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The Pale Blue Sky

by Jack Lynch

Part 2 - Connor, Chapter 1

6 Years Old.

"This kid needs to learn a lesson!" His father's hard gruff voice scared the living daylights out of the six-year-old Connor. Actually, everything about his father was scary. He had big hairy hands, a square jaw with a dimple in the middle, close cut brown hair, a perpetual five-day shadow, and big shoulders. His narrow severe eyes and his tight mouth always forming a hard stare.

His mother and father did a lot of arguing. Yelling back and forth. Well, not really back and forth. More forth and very little back. His father yelled and screamed; his mother less screaming, more crying, almost always giving up with a whimper. Connor would lay on the bed in his room with the door closed, his head buried in a pillow clutching a favorite stuffed animal as they went at it in the kitchen or their bedroom.

His father was a big believer in corporal punishment. Any insubordination by Connor was usually met with a quick slap across the back of the head or an open handed hit to his butt. Because his father wore rings on both hands, the impact of the open hands and the hard metal rings made the blows sting even more.

This had been a particularly bad day. Connor's dad was already in a mood. So, when Connor came home with wet pants, his father was all too ready to assuage his own anger by taking it out on him. Connor had been on the playground, distracted by the fact that he had to go. When it became urgent, he started to run home. But, on the way, he couldn't hold it anymore. He stopped in the middle of the sidewalk and let go while feeling the warm rush of pee in his pants. It ran down his legs and wet the sidewalk under his feet.

When he got home, he tried to hide the wet stains on his pants by walking in with his legs close together. His mother saw it right away. She'd been sitting on a stool in the kitchen.

"Oh, Connor," she said in a disappointed voice.

His dad's reaction? Most assuredly, different from his mother's.


Bad timing. He had just happened to walk into the kitchen at that moment.

He grabbed Connor by the upper arm and dragged him over to the nearest kitchen chair. The "lesson," as it were, began with the order to "Stand here!" He pulled Connor's shirt off and made him hold onto his shoulders as he pulled his shoes, socks, wet pants, and underwear off of him. With his mother crying and pleading for him to stop, he pulled the now naked Connor over his knee onto his lap and gave him a fierce spanking. It wasn't just the sting of the hits that made Connor cry although it hurt plenty bad. It was the abject humiliation he felt being stripped naked.

With the spanking done, his father angrily kicked Connor's clothes to the side and ordered him to go to his room. After closing the door, Connor just stood there sobbing convulsively. He was at a loss of what to do. He was afraid to even sit down. His butt stung that bad.

Eventually he got control over his breathing. A few minutes later, although it felt like an hour, his mother came in. She wiped the urine off of his legs and penis with a warm wet washcloth.

She helped him get dressed into clean clothes, repeatedly using the word, "honey." Like, "Here, honey. Put your foot through here," as she helped him get his underpants on.

For the rest of the day his mood was sullen. Eventually, he was able to put it out of his mind. Thoughts about the experience lingered but his young mind hadn't figured out a way to process it.

He only got spanked like that one other time. He had been playing in the garage with some friends. They were climbing on a bunch of boxes to see if they could get all the way up to the ceiling. Nearing the top, the entire pile collapsed. They all went tumbling. A couple of kids cried but mostly because they had gotten scared. Boxes were strewn everywhere. The whole thing was actually pretty funny.

That is, until his dad showed up.

His father stripped him naked in the garage right in front of his friends after which, he took Connor over his knee and whacked his bare butt. Once the punishment was administered, he was told to go to his room. He ran crying to the house naked. This was really embarrassing…and humiliating. Added to the first experience was the humiliation that this time all of his friends could see his bare butt and penis.

The crying stopped pretty quickly this time. Running his hands over his cheeks to dry his tears, he realized there was something about this experience that he liked. Not the spanking part, but the stripping part. The naked part.

Since his Mom wasn't home, he moped around his room not bothering to put any clothes on. It felt kind of good. He opened his closet door to look at himself in the mirror attached to the inside. Turning this way and that, his eyes went up and down his body. Connor had never been aware of his looks but when he examined his reflection, he liked it. When he heard the back door open signaling his mom had come home, he quickly got dressed. His father loudly reported to his mother what happened. When she asked him how he had responded he lied. He downplayed what he did describing the punishment in vague terms.

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