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Val 'n Tyne

by Hans Schreiber and Flip McHooter

Chapter 24

Warning! This story is a work of fiction written by a legal age adult. Any similarity between the fictional characters and any live person is purely coincidental. This story contains fictional descriptions of sexual activity between consenting minor youth. If you are under the age of 18, and/or if you are offended by this content, and/or if it is illegal in your jurisdiction to possess or read such material, please leave now and do not read this story as neither the internet host nor the author can be responsible for your actions. Please, always practice safe sex; no momentary thrill is worth your life.

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Val was working on transferring the remaining, salvageable parts off his truck and installing them onto the new one. He'd been working on it all week after school and Tyne had been right there at his side. It was the Saturday before the big trip to Mother Lode Lake. They had decided to wait to go to the lake until Sunday evening for two reasons. First reason was that they needed Saturday to prepare and Sunday to drive. Secondly, they were hopeful that all the other visitors would be leaving on Sunday night since most people would have to be back to their jobs on Monday. That would leave the place all to themselves and they could be as rowdy and crazy as they wanted to be. Noah was determined to go skinny dipping in the lake whether Sylvia would be there or not. No one could convince him that the water would still be pretty cold up there in April.

Val was under the truck and Tyne had come over to help him work on it, even if that meant merely passing him a wrench now and then. Tyne felt a small degree of ownership, having spearheaded the purchase, and he wanted everything to be just perfect with it. He'd even found a replacement speaker for the water damaged one under the back seat. They were able to use the same box to mount it in so it wasn't as expensive to replace as it could have been. Val had already replaced it and installed the rest of the system into the new truck. The hardest part had been putting the speakers in the door panels and then running the wires to the head unit in the dash. The new truck was the exact year and model as the wrecked one so all the brackets for the head unit fit perfectly and made the swap of that part pretty easy. Val was thrilled when he threw the switch and it came to life.

Val and Tyne had some bumpin' dance tunes playing with all four doors open and the bass turned WAY up. Val's mom had come out and asked them to turn it down a couple of times for the sake of the neighbors. They obeyed while she was standing there and then after she left, they let it creep back up. Val was wearing old shorts and flops and his legs were sticking out of the front end while he worked on installing the killer exhaust system onto the new truck. Tyne watched in lustful awe as Val's long, strong legs swayed back and forth to the beat. The outline of his large dick was visible in the shorts as they hung loosely over his package. It bounced along his thigh with the beat of the music. Tyne had the urge to see it. He peeked around and seeing that the coast was clear, he kneeled down and crept forward. Then he grabbed the sides of Val's shorts and boxers and jerked. He started giggling like a school girl and copped a quick feel of Val's sizable nuts. Val reacted by jerking upward and bumping his head on the oil pan.

"What the F did you do that for?" He bump humped his way out from under the truck, scooting on his bare ass, pulled his shorts back up, and then rubbed his forehead. "You trying to give me another concussion?"

"Oh god, I didn't think about that. I don't know what came over me. I just got the crazy idea to pants you. I was thinking you'd probably never been pantsed before, but I'm an expert on the subject. Well, at least from the victim's side of it. It was just like the perfect opportunity. Don't get mad."

"I don't get mad, I get even." Val grinned mischievously and took off after Tyne. Tyne shrieked and ran off across the back lawn but Val caught him easily. He pinned him down and started to tickle poor Tyne until he was shedding tears and tapping out.

Val picked him up under the armpits and dragged him across the lawn over to where the concrete pad started that the pickup trucks were parked on. That area was secluded from the windows or neighbor's views. Tyne was still recovering from being tickled and offered no resistance. Val dropped his buddy to the grass and then moved around to return the pantsing. Val grabbed the waist of Tyne's shorts and boxers and pulled. Tyne grabbed a handful and pulled them back up in an act of futile resistance like he'd done so many times in grade school and middle school. Val simply let go with one hand and resumed tickling poor Tyne which caused his hand to fly up to protect his ribcage. Val then jerked Tyne's shorts and boxers down, but to his surprise, they caught momentarily on Tyne's boner. Getting tickled with Val sitting on Tyne's crotch inspired a high rise in the shorts and when it broke free of the waistband, it slapped noisily on his belly.

Tyne instinctively covered it with his hands but Val took each of Tyne's wrists and peeled them away. He stared at the prize he'd just unwrapped and then almost trance-like, Val leaned down and kissed it just under the tip. It twitched and jumped in reaction. Tyne lifted his head and peered at Val. Then Val succumbed to his long held desire and fantasy and sucked Tyne's stiffened dick into his mouth in one smooth, fluid motion. When he reached the base of Tyne's dick and felt the downy pubes tickling his nose, Val audibly moaned in ecstasy. He curled his tongue around the now stiff, pulsating stem and tasted it across the length of his tongue, savoring the moment. Tyne succumbed and whimpered. Val pulled up and slid back down, dragging his wide tongue across the underside of the tender tool, sending shivers through Tyne's body, and eliciting more pleasurable whimpers. Tyne swallowed hard as Val plunged downward and then slowly slipped back up the sensitive shaft. It was Nirvana. Val was mesmerized by the taste, texture, and feel of Tyne's dick in his mouth. It was nothing at all like the fingers he'd used as surrogates in his fantasies. It was far, far better than he'd imagined it would be. He thirsted for a taste of Tyne's cum and quickened his pace. The precious moment was shattered however, by the sound of the back door opening. Val immediately pulled off and grabbed at Tyne's shorts down near his ankles. Tyne frantically pulled them up and into place just as Vi walked around the corner.

Tyne was lying there on his back with a ridiculously obvious tent in his shorts. Val was kneeling over him and they both overdid it in trying to act nonchalant. "What are you guys doing?" She asked suspiciously.

"Nothing," blurted Tyne.

"None of your biz, sis. What do you want? We're working on the truck so I'm not driving you over to Tim's house if that's what you want."

"That's not what I want and it looks like you're working on something besides your truck to me." She stared at Tyne's crotch and even pointed. "Unless that's a ratchet Tyne's hiding in there." She broke into giggles and Tyne rolled to his side to get up. "You guys were doing a Kyle and Danny, weren't you?"

Val furrowed his brow and scowled, "NO! Shut up about that. That just happens to guys when they wrestle around sometimes. So what the F do you want? Why are you out here bugging us?"

Vi clucked her tongue and rolled her eyes then said, "Boys! You guys are all such horndogs. You're all the same. I actually came out to save your little trip to the lake. Mom just said that if you didn't turn that radio down she wasn't going to let you go. I thought you'd want to know that. She said she asked you twice already. She's pissed off – really pissed off."

"Oh. Well thanks. Now go away." Val shooed her off.

Before leaving, she grinned and teased, "You better frisk Tyne before he leaves. I think he's smuggling tools in his shorts." Val growled at her and hustled over to turn the stereo way down. Tyne walked over and Val reached out to hug him.

Tyne stiff armed him and said, "No, we shouldn't do this. Maybe I better go."

Val got sad, really sad, and pleaded, "Don't leave. I'm sorry about that. It's just I've owed you a blowjob ever since you gave me one in the hospital. I've fantasized a hundred times about paying up and then when it just flopped out there in front of me like that, I sort of got sucked in by it."

"Haha, very funny," Tyne said, annoyed.

"What? Funny? Oh." Val chuckled a bit. "No. I wasn't trying to be funny. I just meant I couldn't resist when you were lying there all boned up. Please stay. I'll finish what we started if you want it. I really do owe you one and I really do wanna pay up. But if you don't want to, I won't. Just please stay. Please. Please."

"Okay. I'll stay, but I'm not comfortable with doing anything like that again. It felt crazy good but it'll just lead to problems and mess with our heads. Don't push me on it, okay?"

"Sure. Thanks. I'm sorry, okay. I really am. How about some help with my header under the truck. I need you to hold the end of my pipe while I crank on it." Tyne started tittering in a high pitched laugh.

"Now what?"

"You actually have no idea how that sounds. You want help holding your big PIPE in place while you crank on it. It just sounds dirty after what we were just doing."

"Dude, it gets better because you gotta hold my big pipe in place with both hands until I finish screwing, then you can let go of my pipe and help me hold my nuts." They both laughed and crawled back under the truck. God, they loved being together. When it was all bolted up, they climbed into the cab together as Val turned the key in the ignition and the truck rumbled to life with a throaty baritone that was almost sexual. It sounded so sweet. Val reached over and Tyne joined him in their special handshake.

"Shit!" Val exclaimed when they rounded the curve on the dirt road leading down to the lake. They could see four other outfits camped around the campground. "I was hoping we would have it to ourselves."

"Ahhh, me too," Noah whined. "I so wanted to try skinny dipping out here in the wild."

"Woody, wherever you skinny dip, it's wild," Nick quipped.

"No really. I've totally been looking forward to getting nakie in nature. I'm freakin' mo-fo disappointed," Noah whined again.

"Well, maybe they won't stay. It's Sunday afternoon so they might be planning to take off later on this evening, after they eat," Tyne suggested. "You can get your nakie experience tomorrow if you're so set on it."

"Maybe. Let's hope they do leave," Val said. He found the closest, most private open space surrounded by big trees next to the lake's edge and pulled in. They all spilled out of the cramped quarters of the double cab and stretched their tired limbs. Sylvia made her way to the back of the truck bed and pulled the straps off the open tailgate. She started giving orders right and left for the boys to grab this and take that and reach for things she couldn't get to. As soon as the tent bags were uncovered and pulled towards the tailgate, Sylvia reached in and pulled them towards her, handing the first one to Nick.

"This one is for you and Noah." Then she took a second, forest green one and handed it to Tyne, "You and Dane can share this one and Val and I will take this slightly larger one that I brought from my house." Tyne didn't immediately reach for the tent so Sylvia pressed it hard into his chest and then released her grasp. Tyne reacted quickly though, and pressed the tent up to his chest with his hands. He hadn't thought about the sleeping arrangements before, but obviously, Sylvia had given it some serious consideration. Val was equally surprised by her actions and didn't know quite what to do about it.

"Woo-hoo!" Noah called out with a little dance. "You and me got our own space, Nicolito. Gonna be so fine. Let's go set up way over there by the trees, away from prying eyes and big-ass ears." He made a suggestive flick of his eyebrows and bucked his hips a couple times. Nick furrowed his brow at Noah and looked a bit embarrassed, but quickly recovered, thinking about all of the sexy stuff they might get to do and started to bone up over it.

"Oh my god, get a room you two," Sylvia said.

"We got one already, it's right here," Noah responded pointing to the yellow nylon bag. "C'mon Nicky baby, let's go set up our play pen." He started bouncing toward the stand of trees some thirty yards away across a small clearing. Nick shrugged and followed with a goofy grin on his face.

Tyne took Dane by the arm and said, "Let's set ours up on the other side of the fire ring. It looks pretty level there." Dane smiled as widely as Nick and happily followed like a big Irish Setter hoping for a bone.

Val looked uncertainly at Sylvia who simply said, "Why don't you set our tent up over on the opposite side of them, by that big tree." Then she added as she handed the blue nylon carrying case over to Val, "Far enough so we won't bother each other during the night." She grinned and winked at him, making Val suck his lower lip in and force a grin as he turned to follow her orders. Why hadn't he thought about sleeping arrangements before? He could have easily brought the big family tent for himself, Dane and Tyne to all sleep together in. Then Sylvia could have had a tent all to herself. The implications were clear. Sylvia planned on losing her virginity and taking Val's big load right there at Mother Lode Lake. He wasn't ready to do that – yet. He wasn't clear what he really wanted. But he knew she was. There was no good way he could think of to deny her the privilege without losing his dignity and manhood. Sooner or later, he knew it had to happen. It was a rite of teenage passage and if it hadn't been for his confusion over feelings for Tyne, he would have done it with her already – slipping her the big meat. There was no girl out there he'd rather share sex with than Sylvia. He really cared for her and he knew she was crazy-madly-smitten with him. But doing it while Tyne would be right there in the next tent just seemed F'n wrong. It seemed more than just wrong, actually. It seemed outrageous. It seemed … unavoidable. Val slipped into a sour mood over the whole messed up situation. Sex was supposed to be fun and exciting and instead it was just messed up and complicated.

Once all the tents were popped open and set into place, they pulled out their fishing rods and tackle, then all headed down to the lakeshore for some early afternoon fishing. Val doubted they would catch anything this time of the day, but he had read on the internet that the Fish and Game Agency had stocked the lake recently so there was a reasonable chance to hook some trout and besides, Noah was insistent on trying. As they walked down to the sandy beach, much to their pleasant surprise, two of the last four camping rigs were packed up to leave, and as they passed by, they waved goodbye through the RV windows to the happy group of teenage campers.

Once down at the water's edge, Sylvia pulled Val over to a large, flat rock on the left side of the lake along the water's edge. She promptly started baiting her hook with a squiggly worm, putting on a big show for Val to see that she was a whiz at fishing. Worm guts seemed to be second nature for her. Noah looked on from the sandy beach in complete disgust at the spectacle she was putting on, and just rolled his eyes. The other guys had spread out along the shoreline and Val was the first to cast out his line into the lake. Val sat down on the flat rock next to Sylvia and nestled his pole into the crook of a moss covered, driftwood stick that he found lying on the shore. He'd pressed the slimy stick into the wet sand. He searched for, and found, another one and set it in place for Sylvia's pole.

Val stretched, pressed his fingers to his broad chin and snapped his head from side to side to stretch and pop his neck. Then he unconsciously pulled off his shirt. The afternoon had turned unseasonably warm. He stretched back on the big flat rock, taking advantage of the warm sun on his finely sculptured, upper torso. His long pole was positioned between his legs, held erect by the slippery stick in the mud. His loose fitting, white nylon, basketball shorts draped lazily over his lower region and the outline of his large, thick, fleshy pole was enticingly visible. Everyone stared in admiration and lust, including Dane. Even Noah, who was dressed in extremely short cutoff jeans and a fuchsia tank top, purposely cut off short to expose a couple inches of his nicely tanned skin all around his midsection, stared at Val's fine body. He stood nearby, holding a worm at arm's length and grimacing at the thought of sticking it on his hook.

Sylvia cast her bait as closely to Val's line as she could, then set her pole into the crotch of the stick Val had placed in the sand for her. She settled in next to Val on the warm boulder and then nestled her soft face and neck into the crook of his shoulder and thick bicep while she dreamed of landing the biggest trout in the lake. Val shifted a bit to accommodate her and sighed. Everyone else shifted their focus back to their fishing. Val turned his gaze to the right where Tyne had settled in with Dane to fish. Tyne was on the same grassy ledge where he and Val had fished from before, back in February. Dane positioned himself up close to Tyne and was blathering on about the various kinds of trout he had read up on. "There are German Browns, Rainbow trout and Cutthroats," Dane blabbered as if he were an expert, while Tyne nodded in pretend interest. Val watched as Tyne masterfully threaded the worm onto the hook just like Val had taught him to do and then turned and held Dane's worm for him as Dane maneuvered the hook. Dane accidentally jabbed the tip of the hook into his thumb and let out a shriek. Everyone laughed except Tyne, who gently took the thumb in his hands and pulled the hook free. To Val's disappointment, Tyne lifted Dane's bleeding thumb to his own mouth and pressed it to his lips in a soothing, caring gesture and sucked the bleeding digit into his mouth. Dane's smile showed his overwhelming appreciation and even adoration. Val looked away and sighed once again.

Suddenly, Val's pole jerked, and jerked hard. He rose up to watch and nudged Sylvia off of his shoulder. She lifted herself free from his arm as he grabbed his pole with both hands and gave it a solid tug. The hook was set and the battle was on. The trout tugged and pulled, dipped and dove in a frenzy. This tenacious fighter wasn't going down without a battle. Val pulled back on his rod firmly and then quickly leaned forward while he frantically took up the slack. There wasn't the normal resistance to his maneuvers, which made him edgy. Once the trout came near the shore, it was clear why. Val released his flexing pole and grabbed the line. Then he waded into the cold, shallow water and deftly grabbed the flopping trout bare handed and pulled it out for all to see. It was a young, German brown trout on the smallish side. It had given a pretty good fight at first, but then accepted its fate at the end. Once he pulled it out, he stood there a moment firmly holding the dripping wet, slimy fish, inspecting it. Slowly, it stopped wriggling and went limp, gills flared and small mouth at the tip twitching open and closed.

Everyone watched as Val turned it side to side and declared, "Not the one I'm looking for, I'm afraid. Just have to kiss this one goodbye and send it on its way." Saying that, Val plucked the hook from the small fish's lip, lifted the bug eyed trout to his own lips and gave it a small peck. He set the fish back into the water where it lay stunned and motionless for a moment before swimming off, wiser for the experience.

Before Val even got another worm baited on his hook, Noah started jumping and shrieking next to him like a teenage girl having sex with Colton Haynes. Well, possibly like Noah himself, having sex with Colton Haynes for that matter. Nick wrapped his arms around Noah and grabbed his flexing pole. "Calm down, dude or you'll lose him," Nick instructed. "Pull on your rod like this." Together, Nick and Noah pulled on Noah's flexing rod and then rocked forward in unison with Nick's strong arms wrapped hard against his shoulders and his torso pressed tightly against Noah's backside as they brought it in together. After several minutes of an almost erotic display, worthy of a gay porno, they landed a nicely sized, rainbow trout. Nick showed Noah how to remove the hook once the fish was out of the water. Noah's fish had swallowed the bait and the hook was set deep within its belly. Nick demonstrated how to use this special, plastic tool Val had given him to extract it. The red plastic tool was designed with a rounded tip on one end of a long, narrow shaft. The rounded head had slots cut into it. Nick expertly slipped the plastic head down into the mouth of the fish and maneuvered the slotted part over the hook, twisted, and extracted the hook. Then he smacked the fish's head firmly against a rock three times to kill it.

"Uhhh – yuck! I don't like that part," Noah whined as he took his first fish from his boyfriend's hands and hoisted it for all to see. "I caught a good one, people. Look everybody. Look how pretty it is. Just like Nick. It's got such pretty colors." He let loose with one hand and tugged his phone from the pocket of his tight cutoffs and handed it to Nick. "Take my pic, please." He held the fish up near his face and flashed a coquettish smile. Nick snapped the picture and set the phone in the tackle box.

Everyone applauded, much to Noah's delight, and Val gave him a big thumbs up. "That's a beauty all right. Now have Nick show you how to clean it and put it on the stringer in the water to keep it fresh."

"Clean it? Am I going to hate this part too?" Noah questioned with a wrinkled nose and suspicious look.

"Probably," Nick laughed.

Nick pulled out a pocket knife and flipped the blade open. He put the knife in Noah's right hand. Then he rotated the fish to belly side up in Noah's left hand. Taking Noah's right hand in his own, Nick guided the tip of the knife to the crease just under the mouth. Pushing the blade tip into the flesh and across the bottom of the lip, it emerged out the other side. With a firm tug, they pulled the knife blade through, opening up the underside of the fish's throat. Next, Nick guided Noah's hand to the tail end just in front of the bottom fin. "Poke your tip into the fish's hole right here," Nick instructed.

"Ooh, la, la," Noah crooned. "That sounds nasty."

"Shut up, you sex freak." Nick teased. Then he showed him how to carefully slice the skin up the center of the belly to about an inch below the head. "Now grip the side of the head firmly in your left hand and shove your right thumb deep into its throat going through the slot you cut open earlier.

Noah started to gag. "You do it for me." He pushed the slimy fish toward Nick. "I'm gonna hurl."

"No way. You have to clean your own fish. It's a rule. Right Val?"

"Absolutely!" Val yelled off to the side.

"That's right," Tyne chipped in, "I had to do it and I survived. Oh and on your first fish, you have to eat the fish guts. It's a tradition." Val turned away and grinned at Tyne, winking and giving him a concealed thumbs up.

Noah actually dry wretched when Tyne said that. Everyone laughed at him. "I can't do this. You do it for me Nicolito. Please! I'll make it up to you later on in the tent if you do."

Nick shook his head firmly. "You can do this. Just shove your thumb down inside there, pinch it against your pointer finger on the outside of the belly and pull down hard and all the guts will just come right out. But don't worry; we won't make you eat them. They're just messing with you about that."

With another sudden, dry regurgitation, Noah held the fish away from his body and nervously stuck his thumb through the slit under the lip he'd cut open and plunged it deep down into the slimy, throat of his first fish. Once it was fully enveloped by the warm, slippery flesh of the fish's throat, Noah's disgust turned to fascination. He pushed it even deeper down inside until the gills pressed against the edge of his palm. He slid it back out a bit and then back in. Then he started finger fucking the fish's throat. "Ooh, la, la," he said. "That feels nice. We should invent something that replicates that crazy, mo-fo sensation. We'll get fabulously rich. We can call it the Fishlight."

"OH MY GOD!" Nick said in mock horror. "You are impossible." He laughed in spite of his feigned embarrassment. Val dropped to the wet sand, holding his abs and convulsing in laughter.

"What? I don't get it. Why is that funny?" Sylvia kept asking.

Tyne and Dane collapsed against each other and were rocking with laughter. Noah beamed – quite proud of his little joke. "Just gut the damn fish you goofy bastard," Nick insisted. Noah pinched and pulled and just as Nick had promised, the slimy guts slipped free of the body. Noah held them out, dangling them between his thumb and forefinger. He dangled them toward Nick's face and teased him. Nick grabbed Noah's wrist and pulled them away. Then he inspected the entrails and pronounced, "It's a boy."

"How do you know that?" Noah questioned.

"Easy. There're no eggs for one thing. And see those things right there, those are his little testis."

"Seriously? You freakin' messing with me?"

"No, for real. Fish have their balls up inside their guts and just squirt their sperm out that little hole where you started your cutting of his belly. The sperm swim down through the water over the eggs after the female lays them and fertilization takes place right there on the rocks of the streambed."

"Wow. Marvelous. Well, of course I caught a boy fish, I wouldn't even be fishing for anything else."

"Val told me last time we were here that this is a gay lake. There's nothing but boys in it. Didn't you Val?" Tyne chimed in with a grin.

Sylvia looked at Val queerly and Val started to laugh. "I guess I did say that. That's why I never caught anything and you caught them all when we were here last. They were only interested in your gay little worm." Sylvia suppressed a laugh as Tyne pointed over at Val and complimented him on his quick comeback.

"So, do you want to eat your fish guts or toss them?" Nick asked.

"Oh, I'd toss them either way. Trust me, sweet pea," Noah exclaimed. Then he leaned in and lowered his voice, "How about I toss the fish balls and suck on yours instead? How's that sound, you big tuna?"

"We still heard that, Noah," Val said smirking. "You two are out of control today."

"Sorrrry," Noah said in a sing-song tone, "I guess it's just all the excitement of my first fishing trip and anticipation of the big adventure that still lies ahead." Then he got right up to Nick's ear and whispered, "No offense to your skills, but that fish gave my thumb one freakin' awesome blowjob. Think we could catch one big enough to fit my dick into?"

Nick cocked his head back and laughed, shaking it side to side and gave Noah a playful shove. Noah tripped and sprawled out in the lake, losing hold of his fish. He rolled to his knees and frantically retrieved the gutted trout. "You naughty dick," Noah squealed, "I'm so getting even for that little trick. Just you wait." He crawled to the spot where the stringer chain was held in place by a large rock, ignoring the laughter on shore, and ordered Nick to come show him how to put it on. Nick obliged him, still chuckling over Noah's unplanned dip in the cold lake. Nick knelt and showed Noah how to slip the metal clip through the gill and then close it like a safety pin. Noah grabbed Nick around the neck in a headlock and tried to fling him into the chilly lake in revenge. Nick was way too strong and resisted, making Noah's efforts look comical.

"Hey! No! My phone!" Nick cried out in mock concern. He fished his phone from his shorts and tossed it to Val on shore. Then he allowed Noah to flip him backwards over his outstretched leg and they plunged together into the water. They playfully wrestled with each other, laughing and grabbing and dunking each other in the cold, but not freezing, water. "You still want to skinny dip?" Nick asked when they called a truce.

"Yeah, baby. It's now or never, cuz I'm definitely not getting back in this freakin' cold water once I get out. Sylvia, sweetie, close your eyes if you're embarrassed about seeing a hot naked man cub dipping in the lake." Noah peeled his wet tank top off and tossed it on the shore. Then he unabashedly popped the snap on his short shorts, tugged down the zipper and wiggled them down and off his legs. He stood there in his silky, pale blue, bikini briefs and grinned like a little kid as he pulled them down and tossed them ashore as well. He threw both hands into the air and swiveled his hips to cause his wee, shriveled up dicklet to flop side to side. "Wheeee! C'mon Nicky, free the little guy with me."

"Oh my god," Sylvia snorted out, "You look like an eight year old. Well except for the piercing. Doesn't that hurt?"

"It's a fashion statement, my little chickadee. And smooth is where it's at. Right Nicky? Hey Nicky, you gonna join me or not? You're already all wet. Don't be afraid. It feels awesome – all natural and free." Noah flopped backwards, splashing into the water and started doing the backstroke.

Nick smirked and shook his head, peering over at Sylvia.

"Don't be shy on my account. What the heck; if everyone goes in, I'll even join you." Val's eyes popped and he twisted to stare at her. "What?" She asked with a shrug, "I'm just one of the guys on this trip, remember? That was the rule we set, right?"

"Wow," was all Val could come up with.

"Cool. I'm in too then," Dane exclaimed. "You only live once, right?" In truth, Dane was hoping to end up in a mass wrestling match with the other guys and was especially anxious to get naked and do a little groping with Tyne, and admittedly to see Val and Nick naked again. He'd seen glimpses of them in the locker room before, but the possibility of wrestling and grabbing each other's goodies in the water was actually getting him a little boned.

"Not me. There are still other campers up there," Tyne said in opposition. "What's wrong with you guys? Besides, a ranger could show up. Didn't you read the sign with the rules on it? No nudity is allowed."

"Loosen up Tyne. They were all packing up to leave. No one's coming down here," Val responded. "And if they do, we'll just warn them and they'll turn around. What're they gonna do anyway? I'm in too if everyone else is going. Like Dane said, you only live one F'n time. Might as well get the full ride." Val sat up and untied the drawstring of his white nylon shorts and pulled them off. He followed by pulling his Popeye boxers down and off in one quick motion. He'd already pulled his shoes and socks off after getting them wet from wading in for his fish. Letting out a whoop, worthy of a Comanche war party, he sprinted into the cold water, dick and balls flopping about, dove in head first, and began swimming.

"Okay," Sylvia said, "I guess I gotta go too, now." She tore off her clothes and ran to the water with her lily white tits bouncing across her chest. When she got knee deep, she stopped and shrieked. "That's soooooo cold!" Then she redoubled her courage and forced her way in above her waist. "My crotch is the hardest part." She crossed her arms and covered her breasts with her hands and shivered.

"No, it's not," Dane said, "My crotch is the hardest part. Oh boy, here goes. No one laugh." He pulled his boxers off and exposed his erection which he quickly covered back up with both hands. Of course, everyone laughed and Sylvia covered her eyes with one hand and spread her other hand and arm across her naked chest crying out, "That's going too far. Now I am embarrassed. Tyne was right, this is nuts."

"No, pussycat, these are nuts." Noah stood up and spread his legs and pointed to the place his clean shaven nut sac should have been. "Aaaahh!!" Noah screamed. "My nuts are gone! Oh my god, my boy bits shriveled up and disappeared. No wonder those little boy fishies keep their goodies up inside their bodies."

Nick laughed like crazy. "They really have disappeared. Woody's got no balls." Everyone was laughing now, even Tyne, although he was still mortified at the thought of someone catching them doing what they were doing. Nick said, "All right, my turn. Get ready to be amazed. He pulled his wet clothing off and rolled it into a large, wet ball then gave it a double handed basketball pass to Tyne. "Set those on the rock for me so they don't get all sandy, please." Everyone stared at his handsome, athletic build and naked body as he turned and charged at Noah. Nick was also barren of any pubic hair and it was way stranger to witness than Noah's baldness. Nick was much larger and it looked odd for something that size to be hairless. Nick wrapped Noah up in his arms and pulled him under. They came up laughing and splashing each other.

"Nicky," Noah said in a suspicious, playful tone as he reexamined his hairless crotch, "Did you bite my balls off?"

"Yeah, baby. I confess. I did it. Tasted like chicken." Then Nick cracked up and tackled Noah, saying, "Now I'm in the mood for chicken sausage." Noah shrieked and clasped both hands over his goodies as Nick wrapped him up and dunked him again.

Dane, still covering his erection, ran in and gasped as his large balls hit the chilly water. He pushed on until his telescope was fully submerged and then he turned and started swimming out near the deeper area where Val was floating at.

"C'mon Tyne, don't be a baby. Join us." Nick called. The others cheered him on. He stood resolute and shook his head emphatically, no.

"Someone's got to be responsible here to bail all you guys out of jail if the ranger shows up and arrests your naked asses," Tyne said.

"Oooh, oooh, oooh, if it involves getting handcuffed to Nick, naked, I won't mind a bit," Noah said goosing his lover boy and quickly swimming away. After a little more chiding, they gave up and all started splashing each other and laughing together. Sylvia quickly overcame her discomfort in being the only girl, loosened up, and ignored her flopping breasts as she played along. Skinny dipping with four good looking guys was getting her wet on the inside as well as the outside. To her and Dane's delight, the splashing turned into good natured wrestling and dunking and Dane's stiff dick rubbed and bumped against the other bodies, even Sylvia's occasionally. Dane was way disappointed that Tyne wouldn't join in. He was the one he really wanted to wrestle with and rub up against. All the physical activity helped overcome the cold water temperature.

Noah pulled everyone together and whispered something that they all nodded agreement to. Without warning, the group turned toward shore and rushed naked, bouncing, and dripping toward Tyne. Before he realized what was up, it was too late to flee. They pounced on him. Nick held him around the middle as Sylvia pulled his shoes and socks off. Dane struggled but managed to get his shirt off, with a little tickling to aid in the effort. Val, meanwhile, worked on the snap and zipper of his pants and pulled them free of his kicking legs. Noah did the final honors and pulled Tyne's plain white boxers free of his naked loins. Then each guy took a leg or an arm and carried a squirming, shrieking Tyne down into the lake where they swung him back and forth like a hammock between two trees. On the count of three, they tossed him high into the air and he sprawled out, legs and arms flailing, with his dick and balls dangling, until he splashed into the cold mountain lake. He came up sputtering and cussing, but then he started to laugh. He attacked Val first and dunked him, followed by Noah and Nick and then Dane. While Dane was under the water, Tyne grabbed Dane's still partially erect boner and squeezed it with a nod and a wink. He didn't dare touch Sylvia's naked body and she didn't mind being excluded at all. They rabble roused a bit longer until Nick wrapped himself around Noah and said, "Let's go to the tent and warm each other up."

Almost simultaneously, Val and Tyne got nibbles on their hooks. They rushed, still naked, from the lake and each grabbed their poles, holding them in anxious anticipation. The little tugs came again and they both jerked to set the hooks. They pulled and pumped until their frenetic efforts resulted in a mutually successful result. Simultaneously, they pulled out a nice pair of cutthroat trout, worthy of holding onto for dinner. They held the flopping fish firmly in their hands and celebrated together as the others looked on. Sylvia clapped and cheered and then planted a kiss on Val's cheek. He returned the favor with a nice long one on the lips as she pressed her naked body against his. Dane hugged Tyne and complimented him on the nice catch. His overactive boner had at last subsided.

Val and Tyne started cleaning their fish. Val remained comfortably naked, showing off his gorgeous physique and Tyne took the opportunity to stay naked next to Val while they finished up the fish. Then, Tyne strung the fish on the line and pulled on his boxers. Dane put his boxers back on as well and even pulled his shirt and pants back on. Nick was holding Noah tightly as they shivered together in the slight breeze drifting off the lake. Then Nick's rod bent sharply. The fish were definitely starting to bite. He rushed to it and quickly and easily pulled in another brightly colored rainbow trout, which gave very little resistance. It wasn't the largest of the bunch but it was definitely the most colorful. Val offered to clean Nick's fish for him so the two impromptu swimmers could go get dry clothes on. They were all chilled and freezing, but Noah was shaking so badly at this point he looked like he was having a seizure. The rest decided to head on back to camp since the four fish would be adequate for the evening's dinner of fish tacos. Dane was the advance scout since he was the most fully dressed of the group and didn't have a fish to worry about. He walked to the rise in the road and then waved the all clear sign. The other campers had all left and they were now alone at Mother Lode Lake. The impromptu, teenage nudists made their way back to the tents for dry clothes and to start dinner.

By the time that Nick and Noah emerged from their tent with dry clothing on, the fish were almost ready to eat. Sylvia had taken over the cooking with Val's help and had an array of condiments and flour tortillas laid out on a fold up table near the tailgate of the truck. Tyne and Dane set out folding chairs around a campfire that Tyne had successfully started all on his own. He basked in the unanimous praise of the others over it. "Geez, what took you so long?" Tyne asked Nick and Noah, then immediately added, "Wait! Don't answer that. We don't really wanna know, I'm sure."

Everyone chuckled as they pulled the tin foil packets of fish from the coals and spread them open. They all put chunks of hot, pinkish grey trout into their tortillas and adorned them to their own personal liking with a variety of salsa's, onions, cilantro and other fixings. "Uh uh uh," Sylvia clucked, "go easy on those beans, big boy. I'm sharing a tent with you tonight, remember?" Val chuckled politely but Tyne frowned. That reminder darkened his lightened mood. They found their places around the fire and ate their fill of the fresh fish tacos, which were delicious. They chatted as teens do about various topics – schoolmates, teachers, sports, fashion, and music. When they were done, everyone pitched in to clean up. Val guessed there was maybe two more hours of light left.

"Hey look," Val called and pointed across the lake. There was a black bear coming down for a drink.

"Whoa," they all called in unison. "Cool."

"I think that's my bear. I bet it is. The one I came across when we were here before." He nodded at Tyne.

"I hope he stays out of camp. He wouldn't try to come eat us, would he?" Noah asked nervously."

"Nah, but we have to be careful not to have any food or other smellables in our tents that might attract him. We need to bury our scraps way outside of camp and seal everything else up tight and lock it in the truck cab."

"Umm," Noah began and then hesitated. "Umm."

"What? Spit it out. Since when are you afraid to say something?" Nick asked.

"Well, umm, would the bear be attracted to … umm…."

"DUDE! What?"

"Oh all right. Would the bear be attracted to strawberry flavored lube?" Everyone hid their faces in their hands and shook with suppressed laughter – not so much from what he said but from the horribly distressed look on his face. Nick just shook his head, sorry he'd pressed Noah to blurt that out.

"Only if he's gay," Val finally said. "So you're probably safe. Besides, once he sees what it's spread on, he won't think it's worth the effort – scarcely even an appetizer for him."

"Ugh. Now I'm offended. Maybe I'll just sneak over to your tent tonight and spread some of it on your big sausage. Then we'll see how funny it is when big ol' bear turns you from a he-bear into a she-bear with one gnarly bite."

"Nah, I'm not worried. Mr. Bear'd take one look at what I'm packing and run off in fear. He'd worry it would stick in his throat and choke him."

"OOHHHH!" the others all crooned. Then Dane added, "I can testify that he's not just bragging. That's all fact. I've seen that monster in the locker room and nobody else comes close to it in there. I'm sorta surprised Val can stand upright with the weight of that thing."

Nick leaned over and whispered in Noah's ear, "Val's dick is so long, he can actually get a blow job at the same time he fucks ya." Noah tittered and stole a smooch since Nick's face was so close to his.

Val felt his face flush, knowing Nick had shared some nasty bit of humor about him and his long dick. "NEW topic guys. There's a lady present."

"Hey," Tyne chimed in, "she said she just wanted to be one of the guys on this trip, remember?"

"That's right," Sylvia agreed, "don't be embarrassed because I'm here. I can hang with all you guys." The guys all snickered and she clarified, "Wait. That didn't come out right. I didn't mean I could hang with you, what I meant was, I can hold my own."

"No you can't!" Noah sputtered. "There's nothing there to hold." Then all the guys rocked with laughter again.

Sylvia blushed but laughed with them and when they started to settle down, she said, "Okay, okay. I've got one for you. Val's penis is so long, he ran the three legged race at the Easter picnic all by himself."

"Ohh, good one actually. Kudos to the lady," Nick said. "Okay, not to be outdone – Val's dick is so big, even when he ejaculates prematurely, it still takes 90 minutes."

"No, I heard it's so big, that it's been knighted by the Queen of England," Dane added.

"Well," said Noah, "all I know is that if Val had been a knight in medieval times, he could have jousted without a lance." Everyone laughed a bit at that one but the joke was wearing thin.

"Okay, okay, I think you pretty much killed it," Val grunted.

"Yeah, we really did kill it," Tyne agreed, but unable to resist, he blurted out while unsuccessfully stifling a laugh, "But it took an elephant gun to get the job done."

Noah got suddenly serious and turned to Sylvia, "So tell me, is it REALLY true that size doesn't matter to girls?"

Sylvia shot right back without giving it adequate thought, "I have no idea, ask me in the morning." There was an audible gasp around the circle. Sylvia wanted the comment back as soon as it left her lips. She clapped her hand over her mouth.

In an irritated tone, Val said, "All right, that's F'n enough! Let's finish cleaning up." He stood and dumped his paper goods into the fire and went to clean up the condiment table. Everyone else started to help out in awkward silence.

They finished cleaning up and putting things away and Val walked way outside of camp in the opposite direction of where Nick and Noah's tent was and buried what scraps couldn't be burned.

"Tyne, let's go for a ride on the quads." Val had stood both his and Nick's quad on their ends so that they could both fit in his truck bed. He'd been forced to leave the tailgate down to manage it. They had unloaded the quads before they'd gone fishing so they only had to gas them up and get helmets on. Tyne jumped at the chance to go riding, especially since he could go with Val. They started them up and everyone waved as they pulled around the truck and headed up the road.

Val led and Tyne followed on Nick's quad. It was similar to Val's Banshee but not as big and powerful and so it was easier to control. Up the road, Val turned and headed north. Then he cut over on a sparsely traveled road and cut up along the creek that flowed into the lake. The same creek the two boys had hiked before. At one point, they kind of had to forge their own trail as they made their way upstream. Twice, Val drove down into the water and crossed the creek and Tyne followed. On the second crossing, the quads dropped into a two foot hole and Val had to power through it. He turned to wave Tyne off but it was too late. Tyne had already started and was committed to following Val. "Gas it when you drop into the hole so you can get back out," Val yelled. Tyne only caught the "gas it" part and did so. The water splashed up over the foot rests and nearly up to his knees, soaking his jeans. Tyne handled it well, not panicking in the least, and expertly maneuvered Nick's machine through the hole and back up out of the creek bed. The rear wheels kicked left then right as he powered up over the loose rocks in the bed of the creek but Tyne instinctively shifted his weight to compensate and maintain traction. The ride was a challenge for Tyne's beginner level skills, but he managed it admirably. He took to riding the quad like a natural.

Tyne sensed they were coming closer to their fateful hot spring. Sure enough, right after he had that thought, Val dropped back into the creek and drove upstream around a thicket of brush along the side of the creek that hung partly out over the water. On the other side was the clearing and Val pulled out into it, circled the small round hot spring and came to a stop under the trees they had huddled under in the nude during the freezing hailstorm back in February. Tyne pulled up next to him, stopped and shut the quad off. They pulled their helmets free of their matted hair and set them over the handlebars.

"Well, here we are again," Tyne stated. "My feet are freezing from driving through the creek. It was sure fun though."

"Yeah. You're amazing on the quad. You handled it like a pro."

"Thanks. I LOVE riding! Should we head back or explore some more?"

Val pulled the backpack off his shoulders that he'd brought along and said, "Not yet. Let's go sit in the hot spring first. I brought some towels and something else."

Tyne grinned at him and though he worried that it wasn't really a good idea, relented. "You planned this all along," Tyne said smirking. Val literally sprung from his Banshee and pulled Tyne to the edge of the steamy spring. He plopped down and pulled his shoes and wet socks off and then stood and finished stripping. Tyne followed but at a slower pace. Once naked, Val stepped down onto the rock ledge and then further down into the pool, immersing himself to his broad chest. Tyne hooked his fingers into his waistband and pulled his boxers off, once more exposing his naked body to Val's appreciative stare. Taking Val's hand, he carefully stepped down into the small pool. Val didn't release Tyne's hand once he was in, but rather, he pulled Tyne in close and embraced him, pressing their naked flesh against each other. Tyne began to melt and Val immediately stiffened against Tyne's stomach. That caused an identical reaction for Tyne. They stood for several minutes holding each other tightly, basking in the warmth of the bubbling spring and the inner warmth of being together.

Val separated a bit and looked deeply, seriously, into Tyne's sparkling blue-greens and said, "Tyne, I think I'm in love with you."

Tyne's heart pounded loudly and tears welled up. "Oh Val. I've wanted to hear those words from you for so long, but it's not that easy. It's just so complicated."

"I know it. Look, I know I was a stupid dick lying to you and then going with Sylvia. I told you I'm sorry and I really am. I wish I could go back and change it but I can't. I have to admit, I like Sylvia. If it wasn't for you, I'd be banging her every chance we could get. But I can't because of you."

Tyne was stunned by Val's words. He didn't always understand the way the big jock thought. "Well, I'm sorry I've gotten in your way," he finally muttered. "Maybe we should head back now."

"What? No. Shit, I did it again. I didn't mean it like that. It's just so F'n messed up. Let's just start over. I brought something." Val unzipped the backpack and pulled out two peach flavored wine coolers. He twisted one open and handed it to Tyne. Opening his, Val held it out and said, "Let's drink to a new beginning." Tyne reluctantly clinked the neck of his bottle against Val's and they took a swig.

"Hmm," Tyne said, "wine coolers. I don't think your dad would approve. He thinks real men only drink beer." They chuckled a bit over that before Tyne got serious again. "Val. You know I love you. I have tried really hard to not love you because of the whole Sylvia thing and well, to be honest, for your sake. I mean we have to be realistic here. We have to use our heads and not just our hearts, okay? You say you love me and I believe you. I can tell it from how you act around me. I love you also, that's a given. But there's more to consider here. There are some no solution elements to this equation." Tyne took another long swig of the sweetened cooler.


"Like being practical. You're a big hot basketball stud and I'm a geek. We live in different worlds, Val. I'll be going off to some ivy league uni after escaping fucking Hartsdale High and you'll pursue your dream of owning an auto body shop. Then there's your family, especially your dad. You guys have this great relationship and I'm not willing to be the reason that gets destroyed. You need to be fucking Sylvia, drinking Budweiser, and hanging out together on Saturday nights. You need to be going four wheeling to a picnic spot and doing the church thing with her. I get in the way of all that. I love you, I won't deny it. But I love you enough not to mess up your perfect life over doing sex stuff together with me. Let's be good friends, knowing that we love each other will be enough. Years from now, we'll both look back fondly on our friendship and know we made the right decision. Name your first kid after me or something."

Val's countenance fell and he set his wine cooler on the edge of the pool. Tears trickled down his face. "I guess. It doesn't seem like my life is so perfect though. You and Nick and Noah got it easy."

"Easy? How?" Tyne asked incredulous.

"You're not all mixed up. You're gay and you know it. You can just be who you are."

"Well being gay isn't all that easy. Be careful what you wish for. Don't get me wrong, I'm totally comfortable with it, but there have been plenty of times I just wish I didn't have the issues that come with it – like now, for instance, with this thing between us. Look, Val, you know just as well as I do that this is the best course of action. Kiss me goodbye and release me like you did with that first little fish you caught and then let's go back."

"Okay. I guess. God, I HATE this. I love you. Why can't I be allowed to love you?" Val cried out.

"Because you're not one of us. You've got options. Can you honestly look me in the eye and say that you will never resent not being with a woman? Can you be okay with not having kids of your own? If your dad freaked out and disowned you, would you not resent me over it? Even if you think you could, I doubt it. I'm not willing to risk it. I couldn't live with it."

"What if I'm not afraid? What if I'm willing to take the risk?" Almost in response a bear growled. Val and Tyne turned and stared in shocked surprise. The large black bear stood not ten yards away staring at them. "Holy shit," Val said. "I wonder what he's thinking."

"He's thinking if he should eat us now or let us simmer a little longer, that's what he's thinking," Tyne stammered as he grabbed Val and clutched him tightly in fear for their lives. "What sh-sh-should we do?"

"Stay calm and deal with it head on. Show him that you're not afraid of him. Make him think we're united in fighting him and that we're not worth the effort." Val raised his arms and shouted. "Go away you big freak. Go get your own guy to be with. This one's mine."

Tyne released his grip on Val and waved his arms around crying out, "Yeah, go on, get out of here you monster."

The bear let out a low grumble and shook his head from side to side. Slowly, he turned and lumbered off. When he was gone, Tyne dropped his arms and collapsed back onto the rock ledge. "That was so scary. You think he's really gone, right? He's not just like waiting behind the bushes for us, is he?"

"Nah, if he wanted us for dinner, he would have attacked us. He was probably just curious about us and what we're doing here in his territory."

"Well, we should probably get going, in case he changes his mind," Tyne suggested and stood up.

"Wait. What we talked about before the bear showed up? I guess I get it. Everything you said is true, I guess, but it doesn't change how much I really want you and as more than just friends. I know you said you love me too, but I guess you and Dane are together now and you probably don't want to mess that up and I totally get that. I hate it, but I get it and I deserve it. I just want you to know that I never did anything with Sylvia. I started to, but I couldn't go through with it. I kept thinking about you. I just needed to say that, is all." Val's voice trailed off at the end.

"Okay. Thanks for that. For the record, Dane and I played around some too, but we never went all the way with each other. I like Dane a lot, but I don't love him. He's cool. Everyone says I should just be totally with him and forget about you, but I can't. Maybe now that we're officially just friends it will be easier for both of us, you know?"

"Yeah, maybe so." There was a long pause as both wanted to say more, but didn't quite know how. "It's for the best, like you said, I guess."

"Yeah. It's definitely for the best – for everyone involved."

"Then why do I feel like bear shit?"

"I know, me too. It's hard. But life's full of hard things like my dad dying and my mom working all the time. And for you, crashing your truck and your head injury was awful. We just have to suck it up and move on when shit happens. Like being brave and facing down a bear. C'mon let's go before he comes back."

Tyne stood up on the ledge as Val took hold of his leg and turned him around, then reached for his hand and pulled him down into a sitting position. Val moved up and between Tyne's legs. "Before we go our separate ways, I still owe you something." Val leaned in and drew Tyne's flaccid member into his mouth and swirled his tongue over the soft flesh.

"Val, I don't think this is a good idea." Tyne squeezed his thighs against Val's cheeks and pulled his hips back away a bit and added, "And you don't owe me anything."

Val looked up into Tyne's eyes with a pitiful, pleading look. "Yes, I do. From the time you did this for me in the hospital when I needed it badly. For all you've taught me and given me – for your friendship and your love. For believing in me when I didn't believe in myself. Please let me. Even if you don't really need it, I need to do it with you. If we can't be together like I've dreamt, I at least need this one special memory and to feel like I repaid some of the kindness. I desperately need and want this experience with you to remember for the rest of my life. Please. Let me give you this."

The forlorn look was overwhelming. Tyne didn't respond, but he did slowly spread his legs and slide forward. Val pulled both towels from the backpack and thoughtfully draped them over Tyne's shoulders then leaned back into his crotch and suckled on his small, tender balls. The warmth of Val's mouth was soothing on Tyne's chilled, retracted balls and though rather uncertain about his feelings over it, Tyne decided to just go with it and try to enjoy the experience. It would be a last gift to this guy he loved but couldn't have. Val was to be just one more loss in a life that had been so full of losses.

Val slithered his tongue up the full length of Tyne's erect penis and kissed the tip. He pulled it downward with his finger and stared at it longingly as though trying to etch the image into his memory for safe keeping. Tyne shivered. Val pulled the towels from his shoulders and pulled him down onto the rock shelf. He situated Tyne so that he was resting on his elbows while Val placed a large hand under each of Tyne's ass cheeks and lifted his midsection up to the surface of the hot spring water so that his erection and balls just emerged. Val dropped down in the water and Tyne draped his legs over Val's shoulders while Val plunged his mouth over the enticing little fish head, past the gills and down the body until it was fully engulfed. Being now fully submerged in the hot spring and fully consumed within his love's soft, warm mouth, Tyne completely relaxed and fell into a blissful euphoria. Peace, joy and fulfillment overwhelmed him. For this moment, he could pretend that Val was his and could be his forever.

Immediately, as Val began his slow, rhythmic motions over Tyne's precious male member, Tyne began feeling the stirrings of an impending orgasm. The hot spring water enhanced the experience and soon Tyne was able to experience pleasurable erotic sensations in every part of his body. All he had to do was concentrate on his toes or his neck or his quivering anus and the sensual sensations would be there. Slowly they built, growing ever stronger until the anticipation was beyond his ability to suppress any longer. He cried out in one guttural explosive scream as the head of his dick expanded to its maximum capacity and a pyrotechnic display of nerves exploded within it. Blast after blast of hot cum frantically burst through his engorged head and into Val's beckoning mouth.

Val moaned in pleasure as his fantasy played out. He was taking Tyne into his body and soul. He struggled to record each sensation – the taste of Tyne's dick, the wet matted pubes against his nose, the tangy sweetness of the warm cum, and especially the tensing and expanding dick in his mouth, quivering against his tongue. Every aspect of it was wonderful. Val thought for a moment he was going to shoot his own wad of cum into the steaming hot water from the sheer intensity of the experience.

Having crested, Tyne struggled to keep his head up out of the water. As he began to soften, Val uncoupled his mouth and allowed Tyne to bring his legs back off his shoulders and then pulled Tyne into a warm embrace. They held each other, speechless, both of them crying. After a long embrace, Val leaned down and kissed Tyne. "Thank you. I'll love you forever and I'll never forget this moment. Not ever."

Tyne could not speak. He wanted to shout that everything he'd said about how they could never work was wrong. He wanted to take it all back. He wanted to take the risk. But he could not find his voice. They kissed with wild abandon until Val reluctantly whispered in Tyne's ear. "I hate to say this, but we do have to go now."

"I know. Thank you, Val. That was wonderful. I'll cherish it forever. But it must never happen again. I can't deal with it."

"I know. I get it, too. I F'n hate it, but I get it. Come on. Take my hand." Val stepped up and lifted Tyne to the rock shelf and then out of the pool. He wrapped him in a towel and then dried himself with the other one. The shadows were long and they needed to hurry. They dressed and made their way carefully back downstream to the camp.

Waiting for Val and Tyne to return from riding the quads, Noah was getting antsy, even more antsy than usual for him and he was dancing around the campfire until he couldn't stand it anymore. He could hardly wait for the sun to set behind the tall pine trees to make it dark enough for everybody to pair off and head into their tents. Finally, the second the last of the sun dipped behind the tallest tree, and unable to wait a second longer, he grabbed Nick's hand and pulled him up and off the fallen log he was sitting on. He and Dane were sitting there talking about some basketball nonsense while Sylvia scurried around cleaning up the camp. Noah yanked Nick off towards their tent under the trees across the small meadow. All worries about marauding bears had been quickly forgotten.

"What's the hurry, Woody? Val and Tyne aren't even back yet," Nick said, practically flying halfway across the wide and dusty campsite. "Besides, it's still early yet. I want to make us some S'mores. That's the best part of camping." Suddenly, Noah stopped pulling and Nick ran straight into him, practically making both of them fall over in the dirt. Dane saw them and had to cover his mouth not to let out a laugh. "What now? Why did you stop like that?"

"Listen," Noah said. Just then, they heard the quiet drone of the quads off in the distance, and knew that Val and Tyne were on their way back. Crazed with lust, Noah couldn't care less what his best bud had been doing. He had his own hot-jock boy-toy on his mind. He was relieved that they were safely returning though. He grabbed Nick's hand and started pulling him again towards the tent.

"Nicky, you can see your big-boyo tomorrow and we can have S'mores for breakfast, if it's so important. I promise. And besides, Tyne and Val are big boys now, and obviously, they found their way back here no problem. Who knows what they were doing, or who or what they're gonna be doing tonight. My guess is that Tyne got Val all hot and bothered and he's gonna fuck Sylvia six ways to Sunday with whipped cream on top. I don't need to tell you about the cherry, right? We might not even get to sleep for all the noise she's gonna make," Noah practically sang out the last word, bending over and sticking his ass in the air while trying to pull Nick closer to their tent "But not our problem, pussycat. Anyway, I've waited long enough and my butt is twitching like a death row inmate about to get his last meal of an In-n-Out Double-Double Animal Style before he meets his maker. I want you to make out with me for real this time – up the butt and all the way home. It's about time, Nicolito, don't you think? It's the big show, without the audience, clowns and animals of course. Well, maybe the animals depending how loud I get. You and me, baby. Crack that bat and hit a friggin' home run, okay? No parents or neighbors around for miles and we can be as freakin' loud as we want. Know what I'm saying?" Noah said this much too loudly, as he kept dragging Nick farther away from the glow of the campfire, making Dane snicker again and Sylvia just shake her head. Those two knew exactly what the two high school boys were going to do and secretly wondered if they were going to get to do that tonight, too.

Nick smiled and pulled Noah to a stop. "I'm all in Woody, babe. At least I hope I will be later on. But listen, we got all night. Let's just hang by the fire a little while longer now that Val and Tyne are headed back. C'mon. They're our best friends and it's kind of lame to go dissin' them. Please? Patience is a virtue, you know."

"Right. And virtue is a grace. So eat your freaking s'mores and come sit on my face," Noah said with pouty lip and a little wink.

Nick just smiled, kissed him, and walked arm around waist back to the fireside group. Noah grabbed a roasting stick and stuck two marshmallows on it. The sooner he got his boy filled with S'mores the sooner he could get on with the sex he was so desperate for.

Val and Tyne returned just after dark with their headlights showing the path. They had to travel fairly slowly in order to see their way. The other four campers were relieved to see their lights and hear their engines. When Val and Tyne arrived back at camp, they shut their quads off and pulled their helmets free of their ears. Sylvia scolded them, "We were getting very worried about you two. Why were you gone so long? Why is your hair so wet?"

"Sorry that we worried you guys," Val apologized. "We rode up to this hot spring we found last time we were here and we decided to take advantage of it. We kind of let time get away from us."

"Not only that, but that bear we saw, or another one like it, showed up and we had to wave and yell at it to make him go away. I practically shit my pants except I wasn't wearing any at the time. I felt like we were stew meat boiling in the hot spring until the bear decided we were done enough to eat. It was so scary!!"

"It was kind of scary, but Tyne handled it like a pro outdoorsman. He didn't panic and after we yelled at the bear, he just wandered off. I swear it's the same bear we saw earlier and that I saw when we were here last February. Bears are very territorial. He doesn't seem aggressive really. It's almost like he's checking us out," Val added. "Anyway, we're back safe and sound. I'm ready for S'mores. Looks like Noah's already started on them."

They climbed off the quads and hung the helmets on the handlebars. Val laid the towels they had used over the back of a couple of chairs near the fire to dry. Sylvia broke out the graham crackers, more marshmallows and chocolate bars and they all joined Noah in roasting some mallows to make the S'mores with. As the marshmallows puffed up and turned a golden brown, they set a square of chocolate bar on a cracker and then pressed the gooey marshmallow against it while squishing it all together using another cracker on top. "Mmmm, so good!" exclaimed Val as he sunk his teeth into the gooey, sweet concoction. It was a camping staple for his family. While they roasted and ate their S'mores, the five of them chatted over a myriad of mundane topics and discussed ideas for the following day's activities. Fishing and riding the quads was included, of course, but they all wanted to go check out the ghost town as well. Sylvia insisted that Val take her for a dip in the hot spring and Val agreed, albeit a bit reluctantly. In spite of avoiding overt sexual connotations in their conversation, there hung a certain sexual undertone in the banter. Everyone knew Nick and Noah were headed for a night of wild, uninhibited sex, but the rest of them were dancing around the idea.

They chatted some thirty minutes about this and that when suddenly, Noah busted up laughing for no apparent reason.

"What's so funny?" Tyne asked. "You're so weird tonight."

"You guys have to hear this! This is absolutely precious. So last night at Whole Paycheck, Lizzy's creepy sister started telling us in the back room about her sister and Lukas getting it on. Apparently, Lukas is some kind of masochistic sex freak because he put some kind of messed up coating on the rubber he used to fuck Lizzy with. Whatever it was he used on her was like super hot and started burning Lizzy's nasty twat like she was on fire or something. The big dumb asshole was actually fucking her in her parents' bed while the rest of the family was downstairs watching TV and Lizzy started screaming her bitchin' head off. Lukas panicked and held a pillow over her face to try and shut her up and when her old man came running in and found him fucking his screaming daughter and appearing like he was trying to smother her, he grabbed a chair and smacked Lukas over the back of the head with it. He put him in the hospital with a … get ready for it … concussion induced coma."

Dane slowly looked over at Tyne. Tyne shrugged. "Wow, that Lukas is such an asshole," Tyne said and looked away.

"Yeah," Dane agreed. "I WONDER what Lukas could have put on his condom that freaked Lizzy out like that?"

"No telling," Tyne said, smirking. He stared back into the coals of the fire pit.

"I guess at first they were going to charge Lukas with rape, but Lizzy had bragged to a bunch of her Catholic school friends that she was giving it up to Lukas and even that they planned to do it in her parents' bed, so she backed off that lie and since there was no permanent damage done by whatever he used on her, he's not in any trouble with the law. But he's done with Lizzy and probably basketball too, just like you." Noah nodded toward Val.

"I hate him, but I wouldn't wish that on him," Val muttered.

"That's awful," Sylvia said. "Sex should be loving and joyful between two people. Not disgusting and hurtful like that." She draped her arms over Val's shoulders from behind and began slowly caressing his strong chest and planting kisses on his neck. "I'm a little tired already. What d'ya say we go crawl in the tent together?"

"Not yet, k?" Val responded. "Let's enjoy the fire a bit longer."

Once they had their fill of S'mores and the conversation was slowing down after Noah's story about Lizzy and Lukas that no one could match, let alone top, Nick and Noah announced they were headed off to their tent. "Sweet dreams, you guys," Tyne said with a wry smirk.

"Oh you know it baby, you know it," Noah said. Then turning partially back toward the group at the fire ring, he grinned and asked "You did say 'SWEET CREAMS' didn't you?"

"Ewww. You are a hot mess, dude," Val said.

"Not yet I'm not, that comes later, right Nicky boy?" Noah slapped Nick's ass and they took off running toward their tent. They heard Nick say as he pulled his sweatshirt off without missing a step, "Last one naked has to be the bottom." That set the whole group off into fits of laughter and Sylvia shuddered.

"We do not need that image in our heads." Val called out. "Go have your freaky fun but try and keep it down so the rest of us can get some sleep, all right?"

"Weird," Sylvia said. "So weird."

"Speaking of bottoms," Dane started saying and everyone immediately looked away from the glowing coals directly at him in somewhat surprised expectation of where he was about to go with that. Tyne was especially interested. Without paying much attention to their reaction, he continued, "The poor triplets all have horrible diaper rashes because my sister bought this different kind of lotion and it seems like it aggravated their skin and the poor little kidlets kick their little legs and cry like crazy when they wet their diapers.

"Dane. Dane! Not now with the triplets, okay?" Tyne begged. He was not in the mood for a long diatribe on diaper rash. Dane stopped and hunched a bit staring down at the coals and feeling awkward.

Across the meadow, Noah was standing outside the tent, naked, boned and dripping precum."Okay, okay, slow down, my little pocket-rocket. Let's make it last. I was just joking about the last one naked has to be the bottom thing. We've got all night. And yeah, I'm just as excited as you are, but I want to take it slow and make it extra special good, something that we'll remember forever," Nick said not nearly as loud, as they reached the front zipper of their tent. "Super-sexy and out of this world. Not like the skanks I fucked when I could get it."

"Nicky, that's just so gross. Don't talk about that."

"I know, but it's true. Girls are easy and it was sorta expected of me, being a jock and all. I had no idea what I really wanted before I met you." Nick said the last part shyly under his breath, and reached out with one hand and cupped Noah's cheek. "I want you so much. I love you."

"Oh, Nicky, I could just eat you up," Noah said, as he wrapped his arms around his boyfriend. They moved in for a long and tender kiss, not caring who was watching. Apparently, that was all of the persuading Nick needed, because when he broke off the kiss and let go of Noah, he motioned to the tent and said, "After you, Woody."

"Don't mind if I do," he said and started to go into the tent. But then he stopped abruptly again, when he suddenly got apprehensive. "You still sure you want to do this? I mean, we can do it at home if you're not ready. I know I can be overbearing sometimes, at least Tyne tells me I can, and I don't want you to do this just because you feel pressured into it by me. I want you to really want it and be ready for this big step in our relationship."

"Oh, yeah I'm ready. I want to show you how much I love you, Noah. And I've got a surprise for you, too. Actually, a couple of ones," Nick said as he guided Noah into the tent.

"You do?" Noah was all smiles again. "Goodie! I can hardly wait! But I've got one for you, too, big boy. Bet you've never slept in a tent that looks like this," he said as Nick crawled with him into the tent. Noah had snuck away earlier while the others were still talking after eating the fish they'd caught, and had setup the inside of the tent as only Noah could do. The sleeping bags had been rolled out one on top of the other so the boys could spoon, and Noah's favorite pillows were bunched up at the top. He'd set up a few low-light LED lanterns that he got at the discount store, and because he hated the light they put off, he casually draped some of his favorite scarves from his collection over the tops so they gave off a warm and sexy glow. It looked like Eddie Bauer just landed in a Moroccan harem.

"Wow! I'm impressed."

"And I brought my portable iPod player, too. Oh! Don't tell the other guys, but I got a bottle of wine from work."

"You think that's a good idea after what happened to Val and Tyne last time?" Nick asked.

"Why not? We're not driving anywhere."

"Okay, I guess. Wanna see my surprise?" Nick asked.

"Ohhh, yeah, big daddy. Lay it on me."

"Where did you put my pack?"

"Behind the pillows," Noah pointed to the back of the tent.

Nick crawled up and dug around in his pack for a second until he found what he was looking for. He pulled out the bag and tossed it at Noah. "See if there is something in there that color coordinates with your decorating scheme," Nick half giggled.

Noah opened the bag and couldn't believe his eyes. Inside was an assortment of condoms in every color, texture and brand. "Oh, my god! You are a boy scout! You cum prepared!" Noah said, laughing at his own pun. "Where did you get all of these?"

"Part of my collection. They're leftovers from my skirt chasing days. I ordered them off the internet."

"Yeah, I bet. Look: Banana flavor! And it's sugar-free, too. My favorite. And all these colors, wow. Which one is your favorite?"

"This one," Nick said as he pulled out a sealed shiny packet from the bag. "It's glow in the dark. I figured we could try it tonight when we turn your mood lighting off."

"Cool. That might come in handy when I'm trying to guide your rocket into the docking station. What's this one? It says it has RPD," Noah asked holding it up for inspection.

"Raised pleasure dots. We can try that one later too, or maybe tomorrow. I wanna make this week up here a total fuck-fest with my amazing, crazy, beautiful boyfriend."

"Oh, yeah, Nicky. I want to try them all if you can keep it up that long," Noah said, making Nick laugh. "What's your other surprise?"

"Um, put those down for a minute." Nick took the bag and tossed it on the sleeping bag behind him. Then he slid over to Noah and put his hands on Noah's hips and pulled him in tight. Noah just looked at him and smiled, waiting to hear what he had to say. Finally, Nick looked him straight in the eyes and said, "I told you I wanted to prove my love for you tonight, right?"

Noah just nodded and said, "Yeah."

"Well, I want you to top me, right here, right now and I'm willing to let you hook me up in those cuffs and chains you've wanted to try out but I've resisted. Ravage me dude. Make me feel you deep inside me."

Sylvia got up and started cleaning up the food and Val got up to help her. When the food was all put in the boxes and ice chest, Val set them in the front seat of the truck to prevent attracting the bear into camp. He knew that wasn't total prevention, but since there weren't any bear boxes provided at the campground, it was the best he could do. Sylvia was standing there when he turned around after shutting the truck door and she slipped her arms around his waist and pressed herself into him. She caressed his back and ass cheeks and lifted her chin for a kiss. Val accommodated her. "Let's go to bed together, Val. I'm ready."

"Umm, yeah. Okay. Just let me put the fire out and make sure no food's lying around, then I'll be in to join you." They parted with a kiss and Sylvia blushed when she realized Tyne and Dane were staring at them and knew what she was planning. She scurried around the truck, gave a small wave to Tyne and Dane and wished them a good night before disappearing into the tent. Val started rummaging around for a flashlight to use to inspect the campsite for food scraps.

"Did you see it?" Tyne asked Dane.

"See what?"

"The look."

"What look?"

"The 'I'm about to lose my virginity to the hottest guy on earth' look."

"Oh. That look." Dane responded. "Yeah, I guess so." Then he pointed to his face and asked, "What's this look?"

Tyne smiled and shrugged, "Not sure. Tell me."

"Same one Sylvia just had." Dane didn't smile or chuckle. He just stared into Tyne's emerald-blue eyes completely serious, searching for some meaningful hint. But none was there and it made him sad.

Tyne stared back, sensed he was being scrutinized and forced a kind smile. "Yeah. That's the look all right." Tyne leaned over and kissed Dane. Dane returned the kiss and slipped the tip of his tongue across Tyne's upper lip. Tyne resisted at first, then surrendered to it and parted his lips.

They made out for a couple of long minutes until Dane whispered, "What do you want to do together tonight – when we're alone in the tent?"

Tyne gave a demure shrug then slid his hand down over Dane's crotch and gave his raging hard-on a firm squeeze. "I know you wanna fuck me. It's all right if you want to. I'll let you do it if you want." He kissed Dane on the tip of his freckled nose and added, "But I need to go use the bathroom first. I'll be right back and then we can go do it. Did you bring a rubber?"

Dane swallowed hard and said, "Yeah, I have one. It's already under my pillow." All of a sudden he wished he hadn't come on this camping trip.

"Awesome. We're all set then." Tyne jumped up and walked off into the wooded area behind the camp. He went further out than necessary for a little privacy. Even though both Val and Dane had seen him naked and even played with his dick before, he was pee-shy and bodily functions required privacy for him. It occurred to Tyne after he'd pulled his dick out to pee that he should probably try and take a dump before giving himself over to Dane. He turned and looked over his shoulder and saw Dane with his elbows on his knees staring into the fire's glow. He didn't bother putting his dick away, and it plumped up out in the wild while he picked his way carefully back to the dirt road and followed it to the lakeshore where he'd seen some vault style toilets. They were the kind where everyone's crap and piss just builds up in the hole until they come around and suck it out with a pumper truck. Stinky and gross, but part of camping near a lake these days.

Back at camp, Val walked back over and asked Dane, "Should I douse the fire or do you and Tyne want to stay up a while longer?"

"You can douse it, I guess." Dane said quietly, his voice cracking a bit. He didn't look up at Val and instead stared at the smoldering coals. Dane lifted his shirttail to his eyes and dabbed at them, trying not to be a wimp in front of the hot jock.

"You okay, man? You and Tyne have words or something? It's cool if you need to talk."

"No. Tyne just offered to let me fuck him."

"Oh. Well, umm, wow. You should be happy." Val was both startled and confused, and he stepped back a bit. He didn't get why Dane would be crying over that – he should be doing cartwheels. "Tears of joy, then? That must be exciting for you, I guess."

Dane rubbed his eyes with a little more force than he should have and then swallowed hard to compose himself. "No, not really. And definitely not tears of joy. He didn't offer it up because he loves me. He's only letting me fuck him because he feels obligated to do it. I'm the fucking booby prize. You're the one he wants to be having sex with, dumb ass. He's in love with you, big fucking time, as if you didn't know. It's obvious to anyone around here with half a brain. I've known it for a while now. Just didn't want to accept it, but I just confirmed it. I always dreamed he might come around to me unconditionally sooner or later. But, that's a hopeless dream now."

"No way, Dane. Your way F'n wrong about that. He's really into you. He told me up at the hot spring today how much he really likes you and what an awesome guy you are. Tyne wouldn't offer to let you do him if he wasn't really into you. Besides, we're just good friends, that's all."

"Val. Shut the fuck up already! Get a freaking grip, dude. This is real…fucking…life…here! You love him and he loves you. It's as simple as that. You know it and he knows it and I know it. Fuck – everybody knows it for shit's sake! I don't know why you two are playing like it isn't so, but it is. Stop fighting it and stop messing with me and Sylvia. This isn't a pickup game, dammit. We can't just pick new sides and start over. I'm not fucking him, tonight or ever. You need to take my place in the tent with Tyne. You should be the one fucking Tyne, not me. I'll bench myself and go sleep in the back of the truck. No worries."

Val bit his lip and wiped his own eyes. He was surprised at Dane's strong emotions and outburst and how much it affected him. He knew deep down that his fellow jock was right, but it was hard to acknowledge what he was saying. "It's just so complicated, dude," he finally said with a deep breath and settling hard into a camp chair next to Dane. "You don't know everything that's been going on. Tyne won't, or can't, be with me for a bunch of reasons. I won't deny that I love him or that he loves me. You're right about that, and it's really hard for me to say. It's just complicated between us, that's all. He loves you too, in a way, and if you guys let it happen together it can grow into more. He's better off with you than me."

"Fuck the 'complicated' bullshit. That's just an excuse because you're afraid of giving in to your real feelings. Both of you are lying to yourselves to avoid hurting other people's feelings or something, but you're fucking using both me and Sylvia. You have to be true to yourself or you're not good for anybody. Time's up, dude. Game over. Collect your fucking trophy and go home."

Val gave a small chuckle, and said, "It's kind of ironic. That was something the preacher at Sylvia's church said last week. He quoted Shakespeare. Let me think, it was, umm, 'This above all: to thine own self be true. And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man.' It totally hit me when he said it and I went home and looked it up on the internet. I've read it over and over all week. I can't stop thinking about it."

"Well, that sounds like pretty good advice. So dude, man up and be true to yourself. This cowardly bullshit isn't like the Val I knew as our team captain. You never let any opponent scare you. No matter how big or how fast a team was, you'd help us believe we could find a way to beat them. Listen: I want you to go take my place in the tent with Tyne 'cuz I'm not sleeping there no matter what. I'm done and out. I'll explain it to Sylvia for you and take your sleeping bag and go sleep in the truck." Dane stood up and started to move toward the larger tent when Val reached out and grabbed his arm.

"No. Stop, dude. That isn't right. No way. But, shit, what you're saying is true. I can't keep leading Sylvia on and Tyne shouldn't have been leading you on either. But I need to be the one to talk to her. I'll go sleep in the truck tonight. Then we can see where things go or don't go between Tyne and me later on."

"NO! Goddammit, Val! You're such an ass. That's just another stupid way to avoid confronting your true feelings about this. You should, no – you have to be the one to go talk with Sylvia. I agree with that, but you know you want to be the one sleeping in the tent with Tyne tonight, and you're going to have fantastic, beautiful, intense sex together without any fucking head games over it."

Just then, Noah started singing a line from Next's song, Too Close, "Baby when we're grinding, I get so excited," over and over at the top of his lungs, causing Dane and Val to look at each other and start to laugh. Dane said after a chuckle and a shake of his head, "It certainly sounds like Nick and Noah's sex has gotten intense." Then Dane paused, snorted, and started laughing really hard. Val stared at him because Noah's singing in the heat of an orgasm wasn't really that funny. "I just made an unintentional joke. Get it. Nick and Noah are having intense sex. Get it? Intense Sex. Val stared at him blankly, "Sex – in tents. And that's what you and Tyne need to have tonight is some 'in-tents' sex."

"Ohhh," Val rolled his eyes. "Yeah, that is kinda funny." The lame humor broke the serious mood. Val picked up the fire bucket full of water, which his dad had taught him to always keep on hand near a campfire, and doused the glowing coals. As the steam rose up from the blackened coals, Val asked, "What about you? This isn't fair to you or Sylvia if I do this with Tyne."

"I'm not gonna lie to you. I'm way disappointed and a little pissed off, but it's kind of like our basketball season. The last game was really disappointing, especially losing it the way we did, but I'm still glad I got to play the season." Dane chuckled again, "Seems like every time I go to score, I end up getting the ball stolen from me. Good thing I can rebound."

"Wow. You're an amazing guy, you know that?" Val said in sincere admiration.

"Not really. I'm just a simple dude trying to be realistic."

"Well, for what it's worth, I'm sorry man," Val said quietly. "I'd be proud if you were always a friend."

"Thanks. We'll see. Now get the fuck out of here and do what you need to do."

"Yeah, I better go talk to Sylvia. Wish me luck."

"Good luck with that. And Val?"


"Don't ever fuck your friends over like this again. I know you're better than that."

Val took a deep breath, and said, "Yeah, you're right." Then he steeled himself and walked across the campsite and over to the tent he was supposed to be sharing with her. He knelt, took another deep breath, zipped open the flaps and crawled halfway into the tent. "Hey, Sylvia."

She sat up and grinned. "Took you long enough, Val. Come snuggle with me." Sylvia pulled the top sleeping bag down and patted the space next to her. She exposed her naked breasts when she sat up. Val stared in mild surprise. She certainly had beautiful breasts, not too large or small, but firm and perky. Her nipples were like little rubies, sticking up in the cool mountain air. He pulled his eyes away and met her eyes.

"Sylvia. Please don't hate me, but I can't do this with you tonight. If I spend the night with you, I'll end up doing things that I shouldn't. I have a big time confession to make to you and an apology. I'm bisexual. At least, I guess that's what I am. I've fallen for both you and Tyne, which probably sounds crazy, but it's true. I'm really confused about it myself and I have been seriously depressed over it for a while now. Please don't misunderstand me; I really, really like you a lot. You're the most wonderful girl I've ever met or could ever hope to be with. But, I just have to figure this other part of myself out before I can go any further with you. I …" Val choked up. Tears stung his eyes and a heavy pressure weighed on his broad chest. "I'm honestly sorry for leading you on. I … I just thought that somehow it could work out that I'd be able to forget about Tyne and just like totally devote myself to you. I've tried so hard not to think about him and focus only on you … but … I know that's not happening, and I can't keep messing with your feelings any more. It's not fair to you. Please forgive me."

Sylvia pulled the sleeping bag back up over her breasts. Pain and dread was displayed on her pretty face. Then she collapsed back on the pillow, and she started to cry.

"Oh god, Sylvia, please don't cry. I'm so sorry. If I could change it I would." Val started to crawl further in to comfort her.

"Don't," she cried out. "Just leave me alone. I don't want to talk to you right now. Just go." Val started crying in earnest then, unable to hold it back and it gushed forth.

"I'm sorry. I'm really sorry about this. I never should have led you on like I have but it was only because I think so much of you and thought it could maybe work out for us. I promise I never meant to hurt you."

Through her tears, she practically ordered him, "Go! Just get out." He slunk backwards out of the tent, zipped it closed, blew her a goodbye kiss that she never saw and made his way to the fire ring where he collapsed into a folding chair. Dane, who had heard Sylvia shouting, pulled a chair up next to him.

"I've been such an idiot. You're right. I've been messing with people's lives. I'm such a piece of shit," Val spat out as he pounded his fists on his legs.

"It's hard on everyone. No one likes to lose. Give her some time – eventually she'll understand. There's going to be lot's of hard things that go with your decision to be true to yourself. But the inner peace you get from doing the right thing is worth all the collateral damage happening now. Trust me on that. Pull yourself together, get you're freakin' ass up and go crawl in the tent and surprise Tyne. It's the right thing to do for both of you and you know it."

"I don't know. Are you sure?"

"Just get your ass in there. You know it's what you want and you know it's right. Go." Dane stood and pulled Val out of his chair. Val reached out, hugged him as a friend, and after a second, Dane returned the hug.

"Thanks, man. You're F'n awesome." Val wiped his eyes and rushed off into the tent like an excited little boy who'd just had his 'time out' lifted early and told he could go play again. Dane smiled. He was anxious for Tyne to return so he could listen in on the big surprise when he discovered Val in the tent instead of him. He was almost excited for it. It was a gift he was giving to a boy he loved and would always love, even if he could never have him. If there was anything to take away from all of this, it was the promise that true love was really possible, even for a gay boy like himself.

Dane walked over to Sylvia's tent and stood outside a while listening to her blubber. After he'd had enough and was starting to get cold, he called in, "Sylvia, it's Dane. I need to get a sleeping bag."


"Val has mine."

"H-h-how come?" She sniffled.

"He's sleeping in the tent with Tyne and I'm sleeping in the truck."

"Oooooo." She wailed. "Great. Just great. He can't sleep with me, but he can sleep with Tyne? Great."

Dane listened patiently for a bit longer as she wailed on about how much her life sucks and how unfair it is and how stupid she was and how could he do this to her and on and on . At last Dane interrupted her rant and asked again, "Yeah, so about that sleeping bag? It's kind of cold out here." There was a rustling and then the tent's zipper started to inch upward. Sylvia shoved the sleeping bag out of the tent flap and Dane gathered it up. He caught a glimpse of her naked breasts as the last of the bag cleared the opening and it left him sad for her. The sight of her barren breast punctuated the rudely trashed expectations of her night with Val. After she zipped the tent closed again, Dane wrapped the bag around his shoulders and said softly so Val couldn't hear across the way, "It sucks, I know. But we'll survive it. I have to admit that I saw it coming; didn't you?"

Sylvia whimpered a bit and then answered, "I guess – maybe. Yes. I saw it too, dammit. I just didn't want to believe it. I tried to tell myself they were just really good friends. I knew it was more, though. Do you love Tyne?"

"Yeah," Dane confirmed sadly, "I do. But the way they look at each other and how they touch each other... I guess it was a silent communication thing going on between them. I tried to wish it away too. But tonight when I kissed Tyne and he didn't really kiss back and then when he offered himself up to me like some sort of sacrificial lamb or something, I knew for sure. I hope they are happy together."

"Really? Aren't you mad at Tyne?"

"Nah, I can't be. I love him too much to be mad at the guy. I feel sorry for both of them in a way. It must have been hell being together with us around and not being able to REALLY be together. It's like I told Val, even though we lost the big game in the last second, and I had my ball stolen just as I was about to score, I'm glad I had the experience of playing. I'm better off for having played the game. And, I'm a better person for knowing Tyne. Besides, I am really good at rebounding. I'll find someone on the rebound. So will you. I saw a bunch of guys checking you out at the Easter picnic. You know, if you want, I can put the moves on them and try and kiss them before you accept a date to make sure they're really straight. You'll see in time, we'll be fine and we'll both be wiser for the experience. Can you honestly say that your being with Val hasn't changed you for the better?"

"No. That's true. I am better because of Val. I am glad we had the time together that we did. I guess I have to accept that I lost and Tyne won. I hate it though. I love Val. I really love him. It's going to be really hard for me to get over this, though."

"I know. I love Tyne too - so much. But it's possible to love more than one person in your life. Val loved you and Tyne at the same time. But it'll be a whole lot easier for you to find a new guy to love than it will be for me. That process really sucks for gay guys. I hate the thought of playing the gay version of twenty questions only to find out on question eighteen or nineteen that 'nope, he's not gay after all' and I've just made a complete ass of myself."

"Well, there's always Wyatt," Sylvia said.

"Wyatt? The face painting dude?"

"Yeah. Didn't you like him? You guys seemed to hit it off pretty good at the Easter picnic."

"Sure. He was way cool, but why do you think he might be gay?"

"Seriously? Your gaydar thing really sucks. You need to tune it up or something," Sylvia laughed slightly for the first time in their conversation.

"Wait. OH MY GOD. I just realized something." Dane pulled his phone out of his pocket and flipped to the picture he'd taken in the bathroom mirror of the face painting that Wyatt had done on his back. It had just looked like a series of curly vines with little white flowers on them. He studied it closer and realized they weren't random swirls at all; it was Wyatt's phone number. A wide grin spilled across his handsome face as he pushed his wavy red locks behind his ears.

"What?" Sylvia asked in curiosity.

"Maybe Wyatt might work out after all. Thanks for the tip."

"Cool. You're welcome. Hey Dane? If you want, I'll get dressed and you can sleep in here. You don't have to sleep in the truck."

"Are you sure? I don't mind sleeping in the truck."

"I'm sure. It's okay. Give me a minute." Sylvia pulled her clothes on then zipped her sleeping bag up into a one person bag again. Dane zipped his together as well. Then Sylvia unzipped her tent and welcomed Dane in. "The guest room is on that side. Please stay on it."

"No worries. You're safer sleeping with me than with the pope."

"I don't doubt it." They chuckled together a bit and then fell into a gloomy silence, lost in thoughts of what might have been.

Tyne walked all the way down by the lake where he'd seen the toilets. He pulled open the spring loaded door and stepped in and right back out. The putrid smell of the vault toilet was overwhelming. Tyne took a deep breath and forged on in. He held his breath as long as he could while he peed and tried to force out a bowel movement. He strained and strained but to no avail. There was nothing there to expel. Finally, Tyne wiped himself really good back there for good measure and wondered what it would be like to have Dane up inside of him. He liked Dane. He really did, but he did not love him. He worried whether it was right to do something so intimate with someone he wasn't really in love with. The voices in his head argued over whether it was right or wrong. He thought maybe doing it would help him get over Val and fall madly in love with Dane like Noah suggested. He knew he couldn't keep putting Dane off and keep him around. Now that he had squared things up with Val at the hot spring, he needed to move on. If he was going to have any kind of relationship in high school, Dane was the best candidate. There was no way in hell he planned on going out on the prowl for someone else. He felt almost sick to his stomach over it all and the smell of the shithouse wasn't helping that any. He quit arguing the point in his head and concluded to settle for Dane.

Finally resolved, he stood up and pulled his boxers and pants up and headed out to face his fate. The chilled evening air filled his lungs with fresh, breathable air. He was happy to have left the smell and the conflicting thoughts behind in the outhouse. Tyne looked up at the stars. "Dad," he pleaded to the stars. "I'm doing the right thing, aren't I? This is the best course of action, right?"

Nothing came. The stillness of the mountain woodland filled his senses in agonizing silence and Tyne cursed it. Then he heard a noise some seven or eight yards away. He squinted and tried to focus in the direction of the sound. "Dane? Is that you?"

There was no answer. Only ominous silence abounded all about him. "Val?" Still, there came no answer. His heart rate quickened and a light bead of cold sweat formed on his brow. Then there came another noise like the first. It was twigs snapping just within the stand of trees. "Stop it guys. This isn't funny."

The large black bear emerged from the moonlit shadows of the trees and trotted deliberately toward Tyne. "Don't panic. Get large and scare him away," Tyne mumbled to himself as he backed up against the shithouse door.

But Tyne's voice and courage failed him. The bear came up close and inspected Tyne from head to foot. Tyne could actually feel his hot breath on his face. "Oh dear God, make it be over quickly, please?" Tyne silently prayed. He imagined the sharp teeth sinking into the flesh of his neck. He thought of his mom and of Val and how sad they would be over his death. Tears began falling down his flushed red cheeks as he stood pressed against the shithouse door, shaking like a leaf in the trees.

The bear snorted and cocked his head just to the left. Tyne opened his eyes after a couple of long seconds had passed without being attacked, and he locked eyes with the bear. It was as if the bear was pulling the fear from his body, through his eyes. The bear's dark eyes had a gentle softness in them. There was nothing menacing in his eyes or demeanor. Tyne concluded that the bear had no interest in eating him.

The bear stretched his neck up and sniffed at Tyne's neck and then down near his crotch where he'd sprayed on some of his favorite Fierce cologne. The bear snorted again and Tyne worried that the cologne was what had attracted him. Tyne scrunched his eyes tightly shut and clenched his teeth as he anticipated those massive teeth biting into privates and ripping them off, leaving him a mangled, sexless freak for life. His fear started to turn to panic and he thought he might just pass out. The large bear simply snorted and nudged his snout under Tyne's clenched jaw. He made eye contact once more as Tyne slowly peeked out of the slits of his eyelids. And though Tyne doubted it could really be, he swore the animal smiled. The bear poked his snout on Tyne's chest directly over his pounding heart and lumbered off. Just before leaving the clearing, the large, powerful animal turned back and looked at Tyne, who was still frozen against the outhouse door. His father's voice rang out in his mind, clear and unmistakable. "Follow your heart, Tyne." Then the big bear trotted off into the trees and up the hillside.

Tyne stood motionless for several minutes trying to catch his breath, then carefully stepped away from the outhouse and crept along the trail to the road. When he reached the road, Tyne took off sprinting as fast as he could go back toward camp. His heart was pounding and his brain was swirling as he reached the darkened and abandoned camp. He stared at the tent that he knew contained the love of his young life and against his better judgment, he crept silently over to it. He stood and listened for the sounds of lovemaking that he fully expected to hear. But strangely, there was only the soft breathing of two sleeping persons. It angered him in a way that Val would do it so quickly and be done with her. He wanted Val's first time to be more meaningful and special than that.

Tyne made his way back to his tent and stood outside for several minutes gathering his thoughts and courage. He was still shaken from the bear encounter. Why had the bear come? Why had his father's message to follow his heart come too late? Why had he ended it with Val if that wasn't what his heart wanted and then be told to follow his heart? He wondered if maybe sharing this experience with Dane would change his heart. Perhaps that was it. He knelt and found the flap unzipped so he crawled in and almost wished he could find Dane asleep and avoid his fateful obligation to serve himself up to him. He zipped the tent closed behind him and crawled up toward the pillows where his tent mate lay with his head covered. His body was curled because he was too tall to stretch out in the small tent. "Dane," Tyne called softly, "Are you awake?" The head under the covers nodded. "Do you want me to get naked?" Again, the head nodded. "Okay." Tyne pulled off his shoes and socks, slid his jacket off and then his shirt. He lay on his back and arched it to pull his pants and boxers off his ass and then down off his legs. The cold air attacked his naked flesh, giving him goose bumps, but he didn't immediately crawl under the top sleeping bag to get warm. Suddenly, he wasn't sure if he could go through with this or not. He grabbed his flaccid penis which betrayed his disengaged heart. He flapped it around and gave it several useless tugs in an attempt to coax it into an imitation boner.

Tyne was almost wishing Val was there instead of Dane, and he was holding his breath and dreaming of the big jock in hopes that would help him get mentally into it. While he was working his deception, a large hand emerged from the covers and moved onto and across his chest, stopping at his right nipple and gently circling it with a warm finger. This was confusing. It was different from Dane's softer touch and feel. It was more like…. "What the hell? Val? Val, is that you?"

"Surprise." Val playfully pinched his nipple, making Tyne bat his hand away.

"Val! What are you doing in here? You can't sleep here. You have to get out before anybody sees you. Right now. Hurry up. Get out!"

Val pushed the button of a small tent light casting a sensual glow off the dark green wall of the nylon tent. "That's the second time tonight that I've been ordered to get out. It's getting a little annoying. Only this time, I'm not following orders. Don't worry, little one," Val said, sticking his head up and looking at Tyne for the first time with total and unconditional love. Val immediately felt a huge rush of relief that he had finally stood firm on the right decision. He vowed to himself that he would never, ever, hurt Tyne again, or anyone else for that matter. Then he cracked a big, toothy smile, taking up his entire face, acutely aware of his love for the person staring at him all wide-eyed and shocked. He felt amazingly free and incredibly happy for the first time in months and it took all of his strength not to snatch Tyne right there and smother his body with kisses from head to toe. Instead, he calmed himself down and said, "I talked with Dane while you were off in the woods. Or I should say, Dane talked to me – lectured me really. Anyway, he made me see F'n straight, so to speak. Then I talked with Sylvia, but we don't need to go there right now. Anyway, this is where I'm supposed to be." When he said the last part, his smile got even bigger, if that was possible. "Here. With you. Forever, if you'll have me. I want to be with you completely. No more holding back or pretending."

"Don't fuck with me, Val. I'm not in a mood right now. This is all like some kind of bizarre, twisted dream. You need to get out of here and I need to go find Dane before he wonders if I became bear meat. Fuck, if he's out in the woods pissing or something, I need to warn him. That bear's back, although he doesn't seem interested in eating us. He pinned me up against the outhouse and just sniffed at me. It was weird, I almost felt like … ahh, never mind. It's all just so crazy. I have to go find Dane."

Val sat up, the sleeping bag falling down off his shoulders to expose his muscular, broad chest, radiating warmth in the soft glow of Tyne's tent light. "I'm not F'n screwing with you, and Dane's fine. He's sleeping in the back seat of OUR truck. He insisted on it. He knows about us. He knows that I love you Tyne. I love you from the bottom of my heart. Honestly, I've always loved you since the first time you and I talked in Ms. Harris's Creative Lifestyles class. I just couldn't say it, or acknowledge it then. I'm an F'n idiot, I know, for taking so long and hurting just about everybody around me – especially you. But I got it, finally. And I'm never, ever going to let you go. I promise." The look in his puppy-dog eyes was so sincere, it would have made a perfect Hallmark card. He continued before Tyne could object again, "Dane helped me realize what a stubborn, grumpy old bear I've been because I was hiding from the truth. It's time for me to stand up and be true to myself and to you."

"Okay. You say that now after you got a taste of dick up at the hot spring. But, what about later on when your other side starts yearning for tits and pussy? What then? Will you drop me in a hole and bury me away, like a dog tired of his bone while you go explore the straight side and fuck some hot bitch? Then come crawling back and unbury me when you want your bone again? I can't do that, Val. I can't. I won't. If I can't have all of you, I don't want any of you."

Val didn't answer at first. He just bit his lip and fought off tears. "Tyne. We are young. We don't even know what "forever" really means. I know this, though. When it comes to Val 'n Tyne, I can't live with never. I can't look back on my life when I'm old and wonder 'what if?'" Val paused and let his words sink in. Then he continued, "I'm a decent looking, seventeen year old virgin, who was captain of the basketball team. You don't think I could have had all the tits and pussy I wanted? You don't think I could have manipulated Lizzy to let me fuck her like Lukas did? I just turned down a beautiful, sweet, loving, naked girl in the tent across the campground who was offering herself up to me for the second time. I don't want tits and pussy. I want you, Tyne. Only you. For as long as you want to have me."

It took a minute for Val's words to fully register and sink in to Tyne's whirling mind. Finally, after what felt like they were stuck in a strange time loop, Tyne realized this wasn't a dream and Val was completely sincere. He also realized Val was completely naked under the sleeping bag, probably boned, and ready to make love to him. Tyne took a deep breath, looked at the big jock smiling up at him again and after exhaling another deep breath, he finally resigned himself to follow his heart and let it all go. Everything. Completely and wholeheartedly. He was physically spent from his run-in with the bear, and mentally exhausted from the sexual tension and drama. Now with this – everything imploded. But surprisingly, with that realization, he was super-charged with guilt free emotion for Val like he had never experienced before. He ripped the sleeping bag from the remainder of Val's naked torso and leaped forward onto Val's gorgeous body with the full force of his naked body and both boys rolled back and forth on the soft sleeping bag, giggling and laughing and rolling around and threatening to take the small tent down with them. Tyne's flaccid dick burst into a powerful erection.

When Tyne was back on top, he stopped to take one more good look at the hot stud underneath him, then smiled wickedly and let out an exasperated sigh. Val was afraid the little guy was going to punch him, but instead Tyne grabbed Val's head hard in both of his palms, then dove in and kissed Val like the world depended on it. Tongues dueled, lips parted and bodies ground together like never before in a fit of uninhibited passion. After what seemed like hours, Tyne lifted off Val, looked at him deeply again with those beautiful azure-blue eyes, now sparkling with effervescence, and said "You irresistible mother-fucker." Then he erupted into a fit of laughter and fell down comfortably on top of Val out of breath and coated in a light sheen of passion induced sweat.

They stayed that way for quite a while, Val wrapping his strong arms around Tyne, basking in the freedom of their unfettered and reborn love for one another, bodies pressed together and basking in the full body contact. Then Val said, "Hey little one. I'm getting cold and you must be too. Why don't you pull the top bag over your naked ass and let's snuggle. Nobody's gonna be bothering us and I've got some serious loving to give to you. All night long, if you let me."

"Okay," Tyne said huskily and getting up on his knees. "This feels so surreal. There should be like a soundtrack going off in the background right about now. The violins coming up slowly with an oboe and French horn playing a subtle, foreboding melody. "

"I know. Like the music in that Princess in Paradise movie. As I remember, the music was powerful in that movie."

"I'll take your word for it. But yeah, I could hear a Carter Burwell piano medley going off right about now. I'm glad it's not though. I'd probably start bawling like a chick. Or Noah."

"I would too, I'm afraid. When it comes right down to it, I may act all tough and strong like that ol' black bear but I'm just a teddy bear at heart. Dane is too and so is Nick."

Almost on cue, they heard Nick crying out from across the meadow, "Oh my god, Woody, YES! YES! YES! Fuck my virgin ass! Harder! Harder!"

Val and Tyne burst into laughter and Tyne fell off of Val's large body clutching his stomach. Val was shaking with laughter too. When they calmed down Val said, gently "C'mere, you. Hurry up and get in here with me." Val reached out with his big guns to tease Tyne on.

"Okay," he said quietly, "I'm on it." Tyne spread the top sleeping bag over Val, moved around and crawled underneath it and then scooted down so that Val could wrap his strong arms around his chest and pull him tight-- Val's front to Tyne's back. He wasn't surprised when Val's massive hard-on poked him between his legs, since his own dick had boned back up suddenly too. "It feels like you really are happy to see me."

"Oh, yeah. You can tell, huh? If you're ready, I want to prove it to you. I want to make love to you, Tyne."

Tyne was at a loss for words, not wanting to sound too cheesy. Val's tone had been full of honesty and true passion. So after a second, he simply asked, "Promise?"

"Oh, yeah!" he said, and pulled Tyne even tighter. "Absolutely. I'm going to show you just how much I love you. I'm going to make you feel so good, if you'll let me," Val said almost in a whisper into Tyne's ear, then started to give him little kisses on his earlobe. He had never felt like this before, so good, so goofy and yet, so nervous at the same time.

"Yeah, Val, I want you to make love to me. Just go slow, uhh, 'cuz you're pretty big."

"I would never hurt you, little one. I'd die if I hurt you. No, I'm only going to make you feel so, so incredibly good, I promise."

"Not to piss you off and spoil the mood, but do you even know what to do and how to do it? I mean, we're both guys after all and you are a virgin. I mean it's fairly obvious where things are supposed to fit, but I'm not sure you thought this all the way through."

Val chuckled slightly, "You F'n analyze everything, don't you? Truth?' Val said shyly. "You can be proud of me for doing my homework. When everybody started going gay, I looked it up on the web to see how to do it right. Gay web sites, blogs and stuff. Like I said, I'd never hurt you – I'll never hurt you. It's all good, Tyne. And you know what? There wasn't anybody on there that was cuter than you."

"Shut up!"

"I'm serious. The few times I watched that stuff, I kept thinking about you. Every doodle rag under my bed has been soaked with my cum while I fantasized about this moment. You're so much cuter than any of those gay actors were."

Tyne got quiet, embarrassed by the big jocks words. He thought about all the time he'd spent watching gay porn alone in his room and wishing it was him and Val doing what they were. He changed the subject and said, "Do you have a condom and some lube?"

"Uh-oh. That lube stuff's in my pack in Sylvia's tent. Shit! Dane left us a condom under the pillow, though."

"No worries. I have some of both here in my pack. Just in case, you know? But Val, umm, don't use a condom, okay? I know you've never been with anybody before and neither have I," Tyne said, rolling over and looking at Val in the low light. "I want to feel you totally and completely, all the way, including your warm release inside me if you know what I mean. I never want anything to ever come between us and our love."

Val couldn't say anything to the man of his dreams for a minute, a guy who was giving him up so freely and fully. Finally, he said, "Tyne, I love you so much. You have no idea what that means to me. And I absolutely promise, you have nothing to fear from me. Are you sure you want to take me this first time? You can do me if you'd rather. I want whatever you want."

"I want you inside me, Val. I've wanted it from the first time I glimpsed at that monster between your legs. I want you deep within me, Val – as deep as my love for you is in my heart."

"Tyne, you don't even know how much I want to be inside you, bonded together in a passionate dance of love. I love you so very much."

"I love you too, Val. More than you'll ever know." Tyne sat back up and reached over for his pack. He unzipped it and found the tube of Swiss Navy lube that he was looking for. "Here." He handed the bottle to Val, and then slipped back down next to the gentle bear, pulling the top sleeping bag up over both of them. Before he settled down, he reached out and pointed the light back in place towards the side wall, so it gave the inside of the tent a nice, warm glow, but was still bright enough that they could see each other.

Val unsnapped the bottle top and squirted some of the silky lotion into his hand. Then he settled back tightly next to Tyne and reached down and slicked up Tyne's compact dick and balls, making the smaller boy jump, and then let out a long, breathy sigh. Val's big boner found a tight niche between Tyne's thighs, and he also sighed as it settled tightly into the warm space. Val held him tight with one arm and used his free hand to gently stroke up and down Tyne's rigid shaft. Every so often, he'd reach down a little lower and soon, Tyne's cock, balls and perineum were good and slippery, and his own throbbing dick was starting to leak. Sometimes, Val would use his thumb to coat Tyne's cock-head with this special treat, exploring every crease, ridge and ripple, making the smaller boy croon and squirm with pleasure.

Tyne had abandoned himself completely to Val after a few minutes of this, and he was ready for what was coming next. He pulled his leg up exposing the crack of his ass to give Val free reign to his most private, and up until now, forbidden part. Val instinctively took advantage of it by sliding his lube-coated hand up and down between Tyne's fleshy butt cheeks. It was warm and inviting in there, and as he gently rubbed the mysterious place, Val was surprised at how turned on he became. The inflamed tip of his pulsating dick felt ready to burst. Tyne was clearly enjoying this new sensation, because as Val rubbed, Tyne would push his ass hard towards Val's big hand. His loins ached in anticipation and his bowels quivered with an ardent longing to be filled.

"Like that, little one?" Val whispered into his ear, then nibbled on his earlobe for a minute, letting go and wrapping both hands across his chest, pulling him in tight and safe while his hard cock slipped in between his butt cheeks where his hand had just been.

"Oh, my, god. That feels so awesome – you holding me naked like this. I can't believe we're finally going to do this. But Val, hurry up and enter me. I'm so ready. I can't wait to feel you deep inside of me."

"Okay," Val croaked. He was as excited as Tyne was. He couldn't believe he was about to actually do it. He was about to enter the body of another human being who he loved and who loved him back. "Pull your leg up more."

When Tyne was more exposed, Val squirted some more lube onto his finger and then found Tyne's little brown target. He softly rubbed his finger all around the tight hole, warming it up and getting the outside good and slippery. Val hadn't touched his own dick yet, but it felt like it was bigger and harder than it had ever been before. He was so turned on to be making love to Tyne. Ever so slowly, Val rubbed on the soft folds of Tyne's rosebud, gently pushing in his digit just a tiny bit. There was some resistance but not as much as he thought there would be. He gave Tyne another soft bite on his earlobe and gently pushed his finger a little deeper into Tyne. He was up to his first knuckle when Tyne started to pant and moan softly.

"You okay, little one?" Val asked, instantly pulling out, worried that this might be painful.

"Oh, god, yessssssss," Tyne slithered out. "It feels freaking fantastic."

"Good. I'm glad you like it. I do too." He slowly slipped his finger in again and turned it from side-to-side, feeling the soft folds of Tyne's insides. Then he pushed in a little deeper and he could feel the fleshy entrance give way to the warm, soft chamber. He pushed in a little deeper still, and then started to bend his finger, feeling all around the insides. Tyne was thoroughly enjoying this newfound sensation, and was starting to wiggle his ass around ever so slightly, while at the same time moaning and groaning quietly. Tyne's dick rubbed against the soft felt of the sleeping bag draped over his body, heightening the erotic experience.

Val slid down, kissing his way along Tyne's spine as he pushed in deeper yet, rotating his finger toward Tyne's front and then suddenly Tyne cried out, "Shit! Right there. That's freakin' awesome! That feels so freaking awesome."

Val really had done some research, because when he found Tyne's prostate, he gently started to rub it in slow, circular motions, sending Tyne into fits of ecstasy. He gently massaged this magic bump for a bit, as Tyne slowly squirmed beneath his touch and moaned in arduous pleasure, "Oooohhhh. Oooohhh yes, yes, yes." Tyne whimpered. Then slowly, Val withdrew his finger as Tyne offered up a soft complaint. Val crawled back up to get the bottle of lube. Squirting some more lube in his hand, he greased up two fingers this time, getting them nice and slippery. He bent back down and quietly whispered into Tyne's ear, "I'm gonna try two fingers now. Let me know how it feels, k?"

"Yeah, do it Val. I can do this. I need this. Go for it."

Val smiled and slowly slipped his two digits into Tyne's tight hole, loosening and lubricating the tunnel the deeper he went in preparation. Val kissed his way further down this time until his legs were drawn up like a frog's and his large dick and balls were nestled against Tyne's bare feet. Val nibbled on Tyne's tight ass cheeks while he worked his fingers back into Tyne's ass. Tyne wiggled his toes against Val's soft ball sac and pressed his foot against Val's rigid pole while Val stretched his virgin man cave. Tyne just sighed with absolute contentment, relaxing and shoving his butt back to meet Val's hand and gently fondling his own tingling penis ever so lightly. Val's fingers silently slipped all the way inside of Tyne. Once they were in as far as they could go, Val slowly pulled them back, but not completely out, then he'd push them back in, steadily, but not too forcefully. Tyne, in total ecstasy, just moaned with pleasure and pushed back to meet Val's big, probing fingers, his little cock hard as a rock and sticking straight out in front of him. After a few minutes of this exercise, it was obvious to Val that Tyne was warming up for the big event, since now Val kept his hand still while Tyne ground his ass up and down on Val's hand, basically fucking himself and moaning louder than before.

Val bit firmly into Tyne's ass cheek then kissed his way back up his spine. "You ready?" Val asked, as he withdrew his fingers from his lover's hot asshole. Inside the tent and outside in the campground, it was deathly still, save for the two boys underneath the warm sleeping bag breathing hard. Nick and Noah had finished their erotic dance across the meadow and were quietly spooning in the afterglow.

"Oh, hell yeah!" Tyne said, after he finally found his voice. He felt empty all of a sudden, nearly as empty as he'd felt when his father died and he couldn't wait for Val's big dick to fill him up with his love.

"Okay, then get ready little one. Here I come." Val gooped up his dick liberally with the lube, then smeared some more around Tyne's exposed, pulsating boy hole. He squirted out some more and coated Tyne's throbbing member with a new coat of the lube, playfully tweaking and pulling on his rigid pole and tight, almost hairless balls. Then he got into position and lined up the head of his big cock with Tyne's virgin opening. Ever so slowly, he pushed into Tyne. It was slow going at first, because Val's dick was significantly larger than his two fingers were and Tyne was still pretty tight. Tyne was taking short breaths through clenched teeth, trying to center himself like his Sensei had taught him. Val pushed in a little deeper when he felt Tyne's ring starting to relax, and then stopped in place when it tightened back up. "You doing okay?"

"Oh, yeah, I'm good. Just a bit tight, but it feels so, so …, I don't even know. Can't quite describe it. Slip me some more of your big fella – just keep it slow. I promise I'll let you know if it gets uncomfortable."

Val happily complied, and before long, he was in about halfway. He backed out so just the big head of his dick was barely inside Tyne's tight butthole, and then he slowly shoved back in, this time going a little bit deeper. It was so warm and velvety smooth in there that it took all of Val's willpower not to slam it all the way in and start grinding away. Tyne groaned, not with pain, but from complete and total fuck-lust, pushing into Val with every thrust. They did that for a while, Val pulling almost all the way out and then slowly filling Tyne back up again until Val had almost the entire length of his huge, throbbing member buried deep into his lover's tight little ass. It was an indescribable feeling for Val, and one he'd never forget.

For Tyne, it was a sensation he had dreamed about often but had no idea it would feel this great. It wasn't just the physical connection, but the emotional one as well. Here he was, on the floor of a tent at Mother Lode Lake letting this boy-man, whom he loved with his whole being, fill him up with body and soul. He, too, would never forget this moment.

Then suddenly, things were turning hotter as Tyne started to match Val's slow, steady thrusts and accelerate them. Just a little at first, Tyne would push back and grind his beautifully sculptured, pearly-white bubble butt back into Val's hot crotch. In no time, Val was almost all the way in, his curly pubes starting to tickle Tyne's ass-cheeks, turning both of them on even more, if that was possible. Tyne seemed to be getting anxious, because he was pushing back harder now, meeting Val's every thrust in full and forceful intent. Finally, Val was all the way in – his big, heavy balls slapping against Tyne's thighs. He stayed buried deep like that for a minute or two, savoring the feeling of being submerged to the hilt in his lover's hot ass. Tyne's tight ring pulled the sheath of skin around Val's large dick, tugging downward on the foreskin ring surrounding Val's burgeoning dickhead. He pulled Tyne in even closer with his brawny arms, pushed his crotch forward as much as he could and whispered in Tyne's ear, "I love you, Tyne. So much."

"Oh, Val. I do too. I love you more than anything," and he responded by pressing his ass as hard as he could onto Val's lap, pressing his butt cheeks into Val's big balls and settling in, wiggling back and forth and all around to feel the whole length of Val's big, hard cock up inside him. "You fill the void within me." They fucked like that for a while, taking turns riding each other – Val pushing in or Tyne pushing back and forth. Val especially liked it when Tyne would take charge and ride his big stick while Val stayed perfectly still. After going crazy like this, Tyne shoved his ass hard into Val's crotch, being completely filled up and feeling Val's pubes on his naked cheeks. Tyne tilted his head back and said, "Roll over on your back, Val. I want to straddle you so I can gaze into your eyes while we make love. I want to see your face when you spill your hot cum inside of me."

Val was surprised that Tyne said that, because doing it that way seemed like it would be more painful for Tyne. But he was secretly turned on that Tyne wanted to be on top and ride his throbbing boner, basically taking charge and being in total control while he lay beneath him, subject to his lover's lustful will. Interestingly, the thought of that got Val even hornier, and he shuddered with the thought of being able to look up at Tyne and gaze into his gorgeous face and sparkling eyes like that. Val pulled out of Tyne with a pop, making both boys giggle, and his dick was so rigid it slapped hard on his chest. He turned over and relaxed on his back, then spread his meaty legs apart, making room for Tyne to move around and settle down comfortably on top of him. He had a sudden weird thought that he promised to pack away for a later time. He pictured himself sitting on top of Tyne's hard cock, buried deep into his own quivering asshole, riding Tyne like a piston pumping up and down inside the motor of his Yamaha Banshee. The thought of that made him shudder, and he knew that he would be trying that soon enough. He even considered doing it with him while sitting on the Banshee up by the hot spring. That really turned him on.

Tyne shook off the top sleeping bag, letting it fall off his shoulders behind him on the tent floor, only covering both his and Val's legs. They didn't really need it because even though the air was chilly, they were both hot and working up a fine sheen of sweat. He scooched up a bit, then straddled Val's buff body, spreading his legs on either side of Val's hips. Then he reached back and grabbed Val's huge, throbbing member with his right hand, stroked it a few times, and aimed it directly towards his impatient asshole. Slowly, ever so slowly, he sank back down on his haunches as the hard cock slowly disappeared up his waiting hole. When it was all the way in and Tyne was full of Val's cock again, he let out a satisfied moan of contentment. He started to move right and left, then did little circles to fully experience the big rod that was docked way up inside his body.

Val was beside himself with pleasure, going crazy as his hard dick disappeared up into Tyne's bum and stayed there, encased in soft, warm tissue. He didn't have to do anything but lay there and watch while Tyne took total control of the situation. He was amazed at the sight of his hard cock disappearing, as though being swallowed, up Tyne's butt. When Tyne started to move up and down on his cock, he couldn't help himself and reached out and started to feel up Tyne's tight, hard little chest and abs. He might be small, but he was definitely tight from all of his workouts at the Karate studio. Val played with his lover boy's nipples for a bit, and then used his strong arms to help lift Tyne up and down, to help the cute guy fuck his rock-hard boner. Tyne was really riding him now, and when he pulled up, part of Val's dick would be exposed to the cool mountain air making Val shiver with delight. It was a strangely exhilarating feeling.

Tyne leaned backward a bit and then told Val to raise his knees up a little. Val complied, and soon, Tyne was in a comfortable, forty-five degree angle sitting on Val's lap and leaning back on Val's muscular thighs for support. The mild strain on Val's dick from being bent slightly backwards enhanced the erotic stimulation for him. Val dropped his hands from Tyne's chest and started to fondle Tyne's extremely hard dick. He also gently squeezed Tyne's cum filled balls until very soon, they fell into an easy rhythm. Val loved looking at his little one like this, completely exposed and impaled. Tyne was almost hypnotized by all of the new erotic feelings and sights that he was experiencing. He had never felt so naked and exposed, and yet, at the same time so safe and loved – connected to Val in a way that he just couldn't completely comprehend or describe.

They made passionate love like that, Tyne looking down at Val with a satisfied grin and a look of steeled determination in his eyes, while Val just looked up in total awe of the boy he had just unconditionally given his heart to. Val continued to stroke Tyne's hard dick, and it started to drizzle out pre-cum. At one point, Val scooped a dollop of the tasty liquid and brought it to his lips. Then he shared it with Tyne. Tyne greedily sucked his finger into his mouth and savored the flavor.

Suddenly, Tyne leaned forward and whispered to Val, "I'm getting close. Are you?"

"Yeah," Val croaked. "Wanted to wait for you, little one, but I'm losing the battle to control it much longer."

"Go for it, Val. Fill me up. I want to feel you spurt your Mother Lode deep inside of me. Please, Val. Give it to me. Give it all to me right now. I want it. I need it!"

Val was shocked and totally turned on by Tyne's sexy, pleading words, and he was instantly set to fire away. He dropped his hands to Tyne's thighs and started to really push his hard cock forcefully up into Tyne's backside. So hard in fact, that he lifted his butt off the sleeping bag dropping it heavily back down as Tyne pulled upward. Tyne was loving it though, and met him thrust for thrust. Val was really giving Tyne a good ride. Tyne started to pound his own dick in a wild frenzy, and when Val saw that, he instantly craved being covered in Tyne's creamy, hot load. Val could feel the tell-tale signs of his impending orgasm, and he could only get out, "Here it comes, little one, here it comes," before his cock spasmed and shot load after load of hot cum deep into the adorable boy's tight rear end. The accompanying orgasm was so powerful, it felt as if he'd grabbed both poles of an electric circuit and held on while the electrifying shocks coursed relentlessly through his strong frame. He shuddered and shook in erotic delight, oblivious to the world around him.

When Tyne felt Val's dick start to throb up inside of him, he looked down into Val's face just as he hit his own release. They locked eyes and the love they saw for each other was so intense that Tyne started to tear up. While Val's hot load filled Tyne's cavern, he pounded his perfect, compact dick for all it was worth and immediately shot five solid blasts out into the air, splattering on Val's pec's, neck and chin. Meanwhile, he was squeezing his ass around Val's throbbing dick to extract the last drops from Val's powerful eruption. Then he was completely spent. He collapsed on top of Val, his own warm cum cementing their panting chests together like Gorilla Glue.

They lay there panting, basking in the afterglow of their poignant union. Tyne shuddered with a chill as the cool air dried the sweat on his naked flesh. Val reached and pulled the top sleeping bag up over them and the soft felt lining warmed and comforted Tyne as it draped across his back. But Tyne's real comfort came as Val encircled his strong arms around Tyne's sides and slowly caressed his naked back and ass cheeks while Val's persistent erection remained firmly implanted deep within Tyne's gratified ass. Val drew in a deep breath, savoring Tyne's intoxicating Fierce cologne, mixed with the musky smells of hot boy sex, and asked, "Any regrets, little one?"

"None. I love you, Val."

"I love you too, Tyne." Val whispered softly into the stillness of the mountain air. Before drifting off into blissful sleep, he added, "It wasn't chance or circumstance that brought us together. It was destiny divine, that we should truly become Val in Tyne."

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