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Like Dust in the Wind

by Jack Lynch

Chapter 6

Making a Memory.


Jaw dropping big. Big enough to blot out the sun. Literally.

Jordy stood on Derek's front lawn, squinting into the sun as he looked up at Dirk who, at the moment, was blotting out the sun.

Jordy didn't like Derek all that much but the promise of one of his mom's homemade caramel dipped apples was too much to resist.

He was surprised to see Dirk home for the weekend. A red shirt Freshman at a major university, he was already the starting middle linebacker in his first year of playing college ball. Technically, his second year because he was turning 20 pretty shortly. 6'2," 220 pounds, big shoulders, big legs, big everything.

Dirk's little brother, Derek was Jordy's age. Just turned 13. Both in the 7th grade. At the rate Derek was going, he would probably pass Dirk at some point. At least, in the eating department.

"C'mon, Mink."

Derek gestured to Jordy as he dodged around Dirk and headed up the front steps. Jordy's nickname. The Mink. Connor had bestowed the name on him. Sneaky fast and a wicked hard slap shot.

Jordy was a kid just under. Just under 5 feet tall and just under 100 pounds. Dark brown hair, wavy but also kind of curly on the ends. He liked the way it curled out of the back of his hockey helmet and when it stuck out all over if he wore a baseball cap. Blueish gray eyes, long eyelashes. He knew he was cute. He could tell because girls giggled a lot when they were around him.

The girls weren't the only ones who noticed. Dirk watched the two boys go into the house. Cute butt, he thought. He felt his dick tingle.

Peeling a caramel apple off of the wax paper, Derek offered one to Jordy before helping himself to a second. As in the second one he'd had in the last hour. Derek's weight, at this point, was pretty much out of control. 5'3" and 145, well on his way to juvenile diabetes. His mid-section now wider than his hips giving him a pronounced pear shape. A cross between a waddle and a trundle when he walked.

He wished he could be like Jordy. Actually, he wished he could just be Jordy. Smart, wily, good looking. His favorite jerk off fantasy. As he looked over at him, he resisted the urge to lean in and give him a kiss on the lips.

They sat at the kitchen table while they ate their apples. Jordy talked about their first game of the season. One goal and one assist. He was pretty happy. Derek had decided to go out for wrestling.

"Wanna go a couple of rounds?"

"Nah. That's ok."

Jordy smirked. He could just imagine Derek falling on him and crushing him. He had tried to do that once before. Just fooling around. In the process, Derek's hands were all over him. Uncomfortable and weird.

"Gotta roll," Jordy said after finishing most of his apple.

"Aw, ok." Derek was disappointed. "Let's hang out again. Maybe camp overnight in the back yard."

In your dreams, Jordy thought. He got out of there as fast as he could.

Last season. Most of the boys on the team were twelve or just turning thirteen. They were all getting better, competition was ramping up, practices and games becoming more intense and urgent. With the stakes getting higher, more parents and other relatives started attending the games, including Billy Martin's grandpa.

They all waited for the kids to emerge from the locker room after each game, either in the arena lobby, or in front of the building.

Tom was one of them. Silver hair, a receding hairline, medium build, around 5'10." A smooth face, brown eyes, always sporting a pleasant smile. According to Billy, his grandpa was rich, the retired president of a large oil company. Single, having lost his wife years ago to cancer.

After hugs for Billy for playing a great game, he frequently seemed to find a chance to get over to Jordy and give him a slap on the back and some congratulatory words.

It started one night in January when they were all over at Epstein's to watch tape from the last game. Most of the team was there along with several parents and a few others, Tom included. Jordy had just returned from the bathroom. The lights in the large rec room having been turned off to make the TV screen look brighter, it was hard to see where to sit. Jordy was about to flop down on the floor with several other teammates when he saw Tom motion him over to where he was sitting.

Jordy thought Tom was going to scoot over and share his place in an overstuffed chair. Instead, he pulled him onto his lap. At twelve years of age, he was a little old to be sitting on a grown-up's lap but he was also one of the smaller kids on the team. It felt odd but, in another way, ok.

As they watched action from the second period, Jordy knew what was coming. He watched himself on the screen as he reached in and dug the puck out of corner, pulling it away from at least three other players who were slapping their sticks and kicking at it. In a signature move, Jordy turned, took one stride, and wristed the puck into the net. The goalie barely flinched.

A few laughs and cheers.

As he wriggled a little in satisfaction, Tom brought his hands up to Jordy's sides to steady him.

"Awesome!" He exclaimed.

When Tom left his hands there, Jordy thought it felt a little weird, but also kind of good. He sighed, allowing himself to lightly collapse back against Tom's chest. He felt his heart rate quicken as Tom's hands slowly massaged his sides from his hips up to his armpits. Eyes glued to the screen, he loosened his arms, giving Tom access all they way into his pits.

With one hand resting on Jordy's side, Tom's other hand slowly snaked under the bottom of Jordy's t-shirt. He glanced around to see if anyone was watching, shivering a little because it tickled. Across his tummy, up to his chest, lightly squeezing each side. Leaving his hand on top of his thumping heart. Jordy jumped when Tom flicked his nipple. They were sensitive. It hurt a little, but it felt good, too. These days, at the slightest provocation, Jordy popped a boner. This was more than a provocation. He felt the blood rush to his dick in seconds.

They stayed that way until the end of the period. Jordy obediently letting Tom feel him up, first with the one hand, then with both. At the intermission, Tom dropped his hands away as Jordy jumped up. Others were going after more drinks and snacks. He was afraid to turn around knowing his dick was tenting out of his sweats. Thankfully, no one noticed.

A couple of weeks later. One of the team's first overnights. Three games in two days, a hotel stay, eating out in restaurants as a team, and swimming each night in the hotel's pool.

He wasn't sure why he even did it. Without thinking, he stuck his hand down the front of his swimsuit to put his hand around his dick and balls and adjust them. Sometimes, a guy just had to do stuff like that. It only lasted a second. But, when he glanced up, Tom was staring right at him, a lazy smile on his face.

Jordy immediately blushed, then chuckled a bit himself. Ya, guys were obsessed with their dicks. Once he started having the big "O" as his friends referred to it, it seemed like he had his hand on it most of the time. There was no doubt the constant jerking off was making his cock bigger. That's what Maxey had told him and he believed it. Pretty long and thick with a big head. Even when it was limp, it was impressive looking, just waving around. Kind of brown compared to some of the other guys whose dicks were more pink.

He'd invented a trick. At least, he thought he had. Ensconced in his room, the door locked, Jordy stripped naked. He didn't have to be naked, but it helped. Pulling on his cock as he fantasized about some of the girls in his class, he watched it get bigger and bigger. Laying on his back and pushing a pillow just under his hips, he pulled his legs up over his head. If he bent his head forward enough, he could get his mouth around his own cock! Not all of it, but the head, anyway.

He totally loved jerking himself off this way. Most of the time, he pulled his mouth off just in time, letting the cum spray all over his face. But, one time, he got lost in the moment, and shot it right into his own mouth. It tasted awful and scared the crap out of him actually. Hot, salty, and tangy. He bound off the bed and spat it right out onto the floor.

As the pool party started to wind down, Jordy sat on the edge of the pool, his mind wandering. Tom walked by, talking with one of the dad's, giving him a quick smile and a nod. Jordy turned away but was surprised a moment later. Tom had doubled back, crouching down to his level.

"Stop over later if ya want. I'm in 182."

Jordy just looked at him, a surprised look on his face.

"You're not supposed to leave the room after curfew," Max said sternly.

Max and Jordy had been partnered together for the trip.

"It's all right. I'll be back in a few."

"Well, where ya goin' Mink? Can I come too?"

"None of your beeswax and, no, ya can't."

It wasn't hard to find, just down from the lobby on the other side of the hotel. The dead bolt had been flipped between the door and the frame to keep it ajar.

When Jordy eased the door open he saw Tom sitting in a chair in the corner. The only light in the room was behind him, placing his entire body in silhouette.

The silence was deafening. After turning the lock to its open position and letting the door close, Jordy walked over to Tom.

"Wanna show me?"

The request could have meant a dozen different things. Jordy rolled several of them over in his mind. But, he knew. The way Tom was looking at him.

He'd thought about showing himself off to other people. When they showered after hockey, Jordy would hang around for a bit totally naked, taking extra time to dry off. It was hard, though. He would get that numb feeling in his dick, the first sign of an erection. That would be too embarrassing.

This was different. The idea of being naked with some old guy was cray cray. But, something about it. He couldn't really verbalize why he felt that way but he wanted to try it.

He walked slowly over to Tom, stopping about five feet away. If he reached out to grab him, he wanted to be far enough away so that he could run for it.

Eyes locked on each other, or rather Jordy's eyes locked on Tom and Tom's eyes locked on Jordy's crotch, he unbuttoned his shorts and let them slide to the floor. He was wearing his favorite Old Navy boxers with the amoeba print. Grabbing the waistband at the side, he eased them down his hips, finally letting his hard cock flop out.

"All the way," Tom said in a hoarse voice.

Jordy let them fall to the floor, kicking them off of each foot. His heart felt like a base drum, banging away in his chest.

Nothing was said for a moment.

"Go ahead," Tom finally said.

Jordy knew what that meant. Wrapping his fingers around his cock, he slowly began pulling it back and forth, thrusting his hips at the same time. He closed his eyes, tipping his head back, his breath rasping in and out.


Jordy opened his eyes to see Tom gesturing to him. Still unsure of himself but willing, he walked over to Tom.

"Wanna sit down?"

Jordy turned around and sat on Tom's lap.

"Arms up."

He pulled Jordy's t-shirt over his head. He started to bring his arms back down.

"No. Keep 'em there."

Jordy's arms still over his head.

"Put them behind your head."

He obeyed. He wanted to. He laid back against Tom's chest and shoulder. That's when Jordy drank in the intoxicating fragrance. Woody but maybe some kind of fruit.

Just as he'd done the last time, Tom ran his hands up and down Jordy's flanks, from his armpits to his naked hips. Across his chest, lightly tickling his nipples. Jordy could feel his cock pulsating. He wanted Tom's hand around it so bad.

And that's what happened.

Drained. That was the only thing Jordy could think of after cumming so hard. He spasmed over and over, spunk up and down his chest and stomach. It smelled to holy hell! Like someone had peed all over the place.

Tom chuckled. He softly pushed Jordy off of his lap, stood, and quickly retrieved a damp washcloth from the bathroom. Jordy stood obediently as Tom cleaned him off.

He dressed quickly while Tom was rinsing the washcloth off in the bathroom sink. Now, they just stood looking at each other again. Jordy really needed a hug.

He walked over to Tom, threw his arms around his neck, and hugged him tightly. When Tom bent over to accept his embrace, Jordy brought his lips up to Tom's cheek and gave him a kiss. He drank in that sweet fragrance. And, made a memory.

Jordy never saw Tom again. At least, not like that. A couple of weeks later, he was asked to go to Dubai to consult for a foreign oil company. He never came back.

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