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Val 'n Tyne

by Hans Schreiber and Flip McHooter

Chapter 10

Warning! This story is a work of fiction written by a legal age adult. Any similarity between the fictional characters and any live person is purely coincidental. This story contains fictional descriptions of sexual activity between consenting minor youth. If you are under the age of 18, and/or if you are offended by this content, and/or if it is illegal in your jurisdiction to possess or read such material, please leave now and do not read this story as neither the internet host nor the author can be responsible for your actions. Please, always practice safe sex; no momentary thrill is worth your life.

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Special thanks to our editor, Pablo.

After breakfast with Noah's parents downstairs, which was more like a sex education class given by Zippy the Pinhead and Flo from those insurance commercials on TV, and after one more quick and sloppy make-out session with Noah up in his room, Nick left to go home and check in with his parents. He zoomed across Hartsdale in no time. As he got out of his Mustang and started to jog up the long walkway to the big double door entry of his parent's colonial style house in Hartsdale Highlands, he stopped dead in his tracks when he suddenly realized that he hadn't stopped smiling since he left Noah's place. He hadn't felt this happy in a long, long time. If Tyrell or Lukas or Evan or any other of his basketball buddies had kidded him last week that he'd be spending quality sexy-time with Noah, he would have punched them in the nose. But now he couldn't believe his good fortune. He was hot for Noah!

He slowed down and started to think of all the little things Noah did that attracted him. Noah was funny, that was a given, but he was also incredibly spontaneous and random. He was cute and sexy as all freakin' hell. The fact that he had no inhibitions or hang-ups over being sexy with a guy was way cool. If he'd tried doing the stuff they did with another jock type there would have been all kinds of issues involved in that, even if the jock was Val. With Noah, it was just easy and fun. Noah was smart, and even though he was outrageous at times, he was shy, too, and reflective. But that wasn't all. There was something else that he liked about him; he just couldn't quite put his finger on it. Just out of his reach, really, and something that his other partners, boys or girls, didn't possess. "Oh well," he thought, "I'll figure it out sometime."

He slammed the door shut behind him and then yelled out, "I'm home, people! Anybody here?"

As usual, no response. Saturday was just another workday for his 'rents and since the March primary elections were coming up soon, this was just something he'd have to get used to. He shuffled around downstairs looking for a note or something, but didn't find anything. He went through the big, empty house and on into the sleek, modern kitchen that his mother had insisted on getting last year, which, of course, she never used. He poked around inside the refrigerator. Nothing piqued his interest, so he shut the door and was about to head up to his room when he heard a noise that sounded like it was coming from the back door to the garage. He thought that was strange because he didn't hear the garage doors roll up. On high alert, he went around the corner and on into the laundry room that connected to the garage. Just as he was about to open the door to investigate, the door flew open with a loud bang!

There was Juanita, his parents' housekeeper, with a mop in one hand and a bucket in the other.

Startled at seeing Nick in the laundry room of all places, she let out a little shriek and dropped the bucket on her toe. "Ai, Nicolito, what you doing here mijo?" she almost screamed.

"I live here, remember?" he said with a chuckle. He loved the little lady like a mother. "I didn't think anyone was home. I didn't see your car out front. Where is that heap? You didn't wreck it again did you? Not like last time I hope."

"That peeese of sheet car! I tell the meester to fix it but all he ever do is drink tequila and seeet on his dirty chonies. Men! Now you! Si … you! You treat your girl right, mijo. You know what I say?" When she said this, she waggled a plump finger at him.

"Yes ma'am. If I get married. Here, give me that." Nick picked up the bucket and mop from the old woman and followed her into the kitchen.

"What you mean, eeff? You no have no babies like they do on my novellas on the tee-vee all the time. No jobs, no ring, no car, no 'tachments, no fights with the mamacitas. Just babies. Sheeet! Si, you weeel get married first, eeff I have my way."

"Believe me, I'm not getting anybody pregnant. That's already been drilled home," Nick said, thinking back to Mr. and Mrs. Silverstein's comments earlier about condoms. That made him smile. He was glad to have some people that cared about him – gay, straight, bi - whatever.

"You good boy. You do your girl right. Why you smile like that, mijo? You high on something?"

"No, of course not. No reason, just happy I guess. I had a really good time yesterday and this morning."

"Bueno! I like to see you like theese. Sometimes, I worry about you when you look so angry all the time. What you do today? Too nice day to be stuck in here with Juanita mopping floors. Where's your beeeg friend, Yawl?" She could never pronounce Val's name correctly and had given up a long time ago.

"He's fishing. He'll be back tonight. I think we're gonna do something when he gets home. Did Mom and Dad say when they'd be home?"

"No. They never say nothing. You know that. But I love you, mijo. Just test the Dona on your phone so she won't yell at me."


"Si, test. Clickity, clickity, clickity." She held out her palm and then wiggled her fingers on top as she said this. "That what you keeds do nowadays all the time when you not upstairs playing with your taquito." She smiled and winked.

"Yeah, that's right, but it's a chimichanga , not a taquito," he said, giggling, and a little shyly. He knew exactly what she was saying since she was the one that had to wash his sour-cream soaked chonies and had raised two boys of her own. If she wasn't embarrassed about it, then neither would he be. "So yeah, I'll text mom before I leave. Do you need a ride home?"

"No, I take a taxi. Then I beeel your mother!" She roared with laughter when she said that, and slapped the counter hard with her chubby fist. Nick couldn't help but laugh along with her. He knew his mom was, well, something else.

"Okay then. I'll see you later." He bent down and kissed her on the cheek.

"Bye Nicolito. You ees good boy. Juanita love you, mijo."

"Back atcha Juanita!" He wrapped his arms around her big shoulders and gave her a squeeze.

Nick bounded up the stairs two at a time, flew across his big room and landed on top of his messed up bed with a thunk. Apparently, Juanita hadn't been upstairs yet. She didn't pick up everything in his disaster of a room, but she did do his laundry and make his bed every day she was there. He fluffed up the pillows, settled in and sent a quick text to Val to see what was biting, and he wasn't surprised when he didn't get a response. Out of range, he figured. Then he decided that he wanted to do something with Noah. Surprisingly, he missed the pierced boy already. He missed him bad and not just for more sex. He actually wanted to hang with him. What they would do, exactly, he didn't have a clue. But what he did know was this: he wanted to be with him again, the sooner the better. He fired off a quick text, "Whatcha doin, dude? Wanna hang? Movie maybe? Wanna c u! Hugz."

It didn't take more than a couple of seconds for him to get a reply. But instead of a text, he got a pleading phone call. "Please, Nicky, please! Bail me out of here. I'm being interrogated by Benson and Stabler and they're about to really go off on me! Help!" Noah was talking quietly and Nick had to strain to hear him.

Nick laughed. One of the few things he did with his parents was watch Law and Order together. Since both of his parents were attorneys, they loved it and insisted that Nick sit with them whenever they were all home together for some family time. The togetherness consisted of being in the same room silently eating popcorn, but at least they were in the same room. Nick's job was to fast forward the DVR past the commercials. Nick clearly heard Noah's mom in the background say, "Oh behave, Woody, behave."

"Think of something we can do and I'll be there in ten to rescue you. See 'ya soon, dude!"

"Fabulous, cutie. Gotta go."

"Wow," Nick thought, "I've really got it bad for Noah." And then he had another curious thought, "Who the hell is Woody?"

Tyne stood there with his hand on the button of his jeans for a long moment staring into Val's eyes, which were full of anxious anticipation. Tyne felt the unyielding bulge beneath the fabric against his fingers. The fact that Val's penis hung limply over his big, droopy balls was not lost on Tyne. The exact meaning of it, however, was unclear. Did it mean that Val wasn't really turned on by him like he seemed to be confessing earlier? Or, did it mean that Val, at the moment, was in his caretaker role and just thinking about the practicality of getting the clothes dry? What would Val's reaction be to seeing Tyne boned up? Would it inspire Val to want to do something sexual or turn him off because of his size? If he did want to do some fooling around, because that's all it could ever be, Tyne knew there would be complications from it . If Val didn't want to do anything , the rejection would be crushing. This seemed like a turning point and although Tyne's dick definitely had the point, his brain wasn't sure which way to turn.

Finally, Tyne made his decision . "Go for it," he thought. H e authoritatively snapped the jeans open and jerked the zipper down. He pulled the pants down off his legs and stepped free of them. Tyne stood and glanced at his obvious erection shielded only by the wet, thin fabric of his white boxers. The red color of his engorged little cockhead bled through the opaque fabric where it pressed against it. He extended the legs of his jeans to Val who took them without comment and began to twist.

When as much water as possible was forced from the pants, Tyne tip-toed through the rocks to the small trees that surrounded the hot springs and hung them up to dry. Without hesitation, for fear of chickening out, Tyne stripped off his boxers, springing his small, rock-hard boner free. The cool mountain breeze felt strangely good on his exposed ass and sent a shiver up his spine. He had never been naked outdoors before and it felt refreshingly delicious. He wrung out the boxers and hung them up. Taking a deep breath, Tyne turned around and faced Val, exposing his private parts to the guy he had such a huge crush on. "What's life without a little risk?" he asked himself. His throat was tight and his heart was pounding in his chest.

He tip-toed back over to the edge of the hot spring, glancing up from his foot placements every couple of steps to see where Val's eyes were fixed. Not surprisingly, Val's gaze was concentrated on Tyne's solid erection. He was so hard, he could feel the beat of his heart in the tip of his dick. To Tyne's relief, Val wasn't laughing or even smirking. Val's expression was one of fascination and wonder, the way a child might examine a just opened gift. To Tyne's consternation, Val wasn't boning up from seeing him completely nude and fully erect. Did that mean he wasn't interested? Too small to keep? Just another sucker fish to pull the hook out of and discard? Had Val been fishing for a nice juicy trout? Or was he just scared of what he'd gotten himself into?

"That wasn't so hard, was it?" Val asked as Tyne approached. "See, it's cool when two guys can be comfortably naked together. No big deal, right?"

Tyne almost laughed. How could Val think this was comfortable? The last thing Tyne felt, was comfortable. He doubted he'd ever been more uncomfortable in his life except for when he was handed the flag off his father's coffin. He'd burst into tears in front of everyone that day, but had to continue standing there while the police captain finished his little generic speech.

"So are we going in or not? I'm freezing my balls off ," Tyne said. Looking down, he shrieked with the realization that his balls had actually almost disappeared, "Oh my God, they're gone! They really have frozen off." His ball sac had shriveled to the size of a large walnut.

Val slapped his thigh the same way Tyne had seen Val's father do at the dinner table and laughed out loud. " You're such a dork. Let's get in the water." Val chuckled again and turned to step into the natural, bubbling cauldron. Val stepped to the bottom and then sat down on the submerged rock ledge. Tyne watched as Val's large penis floated up and swayed back and forth with the motion of the bubbling spring. After a moment, Tyne stepped down onto the rock shelf and Val offered a hand to steady him as he stepped off the ledge to the sandy bottom. Once Tyne was all the way in and sitting down, he released his grip on Val's hand . But Val did not reciprocate. He continued to hold onto Tyne's hand.

"Dude, I love the soft feel of your hands. When you were stroking my body and my dick with them this morning, I couldn't believe how incredible it felt. Your soft touch against my skin drove me F'n wild. It felt way better than when Lizzy gave me the gay test behind the woodshop." Tyne's heart skipped a beat until Val released it and added, "Whoever you hook up with someday is going to love being caressed by your nice touch."

The word 'WHOEVER' screamed out repeatedly in Tyne's ears. 'Whoever' meant someone else, not Val. Tyne pulled free of Val's grasp. "I guess."

They fell into an awkward silence after that. Val sensed Tyne's annoyance but wasn't sure what had caused it. He thought he'd just complimented him. At length, Val asked Tyne, "Feels good doesn't it?"

"What does?"

"The hot water. The fresh air. Being naked out here in the wild. All of this."

"Oh, yeah it does."

There was more silence.

"What?" Val asked.

" What 'what'?"

"Why the sudden attitude? What pissed you off? Are you mad that I said your hands were soft?"


"Well, what then?"

"It's nothing," Tyne lied. "It's just I had a flashback of my dad's funeral and it got me sorta melancholy."

"Oh, sorry man. That must be really tough. Do you get those a lot?"

"Not so much anymore. I used to." They fell back into silence. Val lifted himself off the rock seat with his hands and scooted over next to Tyne. He put his arm over Tyne's shoulder and held him. Tyne pushed away and lifted Val's arm off his shoulder.

"What's wrong?"

Tyne stared into Val's eyes and asked very seriously. "Do you feel bad for me?"

"About losing your dad, you mean? Yeah, sure, why wouldn't I?

"So is that what this is all about? This is all just a pity party for the poor little gay orphan kid? I'm just one of your humanitarian aid projects?"

"Seriously, you think tha t? That's F'n F'd up."

"It is if it's true."

"I've told you that I like you. I want to be friends with you because you're so cool to hang with. You're funny and you're smart and you're fun. And up until now, you were drama free. Plus, you've put me under the spell of your gaydi farce, remember?"

Tyne looked away. It was an honest answer and now he felt foolish for making the accusation. He knew Val was trying to lighten the mood with the gaydi joke, but Tyne wasn't in the mood to laugh. "I'm sorry. I'm just sort of confused by all of this. I never dreamed in my fucking, wildest wet dream s , that I would ever be sitting naked in a hot spring in the mountains next to you. Then all that sexy talk back by the lake confused me. Plus getting naked in front of you and showing off my boner … well, it's just messing with my head. Look, I really screwed up by taking advantage of you sleeping this morning. That started this whole mess. Sex fucks up friendships. I knew that, but I did it anyway. I just … I just don't know what I'm supposed to think or do now."

Val smiled, then he grinned , and then grinned even more broadly. God, he was adorable. Tyne looked at his grinning mug and put both hands up so as to question what he was grinning at. Val grinned even wider still and said, "You're a hot stinkin' mess, you know that? If I got naked in a hot tub on the first date with a chick, I'd call it a rousing success. I told you I'm not gay, but that doesn't mean I can't like you for who you are. Apparently, it also doesn't mean that I can't be sexually enticed by you. I'm just as F'n confused by that part as you are. Let's just drop any expectations, all right? Whatever happened happened. Whatever happens, happens. No matter what, though, we stay friends. Deal?" Val said, holding out his big hand.

Tyne smiled back and his beautiful blue-green eyes lit up. He reached up his hand to give Val their special handshake. Then Val moved back over to the left and put his arm around Tyne's neck again, this time without any resistance. Tyne cautiously rested his hand on Val's large, muscular thigh . Tyne's erection had subsided during the earlier exchange. But ever so slowly, both of their dicks stopped waving in the water and stood rigidly in place.

"Have you ever been kissed before?" Val blurted, out of the blue.

"Sure," Tyne answered . "Of course I have. Who hasn't?"

"I mean a real kiss - n ot a mom or grandma kiss."

"Oh, well then, no."

"You want to?"

"Sure. That's another one of those dumb questions I said there was no such thing as. I imagine all the time what my first kiss will be like."

"I mean now. Do you want to kiss me?"

Tyne felt his face flush. "Are you serious?"

"Yeah. I've been wondering how it might be different from kissing a girl. Like an experiment."

" Oh. So now I'm a science fair project instead of a pity project?" Tyne said it with an attempted sarcasm but he couldn't quite pull it off.

"Don't start that shit again, young man."

"Hehe. Okay, I won't. But are you serious about kissing me?"

"Hell yeah! Only if you want to." Tyne just shrugged. He definitely wanted to, but only if Val really wanted to. This was moving into some seriously dangerous territory. Val leaned down and in towards Tyne, who after the briefest hesitation, rotated toward him. Tyne reached up and gripped Val's large bicep with his free hand and slightly squeezed Val's strong thigh he'd been holding with the other hand. Val reached across Tyne's body with his hand and gripped Tyne's narrow waist. Slowly, they moved their lips together. The instant the y brushed against each other's lips, Tyne and Val both closed their eyes and concentrated on the electrifying sensation. They both thought it felt fantastic and wanted more, in spite of the strangeness of it for Val and the newness of it for Tyne!

It was so much better than Tyne ever thought possible in his wildest, horniest, freakiest dreams. Tyne wondered how many times he'd kissed his pillow imagining it was Val and was overwhelmed by the actual experience. Oh yeah! It was awesome. More than awesome, it was totally, F'n awesome, as Val would say. It was 'super-duper freakin' monumental', Tyne would say. He pulled away for just a second, just to make sure this sexy thing going on between him and this hot basketball jock was really happening and that Val was onboard with everything that they were doing. He could see out of the corner of his eye that Val was looking at him and had a shit eating grin spreading out across his cute-ass mug. "Oh hell yeah!" Tyne thought to himself. "F'n monumental!" Tyne's rock-hard little cock twitched again as he dove back into Val's face and this time he wasn't going to take any prisoners. If this hot guy was serving up his lips to him, well, holy shit, he was going to take full advantage of it!

For the next few minutes they did some serious face sucking and sampling of each other's lips. Val, usually the aggressor, was totally enjoying this new experience of his cute little friend taking charge, so he parted his mouth slightly to encourage Tyne's hot, probing tongue to slide inside and take total control. They had a couple of super-hot, tongue duels that really got them both excited, causing both of the guys to start leaking their super sexy boy juice, spilling from the tips of their hot and horny dicks that they loved playing with so much. Val smiled to himself as he sensed Tyne's inner animal taking over control of his actions, overpowering his inhibited and cautious nature.

Then Tyne moved up and around in the hot, clear water and positioned himself directly on top of Val's rock hard body so that their hard dicks pressed together and rubbed against the other one in synchronized time to the tongue thrusting action that was going on up above. Tyne ignored the minor discomfort of the rock shelf on his knees as he straddled Val's waist and thighs.

Val hesitated and stiffened a bit at the experience of rubbing cocks, but then he told himself to relax and wrapped his big, strong arms around Tyne's lower back, just above his ass, and pulled Tyne in even closer against him. Tight and close. Hard and snug. Like a giant man-sized puzzle. They were like a big solid puzzle piece of the sky linking to a smaller piece of a green meadow. Each piece very different, yet sharing just enough of each other's qualities to fit nicely together.

Both guys' dicks were surrounded now in the liquid warmth of the clear, hot spring water, and hotter still, in the burning energy that their teen bodies were generating from their loins. Finally, after kissing for what seemed like hours, Val had to take a break. "It's getting too hot in here. My head's pounding and I'm gonna cum if we keep this up much longer."

"I know. Me too. But I don't really want to stop," Tyne said. "This is like Fantasyland at Dicksneyland. My dick is throbbing like crazy. But we can't cum in the hot spring, can we? That would be illegal, wouldn't it?"

"What the F are you talking about? Why can't we cum in here?"

"Because of that six degrees of mountain cleanliness thing you were telling me about earlier. If you aren't supposed to pee in the lake, then you sure as hell can't cum in the hot spring. You might fertilize the lady trout's eggs and then what would happen to our eco-system? Freakin' fish with humongous dicks instead of sperm holes that excel at basketball? I think not."

That made Val bust up laughing. In fact, he would have pissed his pants – if he was wearing any! He threw two giant handfuls of hot water on Tyne's pretty blond hair, messing it up and leaving it dripping down his face. "You're such a doodle head, as my mom would say. It's not six degrees, dumbass. It's seven principles of the 'Leave No Trace' guidelines. And besides, you, of all eggheaded nerds, should know that cross-pollination doesn't work with humans and animals. Even I know that. Otherwise, Wyoming would be the most populated state in the nation."

"Whatever. Six of this or seven of that - who the hell cares?" Tyne said, not really paying attention. He had other things on his mind. "This is so hot, you and me! And you kiss so good. The real thing is so much better than any of my fantasies about it. As long as I get to keep kissing with you, I really don't care what happens to the trout or the ecosystem."

"Well you might if that's all you had to eat. Think of the poor bears. And when it comes to kissing I'm not all that. Not really. Lizzy complained that I wasn't all that good at it. But you! Oh my god. You kiss so F'n great! You're way better than all the girls I've kissed with. Your lips are so velvety soft like your hands," Val said, stepping out of the hot springs and sitting up on the edge of the rocks. His cock was still rock hard and was sticking straight up, almost so vertical that it was poking him in his belly button.

Tyne looked at the big teen with a huge, shit-eating grin. Looking at that beautiful piece of man meat gave Tyne a crazy idea. "Since you wanted me to kiss you, and I did, now it's your turn to do something for me," he said slowly.

"Uh-oh." Val imagined Tyne was about to ask for a BJ and he had worried about that. He didn't think he could put another guy's dick in his mouth. "Oh hell no! Well, maybe. It all depends on what you got in mind. Shit. What the hell did I get myself into here? Okay, tell me. What do you have in mind, Little One?" Val asked quietly. Secretly, once he processed the question, he was totally turned on by the idea of taking things a little bit further and couldn't wait to hear what Tyne had in mind. His hard cock throbbed even harder.

"You told me that sometimes you suck on your own dick. I want to see you do that. I bet it looks freakin' hot when you do that! Shoot off in your mouth and everything. I so wish I could do that. Lord knows I've tried. I just can't get it to reach into my mouth. And by the way, what's up with that 'Little One' crack? Maybe I should call you Big One!"

"Dude, I didn't mean it in a rude way. I love your little package. It's F'n cute. It sorta reminds me of mine when I was just learning about jacking off. It's kinda hot looking because of that."

"Well in that case, I guess I kind of like having you call me 'Little One'. Anything that gets you hot for me is a good thing, I guess."

"But I'm not sure I like 'Big One'. Come up with something else, okay?"

"Okay, I'll think of something. But you didn't answer my question: what about sucking that big one dancing around there between your thighs ?"

"Yeah, I can do that for you. You can do it too – it just takes a little practice. Yoga or stretching exercises, from what I've read online, seems to help. Ask your Sensei – he might know. Those Asians can do anything. My family went to this Chinese circus once and this guy twisted himself into an F'n pretzel. You don't have to have a big dick like me, just a flexible back. Work on it a couple times a day and see what happens."

"Oh sure, I'll just ask my Sensei for suggestions on how to suck my own dick. Will you visit me in the hospital after I do? How about you just show me how you do it, I bet it's so hot to watch."

I don't know if it looks hot or anything 'cause I can't see myself do it. I mean, I just know it feels good. And don't laugh, but my cum doesn't taste all that bad either. Depends on what I've been eating, though. Fruit juice seems to make it sweeter but broccoli and spinach make it kinda nasty. Okay then, watch and learn, Little One." Val was glad that Tyne liked his new nickname because he liked that name for him, too.

Val scooted his butt back a little more on the cold granite rock he was sitting on, and then leaned forward, all the way forward, like a crazy fleshy pretzel, or Chinese acrobat, and slowly took the head of his hard, throbbing cock into his open mouth. It was difficult for him to concentrate on what he was doing because he was so turned on by putting on this little piece of performance art for his new friend. The idea of being watched was super hot to him in some weird way.

His hard cock was bulging like crazy and it was all he could do to keep his quivering cock straight up and inside his mouth. But after he got into it, he realized that for some strange reason, he was beginning to get more than just the big, fat, pink head in between his lips like he normally did . Yeah, he was able to get maybe an inch or so of his shaft in! Wow. Maybe he should make a porno! He briefly wondered what kind of coin he could make by doing one. And surprisingly, his dick was leaking tons of pre-cum – something that he never really did that much when he sucked on himself. When he recognized this, he lapped it up like a parched puppy dog starving for water. For a second, he kinda wished he could share it with Tyne in a big, wet, deep kiss. He knew the Little One would take it and love it. Then he thought that maybe he could even get a little taste of Tyne's jizz later on just to see what it tasted like and compare to his. That thought made his already hard cock beat with pleasure.

For Tynes's part, he just stood there in complete and utter amazement. He couldn't believe that this hot jock was really going down on his own beautiful, hard and throbbing dick right in front of him! Naked for the whole freakin' world to see! He made sure that he took a series of mental pictures of this and filed them away into the deep trenches of his mind for later use. He thought he would probably jack-off a million times over this scene. Probably to the day he died or until his dick dried up and fell off. He would never tell anyone about this, of course, not even Noah, but he wanted to make sure that he never forgot this hot scene unfolding around him: A super-hot basketball jock bent over and sucking on his huge and throbbing cock out here in the wilderness at his request. Who would have thought?

Tyne couldn't just stand there watching it happen, and since he had already got Val off earlier that morning, he once again abandoned his inhibitions and just decided, "Fuck it." He didn't hesitate for another second and bent down to start licking up and down on his friend's hard shaft, going from his big, droopy balls all the way up to where Val's hard cock met up with his lips. Val seemed to like this and silently egged him on by spreading his legs a bit wider. Tyne was relieved by the reaction. Val was bobbing up and down on his own meat while Tyne got in there and licked up and down the rest of his exposed and pulsating shaft, getting it good and wet. Totally, sloppy, slimy fish wet. Then he switched up and sucked on Val's big, low hanging fruit. Every time he went from his balls up to the top, he'd meet Val's lips and try to suck on the jock's hot rod in unison with Val's lips. Tyne even thought he tasted a little bit of Val's leaking pre-cum. It tasted freakin' delicious!

Tyne stopped and sat back for a minute to get another good, close-up look at what Val was doing to his rock-hard boner. He was so jealous that he could suck himself off, but mostly he was in total awe of Val doing it in front of him. This was way better than any of the porno's he'd seen on the internet. He'd pay a million dollars to see this for real – if he had the money! Val had wrapped one of his big paws around the creamy shaft and was starting to stroke the exposed tingling flesh up and down in time with his sucking action. Tyne could tell he was getting really horny now, because his big-ass, droopy balls lifted off the rock ledge and started to pull up tight next to his body.

Tyne wanted a chance of tasting Val's hot load, so he snuggled back in there to help Val get off. With a free hand, Tyne held Val's hard balls tightly in the palm of his hand. In no time, Val groaned and his whole body became as rigid as the granite stone he was sitting on and immediately his balls let loose with his pent-up emission, causing his whole body to shake and shudder. Tyne was able to suck up the last few drips and drabs of the load that leaked out of the side of Val's mouth. It was just as good then as it was earlier that morning in Val's bed. Tyne savored the flavor and made another mental picture in his head, this time with a tasty file to go with it. Tyne thought Val's cum tasted like the wine they'd been drinking for lunch.

Val kept his dick in his mouth until it was soft and he was so spent that he couldn't take it anymore. He let go of his dripping cock and sat back on his elbows, his puffy cock slapping down hard on the cool rock, and a little blop of cum running down the side of his chin and glistening in the dappled sunlight. Tyne just stood there and grinned up at him. Val grinned back, and then winked. Then he reached out for Tyne, grabbed him by his shoulders and pulled him in tight. He moved down towards Tyne's face, locked lips again with his Little One and shared the last few remnants of his hot load. Tyne was pleasantly shocked and a bit stunned. But then he came to and licked up the remnants of his friend's fresh orgasm off his chin.

Once they broke free, Tyne said, "That was freakin' amazing. I know you told me you could do it. I just didn't think you would in front of me. That was so super-hot! Look at my boner! I'm so hard I think I might blow hands free any second now. I still can't believe I just witnessed that."

"Wow. I swear your cock got way F'n bigger all of a sudden. Think it's from licking up my dripping cum? Maybe you need to chow down on my protein shake a little more often."

"You wish," Tyne said with a giggle. Secretly he was hoping he could do that to Val every day. And if his dick got larger from it, so much the better. "Hey, maybe we should do some research on that, now I think about it. If it really does work, we can bottle your jizz and have Noah sell it at Whole Paycheck. We'll get rich. We'll call it 'Large Trout Juice'."

"I'm not sure that I can make that much Trout Juice. We'll just save that for us, okay? Just our own special sauce!"

"Awesome. I love it. Hey! That's what I'm going to call you. Trout Juice! Any objections to that?"

"Okay Little One. You got me there. Got me good actually," Val chuckled. " Damn, that was so F'n hot when you started licking me. I never thought I'd like doing something like that. And you watching me suck myself off, holy shit that got me hot. It was epic!" Val scooted back a little further on the rock ledge, but kept his big feet dangling in the hot water. "Come up here and sit between my legs. I'm guessing you'd probably like me to suck you off, and maybe sometime I might do that for you, but I don't think I'm really up for it yet. For now, how about letting me just jack you off, okay?"

"Sure! You don't have to ask me twice. I'll take whatever I can get." Tyne turned around and hoisted himself up and in between Val's big meaty legs. He leaned back into the hot jock, let out a big sigh, and practically melted into Val like butter on a Thanksgiving roll. It was like being on the quad together with Val behind him. Only this time, it involved the most exciting thing he could have between his legs instead of the second most exciting thing.

"Like this, huh?"

"Yeah. This is freakin' heaven. But you gotta hurry and jack me off. I don't think I can stand it for very much longer. My balls are aching like crazy."

"Okay Little One," Val said in a husky voice. He wrapped his strong arms around the smaller naked teen, his hairy armpits tickling the side of Tyne's creamy-colored chest. With one hand, he cupped the boy's small balls, and with the other, he started to slowly stroke Tyne's super-rigid cock. There was a blurp of pre-jizz bubbling out of the tip and Val used his fat thumb to smear it all around the deep red head. Nature's lube , he thought to himself.

Val could hardly believe he had his hands on another boy's privates. This was not something he'd ever imagined doing, yet with Tyne, it felt quite natural. He loved the feeling of his friend's balls rolling around in the silky soft sac. The softness of the skin covering Tyne's rigid boner was fascinating. In spite of having just spewed his trout juice, Val achieved another erection.

Tyne was in heaven, totally relaxed and wrapped up in the bigger teen's naked body. It thrilled him that Val had boned up again and Val's hard member felt great against his back . That had to be a good sign. He felt so safe and secure, and so freakin' horny! He wasn't going to last very long like he was and he just knew he was about to blow the biggest load of his life. He tried to concentrate on all of the new and various sensations going on around him – the hot spring water his feet were in, Val's big muscular body enveloping him, being naked out in the open, all of nature's different smells mixing with Val's musk – there was almost too much. All he could really do was focus on his electrified cock as he got ready to blow. Suddenly, the telltale signs of impending orgasm unfolded, but he was on sensory overload now and couldn't even cry out to tell Val.

For Val's part, he was totally transfixed on getting his little friend off. He felt powerful in a sense, almost like having someone's life in his hands, but more importantly, he was totally excited to be able to bring this amount of pleasure and joy to someone he really liked. Val loved making others happy and this was like the ultimate way of doing that. Before he could really think about it anymore, he felt Tyne tense up and push back into him. Tyne's little balls retracted further and his cock got harder still, if that was even possible. Then suddenly, Tyne let out a little yelp just as four or five quick jets of supercharged, hot, boy sperm erupted out of his quivering dick and covered his tight stomach and Val's muscular arms. Val continued stroking the Little One's delicate boner, preventing it from deflating too quickly.

"Stop, stop. It's too sensitive," Tyne cried out. "Let go! Oh my God, that was gargantuan. I can't believe what I've been missing. That's so much better than just doing yourself."

"I know, huh? And it tastes pretty good, too," Val said, licking off a dollop of Tyne's cum that had landed on his hand. "Here, try some." He offered up a string of hot cum off of his flexed forearm where that shot had landed. He fed it to the satiated boy cradled in his arms and Tyne hungrily licked up every drop. "It must be that bull cum and strawberries you ate for lunch that made it so sweet."

"Yeah, maybe. It's not bad at all. But yours tastes better, probably from all the wine you drank. Thanks Trout Juice, for doing this for me. Well, not just this, but, well, for this whole day. I really appreciate it. You don't even know how much."

"No problem, Little One. I've enjoyed it just as much as you have." Both boys were quiet, happily snuggled up and soaking their feet in the water and enjoying their new-found friendship. They were comfortable together. Comfortable in their nakedness and in their friendship. Tyne's subconscious kept trying to worm its way in and try to scare him, but he refused to let it enter his mind. He liked how he was feeling way too much to ruin it. Val had said, 'whatever happens, happens' and damn, had it ever happened.

"Nick was right, as bad as I hate to admit it," Val said after a long period of reflection.

"About what?"

"Gay or straight, that was F'n bitchin' to do together."

"Yeah, it was the best. I wonder what's been going on with Nick and Noah? What do you think they've been up to?" Tyne wondered out loud.

"I'm not sure, but I'm not sure I really want to think about it either."

"I bet they didn't make-up cool nicknames like us."

"Yeah, I doubt it, Little One."

"Me too, TJ."

They both chuckled as Tyne slid forward and dropped into the hot water again to wash off the cummy residue. Val followed him in. Val helped rub Tyne's chest clean and then leaned in for one last taste of Tyne's soft lips . They were so soft and sweet.

Nick texted his Mom and told her that he was home, but that he was going back out again. She sent him a short, curt reply that only said "Sure, have fun and behave." Then he washed his face and brushed his teeth, changed his clothes and flew down the stairs and out of the house. Jumping back in his fast car, he roared down the quiet streets of the Hartsdale Highlands development and headed back to Noah's house. At the stop light at the bottom of the hill, he took a second to flip through his pre-set buttons on his killer stereo.

The first song that came on, he cranked up and started to sing along with. It was a new one called Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepson. He had to giggle because she was hot, but the guy mowing the lawn in the video was way hotter! And he loved how that video ended. He'd never in his wildest freakin' dreams thought he'd ever be singing to this song. But now it had a new meaning for him and it made him think of Noah and his dancing last night. His hot little boytoy! Let's mow the freakin' lawn, dude!

The light turned green just as a new Rihanna song came on. He didn't really like her all that much. So he punched another button and this time he heard one of his mom's favorite old-school songs. It was one that she played on her CD in her Audi years ago when she took him to first grade while she went off to law school. He never paid all that much attention to it, but she loved it, singing at the top of her lungs and making him cringe and sink down in his seat. He thought she was such a dork. But today, instantly he got it. The whole, fucking, true meaning of that song. It was a song called Truly Madly Deeply by Savage Garden and the words came streaming out of his head as he sang along:

I want to stand with you on a mountain,

I want to bathe with you in the sea,

I want to lay like this forever,

Until the sky falls down on me.

He was daydreaming of him and Noah washing up on the beach of some deserted tropic island when a stinking, loud, Nissan Pulsar with missing hubcaps pulled up next to him.

"Hey, Faggot! Wake the fucking hell up! What the fuck are you doing? Singing along with a bunch of queers? Fucking figures, dumb-ass mother fucker! Or should I say father fucker?" It was Lukas, and he had just pulled up alongside of Nick's Mustang. Nick had the windows down and hadn't paid any attention to what was going on around him when the signal turned green.

Horns started honking at both of them, since both lanes were now blocked. Nick looked over at Lukas and yelled, "Nice ride, asshole. You save up all your money from blowjobs in the park bathrooms to buy it?" Nick flashed Lukas a defiant middle finger and punched the throttle. The headers and dual exhaust let out a deep throated roar as the Mustang's rear tires broke traction, leaving Lukas in a cloud of smoke that smelled of burning rubber. Nick laughed to himself over what a pathetic loser Lukas was.

He was ten minutes late pulling into Noah's house over on Cloverdale and Noah was standing out front on the sidewalk, pacing back and forth. Noah was nattily attired in dark skinny jeans, a blue shirt and a bolo tie. He had his favorite hat on but surprisingly, he was again sans piercings. Nick thought he looked hot.

"What took you so long? I could have died in there," Noah deadpanned, tracing a finger across his throat like he was getting slashed. Then his tenor changed and he softly said, "Hey, I missed you, Nicky," and he gave Nick a sly smile as he slipped into the Mustang's passenger seat.

Nick looked all around to make sure no one was watching, then leaned over and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. "Me too, hot stuff. You look great. I could fucking eat you up right here! Damn you get me horny! Where to, handsome?"

Noah settled in and started to fidget all around in his leather seat. No one had ever called him handsome before. "Well, I had a couple of ideas. I figured we should stay away from the mall 'cause I don't feel like getting down and dirty when I have to take someone out defending your honor. Soooo, since you like basketball and sports so much, and since I like art and design, I thought we could go to this gallery at The Commons and check out their LeRoy Neiman exhibit. What do you think?"

"Brilliant! I don't know who the fuck LeRoy is, but if it's about basketball, I'm down with that."

"LeRoy Neiman is an artist and he's done this whole collection on basketball players ."

"Okay. Sounds cool. I don't know shit about art, but I can explain who the athletes are and you can explain how all the colors work and go together and all that other stuff that goes with it. Between you and me, I actually like to draw. Just pen and ink, really. Maybe it will give me some inspiration. I haven't felt like drawing lately."

"Why not?"

"You know, all the shit that's been going on at school. Hey," he said, changing the subject. "Who's Woody? I heard you're mom call somebody Woody."

"You heard that, huh?" Noah twisted around in his seat and Nick wondered if he was going to tell him or not. "Oh, all right! But it's a long story. When I was little, I shared a bedroom with Booby before my parents remodeled the house and added a few new rooms. He used to make fun of me because I liked to play with Woody. You know, Woody the action figure from Toy Story? I dragged Woody with me everywhere. I thought he was cute. I even slept with my Woody."

Nick chuckled.

"I know. Shut the hell up 'til I finish. Anyway, Booby used to go around and tell all his friends that I played with my Woody all the time. They thought that was hilarious and would kid me about it when they came over. Then one night I woke up and I could see Booby in his bed playing with his dick. He had his PJ's pulled down around his knees and he was stroking on his stiff little dick like a crazy mad man. I could see because we had a night light on. I was scared of the dark way back then – still am kind of, to be honest."

"Gotcha by golly," Nick said , impersonating Woody's voice from the movie. He instantly felt like a dork for saying that. But Noah didn't seem to mind and just sort of smiled with no teasing.

"So he was pounding away and grunting like a pig. I was totally shocked when he shot his load because he never wet his bed like I did back then and it sounded and looked like it hurt really bad. Hell, I'd never pee on myself awake like that! Anyway, I got scared because he sounded like he was going to die and was all gasping for breath. But then he seemed okay afterwards and went to sleep after he wiped the pee off with a sock. I couldn't go back to sleep, because I was scared he was sick or something. So I went down the hall to tell my mom, but Sissy was still awake in her room doing her homework and when she saw me in the hallway and saw that I was crying, she picked me up and took me to the kitchen. She thought I'd had a bad dream and she decided to make me some warm milk to calm me down. You'd like her; she's a sweetie."

"Okay, sure. So what happened next?" Nick sat there riveted to Noah's story.

"Well, when I told her what I saw Booby doing with his dick, she started laughing. Really laughing! I don't know why, but her laughing like that over Booby being sick scared me and I started to cry again. I mean, c'mon. I was just a little kid and my parents hadn't started to talk about all the sex stuff to me yet. And now Sissy was freaking out on me! We were making so much noise, her laughing and me crying, that my mom and dad came running out of their room half-dressed to see what all the noise was about. That made Sissy laugh even louder. Then Booby came out sleepy, in his droopy, cum-stained PJ's. When I saw that he was okay, I ran over and hugged him. I kept saying, 'You're alive, you're alive', like in that Frankenstein movie. That really did it. Sissy fell on the floor in total hysterics while my parents were just standing there looking at all three of us kids wondering what the fuck was going on. Like, who gave us the spiked Kool-Aid or something. Sissy must have been on her period or something, too, because she was gone. Really gone. I'd never seen her act like that before."

"What was Booby doing? Did he have a clue yet?"

"I don't think so. I know he was wondering why I was clinging to him and wouldn't let go. So anyway, Sissy finally got up and whispered to Mom what I had seen Booby doing. She tried really hard not to laugh, but she couldn't help herself and started laughing too. That got Sissy going again and it was like 10 minutes before they finally stopped."

"Oh my God, your family is so funny."

"I know. Once they stopped laughing, my dad and mom talked quietly and then my dad took me and Booby back to bed. That was the first time he talked about sex with me. I was dumbfounded to say the least when he told me what Booby was doing and that someday I'd do that too. Then I felt bad for Booby because he was doing what came natural and was supposed to be private and I'd let everyone find out. I begged my dad not to get him in trouble, but he said the only one who should be in trouble would be Sissy, because he said it wasn't really funny and she shouldn't have been laughing."

"Did she get in trouble?"

"Nah. My parents aren't really the punishment types. They just talk us to death, as you well know."

"Did Booby get mad or beat you up over it?"

"No, he was cool about it, too. He caught me peeking a few times after that and said it was okay if I wanted to watch him do it. So anyway, enough mind warping, childhood trauma, let's get this show on the road!"

"Okay, Woody," Nick said with a big smile. "I like that name. It suits you somehow."

"Do you have a nickname?"

"No, not really. Our housekeeper calls me Nicolito sometimes."

"That's cute," Noah said. "But I like Nicky better. Can I call you that?"

"Sure! I like when you say that. Umm, just not at school, all right? You ready to roll?"

"Ensign, Engage!" Nick wrinkled his brow but didn't ask.

Val and Tyne were lingering in th eir kiss, savoring the gentle sensation of their lips pressed against each other's with their eyes closed and the hot spring water swirling around their totally satisfied, naked bodies. Suddenly, they were startled out of the blissful moment by a massive clap of thunder. Soon after that, a brilliant flash of lightning filled the sky and seconds afterward another explosive clap of thunder resounded. "Did I do that?" Tyne asked with a smile.

"Oh shit! That was close," Val cried out. " Too close! We've got to get out of this water."

"But it's going to rain on us, why don't we just stay in it and keep warm?" Tyne asked.

"Because if lightning strikes the water or even near it, we could get fried."

"Good answer."

They scrambled out and Val took shelter under a small tree near the clothing. Tyne selected a taller tree where the branches were higher off the ground and motioned for Val to come over. "No," Val shouted. "You come over here. That tree is dangerous."

"Uggh!" Tyne was annoyed. He wondered why Val had to act like he knew everything. He saw nothing wrong with his tree. It was tall and so the lowest branches were higher off the ground, but they were very full so you could stand up and be shielded better from the rain. Under Val's tree, you had to stoop. When Tyne ran over, naked, in the pouring rain with his little toys bouncing up and down, Val was just picking the last of their clothing off the branches.

"What was wrong with my tree?" Tyne asked. "At least you could stand up under it."

"It's too tall and it's all alone in the clearing. It acts like a lightning rod."

"Oh. Well I shouldn't stand by you either then."

"Why not?" Val asked.

"In case you get horny and bone up again."

Val looked confused, "Why would that matter?"

"Well, talk about a lightning rod, that big thing's gotta be dangerous."

They laughed until another massive clap of thunder caused them to jump and the tree Tyne had been standing under exploded at the top. A lightning bolt struck it and three large branches jettisoned to the ground in flames. The impact of the blast and the static electricity shook up both of the boys and they huddled against each other. Neither boy had ever experienced anything so impressively powerful as that. It left them more than a little shaken. Then the clouds burst open and sheets, not drops but sheets, of rain pelted their naked bodies. Tyne started to shiver and then to shake almost uncontrollably.

Val gave up his pointless effort of trying to shield the clothes, which weren't really all that dry to begin with. He set them on the ground at the base of the small tree they were huddled under and pulled Tyne tightly into him, with Tyne's back to Val's chest. He wrapped his large arms around him like before and held him tight and warmed him up as best he could. Tyne's shivering slowed but did not stop. Val rubbed Tyne's body with his large, gentle hands to keep him as warm as possible. Val was starting to chill and quiver as well.

To worsen matters, the rain grew colder and suddenly tiny pellets of hail assaulted their bodies and covered the ground. In spite of the tree cover, the tiny hailstones stung Val's back and Tyne's exposed legs. They both cried out.

Just as suddenly as it came, the storm moved on but it left the two of them freezing cold. The late afternoon sunshine that peeked through the fleeting clouds was not sufficient to warm them or dry them. If the sight wasn't so terrifying, it would have been beautiful. The ground was completely covered in a thin layer of white hailstones. The air was cold and clean and fresh. Steam from the hot spring rose up in a thick fog. "We've got to get to the truck and warm up. You're on the verge of hypothermia I think."

"O-o-o-o-kay." Tyne stammered. He crawled out from under the branches of the tree and stood up hugging himself and shivering uncontrollably. Val tried to gather the clothes and shoes but things kept falling. Tyne tried to help, but he was shaking so badly, he couldn't. His feet and fingers were so cold he couldn't feel them. He remembered the hot spring and began crawling toward it. The idea of crawling into the hot water was so enticing.

"NO! Tyne stop," Val called out when he noticed what Tyne was doing. Val dropped the clothes he was trying to gather and chased after Tyne. He reached him just as Tyne spun on his naked ass and stuck both feet into the hot water of the spring. The shriek was deafening and probably frightened every animal within a mile of the place. Val reached down and plucked Tyne from the water. The pain from the hot water on Tyne's frozen feet was sharper and more acute than anything he'd ever experienced. He began crying from the pain as Val held him.

"My feet, my feet. Oh God, I don't think I can walk."

"You have to start with cold water first, dude. That water is way too hot. F the clothes, they're soaked anyway. Get on my back and I'll carry you." Tyne clambered onto Val's back, pressing his naked body against him and wrapped his arms around Val's neck. Val put his arms under Tyne's thighs and gave him a little push upward to situate him better onto his back and then rose like a giant onto his feet. Tyne clung to Val as Val made his way back down to the main creek. At the fork of the creeks, Val stepped into the water and the blessed luke warm water helped soothe Val's own freezing cold feet. It was, however, very difficult holding Tyne and walking on the rocks of the creek. After falling twice and dumping Tyne into a swirling pool, they gave up the piggy back idea and Val just held onto Tyne and helped him pick his way down the large creek.

Finally, they found the trail alongside the creek and Val swept Tyne up in his arms and carried him back to the lake and the truck. Tyne had a flashback of his father waking him and picking him up from the back seat of the car to carry him in to his bed. He leaned his head into Val's strong chest and closed his eyes . When they finally reached the truck, Val set Tyne down and just stared at the white beast.

"Wh-what's wrong?" Tyne asked through chattering teeth.

Val just stared blankly at the truck with a pall of despair.

"L-l-let's g-g-get in."

Val didn't say anything. He walked over to the side of the road and picked up a fist sized rock and threw it with all his might at the back, passenger side window shattering it.

"Wh-wh-what d-did you d-do that f-f-for?" Tyne was shivering again and hugging himself tightly.

Val grabbed a stick and pushed in the broken shards of glass, then reached in and unlocked the door. He opened the door and climbed carefully in. He crawled into the front seat and unlocked all the doors, then he emerged from the front passenger door with the blanket they used for the picnic. He came over to Tyne and wrapped the warm blanket over his shivering frame. Then Val picked him up, carried him to the truck's front seat and placed him in it. "The F'n keys are in my pants pocket up by the hot spring. I have to go back and get them."

Val was shivering himself again now and the sun was hiding behind the trees. Val reached to shut the door of his truck but Tyne reached an arm out of the blanket and stopped him. "You have to warm up first. You're freezing too, even though you're trying to be tough for me. You saved me, Val. Get in here and warm up before going back up there."

Val hesitated but decided Tyne was right. Val climbed up into the cab as Tyne unwrapped himself and slid over. When Val got in, they both noticed his arm was bleeding. He'd cut himself on the glass when he reached in the window to unlock the door. Tyne reached over the seat and pulled his sweatshirt off the back seat and shook the glass shards from it. He wrapped a sleeve around Val's bicep to press against the bleeding spot underneath his arm and then Tyne tied a knot in it to keep it in place. Val pressed his arm against his side to add the necessary pressure to stem the bleeding. They draped the large blanket over them and wiggled and wriggled until they were fully cocooned. This time, Tyne wrapped his arms around Val and held him.

Slowly, their hands and toes began to sting as they warmed up. They wiggled them slowly to increase the blood flow and groaned in unison as they did. Val took Tyne's hands in his and gently rubbed them as the feeling returned. Tyne slid slightly lower in the seat and rubbed his small, tender feet over Val's large ones. Slowly, they both regained erections from the tactile sensations of skin caressing skin. There was no sexual need left in either boy, however, and the experience was more one of tender bonding than erotic in any way.

Eventually, they both drifted off into unavoidable slumber. Tyne's last thoughts were full of thankfulness to be back in the truck under a warm blanket holding Val against his naked body. His shriveling dick managed a small, final twitch before his mind fell into the dark abyss of a sound sleep.

When Val stirred and then woke, he became slightly frantic. The sun was already set behind the hillside and only the faint glow of dusk remained. A full moon was already faintly visible in the opposite horizon. He made an effort to untangle himself from Tyne and the warm blanket without waking his friend but it was impossible.

"What are you doing?" Tyne mumbled.

"I have to go get the keys from my pocket. It's getting dark so I have to hurry. We slept too long."

Tyne sat up and squinted through tired eyelids. "Shit. My mom's gonna be panicked. I'll come with you."

"No, I'll go alone. I'm the dumbass who left the keys in my pocket. No sense in both of us freezing our asses off."

Tyne was about to object and pulled the warm blanket off his naked torso just as Val opened the truck door and a cool evening breeze blew directly into the cab off the lake. The crisp, mountain air immediately formed goose bumps from head to toe over Tyne's naked flesh. He quickly wrapped back up into the blanket and said, "Okay, I'm good with that. Go alone."

Val smiled and said, "Wimp."

"You got it, and I'm damn proud of it, too. I'll add this to my wimpy kid diary. Now hurry your cute little ass up so we can get out of here." Tyne smiled back and clutched the blanket around his neck with one hand and made the 'shooing' motion with the other one.

"God, you're just like a woman. Start up a little sex play with them and they think they can start bossing you around. I should toss you in the lake before I go just for the hell of it."

Tyne stared at him hoping he was bullshitting. Of course, he was. Val pulled the back door open and fished out his team sweatshirt, shook off the glass shards and pulled it on. Then he did something he'd never done before. He pulled the drawstrings around the hood tight and tied them so that only his face poked out. Tyne started to giggle.

"What you laughing at, Wimpy boy?"

"You look like an Eskimo nudist. It's just funny to see you all bundled up on top and then totally naked on the bottom."

Val looked down and said, "Hmm, I see your point. I do look pretty dorky. Thank God no one else is around to see me besides your wimpy little ass."

"If that thing between your legs turns into a giant icicle while you're out there, just let me know and I'll suck on it for you when you get back until it melts."

"Sounds good to me. I might just take you up on that." He flashed a leering grin, grabbed a flashlight from under the seat, and slammed the door. He trotted off in the direction of the creek to retrieve the keys. Tyne watched in amusement as Val's tight, dimpled butt cheeks flexed back and forth underneath the hem of the Conquistadors Basketball Team sweatshirt.

Once Val was too far away to continue lusting after, given the waning sunlight, Tyne wrapped himself up tightly in the warm quilt. He breathed in Val's lingering scent on the fabric of the quilted blanket. Slowly, he began fingering and then fondling his dick and balls while he relived the hot tub experience. It didn't take long and he was fully boned and bringing himself to the edge. After edging himself along for several minutes, his balls began pleading for another release. The fantasy was just too strong, and the memory of his first time experience with Val was much too fresh to resist.

Somewhat urgently, Tyne pushed the blanket down off his body and gripped his anxious dick. He gave it a good solid squeeze and stroked it rapidly up and down. The familiar tension in his muscles grew, along with the pressure beneath his balls, spreading toward his quivering asshole. His breathing became irregular and a light bead of sweat, in spite of the cool air, formed on his brow until the stimulation of the sensitive nerve endings in the flared ridge of his dick could endure no more and with a burst of energy and a loud groan, Tyne arched his back and shot a load of hot cum onto his belly. Two spurts and some oozing later, he was done and in recovery. To avoid a mess on the quilt, Tyne scooped as much as he could off his belly and looked for a suitable place to wipe it. Finding nothing, he raised his cupped palm to his mouth and licked it clean.

The tangy, sweet and sour fluid slipped easily over his tongue and down his throat. It left him wishing for a drink to wash it down with. He crawled partly over the seat back and pulled a can of Diet Coke out of the cooler. He snapped the can open and poured a swig into his mouth for a fizzy, cum chaser. He snuggled back up in the blanket and sipped the remainder of the Coke wondering how Val was getting along and feeling a little bit guilty for wimping out on him. But only a little bit. That's when the little devils started. He began to worry about Val. He worried about his physical safety, of course, but he also worried about what kind of emotional impact the sex play they'd just done together could have on him as well. "Whatever happens, happens," Tyne said aloud, then sipped his Coke. Tyne hoped Val really meant that when he'd said it.

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