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Rock and a Hard Place

Chapter 16

By and © Hans Schrieber

Special thanks to my editors, Flip, Smallfox, Lisa and Pablo for their valuable assistance in making this story so much better.


The tumultuous events of the prior day and of the current day culminated in this moment. The loss of my faithful old dog, Sam, the acceptance of abandonment by my mother, the roller coaster emotions with William and my father, the indignity of William's old man, and all my personal inner turmoil boiled to a head. Being held tenderly by my friend, Scotty, feeling his body against mine, and the soft, loving touch of his hands on my cheeks resulted in radical abandonment of my inhibitions and that's when it happened.

I purposely rose upward to press his soft lips to mine. I kissed a boy, on purpose, and without guilt. Not just a kiss, however. Oh no, it was no ordinary kiss. It was an all out expression of passion, meaningful and expressive. It was a statement to the world and to myself.

In the very millisecond that our lips touched, the demons were exercised, the tension in my body relaxed and I melted into him. I shifted my hands from his back and took his cheeks in my palms in the same manner he was holding me. We slid our noses side to side as we compressed our lips ever closer and more deeply into one another. Simultaneously, we closed our eyes and multicolored sparkles danced behind my eyelids. I held him there, our lips pressed firmly together for a time and then ever so slowly, I drew his full, soft, lower lip between my lips and held it gently between my teeth, caressing it from side to side with the tip of my tongue. I mentally charted each ridge and rill of his captive lip while my tongue explored its soft, sensual surface. Then, I let it slip from my control and broke the kiss just briefly, only to immediately reengage his soft lips once more and probe the entrance of his beautiful, perfectly shaped mouth with my erotically sensitive tongue.

Scotty became a willing participant as he parted his lips, opening the gate to my exploratory probing into the regions beyond his soft, moist lips. I was either Lewis or Clark undertaking an expedition into dangerous and unknown territory. This time, I was making the advances instead of giving in to them. Instinctively, my libido revved up and my resulting erection strained against his equally aroused boyhood. I pulled myself into him with my hands and probed deeply into the recesses of his welcoming mouth, moaning ever so slightly as my tongue rolled over his. He sucked me in and held me deep within his moist cavern. As he relaxed his hold on my invading tongue, I let it trace randomly across the roof of his erotic cave, tickling the ridged palate and gums. Together, we initiated a slow dance with our tongues, rubbing, tickling, and swirling. I slipped mine beneath his and flicked at the piece of skin tethering his long sensual tongue to his mouth. It reminded me of the same kind of thing on the underside of my dickhead that feels so good when it's touched.

I retreated and he pursued with a vengeance into my mouth. I sucked and nibbled on his soft, probing tongue. The tiny bumps and ridges danced with delight at the stimulation. He flicked the tip of his long, pointed tongue over the roof of my mouth sending ticklish chills coursing through me. Then he laid his long tongue over the top of my wide, flat one and I curled mine around his. He began a rapid fucking motion into the resulting receptacle, driving us both mad with intense anticipation.

Finally, after a good tongue fucking, we broke the connection with an audible smack of the lips. Unable to stand the separation, however, we plunged immediately back into each other's mouths with greater passion in a furious encounter. Suddenly, we were kissing wildly with total abandonment of all pretenses. Our hands shifted to behind each other's necks and we pressed against each other firmly, contorting and twisting our heads side to side to engage every cubic centimeter of our voracious lips and tongues.

After an extended engagement, we broke apart and I pulled him cheek to cheek with me whispering into his ear, "Scotty, thank you for being here. I need you tonight. When you called me about Sam, I was like … well, it sounds weird, but I was like moved by it. Thank you for coming."

Without speaking, Scotty placed both hands on my bare back and pulled me into a firm, powerful hug. Reaching out with his tongue, he lifted my earlobe to his mouth and pulled it into his mouth and nibbled gently on it, sending shockwaves of erotic overload through my body. I gasped, "Oh my God."

I yanked his t-shirt upward and exposed his broad, muscular chest. I pulled it over his head and tossed it aside and thrust my hands into the waist of his shorts and boxers. I slid them downward over his firm, round ass and past his strong thighs until they continued dropping onto the floor on their own. He reciprocated and easily freed me of my thin, nylon shorts since I had no underwear beneath them. We stepped out of the clothes at our feet, kicked them aside, and pressed our naked torsos together as we once more attacked each other's mouths in an audacious make out session like none I'd ever imagined, even in my wildest fantasies. We ground our lips and hips together in hungry abandonment, lost in teenage lust and the fever of youthful rapaciousness. We licked and nibbled and probed and sucked. Our hands roved from hill to dale, travelling the naked path from ass to neck and back again gripping and groping, mapping every inch of enticing flesh.

Scotty's rigid dick pressed downward against my substantial balls as my own dick stood upward, wedged captive between our rock hard abs. I moved my hands deliberately to either side of his sculpted ass cheeks, gripped the natural handles, and pressed with all my considerable strength, squeezing our dicks against each other's bodies. His downward curving pleasure tool ground into my thigh and testicles as my engorged staff became squished in painful pleasure between our upper torsos. I began a slow, rhythmic humping action which Scotty quickly reciprocated. We stood there in the entryway viscerally grunting and grinding into each other, caveman-like. It was raw and hard - hard as a rock, in fact. Each of us thrust furiously into the other in an almost angry pounding of our flesh, battling for the victorious climax.

Then, simultaneously, communicated through some undetectable means, we called an immediate truce and cease fire. We each relaxed and pulled slightly away from the other, panting. Neither of us had the strength to stand alone, however, so we held onto each other again for support. My muscles felt as if I'd just finished a challenging wrestling match. We were panting and sweating profusely, every muscle in our bodies being now at ease after the ardent sexual battle, save one. Our erections did not relax but continued to throb and pound, begging for more attention. We made eye contact and smiled and gave a reactionary chuckle. We kissed tenderly once, twice, three times and staring into his soft, brown eyes I said, "Come upstairs to my bed."

Scotty smiled in agreement and nodded. We broke our bond and stooped to collect our scattered clothing. He retrieved his duffle bag and I followed his beautiful, chiseled, naked body up the stairs. Each step, the muscles in his thighs, calves and buttocks flexed and moved in perfect unison. He was a masterpiece of human symmetry. I was struck by the lack of tan lines on his body resulting from the nude sunbathing he engaged in. I had never realized before this moment that he was evenly bronzed from head to toe.

My large testicles bobbed back and upon my thighs as I climbed the stairs. My balls wondered where their companion, Little Rock had gone. He was there watching over them, standing at full attention and ready for action. The cell phone in the pocket of my shorts vibrated in my grasp startling me from my musings. Once in my room, I retrieved it and read the message. "Son, caught up in serious matter. Can't come home tonight. R U all right?"

I returned the message, "Yes, no worries. Scotty is here for me. Thanks, I love you."

"Big relief. I love u2. I will 4ever, no matter what!!" Tears of joy eked from the corners of my eyes as I watched the most significant "no matter what" spread his naked body across my bed, still unmade . I turned my phone off and plugged it in. Doubts and fears of what I was about to do came, mostly out of habit, but I brushed them aside quickly. Tonight, I intended to enjoy a guilt free experience with one of the kindest, most genuine souls I'd ever met. I was all in for whatever may come this night, no matter what. Scotty read my thoughts, I believe, as he smiled almost knowingly when I approached the bed. I flipped the switch on the green eyed monster and he began crooning out tunes to serenade the experience. He led off with Should I Stay or Should I Go by the Clash. It made me smile as I thought "Stay, definitely stay."

I slithered on top of him; our erections pressed between our firm hips, and began kissing him. I kissed his lips, nose, forehead, and best of all, his eyelids. I loved how his eyes fluttered beneath the touch of my lips. His eyes remained closed with a satisfied look of joy on his face as I moved down his neck, kissing my way en route to the promised land of milk and honey. He wiggled and giggled as I nuzzled in the crook of his neck and sucked on him there. The stimulation was too intense for him and twice he had to shrug me off. I chuckled in the thrill of finding such a powerfully erogenous zone of his. As I slid lower, my large balls and dick moved into the crease of his legs. His most treasured equipment moved upward along my firm abs and I felt the intense heat on my naked body. Teasingly, I quickly snuck back up and attacked his sensitive neck again. We laughed together playfully over it.

Scotty's hands were massaging and clawing at my back and shoulders as I kissed and nibbled on him. My next stop was the protruding nubs on his small pink nipples. I licked and flicked them with my tongue and he moaned in appreciation. Then I sucked on them in turn, left one first and then the right. As I did, they expanded even more. "Bite on them, please," he said almost breathlessly. I took the little nub between my teeth and nibbled. He reacted with his entire body beginning a slow gyration from head to toe and using both hands, he pressed against the back of my head, forcing me deeply onto his tender, erotically charged nipple. I sucked and bit harder and harder as he worked himself into a new frenzy, thrusting his dick with great force into my diaphragm. When he had all he could stand on one tender nipple, he dragged my head to the opposite side for more pleasurable punishment.

Then in a panicked rush, he shoved me off him. He sat up on his elbows and blew out rapid puffs of air as we watched his arching erection quiver and throb on the verge of eruption. Slowly, he lowered himself back down and pulled me back onto him. I slid purposely lower and my genitals rested comfortably against the tops of his feet. I lifted his hot, rigid banana in my fingers and studied it carefully. I knew any significant stimulation of it right now would result in an early ending and so I reluctantly released it. I fondled and tickled his balls, rolling them about in their smooth, soft sac while he fiddled with mine using his long toes. I leaned in and sucked one of his balls into my mouth. As my nose was now buried into his downy, pubic hair, I breathed in his male aroma, inhaling deeply. The sweet and sour smell of a young man's sweaty balls filled my nostrils and aroused me in some base and primal manner. I began a slow gliding motion over the tops of his feet while I gently tongued the testicle I had firmly suctioned into my mouth. My legs and feet were dangling off the end of the bed and it was probably uncomfortable, but I didn't seem to notice.

I alternated testicles and each time I pulled another one past my teeth into my warm mouth, Scotty moaned in approval. He squirmed in delight as my tongue coursed over the stretched sac, titillating the sensitive nerve endings so near to the surface. I expelled the testicle out of the fleshy sac and clenched my teeth on the remaining empty skin. Slowly, I withdrew, allowing the sensitive, nerve laden ball sac to slip, slowly, teasingly between my teeth. Each time I did this, he lifted his head from the pillow to watch in awed appreciation. When the last bit would break free and collapse back onto his legs, Scotty begged for more. "Do it again. Dude, I love that." I happily complied by attacking the alternate testicle and repeating the process. I literally have no idea how long we carried on this way, but I eventually became aware of my growing "blue balls" condition. I'd been erect without release beyond the allotted time limit and my balls began crying out for relief. I sensed Scotty's meter was also expired and he shared the same need if not a greater one. I was grateful I'd already busted a nut at William's house earlier, or I would never have lasted this long.

Wanting to pleasure Scotty, in return for the wonderful time he'd shown me as the host in his bed at his house, I took his wonderfully unique penis in my fingers and slid the soft, thin sheath up and down over the full length of it. Then, I licked him from the base of his balls up over the silky sac and along the full underside of his arching shaft. He shuddered as I crossed over the hypersensitive ridge of skin under the head. I repeated this process and he pulled his feet out from under me and began rubbing them over my ass cheeks and down my thighs, pinching me with his long toes and occasionally sliding his big toe between the crack of my ass and wiggling it.

I peeled his beautiful banana and licked the tip of it repeatedly. Then, I sucked in the purple head and swirled my tongue over it. I cupped my wide tongue around it and squeezed the blood from it, making it smaller and spongy. Quickly it expanded again, firm and hot as the blood rushed back in. Slowly at first, I plunged down over the arch and drew his precious fruit into my mouth, cupping my tongue around its girth. It reached the back of my throat; I relaxed and continued to engulf its full length until the tip of it was tickling the little dangly thing in the back of my throat. Scotty was on the verge of eruption and could resist no longer. He assumed command and grasped my head on either side, and he immediately engaged in a frantic thrusting action. He pulled me anxiously up and down over his aching dick, desperate for relief. His head was lifted off the pillow and he watched in rapt attention, with desperate determination in his expression as his precious banana appeared and disappeared into the recesses of my mouth. I curled my tongue to provide as much cushion and stimulation as possible to his loaded cannon. Green Day called out the lyrics to Nice Guys Finish Last as he furiously pumped into me toward his climax.

After a dozen or so thrusts, Scotty contorted his lips into a tortured grimace and then shoved himself deeply into the back of my throat and cried out in ecstatic release. "OHHHHH YES!" he exclaimed as my mouth was filled with bubbling boy crude. Squirt after squirt of young male juices filled my mouth and I was enthralled with the look of sheer euphoria on the face of my wonderful, kind friend. Tonight, the nice guy finished first. I reveled in the ability to please him so fully and with such intense satisfaction. Then he fell helplessly back into the pillow and released his grip on my head. He lay a quivering mass beneath me and heaved in great lungs full of air. I slowly sucked up and down the length of his shaft as the final offerings spilled over my taste buds. He lay motionless but moaned appreciatively with each slithering motion up and down over his spent member. As his banana slowly turned to mush, I let it slip from my mouth and rose back up to kiss his precious lips, sharing the remnants of his tasty offering.

We shared soft, gentle kisses for a long time while gently stroking and tickling each other's naked bodies. "You need to cum now," he said in sudden realization. "What would you like?"

"Anything," I responded truthfully. I had no preference, but I mostly wanted to be able to continue sharing sweet, gentle kisses with him while I achieved my orgasm and decided to tell him so. "How about I just hump against you to cum, so we can keep on kissing?"

"Mmmm, nice," he responded. "I love to kiss."

"Me too, more than I expected I would."

We smacked lips and smiled and he said, "Roll over for a minute, let me get something." I reluctantly complied and he slid off the bed, opened his duffle and retrieved a small bottle of lube.

I grinned at him and said, "How did you know to bring that?"

He grinned slyly back at me and said, "I just had a hunch you might want more than a simple hug tonight." His eyes sparkled and his face was so beautiful. Before returning, he walked over and turned off the light. I felt him come back onto the bed before I was able to see him in the sudden darkness. I heard the snap of the plastic cap and felt the cool, oily liquid spread onto my warm genitalia. He poured a liberal amount on my dick, balls and between my thighs. He manipulated my dick back into a full erection with a mere three strokes. Then he covered his own dick, balls and thighs with lube. He set the bottle aside and settled again onto his back. I felt his strong hands pull me back on top of his firm, naked body and he guided my rejuvenated erection between his thighs and up into the lower crack of his ass. I felt his slippery balls rolling against my own as I began a slow, rhythmic slide between his taut, fleshy thighs. He fiddled with my feet with his feet while I humped into him. I liked that.

We kissed delicately without tongues for a long time while I slowly slid Little Rock in and out between his thighs and along his crack. I concentrated on the intense stimulation provided by his lubed body. Then it happened. He initiated it, but I was fully willing. He spread his legs and raised his knees. I heard the cap snap open and felt more cool lubricant drizzle over my steaming, hot erection. Using his right hand, Scotty spread the lube over my entire dick and then guided it to his most private of danger zones. I remembered Dig's large head knocking at the door of my entrance in the cabin, and now I was there myself about to enter the point of no return. Dig had pulled away, coming to his senses, but would I? Would it be sensible or senseless to withdraw? "Should I stay or should I go?" I said in my head to the tune of the Clash song that had opened our performance. Scotty was inviting me in and I held the tip of Little Rock pressed lightly against his quivering entryway, suspended in indecision.

Scotty sensed my hesitancy and spoke softly, pulling my chest back in contact with his own saying, "It's okay to put it in. I want you to. I need you to. Do it for both of us." Then he kissed me sensually.

"No matter what," I murmured and pressed on beyond the boundaries of plausible denial. I was all in now. My initial experience of human intercourse was beyond description as my bulging mass slipped past his blazing ring of fire. I froze as soon as my head cleared the entry and he cinched down upon it. He wrapped his arms tightly around my shoulders as Death Cab for Cutie began singing out of the green eyed monster,

I want to live where soul meets body,
And let the sun wrap its arms around me,
And bathe my skin in water cool and cleansing,
And feel, feel what it's like to be new,
'Cause in my head there's a Greyhound station,
Where I send my thoughts to far-off destinations.
So they may have a chance of finding a place where,
They're far more suited than here.

He kissed me tenderly and then with a hand on my ass, urged me on. I ventured on, slipping further into the tunnel of uncertainty, slowly and deliberately. Before I knew it, I was fully engulfed within the confines of my awesome friend's body and there was no turning back. I was in; I was all in, no matter what. I felt connected to him in a way that was much more than physical. It was physical, spiritual and emotional all at once, body and soul. I felt my large balls pressed into his ass, and his were pressed against my abs. I was overwhelmed by the feeling of being completely engulfed about the entire circumference of my dick in the silky warmth of his sexual receptacle. I pressed in deeper, putting pressure on the entire surface of my throbbing, apprehensive organ. We kissed again and he lured my tongue into his mouth as deeply and firmly as I was implanted below within his tight ass.

Natural instinct overwhelmed me at this point and I commenced fucking him in short, rapid bursts at first, graduating to longer, and more deliberate thrusts. In the end, I was wildly humping his ass as our lips and tongues thrashed up above. The most powerful orgasm of my young life overtook me as euphoric, blissful sensations prickled every nerve ending in my taut body. Muscle spasms shook me as I suddenly became aware and even acutely focused on the background music accompanying my sexual initiation.

I sang along with the Death Cab chorus, "Where soul meets body." I sang it out loud and thrust myself deeply into Scotty's body and cried out, "YESSS!"

Again, I sang out with Death Cab, "Where soul meets body," as I reached as far as possible into Scotty's inner soul and released a portion of my own soul with a guttural animalistic cry.

Gasping for a breath, I concluded the chorus with singing out, "When soul meets body." I endeavored to powerfully bond our bodies to our souls with a third and final deposit of my essence of life within him. Then, I collapsed onto him in complete exhaustion, panting and sweating.

While I lay there in the recovery phase of the intense experience, Death Cab finished their song,

And I do believe it's true that there are roads left in both of our shoes,
But if the silence takes you then I hope it takes me too.
So brown eyes I hold you near,
'cause you're the only song I want to hear.
A melody softly soaring through my atmosphere.

When it was over, I was completely spent. Scotty lifted his legs and wrapped himself around me. He caressed my back and neck and rubbed my flushed cheeks with his strong, yet gentle hands. We traded staccato kisses, gently tasting and nibbling each other's lips while I came down off my intense orgasmic high. At length, Little Rock slipped from the satisfying warmth of his inner sanctum and I rolled off of Scotty. We lay side by side and smiled appreciatively at each other. We wrapped our arms around one another and snuggled in tight. Residual juices spread between our bodies and glued us together. The last thing I saw that night was his large, soft, brown eyes squinting joyfully at me.

I woke the next morning to the sound of birds singing outside my window. I was entwined with Scotty's naked body and he was breathing deeply. I smiled in satisfied reminiscence of our big event the night before. It had been perfect, beyond expectation. No first experience could have been more satisfying and to my great relief, I felt no guilt. I'd opened the box and let the monster out, and he was no longer there to berate and abuse me. I was what I was and I could admit it freely. What I shared with Scotty was powerfully fulfilling. I was physically and emotionally attracted to him and I could not and did not want to deny it. No more denial for me. I would live and love in complete honesty from now on, I decided. I had indulged myself and found a new freedom and self awareness. At last, I was free to live and to love without guilt.

I wondered to myself if I loved Scotty or if my feelings were something less than love. Certainly, I loved much about him. But, I didn't know where the line between lust and love fell for certain. I had no experience in the matter. I appreciated his kindness and gentle manner. I wondered if I could grow to love Scotty in the way his father loved his mother. I wondered if he could love me back, or if I would be a passing fancy, a fond youthful memory. I thought I should only have shared what we did last night with someone I was truly in love with and deeply committed to and yet, I felt okay with it. He wanted to give me a special gift and I wanted to accept it. Whatever became of us in the future, I was glad to have shared my first experience with someone sweet and kind like him. I didn't know if we would do it again or if it would be a onetime experience. I knew in my heart that it was more than mere sex and yet it wasn't on the plane of unconditional, pure love. I knew somehow, there was more to love than this, but this was still an incredibly loving experience we had shared. We were bonded more deeply now, and we had a basis for continued exploration of our feelings for each other. I smiled to myself. "Are you going to analyze this to death as though it were a debate topic?" I wondered if William could fill a file cabinet full of research and arguments for and against Scotty and me falling in love.

As I lay there musing, my little friend, Little Rock, became aroused. I wiggled around enough to allow him to press lightly against Scotty's hip. The human contact against the sensitive underside of my dickhead was pleasant. I began writhing in slow motion to send subtle bits of stimulation through my erection. I closed my eyes and drifted into semi consciousness until Scotty stirred. I reopened my eyes and found him staring at me. We smiled. "That was pretty incredible last night," I said. "Thanks."

"Hmm, yeah it was nice. And, you're welcome."

"We should get up and go shower."

"Mm-hmm," he agreed without meaning it and pressed a light kiss to my lips.

The mood was broken by the rapid and repeated ringing of our doorbell. I sat up and cursed, "OH SHIT! Look at the time. We're going to be late for school. Who the hell could be at the door?" I jumped up and pulled on my shorts, then ran down the stairs. I opened it to find a sweaty, panting, and obviously annoyed Kirk on my doorstep with his backpack on like a lost child.

"What the hell?" he asked. "I thought you and Scotty were going to meet me at the creek and play around together."

"We kind of slept in. Sorry."

"I'll say you are. You're both a sorry pair of shitheads. So can I come in or not?"

"Oh, sorry again. Yeah, come in." I closed the door behind him and led him up the stairs.

When he walked into my room and saw Scotty lying naked in my bed, he rolled his eyes and said, "Well I see why you didn't make it to the creek. You had your morning fun right here without me."

"No, not really," I corrected. "We actually messed around late into the night and forgot to set the alarm. I'm really sorry about not meeting you. So did you take care of yourself while you were there?"

"No, I didn't want to do it alone. I thought I'd probably find you two here and hoped we'd still have time."

"We would except my dad isn't home and we're going to have to walk to school."

"There's no way we'll make it in time even if we didn't have to shower," Kirk said.

Scotty sat up and rubbed his eyes. "We might as well just blow off first period and write ourselves excuses. Think of a good one, Rock. You're good with words."

"How about the truth? We overslept." I suggested.

"Kind of boring, telling the truth, but probably the best thing to do in case they try to check out our story," Scotty replied.

So you want something like, "Please excuse Scotty. He was impaled last night by a massive sharp stick and considerable effort was required for its successful extraction."

"Yeah, that's more like it. Only you need to change it to 'he was pounded senseless by a blunt instrument and required time to regain his senses."

"Just exactly what did you two do last night?" Kirk asked.

"That's for us to know and you to find out." Scotty said smiling. "So when do you want to find out?"

"Now works for me," Kirk said pulling off his pack, shirt and shorts. Promptly, we were all three naked. I wondered what my dad would think if he could see us.

"Since we stood you up, you get to pick what we do together," Scotty said to Kirk.

"Hmm, anything?"

"Sure, why not?" Scotty offered. I wasn't at all sure I wanted to offer "anything." I was still getting used to what I shared with Scotty. Suddenly, Kirk felt like an unwelcome intruder, yet I knew there was no avoiding his inclusion.

"Then I want you to make me a sandwich."

Scotty laughed and I was relieved. But I was also very confused by his request. "A sandwich?" I asked in an amazed tone. "For real, that's what you want?"

"Yeah, it'll be awesome."

"Well, okay, but I don't really know what we have in the fridge that's edible. We haven't really been shopping since my mom left us and any lunchmeat might be a little questionable. We have peanut butter and jelly for sure."

Scotty and Kirk looked at each other and upon realizing I was serious, burst into a roll on the floor, pee your pants, gut painful laugh. I was getting a bit angry by the time they settled down enough to explain. "He means," explained Scotty, "He wants one of us on bottom and one of us on top of him and he gets to be the meat in the middle, like a human sandwich."

"Ohhh," I said. I felt foolish at my lack of understanding. As the concept sunk in, a new monster stormed out of the shadows into my brain. He was green with big yellow eyes and slobbering fangs. His name was jealousy. I didn't want to share an experience so special amongst three of us. I didn't want Kirk butting in. I knew if I did this, it would cheapen my whole first experience with Scotty. It would relegate it to mere youthful boy lust and meaningless sex for the sake of getting our rocks off. Yet, I was the outsider here. Kirk and Scotty had been friends before I came along leaving me between a rock and a hard place. If I tried to monopolize Kirk, I could lose Scotty. If I engaged in what Kirk wanted, I'd lose the special nature of last night's experience.

"So which slice of bread do you want to be, top or bottom?" Kirk asked.

"I don't know. I'm not really sure we have time for something that extensive and still make it for second period. Let's just jerk off quickly, shower, and head to school. Maybe we can be a sandwich another time."

Kirk looked seriously disappointed and his annoyed look returned. "Great. You two have all the fun and I get screwed."

"Actually," Scotty said, "We had all the fun and you DON'T get screwed. Kyle's right, though, we don't have time for much more than a quick jerk while we shower."

Kirk didn't find it very funny, but I sort of did.

"Hey, look, I got an idea," I offered. We can go use my parent's shower. It's huge and has two shower heads. We can all fit and do a mini circle jerk and then head out."

"All right," Kirk reluctantly agreed, "but only if I get to be lunchmeat next time we're all together."

"Deal," we all agreed. I was relieved that the whole sandwich concept was at least delayed if not permanently avoided. We raced naked to my parent's master bathroom, dicks flapping and I got both shower heads going and set to warm. We climbed in and soaped each other up. It was nice clean fun with no emotions attached. We grabbed and groped a bit and waggled boners against one another. We were giggling like little kids. We had just latched onto each other's bones to complete the task. I began stroking Kirk's while Scotty did mine when I thought I heard something.

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