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Rock and a Hard Place

Chapter 4


By and © Hans Schrieber

Having successfully achieved his first intentional erection, William was thoroughly satisfied. However, with mission accomplished it was time to move on to the next objective. He swung his legs off the bed and swiveled down onto his knees. "Let's pray now," he said flatly and looking over at me. "You indicated a willingness to join me in my supplication."

"Umm, okay. But, shouldn't you get dressed first?"

"Why?" William asked looking uncertain.

"Well, I'm no expert on praying, but it seems a little weird to try and talk to God without pants and while popping a boner."

William looked down at his shrinking erection and then over at me with a continued quizzical look. "Why would that matter to God?"

"Well, I guess if you say so, but didn't even Adam and Eve put fig leaves over their private parts? I think I remember something like that in the story," I said.

"That was the tempter destroying their innocence."

"Oh, well if you're okay with praying like that, who am I to judge?" I offered. "So do I need to do anything here? I can keep my clothes on right?" I asked, being a bit of a smartass. He seemed to ignore my sarcasm.

"Kneel beside me, bow your head and pray silently for whatever you want to express to God for yourself. Then please ask God to bless me that I may be able to accept His will as it may unfold tomorrow. Ask also, if it is possible, for the granting of my prescient desire to retain my injured testicle. Then say Amen aloud, so that I know you are finished. I will then verbalize my supplication so that you may listen. You may say Amen again, when I finish," he explained.

I did as he instructed and knelt next to him. He slid over close enough for our arms to touch. I clasped my hands, threading the fingers together as he was doing, leaning over the bed on our elbows. I bowed my head and closed my eyes. In my mind I began, "Dear God, I don't even know if you exist but William tells me you do, and I'm finding out he knows a lot more than I figured. Anyway, if you do exist, my friend William really needs your help right now." Sudden warmth spread from my breast through my entire body. It was a physical experience. It was similar to an orgasm but less abrupt and more peaceful. It lingered and left me unable to continue for a moment. "Dear God, William's been going through some really bad shi ... oh, wow, sorry. I mean he's been going through some really bad experiences. He wants me to ask you to please let him keep his injured nut. Can you help him with that?" Peaceful warmth spread from my breast again and I reveled in the experience. Tears were squeezing out from the corners of my closed eyelids, not from sadness but from overwhelming joy and peace.

In my mind, I heard voice of sorts, "I know. William is my child and I love him. I will take care of him. You can help me do so." As these words formed themselves in my mind, a third and more powerful sensation filled me. I felt as if I were lying all alone and naked on a warm sandy beach with the sun warming every inch of me. A smile involuntarily spread across my face and I ignored the increasing flow of trickling tears down my cheeks.

"Umm, thanks," I silently and sincerely thought, then added aloud, "Oh yeah, Amen."

"Amen," repeated William. I looked over at him but he remained in his praying position so I returned to mine. "Father, who art in heaven. Hallow it be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done. I give thee thanks for my daily bread. I thank thee for a roof overhead. I thank thee for my kind mother. I thank thee for the gift of life. Dear God, I thank thee profusely for sending ..." His voice broke and I felt him tremble. "Thank you for sending Kyle to help me. Forgive my trespasses. Forgive my foolishness. Grant me strength to acquiesce to thy will. If it be possible, please God ..." He shuddered and whimpered softly. I reached across his shoulder with my left arm and hugged his bony frame against the side of my strong, developed chest. He regained some composure and continued, "Please indulge my plea to retain my injured testicle and rectify the deformity of my penis. Please make me a whole and normal boy. Guide the skilled hands of the physician; let thy thoughts be his thoughts. But most paramount Father, may thy will be done. Amen."

"Amen." I was so affected, I began crying softly along with him. Neither of us moved for some time. I relished the warm glow lingering in my soul. Slowly, we looked into each other's eyes. I felt something for William like I had never felt for anyone before. It was ... compassion, yes but more than that. It was ... love. Not love like "I love hanging out with the Screw Crew," or "love you dad" as I rush out the door, and definitely not like "I love Snickers bars." It also wasn't sexually charged, lustful love by any means. It was pure love, love that has no adequate words in our language to describe, not even in William's ridiculous vocabulary. It was that same love I just felt warming my soul during my first prayer and throughout William's prayer. I smiled kindly and William wiped the tears from his pale, hollow cheeks and smiled appreciatively back. Words lacked but were unnecessary anyway.

"It'll be okay," I finally offered. "Whatever happens tomorrow happens, but it will be okay. I'm here for you, man. So is God."

"Assuredly. Merci."

"How about you get dressed in your PJ's and we'll work on our debate file and argument plan for a couple hours then go to bed early. I think we both need some sleep."

"Yes, provident plan." He stood, gathered his pants, underwear, shoes and socks and walked naked from the waist down to the guest room down the hall. His crooked dick swayed from side to side. I took the chair away that had been blocking the door and set it next to mine at the desk. When he returned, we worked on consolidating and categorizing our respective evidence files. I noticed how the PJ's hung on his skinny frame. The process went surprisingly smooth. His language didn't seem to annoy me as much as it had before and I managed to curb my usage of bad words for his sake.

After a very productive hour, I asked "You want something to eat? I'm starved and I'm not wrestling tomorrow, so I might as well enjoy myself."

"No, thank you. The broth I consumed previously is my full allotment pending my early morning surgery, but you certainly may indulge without me."

"Okay, well I'll be right back then." I headed to the kitchen. Mom hadn't prepared any kind of meal for me since dad was at the hospital and she was entertaining. Her meal was over and the saviors of the spotted whatever had moved to the living room for coffee and strategic planning. I swooped into the dining room and scooped up a generous helping of spinach quiche and mixed veggies and took it to the kitchen to nuke it. The ladies had apparently outdone each other in taking small portions, so there was plenty left for me. I got in the cupboard and grabbed a tortilla, spread peanut butter and grape jelly on it and rolled it up into a PB&J burrito for dessert. I love those. I poured a glass of milk and decided to just eat it in the kitchen so I wouldn't tempt poor William. I stuck my plate and glass in the dishwasher and rushed back upstairs.

"Consider this for an affirmative argument outline," proposed William handing me a well designed step by step approach to the topic. After a few suggestions and tweaks, which William gracefully accepted, we agreed in principle on our approach and in no time had a draft outline laid out.

"The rest of the debate planning can wait. Heck, you've done most of the work we need already anyway," I said. "You're a great partner. How 'bout we get ready for bed, brush our teeth and you can sleep in here with me tonight and we can talk a while."

"Okay," agreed William without much expression. He packed the documents into his case and left the room. I wondered what kept his PJ bottoms up since he had the flattest ass I'd ever seen. I cleaned up my desk and packed my own case and then quickly pulled the covers of my double bed down. I stripped my shirt off and peeled off my socks. I shed my pants and put everything into the dirty clothes hamper. I normally slept in boxers, but I knew William was in the button up PJ's, so it seemed out of place for me to be so nearly naked. I was excited and nervous and didn't really know why. It had been one strange night already, but with William around strange was normal.

I rifled through my drawer and found a pair of wrestling warm-ups and snapped them over my lower torso. I grabbed a t-shirt and pulled it on. I looked in the mirror and then pulled it off, folded it and replaced it in the drawer. I reexamined myself in the mirror and flexed. I headed to the bathroom where I found William already in process of brushing his teeth and joined him. As we stood staring into the long mirror over the marble counter, our eyes shifted to and from each other's reflection. He was tall enough that if he were naked, I could easily see his dick and balls in the mirror, I thought to myself.

"You're gonna rub all the enamel off your teeth if you keep scrubbing them like that," I chastened. This seemed to startle him out of his trans-like assault on his choppers and he held his brush out and stared at it for a minute. Sometimes he would be so intense about whatever he was focused on.

Following the rinse and spit ritual, we walked silently to my bedroom. Sam thumped his tail several times when we entered. I waited for William to slide into bed and move toward the wall then I turned off the light and made my way to bed. The cool sheets felt nice against my bare chest and back. I regretted a bit having to wear the annoying warm-ups. I'd never shared a bed with another human. At least not that I remembered. I'm not sure if I ever climbed in bed with my parents as a really little kid. I doubted they would allow it. Dig thought it was gay to sleep in the same bed, and Bodie had always wanted to sleep on the floor under blankets like if we were out camping whenever we had sleepovers together over the years. I rolled over and looked at William.

He rolled to his side and looked at me. "You okay?" I asked.




"It'll be alright."

"Undoubtedly, I trust in God."

"William, I'm sorry I've been a jerk to you before."

"Okay." He attached no emotion.

"William, tell me about God. Do you get a warm feeling when you pray to him?"

"You refer to the rapturous sensations? Yes, intermittently I do. Not universally."

William smiled and his eyes bore into my soul. We connected on a new plane. I don't know when the conversation ended; it just faded into sleep eventually. Before it did, however, we talked of God, our lives, our fears, our hopes. We shared things from some dark and dangerous corners of our souls. I held back certain things of course, and I could tell he did likewise. But, I certainly spilled more of my locked up psyche with him that night than I had with anyone, including Dig and Bodie, and certainly more than I ever did with my parents. In actuality, I realized how shallow my friendship with my friends really was. We all participate in the Screw Crew for what we get out of it personally, not for what we give back to each other. My parents share a household with me, but we never hold meaningful conversation. William had very few inhibitions in sharing what he thought and believed. He was painfully blunt and literal. He was refreshingly as innocent as a young child in many ways.

* * *

The nightstand demon screeched at me until I swatted at it. Reluctantly, I sat up and recognized something was out of place. I had awakened differently than I had fallen asleep. It occurred to me, I was completely naked though I knew I'd gone to bed with warm-ups and boxers on. A cold dampness was on my left butt cheek and ball sac. I pulled the covers down and found my pubes to be a sticky mess with a wet spot staining my sheets underneath me. "I'll be damned," I muttered. I climbed gingerly out of bed and retrieved my wadded up clothes from under the covers at the bottom end. William stirred and started to roll over towards the stain. "STOP," I warned.

William rose up onto an elbow and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. "What is the matter?"

"I guess it was my turn to have a sweet dream and you almost rolled over into the mess I left," I answered honestly. William focused on the large dark spot and up to my dangling genitals and matted pubic hair.

"Oh, I see." He pushed the covers off of him and carefully maneuvered over my stain. I must have creamed my bed just before waking because the smell of it was strong enough to detect still. I regretted being unable to recall even the slightest detail of the accompanying dream.

"What is the normal frequency of your nocturnal emissions?" asked William as if he were conducting a medical survey.

"Dude, this is the first one in forever. I think I was thirteen the last time I had one," I replied.

"Oh, my pattern is generally bi-monthly," offered William, answering a question I never asked.

"That's because you don't jack-off. Wanna shower together? It'll save time because I didn't really think about both of us needing a shower when I set the alarm."

"Yes, if you desire."

I didn't bother dressing and just grabbed some clean boxers to put on after our shower. While William undressed, I got the water started and took a quick piss. William sat down and urinated after I finished while the toilet was still refilling. I climbed in and started washing the dream induced goo off my goods. The attention to them gave me a semi, which William stared at as he stepped into the shower with me. His dick hung limply, displaying the drastic curvature that would hopefully get fixed later in the day. The small bush of jet black hair above his dick started to droop under the water spray. I commented on the significant reduction in the swelling of his damaged nut. It was still badly discolored, however.

"May I touch your partially erect penis? I am extremely curious regarding the tactile sensation involved," he asked as though he were asking to borrow a pencil or some other small favor.

This really caught me off guard. The idea of being touched by another guy was at once exciting and frightening. It was definitely a step toward the side of me that troubled my thoughts. But it didn't seem in the least bit gay the way William seemed to mean it. It was more like innocent show and tell between a couple little kids. "Just out of curiosity, right?" I finally asked.

"Most certainly, as I expressed my purpose to you."

"Alright. Go ahead, I guess." I watched as he reached out unhesitatingly and grasped my penis between his fingers. He pressed along the length of it examining it closely. With his other hand, he grasped his own penis and fingered it at the same time, looking curiously from mine to his and back to mine again. When he reached the curvature portion of his, he pressed harder into the flesh of mine and I reacted with a surge. When he reached and touched the sensitive bit of skin under the head, my dick began bobbing to full erection. "It feels pretty nice having someone else touch it," I admitted. I reflected on the undeniably fun experience of touching his the night before when I taught him how to get an erection.

"Yes, I made an identical observation last evening as you tutored me on proper masturbation technique."

"Do you want me to rub it for you now while you rub mine?" I asked. It just sort of came out. I remembered how uncomfortable he had been just being seen by me that first night. I thought about how he never touched himself before and now I was suggesting he should let me touch him. I regretted saying it. But then again, he had just proposed feeling up my boner, and to be honest, I was really curious what it would be like to jack him all the way off with that curve in his dick. I knew I may never ever have a chance to feel such a unique dick again.

He hesitated with a definite look of turmoil on his face. This was apparently a line to be crossed for him as well as it was for me. Yesterday at the doctor was clinical and embarrassing. Last night with me was educational and a necessity. Here, now was all about pleasure and indulgence. He released my boner and stared at his own limp member in serious thought. To my shock and surprise, he turned and leaned against the beige, tiled wall and simply said, "Yes, please."

I felt a chill in spite of the hot water splashing over me. I leaned back against the smooth tile next to him and reached slowly over with my left hand and gripped his deformed dick. I worked it slowly and he reached across and took mine in his full fist rather than just between his thumb and fingers as he had earlier done. He copied my actions and began slowly moving my skin up and over the head of my dick. I blew out a long breath. The sensation was overwhelming to feel my favorite toy in the hands of another person. Experiencing what I'd guiltily fantasized about for so many years, thrilled me. I felt the blood flow into his penis and swell in my hand. The soft curve became a rigid sharp curve away from me but the excitement and thrill of handling his dick rekindled from the prior night. This time, I wanted to make him cum. He grimaced and grunted a bit.

"Does it hurt?" I asked.

"Yes. Somewhat," he responded.

"I'm sorry. Should I quit?" I was disappointed but let go.

"No, persist," answered William surprisingly.

I took it back up and stroked it. I reached down, retrieved and awkwardly opened the bottle of conditioner with my right hand then poured a nice glob onto his skinny, bent, four-inch dick and my much thicker five and a half inch bone. Our hands began sliding smoothly over the entire length of our tingling erections. I began panting and William's legs started to quiver. He was staring at my stroking efforts on his dick and making soft little grunts, "mm, mm, mm."

As sudden as the explosion of a dozen M-80 firecrackers, there was a sharp rap on the bathroom door. My father's voice boomed out, "Kyle, you need to get out of the shower now. William has to be on time for his pre-op exam. Don't make us late." We simultaneously jumped. My heart leapt up into my throat. Panic gripped us both and we froze mid stroke. "Please don't open the door?" I thought to myself. I knew it was left unlocked. William started to speak, I assume to apologize as he was so quick to do with adults, but I clasped my right hand over his mouth and said, "Okay, sorry. I was just about to finish up." I held my breath until I heard my father's voice again, further down the hall, say to William's closed guest room door, "William, finish dressing and come downstairs. Don't forget to bring your insurance information."

I blew out my stale breath and released William's mouth. "That was fu ... freakin' close." I was trembling.

William just looked at me uncertainly. I released his erection and pulled away from his grasp of my dick, which had already drooped some over the scare of detection. I jumped out and grabbed two towels. William turned the water off and stepped out, accepting the offered towel.

He took the towel but also my arm. "Please, may we hurriedly complete the operation?" His eyes were pleading and his erection was still full.

"Alright, but how about I just do you. Its probably gonna be a while before you can do anything after today."

"If ever," added William, lip quivering. I closed the toilet lid and sat on it. I positioned his bony hips in front of me with his odd dick at eye level. I grasped it with my right hand and began rubbing it, but the conditioner was mostly gone. I stretched into the shower and got the slippery bottle and added a blob to his dick.

I rubbed it furiously and became quickly adept at making the 90 degree curve, careening up over the bright red dickhead and whisking my hand back down to the base. Immediately, he was making the little "mm, mm, mm," sounds again and clenching his fists. His legs and ass cheeks started shaking and his soft moans sped up. "Ohhhh," he called out as he shot a stream of cum onto the marble countertop to the left of us. A second small spurt escaped and then I slowed my pace as the rest of his small load dribbled out. William reached out and steadied himself on my shoulders. His breathing was short and as I squeezed the last drops from his shrinking staff, he said, "I'm sorry to have prevailed upon you. That was sinfully selfish of me. Forgive me." He stepped away. His face was severely blushed and he averted his gaze. It was such an unexpected reaction and was extremely awkward; I didn't even know what to say to him.

We dried quickly, rubbed some pit wax on and raced to our rooms to dress. I was still trembling slightly as I pulled on a pair of beige pants and the black and orange team polo shirt with the cougar logo on front and "Grapplers" stitched beneath it. I got my shoes and socks on and went into the guest room. William was just finishing tucking in his dress shirt. I pulled the covers of the guest bed down and mussed up the pillows.

"Why did you do that?" William asked.

"I don't want my parents, especially my mom, to know we slept together or showered together. I don't want them to get any wrong ideas."

"Regarding your homosexual tendencies?" William asked bluntly.

"Really? Did you just call me a homo?" I asked. Subdued anger was bubbling up inside me. "Remember who started it all last night and who just asked me jack him off in the shower!"

William didn't say anything for a time, acting fearful. Finally he said, "I apologize for my rash misjudgment and offensiveness."

I pushed past him and rushed down the stairs. I grabbed a banana and my book bag and said "Let's go."

"Do you have a meet today?" My father asked me, apparently noticing my shirt.

"Yeah, my team's wrestling at Jefferson today." I said, not lying but not being completely honest.

William arrived at that moment and we headed to the garage. No one spoke as we traveled in dad's Mercedes. I sat in the back seat and William had shotgun. He kept shooting furtive glances in my direction with a distraught look on his face. I was consumed with denials of his blatant accusation, or was it an observation? Under my breath, I whispered with my eyes closed, "Dear God, help me." The warm peaceful sensation spread through my body again. All the anger, fear, and tension fled from the warm glow. I opened my eyes and looked at William. I smiled and winked. His expression relaxed and a relieved smile crossed his lips. He turned and settled comfortably back into the leather seat.

When we arrived at my school, I asked my dad to wait just a second. I pushed my door shut and walked around to William's window. My father rolled it down for him and I pulled off the plastic mood ring from my right hand. Dig, Bodie and I had all gotten matching mood rings from a dispenser at the county fair last summer and we had worn them ever since as part of the Screw Crew symbolism. "Wear this today for good luck. It's my Screw Crew mood ring. When you get scared, you can rub it and remember you've got a friend who cares. I do it sometimes."

"That is a magnanimous gesture, Kyle." He smiled broadly and said, "Thank you and I do apol ..."

"Uh, uh, uh. No apologies. Good luck today." Looking past him, I saw my dad smiling equally as wide as William was. William held up his right hand and I slipped it over his slender, bony ring finger.

"Maybe you better wear it on your middle finger," I suggested. I was afraid it would fall off his ring finger. He swapped it over and I made a fist and we bumped knuckles. "It's all good, dude. Me and God got your back."

"God and I," corrected William, smiling.

"Get outta here. Bye dad." I said with small shove to William's shoulder and a little wave at my dad.

"Have a good day, son," my father replied as he held the button to raise the window.

"So much for the silent treatment," I thought to myself as I watched them drive off. I felt good inside. I felt better inside and about myself than I had in a very long time.

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