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Rock and a Hard Place

Chapter 18

By and © Hans Schrieber

Special thanks to my editors, Flip, Smallfox, Lisa and Pablo for their valuable assistance in making this story so much better.

Me Instead

After my mother was gone and I heard the garage door close, I righted the chair and climbed up on it. There next to the security system control units were two file boxes. I pulled both of them off the shelf in turn and set them on the bed. One of them was metal and had a lock on the clasp. It was labeled important documents. I assumed mom may have wanted something in there, but I had no idea what. I made up my mind to let dad know she had been in there snooping though. The other one was beige plastic and unlocked. I unsnapped the clasp and opened the lid. My eyes widened as I surveyed the contents. I just stared in complete surprise for a long while wondering what I should do. I reached in and pushed things around a bit to see what all was inside, scarcely daring to touch any of it. My heartbeat could be felt in my neck and my palms were sweating. At last, I shut the box and put them both back in place as close to how I remembered them being positioned as possible.

I replaced the chair to its proper spot next to the desk and slipped from my parents' bedroom. I went to the kitchen and pulled out a Cup of Noodles and boiled some water in a coffee mug in the microwave. My mind kept mulling over the things in the box, one item in particular. When the microwave dinged, I pulled the hot mug from it and poured the water into the Styrofoam soup container and let it steep. I wondered how late dad would be at the hospital. I pulled out my phone and sent him a text while I waited for the hot water to soften up the noodles and dehydrated chicken chunks. I explained that mom had gotten me from school and all was okay now. I asked how much longer he would be.

He replied that he would be one more hour. "That's enough time to ..." I thought, but quickly dismissed it. I shot back a text, "No worry, no hurry. May go running." I needed to clear my head a bit after the day and I also needed to shed that partial excess pound before Thursday's meet. But then I realized it didn't really matter since I was suspended.

I grabbed a spoon and a fork along with my noodles and headed up to my room for homework. I preferred the spoon for the juice and the fork for the noodles. It had been a while since I'd had this much homework because I missed school on Monday. I rarely brought homework home. I was usually able to listen to the lecture with one ear while I did my homework from the prior period in the following class. I started on English and studied the Iliad for a quiz coming up while I slurped my noodles. There was too much sodium in the noodles which causes water retention, but since I'd not eaten anything else all day, I figured I would be okay with it. Suspended or not, I couldn't stop thinking about my weight.

I had a hard time concentrating on the Iliad. I thought about the Greeks and their lifestyle. I thought about the pictures of vases and mosaics I'd seen of Greek men and their boys. Sometimes, I remembered the images of them wrestling and throwing the discus and running races in the nude. It all managed to bone me up and once I lost concentration, I had a hard time getting it back. I pushed back from my desk, peeled off my black ankle socks, pulled off my jeans and stripped the green Aeropostle t-shirt off over my head. My boxers twitched with each heartbeat. I watched with mild fascination for a minute then slipped them off as well. Little Rock was rock hard and begging for some attention. I fondled my large balls a bit and mentally struggled between the pressing need for sexual release and homework demands. Homework lost by a pin.

I felt my tender balls roll around inside the velvety skin of my scrotum. I isolated one of them and stretched the skin tightly over it by forming a ring with my pointer finger and thumb and then clasping it around the base of one testicle. I studied it up close. The little hair follicles on my sac created small nubs on the surface. I traced over the stretched surface with my other hand, tickling and caressing my nice sized nut. The red and purple blood vessels created a sporadic pattern like a street map of San Francisco or something over the surface of my stretched ball sac. Little Rock continued to beg for some petting. He was even drooling a bit.

I freed my trapped nut and swiped the dripping pre-cum off the tip of my dick. I licked my finger clean and thought again about the contents of the box in my parents' closet. I wondered if mom had been after something in that box or in the documents box. If she had gotten something out of the plastic box, I wondered what it could have been since she certainly left some interesting things behind. I looked at the clock. By the time dad got away and drove home, I calculated that I still had about forty-five minutes before he'd be home. I knew I wasn't going to get anything done until I satisfied my curiosity, so I relented and rushed downstairs. I stayed solidly erect the entire trip. Excited anticipation filled my thoughts.

I got the chair and climbed on it. I reached up and pulled the beige plastic container off the shelf and took it to my father's bed. Again, I opened it and peered inside. The first thing I took out was a flesh colored replica of a large, erect penis. It had a bulblike bulge at the end of it, a black plastic knob on the end, and even ribbed veins running lengthwise along its shaft. I twisted the knob and cried out in childlike delight as it sprang to life and began buzzing. I grabbed hold of the dick end and felt the vibrations course through my hand. I glanced at the other contents of the box, but decided there was only time for one exploration and barely time for that. I pulled a blue bottle labeled WET from the box and popped the cap. I smeared it over the vibrating dildo and some dripped onto my dad's bedspread. I made a "yikes" face and hurried to the bathroom. I grabbed a washcloth and a towel and returned to wipe up the small spill. Then, I spread the towel on the floor and plopped my ass down on it.

I twisted so I could look in the mirrored closet doors of my parents' closet. I jumped up and slid the door closed then moved the chair out of the way of my vision. I hoisted my legs in the air and spread them. The bottoms of my bare feet stared back at me in the mirror and I wiggled my toes to wave hello. I stared at my dangling balls and stiff dick then moved my gaze downward to the twitching pucker in the middle of my ass cheeks. I hesitated. I wondered if I was making a mistake. For one, dad could come home any second and catch me. The second thought to run through my fuzzy brain was my mom's voice admonishing me as a young boy not to put things in my mouth because I didn't know "where they had been." I started to wonder just where it had been. I quickly forced that thought out of my mind realizing I really didn't want to know or even speculate. On a completely different note, however, I thought about whether I should wait and do this with Scotty first. I thought it might be kind of cheating by sticking this thing up inside me before I let him do me. "Ah, hell," I thought, "I'll just consider it practice before the big meet."

I poured some more lube in the crack of my ass and rubbed it over my pucker hole. It felt nice touching it. I was desperate now for the dildo. I maneuvered it around the back of my right leg and pressed the big rubber tip to my hole and pushed. My natural reaction was to clench up and resist. I pulled it away and took a breath. I watched in the mirror as I practiced spreading my asshole open as if taking a dump. I'd never seen my asshole up close like this before. I noticed to my surprise that I had a few straggly hairs surrounding my pink rosebud. I winked at myself a few times to practice holding it open. Then, I placed the buzzing, rubber dickhead back to the entry and relaxed my hole, concentrating on holding it open while I pushed the impaling sex toy inward with determination. It made entry. "Houston," I said, "the capsule has docked with the space station."

It was a very unique experience having something moving in the opposite direction from normal in there. It was also fascinating to watch it happen in the mirror. I bump-humped my ass forward a little farther to get a closer look and also to rest my legs by pressing my bare feet against the cool, mirrored glass. It helped take the strain off of my ass cheek muscles from holding my feet up. I managed to stop the spasms that were trying hard to expel the invading dildo. I got my breathing under control and started the process of taking what felt like a reverse shit, going in instead of coming out. My mind couldn't accept it somehow at first, but my determined will won it over and I kept the pressure on. It hurt a bit and the skin around my pucker was getting drawn up into my ass, pulling my few little hairs. That didn't seem right. I felt like I had entered Scotty without so much resistance and I wondered what I was doing wrong.

I decided I probably needed more lube. I remembered Scotty had used quite a bit and had even put some up his ass using his finger. I reversed direction and my body quickly expelled the dildo without any real effort since that was the way those muscles were trained to perform. I pulled the rubber dick out from around my leg and held it near my nose and sniffed. It smelled oddly like a perfumed shithouse. The WET lube had a flowery smell to it and combined with the stink of my ass, it created a weird odor. It was one I'd never forget though. I took a second whiff and then set it on the towel. I poured a generous glob of lube in my crack and easily guided it inside my colon with my finger. My ass gladly welcomed such a small substitute for the large imitation dick that had just recently invaded it.

Before turning my attention back to the new toy, I had a clever idea. I jumped up and jogged to the garage entry door and locked both the handle and the deadbolt. My boner and balls bounced along the way reminding me of their presence. If dad came home, that would slow him down and give me added time for an escape. Then I trotted back to the bedroom in excited anticipation of the next step in my new adventure.

I added more lube to the toy and made a second attempt at entry. I glanced nervously at the clock. Even though it was a silent digital model, I swore I heard it ticking off the seconds in my ears. My own dick was as hard and firm as the imitation one that I was about to fuck myself with. I gave Little Rock a polite squeeze to let him know I hadn't forgotten him and would take care of his needs soon. I took a deep breath, forced my ring open and drove the rubber dildo inside. It probably went in a full two inches on the primary thrust. It was mildly painful but pleasurable at the same time. I was blowing out short bursts of air that were audible. "Huh, huh, huh," I breathed as I collected my wits. I swallowed and pushed. In it went further and further as I pressed on in determination to take it all. "OHHH FUCK!" I called out as I bottomed out against the bulbous end of the rubberized dick with my right hand, driving the firm shaft deeply into my bowels.

I lay paralyzed from the waist down as the large, vibrating cock sent shockwaves through my middle torso. I slowly released it and moved my hand away. I stared in rapt attention at the image in the mirror. My small feet pressed against the feet of the naked boy inside the mirror. He had strong, large calves and thick, powerful thighs like mine. I chuckled at the sight of the fleshy bulb capped with a black knob sticking up his ass. I could see it shoved up inside of him, but I could feel it vibrating up inside of me. I didn't know what to expect and the vibrating sensations within my bowels was much more subtle than I expected it to be. It was a gradual, but consistent buzz that teased me. It wasn't powerful enough to drive me into a frenzy like I expected it to be, but rather an erotic inner tickling like a million miniature feathers inside of me. Above the buzzing dildo, hung large balls and a dark red, blood engorged dick, oozing pre-cum. It was surreal, as though it wasn't really me and yet it was. Slowly, the expanded end of it began slipping free of my ass, and I had to reach around and push it back in place. The instinctive urge to be fucked overcame me and I began sliding the large, rubber cock in and out, slowly at first. I picked up the pace as my ass became ever more accepting of its presence. There was a spot, about ¾ of the way in that sent such powerful sensations through me, I jerked every time I passed over it, causing the closet door to rattle in its track.

I found a rhythm and established a prime distance of travel to maximize the internal fireworks and worked at it to find the optimal motion. After a less than a minute of doing this, a valve inside somewhere opened up and cum started flowing from my throbbing dick. Not just pre-cum, this was the real stuff, white and thick, gurgling out with each upward thrust over the magical spot within. My legs were shakin' and my heart was racin'. My eyes were bulging out and my teeth were clenched. At the pinnacle of the torturous sensations, I threw my head back against the carpeted floor and wrapped my left hand around my screaming, hard dick and squeezed him as hard as I could. I began careening up and down the stiff, hot rod, carelessly jerking the skin down painfully tight and then back up over the oozing head while I continued to pump in and out of my ass with the vibrating cock. My wrist was sore from the contorted position it had to be in to perform the fucking action, but I persevered.

"Ka-BOOM!" exploded the cannon as the most unbelievable cum of my entire life overtook me. The first shot cleared my stomach, chest and even my neck, splattering across my face. Immense chills coursed through my body from the tips of my toenails, clawing against the glass mirrored door, all the way up to the tips of the stubbly little hairs on my head. Two more powerful orgasmic shots blasted away and then I was done. I mean I was really done. I needed it out of my ass now and I mean RIGHT NOW! I grabbed the bulb-like end and jerked it free, dropping the still vibrating, rubber cock onto the towel beneath me. I lowered my feet to the ground and lay my head back panting as if I'd just sprinted a half mile. My mouth was dry and my ass was wet. I felt a little damp ooze slipping from it. A post orgasmic spasm shook my hips and caused my pucker to clench.

I stretched my legs straight and sat up. I stared at the vibrating source of my extraordinary orgasm lying between my legs on the towel. I reached down and turned it off, silencing the buzzing noise. It was covered in a brown pasty slime - a mixture of WET lube and my shit. I reached in with the washcloth and cleaned up my crack. I lifted it to my nose and breathed in the dour smell of anal masturbation. Then, I wiped the dripping cum from my face with a clean corner of it. I rubbed the rest of my spilled cum leisurely over my chest and abs and then over my shrinking dick and balls. I slipped a finger down my crack and pressed its tip into my ass. It felt nice as the pucker ring clenched over it. A small reminder of the recent episode and I gave a small involuntary shudder. Just as I was getting my breathing back to normal, I heard my father rattle the door handle. Since we never lock that door, I pictured his surprised face while he fished out his key.

"Holy shit!" I muttered aloud. I jumped up and grabbed the chair. I fumbled while I put it back in its place. I grabbed the washcloth and used it to handle the gooey dildo. I wasn't in panic mode yet, but I was on the verge. I initially planned to return the towel I'd been sitting on to the bathroom, but there was a stain on it. I held it to my nose and realized it smelled of my ass and cum and lube. Alternatively, I threw it over my shoulder, held the dildo in one hand with the washcloth and grabbed the toy box with the other hand. I was about to make my escape when I noticed two clear footprints on the mirror doors. "Oh Shit!" I exclaimed.

I dropped everything except the dildo. I grabbed the slimy, rubber cock in my empty left hand and used the washcloth to wipe away the footprints, but that only caused them to smear along with the added streaking of brownish-beige goo across the surface. Now I shifted into panic mode and I actually started to tear up. I grabbed the towel and frantically wiped at the mirrored door. I got it to the point of a mild smear that really could have been anything as I heard the door open into the hallway and then my name being called.

"Kyle! I'm home. Are you here?"

I stood there naked, vulnerable, and trapped. I thought about crawling under the bed, but the toy box would never fit. In desperation, I opened the closet door and climbed inside. I straddled mom's shoe rack and pushed her dress slacks and blouses to one side. I set the box on top of the shoes next to the towel, washcloth and gooey dildo. Then I slid the door closed, holding my breath. I knew I had to breathe as I heard my father enter the bedroom. I opened my mouth wide and breathed in slowly and steadily so as to make as little noise as possible. I was starting to tremble from staying in the uncomfortable, crouched position, perched over the rack of shoes.

To my horror, Dad slid open a closet door on the other end. My parents' closet spans the entire length of one wall. Dad got a quarter of it against the far wall by the window and mom took the rest. Light filtered into my hiding space and I held my breath once more. My father kicked one shoe and then the other into the closet and drew the door back closed, returning me to darkness. I breathed out in relief as quietly as I could. I knew I couldn't hold out staying in this squatting position much longer. Even as in shape as my legs were, I was reaching the limit of my ability to hold the awkward position. I lifted up ever so slightly to change the impact on the muscles and that caused a little stirring of the slacks hangers on the wooden rail. I expected the door to fly open at any second and for my Dad to scream at me.

To my relief, I heard his voice call out clearly outside his bedroom. "Kyle! You home?" I heard it again as he was going up the stairs. This was my chance to escape.

"Escape to where?" my mind asked. I had no clear answer to that. "The pantry!" I concluded, "I'll hide in the pantry until he goes to bed and then I'll sneak up to my room." It was a good plan. I slid the door open and used the light to gather my contraband. I just reached the hallway when I heard the refrigerator door open and then my father groan at the sight. The moldy land of forgotten groceries caused him to groan loudly and declare the need to clean it up. "But not tonight," he said aloud. "Time for a little sex play while Kyle's away."

I backed into the bedroom and peered around the doorpost as he walked out of the kitchen and toward the bedroom undoing and then removing his dress shirt. He rubbed his bare chest and flicked at his nipples. I scurried back to my hole in the corner of the closet and pushed the door back shut leaving just a small crack that I could peer out of. I pressed my back against the closet wall and peeked with one eye as my Dad entered the bedroom pulling his belt free of his pants. A nightmarish thought struck me that he might want the WET lube stuff for jacking. I watched with trepidation as the other end of the closet filled with light. Dad reached in and lifted the lid off his clothes hamper. I watched as the shirt and then his pants and socks tumbled into the hamper. Lastly, his white boxer shorts dropped in and the lid was replaced. After that, the door slid closed. I listened intently and waited, but there were only muffled, indistinguishable noises.

I felt a wave of relief fall over me as I heard the sound of his bedsprings and the sound of pillows being rearranged and fluffed up. My leg muscles couldn't hold out and I had to slip carefully down onto my mother's shoes. One of her damned four inch heels twisted and slipped up inside my ass crack. It was painful and weird feeling. The whole concept of it being up there creeped me out. "Ahh," my dad said out loud but to himself, "I should go lock the door so Kyle will have to ring the bell to get in, so I won't get caught." I almost laughed. I mean, I almost laughed out loud at the irony of it!

The bedsprings squeaked and I peered out as my old man walked past my narrow view, going out into the hallway with a raging boner. He returned quickly, still boned up and carrying two glasses of bourbon. The springs squeaked again as he settled into position and then he began talking as if to my mother, offering her a drink. He told her how much he missed her and pretended to kiss her lips. In a few minutes (I could tell he was rushing the foreplay), he said, "Oh baby, let me in, I need it bad." The bedsprings began screeching a raucous tune, and the headboard was thumping against the wall while he was grunting in time to the beat. To my shock, Little Rock boned back up from all the sexual noise.

"Now or never," I thought as I conjured up the previous images of him in the throes of imaginary intercourse. I knew he would be completely consumed in his desperate need to cum and I could possible escape unnoticed. Slowly, inch by inch I slid the door open. I peeked out and could see his naked ass humping his pillows. His head was buried in the top pillow. I carefully stepped out, retrieved the box, dildo, towel, and washcloth and slid the door mostly closed. I kept one eye on his thrashing body the whole time. Then, I crept quietly, yet quickly, out the door. I turned briefly (stupidly really) and watched as he cried out and thrust deeply into his pillow, spilling his seed into its silky softness. I smiled and saluted with the dildo and chased my quivering boner up to my room.

Quickly, I wiped the dildo as clean as I could and tossed it in the corner of my closet. I set the box in there along with the towel and washcloth, draped a sweatshirt over it, and then shut the door. I pulled on some sweats and quickly laced on my running shoes. I crept downstairs and out the back door. I ran to the street and sprinted up about three blocks and back to my front door. I purposely rattled the doorknob a couple of times as Dad would expect and then rang the doorbell.

My dad showed up in just a pair of boxers and opened it for me. He was extremely cheerful. "There you are. Did you enjoy your exercise?" he asked.

"Umm yeah. I sure did. It was sort of stimulating."

"Great. I was about do a load of wash before bed, why don't you leave me your sweats and I'll add them to the batch I'm starting."

"Okay. But, I'm going commando underneath, is that okay? I mean you said we weren't supposed to go naked around each other anymore."

"Really? You run like that? Doesn't it hurt your testicles bouncing around when you run?"

"Yeah, it wasn't really a good idea. I won't do it again."

"I'd think not." He watched as I kicked off my shoes, pulled my sweats off and handed them over. He took them and smiled. "Okay, I'll take your socks too," he said.

"Are you just trying to get me naked?" I teased. He just shook his head and smiled at me.

"Sorry old man, you're not my type." He gave me a playful shove.

I hopped about on each foot as I pulled my socks off and gave them to him. I bent over to pick up my shoes and he gave my bare ass a little slap. "Hey, what's that for?" I asked.

"No reason. That's for the next time you misbehave - one in the bank, so to speak. And here's another one for the time after that." He laughed and slapped my other cheek only a little harder.

"Okay that's it, war's on." He laughed and turned to run with his arms full of my clothes, but I grabbed his boxers and pulled them down past his knees before he could. He tripped and the clothes he was holding scattered. He grabbed his arm and cried out in serious agony. "Oh God, Dad, I'm sorry. You okay? What happened?" I knelt down next to him to see what I'd done to his arm.

He burst out laughing and tackled me. He was sitting on me and tickling me. I was giggling and thrashing around, pushing at his hands. I am so ticklish it makes me crazy. It didn't take me long to regain control over him and quickly throw a reversal. I was then on top of him pinning his hands to the floor. "Okay, you win. You win," he conceded. I realized then that his limp dick was actually pressed into the crack of my ass and I jumped up and away. Instinctively, I clamped my hand over my ass and backed away shaking my head and wagging my finger at him.

"You're crazy sometimes, you know that?"

"Yeah, but craziness is hereditary," he said. Then he continued in the same breath, "You inherit it from your children!" I laughed.

"Whatever, I got homework still. I'll kick your butt later." I ran off while he gathered up the clothes.

Dad came in and wished me goodnight. He was still in his boxers. I was still naked and just finishing up my math. "If you really want to go around the house naked, I'm okay with it," Dad said, "I'm going to stick to boxers though." Then he finally asked the question I'd expected all night. He sat on my bed and his fly drooped open enough to give me a view of his soft dick. I forced myself not to stare at it. "Tell me what happened at school."

I related the whole incident and he listened without interruption. I explained about the pictures of William and my confrontation with Tyler. I told him about the coach and Mrs. Matthews' conversation. I shared the panic I felt when he said he couldn't come get me and I thought I might have to go to juvenile hall. He looked sad over that part, but then I explained about mom and how she was so sweet in the office and so miserable and bitchy in the car. I started to tell him about the incident with the chair and the closet, but I caught myself, realizing he might go investigate and find the toy box missing. At the end of my story, he stood up and pulled me up off the chair. He embraced me firmly and said, "Kyle, I am so proud of you. You stood up for what's right even at your own peril. I'm sorry I left you hanging yesterday. Things are a disaster at the hospital. I have two senior physicians out at conferences and every bed filled. Don't worry about the outcome, you did the right thing and with the coach's actions, the school will try to keep this low key. I'll try to talk Mrs. Matthews out of the suspension when I take you to school in the morning."

At first, being held by him while I was completely nude and he was mostly nude, felt odd, but the sincere love he was expressing made me think of Scotty and his father and I let the social awkwardness of it melt away. I hugged back and said, "I love you so much, Dad. What would I ever do without you?"

"I love you too, Son." We parted and smiled and he went off to bed and I went off to pee and brush my teeth.

"What a day," I said as I set the alarm on the green eyed monster and slid my naked body between the silky sheets. "What a day!"

I woke up to the green eyed monster singing something about shakin' her ass on the dance floor. The exact song didn't register. I didn't mind getting up this morning, so I just patted the monster on the head and swung my legs out of the bed and planted my feet on the floor. I have to do that to avoid the risk of drifting back off to sleep. I sat there squeezing my eyes open and closed while regaining consciousness. My dick was limp and my bladder was full, so I walked leisurely to the bathroom and drained the snake. I shook off and washed up, splashing some water on my face. I turned my butt towards the mirror on the door and bent over. I spread my ass cheeks, peeked between my legs and inspected the circular doorway to my newly discovered funhouse. I smiled as I reflected on how close I'd come to getting caught the night before. Now that it was over, it was kind of cool. One day, I'd have to tell the story to Scotty and Kirk. If the time's ever right, I may even share it with my old man someday. I was sure they'd crack up laughing over it. William wouldn't get it though, so I wouldn't bother telling him. I wasn't fully out of the woods yet, though. I had to sneak the box back onto the closet shelf and get the towels washed and returned without being noticed.

Before launching into my morning run, I remembered the ice plant I'd been watering in the garage for a couple of days. I went into the garage and lifted the flat of tender young plants and grabbed a small garden shovel and a plastic cup. Carrying this load, I could only manage to walk briskly and when I reached the meeting place, Kirk and Scotty were just about to give up on me.

"What's that?" asked Kirk.

"It's called ice plant and I'm gonna plant it over Sam's grave." I explained. They both nodded approval and we power walked to the special spot. I knelt by Sam's resting place and had a brief, melancholy moment. Then I quickly dug 12 holes and placed a small plant in each hole. I watered each one with a cup full of water from the creek. I stashed the cup in the brush to use again for later and made my way to the log where Scotty and Kirk sat naked with their legs wrapped around each other, jerking each other off. I quickly shed my sweats, sprung an instant boner and stepped up next to the log between my two horny friends. I replaced Kirk's hand with my left hand and Scotty's hand with my right so that I was now jerking them both. Kirk grabbed my dick and started jacking me while Scotty reached around my hips and wiggled his fingers up my ass crack, pressing against my hole with his middle finger. I spread my legs slightly and pushed backward with my ass to open it up for better access.

Scotty pulled his hand free and slobbered some saliva on his finger then reached back in and pressed his middle digit into my hole up to about the second knuckle. I gasped and nearly buckled. I was jacking Kirk and Scotty in alternate rhythms while clenching Scotty's finger with my little brown ring. When I pulled Scotty's skin upward, I pulled Kirk's down and vice versa like dual pistons in some sort of well tuned masturbation machine. It didn't take long and all of our muscles were tensed up in rigid anticipation of a climax. Kirk jerked wildly, nearly falling off the log and sprayed Scotty with copious amounts of hot cum. He stopped pulling on me for a minute while he recuperated. I was about to beg for him to start back up when he did it on his own. I let go of his shrinking dick and scooped some of his cum off Scotty's belly and smeared it over Scotty's exposed head while I tugged his skin back. This unique stimulation caused him to pull away slightly in response to the intense and relentless provocation of his nerve endings.

"Ohhhhh!" he cried out as his tender dick exploded with its own healthy release of cum. As he climaxed, he shoved his finger deeper into me and I crested as he did that and splashed cum on both of their legs and hips. We all just stayed still for a bit regaining our breath. Kirk retrieved his cum rag from his pack and shared it with us. I dipped a corner of it in the cold creek and we used it to wipe up the sticky residue better. We knew we had to hustle to get back home and ready for school in time. Neither Kirk nor Scotty had heard about the incident at school with Tyler yet, so I didn't offer any information about it.

We didn't chat as we ran back home. We were pushing ourselves as fast as we could go. It took all our remaining energy just to keep up the pace. A simple wave was all we gave at the arrival to the paved road where we each split off in our separate directions. I managed a slight wave to the guard as he buzzed me through the gate.

I found my dad dropping most of the contents of the refrigerator into the trash can as I scurried past the kitchen and up the stairs, taking three at a step. I jumped in the shower and back out again in record time and pulled on my clothes. I grabbed the railings on either side of the stairs and swung my way down in three sets to the family room floor. "Let's go."

I told Dad about planting the ice plant over Sam's grave and he smiled at me. "That's nice," he said. "I was wondering where that came from and why it was in the garage."

"Dad, when I told Mom that I missed school because Sam had died, she didn't even act like she knew who Sam was. How messed up is that?" He just looked at me sadly, unable to fabricate even a lame excuse for her on that one.

At school, he parked and we walked into the office together. We met with Mrs. Matthews and Dad made a plea for clemency. "I'm sorry. I know you feel it's unfair to be suspended when you were trying to do something good. But we have a very strict zero tolerance, no fault policy for fighting and all participants get suspended, no matter who started it. If I don't adhere to it and make an exception, the policy loses its deterring effect. If it happens again, you just have to force yourself to walk away and report it." My shoulders slunk in reluctant acceptance of my fate. Her tone of voice was full of finality and my father didn't' bother to challenge it any further. We walked out of her office and I asked dad if he could wait for me in the car while I went to explain to my debate coach and to my wrestling coach. I felt like I needed to do it in person.

I went first to the gym and found Coach in his office. I knocked and he looked at me with surprised suspicion. "What brings you here at this hour?" he barked.

"I have some bad news." He just stared at me until I continued, "I got in a fight yesterday after school and I'm suspended from school and from wrestling for a week."

He stared at me again without any signal as to his thoughts. Finally, he spoke, "Tell me about the fight."

I went through the entire story and I even showed him the pictures on my phone. He became visibly angered by the images. He softened his expression and said softly, "Okay. You did the right thing in my mind. If this is all true, I have no problem with it. You will miss this week, but anyone can beat your opponent from William Taft. Stay on weight and keep working out at home."

"Yes sir. Thanks."

"Has Principal Matthews seen those pictures?" he asked.

"Yes sir."

"And what's the sentence that was pronounced on this Tyler kid?"

"Same as mine except twice as long because he argued with her over it."

"I see. Well I'm going to have a chat with the athletic director and Mrs. Matthews and see if we can lengthen that for him. This has to be dealt with severely and everyone needs to know this is unacceptable. I hate bullies."

I smiled broadly. "Thank you, Coach. So do I."

Next, I hustled over to Mrs. Jones' room and explained my problem to her. She was more concerned about my absence from the coming debate meet and decided to pair William up with Brenda. I thought how that might be a sort of silver lining for William in this whole mess. As I headed for the car, first period ended and the quad area filled with students changing classes. When people saw me, I got swarmed with curiosity seekers and I felt like a celebrity being pounced on by paparazzi. They all wondered why I was in school if I'd really been fighting and I explained that I was suspended but just had to tell a couple of things to my coaches. They wanted details. The rumors were wild including one version that I had put Tyler in the hospital in a coma.

More than a dozen students flashed copies of the pictures of William at me on their phones and expressed disgust over them. A couple seemed more amused than disgusted, but they pretended disdain for my sake. I started boiling all over again and excused myself, breaking away toward the office. I rushed into the office and insisted on seeing Mrs. Matthews. Her assistant took one look at my angry face then scurried off to find her. Mrs. Matthews had a "Now what?" look on her face as she approached the counter and waved me into her office.

"The pictures of William are all over campus. We have to get to William and tell him before he sees it. I hope it's not too late," I explained through angry breaths.

"I agree." She called to the desk and sent a runner to find William. Several minutes later, he walked into Mrs. Matthews' office and smiled broadly when he saw me, failing to read my expression. I reached out and we bumped knuckles. He sat next to me, and Mrs. Matthews gave me a look that said, "You tell him."

"William," I began, "I'm afraid that I have some bad news. I can't be your debate partner for today's meet. Yesterday, I got into a fight with a kid named Tyler on the baseball team. Since I got in the fight, I'm not allowed to go to the debate meet today."

William got suddenly distressed. This was not a good approach. He began breathing shallow gasps and he went rigid in his chair. I feared he was going to have a breakdown. "Why?"

"Because Tyler was at the bonfire on Saturday and the jerk took pictures of your privates and he's been sending them around to people at school."

"Yes, I am aware of this nasty indiscretion. I was unaware who had perpetrated this evil deed, however. But why are you disqualified from continuing as my debate partner? I want you to be my partner. We have engaged in significant preparation. This is my first week back to school and I strongly desire for you to be my partner."

"I know. I'm sorry. But because I fought with Tyler, I'm not allowed to be at school, participate in debate, wrestling, or any other activities, but just for this week. Wait! You know about the pictures being sent around?"

"Why?" he asked with a furrowed brow and ignoring my question.

"Why what, William?" I was a bit exasperated.

"Why did you fight with Tyler and lose privileges?" His voice raised an octave and was accusatory in tone.

"I told you; because he was sending around the pictures of your privates."

"Oh. You engaged in a physical confrontation because of me? You shouldn't have done that. That was poor judgment."

"Not because of you, it's not your fault. It was because of Tyler sending out those pictures. I was just trying to stop him, I didn't mean to get in a fight but that sort of just happened. If you knew those pictures were being sent around, why didn't you tell a teacher or Mrs. Matthews?"

He looked at me like I was from Mars. "For what purpose?"

"So they could stop it."

He broke into a smile and was very amused, straining not to laugh out loud. "Your experience with bullies is highly lacking. You are quite ignorant in these matters. Telling on them serves only to embolden them. It is much more effective to ignore and forgive their foolish and evil actions. Jesus said, 'Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you.'"

I stared at him in absolute amazement as did Mrs. Matthews. "Are you serious? You forgive him?"

"Yes," he said unemotionally. "I'm sorry you are receiving punishment on my account." Then looking at Mrs. Matthews, he said, "May I serve Kyle's punishment in his stead. I already missed numerous debate meets and Kyle has been partners with Brenda in my absence already. I feel that would be most beneficial to the team. Also, he must wrestle and I don't do that."

I jumped in before she could answer. "No, William. I'm not letting you do that."

"Bullies like to be 'told on' you know. It means they won. It gives them glory and recognition. Ignoring them strips away a portion of their power," William said to no one in particular, more as if he were talking to himself.

"But they still keep bullying you if you don't tell on them," I argued.

"Yes. But they amplify it if you divulge their behavior to persons of authority. Adults can only threaten the mean people, but they cannot protect the victim. If you are the victim then, it simply is what it is."

"Wow. That is so sad." William just shrugged in resignation.

"I suppose. Life is often sad. People you trust tell lies, dogs you love die, testicles get smashed and removed, bullies abuse the weak," he said, once again without much emotion. Then he looked back to Mrs. Matthews and asked, "So may I serve Kyle's punishment in his stead, please?"

"NO!" I asserted. "That isn't right. You didn't do anything. You're the victim."

"If I allowed that, there would be a long list of volunteers to serve suspensions just to avoid going to class, I'm afraid," she answered. "I'm afraid no one can take on someone else's punishment. It's not allowed."

"Mrs. Matthews, do you believe in Jesus?" William asked.

"Well, yes I do, but what has that to do with anything here?"

"Jesus took on YOUR punishment. Will you choose to ignore the truth of who the bully is and punish the disciple of truth and right? Will you simply wash your hands when you have the power to right the wrong? I am used to the pain; punish me and release Kyle. I don't want him to suffer because of me."

Mrs. Matthews stared at William and her toughness melted. She looked away and tapped nervously at the desk. The silence was broken by the tapping of my father on the glass of Principal Matthews' door. She waved him in.

"What's going on in here? Kyle I have been waiting for you in the car and I have to get to the hospital."

"Oh, Dad. Things got a little complicated and I forgot you were waiting. I'm sorry. We were just trying to warn William about the pictures of him going around school and then we got all involved in it, and I just forgot. I'm really sorry."

"I see. Well what's the resolution? He sat down in the third chair by the filing cabinet upon the wave of Mrs. Matthews' hand towards it.

"I have a reputation for never bending the rules. Rules are rules. However, I am inclined to think that there is no point in being an administrator if you cannot make reasonable exceptions to general rules when the situation calls for it. I am inclined to find an alternative solution in this instance. I think I have an idea. I am going to call the district office and clear it first, but regardless of that outcome, William has convinced me to waive the punishment towards you, Kyle. I suggest both of you hurry off to class now before I have to write you up for a tardy." Mrs. Matthews tried sounding all tough and firm but she gave us a wink.

She didn't have to ask twice. We thanked her with each retreating step until we were out of her door and in the hall. "YES!" I exclaimed. "Thank you, dude! You rock! You are the best debater in the entire world. You just took on Principal Matthews and won!" William just smiled, pleased at my overwhelming joy.

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