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The Eagle Dares

by Ivor Slipper

Wayne Jackson had known for maybe five years or so that he was gay. The problem was that for nearly all of those years it had been something he had needed to keep secret. It was only in the past few months that he had come out to initially, just one person, and subsequently to that person's family – but not his own. Oh boy, definitely not his own!

Wayne was now sixteen and he had been harboring his secret for since….well, since he was found out. That had happened when he was twelve. It had been during one of those typically red hot long Texas summers when school was out and kids could enjoy themselves playing with their friends. Wayne had two or three special friends from school and they played together a lot – tossing a football or a baseball, swimming at the local pool or in the lake and just doing the normal sort of things boys of their age did. They had sleepovers at each other's homes too as although they all lived in a city their houses were not that far apart and within a couple of blocks.

Wayne's house was a particularly popular destination for sleepovers as it was located quite near to the lake. It was also rather different in that it was an older wooden house with a separate entrance direct to the upper floor where Wayne's bedroom was as well as that of his older brother Ethan when he had still lived at home. Now Ethan being a couple of years older than Wayne had moved out and gone to university in another city. Back then though the two boys had more or less had that upper floor to themselves and the separate entrance via a flight of wooden stairs had enabled the boys to sneak in and out without their parents being aware. That possibility to sneak out at night was a big attraction to Wayne's friends as well as to Wayne and his elder brother. Their parents' bedroom was downstairs and on the other side of the house so usually it was possible to get out and back in without their absence being discovered.

Over the years Wayne and Ethan had calculated how often they had got away with it. They reckoned their success rate was more than 90% which they'd agreed was worthwhile even though the consequences of being caught were painful. Their Dad believed in whupping his boys if they had done wrong and sneaking out at night was definitely a whupping offence. These were delivered with his thick leather belt to their bare backsides. They'd be required to strip naked and lie over their pillows piled in the centre of their bed while their Pa went to work. A whupping usually consisted of the same number of strokes as their age and both of them would be crying before Pa had finished.

During the last year he was at home Ethan had acquired a girl-friend so sneaking out at night to see her became a regular occurrence. Ethan was really worried the first time his Pa caught him coming back and he got whupped as he felt sure his girl-friend would be put off by the site of his bruised butt. Instead he was surprised to find she actually enjoyed looking at it, running her fingers over the ridges and even licking them. And when she'd finished licking his butt then naturally she turned to licking another part of his anatomy. So for Ethan there was then a bonus to getting whupped; but of course that didn't apply to Wayne.

Ethan was also very much the favoured son – even if his Pa did whup him whenever he considered it necessary. That was because Ethan became the star quarterback of the school football team which went on that year to win the State Championship, something that had never happened before. Indeed he'd won a scholarship to university as a result of his talents on the football field.

On the other hand Wayne was simply without the necessary skills to follow in his brother's footsteps and become a quarterback. Consequently anything he did on the football field was always going to pale into insignificance alongside his brother's achievements. He did at one point become the kicker for the team which a lot of people considered to be an important role with field goals being worth three points and the extra point available after a touchdown. It didn't though impress his Pa who told him once that he had only become a kicker because he was scared of being hit which was inevitable had he played in any other position. As a result Wayne lost interest in improving his skills as a kicker and eventually was replaced; at which point his Pa seemed almost delighted to tell him that he couldn't have been that good anyway.

You see something had happened back when he was twelve that had totally changed his Pa's attitude to him. Prior to that his Pa had been proud to have two sons; he'd taken an interest in both of them and their achievements, although even then Ethan being the elder had always seemed to be the favorite – at least to outsiders although Wayne had never felt the less favoured.

Wayne's Pa considered himself a MAN in capital letters. He was a truck driver by occupation and when not working had two main ways in which he spent his time. One of those was drinking in the local bar with his buds; the other was shooting his guns (or which he had several) at the local rifle range and as an extension of that hunting during the season – as well as occasionally outside it. He expected that his sons would follow his interests. Ethan had to an extent, but by becoming the star quarterback and then winning a scholarship he had proved his manliness in other ways. Wayne though had always been a little different as he had a more sensitive nature. He'd gone to the rifle range with his Pa and proved a capable shot, but the idea of hunting animals and birds did not appeal to him. Before he was twelve he had been forced to go along with his Pa on a couple of occasions, but he'd always made sure that when he fired his rifle he missed whatever he was supposed to be trying to kill. That naturally hadn't impressed his father but in any case since that particular afternoon his Pa had never again asked him to go hunting.

That long hot summer four years ago had proved the turning point in Wayne's relationship with his Pa. Puberty had come to Wayne as it had to his friends, but they were still an all boy group and girls hadn't yet entered into their thinking. Wayne had been jacking off for some months. He'd been scared stiff the first time he had a nocturnal emission and wet his briefs. He hadn't dare ask his Pa or his Ma to explain it so he had turned to Ethan. His older brother quickly set his mind at rest about that and also explained various things to him. He even went as far as to demonstrate how to jack off, but he had never physically helped Wayne nor asked his little brother to help him.

However, after that discovery Wayne had found himself checking out his friends' equipment whenever the opportunity arose, and the opportunities seemed to arise quite frequently – of course along with his dick! There were chances aplenty when they went swimming at the lake where sometimes they'd go skinny dipping and other times just in their briefs or sometimes one of the group might even change into swimming trunks. Thus dicks and balls were quite often visible there, but even more so when sleepovers occurred. It was the famous night of the sleepover at Tommy Smith's house that the curtain really rose. There were four of them there that night and they were just roughhousing around in Tommy's bedroom when someone pulled down his shorts to reveal that Tommy wasn't wearing any briefs but he did have a decent sized wiener and a couple of little grapes to go with it. Tommy wasn't at all embarrassed by the revelation and proceeded to insist that as the others had seen him they should also reveal all. The three of them exchanged glances. There followed a sort of communal grin and then three pairs of hands went to the waistbands of their shorts and proceeded to push those and the briefs concealed under them to reveal three more wieners of differing shapes and sizes – and indeed types as two proved to be circumcised and two uncut of which Wayne's was one.

Now everything was in the open so to speak the four proceeded to inspect and compare while sitting on a couple of sleeping bags that were laid on the floor. Having visually inspected and noticed the differences Tommy suggested that they should sit in a circle alternately cut and uncut to allow closer comparison of the difference. So it was that Tommy ended up sitting next to Wayne as Tommy was circumcised. It wasn't long before Tommy's dick started to firm up and Wayne watched fascinated as it expanded to over a couple of inches. He was quite impressed as even with his foreskin extending his was no bigger. Tommy wanted to see Wayne's actual head and so Wayne pulled back his foreskin to show what was hidden. There was little doubt Tommy was impressed by what he saw and when Wayne pushed the foreskin forward to hide the head, he couldn't resist putting his fingers on it and pulling it back again. For the first time Wayne felt another person's fingers on his dick and it surged in response. It felt a lot better than when he did it for himself. He looked at Tommy and smiled; Tommy returned the smile and nodded his head down towards his own dick. Wayne accepted the unspoken invitation and put his fingers on the pink head that was so clearly visible. It felt good and he slowly moved his fingers down Tommy's shaft producing a shudder and a little moan from Tommy. Both were almost lost in their enjoyment of their discovery, but sensed that their two friends were not engaged in similar explorations and thus released their grips.

Nothing more happened that night, but a couple of nights later Wayne invited Tommy for a sleepover. This time matters did go further as the pair sat alongside each other on Wayne's bed with their shorts pushed down to their knees and no briefs in sight. Both were ready for their first experience of jacking off another person. Wayne had been cumming a little before that night, but he produced a lot more under Tommy's hand. For his part Tommy surprised Wayne by how much came out of his slit.

From then on the pair seized every opportunity they could to be together and jack each other. They even developed a little game that was possible because they were virtually the same height. Tommy would dock his dick inside Wayne's foreskin which Wayne would then use to stimulate both of them. For Tommy while it wasn't the same as being uncircumcised it did give him an insight as to what he was missing.

Once they had started using saliva to stimulate each other it wasn't long before their pricks were exploring each other's mouths which of course was a whole lot more enjoyable than simply jerking off. But that was where it all went wrong one afternoon. The boys had the TV on in Wayne's room even though they weren't watching what was on because what they were doing was much more entertaining. However, Wayne's Mom was puzzled that the pair should be inside on an afternoon when she'd expect them to be out playing so she had come upstairs to suggest they should go out. They didn't hear her coming and she certainly wasn't expecting the sight that confronted her when she opened the door of Wayne's bedroom. There on the bed were the two boys with Tommy sat astride his friend's chest while Wayne was busy sucking Tommy's dick.

Mom screamed; the boys froze with Tommy's dick half in and half out of Wayne's mouth. Then Mom started shouting; Tommy started moving, frantically trying to put on his shorts as quickly as possible before grabbing his flip flops and rushing past her and down the stairs. Wayne just lay there for a moment before trying to cover up his genitals with his hands.

"You disgusting, filthy boy" she shouted. Wayne started to say something, but his Mom turned on her heel and walked to the bedroom door taking the key from the lock as he got there.

"You can stay in here until your Pa get home. He'll know how to deal with this!"

She exited and locked the door behind her. Wayne started to cry softly to himself; he knew he was in for a whupping and he had a feeling it was going to be more painful than usual. It was a couple of hours later that he heard his Pa come up the stairs and heard the door unlock. He glanced across at his Pa and could clearly see the anger visible in his face and also took in the leather belt already doubled in his hands.

"Get in position boy" growled his Pa. "I ain't having no son of mine turning into a fag and a cock sucker. I'm gonna beat that shit nonsense outta you."

"Please Pa…"

"Don't you argue with me boy. Get your ass up high!"

And so Wayne moved into position and his father started to lash the belt down on his butt. Unlike previous whuppings though this wasn't twelve strokes but went on and on with Wayne screaming and pleading until he heard Ethan's voice as his elder brother wrestled with their father and finally persuaded him to stop. Later it was Ethan who tended to Wayne's lacerated butt. Indeed Wayne didn't emerge from his bedroom until a couple of days later, his brother having brought him food and drink in the meantime.

Once he was up to going out again Wayne was also horrified to discover that Tommy had somehow managed to present what had occurred as him being seduced by Wayne and forced to let Wayne suck his dick rather than being a willing participant. Consequently Wayne found himself a pariah among what had been his close group of friends.

For the next few years Wayne had plowed his lonely furrow. It hadn't been too bad while Ethan had been at home but when he had left life had been pretty bleak. There had though been one saving grace. About the time Ethan departed Wayne's school had decided to introduce soccer as an official sport. Not that many kids were keen to play with the traditional sports of football and baseball holding sway, so when one of his teachers suggested that Wayne try the game he had reluctantly agreed. It soon became clear that he had a talent and rapidly became the leading scorer for the side – although that made no real impression on his Pa who stated that soccer was a game for boys not real men. But at least it put some pleasure into Wayne's life.

At the start of the next season the team acquired a new goalkeeper. Carlos Martinez had recently moved to town; he was of Mexican descent and his father had opened a restaurant in town that seemed to do good business. Carlos was quite tall, thin but not skinny, dark haired with brown eyes and olive colored skin. He quickly proved to be very agile and athletic and a much better goalkeeper than the team previously had.

One afternoon after their normal practice had finished Carlos asked Wayne if he would stay behind and give him some extra shot saving practice. Wayne, having little else to do was glad to accept also realizing that trying to score against Carlos would help to improve his shooting. Thus these extra sessions became a regular event. It also meant that by staying after the rest of the squad had gone it was just the two of them in the changing room and showers.

On the first occasion they went into the showers together both were wearing towels round their waist and Wayne was very careful to keep his eyes anywhere but on Carlos. The next time though he couldn't help but sneak a glance and was almost bowled over by what he saw. Carlos' olive skin glistening under the water from the shower was indeed a beautiful sight and Wayne also couldn't help but notice his dick standing out from a bush of black hair, uncircumcised like his own and not totally flaccid. Wayne quickly averted his glance afraid of being caught out. Since the time of the incident with Tommy Wayne had made a point of not being caught doing anything that could lead to any further accusations at school that he was a cock sucking fag.

A week or so later Carlos had finished showering first and had to walk past Wayne to get to the changing room. Wayne kept his head facing the shower wall but as Carlos passed him Wayne felt a wet towel flick his rear and heard Carlos say "Nice butt, Wayne." His dick jerked into life as a result and he began to wonder if Carlos might also be gay. After all he was a good looking boy and he had a car so ought to be a catch for one of the girls, but he always seemed to be on his own. Wayne still cycled to school as his Pa had made it clear he wasn't buying him a car; he'd feed and clothe him but if he wanted anything extra then he'd have to work for it which was why he worked some evenings at the checkout in one of the supermarkets.

The following Saturday the team had a match against another school. It was a close game but their team came out winners by a score of 2-1 with Wayne scoring one of the goals and Carlos pulling off some good saves. Consequently Wayne was in a happy frame of mind as he cycled home. He knew he really should have mowed the back yard before going to soccer as that was one of his chores, but his Pa had gone off early that morning with some of his buddies on a hunt and so wouldn't be back until late. That would give Wayne time to do the mowing before Pa returned.

However, when Wayne got home it was to see his father's truck outside the house. He knew immediately that he was in trouble and sure enough his Pa was waiting for him. Wayne found out later that one of the shooting party had contrived to shoot himself in the foot which had caused them to have to return early – something from which he later took some small consolation.

His Pa didn't even ask him how he had got on in the game. Instead as soon as he stepped inside he was told to go to his room as he was going to get a whupping for not doing his chores. Wayne knew it was pointless to protest, doing so was only likely to raise his Pa's anger and increase the severity of the whupping. He trudged despondently upstairs, threw his bag with his kit into the corner and then moved his pillows into place on the bed before stripping off and getting into position with his bare butt suitably raised. His Pa didn't keep him waiting long and he soon heard the noise as the belt was pulled through the loops of his pants, followed by the crack as he doubled it, Wayne took a firm grip on the comforter. Sixteen licks was what he got these days; he tried hard not to give his Pa the satisfaction of hearing him yell or cry but that was almost impossible to achieve. Wayne longed for the day that he could move out but he knew until then he had to put up with suffering these whuppings.

On the Monday after school there was a short soccer practice and when it finished Carlos asked Wayne if he wanted to stay for one of their own sessions. Wayne readily agreed and the pair spent some time with Wayne shooting and Carlos shot stopping. Afterwards they went into the shower as usual and also as usual Carlos finished first. Wayne again as normal was facing the wall with his butt exposed to view. As Carlos drew level with him Wayne heard him exclaim,

"Mierta! Madre de Dios! What happened to your butt?"

Stupidly Wayne had thought that after almost two days the marks and bruises on his butt would have faded, but with the water from the shower they stood out clearly. He immediately turned the other way so Carlos could no longer see.

"Erm…. I got whupped by my Pa."

"You got whipped? Why, what did you do? Steal money? Hit your Mom?"

"I hadn't………cut the grass."

"Mierta! That is crazy. Let me see again."

Wayne could see concern in Carlos' face and eyes, yet he was reluctant to show his butt once more. However slowly he turned round again. On doing so he felt a gentle touch as Carlos lightly ran the tips of his fingers across his cheeks. Wayne shivered at the touch and felt his dick start to firm.

Carlos moved his hands from Wayne's butt and placed them round his waist, turning him round to bring them face to face once more. He brought his head forward and kissed Wayne who felt his tongue trying to force itself between his own lips. He'd never kissed or been kissed before, but he instinctively knew what to do and in a trice the pair had their arms wrapped round each other while their tongues explored each other's mouths. After what seems to Wayne to be half a lifetime they separated.

"Come home with me Wayne. I am sure my Mom has something that will help those bruises to fade."

"Carlos, it is good of you to offer, but I have a reputation and if other boys see us together………."

"If others see us together, so what? I choose my own friends and I think Wayne you need a friend."

And so the pair got dressed and Wayne got into Carlos' car and went with him to his house where he was introduced to his mother. They were offered refreshments and then went up to Carlos' bedroom. It was a large house with two floors and four bedrooms. Wayne was taken aback when he saw the size of Carlos' room with a double bed and all high quality furniture, so vastly different to his own shabby bedroom. He looked around and saw what he was fairly sure he recognised as a Gay Pride flag on one wall and then he spotted a picture of a slightly younger looking Carlos walking in a parade with the same flag draped round his shoulders.

"You're gay – and your parents don't mind?"

"Yes and no to answer both questions. I am the third son so my Mom has two others who are married and will provide her with plenty of ninos. They are much older than me so I have always been spoilt and while my parents found it hard to accept at first, they soon came round and support me. For you it is different I think?"

By now the pair was lying side by side on the bed. Very slowly at first and with much hesitation Wayne began to tell Carlos some details of what had occurred to him four years ago and how he had lived subsequently hiding his true feelings from everyone. He felt fairly sure Ethan knew he was gay, but for the rest of the world he had endeavoured to hide his true self. Of course not everything was revealed on that first occasion the pair had got together, but Wayne came away from it thinking that he might just have found someone with whom he could develop a friendship and perhaps even a relationship.

There was no sudden jumping into bed with each other but now that Carlos knew Wayne's situation he would frequently invite him to come home with him after school. While Wayne could not possibly spend the night there without his father knowing he did take the risk of spending some evenings there when he wasn't working by the simple expedient of saying he was working extra days at the store. Such a lie carried a risk as if his Pa should find out that he wasn't working there would be hell to pay via his butt, but Wayne was willing to take that risk. Their relationship within Carlos' bedroom also grew. Because of what had happened Wayne was reluctant to initiate any sort of sexual activity so it was down to Carlos to lead the way, something that he soon came to realize.

Initially it was no more than mouth kissing and running his hands over Wayne's body but before long he started to remove Wayne's shirt as they lay together so he could kiss his chest and nipples. Each step that Carlos took Wayne would follow. After each occasion when he returned home Wayne would lie on his bed jacking himself while mentally replaying what they had done and wondering what the next step might be. Finally came the day when Carlos slowly pulled down Wayne's shorts to reveal his red boxer briefs under which the outline of his dick and balls could clearly be seen. Having done that Carlos went back to engage in a long kissing session with Wayne before finally inching down his briefs to reveal his dick. Wayne was hard – very hard and leaking. When Carlos moved to kiss the tip of his dick Wayne could bear it no longer and moved so he could quickly strip him of his shorts and briefs. He saw Carlos was equally hard and his dick was at least an inch longer than his own which stood proud at just under six inches. Wayne reciprocated the kiss, pulled back the foreskin and seeing pre-cum proceeded to lick it up. Carlos let out a moan of pleasure,

"Are you sure?" he asked.

Wayne didn't answer in words but in action as he proceeded to lick and then suck Carlos' dick and balls. It wasn't long before he climaxed and Wayne found himself dealing with several spurts that almost overwhelmed him. The pair lay on the bed recovering for a couple of minutes before Carlos moved into position astride Wayne and quickly sucked him dry. Once done Carlos moved back to pull Wayne into a loving embrace.

Even after this experience there still lurked something in the back of Wayne's mind trying to tell him that Carlos didn't really, truly care for him. That at some point everything would come crashing down and he would once again be outcast and on his own.

Finally though came the deciding event. It was announced that in a couple of months there was going to be a Gay Pride march in their city. Carlos heard about it first, told Wayne and suggested that they should go. Wayne was immediately scared at the idea of openly declaring himself as gay. He knew what his Pa would do to him if he found out that he'd gone on a gay pride march – the whupping he'd received four years ago would be but a warm up and after that he'd probably be thrown out of the house.

Carlos sort of understood Wayne's lack of enthusiasm to be involved and eventually managed to get Wayne to open up enough to tell him of his fears. When he'd done so one evening as they lay together on Carlos' bed, Wayne was taken aback his friend's reaction.

"That is easy. You move in here. My parents will be happy to have you living here. You're sixteen now so there is nothing to stop you moving out and it seems your parents couldn't care less where you live."

"Move in with you… I don't believe your parents would agree."

"Let's go ask them!"

The two boys dressed and went downstairs to find Mr & Mrs Martinez. Carlos asked the question and Wayne was amazed when almost immediately his parents agreed.

It then became a matter of planning for Wayne's move. He decided that while he could move out at any time, he wanted to do so without first telling his parents; he just wanted them to find he had gone. It also then occurred to him that to do so on the day of the Gay Pride March would be some sort of statement.

Wayne didn't have a lot that needed moving as basically all he owned were clothes and a few other bits and pieces. However, Ethan agreed to come home the weekend prior to the march and it proved fairly simple to move those things out using his car.

There was still though one thing that bothered Wayne. Carlos had shown him what he was proposing to wear to go on the march. He had a pair of knee length socks that were striped in virtually the rainbow colors and a Gay Pride t-shirt and to crown it all he proposed going clad in a pair of multi colored striped boxer briefs. Compared to this Wayne, not surprisingly, had nothing that was remotely gay themed. In the days leading up to that Saturday Wayne wracked his brain and on the Friday afternoon an idea came to him that involved a visit to the local Walmart where he found what he needed in the children's section.

Wayne knew his Pa would be out on the Saturday with his buds and he was pleased when his Mom told him early that morning she was going out shopping and would be a few hours before she returned. That gave Wayne all the time he needed to make his preparations. The pair had agreed that for this one and only time Carlos would call at the house to collect him, but he would simply sound his horn when he arrived and Wayne would come down those side stairs for the very last time.

The preparations occupied Wayne's mind but finally he was ready and was pleased when he heard the agreed double blast from Carlos' horn. He was wearing a pair of jean shorts that came down to his knees and underneath them his favorite pair of red American Eagle boxer briefs, positioned so the waistband of those showed clearly above his jeans. He was wearing no shoes; he'd left indoors the old pair of almost worn out trainers he's been wearing for the last few months but he knew Carlos had in the car the new pair of Vans he'd bought last weekend – a new life needs new shoes he'd told himself at the time. He tapped the rear pocket of his jeans to make sure he had his wallet with his money and having assured himself it was there, stepped out onto the top of the stairs closing the door behind him for the last time.

He glanced down at his chest. He had painted it with face paint in the vertical stripes of the rainbow flag – red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. For once the stripes on his body would be vertical, not horizontal and applied by his own hand because he wanted them. Underneath the stripes he could see the waistband of his boxers. The eagle had indeed dared and was about to fly the nest…


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