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Rock and a Hard Place

Chapter 12

By and © Hans Schrieber

Wild Fires

Bodie's mom dropped us off and parked the Suburban while we wandered over to where his dad had a huge pile of pallets stacked in the pasture. Bodie had mowed the pasture down so it was short grass and they had a movie projector setup to play onto the side of the big, white barn. Dusk was just settling over the landscape. Bodie had also been assigned the miserable task of cleaning up the piles of horse crap and stacking it against the fence line.

We watched as they lit the giant pile of firewood. Bodie's dad poured gas over the lower wood pieces and tossed a match. It went up with a whoosh, and William jumped back wild-eyed. Wooden benches and lawn chairs were scattered around the fire ring to sit on. A smaller campfire was burning to the side and fixings for "S'mores" sat on a nearby table. After the big fire was roaring, we moved over to the small fire that wasn't too large and hot to approach and roasted marshmallows over the coals. We pressed them between graham crackers with a Hershey's candy bar tucked inside for a delicious treat. I only dared eat one, so I wouldn't go off weight, but I could have eaten twenty. I love them. William was licking the gooey marshmallow off his fingers and had chocolate smeared across his cheeks.

"You like those?"

"Most assuredly. They are a delectable treat," William chirped.

"Want s'more?"

"Most definitely, May I?"

"Of course, that's why they're called s'mores, cuz you always want s'more."

William smiled and stuck a couple marshmallows on a willow stick. He squatted around the coals and carefully rotisseried them into a toasty, brown goo. His childlike wonderment with the process was fun to watch. I could tell he'd never done anything like it before. I toasted a couple more for Gina and she sat next to me with her arm wrapped around mine and her eyes glowed brighter than the coals as she smiled at me. More cars started arriving and pretty soon there was a crowd. It was mostly baseball and wrestler guys with their dates, but some others came too. We all moved over by the big bonfire and drank sodas and laughed and joked with each other.

William hung close by me and mostly kept his mouth shut out of his discomfort with the social situation. William and Gina chatted some though and Gina was politely amused by him. A couple other girls joined in their conversation, and they thought he was "cute." Gina whispered in my ear how nice it was of me to include him while William was explaining the health benefits of avocados to the girls. Gina casually asked if he was feeling better and would be coming back to school on Monday. William clamped his mouth tight and glowered at me. Gina astutely picked up on it right away and explained, "I work in the attendance office and your mom called in sick for you, so I was just wondering how you were doing?"

William's scowl softened into comprehension and he said, "Oh. Yes, my condition is vastly improved. I have a final visit with the surgeon on Monday, and fully anticipate a return to my normal scholastic schedule on Tuesday. Thank you for inquiring."

"Ohhh, what kind of surgery did you have?" Goob's date, MaryAnne, asked. William stiffened and he shot me a 'deer in headlights' stare, realizing he'd led himself into a bit of a trap. I decided to help with just enough honesty to avert the discussion from going any further.

"William had to have some boy part surgery that I'm sure he'd rather not discuss in any more detail. But he's doing fine now, right William?" I hoped William wouldn't be upset with that much information being out there and fortunately, he seemed okay with it.

"Yes. That is fully accurate." He pointed upward near the barn roof and said, "Look, bats." He launched into a discussion on the various types of bats and why most species are very useful and should not be feared. The girls all feigned fear of them, of course, and clutched onto each other, except for Gina, who clutched onto me. I put my arm around her back and enjoyed the feeling of her breasts pressing against me. I tilted my head and kissed her on the lips. The crowd magically disappeared for a moment and it seemed as if there were only the two of us standing by the fire under the stars. I leaned in for a second, longer kiss and the crowd faded slowly back into consciousness as we separated. She slipped her hand into mine as William carried on about the value of fruit bats as pollinators. Everyone looked away with a little embarrassment while he explained in detail how the bats use their long tongues to reach deep within the crevices of the flowers for the sweet nectar and in doing so stimulate the plant's reproduction process through cross pollination.

I saw Dig pull Bodie aside and I got curious about it, so I excused myself and walked over near them. Dig paused as I approached, but seeing it was me, he relaxed and continued to ask Bodie if he had gotten everything ready. "Yeah, dude. It's the first ranch hand cabin over across the corn field. I put fresh sheets on the bed and swept it out. I put a lantern on the table with a lighter for your moodlighting. I left the blinds open and cracked the window just enough, like you asked me to. But you should wait until the movie starts, so no one'll notice you two are gone."

"Awesome. Thanks dude. I'm so freaking stoked, you can't believe it. I've been boned all night. Rochelle teased me about it during the slow dances; she could totally tell." I wondered if Gina also knew I'd boned up on the slow dances. I was both hoping and worrying that she had and wondered what she thought of it if she did notice.

We separated and I walked back over by our group at the fire and William smiled at me as I walked up. "I was greatly concerned where you had departed to."

"I was just talking to Dig and Bodie for a minute. Chill out, okay?"

Then, MaryAnne spoke up. "I know what Dig's up to. Goob told me all about the little trophy the team gave him for it. I think it's crazy." This of course sparked a bunch of questions among the girls and I was unnerved by the conversation and suggested to William and Gina that we go get some snacks. I made it clear to both William and Gina that I'd taken no part in the trophy ceremony or it's creation.

"What quantity are we allotted?" William asked, eyeing all the finger foods.

"There's no limit. Just take what you want."

"What is the charge?"

"There is no charge. It's free."

"How extraordinarily generous." He took a plate and put several of each snack, taquitos, pizza bites, Jalapeno poppers, chips, dips, veggies (for the wrestlers), cookies, brownies, and Rice Krispie squares drizzled with chocolate onto his plate until it was threatening to overflow. Gina and I grabbed some veggies and another Diet Coke. William was seemingly already addicted to Diet Coke and was scarcely without one all night long.

Bodie's brother, Hawk, showed up with some of his buddies and while they weren't fully drunk, they were definitely buzzed. I could tell because they laughed a little too loud at things not all that funny. They were still fueling their "drunk tanks" with something in their sports bottles - like they were fooling anyone with those. Hawk suggested a tug of war and produced a big rope from the barn. To make it interesting, we all moved over to the pile of horse dung against the fence where Bodie had piled it after cleaning up the pasture. The guys all took positions on the rope roughly divided up as wrestlers against the baseball players. "Freshmen in front!" someone yelled. Upper classmen grabbed the freshmen and pushed them to the front of the rope. William took a place in front of me with a little physical coaxing on my part. Basically, I grabbed his sleeve and dragged him in.

"Join in William. It's fun. Remember, I said not to be a party pooper if we played games."

"Oh yes. I did commit to that. Thank you for inviting me to this social gathering, Kyle. I am delighted to be included. You are a truly magnificent friend."

"Yeah, yeah. Shut up and PULL!" It started out mostly a stalemate but the muscle endurance of the wrestlers soon took over and the momentum swung our way. Then, our side all fell backward as the front line of the baseball freshmen went into the pile of shit and the rest bailed and let go. The girls all laughed their heads off at the unfortunate freshmen. Hawk tossed some old rags to them to wipe off with.

"Hey kid," one of Hawk's friends slurred, "you better spend the night since you're all shitfaced now." The semi-drunken guys all laughed uproariously and the little freshman grabbed the towel and headed for the water hose. The girls got the idea to use the rope for jump rope and Bodie retrieved two different ones, without any shit on them, at his date's urging. They went onto the graded area in front of the barn doors and started double-dutch rope jumping. A crowd gathered and watched as some of the girls could do all kinds of cool tricks in the ropes. Gina was really good at it and coaxed me to join. I prodded William to try it, but he resisted, so Gina, William, and I all stood behind one of the rope twirlers and practiced for a bit. William focused on the ropes and concentrated intensely.

"Come on William. It doesn't matter if we fail at it, it's all just fun," Gina coaxed. "Just try it." She took his hand and he reluctantly followed. I let the two of them go in and I watched at first. William rocked back and forth next to Gina timing their entry. "Now!" Gina called and they both rushed in. "Jump, jump, jump." Gina called out and William grinned from ear to ear.

"Look, Kyle! I'm jumping. I'm jumping."

"Awesome, dude!"

Gina waved me in. I had to do the thing with the hands following the rope to time my entrance, but I got in barely in time to avoid a rope hitting my ankle and joined them. The three of us jumped and Gina talked us into squatting down, touching the ground and springing up. We managed it and William cried out "Woo-hoo!" Everyone chuckled at his exuberance. Finally, the rope caught my ankle and we collectively groaned.

"That was fantastic. Kyle did you anticipate that I could jump like that? Thank you, Gina, you are a magnificent instructor. This is so ... fun."

Gina squeezed my hand and smiled with satisfaction. I was stunned that William had actually been at a loss for words. We wandered over for a cold drink and I chose bottled water this time. I'd had all the Diet Coke I could stand. "I gotta go pee; how about you, William?"

"Yes, my bladder is somewhat aching." We wandered over to the porta-potties that Bodie's dad had brought in on a trailer. He uses them out in the fields when he has day laborers. He'd cleaned them up pretty good and labeled one "Guys" and the other one "Girls." Someone else had written beneath that, "Dicks" and "Chicks."

When we returned, a group of girls were gossiping about something. Seeing me, Gina peeled away and took my hand. "Is it true about Dig and Rochelle?" I looked at her and shrugged. "Hmmmm," she said. "So it is true. Wow. MaryAnne said the team all knows about it."

A crowd was watching Bodie in the hay loft opening. He'd tied the big rope off inside and down to a pole on the ground. He took off his wide leather belt, draped it over the rope and wrapped it around both hands.

"Look out below!" he called as he jumped and slid down his makeshift zip line. He let go with one hand and whipped the belt off of it, let go, and dropped as he got close to the dirt. He hit the ground running. He stayed upright and when he came to a stop, he threw both hands over his head and cheered. The crowd clapped. Then Goob appeared in the doorway.

He did the same thing with his belt and yelled "Geronimo!" He didn't have the technique down so well and couldn't get free of the belt over his hand in time. He hit the dirt with the belt still over the rope and he face planted, skidding several feet to a stop. A gasp ran through the crowd and Bodie ran over to him.

"Dude, you okay?" Goob rolled over and sat up. His shirt was filthy and his arms were scratched up and bleeding, but otherwise he was okay. He managed, wisely, to keep his face up out of the dirt and gravel. Luckily, wrestlers have strong necks. He went in with Hawk to their utility room and got cleaned up with some soap and water. Hawk also lent him a t-shirt to wear. Bodie's dad, who witnessed the whole scene, just laughed and shook his head.

Goob became a minor celebrity after that and it was clear he liked the attention. He started clowning it up like he was prone to do anyway. MaryAnne feigned embarrassment at his antics, but it was pretty obvious she liked the attention it brought to her also, especially when he claimed his sympathy kiss in front of everyone. "I think I hurt my lips when I fell," he said in a whiny voice. "I need you to kiss them better." She rolled her eyes and put her hands on her hips as he pressed his lips into a long, grinding kiss against hers. Laughter rippled through the crowd.

Bodie's dad started the movie and his mom brought out six buckets of popcorn. The crowd sorted themselves back into couples and friend groups and sat on the blankets. The movie was Fast and Furious. Once it was playing and the fire was burning down, both parents left and went into the farmhouse, leaving Hawk, of all people, in charge. "Excuse me, Mr. Hitler, could you babysit my Jewish grandchildren?" I thought to myself as the parents walked away leaving Hawk in charge.

I sat on the blanket and Gina sat between my legs and leaned back against my chest. I wrapped my arms around her and the top of my hands brushed against the underside of her nice, soft breasts. I interlocked my fingers and drank in the intoxicating smell of her thick, shiny hair. William sat next to me, uncomfortably close for the situation, but I ignored it and hoped everyone else did too.

Soon after the movie started, Bodie came up to me and whispered. "I need your help with something across the corn field."


"Just come on. Just for a while."

"Whatever. Will you excuse me?" I asked of Gina. I was a bit put out. I assumed it had something to do with Dig and Rochelle, but I couldn't imagine what. Maybe they needed a lookout.

"You're not leaving, are you?" William asked nervously.

"Yeah, just for a bit."

"But you made a covenant to remain with me at all times."

"Dude, you're doing fine and we're just watching a movie. Besides, Gina here will watch out for you, right Gina?"

"Sure. Let's share some popcorn." She handed him a bucket and he took a handful.

"I wish you to reconsider and remain by me as you promised," he implored.

"I won't be that long. You'll be fine, okay?" He stuffed popcorn into his mouth and turned his attention back to the screen. I looked at Gina and shrugged an apology. She waved me off and gave William some more popcorn. He chased it with a long swig of Diet Coke.

"So what's up? Where are we going and what do you need me for?"

"I just thought you'd want to be there for our fellow Screw Crew member's first actual screwing. It's sort of a club milestone, don't you think?"

"Well, okay, but I don't think they'll appreciate an audience."

"Well, Rochelle doesn't know and Dig actually suggested it. He wants me to video it."

"What! Are you kidding me? That's sick, and besides, you can't video it in the dark."

"That's why he had me put a lantern in the room for light, and why I left the blinds open just enough to see through."

"Oh my God. I can't believe we're doing this." I didn't feel right somehow about spying on something so private. I definitely couldn't believe Dig wanted it videotaped. I thought about turning around, but the idea of finally seeing Dig's dick fully boned prevented me from leaving. We crept up on the window with the glow emanating from it. Carefully, we peered in and sure enough, being dark outside and with the lantern light illuminating the interior, it provided us with ample vision as though they were actors on a well lit stage.

"If I knew I was going to an X-rated peep show, I would've brought some popcorn along," I whispered. Bodie bit on the tip of his tongue and snickered at my joke. The two inside were standing and Dig's shirt was off with his back to us. Rochelle's hands were roaming up and down his chiseled, granite back. Dig's head was slowly rotating, obviously engaged in a deep, French kiss. Bodie turned the camcorder on and it made a ding-dong sound as it powered up. We both sucked in a gasp of air. The couple inside paid no attention. We laughed under our breath in nervous excitement.

"Let's get naked," Dig said. We heard them perfectly because Bodie had also left the window partly open and they assumed they were alone and had no reason to whisper.

"Okay, but I don't think I want to let you stick it in me. Let's just rub again."

"What? No. We decided this already. You can't go back on it." Dig's voice was irritated. Then he smoothed out his approach when he saw her get defensive. In a soothing voice, he said, "Look, let's just relax and get naked and then see how we feel, okay babe? I love you. You know I do."

Rochelle relaxed and said simply, "Okay." My heart started racing as she knelt in front of Dig and was apparently undoing his pants. He was looking down and watching her. She was still shielded from our view as her petite fingers with the teal colored nail polish gripped his waist and slipped his pants to the ground, holding them for him to step out of. Then she gripped the elastic band of his boxers and slid them off his firm, muscular ass and down his powerful thighs and calves. She tossed them aside and rose back up off her heels. Her elbow extended out past his waist and began the familiar motion of jacking his dick.

"Oh fuck, turn around, please turn around," I thought. I knew Dig's dick was exposed and boned on the other side of that firm, tight ass. I wanted to see it. I had always wanted to see what that thing looked like boned. I'd seen it limp so many times and now I was this close to seeing it boned, and he had his damn back to me. Then she rose up a little higher, spread both hands over his buttocks and pressed her breasts into his dick. He began slowly humping into her breasts and tilted his head back and moaned in pleasure.

"Stand up," he said softly after several minutes of cleavage humping. She got to her feet and he knelt in front of her. Instinctively we ducked down as she was looking right at us. Slowly, we rose back up and peered in just above the window sill. The light on the table was shielded with a large flower arrangement that Dig asked Bodie to get and put there as a surprise gift to Rochelle. With the thick darkness outside and the light only shining inward, we were invisible. We watched as Dig removed Rochelle's jeans and pale, blue undies. He rubbed up and down her legs and thighs and roamed up past her waist, cupping her breasts. He rubbed her breasts and flicked her protruding nipples. He rubbed around her lower back and over her nice rounded ass. She sported a triangular, trimmed bush of black, pubic hair on her mound, perfectly centered between her wide hips. I was fixated on her perky breasts capped with extremely large nipples. I thought about seeing Scotty's sister naked and thought, "This is number two. Maybe Gina can be number three!"

Dig stood and bent down to suck on her large nipples. He played with the opposite boob while he sucked the other, switching sides periodically. Rochelle started swaying and rubbing her hands on the back of his head, occasionally pulling him tightly into one of her breasts. Her eyes were closed and her expression was blank, her mouth gaping. "Oh, Dig, baby, finger me like last time." She spread her legs slightly giving him access. He side stepped one half step and moved his right hand down to accommodate her request. He took her right hand and moved it onto his dick and balls. She fondled him while he fingered her dripping cunt.

"OH DIG! That's the spot. Softer. Slower. Yes. Oh God." She was squirming and panting heavily, pressing his head into her breast with her left hand and jacking him with her right. Suddenly, he jerked backward and pulled her hand away.

"Stop a minute. I'm about to cum. I need to rest a minute," Dig urged.

Bodie looked at me and whispered "I'm so fucking boned, I think I'm gonna cream my pants."

"I know. Me too. I'm dying over here."

"You can turn your head if you want to," Bodie began, "but I gotta let it out and jack it. Sorry."

"Hell yeah. Me too." He put the camera down and we both grabbed desperately at the fly of our jeans to free our raging cocks. I fished into the seam of my boxer briefs and dragged little Rock into freedom. The cool air felt good on the tip. I glanced at Bodie's boner. It was much as I had imagined it, very similar to mine and Kirk's. It was about five and a half or six inches long, I guessed, and reasonably thick. The light was fairly dim, and so it wasn't easy to see that clearly, but the sight of it added to my heightened sexual state of arousal. We both commenced stroking ourselves as we turned our attention back to the scene inside.

"Shit, Bodie," I whispered, "It's gonna look like an earthquake was happening the way you're shaking that camera around.

He smiled, shrugged and said, "Tough shit."

"Sit down on the bed." Dig said as he guided her down and spread her legs open.

"Let me get the rubber on and I'll lick it for you like we did before. That'll put you in the mood for the finale."

"Dig, I don't want it in me," Rochelle said. Her voice quivered as she added, "I have to go to the doctor for a major checkup next week and the doctor will know if my cherry's popped. He plays golf with my dad and he'll tell him. My sister says a doctor will know for sure. Plus, she says it hurts the first time and you bleed a lot. Let's at least wait until after my doctor's appointment."

Dig ignored her and spun around sitting next to her on the bed. He pulled a packet off the night stand and tore it open with his teeth. I gasped and froze mid-jerk. There it was, right before my eyes. "Holy shit, look at that," I whispered.

"No shit. It's amazing," answered Bodie as he hit the zoom on the camera.

"I finally get to see it in real life. I was starting to think I never would," I whispered as I started jacking myself off again. "It's so unique."

"So this is the first time you've seen it in real life too?" Bodie asked me. "I've only seen pictures before now."

"Yeah, it's my first time. I wondered if you'd gotten to see it before. It's bigger than I imagined it would be and it's such a deep purple color and so shiny from all the oozing juice. WAIT! You saw pictures of it before?"

"Yeah, sure, on the computer. Fuck, I'm gonna blow my load." I looked down and Bodie started humping toward the wall and then pulled his skin back taut and shot. I was kind of annoyed that Dig had shown Bodie pictures of his boner on the computer and hadn't shown me ever. Bodie gave two more quick jerks with his hand and pulled the skin taut again for a second blast onto the wall. He repeated it a third time and sunk back onto his heels, breathing heavy and milking his softening rod.

"Shit dude," I complained. "Watch where you're pointing that thing." Bodie lost track of what he was doing with the camera as he cummed, and he was pointing it right at my dick while I was jacking it.

This sent me over the edge, and I felt the powerful, mind-numbing surges course through me. My ass clenched tight and the massive load of cum blasted through my rock hard erection. I could feel it barreling down the tube in my dick through the palm of my hand, which was clenched around my aching staff. After I regained my senses, I peeked back into the window and stared at Dig's boner. Bodie refocused the camera back onto the sex show inside the cabin as well.

"I wonder what it would feel like against my throat?" I said out loud.

"What?" Bodie asked.

"Huh?" I responded.

"You said you wondered what it would feel like against your throat. What are you talking about?" I was confused at first what Bodie was asking me.

"Same thing you're talking about."

"I'm talking about her juicy, spread open cunt," Bodie said. I panicked. I realized he wasn't talking about Dig's unusual dick like I thought he was, and he probably wouldn't think it was cool that I was.

"Umm, yeah. I was too. I lied. "Did I say throat? I meant tongue. I got this fantasy of sucking on a big clit like hers and flicking it with my tongue. I guess I got carried away, I'm so horned up."

"You want to suck a girl's clit?"

"Yeah. Don't you?"

"It looks pretty gross, actually. I just want to fuck one."

"Shhh. I think they heard us."

"Lay down on the bed and let me lick it." Dig finished rolling the beige condom down onto his shaft. He stood and pressed her shoulders to the bed and lifted her legs up onto it, spread eagle. He scurried up himself and slipped between her legs, lowering his face into her crotch. He began working her into a wild frenzy with his flying tongue, rubbing her breasts and tweaking her nipples with his hands.

"Ewww, gross," whispered Bodie. "How can he do that?"

In no time, she had her head thrown back and was rocking her hips into his face, hands pressed against the back of his head. Her little moans became loud groans of intense pleasure. Her legs started shaking and she tossed her head from side to side crying out, "Ahh! Ahh! Ahh!"

She suddenly threw her legs up and pressed her thighs to the side of Dig's head and yelled out "OH GOD!" Then she collapsed and pushed his head away. He scrambled up into position and began prodding at her vagina. She gained control of her senses and reached in and grabbed his dick. "Dig, stop! I said no putting it in. I'll suck it for you, but that's all."

"What?" He sounded angry. "No fucking way. That's not fair. You said we could do it tonight. I've been planning on it and we're fucking doing it." He pulled her hand free and started stabbing at her again. She squirmed and got a little frantic.

"NO Dig! Stop it. I can't. My dad will find out. If you really love me you have to stop."

"If you love me, you'll let me. I'm fucking you tonight and that's that. You said I could."

"I changed my mind. I didn't know about the cherry thing and the doctor. After the doctor sees me, we can do it. There's rumors, Dig; I think my dad heard them and that's why he wants me to get an exam. I heard from MaryAnne that you've been bragging about it."

"No, I haven't. Just calm down and let me in. If we do it easy, it won't pop your cherry. Don't go back on me now, please. I'm dying to do it with you because I love you so much. You love me, don't you?"

"Yes. You know I do. So if you love me, just wait until the exam is over."

"No. You let me get you off and now you won't let me get mine? That's not fair. That's just not fucking fair. You promised and I'm doing it now. I'm not waiting any more. You'll just come up with another excuse not to later. It can either be the easy way or the hard way, but I'm getting laid tonight."

Rochelle started crying and squirming. Dig easily overpowered her and pressed his arm across her chest, pinning her to the bed. He got the look. I'd seen it many times before when his father would yell at him from the sidelines to "dig, dig, dig." It was a steel hard determination that he wasn't going to lose. I panicked. My gut wrenched.

Turning to Bodie, I said, "For hell sakes, shut that fucking camera off! We have to stop this! He's committing date rape and we're letting it happen. That makes us just as guilty."

Bodie looked ashen white. He pulled the camera away and shut it off. "What can we do?"

I stood up and pounded on the window. In the deepest voice I could muster, I yelled, "Stop it!" It startled Dig from his focused effort to penetrate Rochelle. He stood up, unsure who it was, I'm sure. I could tell he thought he'd been caught by an adult, because he frantically grabbed for his clothes. Rochelle did the same and started feverishly dressing. She was sobbing. I moved to the door and tried it, but it was locked. Bodie took off running with the camera. I stood on the door stoop. After a minute, the door flung open and Rochelle rushed out. She froze and stared at me. When it registered that I was her savior and not an adult that was going to rat her out, she threw her arms around me and sobbed "thank you" before running off toward the security of the barnyard. I stepped in and closed the door.

"You!" Dig seethed. "You did it again! First you interrupt us behind the bushes at school and now you ruin my chance of getting laid by Rochelle? Who made you God? I'm gonna kick your ass, and you know I can do it." He took a step toward me.

"Yeah. It was me. What the fuck were you thinking, Dig? You were raping her, and you had Bodie taping it for evidence. Are you crazy? You've only been thinking with the head on your dick instead of the one on your shoulders ever since you met Rochelle."

"You don't know what you're talking about. She loves me. She wants it, too. She told me she did. She fucking promised me we could do it tonight. Everybody's expecting it. She would have been happy about it after we did it. She'd want more of it once she got a taste of it, I know she would. She's a horny bitch and she loves me getting her off. She would have liked it once I got it in her and she'd be begging for more if you hadn't interfered."

"Oh my God. Can you even hear yourself? She told you no. She was fighting you off. She'd already told you no long before you got her off with your tongue. You just did that to try and take advantage of her in a weakened frame of mind. You don't really love her. You're just using her so you can try out fucking. You'll realize when you come to your senses that I just saved you from yourself. If you got nailed for rape, your chances of a wrestling scholarship would be gone for good. You could even go to prison."

"It's not fair, dammit. All I wanna do is try fucking. I did everything she wanted and she just lied to me. I'm still gonna get it. I'm gonna fuck her when you're not around to stop me. Nothing's gonna get in my way, especially not you. I'll make her do it with me. I'll make up with her and then I'll get her when no one's around to interfere. No more excuses or lies."

"If you wanna fuck so badly that you'll commit rape, you're sick. If it's that important for you to fuck someone, fuck me." Dig stumbled backward a step and confusion filled his expression.

"What? Are you some kind of fucking faggot?"

"No. I'm a fucking friend. And I'd rather let you fuck my ass than have you commit rape and ruin your life, if that's what you're determined to do." I stood with my arms crossed staring him down.

"Shut the fuck up. You're full of bullshit just like Rochelle. You'd fucking back out faster than I could pin my grandmother if I took you up on that stupid offer. So, I'm not gonna fuck your ass, but I am gonna kick it." He balled up his fists and stepped toward me.

I stood my ground. He probably was going to kick my ass but I'd lay some hurt on him as well. It wasn't like I was that far outmatched. I desperately didn't want to fight him, but I saw no way out of it. I would make him throw the first punch, though. Then one of those crazy thoughts hit me; One that made no sense. But, I followed through with it anyway. It was if it came from somewhere else, whispered almost in my mind's ear. A warm sensation coursed through me and I felt suddenly courageous. I unclasped my belt and button, zipped down my fly and in one motion dropped my pants and boxers to the floor. I stood back up and crossed my arms.

"I'm not all talk. I meant it. I don't want to do it, but if you'll promise to leave Rochelle completely alone, and if you promise to never do it with any other girl unless she is completely willing, you can fuck me. I haven't forgotten our Screw Crewpromise to stick by each other no matter what. I know it's not the same as fucking pussy, but it's supposed to be close and if you can't live without trying it, then try it on me and stay the hell out of jail."

He stopped dead in his tracks. He stared at me. He looked at my limp dick and balls and back to my eyes. His eyes betrayed his thoughts. He was gonna try me to the limit. "Take your pants off all the way and then your shirt." I kicked off my shoes and complied. I was now naked except for my socks. He directed me with a nod, "Lay face down on the bed."

I was trembling. What if he really went through with it? I wasn't backing down, though. I couldn't. His very freedom could depend on it. I lay on the bed. My dick pressed against the mattress where Rochelle had just laid, and I felt her wetness on the blankets. "Try not to hurt me. Go easy, please." I was shaking from head to toe.

He just stood there staring at me. Deciding what to do, I guess.

Meanwhile, back at the bonfire, William kept nervously looking for me. Gina told me later that he asked every five minutes where she thought I had gone to and when I'd be back. He needed to drain the Diet Coke from his bladder again and stood up to go to the portables. He hooked the extension cord in his foot and tripped, pulling the projector and DVD player crashing to the ground. A complaining grumble went up through the crowd and Hawk came over cursing him for his clumsiness. He tried to apologize, but Hawk just gave him a shrug and tried to get the movie restarted. William hurried off to the bathroom clutching himself, he needed to pee so badly.

When he returned, he got angry stares and a few unkind comments calling him clumsy, dorky, a stupid geek, and the like. He searched frantically for me. Gina redirected him to the crowd of girls that was now surrounding Rochelle trying to get out of her why she was so upset. She wasn't talking and looked as miserable as William did. Hawk couldn't fix the damage to the dvd player caused by the fall and declared the movie over. People milled around grumbling around the campfire and Goob took charge suggesting a game of "Em-bare-ass."

There were some groans, some cheers and some outright jeers. Someone called out, "Hey dumbshit, there's ladies here."

"I know. We'll change the rules a little," Goob said. "If you get caught, you just have to stand on this bench and moon the crowd. If you fail to catch the runner, you have to remove a piece of clothing each time, but only down to your underwear."

After much jostling and cajoling, Goob and Hawk managed to get about fourteen boys and two girls to play along. William, at the last minute, stepped into the circle surrounding the central bonfire, now burned down low. Gina said she tried to pull him back out, but he told her that I made him promise he wouldn't be a party pooper. He wasn't exactly clear on the rules. Hawk picked up 17 rocks, one of them being light gray and the rest dark. He put them in his hat and passed it around as each player selected one. Goob was the first chaser and Hawk and his semi-drunk buddies were the self proclaimed enforcers.

"Here's the rules," Goob began. "Everyone draws a rock. The one who gets the light colored rock is the runner. I'm the first chaser. I'll walk around the circle and say 'It's time to get em-bare-assed now' and when I say now, the runner has to leave the circle and run clockwise around the circle and try to get back to his spot before getting tagged. The chaser can only go clockwise also. If the runner gets tagged, he has to stand up on the bench and moon the crowd. If the runner gets away, the chaser has to remove some piece of clothing and try again. We won't make the chaser get completely naked though, since we're in mixed company - just down to the underwear.

The rocks were passed around and Adam from the baseball team got the light colored one. Goob walked around the circle trying to gauge who looked nervous. Then he said, "Time for someone to get em-bare-assed NOW!"

The timing was excellent and Adam was just barely two persons away from Goob when he had to jump out of line. Goob easily caught him with his long legs and Adam groaned. He dutifully walked to the bench and stood on it. He undid his pants and bent over pulling his jeans and boxers down in one swoop and even wiggled his ass a bit to show his good sportsmanship. He pulled them back up and walked red-faced around the circle collecting the rocks. Goob took Adam's spot in the circle and they passed out the rocks again. William cautiously opened his hand and was glad to see his was a dark rock.

Adam called out a runner, but he was on the opposite side of the circle. He had no hope of catching him, so Adam had to remove his shirt. Rocks were passed out again and again, Adam lost a sock, then another sock and then a shoe and a second shoe and since he couldn't run barefoot very well, he lost his pants. Now, the entire crowd was way into it. There was a rumble amongst some of the crowd, even some of the naughtier girls to have him lose the boxers, but he objected saying the rules were already set. He was just forced to run around in his boxers until he got lucky enough to call out Kirk right next to him and he easily tagged Kirk and thankfully took his spot in the circle. Adam had to remain in his boxers though, for the remainder of the game. Kirk marched to the bench and wasn't the least bit shy about dropping his pants and boxers. He spread his legs slightly and some people in front got a view of the backside of his balls. Giggles erupted.

William was a nervous wreck. He prayed he wouldn't get the light colored rock. He was disgusted over the crudeness of the game. He wondered why Kyle had insisted he join in all the games. He desperately searched for Kyle and was really worried when he saw Bodie return, but without Kyle.

While the morally questionable game was taking place around the bonfire, Dig and I were engaged in a morally questionable game of our own over at the cabin. I was lying on the bed shaking in nervous fear at what was about to happen. Dig stared at me for what seemed an hour but was certainly only minutes. Then he undid his pants and did the ten second stripping trick and reached for something above my head. My heart sank. He was really going to do it. I had fantasized about messing around with Dig many times, but never like this. This was all wrong, and bad, and full of anger instead of fun and joy. He snapped open a plastic lid and I heard him lubing his dick up and working it back into an erection. I peeked to see the toadstool looking thing. He had an average sized shaft and monstrous cap that expanded and stretched as his dick rose back to full height and turned dark purple.

"What about the rubber?" I asked with an obvious tremor in my voice.

"Fuck the rubber. If I have to settle for your faggot ass, I'm not using a rubber."

I started to argue, but I knew he hadn't been with anyone before, because he had admitted it to me. I decided to just take it and let him have his way to get it out of his system. I shut my eyes and prepared myself for the attack. He bounced between my legs and pushed them slightly wider apart. I felt the large, slippery head of his dick press between my butt cheeks and search for my rear entry. I pulled my legs up in a frog like manner and lifted my hips slightly to give him better access and help him find his mark. Then, I felt the massive dickhead press against my sphincter and I tried to relax it in hopes it would hurt less, but it was a futile attempt. My body resisted. He pressed his giant dickhead against my hole and I gripped the blanket in my fists, clenched my teeth, and squeezed my eyes tightly shut. I was shaking all over now.

Suddenly, he withdrew, climbed off the bed, and slapped me hard on the ass. "You son of a bitch; you were really gonna let me fuck you."

I turned over and sat up, dangling my feet over the side of the bed. He sat down beside me and stared at me. "Dig," I began in a voice still a bit shaky. "We've been friends too long and I care about you too much to let you ruin your life like this. No matter what, I'd have to do something to stop you. So yeah, If this was the only way to save you and protect Rochelle, I'd let you fuck me."

"I'm such a piece of shit," Dig said, looking away from me. "I almost did it. I almost fucked one of my best friends in the ass like some kind of fag. I'm sorry, Rock. God, you must think I'm fucking stupid."

"Yeah. Pretty much." I laughed and it broke the tension.

"I'm just so fucking horny, and I was just so pissed off about Rochelle backing out after she promised; I just lost my head, you know?"

"Yeah. I get it. Horniness and hormones make us stupid sometimes."

"Fuck. I'm still boned. It's like I'm on Viagra or something all the time. I need it so bad I've got pains right up in here from being so horned up without getting my rocks off." He pointed to his lower abs to indicate the point of the pain he was in. "It's like all I can think about when I'm not wrestling. That's the only thing that takes my mind off it. My grades suck, I quit hanging out with you and Bodie, I jack off three or four times a day and still all I can think of is fucking Rochelle or some other hot chick. What can I do?"

"I think about it too, but not all day, every day. You might have one of those sex addictions or something. Maybe you should talk to the school counselor. They have to keep things private that you talk about with them. Or I could ask my dad if there's somebody at his hospital that you can talk to about it."

"Do you really think I'm crazy?"

"Nah. Just addicted."

"That's crazy."

"I guess, in a way." I smiled at him and put my hand on his well developed chest and pushed him slowly back onto the bed.

"What are you doing?" he asked suspiciously.

"One more favor for a good friend. Relax and enjoy it." I gripped his six inch shaft and slid my hand up the greasy pole, letting my thumb and fore finger glide up over the large head and back down. My fantasy was now coming true. He didn't fight it, though he seemed unsure for a bit. Soon he was writhing slowly on the bed and had his eyes closed and a serious expression on his face. His mouth twitched as the climactic feelings increased. My own dick rose now to its full potential and I twisted sideways allowing it to press into the side of his hip as I worked him into a frenetic orgasm.

He dropped his jaw and whimpered as his whole frame stiffened like a board. He jerked suddenly and a shot of hot, white cum made its desperate escape from the confines of his now seriously blue balls. When he had thoroughly whitewashed his neck, chest and stomach with an ample supply of his juices, every muscle in his body went limp, including the giant toadstool. While he still had his eyes closed in the glow of the event, I took the opportunity to lick a glob of his cum off my hand. It was sweeter than mine, probably because he eats mostly fruits and vegetables on his training table. He sat up and wiped himself clean with a towel by the bedside. Then, as I started to get up to dress, He pulled me back. "Rock, that was awesome. You are the best friend ever. But I can't let you go without returning the favor. It wouldn't be fair."

I allowed him to guide me backward onto the bed. I propped my head up with my hands and watched as he knelt in front of me, drizzled lube onto my throbbing penis, and worked me into my own orgasmic bliss. I took no time at all to reach a powerful climactic event at the hands of a boy, who's beautiful, God-like form I'd ogled over for years. He was my enigma. He was the image in my mind that made me question my sexual identity. He was the fantasy that most often entertained me when I did to myself what he was now doing for me. All this heightened the tension and resulting power of the explosion. My eyes literally rolled backward into my head as the shockwaves of orgasmic tremors overtook and controlled me. It seemed to last forever, then end in a split second. It had no sooner ended than I longed for it again. He detached from me and I felt the loss of his touch.

The return walk to the bonfire after we cleaned up the cabin and extinguished the lantern, was silent. We were both lost in deep thought. My mind spun with confusion. Images of William's deformed dick, Scotty's banana, jiggling with Kirk and his carefree sexual attitude, Gina's cleavage, Rochelle's slimy labia, Bodie's boner, and ultimately Dig's giant toadstool flipped through my mind's eye like a slideshow. I had gone from frustrated soloist, to playing with a crowd in such a short time. I wondered if I wasn't in need of the same advice I'd just given to Dig about the sexual addiction thing.

I was jolted from thoughts by a familiar voice crying out my name in desperate shrieks above the din of cheers and jeers coming from a crowd around the campfire. It was William and he was screaming for me to help him. I took off on a dead run. I arrived in time to push my way through and kick the half drunk senior in the chest to get him off of William. He rolled backward in shock. William stood, naked from the waist down and almost hysterical. I demanded to know what had been going on and William began shouting, "My shoe. Kyle bought it for me. I need my shoe. Where's my shoe."

It turned out that his shoe had been tossed about in a game of keep away and fallen in the fire. His pants were in a tree and his boxers on the pasture grass. We never did find his one sock. It probably ended up in the fire also. I made one of the drunken assholes climb the tree and retrieve his pants. He realized I was mad enough to tear him to pieces if he objected.

Later, after things calmed down, and while we were waiting for Bodie's mom to come take us all home, Gina filled me in on exactly what had happened. William sat on a bench beside us staring into the fire and asking for his shoe back. He kept saying, "Kyle broke his covenant. Kyle lied to me. He promised he would not leave me. I need my shoe. My friend, Kyle, purchased that shoe for me with his own money. Kyle was my friend. Kyle lied."

I tried to talk to him but he ignored me and refused to answer. He just repeated the same things over and over, rocking slightly and clutching his Diet Coke. Gina explained about the stupid "em-bare-ass" game and how William insisted he had to play because I had said he shouldn't be a party pooper if we played games. Gina was obviously pissed at me for leaving, and I thought about arguing that she'd waved me off when I left, but I thought better of it.

Gina informed me that William had unfortunately chosen the designated rock and became a runner. He took off running in the wrong direction and was easily caught. He refused on moral principle to moon the crowd and so the "enforcers" held him down and pantsed him.

He fought them as best he could and cried for me to save him, she told me. Tears were trickling down my cheeks as she relayed the terror in his voice and his desperate pleading for me to save him. Some of the boys made a half hearted attempt to stop it, but they were overpowered she explained. He kept saying things like, "my friend bought me that, leave it alone," every time they pulled a shoe or a sock off. Then Gina told me that one of the attackers said that I must be some kind of bi-sexual because I brought my girl date and my boy date to the party. "Does he rub your little penis for you too?" she told me one of them had asked and though he didn't answer out loud, William did nod his head, which they took for a yes and then it got really crazy.

They started in with saying things like maybe William was really a girl in boy's clothes that I dressed him up in. They asked if I bought his pants for him and he said yes and they said they had to go then. They asked if I bought his boxers and he said, I'd just loaned them to him and that caused a greater uproar and they ripped off his boxers to his absolute horror. One of the asshole attackers spotlighted a flashlight onto him. They went nuts when they saw his privates and started saying he was a freak of nature. "Look," she told me they shouted, "He's got no pubic hair and his dick's been stitched on and oh my God, he's only got one ball." Someone suggested he'd had a sex operation and was changed from a girl to a guy. Some jackasses even took pictures. That's when I showed up finally, she explained, and stopped the nightmare from going any further.

"So was he?" Gina asked tenuously.

"Was he what?"


"Oh my God, NO! He's always been a guy. He's just had some problems with his penis and had to have an operation to fix it. Plus, like that wasn't bad enough, he had a testicle removed because it got damaged. He's been through so much shit and I just wanted to help him have some fun and try to learn to fit in. I never should have left him, but if I hadn't gone ..."

"What?" she asked.

"Nothing. Forget it. I never should have left him. I promised I wouldn't."

Bodie's parents were extremely angry as the story unfolded. Hawk forfeited his keys to his truck and was forbidden to hang out with any of those friends again. His life was about to become seriously miserable. What had started out an amazing evening, ended very poorly. The ride home was awkwardly silent. William refused to acknowledge my apology or my goodbye as he limped to the door of his trailer in one shoe.

When I got home, my father was in bed asleep for which I was very grateful. I didn't have it in me to talk about the dance or the party. I knelt by my bedside and begged God for forgiveness and that William could forgive me. I asked God to comfort William. I got undressed and slipped my naked body between my sheets. Sleep refused to rescue me from my thoughts, however. Confusion, loathing and sorrow filled my consciousness. I got out of bed, pulled my favorite children's book off the shelf, and sat down next to my old dog, Sam. I rubbed his fur and read the story of Alexander and his Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. "Hey Alexander," I thought, "You think you had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day? You're not even in the ballpark with my day, dude." My old dog, Sam made the effort to reach up and lick my cheek. I pulled the comforter off my bed and fell asleep on the floor, petting his soft fur.

I hope that you are enjoying the story and especially the last two chapters. I have been excited to reach this point in the story and write them. I would sincerely appreciate any and all feedback in the way of an email to judge the reaction of readers to the story thus far. Your willingness to do so will definitely be appreciated. My email is at the head of the chapter. Just click my name. Have an illustrious day! - Hans

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