong pool with a statue of a naked woman holding a vase with water pouring from it into the pool. There were white sculptures trimmed in gold leaf all around the room. You could see out onto the pure white snow and the mountain bathed in moonlight, but the windows didn't allow anyone to see back inside. We rinsed off after a bit and moved to the mineral salt baths. I had a small cut on my shin from falling off a box on the board park earlier and the saltwater stung for a bit. The masseur and masseuses came in and I was blown away at the sight of them. "Holy balls," I muttered.

Standing before me were two knockout gorgeous Euro chicks and a ripped, handsome, dark haired man. Frieda, Gerta and Peter were not even close to what I had imagined them to be. They were obvi hired for more than just their massage abilities; they were also amazing eye candy. I guessed some of the appeal of coming to the spa was the thrill of getting rubbed down by these European versions of Ken and Barbie.

Frieda was a blonde babe with the figure of a swimsuit model like in the annual Sports Illustrated issue I always stole from my dad's desk to jerk off to. Gerta was a brunette with high cheeks, bulging tits, and a beautiful smile. Peter looked like a body builder on a Bowflex commercial. "Choose Gerta," whispered Karl in my ear.

"So, who is ready for a massage?" Frieda asked.

"I am!" said Karl with enthusiasm as he jumped up and walked unashamed out of the salt bath completely naked and began rinsing off in the showers along the wall.

"Who wants to go wiz me?" Peter asked. I looked at John and John looked at me. Neither of us answered. I really wanted Gerta since Karl suggested it, but I didn't want to stick John with the dude. It was really awkward and I could see John was feeling it too.

"I will," John said raising his hand as if he were volunteering for lunch line duty at school. He stepped out of the salt pool with one hand on the railing and the other hand covering his young privates. I smiled at Gerta as soon as John's cute little butt cleared out of the way.

"Guess you're stuck with me." I said. Gerta smiled widely, winked, turned seductively sideways, and looked at me over her slender shoulder. She had perfect posture. My mom was way into posture and always told me to stop slouching. Gerta was definitely not a slouch. I was getting a boner and realized I had to come out of the water any minute and was going to have an embarrassing problem.

"Very good, come on zen young man. What is your name?"

"Uhh, uhh," I honestly couldn't think of my own name. "David." I knew I was staring at her perfect rack accented by her protruding nipples beneath the white, knit blouse with the hotel crest on it. But I couldn't stop looking no matter how hard I tried. She smiled understandingly and walked toward the mirrored sliding doors at the front end of the bath house. The other two massage professionals followed, thankfully, and they opened up the doors. Inside, they folded back accordion rice panels to expose three massage tables. As soon as they all had their backs turned, I sprang from the water and tugged on the shower knob. Karl and John both laughed and teased me about my boner.

"Looks like your tail is excited for ze massage. I better ask Gerta to give you ze spezielle treatment," Karl joked.

I blushed and turned away. We shut the showers off simultaneously and grabbed towels. I wrapped mine tight to press my boner against my belly. Gerta was on the left side table, Peter was in the middle, and Frieda was on the far right side. We moved to our designated tables and I watched to see what Karl did. He peeled off his towel and handed it to Frieda then hopped up onto the linen covered massage table, lying face down with his hands to his sides, palms up. Frieda folded the towel down and laid it over his butt cheeks, but it barely covered them. John pulled his towel off and gave it to Peter. I looked at Gerta with dismay and she smiled, reached out, and snatched my towel off my waist, allowing my rock hard boner to spring away from my belly.

I quickly jumped up onto the table and turned my head away from her in embarrassment. I looked towards the others who were already getting their necks and shoulders rubbed and kneaded. I felt the heat in my face from blushing and wished I had more control over my stupid dick.

"So, Gerta, Ich glaube David moechte eine spezielle massage, okay?" said Karl giving his gorgeous broad smile. He was so handsome when he smiled. "Ich auch, eigentlich." He added while glancing up as best he could at Frieda.

"Und John?" asked Peter.

"Ja, ich glaube, soll ich fragen?" Karl asked Peter.

"Ja, bitte."

"Okay, so I asked for the spezielle massage, which includes touching our privates. I'm pretty sure David wants one und I do, naturlich, but what of you, John?"

"Oh, heck ya!!" said John with no hesitation at all.

"Okay zen, spezielle fuer alle drei!" stated Karl. All three massage givers chuckled and pressed their strong hands and fingers deeply into our muscle tissue. Karl told Gerta that I hurt my neck and shoulder on the slopes and she began giving me extra attention to that area. I couldn't believe how relaxing and at the same time stimulating it felt, getting rubbed so deeply. Gerta would pour scented oils on me and then rub them into my skin. After working my neck and shoulder thoroughly, she moved on to my arms and hands. She pressed into the palms and tugged on each finger. She did my back and complimented my firm muscle tone. I explained that I played water polo and that was what got me so fit. She moved to the head of the table and began working her hands down over my back. Her right breast would actually press lightly into my cheek and her left protruding nipple would dip in and out of view in front of my face. My breathing quickened and my boner pressed even harder into the table.

Peter was pounding John's back with his fists moving up and down rapidly as John made little grunting sounds. I couldn't really see what was going on with Karl very well, but I was wishing he were next to me on the others side, so I could watch his hot body getting worked over by Frieda. Even though John was getting worked on by Peter, it was kind of hot seeing his cute, naked little body getting rubbed, pounded, and then caressed. When Peter started gently stroking John's flesh as the last part of the massage process, John was wiggling and moaning softly on the table. Whenever Peter would slide a finger across a ticklish spot, John would twitch and giggle.

I about shot my wad when Gerta started working on my feet. I have never ever felt anything as wonderful as her pressing and grinding her knuckles into the arch of my foot and then fondling and tugging on each toe. I thought about sucking on John's big toe earlier and I smiled over it. Then Gerta pressed a hand against each of my thighs spreading my legs wider apart. She pulled the towel off and drizzled warm oil onto my buttocks. She worked me over mound by mound and slid a finger up and down my crack. When I felt her fingers cup around my ball sac from behind and begin gently rubbing my balls around, I had to start blowing out little gasps of air to control my rising sexual urges to start wildly humping the table. I still couldn't resist slowly humping into the massage table and Gerta timed her fondling of my balls to my humping motion. Suddenly, she removed her hand, slapped my ass and said, "Rrroll over."

I complied. To hell with her seeing my boner - I didn't even care. She had to know I had one. I wondered how often she ever gave a massage to a guy who didn't pop one. I looked over at John and Karl - both had raging stiffies of their own. None of the massage givers even bothered covering us up with the towels. Gerta commented again on my solid abs and nice six pack. She worked my front over from head to toe detouring around my young genitals. To my shock, but total balls out thrill, Gerta pulled off her knit top and rubbed her soft, bulbous, bare tits over my cheeks and face. She took one of her amazing breasts in her hand and traced her nipple across my lips. Tears were uncontrollably dripping from the corners of my eyes and sliding down my cheeks. I was shaking from head to toe.

"You like?" she asked coyly.

"Oh, hell yeah!" I gasped. No wonder Karl suggested I ask for Gerta. Frieda wasn't doing that for him and well, Peter couldn't do it for John, obvi. Gerta moved over the top of me again and stretched down, rubbing my chest and flicking my little nipples. She rubbed and caressed my stomach and pelvis. My face pressed between her dangling orbs as she did so and I was gasping and moaning. I wanted to reach up and touch them. Before I knew what was happening, both of my hands did just that, all on their own, without even consulting my brain. I grasped two handfuls, and I froze in fear of upsetting her. I figured it was out of bounds to touch the merchandise, but she only giggled in good humor and moved to the side of the table. She poured a different super slippery lotion on my quivering dick and shrunken balls. She pressed my legs together, and to my utter astonishment, climbed up onto the table, straddling my legs. She oiled up her large breasts, and she lay down on me with my naked feet squeezed into her crotch. she pressed her bulbous tits against my dick and balls. My dick slipped into the crevice formed between the two soft globes and she began sliding up and down along my dick. I lifted my head off the table and watched as my little red dickhead popped in and out of view as it emerged from between her silky tits.

"Aaaagh," I called out and bucked hard into her titty cunt. I pressed my hands against her bare shoulders and fucked her tits hard and fast, shooting powerful explosions of cum onto her breasts and felt my cum's warmth spread over my abs. I pressed my knees together hard as lightning bolts shot through me from head to toe. Exhausted, I collapsed flat onto the table, heaving for air, my heart racing, and I turned to look at the others. I saw Peter and Frieda watching us, along with Karl and wide-eyed John, shaking their heads and then resuming the jacking off of my friends. Soon, John groaned and spilled his juices onto his tummy under Peter's expert manipulation.

Right after that, Karl went completely rigid and cried out "Ach Mensch!" A stream of white cum landed clear up by his neck. A second time he went rigid and shot another one up onto his chest. I watched him tense and relax four more times before he went completely limp for the final time. He turned toward me and we smiled at each other. Gerta was just finishing milking the last of my juices from my still boned, though not rock hard, dick. She hopped off me and wiped herself clean with a damp towel. Then she began wiping me clean with another warm, moist towel. It was the perfect finish to a perfect first time event.

"I can die a happy man now," I declared. Everyone laughed out loud at that.

The three miracle workers left us lying naked on the tables and went to the lobby. We headed for the lockers where we dressed and made our way over to the villa. Karl warned us that we couldn't say anything about the "special" massage or the workers and he could get in a lot of trouble. We gave our word. A security guard outside the spa gave us a knowing smile and said he was assigned to escort us. He also muttered something like "about time," I think.

When we reached the villa, an additional guard and a policeman were on the porch. I wasn't sure if I felt better or worse knowing they were there. Inside, Heiny and Antonio were in the hot tub with Giordano sitting in a chair next to it. Heiny was teaching Antonio how to float on his back. Heiny was a very patient instructor and Antonio was catching on. When Antonio would arch his back, his little package would pop out of the water, making it obvi they were in there naked again in spite of Giordano's presence. Antonio had only a few pubes, not enough to even call a bush, just newly sprouted wispies around a very small dick and tiny balls.

Karl said he was starving and ordered pizza and sandwiches from room service. I took a free minute to email my mom and tell her I was okay and about my awesome day. I left out a couple parts, of course. Then I emailed Ricky and thanked him for the camera. I told him everything about my day and even about the BAS guy John had seen. I asked him to do some research and get back to me on what he could find out about the nasty group. Before I hit send, I went back and removed the part about the special massage, remembering my promise to Karl not to talk about it.

Karl and I walked back out onto the patio and joined in as spectators for the floating lessons. Karl and I took the other patio chairs next to Giordano. I picked up an interesting little device that was sitting on the patio table between me and Giordano. I started fiddling with it. It strapped on a wrist and looked a bit like a watch, but it had no face or digital readout. It was round with a gold ridge surrounding a silver button in the middle of it. Giordano took it out of my hands and placed it back on the table with scowl.

"That's my panic button," Antonio explained. "If I ever need help, I just press it and all the guards come running. I think it's stupid, but I have to wear it to make grandpa happy."

"That's cool," I said nodding, then complimented, "You speak really good English for someone your age."

"Yes," Antonio answered, "and I speak French, Italian and German also."

"Wow." I was really impressed. I mean think about that.

"Hey, can you teach me how to float?" asked John exuberantly since Antonio had stopped his lessons.

"Sure," Heiny answered. "Come on in." John stripped down in a hurry and climbed in with them. Every time John would arch his back and dip his head, he would panic and jerk his hips downward. It took a lot of patience before Heiny was able to help him float for even a few seconds. And Heiny could never remove his hand from behind John's lower back.

"Aren't you two getting in?" asked Antonio. Karl and I looked at each other and then over at Giordano hulking in the chair. We shook our heads, no.

"Ahh, please? Gio doesn't care. He sees me naked with other naked boys all the time," he added, sensing our apprehension. We shrugged and stripped and climbed into the hot cauldron of boiling boys.

With the hot tub, the recent massage, and powerful sexual release, I doubt I have ever been more relaxed in my whole life until the phone rang. Gio, as Antonio called him, answered and passed it over to Karl.

"Ahh, muessen wir? Ja Vater. Ja. Ja, naturlich. Ja. Ja." He pressed the off button and handed the handset back to Gio with a look of major disappointment. "My mozer is worried because of the ze BAS man John saw. She insists we have to go back to our rooms in our apartment at ze hotel for tonight."

It didn't even sound like he had argued the point with his dad. If that had been me, it would have been a twenty minute debate until either dad gave in or got mad and demanded I just shut-up and do what he asked.

"I'm supposed to ask if you guys want to come over also," Karl added.

"Not really," spoke up John right away. "I wish my dad were here. He'd know just what to do about these BAS creeps." The poor kid looked on the verge of tears as he thought again about his missing father.

"Honestly, I don't wanna go either. I like it here and I feel safe enough with a guard and a cop outside." I continued, "Do you mind me not going with you, Karl?"

"No, I understand. Hopefully, she will change her mind tomorrow."

"Yeah, I'm sure once it kind of blows over, she'll let you come back over here," I suggested.

We all got out of the hot tub and I turned away from Gio's view and dried off but didn't dress. I just found my robe and put it on. John did the same, but Antonio pulled on his silky briefs, t-shirt, and fancy sweat pants with some soccer team logo on them, expecting to have to leave. Karl and Heiny also dressed and Karl was bugging Heiny to hurry up. Heiny was kind of dragging because he didn't want to go. Before leaving, Karl and I gripped hands and pulled our chests into each other giving a slap on the back.

"Dude, thanks for the tip about Gerta."

"Ja, I was right about choosing her, no?"

"Obvi! Dude, she was totally balls!" I exclaimed with a glowing smile at the memory. "Has she done anything like that for you?"

"Perhaps." Karl's coy response was coupled with a revealing grin.

Antonio excused himself to use the bathroom, and Gio stood next to the door after first peering into the bathroom before allowing Antonio to enter.

Before leaving, Heiny grabbed Antonio's arm and they hugged each other. It seemed awkward for all of us except those two. It made me wonder what prompted it. Gio completely ignored it. The Tyrolean boys hadn't been gone very long when the door was opened by the guard on the porch. Two white jacketed waiters entered holding trays of room service. The guard closed the door behind them. They had brought the trays up to the villa on snowmobiles with some sort of trailer behind them. This place was just so amazing.

They spoke in Italian to Gio and he just shrugged and nodded toward me. Then they asked me in Italian where to put the food. I didn't understand the words but I got the idea from the body language and I gestured to the coffee table and the kitchen counter. The one server moved over toward me by the coffee table and I caught a glimpse of a tattoo peeking out from the sleeve of his thick, white server jacket. I cried out, "Gio!" Before I could say anything more, the tray of pizza smashed into my face knocking me over onto the couch.

Gio yelled something unintelligible. I rolled off the couch and looked up to see an odd look on the attacker's face as though he hadn't understood whatever Gio had yelled out. Gio didn't get his gun fully drawn from under his jacket before he fell slumped against the bathroom door with a dart in his chest. I assumed whatever he'd yelled out was a code to Antonio to stay hidden and hopefully to push his panic button. I had an idea and scrambled toward the bedroom door as the brute who drugged Gio grabbed hold of the screaming John and covered his nose and mouth with a linen napkin from the food tray. John's body went limp and his crying ceased.

My attacker chased me as I grabbed my spy camera, pressed the button and somersaulted over the bed. As my attacker scrambled after me, I held the camera toward his face. When he reached for me, I pulled his sleeve up and shot a picture of the dreaded cross shaped knife draped with a snake.

I heard whistles sounding outside and assumed that was the police coming. I hoped at least. The foul man cursed at the sound of the whistles and dragged me kicking and screaming back into the main room where the other guy shoved the nasty smelling, damp napkin into my face. I held my breath - something I can do for a long time due to my water polo training. You often get dunked under and have to hold your breath a long time in that sport. My eyes were burning and I pretended to pass out, going limp all over and dropping the spy camera to the floor.

The man tossed me over his shoulder like I was a bag of dog food and hauled me out the door. I peeked and realized why the guard and cop hadn't come to our rescue. They lay in separate heaps on the porch, and I saw a dart stuck in the neck of the cop.

They tossed me in a narrow trailer used to transport injured people off the slopes and we took off flying across the snow. The snowmobile engines screamed as they were propelled full speed up a long hill. I heard pursuing engines groaning as they started up the steep climb after us. I heard another sound that sickened me. - a helicopter. Suddenly, I was grabbed , carried, and then flopped into the back seat of a six man helicopter. We immediately lifted off and all hope of being able to recognize which direction we were headed was lost. It took all my will power not to cry.

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