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My Vacation in Slovakia

by Ivor Slipper

It was the first day back at school after the long summer vacation and I just didn't want to be there. I'd had such a great time in those weeks; most of it spent with one or other, or both, of my best friends Nate and Mason. Those weeks had simply flown by as we spent our time playing ball, riding our bikes, swimming in the pools in either my or Nate's gardens or on the odd occasion when the weather hadn't been good, playing games on the x-box or Nintendo. Now the fun was over and 9th grade stretched before us for months and months.

So, I wasn't paying much attention in Homeroom when our teacher Mr Rosicky made an announcement about his big idea for the year of linking our class with one in a school in Bratislava which he said was in Slovakia. Who'd ever even heard of that country let alone that place! Sounded like it was somewhere out of some sort of kid's fairy tale written by those Gruesome brothers, or whatever their name was. Just another dumb idea that he'd managed to persuade the Principal to go with – no doubt getting himself some increased approval rating as a result.

Like I say I didn't really listen to all he said, but to my surprise when we got together at recess Nate was all keen on the idea.

"We've gotta do it. Have you seen these girls from those countries playing tennis? All long legs and long blond hair – they're great."

"Yeah" said Mason, "But how do you know you're going to get a girl. It could be some ugly guy."

He pulled a face and so did both of us at the thought.

"Teach said the school would send a group photo of those of their students who wanted to take part in the scheme and he'd arrange to have one taken of those of us who were taking part. Then we could contact one of them and see if they wanted to pal up."

That was Nate who'd obviously been paying a lot more attention than me. Anyway we talked it over and he finally managed to persuade Mason and me to go for it. In the end there were about 18 of us, but when we got the picture of the Slovakian group there were almost twice that number which rather left us to pick and choose.

Nate immediately went for a long legged blond called Anna while Mason opted for a boy named Tomas. I dragged my feet and received a couple of requests, one from a boy and one from a girl, but neither appealed to me. In their group picture I'd spotted this boy named Petr and there was something about him that kept drawing me back to his portrait. He was slim, quite tanned, average height and with light brown hair that was cut to sort of frame his face. In the pic he was wearing a white t-shirt and white shorts and appeared to have blue eyes and a smile lurking on his face. I guess the thing that clinched it for me was that in his notes it said he was a keen swimmer and as I'm on the school swim team that did it for me.

We were given their email addresses and left to make contact, so I mailed him and wondered if I'd get a reply and if he'd accept me. I didn't have long to wait as his reply came within a few hours. I hadn't thought about the time difference but when I sent my message in the evening he'd received it in the morning and answered briefly before going to school saying that he'd send a longer message that evening. So I'd seen his first message when I got up the next morning and then had his longer one to read when I got home. I'd expected his English to be pretty poor, but it was probably more correct than mine!

I guess we just clicked as soon the messages were flying between us on a daily basis as he told me about his life and I told him about mine. He was also in 9th Grade but he was going to a Gymnasium, which had me both laughing and puzzled until he told me that their Gymnasiums are actually schools for the very bright kids and not easy to get into. Also they have only two terms (semesters) a year. They have a summer holiday from the beginning of July to the end of August and then that semester lasts to the end of January. They usually have six classes a day of forty five minutes each.

His father turned out to be a doctor and his mother had once taught English, but now only gave private lessons. He also had twin sisters, Kristina and Katarina, who were four years younger than him.

Like I said we got on well together and within in a few months I considered him to be (almost) my best friend. I could certainly tell him things that I wouldn't tell Nate or Mason and he was similarly confiding in me.

My birthday was in March and I was a little surprised a few days beforehand to receive a package from him. When I told him it had arrived he just said that he had sent me something Slovakian which he hoped I'd like. On opening the package I found it contained a speedo in the Slovak national colors! That was when I found out that he wasn't just a good swimmer, but a really excellent one as he had swum for his country, hence how he had got the speedo. He did assure me though it was a brand new one, not one he had worn!

Of course I wore a speedo when swimming for the school team, but this was cut even lower than that. When I opened Petr's package in front of Mom & Dad, I heard Mom's sharp intake of breath when I held it up so they could see it. She then told me that it was alright for me to wear it in our pool, but I wasn't to wear it outside of the backyard as it was too revealing. She also warned me that if I did then I could expect to get my butt spanked.

Yeah, I haven't mentioned spankings up to now and they weren't something I'd discussed with Petr either. But our school was one where the paddle was still employed and I'd had a few licks over the years. At home Dad had spanked me with his hand over his knee when I was little, but in the last couple of years my butt had been having occasional meetings with his belt which was a whole different ball game and something I tried to avoid. That belt on my bare butt left some very red stripes and made sitting down uncomfortable for a few hours – although usually Dad gave it to me at bedtime so I could always sleep on my front.

It so happened that my birthday was on a Saturday and it was only at weekends that Petr and I could properly communicate as for a few hours we could both be on line at the same time. So the emails whizzed back and forth and sometime we'd 'chat' as we both used gmail.

I sent him an email thanking him for his present and a short while later I got one back from him saying that he was glad I liked it and was I going to send him a picture. So I took a picture of it on my bed and sent that only for him to come back with an LOL and saying what he meant was a pic of me wearing it. I put it on and took a selfie and he came back almost immediately saying I looked good in it from the front but he wanted to see what I looked like from the rear! I'll admit I did look good from the front in it as it made my package really stand out and I knew the rear view was going to be quite good too. I told him I would, but first I wanted to see a pic of him wearing his and in a couple of minutes I received pics of him both front and back views. He did look good as he was developing quite a little six-pack and the speedo really stood out against his tanned body. My own rear view selfie was very shortly sent to him.

Later that evening I was lying in bed gently stroking my now 15 year old dick and thinking about Petr and how he looked when a thought struck me. I switched on my laptop and brought up the first pic he'd sent. I still wasn't sure but when I enlarged it I was 90% certain – the head of his dick was peeking over the waistband of his speedos! I took the computer back to my bed, lay down, and jerked myself off looking at his picture – and boy did I cum!

The question that was bugging me the next day was simple. Had he meant to send me a pic like that or was it an accident? I thought about it for a couple of hours and then sent him a message:

'Your pic yesterday. Was something exciting you?'

A short while later his reply came.

'Yes – you!'

Oh shit! I felt myself bone up as I read those two words. I decided to go for it.

'You had the same effect on me. I celebrated my birthday last night by jerking off to your picture.'

A few minutes passed and I was beginning to wonder if I'd gone too far, but then his reply arrived.

'Tonight then you can jerk off to this and I hope you will let me do the same.'

There was a picture attached and when I opened it he'd taken a selfie of himself full frontal naked with his dick erect and his hand underneath it. Now Nate and I had tossed each other off a couple of times but it had only been in a sort of jokey way. This felt different, although of course I couldn't actually toss Petr off. But I locked my bedroom door, stripped off and was fully erect by the time I'd done so. Thus taking and sending a suitable pic to Petr was no problem.

Things sort of moved on from there and over the next few weeks we exchanged lots of photos of us naked and performing various activities. Then I got a big surprise when one day Petr told me that he'd been talking to his parents and they had agreed to invite me to stay with them for a month in the summer. All I had to do was pay the airfare as they'd take care of everything else. I have to say I was excited when I read that message. I'd got to the stage where I really wanted to see Petr in the flesh but had thought it was never going to be possible and that ours would always be a relationship in the clouds. I'd never been anywhere outside of town on my own and the thought of going all that distance was mind blowing. It would be another country with old buildings and different scenery to where I lived in Texas. Petr had told me there was not just one but two castles in the city as well as the smallest house in Europe and a modern bridge with what looked like a flying saucer on stilts over it. He'd sent me pictures of these, but to actually see them – wow! And to add to the excitement Petr told me that we'd be sharing a bedroom.........

I told Mom & Dad about the invite and of course they wanted it confirmed by his parents. Once they'd had that we sat down and talked. In the end Dad persuaded Mom that such a visit had to be the ultimate point of what had been started by our teacher at the beginning of the year and that we'd then invite Petr to come over to stay with us the following summer. Everyone else in the class was dead envious when they heard about my trip.

Dad did lay down a couple of conditions. One was that if I really wanted to go then I should contribute something towards the cost – get myself a job of some sort and try and raise $500. Also, I was to be on my best behaviour while I was there - he didn't want to hear any stories of me being a brat in Bratislava! Yep, he really said that!! I just rolled my eyes when he came out with that line.

It wasn't long until my trip and I started thinking of what I could do to earn some money. Grass cutting was one idea and working in a local store was another, but then one night when I was trawling round the Internet I saw just the thing.

Mom had gone away for a couple of days to visit her sister, so the next afternoon when I got home from school I changed into Petr's Slovakian speedo, found a large piece of cardboard in the garage and wrote on both sides of it in black marker and big letters:


And went and stood beside it on our driveway. It worked! Within an hour I'd made $100 and was well onto my way towards the second hundred when a car drew up behind me and I heard a familiar voice – Dad.

"I'll give you full credit for originality Mikey, but you know what your mother said about wearing that speedo."

"But Dad, I was looking on the Internet last night and I saw this pic of another kid who did just this to raise money to put himself through college."

"Maybe, son, but that tells you he was a bit older than you,"

"Yes, but Mom isn't here so she doesn't have to know."

"You think you can get away with standing out here dressed like this for a couple of hours without her hearing all about it from the neighbors when she gets back? Especially old Mrs Kohl over the road."

"So, I suppose I'd better pack up."

"You can carry on if you change your attire. But before you do you can use your wash leather on my car and when you've done that I'm going to use my belt leather on your butt."

"Dad!! That's not fair."

"Mikey, you were warned."

He turned away and got back into his car and pulled it onto the drive. I reckoned he did have a point as while I'd been out there I'd seen one car drive up and down the street about half a dozen times which I wouldn't have minded so much if he'd tossed me a bill! So I set to and gave Dad's car a good wash and polish, taking as long as I could to sort of delay the inevitable, but finally it was done and I went indoors. Dad was sitting in the kitchen.

"Looks like you've done a good job there, Mikey."

"Yeah and you haven't even paid me."

"I'm about to" he said with a sort of chuckle. "Go on upstairs and let's get this over with."

I went up to my room and piled the pillows in the middle of my bed. Dad soon arrived.

"Do you want to keep those speedos on?"

Now normally if I get a whipping it's on my bare butt, so this was an offer I wasn't going to turn down.

"Yeah. As they caused this it's only right they feel it." I said as I moved into position.

Then I heard that horrible noise as Dad pulled his belt through its loops and then snapped it. It'd been a while since my last whipping but I got hold of the covers tight and waited while trying to relax. The first stroke cracked down and I yelped as it did, partly from surprise and partly from the pain. There was a pause and then it landed again. Somehow these strokes felt different to usual, I'd thought that with the speedos on it wouldn't hurt quite so much and then it dawned on me that they were still rather wet from the car washing and that made this whipping a whole different experience. Since Dad had started using his belt I'd got the same number of licks as my age, so that was what I was expecting. But after I'd counted seven, nothing more came.

"Your mum said you'd get spanked if you wore those other than in our pool, so I had to do it Mike, but like I said I admire your enterprise, even if it is misplaced. So we don't need to tell her I went easy, do we?"

I didn't think an answer was needed so just lay there until I heard him put his belt back through the loops and then I felt something at the back of my speedos and assumed he was just checking to see how marked I was.

He left the room, closing the door behind him and after a minute I got up and slowly, very slowly pushed the speedos down. As I did so a piece of folded paper fell out of them and when I managed to bend down and pick it up I saw it was a $50 bill! Good old Dad – he had paid after all! I had a further little cry then.

I shuffled over to the mirror and looked at my butt. I could see where the licks had landed and they stood out against the white of my butt. That was when I had another idea and took a couple of pictures.

Come Saturday and while Petr and I are having our email exchange I tell him the whole story. He doesn't believe that I got whipped as such things don't happen to kids in Slovakia – lucky them I tell him. Good thing I took the pics as I can send them to him so he can see what it's like. I do that and he sends a message back:

'Poor Mikey. I feel this is all my fault for sending you those speedos.'

'No, it was just me doing something I'd been told not to.'

'Mikey, I will make it up to you when you come and stay with me.'


'I will wear my speedos, go across your knees and then you can spank my butt and then you can pull them down and spank me some more until it matches the red of the speedo. How does that sound?'

How does that sound!!?? I've got an erection and I'm stroking my dick right now and Petr is thousands of miles away!

'Petr – there is something I need to do.'

'Me too, Mikey!'

Oh boy, roll on Bratislava. And I must remember to pack my speedos………

Even though washing cars in my speedo was out, I did manage to earn enough from a job packing bags and stocking shelves at a local store, as well as some normal car washing and grass cutting around the neighborhood, so everything was looking good for my trip.

When my Dad had called Petr's Dad to agree the dates for the trip so he could organize the tickets, Mr Nedved had come up with a surprising suggestion. He pointed out that flights from London, to where I would first fly, to Bratislava, were not that frequent and usually stopped at least once, if not twice, on the way. He therefore suggested that I should fly to Vienna, which, so I now found out, isn't that far from Bratislava (only 57 kilometers) and he would drive there to collect me and of course take me back again when the vacation was over. Also, as it seemed the best flights to catch would have me arriving in Vienna fairly late in the day, he would arrange for us to stay in a hotel that night. Then we could see some of the sights of Vienna before going back to Bratislava the next day. This holiday was sounding greater and greater!

I'm not sure if this was one of Mom's sayings or if it came from an English lesson at school, but I'm sure you know the one about not counting your chickens until the eggs have hatched; or the other one that come from that Scottish bloke Burns, saying that the best laid plans of mice and men etc..... Well, that was me. Just two weeks before I was due to depart – yep two frigging weeks – I'm at the skate park with Mason on Sunday afternoon and fall off while doing a 180. I've done them zillions of times no trouble, but this time I'm off and in agony when it happens. I glance down at my left leg and it is not in a normal position and that's when I know it's not good news.

Anyway, they get me to the hospital and my folks come running in to see how I am. It's painful for sure but when the doc says I'm gonna have a cast on the leg, the pain really hits. Hell, how can I sit on a plane for hours with one leg in a cast and how can I enjoy Bratislava like that?

My Dad call Mr Nedved to break the news and as soon as I'm back home I'm skyping with Petr. He seems almost as upset about it as I am. In the end we all agree that there is always next year and that there is no point in going this year. Of course deep down I'm worried that Petr and I may no longer be friends in a year from now, but I think our friendship is deep enough that it will last. And so it proves.

So with the same arrangements in place, I left from Dallas/Fort Worth at 22:05 on a Friday evening in a Boeing 777 and arrived at London Heathrow just after 13:15 on Saturday. Then I had a fairly short wait before taking off again from Heathrow at 14:55 in an A320 Airbus before finally arriving in Vienna just after 18:00. Those are all local times, but you can see I'd been traveling for hours. Fortunately, the flight from DFW was overnight and I was able to get some sleep even though I was on a high, as well as being on high as we crossed the Atlantic. Dad had managed to get me a window seat and the plane wasn't too full. I guess because I was a kid traveling on my own, the flight attendants looked after me real good and I even got talking to a young male one. He asked me where I was going and why, and I actually told him some of the story about how Petr and I had connected. He told me I was very lucky and that he hoped to be on my flight when I was going back home so I could tell him how things developed. I'm sure he was gay, which I still wasn't sure I was, but I did know I'd been turned on a lot recently by the pics Petr and I had been exchanging, as well as some of our conversations.

Once we'd landed in Vienna and got off the plane, I collected my case and then went through Customs. I got asked a few questions by the man at Customs, but I guess even they don't see that many 15-year-old American boys traveling on their own. Then it was through to the Arrivals area and to see if I could spot Petr and his Dad. Although it wasn't too crowded, I couldn't see him at first glance and I was starting to panic when I heard a voice shouting "Mikey!" Now only my Dad and Petr call me that, so I knew he was there and looked towards where I thought the voice had come from. That was when I got a real shock. I recognized his face and his smile, but what was he dressed in? He was wearing some sort of uniform, but not like anything I'd ever seen before. He had on a pair of walking boots, fairly short grey socks and a turquoise blue colored shirt with a brightly orangey colored scarf round his neck. But what stood out was the pair of ultra-short brown shorts he was wearing that came only about three or four inches down his legs. Thus I got this view of his tanned brown legs stretching from the top of his short socks until they finally disappeared into those shorts. It stopped me dead in my tracks, and tired though I was, I felt the blood surging into my dick at the sight.

As soon as he knew I'd recognized him, Petr ran over and hugged me, which took me by surprise, as we don't do things like that back in Texas; but it was rather nice and did make me feel that he was truly pleased to see me.

"I'm so glad you're here, Mikey. We are going to have such a good time together, I just know. Do you like my uniform? Come and meet my father."

I was struggling to take everything in, tired as I was from the long journey, but I did manage to stammer that I thought he looked very good in his uniform but that he'd not told me he was in the Scouts.

"I joined about two months ago but thought I'd keep this as a surprise for you. I am on trial still and have tests to pass before I am full member. I think the tests will be one weekend soon at a camp. You could come with me. Would you like?"

Before I'd had time to answer, we arrived in front of this man, who I presumed to be Petr's father. He was tall, over six feet, slim and fair haired like Petr. As we arrived in front of him he extended his hand and said in excellent English.

"Welcome to Europe, Mike. We hope you are going to have a good time with us and especially with Petr."

I shook his hand and responded, "Thank you for inviting me to stay with you, sir."

I actually tried to say this in Slovak. I had looked up the phrase on Google, written it down and been saying it to myself while on the plane. However, when I'd finished, both Petr and his father burst out laughing and Mr Nedved said,

"It was very good of you to try to speak in our language, Mike, but I think we had best use English while you are here. Come, let us go and find the car."

Mr Nedved had an almost new top-of-the-range BMW and he drove us from the airport to our hotel, but stopping on the way at a McDonald's as although I said I wasn't that hungry Petr claimed to be starving. He then took us on a brief drive round the city before arriving at our hotel. When we got to the hotel, I found that Petr and I were sharing a room with twin beds. Petr's father wished us goodnight and left us to it. I looked at Petr standing there in those shorts and wanted to see him out of them, but I was so tired.

"Mikey, you look tired. I think we should have a shower. I'm sure you would welcome one."

"Do I smell?"

"You smell good, but some soap would make you smell better maybe!"

We both got rapidly undressed. Thinking back, it was funny that I had never before got naked so close to another boy without feeling it somehow wrong, but with Petr it didn't seem to matter. Maybe because we'd seen each other's normally hidden parts on pictures. We got in the shower, which was large enough for both of us, and Petr got the water running at a nice temperature. He then proceeded to shampoo my hair and wash me all over. The feeling of his soft, soapy hands as he slowly worked his way down my shoulders, arms and chest was bliss. I turned round so he could do the same to my back and I groaned as he washed my butt and down my legs before turning me back to face towards him.

Of course, I'd been hard before I even stepped into the shower, and now Petr started washing down my stomach and finally gently holding and stroking my dick. I'm circumcised and about 5 plus inches normally, but I reckon I'd grown another inch that night as Petr gently worked me toward orgasm. Suddenly I could hold it no longer and my jizz shot from me onto his hand and his body.

"I have waited a long time for this, Mikey, and that will be the first of many."

Still holding my dick, he moved his head towards mine and kissed me. I'd never been kissed by a boy before, but this felt right and I wrapped my arms round him and pulled him tighter, while engaging in a much longer kiss in which our tongues started to explore. My dick started to feel hard again, which reminded me that Petr must need attention. I unwrapped my arms from him, turned him around and then began to shampoo his hair before washing him all over in the same way as he had me. Petr was uncircumcised and his dick was a little longer than mine, but not much. By the time I reached it, his head was fully visible and I had to admire his restraint at not cumming before now. Finally, though, I gave it the attention it deserved and he came to a climax.

After that I think we were both exhausted, and by the time we had dried ourselves, we agreed we were both ready for bed. The next day was spent seeing the sights of Vienna and I had my first 'proper' Weiner schnitzel, as well as a Sachertorte, which is a very rich chocolate cake with an apricot jam filling, served with whipped cream. Late in the day, though, we arrived at the Nedved home in Bratislava and I met his mother and his younger twin sisters, Kristina and Katarina, who proved to be very blonde. I'm sure that if our school is still doing this program in a few years' time and those two go on it, they will quickly be taken as friends.

Their home was near the center of the city in a town house that extended over four floors. It was an old building that had been converted and was decorated in a modern style. I was quite amazed when we got to the top floor and Petr told me that this was all his – a bathroom, a sort of games/work room with his computer and TV and games console and a bedroom. This was equipped with a double and a single bed. I looked at the beds and then at Petr.

"Mikey, this area is ours. My sisters have the floor below and they will not come up here. My parents are very liberal. I have a few friends, mainly in the swim team, who have stayed here. Some of them prefer to sleep in the single bed and some in the double. With a couple I have played games like we did last night, but nothing serious. With you, who knows?"

He looked at me and smiled as he said that. I felt sure we'd soon be sleeping in the same bed. I pulled him towards me and kissed him.

"We'll soon find out, won't we? But tonight I think I need to have a good sleep, and then tomorrow I'll be ready for you to show me Bratislava."

And so it was that I ended up spending that first night in the single bed. I was amazed when I woke to see by my watch that it was after 8am. As I rolled over, I saw a piece of paper on the table by my bed. On it Petr had written:

I go to swimming training at 6am every morning. Maybe tomorrow you would like to join me?

Jeeze – 6am! That meant being up about 5:30. That was ridiculous; this was supposed to be a vacation. But, if I went that would mean I'd see Petr in his speedo…….. And as that thought hit me, not only did I decide that I would be going, but I also realized I needed to do something about my morning wood!

By the time I'd dealt with that and everything else, Petr had returned and we went downstairs to the ground floor where his mother offered me some breakfast while his sisters plied me with questions about America. That done Petr and I set off to explore the town and see some of those sights. On that first day we managed to see the smallest house in Europe, one of the two castles and that bridge! As I said before, it had looked amazing in a picture, but to actually see it up close and real was mind blowing. Of course, like all good American tourists I was taking photos on my cell phone like mad. Some I'd send to my folks now, but most would be downloaded when I got home. And yes, I had remembered to call them when the plane had landed in Vienna!

After dinner Petr and I went up to his rooms. I told him I was going swimming with him in the morning, which pleased him, but he suggested because of that, we should have an early night, as I wasn't used to getting up at that sort of hour. So we settled for a shower like we had in Vienna, but then I did get into bed with him. I'd never slept with anyone else and it was so sensual just lying there, touching and holding each other, our naked bodies connecting in various places. Eventually he spooned up behind me with his right arm over my chest and his semi erect dick pressed under my butt. Had he moved his right hand down to touch my dick, he would have found it more than semi erect, but he didn't and we drifted off to sleep.

All too soon he was telling me to wake up and we quickly threw on shorts, t-shirts and trainers before heading to the Pasienky pool, which was, fortunately, less than half a mile away. There we met up with some other members of Petr's group and their coach before launching into some serious swimming. Of course I was wearing the Slovak speedo Petr had sent me. Now while I was on the school swim team, these guys were in a whole different league to me, as I very soon found out. I reckoned Petr could probably give me a 10 meter start on 50 meters and still catch me! We swam for an hour or so before the coach called a halt and we went and dried off. The rest of the group departed, leaving just Petr and me. We made our way home, had something to eat and afterwards went up to Petr's rooms.

Immediately we were there our clothes came off and one thing led to another as our hands roamed over each other's bodies, stroking, caressing and teasing. Inevitably our hands ended up holding the most responsive parts of each other and equally inevitably we then proceeded to the logical conclusion. After that we agreed to have a normal shower before getting dressed and going out for more sightseeing. Petr showed me other parts of the city and we were both fairly tired when we got back to the house. With him getting up so early every morning it was normal for him to go to bed soon after the evening meal. As his parents knew I was joining him each morning they raised no objections to us going upstairs together.

I suggested to Petr it would be a good idea to have a shower, which we duly did. We both enjoyed the feel of the water on our bodies, as well as the feel of the other person's shower gel covered hands on our skin. This evening we were kissing each other while under the spray and our tongues were busy in a dance that seemed to be of their own invention. Finally we turned off the water and stepped out, each drying the other.

We went back into the bedroom and laid naked on the bed, side by side. Petr suddenly moved to straddle me and started to lick and kiss his way down my body. He took me by surprise, but I was definitely enjoying the sensations he created. I was expecting he intended to jerk me off and was lying there with my eyes closed in anticipation, when I felt a wetness at the head of my dick. I opened my eyes to see his tongue licking the head and could hardly contain myself with the sensations that ran through my body. These only increased as he licked down the side of my shaft and then round it while at the same time playing with my balls. All this was fabulous, but I simply wasn't expecting him to take the head of my dick into his mouth, swirl his tongue round it and then draw it slowly in and out. In next to no time I could feel myself getting ready to cum; I went to pull my dick out of his mouth but he used one hand to hold it in place and then I was spurting and spurting and spurting. I'd never known such pleasure was possible. Petr raised his head and looked at me,

"You enjoy?"

I had a great big mile wide smile on my face, mouthed 'Yes' in reply and opened my arms to indicate that I wanted him to come and lie on me. He did, we kissed and I had another first – the taste of my own cum.

We lay like that for a while, and when I had recovered a bit, I said to him,

"Have you done that before?"

"No, Mikey, you are my first."

"Have you ever had it done to you?"


"Then you will be my first too."

Boy, this vacation is only a few days old and yet so many new things had happened already. I wondered what else is going to happen in the rest of it.

The next morning after we got back from swimming his Mom produced some cookies and milk and we had a little chat with her and the twins. I was surprised how good English the twins spoke considering their age and I found out they had been learning it at school almost since they first started. Also, Mrs Nedved had been an English teacher and now gave private lessons plus I discovered they had set one day a week in which only English was spoken in the house, which seemed a great idea to actually use the language.

After we'd finished our snack I had an idea remembering something I'd seen online before coming over and suggested to Petr that today we should take one of the bus tours of the city. He said they were too expensive, but I said they weren't and then asked his Mom if the twins would like to come too. Petr got on well with his sisters and although he pulled a little face when nobody was looking I sensed he didn't mind. So off we went for what proved to be an enjoyable hour and a half. Kristina and Katarina were thrilled to be taken and both insisted on holding my hands as we walked to and from the point at which the tour started. It was actually quite good and even Petr admitted afterwards that he had learnt a couple of things about his city.

The next day after we had our swim I told Petr that when I'd been doing my research about Bratislava before leaving home I'd seen that you could take boat trips to Devin Castle, so I suggested we do that in the afternoon. He said it was just an old ruin really and there was nothing much to see, but as I told him, we don't have old ruins in Texas! The boat we booked on left at 14:30; the trip took about ninety minutes and we had a couple of hours to look round the place. That was plenty as it was just ruins but with great views for more photos. It was a nice sunny hot day so being on the boat with some breeze was good. Once again when we got back home we were both feeling tired having been out in the fresh air, so it was another early night.

Tonight though Petr insisted that he wanted to go in the shower first and on his own. I sat on the bed while he was there wondering what I might have done to upset him. Was I going to have to sleep in the single bed for the rest of the holiday?

As soon as he emerged from the shower I knew I'd been worrying needlessly as he emerged wearing just his speedo. What was more as he approached where I was sitting on the edge of the bed, I could see the head of his dick just peeking over the top of the speedo – just as it had in that photo he'd sent me. He came and stood in front of me. At this point I was just wearing my shorts and boxer briefs and a pair of white socks, having already taken off my shirt. Petr looked down and could tell that I was getting hard.

He smiled, "This is the sight that started things between us, yes?" I nodded. "But then you were whipped by your father for wearing the one I sent you."

"Yes, but only because I wore it out front of the house when I was trying to attract customers to have their cars cleaned."

"And it worked didn't it?"

"Yeah, until Dad saw me!"

"But do you remember what I told you after you told me about the whipping?"

I thought for a minute and then I did remember. "Yeah, you said you'd wear your speedo and go over my knee so I could spank you and then take your speedo down and spank you some more."

"Until my butt went red like the speedo, no?"

"Yeah, you did, but I never thought you were serious. I'd forgotten about it after all this time."

"I hadn't, Mikey. I want you to spank me."

"But why? I don't want to spank you – you're my friend. I can't spank you."

"I want to know what it feels like to be spanked and you are the only person I can ask to do it for me. Please, Mikey."

It was, to put it mildly, a very weird situation. Petr, who had never been spanked, wanted to be spanked while I, who had been spanked but who had never wanted to spank anyone, was being asked to spank him.

"I'm worried Petr. If I do this it could ruin our friendship and my holiday here has only just started. Can we not do thus until nearer the end."

"I may not offer again Mikey. You may never get another chance."

He grinned as he spoke and that decided me. I reached out with both hands and pulled down his speedo allowing his erect dick to spring free. Putting my hands round his waist I turned him so he lay partly over me legs and partly over the bed and the delivered one sharp smack to his butt with my right hand. "Consider yourself spanked" I said and proceeded to tickle him. That led to the pair of us rolling around on the bed tickling each other and each giving the others rear an occasional slap until somehow we ended up facing each other and looking into each others eyes. That was when the tickling stopped and the kissing started which led to stroking and the removal of my shorts and boxer briefs. After that we were able to really appreciate each other as Petr showed me that it was possible to be both sucker and sucked at the same time.

The following evening Petr had a phone call that went on for quite a few minutes. When he'd finished he turned to me with a big smile and said,

"How would you like to go camping this weekend?"

Now I'd never been camping, unless you call sleeping in a tent in the backyard a couple of times when I was a lot younger, camping. It sounded like it could be fun so I quickly said yes.

"There is one condition Mikey. This is a scout camp so you would have to dress as a scout."

I thought back to seeing Petr when I arrived at Vienna Airport and the idea of spending some days with him dressed in those shorts had very definite appeal, but……

"I'm not a scout Petr and I can't afford to buy a uniform, so it can't happen."

"Mikey, we are about the same size and I have two of everything, so you can wear my spare uniform. I get it out and you try; see if fit."

It was true that we were about the same size, I was perhaps an inch taller but apart from him having more muscles in his arms and legs from the swimming and a more rounded butt, there wasn't a lot of difference. He went and found his second uniform and the shirt was fine. Next I took off my shorts and pulled on his uniform brown shorts. They fitted alright round the waist, but when I'd buttoned and zipped Petr started laughing out loud. I looked down and saw the reason why. I'd pulled them on over my boxer briefs which were now showing about an inch or more below the hem of the shorts.

"Take them off and your boxers. You will have to wear what I wear."

Petr went back to his drawers and then handed me a pair of what I suppose you'd call trunks as they had hardly any leg

"Try this. I have several of these – or you could wear nothing."

I took it from him and held it to my nose thinking it might smell of him.

"It has been washed Mikey, but I could wear it first if you want……"

I laughed and motioned to hand it back to him, saying "Yeah, I'd like that," before pulling it back as he reached out to take it. He joined my laughter and watched as I took off the shorts and my boxers and pulled on the trunks and his scout shorts. The trunks sure felt different compared to my usual boxer briefs, but definitely didn't show, so that problem was solved.

The boots were more of a problem as Petr's feet proved to need a size bigger than me. But we found that two pairs of socks solved the problem and he said I could also take trainers in case I had blister problems when we went trekking.

Once the matter of clothing was resolved Petr told me that he specially wanted me to come with him because it would be a test weekend for him. If he passed he would be able to join the senior scouts.

The evening held one further surprise for me. Petr's father said that he wanted to talk to me privately. I worried that I could have done something wrong. We went out into the small garden behind the house and sat on a couple of chairs.

"Mike, this is an awkward subject because I do not really know you."

I went to say something but Mr Nedved raised his hand.

"Let me speak first Mike, then say whatever you want. But first let me say I am very pleased you have come. You are a nice, polite boy and have fitted in well staying with unknown people in a strange country. The whole family are enjoying you being here, not just Petr who I can tell has been very happy. I just want to say although he has not told us, we believe Petr is gay. That doesn't worry us and we will support him if that is the case. But we do not know about you. Anything that happens while you are here will not be reported to your parents. So whatever you and Petr do is between you – but you are not to let him do anything that you do not wish to do. Is that clear?"

I sat there stunned. My own Dad had never got round to having the 'birds and bees' talk with me, but here was my friend's father telling me that he didn't mind if I had real sex with his son! I suppose the idea that we might get to that had crossed my mind, but I hadn't really thought about it. I was having fun and a great time, free from my own parents and I realized in a situation that would never arise again. I had wondered if I might be gay as I never seemed to have that much interest in girls, but neither did I have any great interest in boys. Now though I was in a position where perhaps I could find out what I was.

We talked a bit more after that before I went upstairs. Petr immediately wanted to know what his father had said to me and I wasn't sure what to say. Eventually he said to me,

"Did he say he think I am gay?"

I nodded.

"I thought so. Mikey, I don't know if I am gay. Probably am, but not sure. I think perhaps you are same? But I not going to do anything you not happy to do – just have fun like up to now. I hope you and I always be friends, good friends, so much more than like person you meet on holiday and never see again. Make sense?"

I felt myself starting to tear up, so I walked over to him and threw my arms round him. We kissed and then our tongues started to explore and do their dance. Before long we had both undressed and were in each other's arms on the bed.

It was arranged that two of the senior scouts would collect us early on the Saturday morning. They arrived in a white people carrier that one of them owned. I was surprised that both of them looked several years older than Petr. Jakob was tall and quite slim while Lukas was shorter, chunkier and had a beard. Both were dressed the same in their scout uniform of a sort of turquoise blue shirt with an orange colored cravat and with grey leather shorts.

We drove for some time out into the countryside until we came to the campsite. It was basically just a grass field with trees all round. At one side was a long wooden building that housed the kitchen, shower and toilet. There was a large tent nearby which I was told was kept for any medical emergencies. On the field itself were erected various flags on poles which Petr explained were those of the different troops who used this campsite. Our own tents were on the opposite side of the field. Petr had brought his own which I tried, without much success, to help him erect. He'd also brought a couple of sleeping bags and a large groundsheet. He laid out the sleeping bags alongside each other, but I noticed as he did that it was possible to join them. That was good to see as in some ways our time together in bed had become even more enjoyable than our time together during the day.

Once that had been done Jakob called Petr to him and explained what was going to happen with regard to his tests. Although Petr had taken me with him I didn't understand anything of what was said. When he'd finished talking to Petr, Jakob turned to me and in quite good English told me that they were happy for me to undertake the tests with Petr, but that I didn't have to do any of them if I didn't want to. Me opting out wouldn't affect their judgment of him and he would leave it to Petr to explain what was involved as his English was much better than his own. I told him his was very good and that I definitely wanted to do everything with Petr. He grinned and with an expression I couldn't quite decipher, said, "We shall have to see if that is so."

I was a bit puzzled, but didn't want to ask any questions, so I let Petr explain what he had to do. We had something light to eat and drink and that gave the opportunity to meet the rest of the troop. There were seven in all. Apart from them all wearing the same color shirt and cravat, some were in shorts and some in trousers. There was one who particularly stood out because he wasn't white and was wearing a red beanie type hat. I'd always though of scouts as being smart, but these were rather scruffy, but then I suppose they were at camp rather than on parade.

After eating we had a short rest and then undertook the first of the tests. This was simply to run round the perimeter of the field six times within a set time. Looking at the field I thought it was probably somewhere between a quarter and half a mile round. Swimming meant we were both fit so I didn't expect it to be too much or problem depending on the time allowed. Petr wouldn't tell me how much time we had, but each time we passed the starting point Jakob would give us either a thumbs up or a thumbs down. Luckily it was always thumbs up and at the end we were told we had managed with a couple of minutes to spare over the allowance.

We then had a rest before being led into the woods. We followed a pathway that eventually came to a lake. Petr explained that we had to swim across to the other side and back. Lukas would accompany us in a rowing boat in case we got into trouble. However, as the other side of the lake was only about 400 yards away, I felt sure that being good swimmer we could do it easily. Even when Petr told me the time allowed I couldn't see a problem.

However, two did arise. The first was minor really in that Petr stripped completely. I'd thought we were going to do the swim in our boxer briefs and seeing Petr standing naked in front of me produced the inevitable reaction. I was also totally unused to being seen naked by other people, so I found it hard in that respect to undress in front of total strangers. But, on the basis that I'd almost certainly never see any of them again after the weekend, I did it. The second surprise was that the water was a lot colder than I'd expected, but at least it quickly solved the earlier problem! We swam alongside each other, although I knew Petr could go a lot faster than me and easily completed that test within the allowed time. Fortunately, Jakob had towels waiting for us when we emerged.

Then we returned to the campsite where the final task of the day awaited – to cook a meal for everyone! Well, I knew little about cooking but luckily Petr's mother had shown him various things. Thus I was delegated to peel potatoes and get other vegetables washed and prepared while he set to with the meat. We ended up with something that was, I think, somewhere between a beef stroganoff and a chilli, with rice and spaghetti! It was a rather odd mixture, but everyone ate it and declared he'd done a good job.

Afterwards, we cleaned up and then they got out their drums and bugles and practiced some of their marching songs while a campfire was lit. We all sat round it and one of them produced a guitar so some singing took place which I joined whenever anything was played that I knew.

It was a pleasant end to the day, although I wondered what further tests were in store for Sunday. For now though, stripping down and cuddling with Petr in our joined sleeping bags was our happy time – tomorrow could wait.

I was woken while it was still dark by a blast from a bugle. We clambered out of our bag and simply carrying our clothes and towels made our way to the showers. A couple of the troop had been charged with preparing breakfast, which wasn't that difficult being continental in style. Once that had been eaten and the sun had risen Petr told me what awaited us today.

We would be blindfolded, driven out into the countryside where he would be given a map and a compass. We then had to find our way back to the camp by 3pm. Of course we had to do this on foot and were on our honor not to hitch-hike or seek assistance from anyone we might meet. The campsite was at least marked on the map, so out first job was to try and ascertain where we were. Either by luck or design we had been dropped at a quite high place and it was a sunny day, so by looking round and comparing what we saw to the map we were able to work out more or less where we were. We managed to lose our way a couple of times when walking through woods, but eventually we made it back to the camp with half an hour to spare. I really struggled over the last couple of miles as Petr's boots even with two pair of socks, had brought up some blisters, but I was determined to make it to the end.

We were welcomed back with drinks and food, after which I was taken to the medical tent where my blisters received some attention. I was told that I could wear my sneakers for the rest of the day – or go barefoot if I wanted, which was what I decided to do.

When I emerged from the tent it was to see Petr walking with Jakob across to the other side of the field where our tents were sited. Petr turned round, saw me and waved for me to join them. When I got there they had gone into the tent Jakob and Lukas were sharing so I waited outside. I heard them talking for a couple of minutes and then they appeared. Jakob was holding in his right hand something that it took me a moment or two to place. Then I recalled seeing one, or one very similar, when we'd visited my uncle about four years ago. He had twin sons who were a couple of years younger than me. They had this game set up in their yard with a pole attached to which was a hard rubber ball on a long length of elastic which they took it in turns to hit with a piece of wood. It had seemed a dumb game to me, but the twins enjoyed it, especially when one of them managed to hit the other with the ball! But Jakob had only one of them and there was no sign of a ball, nor had I seen a suitable pole anywhere in the field.

Petr came over to me. He had an expression that I couldn't decipher, but he didn't look his usual cheerful self. As he approached I looked over at Jakob again and what he was holding. He smiled back at me while moving his arm in a forward and downward motion. A thought flashed into my mind as he did that, but surely it couldn't be right? And yet what he was holding which appeared to be a piece of plywood with a handle about six to eight inches long and an oval shaped head of about the same dimensions, could indeed have a different purpose to being used in a kids game.

"Mikey, I have got good news and bad news from Jakob," he said standing in front of me and placing his hands on my shoulders.

"What is it? Surely you've passed all the tests?"

He sighed. "I have, that is good, but to join I must take, how you say, initiation test."

"Does this test involve that thing Jakob is holding?"

Petr nodded, "Yes it does."

I knew what was about to happen. I'd seen it in a film on TV with some kid who just got to university and wanted to join a fraternity. They had what I think they called a 'hazing' – but whatever it was called this kid got his ass whacked with a paddle.

"So he's gonna beat your butt with that paddle thing?"


"And you want to let him do it?"

Petr nodded again. "I want to join and if I don't agree, the rest has been waste of time. Will it hurt much?"

I almost laughed. He'd wanted me to spank his butt until it was red; had he not realized that would hurt? But then I guess the thought of my hand on his butt might not seem so bad as this piece of wood.

"It will, but not for very long unless he hits you very hard and a lot."

"I have to choose Mikey. Ten strikes with my shorts on or just five with only my trunks. Which is best?"

I'd been paddled a few times at school, but that was always when I was wearing jeans. However, the most licks I'd ever got was three. Ten sounded a lot.

"You know I've been paddled at school a few times, wearing jeans. It hurt, but soon wore off, although the most I ever got was three. I think it might be fun to find out how it feels just wearing trunks. Let's go tell him what we've decided."

I was working on the principle that the more the licks the more the hurt would build even if wearing shorts and trunks. Petr had a puzzled look on his face when I'd finished speaking. "Mikey, it is me who will find out , not you."

"Oh no it's not! I've done everything else with you this weekend so we'll do this together too."

"But there is no reason, Mikey. I cannot ask you to do this."

"You're not asking Petr, I'm telling. Come on let's get this over with."

We walked over to Jakob who looked enquiringly at Petr. "You have decided?"

I answered before Petr could say anything. "Yes, we have. You can do both of us on our trunks."

I swear his eyes lit up! For sure they opened wide.

"You know you don't have to, but... Go inside the big tent and wait while I make some arrangements."

I didn't like the sound of that. I thought we were just going to get paddled with that thing. I'd had a closer look at it while we talked and although being oval it was bigger than the school paddle, it wasn't as thick. It also definitely was plywood so I thought it shouldn't make as much of an impression as the one at school which I'd been told was made from maple and thus solid wood. Whatever, I was going to find out soon!

The big tent wasn't that big, just one where several people could gather or sleep, but I hadn't seen it used during the weekend. The front flaps were down and Peter and I pushed them aside and walked in to find it empty, so we just stood there waiting. We heard noises outside and after a few minutes Jakob and Lukas came in and proceeded to tie back the flaps. As they did so we could see the other members of the troop lined up outside complete with their drums and bugles.

"What's going on?" I asked, looking a Jakob. He spoke in Slovak to Petr who translated for my benefit.

"They here to witness initiation. See it is done right."

"So we have a friggin' audience to watch us get out butts beat!"

Petr let out a little chuckle. "Yes, and we stand with butts toward them."

"You are joking me, right?"

Petr shook his head. "No, they have to see."

I looked across at Jakob who was standing with the paddle, for that was its evident purpose, in his right hand. I could see a half smile around his lips and was sure he'd understood most, if not all, of our conversation. I sensed he was going to enjoy this and that maybe he thought he'd got one over on this American kid.

That decided me. I walked towards the front of the tent undid the buttons on my shorts and pushed the down to my ankles. Petr came and stood alongside me and followed suit. Jakob said something to Petr and he moved a couple of paces to the side of me. Once he'd done that I bent forward and placed my hands on my knees.

"You have done this before, I see. Perhaps not always a good boy at school?"

Funny how Jakob could speak good English when it suited him, I thought.

"No, but who is?" was the best I could come up with as he moved behind us. I knew you were supposed to relax and not tense your muscles, but that wasn't easy. Suddenly I felt this pain in my butt – a swarm of angry wasps had landed I thought as I let out a gasp that was a mix of pain and surprise. A few seconds later I heard another whack, but felt nothing and realized he had moved over to Petr. And that was how it continued for the next couple of minutes as he allowed plenty of time for the effect of each stroke to sink in.

After I'd heard the fifth land on Petr's butt, Jakob spoke to him.

"We wait here for a minute." Petr said to me.

"Can we stand up?" I asked.

"Guess so, not sure I want to though," he responded with a slight chuckle.

I did so, as did he, and we turned to look a each other. We both had our hands on our butts and I could see a slight dampness around his eyes which I knew he could see in mine. It sure had stung and hurt, more than being paddled at school, but I was glad we'd settled for the five licks rather than the ten.

Jakob and Lukas left the tent pulling the flaps back into position as they did. A couple of minutes later they pulled them back again. Now there followed a drum roll and then some sort of fanfare as Jakob motioned for Petr to come forward and join him where he stood in front of the rest of the troop. Petr hoisted his shorts, went to button them up and grimaced as he did. They were very tight fitting! He decided to leave them unbuttoned and walked to join Jakob who pulled him into an embrace and spoke into his ear.

I was then called forward and similarly embraced. When Jakob let me go, Petr told me we were now both considered to be full members of the senior troop and we'd now be allowed to wear grey shorts or indeed whatever we liked rather than the short brown ones. It made no difference to me as I was never likely to see them again, but the thought did cross my mind it would be a shame not to see Petr in his. That was something I said to him when we had been dismissed and were walking back to our own tent. He told me that he enjoyed wearing the short shorts and would almost certainly continue to do so, just of a different color, but not in the city as he was not happy at the number of old men who looked at him from behind when he did. I did understand that as it was a sight I found hard to resist. I told him that and he laughed out loud, saying that was a different matter.

When we got back to our tent we both dropped our shorts and trunks so we could look at each other's butts. They were definitely red and you could see in places the outline of the paddle on the skin. I thought we'd probably both bruise up a bit after a few hours. Petr dug into his rucksack and produced a bottle of after sun lotion which he suggested we spread on our butts. I thought that was a great idea and so it proved as we tended to each other.

There was a final meal in the evening, after which the campfire was lit and songs were sung again and stories told, although I understood little of any of those. Finally people started drifting off to their tents. I suggested to Petr that we should have a shower before settling down. He agreed and we did, but just to get ourselves clean from the exertions of the day. We took the opportunity under the lights there to inspect each other's butts. As I expected the redness had almost gone, but there was some slight bruising evident, which I'd known would be there when sitting down earlier.

We went back to our tent and took off the shirts and shorts we were wearing, before lying down on the sleeping bags. Petr put his arm round me and pulled me close. I was half hard before he did so and as soon as our bodies touched I knew he was almost fully erect.

"Mikey, you remember your talk with my father and what I said to you after?"

"Yes, I do. But why mention that now?"

"Because I have done what good scouts do - 'Be prepared.'"

Having said that he rolled away from me, and I could sense him trying to locate something under the sleeping bag. When he rolled back to face me he held two items in his hand which I could see from the light of the battery powered lamp we'd not yet switched off.

"Well, we won't need those, but that liquid could be useful in more ways than one!"

We hugged, kissed, switched off the light and then hugged and kissed some more. After that we spent time exploring each other's bodies and discovering various new delights and pleasures. I think it was almost dawn before we finally got to sleep...


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